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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/22/02

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Mike: Look, Rosanna, this is not a good time, all right? I just got home from work. I don't care how important you think it is. I don't wanna hear it.

Rosanna: I don't see why not. Unless of course you're afraid of what I might tell you.

Mike: I'm not afraid of anything. See, I've got plans for the evening. I need to get ready.

Rosanna: Going out with Molly? I'm sure she doesn't let you out of her sight.

Mike: Molly and I are going out with Jack and Carly. It's fun to be with friends. You should make some.

Rosanna: I'll do that. Where are you going?

Mike: Someplace I'd rather not run into you.

Molly: Was that Rosanna? What'd she want?

Mike: An invitation to a place where she's not invited.

Molly: Where's that?

Mike: My life. Look, you know what? She's not important, all right. I'm gonna go take a shower, okay?

[Molly exhales]

Rosanna: My dear sister Carly will be there, too. The stars must be aligned in my favor. Good evening. I'd like the number to the Oakdale Police Department, please.

Carly: Isaac.

Isaac: Hey.

Carly: Hi. I'm meeting Mike and Molly and Jack here for drinks. I need a really nice table for four, okay?

Isaac: Okay, there's more, right? Because, you know, tables for four is kind of what we do around here.

Carly: Right. Oh, and I need a nice bottle of wine -- champagne. Make it champagne.

Isaac: What's the occasion?

Carly: I'm trying to convince Jack to be on the cover of Blushing Bride magazine.

Isaac: I don't know if we have liquor that strong around here.

Carly: Don't be the voice of doom. I'm nervous enough as it is.

Isaac: You've got reason to be. I'll tell you what -- I'll check out the cellar, I'll bring up something special.

Carly: Craig, how could I let you talk me into this?

Craig: Jack, you can't cancel that photo shoot. It'll break Carly's heart.

[Jack laughing]

Jack: You really expect me to believe that turning our wedding into a carnival was Carly's idea? That's good, Craig. That's really, really good.

Craig: Jack -- Jack, you may see this as an intrusion, but it's what Carly wants. Photo spread at Blushing Bride the two of you on the cover. It's the truth, Jack.

Jack: Well, first of all, you wouldn't know the truth if it was wearing a name tag. And secondly, here's what this is all about, Craig -- you can't stand the idea of Carly and me getting married, so you're trying your hardest to make our marriage a farce. It ain't gonna work!

Craig: You want to spend the rest of your life with Carly, don't you, Jack?

Jack: I want to, and will.

Craig: Well, how could you continue to refuse to acknowledge who she really is?

Jack: I do? Oh, please, tell me all about it!

Craig: Listen, Carly is still the same insecure little girl who grew up in Montana feeling unloved and unwanted. And you, with all the sensitivity of a fire plug, can't see that.

Jack: Now hold on just a minute --

Craig: No, no, you hold on. You listen to me, 'cause you might learn something here. Carly has an idea for her wedding. Jack, an idea that might make her feel special. Now, is that wrong? Is it wrong for her to feel special on her wedding day, to be envied and admired by millions of people? You seem to think so. So instead -- instead of realizing how important it is to Carly, you reject it out of hand without even discussing it with her, huh? What's the message here, Jack, for Carly? If stomping on Carly's dream is as easy for you, then you couldn't possibly love her as much as you claim.

Luke: Alison's on the phone. I told her you were busy kissing Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, I'm sure that went over big. What'd she say?

Luke: She still wants to talk to him.

Aaron: That's our Alison. Come on, man. Kissing gets old after awhile anyway.

Lucy: Yeah, very funny.

Aaron: Mm-hmm.

Luke: Put me down!

Holden: Hey, guys, how are you?

Luke: Dad!

Holden: I guess it's okay for me to walk out my front door now, huh?

Lucy: There's no secrets in this house, are there?

Aaron: Alison, what's up?

Alison: I've got some more news about Will.

Aaron: Is everything all right?

Alison: No.

Aaron: No? What do you mean, no? I mean, I thought he was doing better.

Alison: He is, only he told his mother he saw you set the fire in the barn.

Aaron: No! This can't be happening.

Alison: I know it's not true, but I heard him say it myself and now -- he's a sick little kid in a hospital room. I mean, people are gonna believe him.

Lucy: Aaron, what's going on?

Aaron: All right, thanks, Alison. I'll get back to you. Will Munson said I started that fire.

Lucy: What?

Aaron: Yeah.

Lucy: Why?

Aaron: That's -- that's all I know.

Lucy: This is insane. This is totally insane.

Aaron: It's gonna be all right. Just try not to worry.

Holden: I'm gonna call Tom Hughes.

Aaron: No, no, no. Call him from the car, please?

Holden: From the car? Where are we going?

Aaron: I want to go to the Police station.

Emily: Alison, wait a minute. I just heard from Hal. It's true? Will really said Aaron set the fire?

Alison: He's lying.

Emily: Honey, he just got out of a coma. He's not gonna lie about something like that.

Alison: Well, there's a reason, but I can't get into it right now! Aaron needs me and -- I have to be with him.

Hal: Going somewhere?

Alison: I have a friend who needs me.

Hal: Well, he's gonna have to wait, because I need you to make an official statement.

Alison: About what?

Hal: You were a witness to Will saying that Aaron was the one who started the fire in the Snyder barn. I just want to get it on record while it's still fresh in your mind.

Alison: Well, I'm not gonna say anything that would hurt Aaron.

Hal: All I'm asking for is the truth, Alison.

Alison: Well, then talk to your son about that, because Aaron didn't do it!

Hal: You're already in hot water, Alison. A certain judge down at Family Court hears you refused to cooperate and --

Emily: Hal -- Hal, you don't have to threaten her, okay?

Hal: It was just encouragement, Emily. I think she needs it. It's your decision.

Alison: I'll repeat what I heard. That's -- that's it.

Hal: That should be enough. There's a waiting room around the corner. You can do it in there.

Cop: Follow me.

Hal: She overheard vital evidence, Emily. She has to make a statement.

Emily: Fine, I understand that, but she's also a kid and you don't have to be so --

Hal: I've gotta go see Will.

Emily: Before you give me the chance to tell you how happy I am that he's awake? Can I tell you how relieved I am?

Hal: I know you are. And I'm sorry that I was so hard on Alison, but I had to be.

Mike: You really think we can pull this off?

Molly: Convincing Jack to be on the cover of a magazine called Blushing Bride? Yeah, sure. Yeah, piece of cake. I think he'll end up loving the idea. Or not. Okay, so it's the biggest long shot of the century. But Carly asked us to help her out, so, you know, we have to think positive.

Mike: Okay, I don't know Jack all that well, but I have a feeling he'd rather have his teeth cleaned with a jackhammer.

Molly: Is that your idea of positive?

Mike: All right, all right, I'll try to do better.

Molly: Here, let me help you, 'cause we gotta get going. So, did Rosanna even bother to come up with a reason for why she called?

Mike: She said she had news that would change my future. I didn't really care to know what it was.

Molly: Not even a little curious?

Mike: It was nonsense. Rosanna's nonsense. Besides, I know what my future will hold.

Molly: Oh, yeah?

Mike: Mm-hmm.

Molly: What?

Mike: Short term -- dinner and drinks with Jack and Carly. We'll come back here, we'll light a fire, lie down in front of it with you.

Molly: Did I say that I was coming back here with you?

Mike: We're gonna work on that. Yeah, but no matter what happens tonight, I know that you're still my long-term future. That's not a guess. That's a sure thing.

Rosanna: Oakdale PD? Oh, hi, this is Carly. Is Jack around? Oh, darn. Who's this? Oh, hi, Shanks. Listen, could you do me a favor? I can't believe this, but I'm supposed to meet Jack for dinner tonight and I've completely blanked on where I'm meeting him. Did he happen to leave a number of where he'll be? Oh. I do? Well, I guess it's this darn cold I'm fighting. Do you have that number? Oh, Java underground. Oh, how could I forget? Thanks, Shanks. You're a doll.

Bartender: Is there anything else I can get for you, Ms. Cabot?

Rosanna: No, actually. I apparently have everything I need.

Bartender: Must be nice.

Rosanna: It will be.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: You almost had me there for a second. If that was your best shot, you gotta try harder.

Craig: I'm trying to help you here, Jack. I don't know why you're resisting this.

Jack: That's because I know Carly's dreams, too, Craig. And they don't include turning our wedding into a media event, and me into a male model!

Craig: Well, there you go, Jack. Why didn't I think of that?

Jack: What?

Craig: Maybe Carly isn't doing this for herself. Maybe she's doing it for you.

Jack: You've lost it, man. I know, 'cause you've lost me, too.

Craig: She knows how disinterested you are in fashion. You know, ill at ease, maybe you're hiding some kind of inferiority complex. I don't know. That's not for me to say. But maybe she's trying to make you a part of this, make you a little more comfortable in her chosen field?

Jack: No.

Craig: Hmm?

Jack: No, it ain't gonna happen, Craig. You are not turning my wedding into six flags over Oakdale!

Craig: Fine. You know, nothing I can do about it if you want to change that.

Jack: Finally. Finally you accept this. Man, you are tough to get through to.

Craig: Jack -- Jack, have you ever wondered what most people want from their wedding?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. They wanna get married.

Craig: Yes, but what if they could have more? Huh? More than just watching their friends and family drink themselves into oblivion, eat bad food and make saccharine toasts and shoot bad videotape they're never gonna watch. What if they could have, for a day, a chance to feel like royalty? Kiss the humdrum world good-bye, feel a little bit out of the ordinary?

Jack: Here's a clue for you, Craig. All that's not important to me.

Craig: Yes, but it is to Carly. And that inability of yours to stop being meatloaf Jack and rise to her level, is what is going to eventually erode her interest in you.

Jack: You better not be lying to me.

Craig: Why should I?

Jack: Because if I find out that you're the one who came up with that idea --

Craig: Why would I, Jack? I'm not even gonna be there, unless you've changed your mind about inviting me to the wedding.

Jack: Oh, I haven't.

Craig: Well, there's still time.

Jack: I gotta talk to Carly about this. Something about this still isn't right.

Craig: Well, remember, Jack -- sometimes a woman will say one thing and mean another.

Jack: So will a man.

[Door slams]

Craig: Oh, Carly, Carly, Carly, you owe me, and I intend to collect. Rosanna! Come on in. How about a little celebration?

Rosanna: No, thanks, I'm not in the party mood.

Craig: Oh, look, I know we had some harsh words before --

Rosanna: No, we didn't. You gave me an order to back off of Mike and Molly. Nobody gives me orders, Craig. Nobody who stays in my life for very long.

Craig: I was just trying to protect you, all right? Anyway, it's a waste of time for you to try and break up Mike and Molly.

Rosanna: Well, that's not how I see it. In fact, in response to your boorish attitude, I've decided to step up my efforts to expose Molly for what she is.

Craig: Drink?

Rosanna: No, thank you. You see, I got word that Mike and Molly are going to be at Java underground tonight. And I'm going to head over there myself.

Craig: What are you going to do?

Rosanna: I'm going to wave a copy of the canceled check in Mike's face, let him see that Molly was the one who made the anonymous donation and bought him his job.

Craig: No --

Rosanna: Wish me luck, my sweet man.

Craig: Rosanna, come on. You're gonna ruin everything! Rosanna!

Molly: Hey. Are we late?

Carly: No. No, Jack's not even here yet. Where's Mike?

Molly: Parking the car.

Carly: Are you all right? You seem a little wound up.

Molly: Really? It might be because Rosanna called the cottage after you left, and I didn't hear her end of the conversation, obviously, but it sounded like she was just dying to tell Mike that I was the person that gave the donation.

Carly: Well, I don't think that matters. Even if she does tell him, he probably won't believe her.

Molly: Unless she has a copy of the check. And all she has to do is wave that in front of his handsome face and we're history.

Carly: All right, I understand why you're worried, but just relax. It's not gonna happen.

Molly: Right, because Craig said that he was gonna be able to keep Rosanna's big mouth shut.

Carly: Yeah.

Molly: Well, you know what? I don't consider that as a guarantee. I just don't.

Carly: Well, you should. I told you what I'm giving him in return. He's just dying to use my wedding as a launching pad for Monte Carlo, and I told him I'd only allow him to do that if --

Molly: If he stops Rosanna, I know.

Carly: So he will. Simple as that. They're here. You ready?

Molly: Hi!

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hello.

Mike: I ran into Jack in the parking lot.

Jack: Yeah, we were going at the same space. I was here, he was all the way over there. Somehow he ended up in the space before I do.

Mike: I'm a race car driver, Jack. You're not gonna beat me.

Jack: Hi. How are you, Molly?

Molly: Hey. Wonderful. I'm so glad that we're together.

Jack: Uh, who ordered the champagne?

Carly: I did.

Jack: How come?

Carly: Well, Jack, because every night that I spend with you is a celebration.

Molly: Right. So, is everything worked out for the wedding?

Carly: Yeah, I've been working on it. And actually, I was just thinking about something the last couple of days. You know, we're only getting married once. So why just have a wedding when we could turn it into an event?

Jack: Oh, you mean like having the photo of our wedding on the cover of Blushing Bride magazine?

Carly: How did you know about that?

Jack: The photo editor called me at the station. Imagine my surprise.

Molly: Yeah, but, Jack, wow! On the cover of Blushing Bride-- that is great. That is such a coup. Right, Mike?

Mike: Yeah. I mean, I always wanted my face on the cover of a wheaties box, you know? I mean, I'm kind of envious of you.

Carly: I think I'll handle it from here.

Molly: But we haven't even got --

Carly: Really, thank you, Molly.

Molly: We're gonna go see Isaac at the bar.

Mike: Good idea. I really thought that wheaties box thing was gonna turn the tide. I didn't know.

Carly: So, I really need to know where we stand on this, Jack. So from a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate the idea?

Jack: I can't say.

Carly: Well, that's encouraging. Why not?

Jack: Well, first, I have to know if it came from you, or did Craig talk you into it?

Craig: Carly, do you have a minute, please? It's business, Jack.

Jack: Come on, Carly. You want to talk to him?

Carly: Yeah, you know, just two minutes. That's all.

Craig: Yeah, that's all. Listen, so I did my part of the deal.

Carly: Are you kidding me? Rosanna agreed to back off?

Craig: Well, I said I would speak to her, but now you have to stick to your end. Get Jack back on the cover of Blushing Bride.

Carly: You're leaving something out here. Did she agree or didn't she?

Craig: Rosanna's extremely difficult to read.

Carly: Would you just answer the question!?

Craig: Well, I did my best, but I couldn't convince her not to tell Mike Kasnoff about Molly.

Carly: You told me that you could handle her! This is a disaster!

Craig: Yeah, well, it gets worse. She plans on telling him here, tonight.

Carly: Oh, no.

Molly: Oh, no.

Hal: Emily.

Emily: Hey.

Hal: I just got a call from the station. Aaron Snyder turned himself in. It looks like we're gonna get all the testimony we need.

Emily: Oh, my -- you're gonna go to the station now?

Hal: Yeah. Are you gonna walk me out?

Emily: Uh, you know what? I'm gonna stay and wait for Alison if that's okay.

Hal: Okay.

Emily: I'll meet you at home?

Hal: I miss you.

Emily: I miss you, too. But you know? Will will be home before we know it. And I promise we'll make up for lost time.

Hal: And I can't wait. Give me your hand. Feel my heart? Ever since I found out about Will, it's been beating like a drum. But now, once I saw him open his eyes and I heard him speak, almost back to normal. Our boy's gonna be okay. And I think he knows he's gonna be okay. I'll see you.

Emily: Okay.

Alison: That was fun. You know, Emily, sometimes I still don't understand what you see in him.

Emily: Okay, don't start with me. Just tell me about the questioning.

Alison: I'll call you about it later. I'm gonna go to the Snyders' to see Aaron.

Emily: Oh -- he's not there.

Alison: What?

Emily: He's at the Police station, Alison.

Alison: They arrested him already?

Emily: No. He turned himself in.

Alison: That's gotta be... why would Aaron do that?

Emily: I don't know. I mean, the obvious reason is that he's the one who set --

Alison: No, don't say that!

Emily: Honey, if he knows that Will saw him start that fire --

Alison: Will didn't see him do anything! Your psycho husband wouldn't listen to me about this, but maybe you will. Barbara was standing over Will when he woke up. He was groggy from the sedatives they gave him. He didn't even know where he was. And then Barbara began putting these ideas in his head about Aaron starting the fire, and Will just went along with it.

Emily: Are you sure that's not just wishful thinking, honey? I mean, I know how fond you are of Aaron.

Alison: No, I swear it, Emily. The only reason Will said that Aaron started that fire is because that's what his mother wanted to hear.

Tom: Aaron, any reason Will would have said that he saw you start that fire? I mean, any reason at all. You need to be truthful.

Aaron: I have been honest, over and over again.

Holden: Aaron, Tom's just trying to do his job.

Tom: I believe you're innocent. I think you've told the truth. I'm just looking for a reason why Will would say what he did.

Holden: Tom, can I speak to you outside for a minute? We'll be right back. I know that this is probably not real proof of anything, but Will Munson, he's been having issues with the truth lately. He was spending some time out at our place. He lied to my face, and I had to call him on it.

Lucy: Aaron, it's gonna be all right. Tom will work this whole thing out, and you'll be able to go home in a few hours.

Aaron: Yeah, I remember when I was a kid back in Seattle. My dad would come home, and he'd tell me all these stories about picking up some perps. And he'd have this gut feeling that they were guilty, and he'd keep hammering and hammering away until he proved his instincts were right. And I used to admire that about him. I thought that so cool, you know. But now Lieutenant Munson's got that gut feeling about me. I don't know how I'm gonna change his mind.

Lucy: Well, we can do what you said. We can find out the person who really started the fire.

Aaron: How are we gonna do that when the cops keep finding reasons to haul me in?

Lucy: Well, if you can't, then I can.

Aaron: No. You've been way too involved already.

Lucy: Aaron, I have to do something. Maybe it'll keep me from feeling so helpless.

Aaron: Lucy, the problem is that it might be too late to make a difference, okay? Munson wants me behind bars. And me being innocent? I don't think he really cares.

Craig: Listen, there's no reason to panic. I will handle her.

Jack: Okay, Montgomery, time's up. Your latest crisis is just gonna have to wait.

Craig: Well, that's what we're hoping for, Jack.

Jack: Right. What the hell did he mean by that?

Carly: Beats me.

Rosanna: Oh, Mike, Molly, what a coincidence. Who knew I would have run into you tonight?

Craig: Excuse us, will you? Hello.

Rosanna: Excuse me. Could you let me go? You are not gonna stop me from doing this.

Craig: I realize that. And I was wrong. I apologize, all right?

Rosanna: What are you talking about?

Craig: If you are determined to sandbag Mike Kasnoff and Molly, I will help you.

Rosanna: Well -- what did you have in mind?

Craig: Just don't do it here.

Rosanna: Well, I wasn't going to do it here. I was going to wait until Jack and Carly's wedding, but you got me so furious, I just decided to push it up.

Craig: Well, just don't waste the opportunity. You do it here, Mike Kasnoff will probably forgive Molly and stay in the relationship. Wait for a more public opportunity when he can't afford to be so generous.

Rosanna: Because?

Craig: He'll hate the fact that everybody's into his business. If he's afraid that everybody believes he knows about the donation and let Molly get him a job, his manhood will be threatened. He'll have no choice but to excise her from his life.

Rosanna: I like the sound of this. Do you want to work on the details?

Craig: Everything has been arranged. Rest assured that your disclosure will detonate with maximum impact.

Rosanna: Well, what do you want in exchange? You always want something.

Craig: Just one promise.

Emily: Barbara, can I speak with you outside?

Barbara: Go home, Emily. I don't have time for you.

Emily: It's important. I'm concerned about Will.

Barbara: Will doesn't need your concern. He has his mother.

Emily: Look, I know you encouraged him to lie about seeing Aaron set that fire.

Barbara: What?! Outside.

Emily: Alison saw you talking to Will. She saw you, Barbara. She heard you. And she has the distinct impression that you forced that accusation out of him.

Barbara: That is absolutely ridiculous. Will is very fond of Aaron. Why would he lie about this?

Emily: I don't know. You were in a coma after you were burned at the boathouse. Do you remember how vulnerable you were when you first woke up? How you would say anything -- and did -- to make people believe that you were normal again?

Barbara: I remember many things about those days. And I also remember that I got no justice for what happened to me. I only hope that my son is more fortunate.

Emily: Oh, so that's what this is about? You, again?

Barbara: A crime has been committed. The guilty party has been identified. The chief of detectives -- your husband -- is not questioning it. In fact, Hal knows that I only have Will's best interests at heart, and he respects that.

Emily: Yeah, which you're eating up with a spoon, aren't you? Using Will to soften Hal's opinion of you? Oh, give me a break. Ever since you pulled Will out of our wedding, Hal has been furious with you. But now, if you can find the person who injured his son -- I don't know. Maybe he'll give you a second chance, Barbara.

Barbara: I had no idea you were so frightened of me.

Emily: I despise what you've become. It's not the same thing.

Barbara: What's the matter, Emily? Hal losing interest already?

Emily: No. No, you see, the only problem I have with my husband is that he's so upset about Will he isn't thinking clearly, and he can be maneuvered by your lies.

Barbara: Have you told him your feelings about this?

Emily: I don't have to. He knows who you are.

Barbara: Who I am is a fragile, distraught mother of his badly injured son. And if you try badmouthing me to Hal while Will's still in that bed, you will alienate him for good.

Emily: Not gonna happen.

Barbara: Are you willing to bet your marriage on it? I suggest you go home to your own son. He may be all you have in the end.

Tom: So is there any other evidence? I mean, besides Will's testimony?

Hal: I'm not gonna need it. Will was there. He was injured. His memory of that night was very clear.

Holden: Are you sure he's telling the truth?

Hal: You got something to say, why don't you say it?

Holden: You know, I really hate to bring this up now with Will in the hospital and all, but I do need to protect my son. Will has been doing more than his share of lying lately.

Hal: Uh-huh.

Holden: Most likely, that's what he's doing now.

Hal: You have proof? You have witnesses, Holden?

Holden: He lied to me. I caught him red-handed.

Hal: Well, isn't that convenient? Now that I've got Aaron dead to rights, all of a sudden my kid is a liar?

Holden: No, you have been trying to pin this on him ever since you found those matches in the barn! Well, let me tell you something, Hal --

Tom: We are not going to debate this now. I want you to go check on Aaron. I'll follow up with Hal on this.

Holden: Fine.

Tom: Look, Holden's upset, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give some thought to what he -- what he said. Is there any possibility that Will is being less than truthful?

Hal: Can the lawyer speak, Tom. I've had a lifetime of it.

Tom: All right, I'll be blunt. You have no case.

Hal: Gee, now how did I know that you would say that?

Tom: Well, your eyewitness is a 12-year-old boy who's been in a coma and suffered seizures. And on top of that, you've got Holden testifying that the child's been known to lie.

Hal: I know it's your job to discredit Will. But let me tell you something. When I put that boy on a witness stand, there isn't a jury in the world who will not believe what he says.

Tom: It's not gonna get that far. The D.A.'s gonna see this case for what it is.

Hal: And what is it, Tom? Why don't you just come out and say it?

Tom: Look, I don't want to argue with you.

Hal: Well, fine, I'll say it for you. This case, you believe, is a matter of me out for revenge.

Tom: No, I didn't say that.

Hal: But it's in your face. It's in your voice. You know what, Tom? I don't care what you or anybody else thinks. Aaron Snyder set that fire, and I am gonna see to it that he pays for it.

Tom: You're making a mistake.

Alison: I thought you were a decent person. I don't understand how you could do this.

Hal: You commit a crime, and you go to jail. That is our system, and I happen to believe in it.

Lucy: He didn't do anything. I don't know how they can put him in jail.

Alison: It's okay. We'll think of something.

Jack: What's going on here, Carly? I feel like I'm missing something.

Carly: Rosanna's been trying to find a way to make trouble for Mike and Molly. And it looks like Craig just straightened her out.

Jack: Why would he bother?

Carly: I have no idea. I'm gonna tell Mike and Molly it's okay if they go, okay?

Jack: Wait a minute. I thought we were gonna have dinner with them.

Carly: Well, we were, Jack, but I just have a feeling that they'd like to go.

Jack: Excuse me. You still haven't answered my question.

Carly: Which? Oh, you mean the one about whether having Blushing Bride at our wedding was my idea or Craig's?

Jack: That was the one.

Carly: Right. Jack, when I was a little girl back in Montana, sometimes I would lie on my back and I would look up and stare at that big open sky, and I would turn those clouds into whatever I wanted them to be. And most of the time, I wanted them to be ladies in gowns and men in tuxedos. And I would look at that big white puff, and I would turn it into a ballroom just packed with people, and flowers on every table and a bandstand with an orchestra, and photographers tripping over each other to try to get pictures of the beautiful bride and the handsome groom. And lo and behold, I would look at the pictures, and that beautiful bride turned out to be me. And of course I never dreamed that any of that would ever come true. And that was okay. It was my fantasy, and I could have it whenever I looked up at the sky. And now, all of these years later, Craig comes to me, and he tells me that he can make my fantasy famous. Not only do I get my dream wedding, but I get to share it with the world. And, all right, I guess I'm crazy, right? I couldn't say no.

Jack: I understand.

Carly: You do?

Jack: The only thing that gets me is how could Craig know you wanted that and I didn't?

Carly: Oh, honey. Craig spends an awful lot of time analyzing me. But you love me. And that's much more important.

Jack: And I'm never gonna stop, so get used to it.

Mike: Molly?

Molly: Hmm?

Mike: You don't want to be here, do you?

Molly: Not even a little bit.

Mike: Well, then let's get out of here. They don't need us anymore. Let's go.

Molly: Back to the cottage?

Mike: Only if you want.

Molly: I do.

Mike: All right, that was easy. Come on, let's go. No offense, you guys, but we are out of here.

Carly: Oh, that's okay. Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it.

Molly: So is everything all worked out?

Carly: Oh, yeah. Well, that's the thing about being engaged to a detective -- sooner or later he figures everything out.

Jack: That's right. Okay. If Carly wants media, bring on the cameras.

Molly: She is one lucky woman.

Jack: I keep telling her that, too.

Mike: Who's doing your bachelor party for you?

Jack: I haven't really even thought about it to tell you the truth.

Mike: Then I am your man.

Jack: No. Hey, thanks for the offer. I know you're gonna be really busy.

Mike: No, no, no. You let me tell you what I have in mind. Come on.

Jack: Okay.

Molly: What is with Rosanna? Is she gonna come after Mike and me or not?

Carly: Well, just look. I think Craig's got her under control. I wouldn't worry.

Mike: You ready?

Molly: Oh, so very.

Mike: All right, let's go.

Jack: Oh. Thanks a lot, Mike.

Mike: See you.

Rosanna: I believe you said something about a promise.

Craig: It can wait.

Rosanna: No, you're not gonna get around me with kisses. What do you want me to promise?

Craig: It's a two-parter.

Rosanna: Part one?

Craig: Don't show Mike Kasnoff that burn unit check tonight.

Rosanna: Well, they're gone. Part two?

Craig: Nor tomorrow, nor any other day up to and including Carly's wedding day.

Rosanna: I'm not gonna promise that.

Craig: Why not?

Rosanna: Why should I?

Barbara: Are you sure I can't go down with him?

Ben: Look, the test will take a while. I'll let you know when you can see him.

[Phone ringing]

Hal: Munson.

Barbara: It's me.

Hal: Will's up? Great. Can I talk to him?

Barbara: No, no, you can't. He had another seizure. It was terrible.

Hal: I'll be right there.

Barbara: No, don't rush. Ben just took him down for tests. He said it's gonna be at least another hour before we can see him.

Hal: What did Ben say about Will's condition?

Barbara: That it's serious. That all this trauma isn't good for him.

Hal: Meaning what?

Barbara: Meaning he's not out of the woods. We could still lose him.

Jack: Craig told me it was your idea to have Blushing Bride at our wedding. I should've known he was lying. His lips were moving.

Carly: When did you speak to him?

Jack: After the photo editor called. I figured any idea I hated that much had to come from him.

Carly: Well, come on, Jack. Is it really going to be that bad?

Jack: When it's all over, I'll be married to you. And if I got to strike a few poses to get there, hey, so be it.

Carly: Hmm. You know, I wish that you were not on call tonight, Jack. I have a couple of ideas. You know, things we can do with that champagne.

Jack: Yes, well, I can always call Fredericks and trade shifts.

Carly: Oh, no, no, no. I wouldn't want you to do that. I wouldn't want you to mess with your schedule.

Jack: Hey, a man has to learn how to be flexible.

Carly: Then what are we waiting for?

Jack: Thank you, Isaac!

Rosanna: If you're hoping I'll forget about this, you're wrong. I'm not gonna let Mike think about Molly as some angel while he casts me as Satan's daughter.

Craig: I support you completely. All I ask is that you postpone the fun until after Jack and Carly's wedding.

Rosanna: That's it? No other conditions?

Craig: That's it. Once the rice is thrown, feel free to do your worst.

Lucy: Will's a little kid, and he's the son of the chief of detectives. If he testifies against Aaron, people will believe him.

Alison: I know. What we gotta do is make sure it never gets that far.

Holden: Aaron's okay. He's comfortable. He understands that this is just a formality.

Lucy: Will he have to be here overnight?

Tom: Unfortunately, yes, but it will only be one night. He'll be home tomorrow.

Lucy: Can I see him?

Alison: Me, too?

Tom: I can only arrange for one more visitor, and he's been asking for Lucy.

Alison: Of course. You go ahead. I'll wait for you here.

Holden: Would you mind if I headed home? I'm sure Lily needs some relief with the kids.

Tom: I'm thinking about going home myself.

Alison: It's okay. We can handle it. Right, Luce?

Holden: Hey, Lucy, I don't think it'll do Aaron any good to see those tears.

Lucy: How's that?

Holden: It's just for one night. That's it.

Tom: Would you like me to walk you to his cell?

Lucy: Thanks.

Alison: Tell him I said hi. There's got to be someone that can help. Mom -- disaster. Emily -- too close to Hal. Obvious. Hello? May I please speak to Lucinda Walsh?

Aaron: Lucy? I was glad to hear that Will woke up.

Hal: Why? Afraid you might get charged with manslaughter?

Aaron: No. He's a good kid. I didn't like knowing that he was --

Hal: I just found out that he had another seizure, and he might not pull out of this one.

Aaron: I had no idea. I'm very sorry.

Hal: Sorry that you set the fire?!

Aaron: No, sorry that he's not all right. Look, you have every right to be upset, but I'm not the person that hurt Will.

Hal: My son is a very courageous boy. And if he doesn't come out of this, I want you to know that he fought very hard to come back to us, just long enough to point the finger at you. I'm gonna make sure the jury's very clear on that. And I'm gonna make sure that my son's last words bury you!

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