ATWT Transcript Wednesday 10/23/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/23/02

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Molly: Come on.

Mike: Why don't you bring it?

Molly: Just let me see what's in the bag.

Mike: No.

Molly: Please?

Mike: No. No. No.

Molly: Why?

Mike: It won't be a surprise if I do.

Molly: It's a surprise?

Mike: Not if I tell you.

Molly: Please?

Mike: Why can't I say "no" to you?3DB6FFD8.JPG

Molly: Because I am so unbelievably irresistible.

Mike: No, because I know that once I turn my back, you're just gonna look inside the bag.

Molly: That, too.

Mike: All right.

Molly: Mini marshmallows?

Mike: Yeah. You said when you were a little kid, your mom used to make --

Molly: -- Make me hot chocolate.

Mike: Hot chocolate, yeah. With little, floaty marshmallow things on top. It was one of few good memories of your childhood, right?

3DB70006.JPGMolly: I just can't believe that you remembered that.

Mike: I remember everything you ever tell me.

Molly: This is so sweet.

Mike: Do you know how much you've changed my life? You've pretty much changed everything.

Rosanna: The whole concept of waiting does nothing for me, Craig.

Craig: I agree. Timing is usually everything.

Rosanna: Correct. So that is why Carly's wedding is the perfect place to make Molly face up to what she's done. You're the one who said the more public, the better.

Craig: Don't worry. We will find an occasion public enough to satisfy whatever fun scandal and humiliation your heart desires. But Carly's wedding is not just any public event. It is a showcase for Monte Carlo. The eyes of the entire fashion world will be on us. You know, think of all the money you've pumped in to this. With this launching pad, this will pay off faster than a full house. 3DB7002D.JPG

Rosanna: So you're only thinking of me. How considerate.

Craig: All I'm saying is that you wait a little while before you lower the boom on Molly and Mike Kasnoff. And then I will personally hire a skywriter, and you can tell Mike Kasnoff that his girlfriend is keeping him in pickups and backhoes.

Rosanna: A skywriter. That's tempting.

Craig: And think of how grateful I'll be.

Rosanna: That I didn't ruin Carly's wedding?

Craig: No, that our company got a five-star sendoff, and you and I are finally partners in every sense of the word.

Rosanna: You used to be a better liar, Craig. You're not worried about my assets. You're worried about Carly's happiness. Face it. You've traded in your killer instinct for a high school crush on the town tramp. How pathetic is that?

3DB70069.JPGJack: We're here. What now?

Carly: Careful. Just a few more seconds, okay? And then you can open them.

[Jack grunting] Wait.

[Laughter] All right, open them.

Jack: Well, that's great. It's your office.

Carly: It's what's in the office.

Jack: Dummies?

Carly: They're mannequins, Jack. It's a big difference. So, do you like it?

Jack: Oh, yeah, what's not to like? Is she available?

Carly: It's for me. For us, Jack. This is my trousseau. Everything here comes with the bride. And I would be more than happy to try them all on for you later if you like.3DB7009D.JPG

Jack: Ooh, oh, boy. Do I like. Yeah, are you sure this isn't more incentive to get me to do that magazine cover?

Carly: Forget the magazine cover.

Jack: Right. You just want to make sure that you succeeded in talking me into being the blushing groom of Blushing Bride.

Carly: It's working, isn't it?

Jack: Oh, yeah. Like a charm.

Lucinda: This had better not be a wild goose chase, dear. Where is Lucy?

Alison: With Aaron Snyder.

Lucinda: Well, of course she is, but where?

Alison: Right here. Aaron Snyder got arrested for setting the barn on fire on the Snyder's' farm, but he's innocent, but they won't believe me. And no one will. And that's why I called you here. The only person I could think of who's rich and mean and pushy enough to get Aaron out of this mess.

3DB700D8.JPGLucy: Aaron, I'm so scared. I don't know how this happened.

Aaron: You shouldn't be here.

Lucy: I can't leave you.

Aaron: It's just like I said. Lieutenant Munson will -- will make sure I pay for setting that fire.

Lucy: I don't care what Will Munson said. Luke says he lies all the time and Will was lying about this. Even Holden tried to tell Lieutenant Munson that.

Aaron: Well, who's he gonna believe, huh? Me or his own kid?

Lucy: We can't give up.

Aaron: Maybe -- maybe Tom can prove that Will was too sick to know what really happened.

Lucy: I hope so.

Aaron: Lucy? What is it?

Lucy: I just saw Alison upstairs. She was at the hospital when Will accused you. Now Hal wants her to sign some kind of statement that Will knew exactly what he was saying.3DB7010E.JPG

Aaron: Alison was a witness?

Lucy: She's on our side --

Aaron: It doesn't even matter. Munson's building his case, you know, first with his son and now with Alison. He's not gonna quit, Lucy. He's not gonna quit until he's got me locked up for good.

Craig: For your information, the last crush I had was on a Swiss bank.

Rosanna: You've lost your edge, Craig.

Craig: No, my edge is razor sharp.

Rosanna: Sharp enough to risk hearing the truth? I had to start someday.

Craig: Why spoil the fun?

Rosanna: Because I'm not having any fun. And as much as I adore you, it seems that there's a part of me that's always thinking about Mike.

Craig: Always?

Rosanna: Well, perhaps not when we're in bed. You're rather all-consuming in that area.

Craig: Thank you.

Rosanna: But life doesn't take place entirely in bed.

Craig: Unfortunately for us.

Rosanna: So, that's when Carly creeps in, hmm? Sometimes I can almost see her sitting there between us at morning coffee or at dinner. Things are getting a little crowded, don't you think? Most people have a triangle.

Craig: We have a square?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Yes. And as I've told you, I don't want to be anyone's consolation prize.

Craig: Have I ever treated you as one?

Rosanna: No, no, not intentionally, but that doesn't change the way I feel.

Craig: Rosanna, my feelings for you --

Rosanna: Yes, do tell.

Craig: -- Are complicated.

Rosanna: Yes, I'm sure I've made things more complicated by bankrolling Monte Carlo, hmm, haven't I?

Craig: We've always been more than just bottom lines. If you'd just come back to my place, I can show you how much more.

Rosanna: Why don't you show me here?

Craig: And have Isaac call the cops? In the ladies' room? Men's room?

Rosanna: Oh, come on. Just say three little words. I'll believe you.

Craig: What a coincidence. Three little words perched on the tip of my tongue -- "I want you."

Rosanna: So very different than "I love you," hmm? But don't worry about it. Please, forget about it. I mean, it's no problem. I don't love you, either. I adore you, but I don't love you.

Craig: Are you sure?

Rosanna: Oh, yes. You're a lot of fun. You keep me on my toes when I'm bored.

Craig: But you don't love me?

Rosanna: No. Don't pretend to be sad. Please. I mean, I'm sure most women throw themselves at your feet.

Craig: I've seen you sway.

Rosanna: But I'm still standing, aren't I? We both are.

Craig: Not without effort.

Rosanna: Right. Well -- I'll give you that. But I've built some pretty solid walls around me, so --

Craig: Oh. Courtesy of Mike Kasnoff Construction?

Rosanna: Courtesy of life. You know, I could fill a football stadium with men who want me.

Craig: I'd be first in line.

Rosanna: Are we going for sweet or sincere here?

Craig: Both. I'm an overachiever. Please don't disparage my edge anymore.

Rosanna: So you know what I want? I just want us to be us.

Craig: Which is?

Rosanna: Which is two people who know that the future consists of the next five minutes, maybe. And that relationships are just temporary arrangements that are one day going to let you down.

Craig: So I take it you're not ready for a commitment.

Rosanna: I'm not even ready to say the word.

Craig: But you're swaying. I can feel that.

Rosanna: Look, I -- I think it's obvious that, you know, you have a certain hold over me, and I have a certain hold over you, but there is a piece of your heart that you save for Carly. You know, that I just can't get to. And no matter how many times or how many ways she tells you that she doesn't want you, you save that little corner of your heart, just in case. You know, you keep it ready and waiting. But "just in case" is never going to happen, Craig. And no matter how many times we try to reinvent this so-called "relationship," I'll never be Carly. And that's sad. That's the saddest truth of all.

Carly: I know how this looks, but tonight really isn't all about the magazine, Jack. I'm not trying to bribe you. Okay, maybe I am trying to bribe you just a little bit. But I want you to know that nothing is gonna be more important than us on our wedding day.

Jack: Not even a little company called Monte Carlo?

Carly: Especially not Monte Carlo. You know, I got all of this stuff so I could have something to pass on to our daughter someday. And then she can pass it on to her daughter someday. And each piece will have -- will have a story behind it.

Jack: A beautiful story.

Carly: You said it.

Jack: Okay, you did it. You zapped Craig from my mind. 'Cause long after they throw the rice, we're gonna be married.

Carly: Forever.

Jack: There's nothing that Craig can mess with.

Carly: Oh, I have one more surprise.

Jack: Oh, please, let it be a garter belt.

Carly: I meant for you.

Jack: A garter belt's for me? Oh, you didn't.

Carly: Open it.

Jack: Carly -- hey.

Carly: I thought you could wear it with your tux.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Do you like it?

Jack: Yeah, I like it. It's great. Different. Huh? Where'd you get it?

Carly: A thrift shop. To justify the price, they -- they call it vintage.

[Jack laughs] it looks -- it's nice.

Jack: Yes, it is.

Carly: I should buy all your clothes.

Jack: Oh, oh, go easy. Nobody touches Jack "Cannonball" Snyder's lucky bowling shirt.

Carly: Don't worry, Cannonball, your shirt's safe for now. You know, Jack, even with Craig and all this wedding craziness, I've figured out some -- some pretty important stuff.

Jack: Yeah? What kind of stuff?

Carly: Like why I was put on this earth.

Jack: To model sexy lingerie for your fiancÚ?

Carly: That and three other reasons -- to be Parker's mom, to design beautiful clothes, and last but not least, to be Mrs. Jack Snyder. Our wedding is everything I've ever dreamed of, Jack. And I can't wait to be your bride.

Aaron: I want you to go as far away from me as possible.

Lucy: No. I love you.

Aaron: Don't say that! It'll only hurt you.

Lucy: You've never hurt me.

Aaron: Not on purpose. But things haven't been working out the way I wanted.

Lucy: We worked out, Aaron. Don't push me away. I don't know how not to love you.

Aaron: And I don't know how to protect you anymore.

Lucy: You don't need to protect me.

Aaron: What if you get hurt?

Lucy: The only thing that'll hurt me is losing you. When I'm with you, it just feels so right. I finally like, I fit in. I belong with you.

Aaron: You know what I wish? I wish we could get on my bike and just leave, go somewhere and spend the rest of our lives together. But that's just a dream. Munson's not gonna let it come true.

Lucy: It will. I don't know when or how, but it will, Aaron. I'm not giving up on us. I never will.

Jack: Oh, you know, this wedding is definitely not what the Snyder clan is used to. My branch of it, anyway. The last wedding I went to in Chicago had a centerpiece equipped with a tap and a foam pump. You get the picture?

Carly: Well, our wedding is gonna be classy. It may just be the most elegant event this town has ever seen.

Jack: Any room for fun?

Carly: Oh, there'll be fun. You're gonna be there, aren't you? I mean, any guy who would go along with a Blushing Bride photo shoot, well, that's -- that's the definition of fun in my book.

Jack: All right, all right, are you done selling me on this?

Carly: Yeah. Now I'm gonna start thanking you.

Jack: One question.

Carly: Mm-hmm?

Jack: Do I get any input on this cover shoot?

Carly: What did you have in mind?

Jack: Well, you know, just a few Snyder touches. You know, for authenticity.


Carly: There's no beer kegs.

Jack: No, just, come on, a quarter keg. Silver quarter keg, I can rest my foot on it.

Carly: No.

[Cell phone rings] no cell phones at my wedding.

Jack: We'll collect them at the door. I'll just be a second.

Carly: Where have I heard that before?

Jack: Snyder. Wait a minute, Holden, Holden, Holden, just wait a second. I didn't even get that last part. You've got to be kidding me. Hal said he was gonna hold off! No, just -- just try to calm down. I'm on top of it. Really. No, just sit tight, I'll be right there.

Carly: What happened?

Jack: Oh, Hal arrested Aaron tonight.

Carly: You're kidding.

Jack: Will took a turn for the worse, Hal wanted to point the finger at somebody, Aaron's the perfect target.

Carly: Well, what can I do?

Jack: I don't want Craig catching wind of this. He'll only make matters worse for everybody.

Carly: Okay, I won't breathe a word of it.

Jack: All right, thank you. I'm gonna go check in on Holden, I'm gonna go head down to headquarters and see about Aaron. Put a cork in the champagne, we'll pick up where we left off at home, okay?

Carly: You know something, girls? We really can have it all.

Craig: Are you through being thought-provoking? You're making my head hurt.

Rosanna: I am just tired of pretending, Craig. And when you lit into me about Molly, it all came full circle.

Craig: Well, what does this have to do with Carly?

Rosanna: Carly is like Rome -- all roads lead to her.

Craig: I am not protecting Carly.

Rosanna: No, you're not. But why did you talk to her? You did, didn't you? About the fact that I know about Molly's secret donation?

Craig: Yes, but not because I'm pining for her. And yes, I do want her to have a spectacular wedding, and yes, I don't want you to -- to come down on Molly in the middle of Carly's "I dos," but not for unrequited love. For an eight-figure profit, all right? So will you please forget about Carly? Because I have.

Rosanna: Well, why don't you say that to her face? Say it to her face and I'll believe you. But you're not gonna do that, are you?

Craig: Would you believe me if I did? If I would? Huh? All right, let me put this another way then, okay? For on just this one occasion, would you give me the benefit of the doubt? Huh?

Rosanna: Sure, I suppose. Sure.

Craig: So you won't interfere with the wedding?

Rosanna: No. But it's the last favor I ever do for you.

Craig: It's the last favor I will ever ask of you.

Rosanna: Liar.

Craig: Well, at least let me show you how much this might mean to us.

Rosanna: How?

Craig: Oysters, the finest vintage champagne the wine steward can find. Hmm?

Rosanna: I hate oysters. And too much champagne gives me a headache. Hello, it's Rosanna Cabot. I need you to meet me in the Lakeview lounge. Yes, I have a proposition to discuss. I'll be waiting.

Mike: How is it?

Molly: What? The hot chocolate is the best I've had in a long time.

Mike: Good. Me, too.

Molly: Is there something wrong?

Mike: No, I was -- I was just thinking that Rosanna and I spent a season towing around my stock car from one race to another and, you know, camp out and sometimes she'd make hot chocolate -- I don't know how we managed to be happy together. It's unreal how much she has changed. I never knew how much, till tonight.

Molly: She still has it bad for you.

Mike: I've tried telling her there's no going back.

Molly: The woman has selective hearing, Mike.

Mike: Want to hear about the luckiest day of my life?

Molly: Absolutely, assuming it does not involve Rosanna and her hot chocolate.

Mike: It involves going into a bar in New York City and seeing this vision sitting right there in front of me.

Molly: Did this vision have really swollen, red eyes with, like, dark circles underneath.

Mike: No, she had a beautiful face. You know, I had a dream about you that night? All I could do was think about trying to keep you in my life. You almost didn't let me.

Molly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I gave you such a difficult time in New York.

Mike: It doesn't matter. I mean, seems like fate had other plans for us, right? And all of a sudden I got the perfect job at the perfect moment. I don't know. Back here in Oakdale, I feel like I have a home.

Molly: You do.

Mike: See, I don't think this job's just a steady paycheck. I think it's a sign.

Molly: Since when are you into signs?

Mike: I think somebody's trying to tell us that we're meant to be together. I don't know, maybe that's just -- maybe that's the way you feel when you've fallen in love.

Lucinda: Why is Aaron's defense your responsibility? Isn't he Lucy's boyfriend?

Lucy: Grandmother.

Lucinda: Hi, darling.

Lucy: I'm so glad you're here.

Lucinda: Oh, sweetheart.

Lucy: How'd you find out?

Alison: I called in the big guns. So, how's Aaron?

Lucy: He's terrible. He thinks the whole situation's just hopeless. I don't blame him. Ever since Will Munson told his parents --

Alison: Because his psycho mother planted that idea in his poor little brain, and now Hal's acting like he just fingered America's most wanted.

Lucinda: Hey, hey, girls, anxiety about a sick child will often distort a parent's perspective, okay? I'll give this my attention in the morning, all right? Now, in the meantime, it is late. And this is no place for you girls to be hanging out, okay? We will drop you at your home, Alison.

Alison: Oh, no thanks. I've got a car.

Lucy: I don't want to go home, grandmother.

Lucinda: There's nothing we can do here tonight, okay? We'll do it tomorrow.

Alison: Can I see Aaron before I go?

Lucy: I don't think so. The guard said that the visiting hours are over.

Lucinda: Girls, I think we need some sleep here. It's sleep that knits up the rattled sleeve of care. Tomorrow, all right? And thank you, Alison. You were right to call me.

Alison: I'm full of great ideas.

Lucinda: Uh-huh. Home, Lucy?

Lucy: I'll be there in a minute.

Lucinda: Okay, I'll wait in the car.

Lucy: I don't know what to do, Alison. I think Aaron's giving up. We need to get him out of here now.

Alison: I know. I'm on it. I'm serious. Like I told your granny, I'm full of great ideas.

Mike: Am I scaring you off?

Molly: I don't scare that easily.

Mike: I don't expect you to say anything, Molly, I just --

Molly: I want to. There are so many things that I want to say to you.

Mike: Then what's holding you back?

Molly: There's some things about me -- about my life -- that you don't know.

Mike: What could be so bad? What, you leave your pantyhose hanging in the shower? You make a bad cup of coffee? Your great-aunt Millie is a -- a soup sandwich.

Molly: For your information, I make a killer cup of coffee.

Mike: Look, I'm just -- I'm at a really great place in my life, and I want to keep the good stuff coming. Do you realize the other day that I found out that six firms were ready to bid on that hospital contract. Six! But I got the job. And now I can take you out to the best places in town and I still have money left over to save. So if it seems like I'm rushing things, it's just because I've never had so many great things happen at one time in my life. I just want to take all this good luck and just nail it down.

Molly: Mike, please --

Mike: If it's too soon, I -- all right. It's too soon. Look, why don't I grab a couple steaks and light the grill and get a bottle of wine and we can talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Molly: Sounds great.

Mike: All right.

[Phone ringing]

Carly: Hello.

Molly: Hey! It's me. Listen, I know you said that everything is going to be okay, but are you sure? Are you absolutely sure that Craig is gonna be able to keep a muzzle on Rosanna?

Carly: Why? What happened?

Molly: Carly, Mike just made me hot chocolate with baby marshmallows.

Carly: Is there a problem with that?

Molly: Yeah -- Carly, he is so proud of this hospital project, so every time he brings it up, it makes me realize that he has to believe that he got this job on his own merit.

Carly: Oh, come on, Molly. Don't worry. We're gonna keep a lid on things.

Molly: Carly, he said he's falling in love with me.

Carly: You're kidding me.

Molly: What? Am I so unlovable?

Carly: No. No, that's not what I meant. It's just that Mike used to be pretty cautious, you know, and closed off about his feelings.

Molly: Yeah, well, not anymore. So if Rosanna's out to hurt me, she's got her weapon.

Carly: Craig is not gonna let that happen.

Molly: So you know how much I hate banking my future on Craig Montgomery?

Carly: What's good for you, is good for me, is good for him. Stop worrying, I'll look after things on this end.

Molly: Hey, you know, I gotta go because he's gonna be back any second. I love you.

[Molly sighs] please, God, don't take Mike away from me too.

[Door closes]

Emily: Hal? Ali?

Alison: Nope, it's just me.

Emily: What are you doing here?

Alison: I needed to talk to someone. I didn't want to go home. I'm -- I'm sorry. It's kinda late. I gotta get out of your way.

Emily: Honey, you're not in my way. And it's not too late. What can I do for you? Are you hungry?

Alison: How did you know I was looking for something to eat? I guess I kinda skipped dinner.

Emily: You know what? I did, too. Why don't I make us some sandwiches?

Alison: So, how's Will?

Emily: Not good, I'm afraid. He had another seizure.

Alison: What? I thought -- I thought he was doing better.

Emily: Yeah, so did we. It's really scary, Ali. Ben says he's not sure if there's permanent brain damage.

Alison: The poor kid. I feel really bad. Is Hal with him at the hospital?

Emily: Yeah. He's there. He's very worried. He's very angry.

Alison: At the wrong person, Emily.

Emily: All right, look, I understand how you feel. I don't know how to explain it to you. Maybe some day when you're a parent you'll understand how important it is for Hal to get answers, how he just wants Will to be okay. And he wants to make sure whoever started that fire pays for hurting his son.

Alison: Yeah, I'm up with that, Emily. But it wasn't Aaron.

Emily: Honey, put yourself in Hal's shoes for one minute. His little boy told him that Aaron started that fire. And, yes, he went crazy. But you know what? If that were you or Daniel in that hospital, I don't know how I'd react.

Alison: Well, Will was coached by his witch of a mother.

Emily: Oh, you are being kind.

Alison: She gets off making people as miserable as she is.

Emily: Well, you know what? If that's the case, then Hal will figure it out. And I think, deep down, he realizes that Will's condition is, you know, clouding his memory.

Alison: Well, he's got a weird way of showing it.

Emily: I'll talk to him.

Alison: Really?

Emily: Yes, really. You know, Hal's a really -- he's a good father. And when it comes to his family, he'll do anything he can to keep them safe. And that, my dear, includes you.

Alison: Well, you know, if I was in that hospital bed, I wouldn't be blaming Aaron for anything.

Daniel: Mommy!

Emily: Oh, dear.

Daniel: Mommy!

Emily: Poor Daniel -- he's been so restless lately. I think he -- he can tell something's wrong. I'll be right back.

Daniel: Mommy!

Alison: No problem.

Daniel: Mommy!

Rosanna: Henry, right on time.

Henry: Let's make this short and sweet, hmm?

Rosanna: Henry, I'm insulted. I thought you enjoyed my company.

Henry: It's nothing personal, I just -- I have other issues.

Rosanna: Such as?

Henry: Such as partners who are less than happy with our last transaction.

Rosanna: They object to making a profit?

Henry: No. They object to Early Bird Surveillance being in bed with Craig Montgomery's girlfriend. No offense.

Rosanna: None taken. But that's a rather sexist attitude, don't you think?

Henry: It's not my attitude.

Rosanna: Well, Henry, perhaps this can change their minds. I assume Katie and Simon won't object to compensation somewhere in this neighborhood.

Henry: Katie who?

[Rosanna chuckles]

Rosanna: I thought so.

Henry: What's -- what's next on your agenda?

Rosanna: I have a slight business problem.

Henry: How slight?

Rosanna: I may need to get out of a contract. Don't worry, I have an out clause, but I need to make sure that it's honored.

Henry: Well, honor thy out clause, I always say. How can I help?

Rosanna: I need you to keep a close eye on Craig Montgomery and his so-called "business partner," Carly Tenney.

Henry: You want me to spy on your sister?

Rosanna: Well, consider it gathering much-needed information, and I'll do the rest. Do we have a deal?

Carly: Peel me a grape.

Craig: Red or green?

Molly: To the chef.

Mike: It's kind of hard to mess up a steak, isn't it?

Molly: Just take the compliment.

Mike: Thank you.

Molly: I owe you an apology.

Mike: For what?

Molly: Before, when you said --

Mike: The "l" word? Don't worry, I'm not gonna bring that up again.

Molly: No. I acted like a big idiot.

Mike: Molly, I understand. I guess I -- I should have waited 'till you were ready. I guess I just thought you were.

Molly: You know what I really want?

Mike: What's that?

Molly: I want to shut out the rest of the world and just be alone in this room with you. With your arms wrapped around me.

Mike: Done.

Molly: How's that?

Mike: Like this.

Cop #2: You'll get your phone call.

Drunk driver: One glass of wine. I had one glass.

Cop #2: I clocked you going 85.

Drunk driver: Ah, one lousy drink and they pull you over.

Cleaning lady: Hey, hey, hey, watch it, Britney.

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry.

Cleaning lady: Do you mind?

Jack: Where's Aaron Snyder?

Cop #2: In lockup.

Jack: Get me that arrest report now. Get me an inventory of all the evidence and any statements or witness accounts from Oakdale Memorial. And I want to talk to an ADA. I want to talk to 'em. I gotta talk to somebody about the status of this case.

Cop #2: All right.

Carly: So, why aren't you at the Lakeview gushing over our cash cow?

Craig: Oh, Rosanna's being petulant. It seems we've hit a plateau.

Carly: Did you get her to back off Molly?

Craig: Everything is under control.

Carly: How under control?

Craig: Trust me.

Carly: Not in this lifetime, Craig. I want that copy of Molly's check in my hand, and I want it now!

Craig: How? Do you think she's going to leave it on the coffee table?

Carly: Well -- search her place. Search her. I don't care how you do it, just do it.

Craig: Yes. And what if she pulls the plug on Monte Carlo?

Carly: I will not let her torpedo Molly and Mike.

Craig: I told you I'd handle the situation, and I did.

Carly: And I did what I said I would do. I got Jack to agree to the photo shoot. Now, if you don't come through, Craig, I'll --

Craig: You'll -- walk away from your dream?

Carly: I'll make you wish you were still married to Barbara.

Craig: That's harsh.

Carly: You haven't seen harsh.

Craig: So, these are new creations?

Carly: No, they're mine.

Craig: What's yours is mine.

Carly: No. They're mine. Don't get any ideas about them waltzing down the runway.

Craig: I wouldn't dare.

Carly: Every piece is going to have a story. And when I tell those stories to my daughter some day, she'll -- why am I explaining this to you?

Craig: Because I'm your biggest fan, that's why.

Carly: My second biggest.

[Craig laughs] so, Craig -- do you think it's possible to have too much of a good thing?

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You know, as someone once said -- not in this lifetime.

Henry: What exactly am I looking for?

Rosanna: Proof.

Henry: Proof? Proof of what?

Rosanna: Proof that Carly and Craig are working overtime.

Henry: You want me to catch them in flagrante delicto?

Rosanna: What a gentlemanly way to put it, Henry.

Henry: Well, there's nothing gentlemanly about looking through a woman's curtains with a zoom lens waiting for her nightie to drop.

Rosanna: You're so right. I'm being insensitive and unreasonable.

Henry: No, no. I didn't -- I didn't say that. No, hold on a second. I'm -- I mean, I'm sure there's something we can work out.

Rosanna: Oh, well, perhaps -- this will work it out for you.

Henry: Did I ever tell you how big my zoom is?

Rosanna: I was hoping you would have all the necessary equipment.

Henry: You can bet your out clause on it. Well, sit tight, Ms. Cabot. And as soon as I have anything incriminating on your sis, I'll give you a call.

Aaron: Hey, guard, can you cut the lights?

Guard: Oh, I'm sorry. The lights stay on. Thelma -- how's it going, baby?

[Alison coughing] take care of that cough, honey.

Aaron: Alison -- what are you doing here?

Alison: Getting you out of here.

Aaron: Where did you get those?

Alison: Don't ask.

Aaron: Go home before you get in trouble.

Alison: No, I'll put these back as soon as you're free. Nobody will even find out.

Aaron: And if I run, I won't get far.

Alison: Well, I've got my car. And we can pick up your motorcycle and -- I mean, you'll be hours before they even notice you're gone. Hurry, stuff your bunk! We need a plan -- someplace for you to lay low for a while.

Aaron: Well, I was thinking, if I ever get out of here, a friend of mine in Seattle is in St. Louis now. He goes to Webster University.

Alison: Oh, great, I got it. What's your friend's name?

Aaron: Brady Rudd. He's cool. He'll help me out. Look, we gotta -- I gotta get out of here before the guard comes back. Alison, thank you. Thank you so much.

Alison: Not a problem. Oh, here.

Aaron: What for?

Alison: Luck. It's just something for you to remember me by.

Aaron: Okay.

Hal: Uh-huh.

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