ATWT Transcript Friday 10/18/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/18/02

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[Knock at door]

Molly: Oh, it's you.

Carly: Hi.

Molly: I was just leaving you a long message.

Carly: There has been a slight change in the wedding plans.

Molly: It's still on, isn't it?

Carly: Oh, yes. No, of course, it is. The theme is still Nighttime in Monaco, and it's still on Halloween. It's just going to be just a little more public I think.

Molly: How public?

Carly: There's gonna be some -- some media coverage, you know, connected to the new business and everything.

Molly: Oh, boy. This sounds suspiciously like Craig Montgomery's idea, Carly.

Carly: Well, yes. But he's agreed to my terms, which means your secret is safe. Rosanna is not going to be waving her copy of that check under Mike's nose. So he will never know that you were the one paying his salary.

Molly: Don't tell me. You had your sister killed?

Carly: Ha. I have a promise from Craig. And once I agree to let my wedding do double duty as a P.R. Extravaganza, I had him eating out of the palm of my hand. He's gonna stop Rosanna cold. He'll probably agree to any other demands I make of him until the wedding day, of course. I mean, gosh, it feels so good to have this man over a barrel.

Molly: Are you doing all of this for me?

Carly: Well, your problem's solved. What's family for?

Molly: No. Nothing is solved. Carly, you have planned the most elegant, the most romantic wedding ever, and now you're stuck with some publicity stunt. No, never. Forget it. I won't let you do that!

Nancy: Where in the world are we now?

Margo: Gram, I am on hold for Sergeant Vargas, border patrol.

Nancy: Do you think this might be it? Oh, this is so exciting.

Margo: Yes, yes. Sergeant Vargas, yes. Were you able to trace any of those aliases? Lester Keyes. Sergeant Vargas, you are officially canonized. You are a saint. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bless you. Thank you. Oh, gram, I did it! I did it! They said it couldn't be done, but I did it! I did it!

Nancy: Sometimes it takes a woman to put things right.

[Knock at door]

Margo: Oh, man.

Nancy: Well, Paul, come on.

Paul: Please. Is Margo up for some company?

Nancy: Yes, yes, yes.

Paul: Hey, Margo. How're you feeling?

Nancy: Timing couldn't have been better.

Margo: Just absolutely top of the world. Right, gram?

Nancy: Right. But this does not give you an excuse to skip your nap. Now, I am going to come back and check on you, so don't even think about cheating.

Margo: Wouldn't dream of it.

Paul: Good news?

Margo: The best. The best. Absolutely. Come in, sit down. You go first.

Paul: Well, I'm having a meeting with Travers today. I thought it might behoove me to hear if there's something new on Steinbeck.

Margo: Isn't it interesting you should ask? Do you remember our friend Lester Keyes?

Paul: Yeah, of course, it's my father's alias. Why?

Margo: Well, Lester's on tour again. Steinbeck's crossed the border. He's in the U.S.

Lucy: So what did you do while I was at school?

Aaron: Hung out, thought about the fire, waiting to hear from my lawyer. You know, typical stuff.

Lucy: Don't joke about it, Aaron. You're incredible. I mean, you walked through fire to save Will and Luke's lives. Don't underestimate that. Besides, everybody knows you're not some crazed arsonist.

Aaron: Munson doesn't know that. But I've been thinking -- he's the kind of guy who's impressed by hard facts -- you know, evidence he can hear, smell, taste.

Lucy: Yeah?

Aaron: So if I'm gonna clear myself from this, I have to do more than prove I'm innocent. I gotta prove who really started that fire.

Barbara: Does he seem to be improving, Ben? Because I think he is. I mean, you can call me a hysterical mother, but I think his color's so much better.

Ben: Will does seem more responsive.

Hal: Do you think maybe you can ease back on the sedatives, Ben?

Ben: Not until the seizures are --

Hal: How is he supposed to wake up when his body's so filled with drugs?

Ben: Look, Hal, you need --

Hal: Don't tell me I need to give it time! Just give me my son back, Ben. Give me him back the way he was!

Jessica: How do you think he's gonna take the news?

Jack: He'll be okay with it as long as Will's improving. Otherwise, I'm here for back-up.

Jessica: All I can do is be honest with him.

Hal: Oh, hey. I was just about to give you guys a call. Did the judge make a ruling?

Jessica: Yeah, he did.

Hal: And they're gonna try Aaron Snyder as an adult?

Jessica: The judge is putting the case on ice.

Hal: Well, then we turn up the heat! Whatever the Snyder's and Tom Hughes are planning, we come after 'em with bigger and better guns. Hell, what am I doing telling you how to do your job, Jessica? You know what to do, you'll do it.

Jessica: Hal, Tom had nothing to do with this. It was my decision. I'm dropping all charges against Aaron Snyder.

I've reviewed the evidence against Aaron Snyder, and what little there is, is inconclusive.

Hal: It was conclusive enough for you to issue an arrest warrant!

Jessica: No, actually, it wasn't.

Hal: What is this? You do an end run around me, Jack?

Jack: I've never gone to the D.A. behind your back, Hal. She never even asked me my opinion.

Hal: And if she had?

Jack: I'd have told her the same thing I told you -- there is no case!

Jessica: Hal, I can't imagine what you're going through right now.

Hal: That's right, Jessica, you can't. There's no way you can. You just do your job. You prosecute this kid! You have enough to go on! You know, I'd expect this from Travers, but from a friend?

Jessica: I am your friend. That's why I trusted you. That's why I didn't ask any questions when you asked for that warrant. But you didn't paint me an accurate picture.

Hal: I had proof!

Jessica: You had a matchbook. You had traces of gasoline on jeans Aaron uses to repair his motorcycle, farm equipment. Get me an eyewitness, DNA, forensic evidence that conclusively links Aaron to this arson. Otherwise, I'm dropping the charges.

Hal: We will see about that.

Jack: He didn't hear a word you just said.

Jessica: He's emotional right now. He can't think straight. Happens to the best of us. But, with some luck, you straighten out before it's too late.

Paul: James had this whole thing all planned out. Look at him. He was just watching, waiting to see if Travers wins the election. As soon as Marshall takes office, Steinbeck crosses into the United States. My guess is, he'll be here just in time for the swearing-in.

Margo: Yeah, well, Steinbeck knows he's being tracked. So he's taunting us.

Paul: What's your take on T. Marshall Travers?

Margo: My take on T. Marshall Travers? He's smart. He's complicated. And if he's working for Steinbeck, he's dangerous.

Paul: Well, I'm well aware of that. But everybody has an Achilles' heel.

Margo: Oh, yeah? Do you know Marshall's?

Paul: I think so. And if I'm right, I'll find Steinbeck.

Margo: Paul, you be careful.

Paul: I will.

Margo: Hey, Jack? It's me. Hey, look, I've got news. I have got big news. I have got really big news. Call me.

Molly: No!

Carly: Would you just listen to me?

Molly: No, no, no. I won't allow you to do this to your own wedding, Carly. I appreciate your generosity, I do. But I won't let you sacrifice a lifelong dream just for me. No.

Carly: Well, do you care about Mike or what?

Molly: Not enough to let Craig ruin your wedding. Carly -- you and Jack have come way too far and suffered way too long to let this be some three-ring circus. This is your day, honey. Yours, Jack's, not Craig's.

Carly: He won't even be there.

Molly: Don't make me slap you, because you know I will. I'm serious. I know what I asked you to do, but I'm changing my mind, okay? I don't want you -- I don't need you to bail me out of this mess I've made with Mike.

Carly: But if Craig doesn't stop Rosanna from flapping her jaws, then she's gonna tell him that you're the one who made the anonymous donation. And then he -- Mike's gonna get all testosteroney, and everything's --

Molly: And if that happens, then it was supposed to happen. Okay? I have fiddled around with this thing way too long and way too much. From now on, I'm just gonna let fate take over. And if Rosanna does her worst, and Mike is gone when the smoke clears -- well, then so be it.

Carly: Oh, come on, Molly. You care about that guy more now than ever before. And you would do anything to keep him.

Molly: I won't let you be forced into succumbing to Craig Montgomery's will. This is supposed to be the wedding of your dreams, Carly.

Carly: Well -- what if the publicity becomes part of that dream? I mean, this whole entire event could be a Carly Tenney creation, from the dinner napkins to the bridal gown. And why shouldn't Jack and I make headlines and whet everybody's appetite for Monte Carlo Designs, all courtesy of Blushing Bride magazine?

Molly: Blushing Bride?

Carly: Yeah. December issue. That's the one with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder on the cover.

Molly: Mrs. Maybe, but not Mr. No way is Jack going to go for this.

Carly: That's where my charming cousin comes in.

[Phone rings]

Molly: Saved by the bell.

Carly: Uh-huh.

[Phone rings] hello?

Jack: How's my favorite fiancée?

Carly: Oh, hi. You know, just -- just making plans. What's up?

Jack: Well, if we're still on for tonight, I can leave straight from work and meet you at Java underground.

Carly: Oh, good. Great. Oh, and, Jack, Molly and Mike are going to be joining us. So we'll make a little party of it.

Jack: Sounds good. And remember, Carly, if it ever gets too crazy, we can always elope to Monaco. I love you.

Carly: I love you, too.

Molly: Okay. So, what's the plan?

Carly: Oh, we'll just do what we always do. I help you and you help me, cuz.

Carly: So Jack knows nothing about this Blushing Bride thing?

Carly: Well, not yet. But he's -- he's had such an open mind about this whole wedding. And by the end of the tonight, he will know all about the media coverage. And I'm sure he will be -- probably be just fine with it.

Molly: Right. So let me get this straight -- this little party at Java underground is so that you and me and mike can inform Jack about the Blushing Bride thing?

Carly: What kind of coward do you think I am, Molly? I will tell him about it myself.

Molly: While Mike and I are --

Carly: You listen and you nod and you agree. And you do not snicker. And you do not make jokes of any kind.

Molly: We just wear our bullet-proof vests so that you can duck behind us when the groom starts shooting.

Carly: Come on, Molly -- I'm being pulled in 100,000 different directions. I'm juggling Craig and have a new business and a wedding and I'm designing like crazy! And, today, I flaked out on the lunch date with Jack. And Parker's now at the dentist with Emily, because I completely forgot about that appointment. And every time I close my eyes, I see myself at a wedding reception. Did you see that movie, Carrie?

Molly: The prom scene? Honey, why would you think that your reception would be anything like that?

Carly: Because there's so much riding on it. And the pressure of it, Molly -- the pressure is -- it's making me psycho! Okay? Now, come on, I helped you out, didn't I?! And Rosanna's pie hole is officially shut! So why can't you help me out in return and just maybe support me just a little bit!?

Jack: Hey, Hughes.

Margo: Hey.

Jack: I was on my way over to see you actually when I got your message. What's going on?

Margo: Well, Jack, I know something that nobody else knows.

Jack: I'm getting that impression.

Margo: You know that little busy work that Hal gave me? You know, little busy work like, "maybe could you find Steinbeck?"

Jack: You didn't?

Margo: I did it.

Jack: You did? You found Steinbeck?!

Margo: Lester Keyes is making his way through California as we speak.

Jack: How? How did you find him?

Margo: Man, I did it the good old-fashioned way, Jack. I hunted him down like a dog. Of course, I had a little help from modern technology. And I do owe favors to half the border patrol in the world. But you know what? They threw up a brick wall, and I went through it, I went over it. They did not stop me!

Jack: Hepatitis c, a liver transplant, can't stay awake for more than a few hours, and she finds James Steinbeck! You found James Steinbeck, baby! You the man.

Margo: I -- the man, yeah.

Jack: I can't believe -- you did it, MARGO. You know what? When you're back to 100%, you've got the biggest hug and tallest beer in the world coming to you. You rock, Hughes.

Margo: I rock. I have my moments.

Jack: Thank God you're on the case, Margo. Every time I think about what Steinbeck did to Carly, I just want to --

Margo: Yeah. You know what, Jack? You get in line right behind his son, Paul Ryan. Paul is out for blood.

Jack: Yeah. I hear he's working some case on Marshall Travers. So -- he wouldn't do anything stupid, would he?

Marshall: Mr. Ryan -- would you like a drink?

Paul: I'm choosy about my drinking companions.

Marshall: Well, as you can see, I'm not.

Paul: You wanted to meet with me, here I am.

Marshall: Let's cut to the chase. I have reason to believe you're in possession of a certain surveillance tape shot in my private room without my knowledge.

Paul: Well, if there's only one camera angle, it won't sell.

Marshall: You have your mother's bitter wit and your father's bad sense of humor. I was under the impression you meant business. But since it's obvious you'd rather waste my time with childish --

Paul: If you want to hear my plans for that videotape, you'll sit down, stop grandstanding and listen to someone else for a change.

Ben: I thought I was going to have to go all day without seeing you.

Jessica: You had me to yourself all night.

Ben: Yeah, well, I guess I just couldn't get enough.

Jessica: I was going to come looking for you after I took care of this business with Hal.

Ben: From the look on your face, it doesn't look good.

Jessica: Hal's decided Aaron Snyder's guilty of arson, and I'm not convinced.

Ben: Well, to hear Barbara tell it, Aaron is not only the one who set torch to the barn, he's the school bully, the bogeyman and the reason for every problem in Will's life.

Barbara: You're gonna be okay, honey. We're gonna find whoever did this to you. And he's going to be caught and punished. And you're safe. You're okay. So come back to me, okay? Come back, Will -- please. What? What is it?

Hal: Try not to get upset.

Barbara: Upset about what?

Hal: It's Aaron. Jessica just told me she's not gonna prosecute him.

Barbara: What? He's been arrested. They have evidence.

Hal: It wasn't air-tight.

Barbara: The lab tests found accelerant on his clothes. His matches were found at the barn! What do we have to do? Draw her a map?!

Hal: One set of eyes sees it as open and shut, Barbara, another set of eyes sees it as circumstantial.

Barbara: Then look deeper! Investigate further!

Hal: It's Jack's case, and he hasn't come up with anything else.

Barbara: Oh, Hal, is that so surprising? The detective who is on the case, who's related to the arsonist, and he found nothing?! He is investigating nothing?! You're the one who should be on this case.

Hal: And I am related to the victim.

Barbara: You bring far more experience and expertise to the table than Jack Snyder could ever hope to. Look at him. Give him justice. Look at our son. You put Aaron Snyder where he can never do to anyone else what he has done to our precious boy.

Lucy: Well, maybe no one set the fire? Maybe it was just an accident? You know, like spontaneous combustion?

Aaron: Well, the fire marshal's been at the barn a lot, showed Holden all the hot spots -- the places where the fire could have started with a lighter or a match.

Lucy: Okay. So maybe the fire was set, but by somebody else, not by you.

Aaron: Well, unfortunately, I'm the one they're investigating. But I have to believe there's a clue out there somewhere, something that proves who the real fire starter was. And if I find him, I'm gonna take him to Jack.

Lucy: And then Jack could have the police follow up on it. Let's do it!

Aaron: You're gonna help me?

Lucy: Of course. We'll find the truth together.

Aaron: You really think so?

Lucy: You and me against the world -- it's worked so far.

Aaron: I'll be right back. Alison --

Alison: You're not gonna believe it, but it's true! You're free, Aaron! You're free!

Aaron: I'm free? What are you talking about?

Alison: No, it's true. I heard it straight from the D.A. and Jack Snyder verified it.

Aaron: Verified what?

Alison: That there's no evidence linking you to the fire. They're going to drop all the charges, Aaron.

Lucy: Are you serious?!

Aaron: Tell me exactly what happened.

Alison: Well, I was at the hospital when Jessica Griffin told Hal. And then he got really angry. And I came over here to tell you guys.

Aaron: So it's really over?

Alison: It's over!

Aaron: Alison! Oh, you're the best! This is what I've been waiting for! You're incredible!

Lucy: So, you're sure? You're really, really sure?

Alison: Trust me.

Aaron: Hold on. Hold on.

Tom: Hey. Oh, hi.

Aaron: Is it really true? They really dropped the charges, Mr. Hughes?

Tom: It sure looks that way.

Aaron: I can't believe it.

Lucy: Thanks, Tom, you're the best.

Tom: Sure. Sure.

Alison: I told you.

Tom: Can I have a word with you outside where it's quiet?

Aaron: Okay.

Tom: Excuse us.

Aaron: Hey, I'll be right back. No partying without me. I gotta tell my dad.

Tom: I already left him a message. But remember something -- it's not over until it's over, 'till the charges are formally dropped. But, right now, it's looking pretty good.

Aaron: So what do I do now?

Tom: Keep a low profile, stay close to home. And do me a favor -- stay out of Lieutenant Munson's way.

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, I got that picture -- stay out of trouble. Hey, I'm still up for that lie detector test, too, if you ever need me.

Tom: I think we'll keep that on hold for awhile. And pretty soon, hopefully, we'll be celebrating.

Aaron: Thanks a lot, Mr. Hughes.

Tom: My pleasure. See ya.

Lucy: So?

Alison: Was I right or what?

Aaron: Well, the cops haven't officially closed the case, but I gotta be a boy scout for the rest of my life. It looks pretty good though.

Lucy: I knew the truth would come out.

Aaron: Thanks a lot for the news. I mean, you really made my day.

Alison: All part of being a candy striper. But I gotta get back to the hospital. I don't want to miss anything. Barbara Ryan's probably freaking out by now. But I'll call you guys if there's any good news, okay? All right. Bye.

Barbara: There's got be something that we can do.

Hal: What do you want me to do? We need more evidence linking Aaron to that fire! What do you want me to do? I can't manufacture it. I can't snatch it out of thin air, Barbara. Can you? Can you snap your fingers and summon a witness who saw Aaron start that fire? Do that, Jessica will prosecute. Without it, we have nothing -- nothing.

Barbara: Damn that woman.

Jessica: Barbara?

Barbara: Jessica -- I just wanted to thank you.

Jessica: Thank me? For what?

Barbara: Destroying any peace of mind that Hal and I have had since our son nearly died. We have relied on the law. We've been telling ourselves, "well, at least this person will be caught and punished. At least it won't happen to someone else."

Jessica: There wasn't enough evidence.

Barbara: Well, it certainly didn't stop you from dragging me through the mud, did it?

Ben: All right, look -- Barbara, you're upset, but you have no right --

Barbara: Oh, oh, I forgot -- the criminals have all the rights.

Jessica: Which explains why you're still walking around free. Barbara, I'm sorry things haven't worked out the way you imagined they would, but I think you should concentrate this energy on helping your son recover.

Barbara: Oh, by the way, congratulations on the landslide to victory. It seems the best man won after all. Maybe we'll finally get a little law and order around here.

Hal: Barbara, keep it down.

Barbara: Heaven help Aaron Snyder's next victim, because God knows you won't.

Hal: Barbara, that's enough. Ben -- would you go look in on Will again? Come on. I think we need some air.

Ben: Those people, they're -- are you all right?

Jessica: Yeah. I'm fine. Really, really. Go check on Will.

Ben: You'll be right here?

Jessica: I'll be right here.

Marshall: Your plans for that videotape include handing it over to me, I assume?

Paul: Not in the least.

Marshall: You're refusing to hand over an illegal tape to the District Attorney?

Paul: Sounds that way to me, yeah.

Marshall: You know, I have fairly broad discretion when it comes to making deals.

Paul: You want to make a deal with me, Marshall? Here's a thought -- go down to the Police station right now, waltz in there and explain to them there's an illegal videotape of you out there, and file a complaint. And I'm sure the Police, they'll let you view the tape when they obtain it. And all the people who've served Jessica all these years and all the people that you'll need to turn to for their experience and respect, they'll be sitting front row at the premiere of The lady D.A. meets T.M.T.

Marshall: There's only one reason why I'm not kicking your tail all the way up Main street or prosecuting you for violating my fourth amendment rights.

Paul: And what would that be?

Marshall: Jessica Griffin's been embarrassed enough.

Paul: So all of a sudden you've grown a conscience? You don't care about Jessica Griffin. You don't care about anyone.

Molly: I have two things to tell you, Carly. First, thank you for making that deal with Craig, okay? Because though I am a grown woman and somehow I survived the death of my husband, I just can't seem to face the music with my new boyfriend. Thank you for not judging me on that. Second, you were right. You are spreading yourself way too thin right now, and you do need my support. Well, you've got it, okay, cuz? I am your go-to girl. If you want it, then I want it for you. Because I am your friend, I am your kissing cousin, and that's what we do. The only real question is, are you comfy with your wedding turning into some big, pretty infomercial?

Carly: Honestly, I think it's a pretty terrific idea. And if I had the courage and the time, I probably would have thought of it myself. Don't tell that to Craig. He'll morph into the ego that ate Monte Carlo.

Molly: You want -- you want this?

Carly: I'm unveiling a brand-new design business, Molly. I want the world to know that. And the fact that I'm getting married at the same, it's -- this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Molly: So is a wedding, Carly. It's an intimate, unforgettable event that you share with family and friends.

Carly: Well, can't I have my wedding cake and eat it, too?

Molly: Everything you've always wanted, all wrapped up in one, huh? Jack and your career.

Carly: I want this so badly I can taste it. And why shouldn't I jump at this chance? Opportunity is knocking, Molly. So what do you think? What do you really, really think?

Molly: Do you want the truth?

Carly: Absolutely not. I just want you and Mike to show up at Java underground tonight and be my buffers.

Molly: You know that Jack is gonna completely flip out when he finds out that Craig is involved in his own wedding. And Craig is gonna have his hand in everybody's pudding. Especially your pudding.

Carly: I can handle Craig.

Molly: Craig can't handle Craig, Carly! Listen to me. This day comes once for you. Trust me. A fashion show -- you can have that any old time. No. You've poured your heart into this wedding plan -- these plans for you and Jack, not you, Jack, Craig and five million subscribers. This is a very special day, with a very special man. And I vote for Jack.

Jack: You're the only one who can talk any kind of sense into Hal. And if he can't deal with the fact that Jessica's dropped the charges against Aaron --

Margo: You know, you don't even have to ask. I would do anything in the world for either one of you guys. He's taking this pretty hard, huh?

Jack: That's putting it mildly.

Margo: Well, if I know Hal, he's found some way to make what happened to Will his fault.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Margo: Never in a million years did I think I'd say this, but Emily has saved that man's life.

Jack: I completely agree.

Margo: Yeah.

Jack: Hey.

Tom: Jack, what's going on?

Jack: Can't complain.

Tom: And Detective Hughes --

Margo: Hi.

Tom: Hi.

Margo: So I hear your client's gonna be a free man, babe.

Tom: You heard that? Well, good news travels like wildfire. Aaron knew all about it before I had a chance to tell him that.

Jack: Yeah, since I heard it straight from the source, I'm going to take off and let you two play house. Good work, Hughes.

Tom: Hey, thanks.

Margo: Thanks.

Tom: However, knowing how Hal feels about his kids, I doubt that Aaron's out of the woods quite yet.

Margo: Oh, man, how I wish I could take this case.

Tom: Well, I'm such a pest. I make you just lie around and rest all day. Do you know, mm, how good you look right now? You are so beautiful.

Margo: Well, I gotta tell ya -- nothing like a good, hard day's work to bring that high pearled pro back into your face.

Tom: Oh, yeah? What are you working on?

Margo: I did it. I found him. I did it. I did it. Against all odds, behind your back, even with my health issues, I did it. I found him. I did it. All from the privacy of this little chair right here, I did it!

Tom: You did what?

Margo: I found Steinbeck, Tom! I found him! I know I disobeyed you, you know, but -- I took my naps at regular intervals, and I took my medication, and I --

Tom: So you lied to me? I mean, you went behind my back and you disobeyed the doctors' orders and you found Steinbeck? You are the most stubborn, diabolical woman that has ever lived. You found Steinbeck?

Margo: I did. I found him!

Tom: I'm so glad you're on our side. You found him?

Margo: I found him!

Tom: Well, Steinbeck, better watch out. She's back!

Margo: Yeah.

Paul: If you don't care who sees you on that videotape, why worry about what happens to Jessica? She can't strike back. By the time everyone finds out what strange bedfellows you've been, she'll be another common lawyer chumming for clients.

Marshall: You'd really do this to someone who's been nothing but good to you?

Paul: Hey, look, I don't want to drag Jessica's name or reputation through the mud. But the greatest good to the greatest number. If I have to sacrifice her to save this town and the people I care about, then so be it. There are bigger stakes I have to worry about.

Marshall: Name them.

Paul: And what?

Marshall: Maybe I can help you out.

Paul: What's your price?

Marshall: Jessica's protection.

Paul: Well, I'll be. Could it be that Marshall Travers has a heart, maybe do really care about the lady?

Jessica: How's he doing?

Ben: Holding steady.

Jessica: You know, I was watching you in there with Will. And I know he's unconscious, but I swear I saw his face relax when you put your hand on his shoulder. Just your touch let him know he's gonna be all right.

Ben: Well, I hope you're right. So, how are you?

Jessica: Oh, what? That thing with Barbara?

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: There's nothing like a mother's love. We just got a taste of the flip side.

Ben: Yeah. Well, maybe we can figure out a way to harness all that energy, and then we can shut down every nuclear power plant in the hemisphere. You know, I gotta hand it to you. After all the mess that you have been through these last few days, very few people could react the way that you did.

Jessica: You know, I'll tell you something. I woke up this morning, and I thought, "I'm about two minutes away from being unemployed, I have no immediate career plans, and in a hot second, I won't know what I'm doing from one day to the next." And you know something? I was never happier.

Ben: Really? Living by the seat of your pants? That's not like you.

Jessica: I know.

Ben: So why are you so happy?

Jessica: Because I looked over and I saw your head on my pillow, dreaming whatever you were dreaming. What were you dreaming?

Ben: Well, I'll tell you --

Alison: Don't mind me, just passing through. Is it cool if I go and visit Will?

Ben: Yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Alison: Thanks.

[Monitor beeping] hey, Will. It's me, Alison. I've never been anybody's big sister before, and I know Jennifer would've known exactly what to say to snap you out of this, but I gotta start somewhere, right? And as your older sister, I get to order you around and stuff, right? So, I order you to wake up and be okay, okay? If you don't wanna do it for me, can you do it for your dad? Okay? And I promise I won't ever let anything hurt you. Just wake up. Will? Will! You wanna wake up, don't you? You want me to tell your dad?

Lucy: I'm so proud of you, Aaron.

Aaron: I didn't do anything. You're the one that deserves the ticker tape parade. You never gave up on me. You never stopped believing in me. You never let me get discouraged. It's over. It's finally over.

Carly: Molly, you don't have to stand up for Jack. Jack is everything to me. I love him. I'm a fool for that man, and nothing is ever gonna change that. That being said, there are necessary evils in this world, and Craig Montgomery is one of them. He will handle the media, and I will handle my life. And if he crosses that line, then I will turn around and go, and the company will come up snake eyes -- all Monte, no Carlo. And as for you and Mike coming with Jack and me to Java underground tonight, you can forget it, because you are officially uninvited.

Molly: What?!

Carly: Craig is nothing without me, and I am pretty close to that without Jack. And I will find a way. I will figure something out on my own.

Molly: Carly, whoa, whoa, whoa! Listen, I said I had concerns, I didn't say "no." I am going to be there, and Mr. Kasnoff is gonna be there because we're family. Well, I'm family, he's a friend, but we are going to be there.

Carly: Through thick and thin?

Molly: Let's just hope things don't get any thicker. We'll have some drinks, we'll have some dances.

Carly: I will tell Jack about the press.

Molly: Mike'll say something great.

Carly: You will say something brilliant.

Molly: And we'll all live happily ever after.

Carly: That's all I ask.

Shanks: Detective Snyder, you've got a call on line two.

Jack: Yeah, I'm busy. Who is it?

Shanks: It's, uh -- Blushing Bride magazine. They want to know if you want to pose for the cover photo before or after the ceremony. They also want to know if you need any props or if you need some makeup. Maybe a little extra blush, or maybe get one of those little eye patches to make you look all suave and debonair? I told them that you were talking it over with your stylist.

Jack: Yeah, ha, ha, ha.

Shanks: She's on line two.

Jack: Yeah, ha, ha, ha!

Shanks: No, seriously, are you going to be a blushing groom? Or what I really wanna know is, how are you gonna pose for the centerfold?

Jack: You know what? Lieutenant Munson's kid is still in ICU, unconscious, we've got an arsonist roaming around free -- doesn't anybody have a job to do around here?

Shanks: All right, all right.

Jack: You want to be the funny guy? Drop your badge, drop your gun, and good luck doing stand-up!

Shanks: Okay, I swear. She's on line two.

Jack: Right, right.

Shanks: She wants to talk to you.

Jack: Get to work, everybody! Detective Jack Snyder here. Who'd you say was calling? You've got to be kidding me. There really is a magazine called Blushing Bride?

Paul: Well, I don't believe it. The unconquerable T. Marshall Travers does have an Achilles' heel, and her name is Jessica Griffin. Well, I gotta hand it to you, Marshall. You've got great taste, and an incredible sense of irony.

Marshall: My private life is none of your business.

Paul: Well, it is now. And it'll be everyone's in a few days when that tape goes public.

Marshall: You have too much of a conscience to do that.

Paul: What I'm doing is necessary.

You made this necessary. Now, I'll go public with that tape of you and Jessica one hour before you're sworn into office. That way, the scandal will explode at the perfect time to destroy your career, your future in Oakdale, and any chances you had of gaining public trust. You'll never take office, and Jessica's life will be in ruins.

Marshall: Or?

Paul: Or you tell me when, how and why Steinbeck is coming to Oakdale, and I destroy the tape. Those are your options. Let me know by the end of the day. The decision is yours.

Ben: I'll see you tonight?

Jessica: Absolutely.

Ben: I'll walk you to the elevator.

Jessica: Oh, thank you, kind sir.

Barbara: What is she doing in there?

Hal: Give her a break, Barbara. She's family.

Barbara: Not my family, Hal.

Alison: Hal, can you come in here for a minute?

Hal: Is everything okay?

Alison: Oh, everything's cool. I just have a question. Unless that's suddenly a crime?

Hal: I'll be back. What's up?

Alison: I know I'm not a nurse or anything, but I've seen the way Will is when he's with you, and I thought that maybe if you just sat with him and talked with him, he might come around faster.

Hal: Alison, I know that you're well-intentioned and I know you're trying to help, but --

Will: Dad? Dad?

Hal: Will? Hi, buddy. I'm right here. Your dad's right here, and I am not going anywhere. Boy, I missed you. Everything is gonna be okay now. Oh, it's good to see you. Everything's gonna be okay.

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