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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/14/02

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[Barbara choking]

Barbara: Help me! Help me!

Hal: Will, let go! Let go, Will. Let go.

Barbara: Our son was choking me. He was choking me, Hal.

Hal: Will -- Will -- come here, Will.

John: Will? Will, Will, Will -- it's Dr. Dixon. It's all right now. Will, you're safe now.

Hal: Will, dad's here. It's all right.

John: Give me two milligrams of diazepam now.

Nurse: Yes.

Hal: No drugs, John.

John: I've got to protect him from hurting himself or someone else in the room.

Barbara: My throat.

Nurse: The hypodermic's ready.

Hal: John, give me a minute alone with him. I know I can calm him down.

Nurse: The patient's heart rate is elevating, Dr. Dixon.

John: All right, that does it. Everyone out of the room. Clear the room, please. Hal, Barbara, please --

Barbara: Mommy's right here. I'll be right back.

Hal: Come on. Come on.

Barbara: You are going to find the person. You are going to find the person who did this to our son, who made our little boy suffer, Hal, and make him pay, aren't you?!

Hal: He will pay, all right. That person will pay. And that person is Aaron Snyder.

Emily: He's gonna be okay.

Hal: You don't know that.

Emily: You're -- you're his father. Of course, you want someone to pay.

Hal: This isn't about vengeance.

Emily: Yes, it is! Barbara's calling out for blood. You want to beat Aaron into a pulp.

Hal: Barbara has nothing to do with it. Every time I talk to that kid, and he can't answer me, every time he thrashes around in that room, that's what makes me angry. But I'm going to make things better for him. I'm gonna bring Aaron Snyder down.

Lucy: Being on your bike is the most amazing feeling.

Aaron: No, this is.

Lucy: Mm, I'm not I think you're gonna have to kiss me again.

Aaron: Hey -- one of Luke's letters. He writes me notes about everything. You gotta see this.

Lucy: "Dad's taking mom to the doctor. Faith and me went skating with grandma. Be back soon. Love, your brother, Luke."

Aaron: He always signs them like that.

Lucy: Sounds like he can't wait for you to move in here.

Aaron: He's not the only one. You know, it still blows my mind -- Holden letting me live here. It's like I've always wanted this, and I never even knew it.

Lucy: So, you're staying? Even if Lieutenant Munson tries to blame you for this fire?

Aaron: Hey, as long as you and Holden believe that I didn't do it, I can face anything.

[Knocking at door]

Lucy: We're alone. We're having a good time. That could only be --

Aaron: Alison Stewart.

Lucy: Yeah. Can't we just not deal with her today?

[Doorbell rings]

Aaron: Follow me.

Alison: Aaron?! If you're in there, answer me! I have to find you before the Police do.

[Knocking at door] Aaron!

Mike: Do you want to do the honors? Matches are on the table. What's that?

Molly: What?

Mike: In your pocket.

Molly: Nothing.

Mike: Something I'm not supposed to know about?

Molly: No. What are you --

[laughter] it's a love letter from Bob Hughes.

Mike: See, I knew you two had something fishy going on.

Molly: Actually, Mike, I asked Jack to bring over one my bank statements. You know, just in case whoever broke in wanted to add identity theft to their list of crimes. Stop staring at me like that.

Mike: I'm just wondering what's on a bank statement that would make a gorgeous woman so self-conscious.

Molly: My shoe bill. I -- I -- you wouldn't believe how much money I spend a year -- a month -- on shoes. It's really embarrassing.

Mike: Why don't you bring all those pradas over here? You can put them in my footlocker.

Molly: For just a day? I mean -- my doorknob's gonna be fixed by tomorrow.

Mike: I could buy a safe. We could get one of those big ones they used to have in the westerns. You know, the ones that the bad guys could never blast open.

Molly: Yeah. Then that just seems a little going out of the way for something that's not a permanent arrangement. I'm just visiting.

Mike: Just offering you a place to stash your secret.

Molly: Would it bother you if I did have a secret? Something that I kept from you?

Mike: As long as it's not about us.

Carly: Okay, next Tuesday then. Thank you. Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Carly: I'm so sorry that I'm late. I got -- I got stuck at work. Where's the banquet manager?

Jack: Oh, he had to leave -- another appointment. One of those up-tight, on-time brides.

Carly: What? Oh, I don't -- I don't believe it, Jack. I missed the meeting?

Jack: Hey, as long as you show up for our wedding, I really don't care.

Carly: What is the matter with me?

Jack: Well, let's see -- you're planning a wedding. You're forging a career. You're mothering a 3-year-old. And -- oh, yeah -- you decided to scrap all our old plans for our wedding and turn Oakdale into Monaco. At a guess, I'd say you're stressed.

Carly: Don't you want to have a fabulous wedding?

Jack: Honey, I'd marry you buck naked at the Niagara Fallsor covered in jewels at the Taj Mahal. Whatever you want. Just give me that moment where we look at each other and we know why we showed up. And if we gotta put off that moment for another couple of months, I understand that, too.

Carly: I am not putting off marrying you, Jack.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: No, it's me. Snyder.

Hal: Jack, I need your help. Margo's still out, and I need to be at the hospital with Will.

Jack: What's up?

Hal: I have enough evidence on the arson to make an arrest. I'd love to nail the guy myself, but I need to be here.

Jack: No problem. I'll do it. Who's the -- who's the warrant for?

Hal: Aaron. I'm sorry, Jack. The evidence locks him in as the perp. I'll give you the details at the hospital.

Carly: What's the matter?

Jack: Nothing. Nothing. I gotta run -- I gotta run an errand for Hal.

Carly: Work -- I understand.

Craig: Aren't you worried that someone will object to the bride wearing white?

Carly: What are you doing here?

Craig: I came here to help plan our wedding.

Carly: Read my lips --

Craig: I would love to, but the Carly clause, remember?

Carly: Oh, stop with the jokes, would you?

[Craig laughs] there are some things, Craig, you just don't get to horn in on. And my wedding to Jack is one of them.

Craig: But, surely, Jack wants to have your dreams realized, too. Why does this wedding -- this brilliant, if I do say so, night in Monaco, have to be separate from your career?

Carly: I will get where I get on my own talent, not by exploiting my personal life.

[Craig laughs] what is so funny?

Craig: It's the sound of you moralizing.

Carly: Why do I do it? Why do I even bother?

Craig: It's the perfect tie-in to sell Monte Carlo designs.

Carly: It's tacky!

Craig: Tacky sells.

Carly: Not to the people I'm designing for.

Craig: Carly, the magazines that are sending photographers are read by every debutante from Fifth Avenue to Palm Beach.

Carly: Really?

Craig: Yeah.

Carly: What magazines are we talking -- forget it. No, no. My wedding is not for sale, Craig.

Craig: Call me in the morning with your answer.

Carly: The answer is no. No, no, no! No means no!

Craig: Where are you going? Back to the office?

Carly: I was already there, remember? Having the first round of this idiotic argument with you. And since that caused me to miss my meeting with the Banquet manager, I am taking the rest of the day off to plan my wedding. I've already got the guest list all figured out, Craig -- no Press and no you. Sounds like heaven.

Craig: You'll have just about enough time to defrost that casserole for dinner.

[Craig chuckles] I'm not going to give up, Carly. Not on your life.

Lisa: Jess, I just hoped so much you'd be relaxed now that the election's over and done with.

Jessica: Well, you know how transitions are, Lisa. Something unexpected is always coming up.

Lisa: Hi, there. Pay the toll, honey. Thank you. How's that precious brother of yours?

Paul: Still in a coma.

Lisa: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Paul: He was counting on me, and I was late.

Jessica: It wasn't your fault, Paul.

Paul: Yes, it was. And now Will's paying the price. So that's why, from now on, I'm going to be ahead of the curve, out in front, protecting the people I love. And you're gonna help me.

Lisa: I think this is just wonderful. See, you're not depressed about losing the election to Marshall. Just let him have that low-paying job and those long hours. And you and Paul just make a wonderful, big fortune doing -- well, what exactly will you be doing?

Jessica: Well, it's --

Paul: Still in the planning stages. But we're going to firm things up today. Jessica, I'll get us a table, and then we will discuss business.

Lisa: He can be so brusque.

Jessica: He sure can.

Lisa: Well, you know, when he was a little boy, he just -- there was nothing he wouldn't do to try to make everyone around him smile and be happy. And Barbara and I fussed over him like a couple of old mother hens, just making sure there was none of the traits that his father had. We never saw one.

Jessica: You think he's changed?

Lisa: Well, I don't think it's really drastic. I just -- I think maybe because Rose is away, he's just colder somehow. But you're going to be working with him, so you'll bring out the sweetness.

Jessica: I'll do my best.

Barbara: John, I'm so worried about him. Can I go back in and see him?

John: No, soon, soon. He's sedated, he's resting, he's comfortable. I want to look at you. I wanna see if he did any damage.

Barbara: No, I'm fine. I'm just worried about my son.

John: Were you alone with him when he woke up and he grabbed you?

Barbara: I was just talking to him. I thought maybe if he heard my voice he might come around.

John: I want you to come back in. I want you to hold his hand. Come on.

Emily: Are you okay?

Hal: No. But I took your advice about Jack.

Emily: You're gonna let him handle the arson investigation?

Hal: No, the arrest. I wish I was doing it myself, but at least it'll happen tonight. Aaron Snyder's going to jail. Can you do me a favor?

Emily: Anything.

Hal: You wait out here for Jack. I want to go sit with Will.

[Monitor beeping]

Jessica: Let's get one thing straight -- any public references to our business arrangement are out of the question. The only reason I'm allowing you to blackmail me is because I don't want Ben and Bonnie to get hurt. But I have my limits. Understood?

Paul: What is your current relationship with Marshall?

Jessica: Did you hear what I just said? I am not discussing that with you here! Marshallhas a room upstairs. He could come in at any minute.

Paul: That's your problem. Answer my question and we'll be done -- for now.

Jessica: I told you I would continue to see Marshall, and when I do, I will get the information on Steinbeck, and I will be in touch with you.

Paul: Are you still sleeping with him?

Jessica: I have not even spoken to Marshall since I saw him at Java underground.

Paul: Huh, no time like the present. I'll have a waiter bring over the house phone.

Jessica: Paul, why are you pushing so hard? I said I would get the information on Steinbeck. Give me some time!

Paul: He's my father. I know what the man's capable of, and I don't want him coming back to Oakdale, hurting people. Now, we have two weeks -- two weeks until Travers replaces you as District Attorney and he hands my father the key to this city.

Jessica: I promise you that won't happen.

Paul: Hey, Jessica, you cannot make promises when it comes to James Steinbeck. He runs the show. Look at what he and my mother did to Rose, Emily and Carly. There was enough evidence to bury a small town and Travers made it look like my mother was the victim. What do you think he's gonna do for my father?

Jessica: I think that if your father comes back to this town, Marshallhas no choice but to prosecute him.

Paul: Do you, Jessica? Do you really? And you call Marshall. And you find out what my father's plans are.

Jessica: I can't, Paul -- not yet. Just give me some needed time.

Paul: Today, Jessica, or else that tape of you and the new D.A. in bed together will be breaking news tomorrow.

Mike: I'm gonna go run some errands. Do you wanna go?

Molly: Carly's on her way over. Wedding talk.

Mike: Ah -- I'm outta here.

Carly: Oh.

Mike: Hey!

Carly: Hi!

Mike: I'd love to stay around, I'm allergic to lace, though. See ya. Later.

Carly: Well, that was fast. So is this. Are you -- you two living together already?

Molly: No, Carly, it's just for a day. Because somebody broke into my apartment.

Carly: Oh, right, Jack told me. Did they take anything?

Molly: My peace of mind. Carly, the cops found my bank statements shoved under the couch. And the only check that was out of place was the one that I wrote for donation for the burn unit.

Carly: Rosanna.

Molly: Yeah. She is so suspicious that I am the one who wrote this check that she hired somebody to go over, break in and prove it.

Carly: That pasty-faced, little witch. She can't win.

Molly: Yeah, well, she already has. So I'm gonna do what I should have done from the beginning, Carly. I'm gonna tell Mike the truth -- and then watch him walk out the door.

Emily: Hal, Jack's here.

Hal: Thanks, Emily. I'll be right back, buddy.

Barbara: I want to be a part of this.

Hal: Barbara, you let me handle the Police side of this. You stay here with Will.

Barbara: Whatever you want, Hal. But remember that Jack is Aaron's family. Don't let him talk you out of this.

Jack: Emily was just filling me in on Will. He's gonna be okay, Hal. He's a fighter.

Hal: He sure is fighting coming back.

Jack: Why?

Hal: I don't know. I got the lab report here. There's traces of gasoline on Aaron Snyder's clothes.

Jack: All that kid does is work on his motorcycle, Hal. He probably has traces of gasoline on his pajamas.

Hal: This gasoline links him to the crime scene. Now, I know that he's Holden's son --

Jack: No, he could have gotten gas on his clothes from his bike, from hauling those kids out of the fire. It doesn't mean anything.

Hal: It does when you take into consideration that he told Abigail that he wanted to do something heroic -- something that would impress Holden enough so that he wouldn't have to leave Oakdale. Now, what's more heroic, Jack, than running into an inferno and saving a couple of kids? Now, what about the box of matches from the diner in his home town, Seattle, Jack?

Jack: Hal, it's circumstantial.

Hal: I know, but it's enough to get a warrant. And I want one today.

Jack: You're fast-tracking this case. We just started the investigation.

Hal: Marshall Travers takes over as D.A. in two weeks, Jack. Now, I wouldn't trust him with my kid's pool pass, let alone his life. But I do trust Jessica. And that's why I want her running this case before he takes over. So, yeah, I'm fast-tracking it. Get me the warrant.

Jack: Okay, okay. But I gotta check out a few things first. You -- you gave me this case, Hal, right?

Hal: You do what you have to do.

Emily: Jack's gonna do a great job, Hal.

Hal: As long as he does it fast.

Barbara: Someone call Dr. Dixon! It's happening again! Will's having another seizure!

Lucy: She's gone.

[Pounding at the door]

Alison: Aaron, I know you're in there!

I just saw your bike in the garage! Let me in!

Aaron: All right, already! What's all the yelling about?

Alison: Don't you ever check your messages?

Aaron: My phone is still packed. I moved out of grandma's. I live here now.

Alison: Well, why didn't you tell me that before? I've been looking all over Oakdale for you.

Lucy: Why? What are you so upset about, Alison?

Alison: The Police are gonna arrest you. You better jump on your bike and fly out of town. Like, now!

Paul: I'll call you back. Mind if I join you?

Brandy: Um, it'd be a waste of your time.Marshall's been so busy with the election I haven't even seen him. I don't have anything to report.

Paul: Not even where James is?

Brandy: I just told you that --

Paul: Or when he's coming back to Oakdale?

Brandy: Hey, are you finished? Because I don't enjoy being interrupted.

Paul: And I don't enjoy being lied to.

Brandy: Listen, Marshall's smart. He doesn't trust anybody, and he's immune to blondes. I need time to get something out of him.

Paul: I don't have time.

Brandy: Well, if he finds out that I'm playing double agent, he's gonna know that you're after him. Is that what you want?

Paul: You're fired.

Brandy: What? You're not even paying me!

Paul: But I would have.

Brandy: How much?

Paul: Doesn't matter. Job's over. We're done.

Brandy: But you can't just call things off like that.

Paul: I just did.

Lisa: That little tramp is nothing but trouble. Darling, I don't mean to butt in --

Paul: Then don't! Sorry, I have a lot on my mind, Lisa.

Lisa: Can an old friend help?

Paul: No, this is something I have to deal with alone.

Carly: Hey, Mike is crazy about you, Molly. He's not going to leave.

Molly: Sure he will, Carly. He tore into Rosanna for trying to secretly control his life, okay? He was furious with her. I saw it. He still is.

Carly: Well, she has that effect on people. You don't -- especially not on Mike. He cares a lot about you, Molly, and once you explain to him --

Molly: That what? That I used my dead husband's money to buy my new boyfriend a job and that I built some big conspiracy around it? Yeah, when I explain that to him, he's going to think Rosanna's a saint.

Carly: Oh, no, no. No one, not even Craig, would make that mistake.

Molly: Carly, Rosanna humiliated Mike when she bought him that job in Venezuela. And when he finds out that I did the exact same thing, but in his hometown, and that Bob, Lucinda and all the members of the board knew about it, he is gonna run far and fast in the other direction.

Carly: Then we have to shut Rosanna up.

Molly: She has too much time and too much money. And she is very willing to spend both those on destroying me. There is no way to shut that woman up.

Carly: Oh, yes, there is. We're gonna sic Craig on her.

[Knock on door]

Craig: I'm coming! Oh, no! Detective Jack! Carly, quick, put your knickers on! He's found us out!

Jack: Yes, Rosanna would find that very, very funny, wouldn't she? Is Lucy home? I want to ask her a few questions about the fire at Emma's barn.

Craig: Well, what can she tell you that she hasn't already told Hal and the Fire marshal?

Jack: Is she home or not?

Craig: No.

Jack: I'll catch up with her.

Craig: No, Jack, there's -- you can't talk to her without my permission. She's a minor.

Jack: All right. Don't be too worried, though. She's not in any trouble.

Craig: That's right. Something to drink?

Jack: No, I'm on duty. Do you know where she is? Can you call her, make her come home?

Craig: Not unless you tell me the whole story. Or do I have to make a call to an old friend?

Jack: Yes, the commissioner. You know, that's getting really tired. Look, you probably already heard, the fire was arson.

Craig: And? You're suspecting Aaron? Is that right?

Jack: We're looking at him.

Craig: I'm not surprised.

Jack: Why?

Craig: Because he's trouble, Jack. And he was particularly edgy that night, like his little nerves were stretched a bit too thin.

Jack: Was it before or after the fire?

Craig: It was after, at the hospital. He was spooked. To think I actually convinced Holden to let the little hairball stay in Oakdale.

Jack: Who are you calling?

Craig: I'm calling Lucy, Jack. You were right. I want her home before dog boy gets her in any more danger.

Lucy: Aaron, you can't leave town. It's like admitting you're guilty.

Alison: Lucy, you could say the sky is purple and people would still believe you. For people like Aaron and me, that would never happen. You've got to go!

[Cell phone rings]

Lucy: It's my dad. I'll have to call him back.

Alison: Stop wasting time.

Lucy: No! Let's just wait a minute, figure this all out. What exactly did you hear?

Alison: I know that Hal's out to get Aaron.

Aaron: He suspects me. That's not enough of a reason to --

Alison: No, no. There was this report from some Police lab that Hal got. Hal said that it proves that you set the fire.

Aaron: How can he have proof of something I didn't do?

Lucy: What exactly did this report say?

Alison: Well, I couldn't exactly ask! Hal, Emily and Batty Barbara, they didn't know I was listening.

Lucy: What are you doing?

Aaron: Making sure I have my keys and wallet.

Alison: Finally!

Lucy: You said you wouldn't leave town.

Aaron: I'm not leaving town. I'm just leaving this house. My family lives here. I'm not gonna get arrested in front of them.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: You should call Holden. He'll help.

Alison: No, come on!

Aaron: I gotta go.

Lucy: I'm coming with you.

Alison: Me, too.

[Phone rings]

Holden: Hi, you've reached Holden, Lily, Luke, Faith

and Aaron. Leave us a message.

Craig: Lucy?

This is daddy. If you're there, pick up, please.

I mean it. Pick up the phone right now.

Lucy: Hi, daddy.

Craig: Sweetness. You still with Aaron?

Lucy: Yeah. We were just about to go out and get something to eat.

Craig: Well, I want you to come home.

Lucy: Sure, just as soon as we eat.

Craig: No, Lucy. Now. Or do I come and get you?

Aaron: He heard I was getting busted about the fire, huh? He wants you to stay as far away from me as possible.

Lucy: Well, I don't care what he wants. I'm staying with you, Aaron. That's where I belong.

Marshall: You called? Make it quick. I'm meeting someone.

Brandy: Nice to see you, too, Marshall.

Marshall: Get to the point.

Brandy: Love to. You are busted.

Marshall: I doubt it.

Brandy: Okay, so you're only maybe busted. But Paul Ryan definitely has something on you. Something I didn't feed him.

Marshall: And how do you know?

Brandy: He just fired me -- which is pretty funny considering he never paid me anything. But the point is, he must have some other source feeding him stuff about you.

Marshall: Who?

Brandy: Don't know. But I am happy to find out. So what do you want me to do?

Marshall: Nothing.

Brandy: Nothing? Okay, fine. Then just pay me for tonight's information.

Marshall: What? That the gossips in Oakdale are filling Mr. Ryan's mind with tales about me? That's worth the cost of a drink. Don't ever call me again.

Brandy: That's twice in one day I've been pushed aside like I'm nothing.

Marshall: You'll get over it -- or used to it.

Brandy: That is where you are so wrong, T. Marshall Travers.

Carly: Thanks.

Molly: Getting Craig involved in my love life is a huge, huge mistake.

Carly: Well, he can't make things worse than they already are. Come on, Molly, you said it yourself -- if Rosanna blabs, you lose Mike. Hey -- Molly, do you have any idea how worried I was about you after Jake died?

Molly: Me, too. Carly, I don't want to lose Mike.

Carly: And you're not going to. Because you have an evil and vengeful cousin -- me. And there is no weapon in the world that I wouldn't use to protect you.

Molly: But Craig --

Carly: Craig is Rosanna's Achilles' heel. I know she likes to pretend that he's nothing more than her toy boy, but trust me -- Rosanna is gone. And she is not gonna risk losing him just to embarrass you.

Molly: What if we're too late? She could be talking to Mike right now.

Carly: I know my sister. She doesn't work fast, she works smart. That gives us a little room to wiggle. You just stay close to Mike so she can't strike. And let me get to Craig.

Mike: You guys done? You need a few more hours?

Carly: No. No, no, no. You stay. I know Molly wants you by her side.

Mike: That's exactly where i want to be, but I got something to do first.

Molly: Uh --

Mike: Mind your business.

Molly: You're not playing fair. Honey, I'm so sorry. We didn't even talk about your wedding.

Carly: Oh, no. That's fine. Later -- after operation Rozilla. Then I'll be making full claims on my maid of honor. But until we achieve victory, he's paper and you're glue. I'll call you.

Molly: Okay.

Mike: I picked you up something from the Busy Bee hardware store.

Molly: Oh, honey, that is so thoughtful. I'll wear it always.

Mike: Wait. I have something else, all right? Something that I hope you'll agree to keep.

Jack: Craig, I don't have all night. Are you sure she's coming right home?

Craig: If she's not home in a few minutes, I want you to put out an APB out on Aaron Snyder.

Jack: He hasn't been convicted of anything.

Craig: Well, you wouldn't be investigating him if you could point a finger at somebody else, huh? So, what--

[cell phone rings]

Jack: Snyder.

Hal: Has Jessica sworn out the warrant for Aaron's arrest?

Jack: I haven't contacted her yet, Hal. I want to talk to Lucy Montgomery first, see if she can verify --

Hal: Will just had another seizure. I want that warrant before Aaron gets wind of it and decides to leave town.

Jack: Listen, Hal, I know you're upset about Will. Let's not rush this.

All right? Hal?

Hal: Call me when you're done.

Craig: So that's why you want to talk to Lucy? Hal's pushing for a quick arrest and you're stalling?

Jack: I'm re-interviewing everybody who was at that fire. If Aaron set it, I'll find that out, and I'll do my job.

Craig: Even if it means convicting Holden's son?

Jack: Even if.

Craig: Well, what do you know? We're both after the truth.

Alison: Hello? Aaron? Remember me? The person who went all over Oakdale to try to find you?

Aaron: I owe you one, Ali.

Alison: Don't get your dad mad. He wants you home. I'll just keep Aaron company.

Lucy: I'm not leaving.

Aaron: No, no, no. Alison's right. I'm trying to keep the cops from Holden's door. And if you don't go to your house, your dad's gonna have the whole S.W.A.T. Team on this lawn.

Lucy: Well, tell me where you're going to be. I'll meet you later.

Aaron: I guess the Old Mill.

Lucy: Alison, could you --

Alison: Go outside? I know.

Lucy: I love you.

Aaron: I love you, too. You gotta do me a favor.

Lucy: Anything.

Aaron: Don't meet me at the Old Mill.

Lucy: But --

Aaron: I don't want you to see me get arrested.

Lucy: And Alison can?

Aaron: I don't love Alison. Please?

Lucy: You coming?

Aaron: I'm writing Holden a note, let him know where I am.

Alison: We need to get out of here.

Lucy: I'm not going.

Alison: Well, I am. Aaron's, like, giving up. I have to think of something.

Lucy: Well, um -- if anything happens and he can't --

Alison: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll let you know. Really, Lucy. I'll call you.

Hal: Come on, Jack. What's taking so long?

Emily: He fell asleep.

Hal: By himself?

Emily: John gave him some stronger sedatives.

Hal: When I walked into that room and I saw him thrashing around like that, Emily -- I couldn't help him. Nothing I said calmed him down.

Emily: He couldn't hear you, Hal.

Hal: When he was a little kid, he used to throw a tantrum. I used to stroke his hair or his back. And after a while, he'd stop kicking and fussing. But now -- you saw him in that room. I could hardly hold him down.

Emily: He didn't know it was you.

Hal: It's like somebody snatched his soul. I want my little boy back. What if he never recovers?

Emily: Well, then we just go on loving him. Nothing's ever gonna change that. Okay? I'm gonna call the sitter and see if she can stay a little longer.

Hal: No. No. Daniel gets anxious if you don't get home on time. You just -- you give him a kiss from me, okay?

Emily: Okay, call me if anything changes, okay? You take care.

Hal: Thanks, hon.

[Cell phone rings]

Jessica: Hello?

Hal: Jess, it's hal.

Jessica: Hal, can I call you back? I'm expecting an important phone call.

Hal: You got one. I want a warrant in connection with the arson at the Snyder barn.

Jessica: Should you even be working this case? With Will's injuries, it's a little close to home.

Hal: Well, Margo's still out on sick leave and Jack -- it's personal for him, too. But that's all right. I want to bring in Aaron Snyder myself.

[Jessica sighs]

Marshall: I got your message.

Jessica: I asked you to call.

Marshall: You said you wanted to continue our relationship. Why should we keep hiding?

Jessica: I haven't had the opportunity to talk to Ben or Bonnie yet.

Marshall: Well, however you want to handle this is fine with me. But is it true? You do want to continue seeing me?

Jessica: Here I am. It's obvious that I can't stay away from you. And I don't want to try. No public displays. Not yet.

Marshall: All right. But if you're thinking Ben and Bonnie won't find out because Paul got rid of that videotape, I've got bad news. I think Ryan lied. And if that's the case, you and I have a big problem.

[Phone rings]

Craig: Somebody needs to invent a cell phone that teenagers can't turn off. Lucy?

Carly: It's Carly. I need to see you right away.

Craig: An old squeeze. Listen, I'm busy right now. Can it wait until tomorrow?

Carly: If it has to. Good night. All right, Rosanna, just keep your claws in for one more day.

Molly: You really didn't have to get me a gift.

Mike: I only spent a dollar.

Molly: A key?

Mike: To the cottage.

Molly: You really didn't have to wrap something I'm just going to use for a day.

Mike: Not a day -- any day. Any time, all right? I kind of started thinking about all these secrets and stuff that we were talking about, and that's usually what messes up things between people. And I really want this to work out.

Molly: I do, too. I definitely want this to work out.

Mike: Good. Then you can smile now, okay? The key, all right. Come whenever you want, leave whenever you want. But one condition.

Molly: Lock up after myself?

Mike: You always have to come back.

Molly: I will. For as long as you'll have me.

Craig: So what are the charges against Aaron going to be? Arson and attempted manslaughter?

Jack: Try not to gloat.

Craig: Just curious.

Jack: Everything's going the way you want it, isn't it? You get to wave bye-bye to Aaron in the paddy wagon and tell your daughter you were right about him all along.

Lucy: What's Detective Snyder doing here?

Craig: Lucy, Jack just wants to ask you a few questions.

Lucy: About?

Craig: About Aaron. He wants to talk to you about Aaron.

Alison: Come on! We have to get out of here before the cops come!

Aaron: I'm just leaving Holden a note.

Alison: No, no! Aaron, let's go!

Aaron: Okay.

Alison: Aaron!

Hal: It's okay, Barbara. You can touch him. He won't break.

Barbara: I don't know what to do. I'm afraid to even talk to him.

[Monitor beeping]

Hal: You're scared, aren't you, buddy? But your old man just fixed things. We're going to arrest the guy that started that fire, and then you can come back. Because everything will be safe. And that guy is never gonna hurt you again.

Lucy: I need to be with Aaron. Please, daddy, let me go.

Craig: No, I'm sorry. I can't.

Aaron: They're trying to pin the fire on me, Alison. And they're not gonna give up until they find me.

Craig: It looks like the law will now take care of Aaron Snyder, which means I don't have to.

Hal: One way or another, Aaron Snyder will be in jail tonight.

Lucy: I'll do anything to keep him from going to jail for something he didn't do.

Jack: All I want to do is get him into custody before something goes wrong.

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