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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/28/02

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Barbara: You're safe now, sweetie. No one's gonna hurt you. Daddy put that horrible Aaron Snyder in jail. And he's not going to be able to get to you again. I love you, Will. Your daddy loves you, too.

John: Could I see you for a minute?

Barbara: I'll be right outside. I'll be back in a minute.

John: When's the last time you maybe had a breath of fresh air or something? Would you like to go for a walk?

Barbara: No, no. And let Emily and Alison Stewart have a chance to get in there and force Will to say that he lied about Aaron Snyder? No way, John.

John: I don't think that's likely to happen.

Barbara: I'm not gonna have anyone upsetting him. He's gonna have another seizure if they do. And if that happens, I'll be the one going to jail for doing what Alison Stewart's mother should have done to her a long time ago.

John: I don't -- I don't think that Alison Stewart is in a position to do anything to anyone right now. She's left town. The Police are looking for her as we speak.

Barbara: Oh, what has she done now?

John: I don't want you to get alarmed. I don't want you to become upset. The Police are right on top of this thing.

Barbara: What happened, John?

John: Aaron Snyder has escaped from jail.

Barbara: What?! Where is he?

John: Well, no one knows. But it seems to be a safe bet he's split the state, and with Lucy Montgomery.

Barbara: Craig's little princess helped the biker boyfriend escape?

John: No, I think that distinction belongs to Alison. The Police think that she's the one who slipped the boy the key to the cell.

Barbara: What? She must have stolen Hal's master keys.

John: I guess anything's possible.

Barbara: Oh, yeah. Especially when a Stewart is involved. You know, Hal thinks of them as family. He protects them so much. Well, maybe he'll finally realize what monsters those Stewarts really are.

Emily: Hi.

Hal: Hey. Are you getting some work done?

Emily: No, I have been logging on to every missing persons website I can get my hands on, leaving information about Ali. What? What? What's happened?

Hal: I got a call from the state police.

Emily: Oh, God, Alison. What?

Hal: And they found your car at Interstate 55. It was empty. No driver, out of gas, but no sign of foul play.

Emily: Okay. Well, where's she headed?

Hal: South towards St. Louis. And that means I throw some things together, head over to the hospital and see Will, then head to St. Louis to see if I can pick up Alison's trail.

Emily: Hal -- I know what Ali did was terribly wrong. But, please, tell me she's going to be okay.

Hal: We're talking about a girl who managed a jail break, grand theft auto and a clean getaway all in one night. I have a feeling she's doing just fine.

Emily: You really think she's going to try to hook up with Lucy and Aaron?

Hal: Alison is the key to cracking this case. I find Alison, I find Aaron. And I put that kid behind bars for a very long time.

Aaron: How did people all the way in St. Louis find out about me?

Brady: It's the age of information, my friend.

Lucy: It'd be a lot easier if they had the right information.

Dara: Well, what is the truth, anyway?

Alex:: Did you set the fire?

Lucy: Of course not. He's innocent.

Alex:: Then why'd he go on the run?

Aaron: 'Cause I couldn't see any other way out. The Chief of Detectives was out to get me.

Lucy: And the barn was going to burn to the ground, and there were two little kids inside. I mean, if Aaron hadn't have saved them, they wouldn't even be alive. Did the news reports happen to mention that?

Brady: I've known this guy since Saturday morning cartoons. He's the first to stay out past curfew. But arson? Forget it.

Dara: Well, if Brady says you're cool, then you're cool with us.

Aaron: Thanks a lot.

Brady: Whatever you need.

Aaron: Well, we can't stick around too long. 'Cause if you guys could I.D. us, so could the cops.

Dara: Especially on that bike.

Aaron: Yeah. I guess it's a dead giveaway now.

Lucy: Well, do you think we should get rid of it? What will we do about transportation?

Aaron: Anybody interested in an almost brand-new bike with a few hundred miles on it?

Dara: I wish.

Brady: There's this guy we know who's been shopping around for a motorcycle. But he's always a couple of hundred shy. He might do a trade for his car.

Lucy: Where is he?

Alex: Franklin College. Franklin, Indiana.

Brady: His name is Mitch Pepper. This is his number. Tell him I sent you.

Dara: And if you need to rest, Liberty Inn's the place. It's out on Highway 44.

Alex:: It's totally secluded.

Dara: Give 'em directions, Brady.

Brady: I'd take you guys out there myself, but --

Alex: We've gotta rehearse for music composition. And if we're not there, we're music history.

Brady: Mitch's numbers and the shortcut to the Liberty Inn. Got a map?

Aaron: Got it. Always prepared. Boy scout in disguise.

Lucy: I always knew it.

Brady: Good luck, man.

Aaron: Brady, thanks for everything, man. I'm not gonna forget this.

Lucy: It was nice meeting all of you. I wish we could stay longer.

Aaron: Oh, and, Brady -- if anybody asks --

Brady: I never saw ya.

You and I I wouldn't change a thing

you and I I wouldn't change a thing

you and I I wouldn't change a thing

Jack: You're telling me that my -- my honeymoon's been relocated by Craig Montgomery?

Mallory: Mm-hmm.

Jack: And that the crew of Blushing Bride is tagging along? Now, I know you said that my fiancee approved this, although I can't imagine why.

Mallory: Why not? This whole wedding tie-in is the perfect P.R. to catapult Carly's designs straight onto the world market. I mean, I call that marketing genius.

Jack: It doesn't make any sense.

Mallory: You newlyweds will have plenty of privacy. It'll be just you and your bride and a very small, very discreet crew.

Jack: For how long?

Mallory: Just a few days. You'll barely know they're there.

Jack: Oh, I'll know. How many -- how many hours a day are you planning on hanging around?

Sergio: Just enough to get spectacular shots of two lovers in paradise.

Mallory: Outside of the honeymoon suite, that is. We'll be going for active shots -- Carly and Jack on the beach. Carly and Jack at the polo matches. Carly and Jack having cocktails at sunset. Carly and Jack playing baccarat at the casinos. Divine, n'est-ce pas?

Jack: It sounds like a vacation in hell, actually. You know what? Forget it. Forget the whole thing.

Mallory: Montgomery warned me you might be a bit difficult!

Jack: Yeah? He's about to find out just how difficult.

Craig: It's been almost a year since I buried my son. My daughter has been kidnapped, God knows what else. And I was foolish enough to think that you might have made some of this bearable. I'm sorry if I bothered you.

Carly: Craig -- wait. Please -- I don't want to leave things like this.

Craig: Thank you. But I think I've taken enough abuse for one day.

Carly: I didn't mean to make things worse. I understand why you're so worried about Lucy. My point was just --

Craig: No, I got your point. Lucy ran away from her neanderthal father. I drove her straight into the arms of a criminal.

Carly: All I meant was that --

Craig: I was very reasonable, you know? I said she could see him, but there were rules. They broke my rules. Now, I may not be father of the year --

Carly: Hey -- I never said you were a bad father. I just said that you never gave Aaron a chance.

Craig: And you made sure of that.

Mike: You were so quiet on the ride home. I thought I was gonna have to reach over and check for a pulse. Hey -- are you gonna tell me what's going on, or do I have to kiss you to death? What's got you so freaked out, Molly? What does this have to do with Rosanna? Baby, there is nothing that you cannot tell me.

Molly: What if there is something? Something that I did that was so awful -- so unbelievably awful that you would never want to see me or talk to me ever again?

Mike: Impossible.

Molly: Did you ever do anything that -- that was so out there, I mean, that you knew was a huge risk, but you did it, anyway?

Mike: By "out there," do you mean something that could get a guy arrested?

Molly: No! No, no, no, no. What I'm talking about is mostly good, generous, selfless even, but also selfish. Does that make any sense at all?

Mike: Selfless but selfish. Yeah, I feel that way every time I'm with you.

Molly: This is different. This thing that I did -- even though I did it months ago, it doesn't make it any better, I know. But this thing I did -- this is going to explain a lot. Okay? I did it to make us closer, but it did the opposite. And it made me put a wall around my heart.

Mike: So I was right when I said there was part of yourself that you were keeping from me?

Molly: I don't know how to say this to you.

Mike: Look, if this is about not telling me you love me, let's just -- let's let that go. It's not important.

Molly: No, no, no. It's not -- it's not about that.

Mike: Well, then what is it? What could be so bad?

Molly: You tell me.

Mike: Look at all the zeros. That's a lot of dough.

Molly: You need to read who the check's made out to.

Mike: Memorial Hospital Burn Unit? I don't understand.

Molly: I'm the anonymous donor, Mike.

Mike: It was your money? It was your money all along?

Mike: No, no, no, no. Wait a minute. Now, you and I both know that Lucinda donated that money.

Molly: I donated that money, Mike.

Mike: You mean some kind of matching funds thing?

Molly: No. Lucinda didn't donate a dime. She just lied. She lied to cover my butt, because I was so afraid of what you would do when you found out that I was the anonymous donor.

Mike: But she looked at me when she said it -- more than once. I thanked her. We shook hands. We raised glasses to it. All that was a lie?

Molly: I am so sorry, Mike.

Mike: Ah. Lucinda? Bob Hughes? How many other people are in on this? Huh? How many other people had to keep this quiet while you could hook me and reel me in?

Molly: No! No, it wasn't like that! Because I wanted to tell you! In fact, I tried to tell about half a million times, but --

Mike: I gave you so many chances! I asked you flat out if you donated that money to the Burn unit! And after you lied to me, you asked me why it would matter if you did. Do you remember what I said? Do you remember?!

Molly: You said that honesty is what mattered most between us.

Mike: And you agreed.

Molly: I wanted to be honest. I wanted to be fearless. I wanted you to decide whether you stayed or whether you went. I wanted to leave it all up to fate.

Mike: Then why didn't you?

Molly: Because I couldn't face living my life without you. Because I cared too much.

Mike: So you lied to me?

Molly: That's how much I wanted you, Mike.

Mike: Really? You lied to me and you used me because you cared about me so much? Wow, you have got a whacked idea of what love is all about, don't you?

Craig: Every time Aaron and Lucy decided to break my rules, there you were helping them dodge me, meet in secret behind my back.

Carly: It wasn't that big a deal, Craig.

Craig: Maybe not to you. But you didn't have to suffer the consequences. I did. The more fun you had championing Romeo and Juliet, the tougher stand I had to take, until Lucy decided I was the ogre, and Aaron was simply misunderstood. Now she's gone. Thank you for your assistance.

Carly: I don't know whether to laugh at you or smack some sense into you! You hated Aaron from the first moment your little princess smiled at him! Don't try and make that my fault!

Craig: You have no idea what you've done. You have no idea what it's like to be a father raising a daughter. You hardly have an idea what it's like to have a father, since your father's specialty was ignoring you. But now, suddenly, you're a father/daughter expert?

Carly: You don't know the first thing about my life.

Craig: Ah, the trail of men, the schemes, the dreams that died, the child you lost. You think about the choices you've made, the hopes, the dreams, the mistakes, the failures. And you think about what might have been different if you'd had a father who had just cared for you, who'd made you feel like something, maybe somebody who just held you a little bit if you were scared. Huh? But you don't know! Because you never had that! You cannot fathom the love I have for my daughter! So stay out of it!

[Carly crying]

Craig: Carly? Carly, come on --

Carly: Just get out of here! Just get out of here! Just leave me alone!

Hal: Hey, champ. It's dad.

Emily: Hey, Will.

Hal: You got more cards and gifts from your friends at school. Your room's so full, I can't wait for you to see all this stuff. Will you do me a favor, Emily?

Emily: Yeah, anything. Just ask.

Hal: While I'm gone, while you're visiting, would you -- would you take these off just for a few minutes. He needs a break from being strapped down 24/7.

Emily: Yeah, every day. I promise, I'll visit every day.

Hal: I hate leaving you two.

Emily: We're going to be okay. You just -- you go find Alison and bring her home. And when you find Aaron -- try to just be a cop doing his job, Hal.

Hal: After what he did to Will and using Alison to escape, that's a pretty tall order.

Alison: Webster University. Finally!

[Harmonica music playing]

Alison: Please, please, please, tell me that one of you guys is Brady Rudd or you know where to find him?

Dara: Who's looking?

Alison: Oh, I'm Aaron Snyder's best friend in the whole entire world. Is one of you Brady? Did you know Aaron back in Seattle?

Brady: Aaron who?

Dara: Never heard of him.

Alex: Sorry. Can't help you.

Brady: Listen, if you check up at the admissions office, maybe they can help you find whoever you're looking for.

Dara: Come on, you guys, we'd better fly or we'll miss class.

Alex: You're right.

Brady: Yeah, look at the time.

Alison: Nice try, but it's time to drop the act. You guys must be pretty good friends of Aaron's, too, if you're willing to lie for him. I know he was here, though, because that's his bandanna. Now, which one of you guys is gonna tell me where he is?

Craig: Listen --

Carly: Don't touch me. Don't even speak to me, Craig. You have nothing to say that I want to hear. You've already said enough! And I certainly hope you're satisfied.

[Carly crying]

Craig: I am so sorry, Carly. I know I don't say it much, but I mean it -- I shouldn't have said those things. I'm hurt, and I'm angry and confused. And I'm not fit for human consumption today.

Carly: Most days.

[Carly laughs]

Craig: Don't cry.

Carly: Craig -- I hate you.

Craig: I know, I know. Here. I'm sorry about all those things. I shouldn't have mentioned Nora. That was insensitive. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it.

Carly: Then why did you?

Craig: Because I never stop thinking about the child I lost. When I think of Lucy riding on that motorcycle down the interstate, I see Bryant.

Carly: I know.

Craig: When she called to tell me she was leaving with -- with Aaron, I heard Bryant's voice. And -- I swore I'd protect her, and I would not make the same mistakes. I'd keep her alive and happy. And now -- I'm -- I'm dying inside.

Molly: I never wanted to hurt you, Mike.

Mike: You didn't like the games that God was playing in your life, so you thought you'd play a few with mine.

Molly: No! No.

Mike: Did you donate that money to the Burn Unit on a condition that Bob Hughes hire me?

Molly: Bob couldn't wait to hire you. He just needed a go-project.

Mike: Oh, man.

Molly: All I told him --

Mike: Oh, man. I made that big speech at the groundbreaking ceremony about how honored and proud I was to have earned that opportunity.

Molly: Mike, I am so sorry.

Mike: I didn't earn any opportunity. Because Molly McKinnon had me in her pocket all along.

Molly: I wrote a check for a wonderful cause! I didn't control your life!

Mike: You don't think that's controlling? Dictating where I work, who I work for and how I earn a buck?! And then you lie about it?!

Molly: You would've gotten that job with or without me. All I did was make sure the job was here now instead of six months from now!

Mike: It's all making sense now. Bob telling me there were several reasons for which I was hired, not at the least of which was that I was qualified. He was trying to tell me the truth.

Molly: The truth is that Bob was just waiting for a reason to hire you. He -- he knew you had great credentials. He -- he really wanted to hire you. I didn't have to sell you to anybody, Mike!

Mike: Rosanna was trying to tell me the truth, too.

Molly: This has been her reason for living. Okay? She is the one who was behind the break-in at my apartment. She has a copy of the canceled check. And she was just waiting for the right moment to spring it on you.

Mike: That's what you two were going off about when I walked in the Lakeview, wasn't it, hmm? When she was going to tell me the truth about everything?

Molly: I know what you're thinking.

Mike: I don't think you do.

Molly: That Rosanna bought you that job in Venezuela, and now I'm guilty of the same offense.

Mike: No, no. That's not even remotely the same. What you did was about a million times worse. I thought there was nothing I did not know about you. The way that you looked at me -- I felt like we were seeing into each other's souls. I finally felt like I found someone that I could connect with, someone who understood me, someone who could tell me anything. But I was wrong. 'Cause I've been falling in love with a stranger all along.

Molly: Look, I made a mistake, okay? But I'm not a stranger. Okay? I did something behind your back, and it was awful -- really awful. And I know that. But I did it for -- for all the right reasons.

Mike: You did it for your reasons. You wanted me, you kept me.

Molly: No. It's nothing like -- stop making this so ugly!

Mike: That is what a lie is! That's what a lie does!

Molly: I was afraid, okay? I was afraid that if you took a job halfway across the world that I would never see you again. And I needed you. And I still need you.

Mike: Well, take it from a guy who builds things for a living. You do not build on need. You build on trust. And everything you did says you do not trust me.

Molly: I do! I do! I do! I trusted you from the first minute I laid eyes on you!

Mike: Then why didn't you trust me enough to stay? That is all you had to do -- trust me, take me at my word. I was willing to work at an old friend's garage, be a mechanic, anything for you. No, no, no. Do not touch me! But what did you do? You pimped me out. And now I'm stuck with that job!

Molly: Yeah, okay, well, at least you're not stuck with me!

Barbara: When I think about Aaron Snyder and what he has done to our little boy -- how he was victimized. A little boy who's never hurt anyone in the entire world. And I just don't know if his little body can take any more of this, Hal.

Hal: Barbara, don't.

Barbara: I just don't know what I'd do if I lose him.

Hal: Barbara, don't. Ben and John are keeping a good eye on him.

Barbara: It's just the thought of Aaron Snyder out there running around free. I mean, you may say that I'm a hysterical mother here, but I really want a guard posted out there.

Hal: Aaron is not going to come back here. That kid is long gone by now.

Barbara: But what if he has a friend who wants to come over here and silence Will? Hal --

Hal: I don't think that's gonna happen. I will post a guard outside.

Barbara: Thank you. I'll give you a couple of minutes alone.

Hal: Thank you.

Barbara: Hal asked that you wait out here while he has a few minutes alone with Will.

Emily: Oh, give me a break, Barbara. First you put words into Will's mouth, now Hal's.

Barbara: Your days with Hal are numbered, Emily. You will begin to despise him when he starts doling out the punishment that your little sister deserves. And then Hal will realize what a liability you've become.

Craig: I -- I have to go after her. Tell me she's not gonna hate me forever.

Carly: I may not know a lot about fathers. But I do know a bit about women. And I have become some what of an expert on this mystery we call Craig.

Craig: So your verdict?

Carly: You think you can take it?

Craig: Ah, go ahead. Kick me while I'm down.

Carly: No matter what happens, Lucy loves you. It's a forever thing, Craig. She's not gonna give up on a dad who loves her as much as you do. After all, a girl's father is her first love. And she lucked out when she got you.

Jack: Oh, this is just too perfect.

Carly: Jack, whatever that looked like --

Jack: Oh, yes, I know. I've got it all wrong.

Carly: We were just apologizing to each other.

Jack: Oh, that's great, Carly.

Carly: If you'd walked in just a couple of minutes ago, you would've seen us in full swing, duking it out.

Jack: I couldn't have walked in a couple minutes ago, Carly. I was too busy keeping an appointment at the Lakeview!

Carly: Oh. Jack, I am so sorry. I completely forgot. I'll call right now and reschedule it, okay?

Jack: No, don't -- don't bother. I think I've heard just about all I need to hear out of Blushing Bride magazine and your idiot publicist!

Craig: Mallory?

Jack: Yes, that's the one. See, I got to hear from a total stranger all about the plans for my honeymoon in Monte Carlo. Two newlyweds in a kingdom by the sea, along with an entourage of stylists to add to the intimacy of it all.

Carly: Well, I couldn't discuss that with you, Jack, because --

Jack: And I'm standing there thinking, "you know, why do I have to be tagging along, anyway?" I mean, this whole wedding and honeymoon is all about your new company. Right? Why don't Monte and Carlo go riding off into the sunset together? And then I walk in here and see you're going to do exactly that.

Craig: Well, Jack, listen -- if the honeymoon's not to your liking, I'm sure we could --

Jack: One more word out of you, Craig, and I swear to God I will finish what I started when your face was at the other end of my fist. You got me?!

Carly: Jack, if you want to get angry with somebody, get angry with me! I am being pulled in a zillion different directions here, and I made a mistake. I missed the meeting with Mallory. I should've been there. And then I could've told you right away that I didn't approve any honeymoon plans, Jack! You know me. I mean, the wedding is one thing, but I would never, ever agree to a public honeymoon!

Jack: You see, we all make mistakes, Carly. But I gotta start wondering about yours. You're like a criminal who wants to get caught, or a kid who keeps breaking her favorite toy. And I gotta wonder why.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Jack: You keep making these appointments and meetings about our wedding, lunches with me, and then you don't show! You space, you flake. Something else comes up. Now, if I was the detective in charge of this case, I would have to say that you're trying to find a way out of this wedding!

Carly: I am trying to make our wedding more wonderful. And you're not the detective, Jack. You're the groom. And I'm your bride.

Jack: Okay. All right, then. Elope with me now. All right? We'll take the next flight to anywhere, and we'll tie the knot with just the two items that we need -- you and me.

Carly: You know I can't do that!

Jack: What's more important to you, Carly? Me, huh? Your new business partner? Or Blushing Bride magazine?

Carly: You. You.

Jack: All right. Then leave with me. Leave with me right now.

Carly: There are so many people counting on me!

Jack: Well -- I hope you see some of them at the end of the aisle, Carly. 'Cause you sure as hell won't see me.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: I'm done. Carly, I can't take this anymore. It's over. The wedding's off.

Carly: Jack! Jack, please! Can't we at least talk about this?! He's gone.

Craig: He'll be back. Do you want me to go find him, explain? Apologize?

Carly: No. Stay out of it.

Craig: Oh -- after everything you've done for me tonight, Carly, isn't there -- something I can do to return the favor?

Carly: I think I would just like to be alone for awhile. Good luck with Lucy.

Craig: Carly, I can't leave you like this.

Carly: I'm asking you to. Go. Hey. Just let her know how much you love her. Sometimes that's all a girl really needs to hear.

[Carly sobbing]

Molly: At least the irony is not complete -- completely wasted on me. Right? You can't walk away from your job, but you can walk away from me. I know that.

Mike: The very thing you were trying to keep from happening in the first place, wasn't it?

Molly: That first day I met you, in New York, I had just lost everything. Everything that defined who I was. I had just lost the only man that I ever really loved. Okay? My daughters, Bridget and Michele. And with the exception of Abigail, I felt absolutely no reason to keep on living. And then there you were. The answer to a prayer that I'd never said out loud. And I finally felt happy for the first time in a long time. Like I could smile and live and breathe again. Mike, you were the only thing that made me feel like I wanted to live. I mean that.

Mike: So you bought me. I won't fight you on this.

Molly: Come on! No, we have to talk this out! Yell at me -- do something!

Mike: No, no. You know, I need to get out of here. Trust me.

Molly: Do you want me to be gone by tonight? Okay. Uh -- I'll pack my things, and I'll leave the key, and I'll be gone before tonight.

Mike: Doesn't matter. I'm not coming back here. I'm gonna sleep someplace else. You can do whatever the hell you want. That's the way you've played it so far, isn't it?

[Molly sobbing]

Molly: Oh.

Hal: Where's Barbara?

Emily: Getting something to eat. And if there's any justice in this world, she's choking on it as we speak. I wasn't gonna say that. I really wasn't gonna say that, Hal. But she's driving me nuts!

Hal: Something happened?

Emily: Yeah, she was practically cackling with glee about how you're gonna take Alison down to the gallows.

Hal: You know, I like Alison. In her rare moments of sanity, I even love the kid. Don't worry. I'm gonna handle her with care.

Emily: Yeah, well, make me another promise?

Hal: I promise I won't murder Aaron.

Emily: Mm.

Craig: Well, that makes one of us. I'm not making promises I'm not prepared to keep. It occurred to me, Hal, you might want to know I'm leaving to look for Lucy.

Hal: Oh, no, no. You leave this to the cops, Craig.

Craig: My daughter's in trouble, Hal, and I'm gonna find her before something worse happens. It's exactly what you would do.

Hal: I've got a lead. I'm taking 55 south. See what I can turn up there.

Craig: All right, well, I'll come with you.

Hal: I don't recall inviting you along.

Craig: Hal! I've got a full tank of gas and a car that's faster than anything you've got. If you're not gonna ride with me, I'm gonna follow you.

Emily: You know, I don't think it could hurt having someone ride shotgun, do you?

Hal: All right. You're coming with me, Montgomery. But you will do it my way. You will play by my rules. Or I'll have you arrested for interfering with a Police investigation. And I will keep you locked up until it's over.

Craig: All right. Well, then, what are we waiting for? Come on. Let's go.

Hal: I love you.

Emily: Mm. I love you. Call me?

Hal: You bet I will. Let's go.

Emily: Hal, wait! Hal! Let me walk you out.

Alison: Lucy and Aaron came out here to find his friend, Brady, and to hide out from the cops. I know that much. I mean, that proves that I'm his friend.

Dara: Or the cops'.

Alison: Yeah. I'm an underage cop with no backup. I've risked my life for Aaron Snyder, and I'd do it again. I'm the one who sprung him out of jail. Alison Stewart? I'm a wanted woman, a fugitive from justice. I swear they're my friends, my very best friends in the whole entire world, and I'd do anything to help them. Aaron saved my brother's life in that fire, and now it's up to me to save his.

Brady: I'm Brady Rudd, Aaron's friend from Seattle. But if this is some game you're playing, or you get him into more trouble, you're gonna wish you'd never met me.

Alex: Or any of the rest of us.

Alison: No, I swear. I'm totally legit.

Brady: I think Aaron and Lucy are headed to Franklin.

Alison: Franklin who?

Brady: College. Franklin, Indiana.

Alison: I barely squeaked by in geography. Is that far from here?

Alex: I'll take you to the student center. See if we can find you a ride.

Alison: Thanks a million. And I'll give this back to Aaron when I find him.

Would you come would you run would you bring it back around

oh, baby, I'm willing and able to run

I am willing and able I'm able to come

but it all went away nothing left to say oh, would you fight

Carly: You've reached the unbelievably busy home of the bride and groom to be. We're too happy to answer the phone right now, so leave a message after the beep. [Beep] Oh, my prince can you see what's been found? Willing and able to run willing and able to come, willing and able to run. I am willing I'm willing, willing, willing, willing and able to run

All: Hey!

Cop #1: Dead man walking!

Cop #2: How's it feel to be a condemned man?

Cop #3: But she is one beautiful ball and chain.

Cop #2: The rest of the guys will be here any minute.

Jack: You guys really didn't have to do this.

Cop #1: Hey, did you think we'd let this occasion just slide by?

Cop #3: Yeah, crime's taking a holiday, so relax.

Cop #2: Prepare to be roasted. We got food, entertainment.

Cop #1: Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow --

Jack: No, forget tomorrow! Okay, guys? It's not gonna happen. There isn't gonna be a wedding. I called it off.

Would you run would you bring it back around

oh, baby, I'll wait for you now

would you come would you run

Carly: Here's to -- what might have been. Mm. Scratch that. To what almost was. To -- having it all and losing it. To the end of a dream. To heartache and loneliness and yet another unforgettable night in Oakdale.

Mike: You knew. You knew Molly bought me that job, and you never said a word!

I am willing and able I'm able to come

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