ATWT Transcript Monday 11/4/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/4/02

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Alison: Good thing we had that head start. No one followed us.

Aaron: Yeah, well, don't bet on it. Hal and Craig can pull up any minute.3DC6DFE0.JPG

Lucy: At least this car looks like millions of other ones.

Aaron: That doesn't matter, Lucy. If Hal saw the plates, he's probably put a trace on them.

Lucy: Yeah, but we got out of there pretty fast. Maybe he didn't even get a chance to write down the whole number.

Alison: Hey! You want to hide the car? How about in there? A drive-in movie theater. There's gotta be, like, 500 cars in there. "Halloween Movie marathon. Four scary movies for three bucks."

3DC6DFFE.JPGLucy: That's perfect. My dad won't even think to look there. I've never been to a drive-in movie theater before.

Alison: Oh, they're awesome. And the concession stands -- they always sell pizza. Party!

Aaron: Enough, you two! Can you stop riffing about how cool this is! We are in trouble, and if we mess up, I'm looking at some serious jail time.

Isaac: Now, Bonnie, I'm not gonna let you go running after Paul Ryan again.

Bonnie: Isaac, please. If I don't get that videotape back, my mother's career is over.3DC6E024.JPG

Isaac: I thought you were mad at your mother.

Bonnie: I am! But it doesn't mean I'm gonna let her get hurt from someone else. Please. Please, you just gotta understand on this one. I have to go.

Isaac: Why do you want that tape so bad? Hmm? Is there something on it that could hurt Jessica?

Bonnie: It's the fact that that tape even exists, Isaac. I mean, Marshall Travers is perfectly capable of letting the world know Jessica Griffin's daughter conducted illegal surveillance. Now, unless I get that tape back and give it to him, my mother could be seriously humiliated.

Isaac: Then I'll go with you. Okay, I'll get Paul to give me that video.

Bonnie: No! I need to talk to Paul. Paul is just trying to protect everyone from his father. And -- I'm trying to protect my mother. And he and I understand one another. We understand each other on this. So, please, please, you gotta understand. Just -- let me talk to him, and then all of this will be over.

Carly: Get ready, everybody!

[Talking over each other]

Carly: One, two, three! What are you doing here? How did you get in?

3DC6E053.JPGJulia: Oh, well, Carly, I wouldn't have missed this for the world. Isn't it perfect? Caught your bouquet. That is kinda great, since you caught my man. Well, I don't know. Maybe "caught" isn't exactly the right word --

Carly: I will not let you do this. I will not let you destroy my wedding!

Jack: Holden! Simon!

Holden: Right here, Jack.

Katie: I'll go get Margo.

Julia: Oh, hey, Simon. I haven't seen you since --

Simon: Yeah, we should go out for drinks sometime.

Jack: Put your hands behind your head, Julia.

Julia: Are you gonna pat me down, g-man?

Jack: Officer, would you search the suspect for weapons?3DC6E07B.JPG

Julia: Hey -- since I don't get to keep the bouquet, could I have a slice of cake, just as a souvenir? Oh. Hi, guys. I'm Julia Lindsey Snyder, Jack's first wife. Oh, um -- should I smile? Or maybe I'll try and look serious.

Emily: That's enough. All right, come on. Let's go. Everybody out this way. Let's go. Enough!

Julia: Listen -- I know this is a bad time for you guys, but I just --

Margo: Julia Lindsey, you're under arrest for the --

3DC6E095.JPGJulia: A minute! Please!

Jack: No, forget it, Julia. You're not running this show.

Margo: All right, this is how it goes, Julia. I'm the arresting officer. You're the escaped felon with an amazing array of potential charges to your credit. There's assault, kidnapping, torture.

Julia: And I am sorry. I really am. That's -- that's why I came here, actually, Jack. To show you just how sorry I am for everything I did. Well -- maybe not everything.

Carly: How long have you been planning this? What rock did you slither out from?

Jack: Book her, Margo.

Margo: Julia, you have the right to remain silent.

Julia: And I will. Just as soon as I give Jack his wedding present.3DC6E0B1.JPG

Carly: Jack -- no, please. Please don't let her do this, Jack.

Julia: Oh. Carly, allow me --

Carly: Oh.

Julia: To introduce you to Jack Snyder, Jr.

Paul: Stand still! Stop moving!

James: Come on, Paul. Take aim. Shoot straight.

[Paul panting]

James: Come on, Paul. Take careful aim. Now's your chance to get your old man. To kill James Steinbeck.

[Paul panting]



Bonnie: Oh!

[Bonnie breathing heavily] Come on, come on, come on. Yes, this is Bonnie McKechnie. I am at the Lakeview hotel. I heard gunshots coming from Room 421. Can you send someone? And please hurry.

Hurry! Paul. Paul, are you okay? What happened? Paul -- Paul, can you hear me?

Paul: I shot him. I shot him, Bonnie.

Bonnie: You shot who? What?!3DC6E15A.JPG

Paul: He can't hurt -- he can't hurt us anymore.

Bonnie: What, Paul --

Paul: I killed the great James Steinbeck.

Alison: Excuse us for trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Lucy: Don't get all defensive, Alison. Aaron's got a point. We're not forgetting how serious this is. We just -- needed to let off some steam for a second.

Aaron: I understand. But "serious" does not even scratch the surface, you guys. We're wanted by the Police, and I'm out of ideas.

Lucy: Well, I have one. Okay, what about a college tour?

Alison: Oh, please. Are you my mother or something?

Lucy: Well, it's kind of like your drive-in idea --

Alison: Do not say "better." 3DC6E243.JPG

Lucy: Well -- I was just thinking how easy it was to blend in at Webster and Franklin. A college campus is a great place to get lost, with everyone being our age and on our side.

Aaron: Yeah, but cops look for patterns. And we've already hit up two colleges. Munson and your dad probably have "wanted" posters in every campus in the Midwest by now.

Lucy: Well, then forget the Midwest. We've got a car. Let's go east.

Alison: East? Like where, Maine? Strap on your snowshoes.

Lucy: We could head south, where it's warmer. My mom got me a ton of brochures from the schools down there. There's William and Mary, and University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth and Tulane. 3DC6E267.JPG

Aaron: Lucy, I don't even know what we're gonna do. I can't even think right now. I'm gonna get us something to eat, okay?

Lucy: I'll go with you.

Alison: Me, too.

Aaron: No, I'm going alone. Something I should've done in the first place. If we all go together, somebody's gonna recognize us and call the cops. I'm gonna go find a pizza.

Lucy: I know he's stressed, but I've never seen him like this.

Alison: And whose fault is that?

Lucy: Mine?

Alison: Of course, yours. Can you say "sexual tension?"

Carly: Maybe we should send the guests home.

3DC6E295.JPGHolden: Let's just wait and see what Jack has to say.

Jack: Hey. We've cleared out the lounge and put Julia and the -- the baby in there under Police guard.

Carly: Why isn't she locked up?

Jack: The baby complicates things.

Carly: She is making a disaster of our wedding, Jack.

Jack: No, no. She tried, but she failed. Look, I've got the ring to prove it. Once we figure out what to do with the baby, Julia goes straight into custody.

Holden: Still want to send the guests home?

Carly: No. No, you're right, Jack. Nobody can ruin tonight, not even Julia.

Margo: Jack, the baby nurse is legit. She's registered with Fancy Nannies Agency in Chicago. 3DC6E2B8.JPG

Jack: Okay. What about the kid? Julia say anything about the kid?

Margo: She's not gonna talk about that kid with anyone but you.

Jack: I guess I'll have to talk to her.

Carly: We have to talk to her. We are in this together, Jack. For better or worse. Remember?

Katie: Well, maybe we should head back to our little love shack. Unfortunately, this wedding is pretty ruined and -- Halloween is our special night.

Simon: Special? How?

Katie: Never mind.3DC6E2E2.JPG

Simon: Oh, yeah! This is the first year the trick-or-treaters could be at the cottage. I'll tell you what -- let's have a dance, and then I'll take you home to bed. So you can sleep. We've got a lot of work to do in the morning.

Katie: Okay. One dance. For a few minutes.

Simon: A few minutes. That's all I need.

Jack: Where'd you get the baby, Julia?

Julia: From you, Jack. Don't you remember?

Jack: I was drugged.

Julia: Well, that didn't stop you from enjoying yourself. Oh. Oops. I hope I didn't spill the beans.

Carly: I know all about what you did to Jack. People get locked up for that, Julia. And so will you.

Julia: You seem really angry. I didn't come here to cause trouble.

Carly: Sure you did. But that's not gonna happen. If you think Jack and I are gonna take that baby just because you say Jack's the father --3DC6E30D.JPG

Julia: But he is. That's why I named my baby Jack Jr. I came here to turn myself in. But I can't do that until I make sure that little Jackie's taken care of.

Jack: You came here to wreck our wedding. But let me tell you what's gonna happen. The baby's gonna go to Child Services. You're going to jail. And Carly and I? We're going on our honeymoon.

Julia: No, please. Jack, you can't do that to our son.

Jack: Your son, Julia. Your son!

Julia: Look, Jack, just -- just hold him. Then you'll see.

3DC6E32E.JPGJack: Let's get out of here.

Carly: Love to.

Julia: No, Jack, wait! You can't do that. Please. It's not his fault he wasn't conceived in love. He -- he's innocent.

Carly: Keep walking, Jack.

Julia: You cannot abandon him to the welfare system. He's your son. Jack -- Jack, just look at him.

Carly: She's lying.

Jack: That pregnancy test she sent?3DC6E351.JPG

Carly: It's bogus, Jack. Just like you said. Not enough time has passed for her to give birth.

Jack: Every single word you're saying makes sense. I'm sorry, Carly. I have to know.

Julia: Just look at those eyes. Those are your eyes, Jack.

Lucy: Look, Aaron's got about eight million reasons to be freaked out right now. Sexual tension is not one of them.

Alison: Oh, yeah? Well, where did you guys spend last night?

Lucy: In a motel.

Alison: Did you sleep in the same bed?3DC6E459.JPG

Lucy: Well, yeah, but --

Alison: Well, he's your boyfriend, and you say he loves you, and there's a big bed right in the middle of the room. Do you really think he was feeling nothing?

Lucy: Aaron's -- okay with the way things are.

Alison: Lucy -- can I be honest with you?

Lucy: Like I could stop you.

Alison: Guys in Aaron's position -- they get really frustrated. And Aaron doesn't need that right now. He needs to be able to focus on one thing. Not getting caught.

Lucy: And your point would be?

Alison: You're a dangerous distraction. You should go home.3DC6E479.JPG

Lucy: You are so obvious, Alison. You just want Aaron all to yourself.

Alison: I'm not obvious. I'm right. If Aaron's gonna stay ahead of Hal, he needs to be able to concentrate. How is he gonna do that if one of the "untouchables" keeps on getting him all hot and bothered? I know you don't want him to get caught. But you're not helping, Lucy. You really aren't. Can you understand that? That was easy.

Barbara: What are you going to do about James, Margo?

Margo: You mean, how am I gonna clean up your mess? The minute James Steinbeck is spotted, he will be arrested.

Barbara: That's not gonna be soon enough. He could be anywhere doing anything!

Margo: Just go away. Go to the hospital. I'm sure that Will needs you, to see you. I'll let you know if there's any news.

3DC6E4A4.JPGLisa: Margo, honey, I've just had a phone call that there's been a shooting here in the hotel.

Margo: What?

Lisa: Now, I know it's been a very long evening, full evening for you. Would you please investigate it?

Margo: Well, which room?

Lisa: It's room -- it's 421, Paul Ryan's room.

Barbara: That's Paul's room! James is there! I know he's there, Margo!

Molly: Hey. Where's Jack?

Carly: He's still talking to Julia. He should be dancing with me.3DC6E4C5.JPG

Mike: You want me to go get him?

Carly: No. No, it's too late. Julia won. We might as well ask the guests to leave.

Molly: Without giving them even one bite of this gorgeous cake? They'll kill me. Besides, honey, if you let Julia run you out of here, you'll hate yourself in the morning. How about some champagne, hmm?

Carly: No!

Molly: Oh! I forgot. You were naughty last night. She had a king-sized hangover this morning. I'll get you some seltzer and aspirin instead, okay?

Carly: You know why this is happening, don't you? Julia Snyder is my punishment.

Mike: For what happened between us last night?

3DC6E4EC.JPGCarly: Mike -- what happened between us was sex! And through the whole ceremony, I kept praying, "please don't let Jack find out about this. I promise, I will be faithful to him forever." And then Julia walked in with that baby, and I knew it. One way or the other, I am gonna pay big.

Mike: Look, you and Jack weren't even together last night. Tonight, you're married. Okay? This wedding is a second chance for you to have everything that you have ever wanted. So you take it, and you treasure it.

Carly: Everything I ever wanted -- that was a home with Parker and Jack and our babies, not his and Julia's!

Mike: She's probably lying.

Carly: I don't think he's convinced of that.3DC6E510.JPG

Mike: Jack's convinced he married the only woman in the world for him, all right? He loves you. So you be strong. Bring on the rain.

Jack: I'm sorry, Carly.

Carly: Don't be sorry. We're married now, Jack. And now that we have that, you don't have to be sorry for anything. I love you. Now, tell me -- does that little baby look like you?

Jack: I don't know. Do I look like Grover Cleveland? The kid sure does, I'll tell you that.

3DC6E53F.JPG[Both laughing] You just keep laughing. Sweetheart, you keep laughing. You hold onto me and never let go.

Molly: Ahem. May I have everybody's attention, please? I think it's only right that the bride and groom get to dance to their favorite song. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder.


From the day that I met you, girl, I knew that your love would be everything that I ever wanted in my life from the moment you spoke my name

Jessica: Isaac. Have you seen Bonnie? Where is she?

Isaac: In Paul Ryan's room.

Jessica: Paul's room? Why is she in Paul's room?3DC6E573.JPG

Isaac: She's after that videotape. You know, the one she's obsessed with? And why is that, Jessica?

Jessica: Probably because she obtained it illegally. And they're trying to fix it by giving it back to Marshall.

Isaac: So if this is all about doing the right thing, why is she mad at you?

Jessica: Is she?

Isaac: Come on, now. She goes to Marshall's swearing-in to support you and comes back barely speaking to you. Now why is that? What happened?

Jessica: We had a little argument. You know, mother-daughter thing. No big deal.

Isaac: Okay, tell me about it.

3DC6E58E.JPGJessica: It's a personal matter between my daughter and me, Isaac. It doesn't concern you.

Isaac: Does it concern my brother?

Jessica: Please, Isaac. This has nothing to do with Ben, okay? It's between my daughter and me. Really.

Isaac: Where are you going? Paul Ryan's room is upstairs.

Jessica: You know, Bonnie and Paul made this mess with the videotape. I'll let them solve it themselves. I'm not gonna get in the middle of it.

Isaac: Are you lying to me, Jessica?

Margo: Stand back, Paul.

Barbara: Paul, Paul!

Margo: Police! Open up!

Barbara: Is James in there, Paul?3DC6E5B0.JPG

Margo: Police!

Barbara: Paul!

Bonnie: I didn't know what else to do. I called 911 at the Front Desk. I just didn't know what else to do!

Barbara: Honey, are you all right? Did James hurt you?

Paul: I shot -- shot James. He's finally dead.

Barbara: What?

Margo: This is not James Steinbeck.

Paul: No, it has to be. I saw him. I --

Bonnie: Brandy!

Paul: No.

Bonnie: Oh, my --

Paul: No. No, no! She was not even in the room! I saw James! I shot James! I couldn't have shot Brandy! I -- I couldn't have shot --

Kevin: Good evening.3DC6E6E7.JPG

Katie: No! I'm tired of going to bed early!

Simon: Baby, you need your rest. Okay? And that's why I had the car brought around. Ta-da!

Katie: You borrowed Nancy's car. You did remember!

Simon: No, I didn't borrow it. No. I bought it. Happy anniversary.

Katie: You bought it?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Oh, my God! Oh! You are the best man in the world. I love you. That's where I fell in love with you. Two years ago.

Simon: All dressed up as a flapper.

Katie: Yeah, not for long. We sure did steam up those windows, huh?

Simon: Last year, as well. So this makes it three years in a row. That qualifies, what, as a family tradition?

Katie: I do believe it does. And just when I was thinking we were becoming like other married couples. Let's go!

Simon: Your chariot awaits, my love.

Lucinda: No, no, no! No, no, no! No, my darlings. You're not going anywhere. I want you to find that poor, misguided granddaughter of mine.

Aaron: Where's Lucy?

Alison: Oh. Went for a walk or something. You got pizza!3DC6E70D.JPG

Aaron: I'd better go find her.

Alison: No! No, I -- I mean, you guys have been together nonstop these past few days. She probably just needs some time alone.

Aaron: Is that what she said? Alison -- is that what she said? Tell me.

Alison: Lucy wants to go home.

Aaron: Serious?

Alison: But swear -- don't tell her that I told you. If she brings it up, just play dumb.

Aaron: I didn't want her in this mess to begin with. I should let her go.

Alison: I think that's the right thing to do.

Margo: I'm glad you could make it up here. It's too late for the Vic. But would you please examine Paul? Because he seems disoriented.

Ben: All right. Can you tell me your name?3DC6E740.JPG

Paul: I am Paul Ryan, all right? I just blacked out. Otherwise -- how in the hell did James get out of here? Margo, I swear, he was here. I never even saw Brandy. My head is killing me.

Ben: I don't see any lacerations. All right, we'll see if we can figure out what's going on here, okay? Let me see.

Barbara: Margo -- you know this is James' doing. You know that he probably hit Paul, and then he killed Brandy. That's the way he operates. He makes other people pay for his crimes.

Ben: Have you had anything to drink tonight?

3DC6E764.JPGPaul: I had one glass of wine. Started to feel woozy almost immediately. But I wasn't drunk. It must have been drugged.

Margo: Why do you say that, Paul?

Paul: Because I am telling -- telling you, I don't remember even seeing Brandy, much less aiming a gun at her. She wasn't in the room. I thought she was late.

Margo: What, you had arranged to meet her here?

Paul: She was gonna help me catch my father.

Barbara: Don't say anything else, Paul! My son is not gonna answer any more questions till a lawyer is present!

Ben: There's no signs of a concussion.

Isaac: Can I take Bonnie home?3DC6E783.JPG

Margo: No, just down to the lobby she still has to answer questions. And, Isaac -- would you please tell Tom to come up here? Because Paul should have a lawyer present when I read him his rights.

Bonnie: You're arresting Paul?

Margo: I don't have a choice, Bonnie. Someone was murdered here, and Paul was the man holding the gun.

Lucinda: Holden told me he's already enlisted you in the search for Lucy. Now, my darlings, I want you to start tonight.

Simon: Tomorrow.

Lucinda: No.3DC6E881.JPG

Simon: We'll start tomorrow.

Lucinda: No, you're not. You're going to start tonight.

[Lucinda sighs] Detective Munson -- he's hell-bent on bringing Aaron to justice, whatever that means in this case. And I just don't want my poor granddaughter caught in the cross fire.

Katie: Of course you don't. But tonight's our anniversary.

Lucinda: Well -- nonsense! No, it isn't. You weren't married on Halloween. Now, now -- now, look here. This is an update. An update. Craig and Hal just missed the kids in Indiana today.

Simon: Lucinda, Lucinda, please --3DC6E8AA.JPG

Lucinda: That means -- don't you see? That means they went from Webster University in St. Louis -- Franklin College. Franklin College, Indiana. Clearly, they are trying to make themselves inconspicuous on college campuses.

Simon: Well, that's a really terrific lead, Lucinda, but we can do it tomor --

Lucinda: No, no, no! My darlings, you two -- in the college environment, you two can fit in and infiltrate much better than Craig or even Hal Munson. Come on! What are we waiting for? I -- I thought you always were up for a grand adventure!

Katie: You're not gonna leave, are you?

Lucinda: No. I'm not gonna leave, not until I get my way.

Simon: All right, fine. Fine. We'll start tonight, on the computer.

Katie: Absolutely.3DC6E8D4.JPG

Simon: We'll check out some chat rooms of the various colleges in the area, and we'll give you a full report by the morning, by breakfast. On your breakfast table, with your eggs. How's that?

Lucinda: That's perfect. Good night. Thank you.

Simon: Good night. Oh, let's get outta here.

Katie: But we have to work.

Simon: You ever heard of a coffee break? Honey? Well, we're taking ours now.3DC6E8FE.JPG

Katie: Oh, wow. I love a man who knows how to -- relax. I can't believe you bought this thing. You're insane. And I love you. Thank you so much. For the car, for everything. You always find a way to amaze me.

Simon: Well, you, my love, have amazed me now for two years. Two of the greatest years of my life. I love you.

Katie: I love you.

Lucy: Wishing on a star?

Aaron: For you.

Lucy: It's quiet. Where's Alison?

Aaron: She's -- sleeping off a pizza. So what'd you decide? You were gone a long time. Thinking?

Lucy: About what you want. And I realized I don't know.

Aaron: I wanna go home. I want to play catch with Luke. I want to help Holden with chores.

Lucy: Then let's go home.3DC6E954.JPG

Aaron: I can't, Lucy. My home is gone. The only way I can get back what I had is to clear my name. But -- if you wanna go, then I'll be behind it.

Lucy: How could I go back without you?

Aaron: Just be honest. Do you want to stay?

Lucy: I wanna stay. But if it makes things tougher for you -- this whole sexual tension thing, it's only gonna get worse. And, I mean, you're frustrated, and -- guys get like that, right?

Aaron: Lucy, I've wanted you for -- I've wanted you forever. I'll wait as long as it takes.

Lucy: But if having me around gets you distracted --

Aaron: Having you around is what makes me remember why I'm running. There's more to us than just sex. And it's that more that I can't live without.

Lucy: Me, either.

Aaron: So you'll stay?

Lucy: I'll stay.

Alison: Whoa, I crashed! Is there any more pizza?

Tom: You are in no shape to be heading a homicide investigation. Especially one that may involve James Steinbeck.3DC6E999.JPG

Margo: Well, I've gotta find a way. And I will find a way to get the 12 hours of sleep I need. I promise you, Tom.

Tom: I just don't like this.

Margo: I don't like it, either. But Hal is out tracking down Aaron. And Jack just became a husband and a father all in one night. Who are you gonna call?

3DC6E9BE.JPGTom: Give me the facts. I wanna get you home ASAP.

Margo: Okay. One corpse -- Brandy Taylor.

Tom: Brandy, the one who seduced Adam?

Margo: For money. Not a good girl. Maybe there's someone else who wanted her dead.

Tom: Anything point to another killer?

[Margo sighs]3DC6E9E2.JPG

Margo: Honey, I have got a gun and a body and a statement by Paul Ryan saying that he fired the gun while he was confused and disoriented. This is a cop case that everyone would love. I hate it. Paul's always been a good kid.

Tom: His confession is going to be inadmissible. I'm sure he gave it before you read him his rights.

Margo: I've got four witnesses -- Barbara, Ben, Bonnie, Isaac. Paul's gonna have a hell of a time getting out of this mess.

Jessica: Excuse me, could you tell me Paul Ryan's room number? Please?

Desk clerk: Oh, yeah, that's 421.

Jessica: Thank you.

Desk clerk: Sure.3DC6E9FF.JPG

Marshall: You look lovely.

Jessica: Have you see Bonnie? I need to find her.

Marshall: What's wrong?

Jessica: There was a shooting in Paul Ryan's room, and Bonnie was headed there.

Marshall: Who was shot?

Jessica: A young woman.

Marshall: Brandy.

Jessica: How did you know?

Marshall: Uh, lucky guess.

Jessica: If I were cross-examining you, I would wonder --

Marshall: But you're not.

Jessica: -- Out of all the young women in Oakdale, you would guess that Brandy was shot in Paul's room.

Marshall: I need to get up to Ryan's room and talk to homicide.

Jessica: Marshall -- Ben said that Paul kept saying his father was in that room. Is that possible?

Marshall: How would I know?

Jessica: Have you seen James Steinbeck?

Marshall: He was my client, as you know --

Jessica: Today! Have you seen him today? You lied.

Marshall: I don't want to hurt you, Jessica.

Jessica: Just tell me you haven't been working for him all this time. Just tell me I did not hand you my job so that you could let that monster come back to Oakdale.

Marshall: I -- I have to go.

Carly: Thank you so much.3DC6EA33.JPG

Emily: All right, you listen to me -- you and Jack love each other. You know? And it doesn't matter what wedding gifts the past drop on your doorstep. Hey. You okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, it's just been such a long day.

Holden: Okay. I'm gonna go. I'm outta here. Good night, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: Oh!

Emily: Okay, on that closing note, good night, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: Good night. Wow! "Mrs. Snyder." That's right! Now I am officially Mrs. Jack Snyder.

Jack: Oh, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Molly: Okay, you two! Save it for the honeymoon.

Carly: You know, we're -- we're gonna postpone that. We gotta take that little boy home and figure out our next step.

3DC6EA5A.JPGJack: Boy. Marriage keeps getting better and better and better and better. I'm gonna go look for that social worker.

Molly: Well, that had to have been hard.

Carly: He's worth it. Help me get my stuff upstairs?

Julia: Jack, I need to talk to you.

Social worker: Then I'll take the baby.

Julia: Don't make me regret coming here, Jack.

Jack: Julia --

Julia: When I made the decision to give myself up, I did that because I was trying to do the right thing by our son. But if you allow him to get sucked into the welfare system --

Jack: I'm gonna take the baby home.

Social worker: But if the child isn't yours --

Jack: Yeah, well, his mother says it is. That's gonna have to be enough for now.

Social worker: Are you positive? Call if you change your mind.3DC6EA8D.JPG

Jack: Thank you.

Julia: Are you sure Carly's all right with your decision?

Jack: It wasn't my decision to make. We came to the decision together. Now, is there anything I need to know about this baby? Any special needs, allergies? Anything like that?

Julia: Uh -- he's on formula. There's plenty in the bag.

Jack: Formula? I thought you were always going to --

3DC6EAAD.JPGJulia: Breast-feed? I couldn't. He was born prematurely. September 7th, we think.

Jack: Wait, you don't even know his birthday?

Julia: Well, I almost died giving birth, Jack. The people who helped me -- they weren't exactly the type to keep calendars and clocks.

Jack: The baby came early, and you didn't take him to a hospital?

Julia: I was running from the law, remember, Jack?

Jack: I assume there's a birth certificate in the bag here?

Julia: No. He doesn't have one. And I'm not gonna tell you where he was born, either. Those people who helped me were kind and generous. And I will not allow you to incriminate them.3DC6EADD.JPG

Jack: He's not mine, is he?

Julia: Yes, he is, Jack. Jack, this is -- this is the baby that we lost. I know you hate me but please -- please love him. Just wait. Will you let me say good-bye? Okay, Jackie. Sweetheart, don't worry. Mommy loves you very much. And daddy's gonna love you, too. And I'm gonna be thinking about you every minute of every day, okay? Okay.

Barbara: I swear to you, I'm not gonna let your father get away with this. He did this because of me.

Paul: Mom --

Barbara: I saw him at the hospital. He said that he was gonna take me away, and I told him that you would protect me. And he said he was going to deal with you.

Paul: Yeah, well, he kept his word. Mom, will you grab my coat over there, please?

Barbara: Sure.3DC6EBF6.JPG

Cop #2: You stay right here.

Paul: Officer, I just need some mints from my pocket. My mouth is dry. Thank you.

Cop #2: It's empty.

Barbara: What were you looking for?

Paul: Videotape. The only thing I had that guaranteed that Marshall wouldn't let Steinbeck walk. And now it's gone. Which proves that Steinbeck was here. But why would he kill Brandy?

Barbara: Isn't it obvious, Paul? He did it to hurt me. Everything he does is to make me suffer.

Paul: I'm the one going to jail, but it's all about you.

Margo: Lock it and secure it. Paul, I've got to take you in.

Barbara: I'm going with you.3DC6EC20.JPG

Paul: No, you stay here and take care of yourself, like you always do.

Barbara: What I meant when I said that he does it to hurt me is that he knows how desperate I would be if I knew that you'd been arrested. He knows how much I love you. I love you with all my heart, Paul. And I swear -- I swear I'll find a way to get you out of this.

Paul: Do us both a favor. Stay away.

James: Well -- Mr. Marshall Travers, right on time.

3DC6EC58.JPGMarshall: What happened?

James: Somebody died. Tragedy is it was my son that shot them.

Marshall: "Somebody" didn't die. Brandy Taylor did. And I sent her. She was supposed to go and talk to Paul -- talk to him! What went wrong?

James: You're such a pessimist. Everything went right. I mean, everything went right for me. You know something, Travers? For a man who's so smart, you can be very damn dumb. I'd certainly hate to think that sex with Jessica matters more to you than your allegiance to me.3DC6EC7E.JPG

Marshall: You were in Paul's room. You took that tape from him.

James: I really hated doing it, you know? The boy actually thought, for once, he'd bested his father. That was a mistake. That was a mistake that a lot of people have been making lately. And it's a very dangerous one. Let me tell you something -- you ever give me an ultimatum again, I'll not only break you, I'll make sure that the whole world knows that your lady love is nothing but a common slut. Good night, Mr. District Attorney.

Lisa: Oh, Julia! Darling, I hate to see you taken away like this. You're ill. And you need help. Is there someone I can call? Maybe Dr. Michaels?

Julia: Actually, you could call my mother for me. She's waiting to hear.

3DC6ECAE.JPGLisa: Your mother is expecting you to be arrested?

Cop #1: You need to get in the car, Ms. Lindsey.

Julia: Will Jack meet me at the station?

Cop #1: Detective Snyder went home with his wife.

Julia: Of course. It's their wedding night.

Jack: No, no. Wait, wait, wait. You carry the kid, and I'll carry you, right across the threshold.

Carly: We don't need thresholds. We don't do things the ordinary way.

[Carly exhales]

Jack: Some wedding night, huh? But like you just said --

Carly: We don't do things the ordinary way.

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