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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/25/02

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Molly: Come on, you gorgeous love machine, before your breakfast gets cold.

Mike: You made breakfast?

Molly: Just bacon and eggs on English muffins, coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Mike: How -- while I was in the shower? How long was I in that shower?

Molly: Oh, well, you almost beat my record.

Mike: Hell, I could've had some coffee and doughnuts on the site, baby.

Molly: And risk getting dizzy up on those girders? Not a chance.

Mike: It looks great, but are you sure this is just about breakfast?

Molly: Yes, dr. Freud. It's just about breakfast.

Mike: I'm just saying you don't have to prove anything to me.

Molly: All I've proven is that I can ace a couple of eggs, okay?

Mike: All right. I -- look, last night was amazing, all right? I don't have to hear the words, so if you're trying to make up for not saying them, it's -- I mean, I understand.

Molly: I don't want your understanding, all right? Just forget it! I'm sorry that I even bothered!

Emily: Hey, there you are. Any news? The life you cops lead. Out all night chasing two kids..

"Emily, thanks for trying to help me. I tried. Alison. P.S. I love you." Oh, no. Hal! Hal!

Carly: Good morning, high octane.

Jack: Oh, you're an angel.

Carly: And I had Al make you up one of those greasy egg things you like.

Jack: Extra cheese?

Carly: You bet. Enjoy.

Jack: Some guy that runs a truck stop on Route 81 thought he spotted Aaron and Lucy. By the time we got somebody out there, they had gone.

Carly: Well, who knows? Maybe -- maybe they'll get scared and come back on their own.

Jack: If you were Aaron, would you come back? Hal's ready to lynch him, and Craig's tying the knot. Hal's so close to shredding the rule book on this one.

Carly And Craig has never even read it.

Jack: That's a bad combination, Carly. If I had my way, I'd put Craig in lockup just to keep him from driving those poor kids further underground.

Rosanna: Craig is awol, Henry. No one knows where he is. No, he didn't come home. Because I'm in his home. His bed hasn't been slept in, so obviously he parked his libido somewhere else last night. I want you to find out where he went and who he was with. And, Henry, patience isn't one of my virtues, so chop-chop. Well, hello there. Long night?

Craig: I don't want to talk about it.

Rosanna: You look like hell.

Craig: Thank you. No messages on my machine -- get my service. Did the front desk take any messages for me? I see. Thanks.

Rosanna: No, the phone hasn't rung since I've been here. So are you going to tell me where you've been or not?

Craig: Lucy's missing.

Rosanna: Lucy's missing? Well, don't worry about it. She's probably off sulking about all the terrible injustice in the world.

Craig: Aaron Snyder broke out of jail last night. He's now a fugitive from the law, and Lucy is with him.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, um, I'm sorry. I didn't know that.

Craig: And by the way, I was with Hal Munson all last night, searching. But thank you for your concern. I'm very touched.

Mike: Are you still mad?

Molly: I wasn't mad. I'm just confused.

Mike: Because I'm trying to be understanding?

Molly: Exactly.

Mike: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to take the eggs and throw them up against the wall? You want me to get mad at you and throw you out because you can't say you love me on cue?

Molly: See, that, I would get. That I would understand.

Mike: Give me a clue here, Molly. I don't see the problem. Especially after the way last night ended up.

Molly: Yeah, I know. You're not just a little bit disappointed?

Mike: No. I'm not disappointed because you can't say you love me, all right. I know you have feelings for me. And whether you say it or not, I know you're getting there, all right. And I also know that you've got room in your life for Jake's memory and for me, all right. And that's a lot more than I had the right to ask for.

Molly: You are one of a kind.

Mike: I know.

Molly: Get your coffee. Finish getting ready, and I'll clean up.

Mike: Give me your coffee.

[Knock at the door]

Molly: I'll get it! Hey, sweetie.

Abigail: Hey.

Molly: What are you doing all the way over here? Come on in, though. You want some coffee? I made a huge pot.

Abigail: I don't have much time.

Molly: Do you have an early class?

Abigail: Not exactly. I've got a lot to do before tonight.

Molly: What's happening tonight?

Abigail: I'm going to Los Angeles. Molly, I need to get out of Oakdale.

Hal: What did she say to you last night?

Emily: Not much. I mean, she was pretty quiet. And when she went upstairs, I had no idea she wasn't gonna stay there, Hal -- no idea.

Hal: She didn't drop any clues at all?

Emily: No.

Hal: Like where Aaron might be because she's gotta know, Emily. Even Alison wouldn't go off on a goose chase this far.

Emily: Yeah, don't be so sure about that.

Hal: She didn't talk about them at all?

Emily: No. I mean, except to say for the one thousandth time that Aaron was innocent. I think she could see that I was at the end of my rope, and I scared her.

Hal: Hey --

Emily: She knows. She feels abandoned, not only by us, but by her friends.

Hal: It's not our fault that Alison --

Emily: It isn't -- look, I'm not asking you to beat yourself up about it, but you have to face the facts that we're the ones who drove her away.

Hal: Alison ran because she knew she was in big trouble. Do you have a picture of her? I'm gonna --

Emily: Yeah, yeah, I do. In my purse, from school, I think. An old school picture. I am so scared, Hal.

Hal: She'll be all right.

Emily: You know what she's like. You know she thinks she can outsmart the whole world. She acts so brash. And what if she trusts the wrong guy?

Hal: Don't underestimate her ability to take care of herself.

Emily: I'm sorry. She's just not as smart as she wants us all to think, you know? She's immature. She's proven she's not thinking clearly.

Hal: Her head was pretty clear when she helped Snyder break out of jail.

Emily: Here.

Hal: Good, fine. I'll get this out right away.

Emily: All right, call me as soon as you hear anything.

Hal: Try not to worry.

Emily: Yeah, try not to worry. Tell that to my mother.

[Doorbell rings]

Hal: Why don't you tell her yourself --

Emily: No, no, Hal.

Hal: Because I'm sure that's her now.

Emily: I'm not ready. Please, Hal.

Hal: Well, ready or not -- hello, Susan.

Susan: Hello, Hal.

Hal: Hi.

Susan: Hi.

Emily: Hi.

Hal: I gotta go. I'll call you. Try not to worry.

Emily: Yeah, thanks.

Susan: He looks so worried.

Emily: Yeah.

Susan: I checked on Will before I left the hospital last night. No change.

Emily: No, I know. I talked to Ben a few minutes ago.

Susan: Well, where is Alison? We should be leaving pretty soon.

Emily: Leaving?

Susan: For family court. Don't tell me you forgot?

Emily: Oh, my word, that's today. That's today.

Susan: Honey, she is due in front of the judge in an hour. Go tell her to get moving. I don't want to be late.

Carly: No, no, no. Thanks, Mallory. No problem at all. I'll see you then.

Jack: Why did the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I heard the way you said "no problem"?

Carly: Mallory just wanted to confirm our appointment with the Blushing bride photographer.

Jack: That's today?

Carly: At the Lakeview.

Jack: No, Carly, I can't. I can't possibly get away today.

Carly: But you said you were okay with the photo shoot.

Jack: Yeah, that was before all hell broke loose. Look, Hal just called in. Alison Stewart took off, too. I have barely enough time to get a good night's sleep, let alone play nice with some camera jockey.

Carly: Well, can't you get somebody to cover for you?

Jack: Hal's got his hands full with the search.

Carly: Well, then we'll do it at lunchtime. Please, Jack. We don't have any time to reschedule before the wedding.

Jack: Okay, okay, okay. All right, all right, I'll be there. Just be on time, okay? I don't want to sit around with some guy slapping foundation all over my face.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Relax. I'll be on time.

Jack: Yeah, well, you gotta admit this time thing's been a challenge for you lately. Craig keeps finding ways to get you sidetracked. You know how much he loves keeping me waiting.

Carly: I am gonna be there, Jack. I just have to stop by the office for a few minutes. It won't be long, and I'll see you at the Lakeview, okay? I promise. I love you.

Jack: I love you, too.

Craig: Yes, can I have an overseas operator?

Rosanna: I want to help. What can I do?

Craig: Leave.

Rosanna: I don't think the situation with Lucy is as helpless as you think it is. I mean, look at me. I ran away once when I was just a few years older than she is now.

Craig: No, I'll hold. Rosanna, I do not need your help.

Rosanna: Please don't shut me out.

Craig: I am just playing by your rules. All right, call me, will you, please, when there is a line open?

Rosanna: Craig, I'm not walking away from us.

Craig: Well, then would you please walk to your place down the hall? Walk anywhere but here, please.

Rosanna: There has to be something that I can do.

Craig: Why? Because today I'm not the root of all evil, all right? Look, I do not have time for this right now, okay? So I have to explain to Sierra why I let our only surviving child disappear with a wanted felon.

Rosanna: Sierra understands. She knows. She saw for herself how determined Lucy was to be with Aaron.

Craig: Yes, how would you know? You're not a parent. The only thing you've every mothered is a bank account, okay? So once again, I do not have time for this. I am going to go out. If you really want to help me, you will not be here when I get back.

Abigail: When Adam first invited me to California, I blew it off. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got.

Molly: Honey, why now? Why tonight?

Abigail: Why not? Molly, I haven't had much down time since -- since the trial, since Jake died. I mean, I want to read something that isn't an assignment. I want to hang out and not have to worry about schedules and routines. Adam's giving me that chance, and it sounds -- sounds really good right now.

Molly: But, Abigail, there's flights leaving for L.A. every day. Why go now? We haven't had a chance to discuss it yet. You know, come back to our apartment, okay? We'll spend some time together -- a lot of time together. You'll move back in.

Abigail: It's not "our" place anymore.

Molly: Honey, I'm so sorry. I should have tried a lot harder to make it a home again.

Abigail: No, no. You don't have to be sorry for moving on with your life. You know, you -- you jumped back into life when most women wouldn't even pull up the shades, and for that, I am so, so proud of you. But, you know, I want to take some risks, too. I'm ready. And who knows? Maybe if I'm lucky, something wonderful will happen for me, too.

Mike: Wouldn't doubt it. So what'd I miss?

Molly: Abigail's going to California.

Mike: Really? Good for you. I lived for a year in Monterey. I'll talk to some of my boys, make sure they take care of you, all right?

Abigail: Oh, yeah, that'd be great. My friend is -- he's a P.A. in Los Angeles and he's gonna introduce me to some people. Maybe I'll get a lead on a job while I'm out there. I'm actually really excited. I even want to see those corny Hollywood landmarks -- you know, with the footprints in the sidewalk, the beach. It's gonna be right around the corner. Molly, please be okay with this. It won't be forever.

Susan: This is a nightmare!

Emily: Here.

Susan: It's not safe for a girl her age to be out there all by herself.

Emily: Don't you think I know that? I screwed up, okay? I'm sorry. I said it. There -- are you happy? You deserved a phone call, you deserved to know the truth, but I chickened out, okay? I was trying to figure out how to break it to you.

Susan: Well, what difference would it have made, anyway? Once Alison gets something in her brain, there is not anything any of us can do to get through to her.

Emily: All right, just calm down. All right? The good news is she has my car, so she won't be hitching rides from strangers.

Susan: You think she knows where Aaron is?

Emily: I don't know. I couldn't tell.

Susan: Wherever they are, I hope they're together.

Emily: Right. You're right, 'cause safety in numbers. So, you know what? In the meantime, we'll drop Daniel off at Tom's and we'll make up some flyers and we'll start circulating them, and maybe somebody spotted Ali or has seen my car.

Susan: Well, it beats sitting around doing nothing!

Emily: All right, great. So I'm gonna go get Daniel. I'll be right back.

Susan: Ooh, Emily?!

Emily: What?!

Susan: What about the judge? He's expecting Alison to be in his office in an hour with a plan for her life. How can we tell him that her plan included helping an accused felon escape the law? He's gonna throw the book at her!

Jack: Hey! What are you doing here? I thought you were at home getting some sleep.

Hal: That was before Alison Stewart decided to join Aaron's traveling road show. I haven't even had time to look in on Will yet.

Jack: Hal, get out of here. Go to the hospital, be with your son.

Hal: I can accomplish more here, Jack. I can't do anything to help Will, but at least I can track down the punk who put him in the hospital.

Jack: Hal, you're -- you're too close to this. You can't be objective. It's bad enough that Montgomery's gotten himself involved.

Hal: I know where this is going.

Jack: We've got a dozen different departments in on the search, Hal. You're needed here, and not just for Will. We're shorthanded as it is, and I'm about to go on my honeymoon.

Hal: I know what you're gonna say, Jack, but I'm sorry. I can't spare you now.

Jack: What?

Hal: There's no way around it, Jack. You're gonna have to postpone your honeymoon.

Jack: You've got to be kidding!

Hal: Do I look like I'm kidding? And I want you to make nice with Marshall Travers. He's gonna be prosecuting this and I want him up to speed on what's going on.

Jack: I'll deal with Travers if and when I have to.

Hal: You will obey orders, Jack. And that means taking over for me while I'm gone. Now, if you have a problem with that, you take it up with the commissioner.

Jack: I know the law. We all get that, but don't start pushing people too hard or they're gonna start pushing back. I'll handle Travers, but there's no way I'm canceling my honeymoon. You got that?

Holden: Hal, why didn't you tell me about Aaron? You had no right to hold back that kind of information when it comes to my son!

Carly: "Best wishes on your marriage, from your friends at Blushing Bride."

Craig: I was hoping you'd be here.

Carly: How are you holding up?

Craig: You know?

Carly: Yeah, Jack told me about Lucy. You must be worried sick.

Craig: Worried doesn't really begin to cover it.

Carly: Jack thinks they'll find them.

Craig: I don't share Jack's confidence.

Carly: Give it some time.

Craig: I don't have any time. Do you know what it took to convince Sierra that I had things under any kind of control here at all?

Carly: Is she coming?

Craig: No. I talked her into staying in Montega in case Lucy shows up there.

Carly: Maybe she will.

Craig: No. Sierra doesn't believe it, but at least it bought me a couple of days' grace before she starts plotting my --

[Craig sighs heavily] I could have made a difference. I could have made a difference in my child's life.

Carly: And you blame yourself?

Craig: Well, I blame Aaron Snyder, too. I'm sure he promised Lucy some truck stop adventure, and she's too innocent to realize that it's gonna take place in dumpsters and back alleys. He's already taken her innocence, and now he's gonna ruin the rest of her life.

Carly: Craig, I realize that your daughter is only 16, but she is not some flighty air-head. She chose this. She wants to be with Aaron.

Craig: Well, she's a child! Huh? I -- I don't want to hear it! Everybody made me the bad guy in this -- you and Holden and Sierra -- all right? "Give the kid some time." "He'll prove himself, all right?" Well, the proof is in. I was right and it may cost me my daughter!

Carly: So it's our fault?

Craig: You and your soft spot for anything Snyder. What do you think the cops are gonna do when they find this kid, hmm? If Lucy gets caught in that crossfire --

Carly: Oh, Craig, there isn't gonna be any crossfire.

Craig: No. You were wrong about Aaron, and you are wrong now.

Carly: Oh, fine, great. You're right and your kid's gone. Congratulations, Craig. How does it feel to know you're so much smarter than the rest of us?

Craig: You give your children too much room, and they use it to find trouble.

Carly: Lock 'em away and that trouble finds them. Don't you see what you've done?

Craig: Yes, I have let a few teary-eyed romantics weaken my resolve.

Carly: You are unbelievable.

Craig: I hope that I am there when Parker brings home some --

Carly: What? A girl like me?

Craig: Well, you know what I mean. Would you blame yourself if he ran away?

Carly: I would take a long, hard look at what I did to make that his only choice.

Craig: After you've had a complete meltdown.

Carly: After meltdown, yeah. But I wouldn't try to put him under house arrest, Craig. That doesn't solve anything. Trust me on this. Nobody is gonna erect a statue of a guy who brings back the chastity belt.

Craig: Lucy has led a sheltered life.

Carly: But she's smart, Craig, and she's a good kid.

Craig: She's trusting.

Carly: That isn't always a bad thing.

Craig: The 6:00 news is full of trusting and naive girls.

Carly: Aaron is gonna look out for her.

Craig: Oh, great! That makes me feel a lot better.

Carly: I don't know if Aaron started that fire or not, but I do know that he loves your daughter. He is not gonna let anything happen to her.

Craig: He is already the worst thing that's ever happened to her. I am gonna hunt him down, and I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna bring my daughter home. And I will make sure that he never lays eyes on her again.

Holden: Tell me how it happened.

Hal: Alison Stewart got her hands on a pair of keys. We don't know if she acted alone, or if Lucy Montgomery was in on it with her.

Holden: Where were your officers?

Hal: The officers involved have already been written up. I don't think they can look forward to a great future in law enforcement.

Holden: Are you sure nobody suggested that maybe they should just look the other way?

Hal: You think I wanted Aaron out of jail? Why? The last thing I want is the punk who almost killed my kid roaming free.

Holden: No case is airtight, Hal. Maybe you didn't want to risk the system letting him walk!

Hal: Oh, it was a conspiracy. We're all in on it -- me, the guys down in lockup, the guy in the parking lot. We can't get the kid on arson, so we're gonna get him on busting out of jail, is that it?

Holden: Vigilante justice is better than no justice at all, Hal.

Hal: You know me better than that.

Holden: I thought I did.

Hal: You don't like how I'm handling things, why don't you take it upstairs. I don't have time for this.

Holden: Maybe I should go public with it, Hal. I'm sure a City Times reporter would have a field day with this one.

Hal: You do what you have to do. And while you're at it, why don't you ask Lucinda if she would like a libel suit from the Oakdale Police Department, Holden. You wanna play tough, you wanna play mean, you've come to the right place.

Abigail: Molly, are you okay with me going?

Molly: Yeah. Honey, I want you to have fun. And I want you to spread your wings. But I can't say that I won't miss you.

Abigail: I'm gonna miss you, too. Most kids are lucky to have one mom that they can count on, and I have two. Thanks for sticking through all the insanity of this past year.

Molly: Thank you for always making me feel like I knew what I was doing.

Abigail: You did -- more than you'll ever know. I love you.

Molly: I love you. I love you. These aren't tears. I'm not crying. It's an optical illusion, okay?

Abigail: Me, too.

Mike: I will take really good care of Molly, all right? And if you ever need anything --

Abigail: Yeah. I won't forget where home is.

[Door closes]

Mike: What a good kid.

Molly: The best.

Mike: Unbelievable.

Molly: Why do they have to grow up?

Mike: Well, if it's nice enough when they do, they turn out just like her. All right? You gonna be all right?

Molly: Yeah. Yeah.

Mike: You gonna stick around?

Molly: No. I have something I -- I've got to get it together, because I have to -- I have to nail down things for Carly at Jack's rehearsal.

Mike: All right. I should -- I should probably get to the site. They probably think I abandoned ship, too, so -- where are you headed first?

Molly: The Lakeview. The Lakeview. Because that's where the rehearsal is, and I've got to make sure that everything's there.

Mike: All right. Do you want to meet for lunch?

Molly: Um -- I can't. Because I have to go to the station, because I've got to get this story done, because it's airing pretty soon.

Mike: All right. Well, then I'll see you at rehearsal, all right? Until then, I'll miss you. Stop crying.

[Door closes]

Molly: Get it together.

[Phone ringing]

Rosanna: Hello?

Molly: Rosanna, it's Molly McKinnon. We need to talk.

Rosanna: Unfortunately, Molly, now is not a particularly good time for me.

Molly: Yeah, well, make it a good time. I'm gonna be at the Lakeview lounge in 20 minutes. Be there.

Rosanna: That was rude. I won't give you a chance to hang up on me this time, Molly.

[Phone rings]

[machine beeps

Mike: Hey, this is Mike. Leave your message, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Rosanna: I'll just see to that.

Susan: The judge isn't in yet.

Emily: Oh, good. Okay, good. That gives us some time.

Susan: Time for what?

Emily: I don't know, to think of something.

Susan: What -- you want me to lie?

Emily: No, okay. We won't lie. We'll bend the truth.

Susan: You can't lie to a judge.

Emily: We will bend the truth just a little. Do you have a better idea?

Susan: No. I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe she's gone. Tough love, that's what they said. That's the ticket. Just show her who's boss. I'm the one who put her in front of that judge, and now, if he gets wind of this, he'll ship her straight to juvenile hall.

Emily: Nobody's shipping Alison anywhere.

Susan: I just wanted to do what was best for my little girl.

Emily: Mother, she knows that, all right? Deep down, she knows that, and so do I. But it is time to start thinking like Ali. We've got to do a run around this judge. You know? Forget about right or wrong? Rules, forget 'em. We've got to do this for Alison.

Susan: You're right. Let's lie.

Emily: All right. I'll call that clerk and tell her that Alison is sick.

Susan: I'm a doctor. What can they do to me?

Emily: That's perfect. And head home and wait for her in case she calls.

Susan: Who are we kidding? She's not gonna call me.

Emily: Mom, you don't know that. In the meantime, I'll -- I'll get the flyers. I'll swing by and I'll pick you up in an hour, I swear to you. We are gonna find her.

Susan: Okay.

Emily: See you later.

Mallory: You must be Detective Snyder. I'm Mallory Malloy, your publicist. Where is our star? Isn't Carly with you?

Jack: She should be here soon. Look, I'm a little short on time, Mallory, so --

Mallory: Not a problem. Sergio? Sergio Palma, Jack Snyder. Sergio's the best photographer in the business.

Jack: Nice to meet you.

Sergio: The pleasure is mine. Look at that bone structure.

Mallory: Nice. And the physique's pretty good, too, don't you think?

Sergio: Trim, but not too trim, nice shoulders, good eyes.

Jack: Can I make a suggestion? Don't push it, Sergio. Not today.

Carly: So every single lesson you could have learned from this mess has gone over that big, fat head of yours?

Craig: No, I have learned plenty. And number one is never to let my guard down.

Carly: Craig, your guard is part of the problem. I guess it's easier to make Aaron the bad guy, easier than admitting that the great Craig Montgomery could ever be wrong. You expected the worst, Craig, and that's exactly what you got.

Craig: Do you honestly expect me to accept any kind of culpability in this? For what he has done?

Carly: Do you really think that Lucy would agree with you on that? You tried to lock her away in that fancy prep school and bribe her with a summer at the Country Club. You piled on the curfews and the ultimatums and the restraining orders. You even sicced Rosanna on her. You did everything but run her life by remote control. Do I have to draw you a map, Craig? Lucy didn't just run away with Aaron. She ran away from you.

Mike: What a moron.

[Machine beeps]

Rosanna: As much as I look forward to airing out our situation, Molly, I don't appreciate being hung up on. I'll meet you at the Lakeview, but at my convenience, not yours.

Mike: That's what you think.

Rosanna: Oh, hello. I hope I haven't kept you waiting long.

Molly: Save it, Rosanna. We both know that you have proof of my donation to the burn unit, and I am asking you to please not use it against me and Mike.

Rosanna: Well, this day just gets more interesting by the second.

Molly: You don't owe me one single favor, but I am asking you to give me time to work this through for myself. Please.

Holden: Thanks, Tom. I appreciate it.

Hal: Here are the copies of all the statements and the reports. It's all evidence in Aaron's investigation, in case your lawyer is interested.

Holden: I'll see that he gets it.

Hal: You do that. But I would think twice about going public with this whole thing. Your son broke out of jail. How do you think that's gonna play in the Press?

Holden: I've got a scared kid up against a tough cop who nailed him as guilty without even a bail hearing. I'm not too worried about how it's gonna play out, Hal. Are you?

Hal: You got anything else you want to say to me?

Holden: Yeah, plenty. I'm not gonna waste my breath.

Once I come again this sucks got to pack up and live again

say good-bye to all my friends can't say when I'll be there again

it's time now to turn around turn my back on everything

turn my back on everything, everything changes when I turn around out of my control

I'm alone everything changes

when I turn around out of my control

I'm alone start back at this light stretch myself back into the light

I'm waking up and say I've tried instead of waking up into another "tv guide

it's time now to turn around turn and walk on

this crazy thing

Aaron: How's it going, man?

Brady: Aaron Snyder.

Aaron: In the flesh. Long time, no see, man. Looking good.

Brady: Trying hard.

Lucy: It's got a beautiful campus.

Aaron: Yeah, ya done good,

Brady: Well, it's a far cry from our days in Seattle, but -- yeah, we like it. So what's up? Where's your manners? Who's your friend?

Aaron: Oh, my bad. Brady Rudd, this is girlfriend, Lucy Montgomery. Lucy, Brady. We go way back.

Lucy: Nice to meet you, Brady.

Aaron: Well, thanks for coming out to meet us.

Lucy: Is there a place that we could rest or get something to eat?

Aaron: Yeah, 'cause we're dragging. Been driving all night. Somewhere we -- where we can, like, lay low. You know what I mean?

Lucy: Be alone.

Aaron: A place where nobody knows our name.

Brady: Well, that could be a problem.

Alex: Sweet wheels, Brady. What'd you do? Rob a bank?

Brady: Haven't you two got somewhere else to be?

Dara: Check it out. That face ring a bell?

Alex: Oh, dude, no way. You're the guy we saw on tv.

Aaron: You saw me? You didn't see me.

Brady: That's what I was going to tell you. You're everywhere. For all we know, you've gone global.

Lucy: How can this be happening?

Dara: You have to tell us. What's it like? Escaping from prison and being on the run?

Lucy: I think our reputation's preceded us.

Aaron: Terrific.

Mallory: I think Carly will look amazing in this. I can see her breezing through the casinos in Monte Carlo.

Jack: Oh, you mean Aspen.

Mallory: Who's going to Aspen?

Jack: We are, on our honeymoon. We rented a cabin. And you and your imported shutterbug aren't invited. So don't get any ideas.

Mallory: I guess the groom's always the last to know. Sergio, should we tell Jack the fantastic news?

Sergio: Porquoi pas?

Jack: What news?

Mallory: Craig changed the honeymoon location to Monte Carlo. He thought it'd be the perfect tie-in to launch the new spring line. I'm sure Carly approved it. Oh, don't look so cross. You're gonna love the riviera, Jack. Everybody does.

Craig: That was maybe the cruelest thing you ever said to me.

Carly: I'm sorry. I just can't rubber stamp some of these stunts you've pulled.

Craig: My child is in real danger here, and you can't even bring yourself to try and see this situation from my point of view?

Carly: I see your point of view. I just don't agree with it.

Craig: Well, why would I expect anything different? There's never any give and take with you.

Carly: Don't make this about us.

Craig: Why not? Why not? You want to be honest? All right, well maybe I find it just a little unrewarding to be bringing all of your dreams to life right in front of your eyes. Maybe I can't just rubber stamp you while you make the hugest mistake of your life.

Carly: Stop it!

Craig: Well, I'm supposed --

Carly: Stop it!

Craig: I'm supposed to just stand here and watch you marry Jack? Huh? I'm supposed to just step aside while you do something you think will make you happy?

Carly: It will make me happy.

Craig: Well, hey, I'm doing my part! I'm doing my part, all right? And I come to you, looking for maybe a little compassion, and what do I get? If you came to me like I come to you today, I'd give you my shoulder. I wouldn't be hurling accusations.

Carly: If you want hypocrisy, I suggest you ring up Rosanna. I hear she's available.

Craig: It's been almost a year since I buried my son. My daughter has been kidnapped, God knows what else. And I thought that you might find some way to make this bearable. Sorry to bother you.

Carly: Wait. Please.

[Carly sighs] I don't want to leave things like this.

Rosanna: Oh, why should I help you salvage your relationship with Mike Kasnoff? Please do tell me what's in it for me?

Molly: You still care about Mike. You don't want to see him get hurt any more than I do. So would you please give me the chance to explain to him why I went to such great measures to keep him in town?

Rosanna: Well, I suppose it doesn't matter how Mike finds out. The only thing that matters is that he does find out that you lied to him, you stole his pride.

Molly: If you expose me, you'll be part of something even more insidious. You had somebody break in my apartment, Rosanna, and go through my things. Mike is not gonna thank you. He's gonna resent you, and you're gonna end up pushing him even further away.

Rosanna: Any further away, he'd be on another planet.

Molly: If you have any hope, any slim chance of having a friendship with Mike, you won't risk it by showing him a copy of that canceled check.

Rosanna: Don't be so sure.

Mike: Damn it, Rosanna, I told you to leave Molly alone.

Molly: Mike, it's okay. I asked her to meet me here.

Mike: Why? Rosanna, what's going on?

Rosanna: I'll let Molly explain it to you. You two obviously have things to discuss.

Mike: What things? What's she talking about?

Molly: Mike -- it's time I finally told you the truth.

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