ATWT Transcript Wednesday 10/16/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/16/02

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Bonnie: "D.A. Travers, taking charge."

[Bonnie sighs]

Bonnie: It's over. He really won. I don't believe this.

Isaac: Another crooked lawmaker.

Bonnie: Do you think maybe one day my mom will say that conceding was the best thing that ever happened to her? That maybe Marshall Travers actually did her a favor?

Isaac: Your mother is the second luckiest woman in town tonight. She's got the second most handsome guy in town to take care of her and the bravest, most beautiful daughter in the world.


Bonnie: Brave? No, I was a spoiled brat. That's what I was. Spying on my mother's opponent, bugging his room. I went too far. I broke the law, but I did it just for her. That has to be something. It has to count for something, doesn't it?

Isaac: If you had to do it all over again?

Bonnie: I wouldn't change a thing -- not a single thing. No, correction -- I would do it better. I would be smarter, more sneakier, more relentless. I'm completely out of my mind, aren't I?

Isaac: Mm-hmm. That's why I'm crazy for you, girl.

Jessica: Ben, wait. I can take care of it.

Ben: No, Jessica, it's late. If it's not Bonnie and Isaac, there's no telling who it might be.

[Doorbell rings] Coming!

Jessica: Who was that?

Ben: I cannot believe it. It was a messenger. Said he had special instructions to deliver this to you personally. Said it's supposed to be from the office or something, can't wait 'till morning.

Jessica: Well, I guess I should take a look at it.

Ben: Yeah.

Ben: All right. So is everything all right?

Jessica: I'm afraid it isnít.

Messenger: Good evening, sir, it's the Messenger Service calling.

Marshall: Have you made the delivery to Ms. Griffin's residence?

Messenger: Just as you asked, sir.

Marshall: Good. That will be all for tonight.

Bartender: It's on the house, Mr. Travers. It isn't every day a man is elected D.A.

Marshall: Thanks.


Henry: Dangerous? Well, I suppose my line of work does have its risks. But, uh, ooh -- but if you're not willing to live on the edge, you're gonna miss some beautiful views. And I like beautiful things -- beautiful, dangerous things.


Marshall: Who are you?

Henry: Laundry sent me, sir.

You wanted these things washed?

Marshall: Excuse me. Do you know the name of the guy over there with the cigar?

Bartender: No, sorry.

Marshall: I think I may have met him with another guest here. Paul Ryan?

Bartender: Now that you mention it, yeah. I think I've seen him with Mr. Ryan once or twice.

Marshall: Then that must be it then. Thanks.

Bartender: No problem.

Lucy: Aaron?

Aaron: Lucy!

Lucy: Are you all right?

Aaron: Oh, I'm fine! You shouldn't be here. I told you not to come --

Lucy: I know, I know. But I thought it would be easier if I was with you.

Aaron: You were right.

Cop: Police! Don't move! Aaron Snyder?

Aaron: Yeah.

Cop: I have a warrant for your arrest.

Lucy: You can't arrest him. He didn't do anything wrong.

Cop #2: Please step away from the prisoner.

Lucy: The prisoner? No, never!

Cop #2: I'll ask again, then I'll remove you by force.

Lucy: Well, go ahead, try.

Aaron: Hey, leave her alone!

Hal: I got you now, punk. It's about time you started paying for what you did.

Lucy: Aaron! Aaron! I won't let you go! 3DADC668.JPG

Aaron: You're hurting her! Don't hurt her!

Jack: Hal! Go easy on 'em! They're kids!

Hal: Back off, Jack. This is mine.

Holden: Aaron, just do what they tell you to do.

Hal: First thing I've heard around here that makes sense.

Jack: Hal, come on!

Hal: Get her out of here.

Lucy: Aaron!

Aaron: Lucy! Hey!

Lucy: Let me go! I didn't do anything wrong! You don't have to do that!

Hal: Nobody ever does.

[Sounds of struggle]

Holden: Aaron --

Jack: Holden, no!

Hal: -- He's trying to escape

Hal: Cuff him!

Cop: I've got him.

Holden: Why, Hal? Why the cuffs?

Jack: Hal, he's not gonna run!

Hal: I suppose he came all the way up here for the ambiance?

Holden: Jack was about to bring him down to the station.

Hal: All he had to do was raise his hands and freeze. He was resisting arrest.

Jack: He was coming in, Hal!

Hal: Kicking and screaming. You saw the kid. He was out of control, and it's absolutely necessary. You resist arrest, you get restrained. My kid's in restraints now --

Jack: Hey, Hal!

Hal: -- Because of you! Did you know that? 3DADC6B9.JPG

Jack: Hal, back off!

Hal: He's strapped down to a hospital bed, and he is confused and scared out of his mind!

Aaron: Get off of me!

Lucy: Leave him alone! He is only trying to turn himself -- you're out of control! No! He'd never hurt anybody. You know that he'd never hurt anyone!

Craig: Okay, okay, okay.

Lucy: No, daddy, they're gonna take him away. You can't let them take him away!

Jack: Come here.

Lucy: Daddy, you have to help him.

Craig: There's nothing we can do. 3DADC795.JPG

Lucy: Please!

Craig: We will talk about it, but you're gonna have to calm down.

Lucy: Look what they're doing to him! Leave him alone!

Aaron: Lucy! It's okay. I'm all right.

Lucy: My aunt is Detective Margo Hughes and his uncle is Jack Snyder. If you hurt him --

Holden: No one is gonna hurt Aaron.

Cop: Hey, if he keeps it together, so will we.

Holden: You okay?

Aaron: I'm okay.

Holden: Good. And no more fighting. We've got somebody who's gonna do the fighting for us.

Aaron: Who?

Holden: Tom Hughes. He's gonna meet us down at the station. He'll get those cuffs off, and he'll make them stay off. 3DADC7AD.JPG

Aaron: Not if Munson has anything to say about it.

Jack: What the hell do you think you're doing'? I had everything under control. I was handling it my way.

Hal: The kid tackled a cop, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, because you came in here like a bunch of marines and you strong-armed his girlfriend! That's not like you, Hal! Playing hardball with a kid? A kid I happen to be related to?

Hal: And what about my kid?

Jack: We're all worried about Will. I want him to recover as much as anybody. But throwing your prime suspect in the dirt after he's already surrendered? It's not only wrong, Hal, it's stupid! You think he's gonna say anything to us now? His father saw what you did. He's already got his lawyer waiting at the station. 3DADC7D1.JPG

Hal: You made your point.

Jack: Is this my case?!

Hal: Yeah.

Jack: Good. Then back off!

Aaron: You shouldn't have come here. You could've gotten hurt.

Lucy: I'm fine. And you're not getting rid of me right now.

Holden: This is exactly the situation that we were trying to avoid.

Craig: Exactly. I thought Lucy was in her bedroom. So imagine my surprise when I find her with the Police.

Aaron: I didn't start that fire.

Holden: That's what we'll tell the judge when we go to court.

Jack: Sorry about that, Aaron. Hal got his signals crossed. 3DADC7EF.JPG

Holden: Jack, it's not your fault.

Aaron: Well, we all know whose fault it is.

Lucy: So what's gonna happen to him now?

Jack: We take him downtown in the squad car, he'll be booked. Then he'll see a judge and we'll set bail, and then he'll be released.

Aaron: Do I gotta spend the night in jail?

Jack: No, no! That is one promise I can keep, Aaron.

Holden: All right. Ready to get this thing over with?

Aaron: Yeah. The sooner the better.

Cop #2: You have the right to remain silent --

Lucy: We'll be right behind you! 3DADC80A.JPG

Jack: Take it easy!

Craig: That's gonna be a little difficult.

Lucy: Is it okay if I go down to the station with Aaron?

Jack: That's up to your father.

Lucy: If you take me home, I'll find a way out.

Craig: I -- I know. I know. Well, I guess we can go down and spend a little time at the station.

Lucy: Thanks, daddy. Tell Aaron I'll see him soon.

Hal: You know, I've already got you for assaulting an officer and obstruction of justice. You dig a little deeper, I can get you for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Lucy: What are you gonna do, detective? Are you gonna arrest me? 3DADC82D.JPG

Hal: Not this time.

Henry: When it comes to undercover, Coleman is the man.

Marshall: Hmm. We meet again.

Henry: I'm sorry. You must've confused me with someone else.

[Light laughter]

Marshall: I wasn't aware that the hotel encouraged its valets to socialize with the guests.

Woman: You're a valet?

Henry: They're very liberal here at the Lakeview.

Marshall: Henry Coleman, huh? Glad to put a name with the face. Ladies, would you mind giving me a moment with the danger junkie here?

Woman: Help yourself.

Henry: Actually, it's just a little something I do on the side. You know, I'm more of a danger dabbler. Valet by day, danger ranger by night. Look, I have somewhere to be. So if you'll excuse me, I'd love to stay and chat -- 3DADC86A.JPG

Marshall: Sit down. You know, Henry, I know all about your security work with Paul Ryan.

Henry: Paul who? I don't -- sorry, I don't know who you're talking about.

Marshall: Does this device look familiar to you, Henry?

Henry: Yes, it's a smoke detector. Uh, it's a good idea 'cause you can never be too safe, you know?

Marshall: I bet if we looked very closely, your prints would be all over it. In fact, checking this for prints is gonna be at the top of my to-do list, Henry. And after I'm sworn in as D.A., the three of us -- me, you and Paul Ryan -- we'll meet again in criminal court. I don't think I'll have any problem proving that you breached by fourth amendment rights, among other things. And then you and Paul and all your little helpers are gonna do hard time in a place where your rights will depend on your cell mate. 3DADC8AB.JPG[Henry laughs nervously] After I'm done with you in criminal court -- I'll sue you in civil court and take all of you for all you've got. Careful -- these things'll kill you. They'll kill you. I'd like to have you around for a long, long time.

[Henry sighs]

Ben: All right. Come on, let's have it. Who's more important to you tonight than me?

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: No one. You know that.

Ben: Well, what's this late-night delivery all about?

Jessica: My secretary. She's reminding me that, though I conceded the election, I am still the district attorney. And I have to be in court in the morning, and I haven't even reviewed the case files. 3DADC8FD.JPG

Ben: What time are you due in court?

Jessica: Oh, crack of dawn.

Ben: Oh, ouch. So, what, did you bring the files home or you have to go to the office to get them?

Jessica: They're in my briefcase.

Ben: Ah, well -- I'll tell you what then. Here's the deal. Here's your deal, okay? You go upstairs, you get four hours of sleep. That should be enough to refresh you. In the meantime, I will have coffee and breakfast waiting for you, we'll eat. And then I'll get out of your hair.

Jessica: You would do that for me?

Ben: Hey, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. 3DADC920.JPG

Jessica: You are too wonderful for words, but I couldn't sleep with all these cases on my mind. So I think I just need to go ahead and knock it out and then catch some sleep on the other end. Okay? Forgive me?

Ben: Hey, you haven't done anything that needs forgiving. Look, you have been through so much mess these last 24 hours, whatever you want to do, that's fine.

Jessica: Just give me a few more days, and I'll be finished with this job, and I promise you I'll be a human being again.

Ben: Call me later.

Ben: I love you, Jessica.

Jessica: Ben, wait! Don't go.

Isaac: Your mother has got nothing to worry about. She'll go on to do great things in Oakdale or Chicago or who knows, maybe even Washington, D.C. Don't you worry about Jessica. She'll do just fine. 3DADC981.JPG

Bonnie: But what about us? We're stuck here with this new D.A. I mean, if he wants to target this place, Isaac, there is nothing and no one to stop him. He made so much noise about my mother helping you with the Liquor license -- what if he has it revoked? He could do that, you know? He's so angry with me, what if he went after my man, too?

Isaac: Say that again.

Bonnie: He made so much noise about my mother --

Isaac: No, no, no, no, not that part. The part about my man.

Bonnie: Oh, you know you're mine. And I'm yours. And I'm trying to make a serious point here.

Isaac: Nothing serious about it. If he tries to pull something, I've got back-up. I've got the best partners a guy could have. We'll get past it. 3DADC9A8.JPG

Bonnie: Oh! So now you're happy I'm your partner? Hmm, I like the way you did that -- you know, to distract me.

Isaac: If I was trying to distract you, I would do something like this. There are lessons that you'll never know.

Henry: Yeah, I have an urgent phone call for Isaac Jenkins, please. No, I can't leave a message. I need to talk to him immediately and personally. Can you do that for me? Now? Because if you cannot, I will get your name, and I will tell Isaac who the genius was that couldn't find him and put him on the phone. Yeah, thanks, I'll hold.

Bonnie: Well, can't you see you're the one that I belong to? 3DADC9D9.JPG

I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm

Waitress: Um, I'm sorry to interrupt. Isaac?

Isaac: This had better be critical.

Waitress: Well, there is an urgent phone call and he wouldn't let me take a message.

Isaac: I'm on my way. I will be right back.

Bonnie: Okay. Hold you to that.

Isaac: Coleman -- how's it going, man?

Henry: Hey, hey, well, I can't complain.

Isaac: Did you vote for Jessica?

Henry: Oh, in my heart. That's all the law will allow me to do right now. Hello, duchess.

Bonnie: Hello. 3DADC9F8.JPG

Henry: We need to talk.

Bonnie: About what?

Henry: Um, about what to pack for prison.

Henry: Marshall Travers knows everything.

Bonnie: Wait. He knows we bugged his hotel room?

Henry: Mm-hmm. And now he knows that we had his other room hooked up for video.

Bonnie: How?

Henry: How am I supposed to know how?

Bonnie: Wait, wait, back up, you said he knows everything?

Henry: Yes, yes. He knows that Paul Ryan is behind the whole operation. He knows that I dressed up as a valet so I could sneak a bug into one room and then put a video camera for surveillance in the other room. 3DADCAF5.JPG

Bonnie: How's this possible?

Henry: Then not ten minutes ago, he waved that infernal smoke detector right in front of my face, and he said that the next stop for me and all of my secret agent buddies was gonna be the big house, including you. So, Bonnie, here's what I'm thinking, since his first job as D.A. is gonna be putting us all on trial, maybe the first job for your mother as defense attorney could be --

Bonnie: Wait, wait, wait. Excuse me? Can I have a martini here for my friend, please? Thank you. Henry, take a deep breath and get control over yourself.

Henry: All right. All right.

Bonnie: Now, Marshall -- maybe he was just blowing off steam. 3DADCB18.JPG

Henry: Honey -- honey, he looked like he wanted to eat the eyes right out of my skull, okay? This is serious. He's not playing around. This is like eternal damnation and hell fire and brimstone and -- and sleeping with your head a few inches from the toilet seat the next 10 to 15 years.

Bonnie: Henry, calm down! What else did he say? Did he offer a deal?

Henry: No, he doesn't want to negotiate. He doesn't want to talk about it. All right? He wants blood. He wants ours. I mean, he scared off my date, and then he crushed my cohiba and then -- in two weeks from now, he could have -- he could have our freedom and all our worldly belongings. Look, I just -- I just launched a P.I. Firm, okay? And I actually have a client now who's paying me quite well. And I don't think you can fathom the magnitude of losing a business. Hmm? Something that I have worked on and dreamt about for -- for -- for a while now. 3DADCB48.JPG

Bonnie: No, I can. More than you know.

Henry: Good. Then do something, huh? There's got to be some kind of a loophole that your mother can slide us all through; make the call, Bonnie. Look, I know, I'm not saying she has to pull any strings, per say. Just tell her that you're gonna spend the best years of your life behind bars. And then let's sit back and see what happens, okay? Now I'm sure there's some kind of miracle the woman can do for her lovely, beautiful daughter.

Bonnie: I am not about to get my mother involved in this mess anymore. And neither are you. I will handle this.

Bodyguard: Good evening, Mr. Travers. 3DADCB70.JPG

Marshall: Find anything?

Bodyguard: The place is clean, including the hallway and the broom closet. Will there be anything else this evening?

Marshall: I'll be joined by a beautiful woman very shortly. Caramel skin, brown eyes, beautiful smile --

Bodyguard: I've got the picture.

Marshall: Don't let anyone else near this room.

Marshall: Come on, Jessica. Come on.

Jessica: I can't let you leave like this.

Ben: What about your caseload?

Jessica: Well, I'll figure something out. I'm -- I'm tired of being wrapped up in my work. I just -- I just want to be wrapped up in your arms. 3DADCBA1.JPG

Ben: Mm, that's all you needed to say.

Jessica: You don't hate me?

Ben: Never. You know, even as I was walking out that door, all I could think about was you. I just remember how, once upon a time, I chased after you and got no where, and so I quit. And, somehow, in trying to make Bonnie and Isaac a couple, that's when it happened. I give my brother a push and you gave Bonnie a nudge, and somewhere along the way, we became a couple. So, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Somewhere along the way, we skipped a whole bunch of little steps. And I just -- I want to make up for that. And I want to take the time to say thank you for wearing that fine black dress the first time I took you out to dinner. All night, you were just glowing. And I couldn't get you out of my mind for weeks. And thank you for that morning that you let me drive you to work and you reached over and you just -- you just placed your hand on my hand. And I felt that all day long at the hospital -- your gentle touch. And thank you for -- for all the moments that I will never forget. For showing me in so many ways that I am a part of your life, because I don't know what I would do if you weren't a part of mine. 3DADCC09.JPG

Jessica: I don't know what to say after you said all those beautiful things.

Ben: You don't have to say anything.

Jessica: Yeah. Yes, I do.

Holden: How you holding up?

Aaron: Oh, I'm fine. I'm just thinking about Lucy. I hope she didn't catch a lot of heat for fighting those cops.

Holden: It's good to have somebody like that in your corner though, isn't it?

Aaron: Bet you anything her father's making sure it's the last time she sees me.

Holden: Lucy's a lot more like her mother and her aunt Lily -- more than any of us give her credit for. Those women in that family -- they don't take orders from anyone.

Aaron: She here yet? 3DADCC3A.JPG

Holden: Why don't we just concentrate on getting you out of here, then we'll worry about Lucy, okay?

Tom: Holden? Hey, Aaron, nice to see you. How you doing?

Aaron: I've been better.

Holden: What's the word?

Tom: We're about an hour away from a bail hearing. Then we'll go over the arraignment, which I'll have postponed. And then you'll go home.

Aaron: Just like that?

Tom: Yeah, just like that.

Holden: What's the postponement all about?

Tom: Well, Aaron is 17, and it's a serious crime. I just want to make sure that he's tried in juvenile court. I'll file a petition. We'll probably have a ruling by tomorrow. 3DADCC5D.JPG

Aaron: So we just have to wait?

Tom: No, the delay will do us good. It will give the cops a chance to find out who really started the fire, Will an opportunity to start telling the truth about what really happened that night, and we will have some time to build our defense.

Holden: Why is he being charged anyways? He went from being a hero one minute to a suspect the next.

Aaron: Don't I have the right to know why I was accused?

Tom: Well, the Fire marshal believes that an accelerant, like gasoline, was used to start the fire.

Holden: And?

Tom: Well, there were traces of gasoline on the clothes that Aaron was wearing the night of the fire. 3DADCC79.JPG

[Aaron sighs]

Aaron: I filled up grandma's truck with gas. I'd wear those pants when I was fixing my bike. I have all kinds of stains. I have gas stains, oil stains, antifreeze -- I have pizza stains on those pants.

Tom: Good.

Lucy: Detective Snyder, when can I see Aaron?

Jack: Uh, I can't give you a time line. Things kind of happen when they happen. But if you'll have a seat over there and try to be patient, I'll get you in as soon as I can. Okay?

Craig: Well, there, you see? It will be a little while before you can see him.

Lucy: I don't mind.

Craig: What do you say we go across the street and get something to eat at Al's? 3DADCC9A.JPG

Lucy: No, I don't want to miss my chance to see Aaron.

Craig: It's just across the street. Jack will call us when Aaronís available.

Lucinda: Oh, darling girl, there you are. Here you are. Hello, Craig, darling.

Lucy: How did you ever find us?

Lucinda: Oh, honey, auntie Katie. Wonderful, good old auntie Katie. Are you all right, sweetheart? No. Aaron? It's because of Aaron?

Lucy: They had him in handcuffs, grandmother. They treated him like he was some sort of criminal. It was awful.

Craig: He resisted arrest. And you'd be very proud of your granddaughter. She slugged a cop. We're lucky we're not bailing her out. 3DADCCB6.JPG

Lucinda: Well, it comes naturally. Passion -- it's in the blood, darling. Your mom has it, and I have it.

Lucy: They're saying Aaronís the one who started the fire. But he didn't! I know he didnít.

Lucinda: No, he didn't do it. I don't believe he did it for one minute.

Craig: That makes two of you.

Lucy: Daddy believes the Police.

Craig: Well, look at his Police record! I expected this all along. Hal, not too long ago, you were accusing me of jumping to conclusions about Aaron.

Hal: Well, I guess you had him pegged all along, Craig.

Craig: Well, can the Oakdale police assure us that he won't slip through our fingers this time? 3DADCCD4.JPG

Jack: The justice system doesn't exist to cater to anybody's personal vendettas, gentlemen.

Craig: Will you keep me posted, Hal?

Hal: I turned the case over to Detective Snyder. Anything you want to know, you have got to go through Jack.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, fathers are notoriously irrational when it comes to their daughters.

Lucy: But he'll grow out of it, though, won't he?

Lucinda: Probably not, dear. So you're gonna have to find a better way to handle him, hmm?

Lucy: Well, what about Aaron?

Lucinda: Aaron's gonna have his day in court, okay? The facts are gonna come out. No firebug he -- he is innocent!

Aaron: I swear to you, I'm innocent.

Tom: And my job is to prove reasonable doubt. So give us some other versions as to how this fire may have started. Now, we know there were two other people on the scene -- Luke and Will. Ever see either of those boys playing with matches before? 3DADCDF5.JPG

Holden: Luke knew better. Especially after that fire we had a couple years back, he wouldn't even go near matches or open flames.

Tom: Did you ever see Luke or Will with matches in the barn?

Aaron: No, never.

Holden: But they had access to the matches in your backpack?

Aaron: Oh, yeah. I mean, but they'd have to open it up, and, you know, fish around in there a while, but, yeah.

Tom: All right, so where did you keep this bag?

Aaron: In the barn, near my bike.

Tom: I have a hard question for you. Would you subject yourself to a lie detector test?

Aaron: Absolutely.

Tom: Good answer. 3DADCE14.JPG

Aaron: You ever dealt with a case like this before?

Tom: Sure, a few.

Aaron: Well, since you're the one with the experience, I mean, how do you think the fire started? I mean, do you think it was either one of the boys?

Tom: I have no idea what happened in the barn that night.

Holden: But we know that you didn't have anything to do with it.

Tom: And my job is to prove that.

Aaron: Well, everybody says you're the best.

Tom: Only the smart ones. I don't want you to worry about a thing. I'll take care of you like you were my own. I'll be back.

Aaron: I've been sitting here thinking of a good way to say this -- thank you. Thanks for never doubting me. Thank you for trusting me. It means everything.

3DADCE50.JPGLucinda: Craig, why don't you totter off to whatever lady that you're cavorting with today, and I'll stay and wait till Lucyís ready to go home?

Craig: I think she needs her father tonight.

Lucinda: No, she doesnít. She needs someone who appreciates her feelings, her feelings about this boy. And you detest him, and she knows it. Surely, you don't think she wants to be comforted by you?

Lucy: How's Aaron? Can I see him?

Holden: He's inside the interrogation room.

Jessica: I can't believe I almost pushed you out the door before you could say all of those wonderful things.

Ben: You can push all you want to. There is no way I'm ever gonna give up again. 3DADCE89.JPG

Jessica: Promise?

Ben: Promise.

Jessica: Stay?

Ben: What about your court date?

Jessica: I'll reschedule. Hi, it's Jessica.

Marshall: Where are you?

Jessica: I got your message. Thanks for the heads up, but I'm not gonna be able to make it to court.

Marshall: Don't back out now, Jessica.

Jessica: I'm really sorry about that.

Marshall: Come on up. We'll talk -- among other things.

Jessica: But I really do have to cancel.

Marshall: Jessica, don't do this to me.

Jessica: It can't be avoided.

Marshall: If nothing else, there's the matter of the videotape your daughter and her friends -- 3DADCEB5.JPG

Jessica: Have a good night. Bye.

Marshall: She'll be here. She'll be here.

Ben: I'm impressed. The lady means business.

Jessica: Now there's nothing in our way. The election's over, my daughter's life is on track.

Ben: And so is my brotherís.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. And our futures are wide open. And I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Ben: Yeah, why don't you come rub some of that luck off on me?

[Knock on door]

Marshall: Right on time. Bonnie -- what do you want this time?

Bonnie: I want you to be angry at the right person -- me.

Bonnie: I'm surprised Donkey Kong out there allowed me to knock.

Marshall: My new watchdog. I had to hire the best so that certain parties wouldn't be sticking their noses around where they don't belong.

Bonnie: Actually, that's why I'm here.

Marshall: What, to plant a few more bugs? Whatever this is about, I really don't have the time or the energy, so good-bye and good night.

Bonnie: Five minutes, Marshall, that's all I need. I'm the one who spied on you. The two most important people in my life had no idea what I was doing. I lied to my mother. I lied to Isaac. And it is what I regret most -- stooping to such behavior. So, whatever charges you plan to press, just, please, be fair. Direct your anger to me. Leave Isaac, his club and my mother alone. 3DADD025.JPG

Marshall: How I choose to respond is my business, and it's not up for negotiation.

Bonnie: Yes, well, I came all the way over here to discuss with you --

Marshall: Yeah, the last time you came over to my room uninvited, you were acting as a decoy so Paul Ryan could pilfer my passport. Where's he? Still hanging out in the broom closet?

Bonnie: I came alone.

Marshall: You just admitted to me that you lied to the two most important people in your life. Why wouldn't I think you're lying to me? How do I know you haven't been lying since you walked through that door?

Bonnie: I am not lying to you, Marshall! 3DADD040.JPG

Marshall: Where is the videotape?

Bonnie: What videotape?

Marshall: Do you have it or does Ryan?

Bonnie: No one has it! It's useless. There was nothing on it.

Marshall: You're sure of that?

Bonnie: Yes.

Marshall: Did you watch the tape?

Bonnie: The beginning, yes. And then Paul fast-forwarded through the rest. And it was useless, nothing on it. So, in order to protect my mother and myself, he got rid of it and threw it away.

Marshall: Did you witness this?

Bonnie: I didn't have to. Paul is not like his father, he tells the truth. Steinbeck wasn't on it, so it was worthless. He got rid of it. 3DADD065.JPG

Marshall: Honesty becomes you. Now, look, if you'll excuse me, I've had a long day and I need to get some sleep. Go home, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Hmm, someone's expecting a guest. Mm sorry, I didn't realize. Anyone I know?

Lucy: Everything's gonna work out. You'll see.

Aaron: What makes you so sure?

Lucy: My grandmother says she'll help, and she can do practically anything.

Aaron: Including helping you stay in Oakdale?

Lucy: My father can't force me to leave.

Aaron: He'd rather you be in Montega than here in town near me. Now, he probably freaked when he saw you fight those cops. 3DADD08C.JPG

Lucy: I'll fight him the same way if he tries to send me away.

Aaron: And what if he convinces your mom. And she --

Lucy: No, Aaron, I've already made up my mind. I'm not gonna live anywhere where we can't see each other. I'm never letting you go.

Marshall: You don't learn, do you?

Bonnie: Just a polite observation, Marshall -- champagne, two glasses.

Marshall: My champagne, my glasses. And none of your business. Do I have to prosecute you and your friends?

Bonnie: No, absolutely not.

Marshall: Look, for your mother's sake, I'm willing to promise you this, and this thing only. Stay out of my business, and I'll show no interest in what you or Isaac Jenkins do with your lives. 3DADD18C.JPG

Bonnie: But you told Henry Coleman --

Marshall: Coleman's a stooge. If you're smart and you stay out of my life, you'll have an incident-free future. If not, you will regret it.

Bonnie: So tell me, Marshall. When did you get this profound, great respect for my mother? Was it before or after she handed you the election?

Marshall: The day I met her. Now get out.

Bonnie: My pleasure. You have a great day.

[Door slams]

Jessica: Where did a neurosurgeon get all these muscles?

Ben: Same place an attorney got these incredible legs.

Jessica: Tell you what -- why don't you get us some champagne, and we can continue the celebration. 3DADD1C9.JPG

Ben: Be right back.

Jessica: Great. Paul, it's Jessica. I've been thinking, and I cannot do what you want me to do concerning Marshall Travers. Good luck finding someone who can.

Craig: Lucinda, she's in pain. She was terrified tonight at the Old Mill. She needs her father. You're not gonna try and stand in the way of that, are you?

Lucinda: I'm taking my cue from the child. Okay? What the child needs is what she's gonna get.

Craig: I appreciate that.

Tom: Aaron, hey. It's time for your bail hearing.

Aaron: Go home, Luce.

Lucy: I want to go with you.

Aaron: Mr. Hughes says it's just a formality. I'll be fine. Go home. I'll call you first thing tomorrow. 3DADD212.JPG

Lucy: Call me tonight, as soon as you get out of here. Promise me.

Aaron: I'll call you.

Lucy: Everything's gonna be fine. I love you.

Tom: Aaron, we gotta go. You do not want to keep a judge waiting.

Lucy: Thanks for waiting, grandmother.

Craig: Ready to go, lullaby?

Lucy: Yeah. I'll call you in the morning, Daddy. Good night.

Craig: Sweet dreams.

Lucinda: Good night.

Craig: Oh, Hal, do you have a minute?

Hal: What is it, Montgomery? I'm busy.

Craig: Oh, yeah, I -- look, I know you can't give me any inside information on the arson case you have against Aaron Snyder. 3DADD25A.JPG

Hal: Right, thanks for not wasting my time.

Craig: Yeah, and I know that we have had our differences over time. But despite all of them, I know that you love your children more than you love yourself, Hal. That you would die for them.

Hal: What's your point?

Craig: I love my daughter, Hal. At least as much as you love Will. She's all I have, and there is nothing that I wouldn't do to protect her, Hal. Nothing.

Hal: Uh-huh.

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