ATWT Transcript Thursday 10/10/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 10/10/02

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Barbara: I know you can hear me, will. You're in that deep, dark, safe place. I know you can hear me, because I was there, too. When I was here in the hospital with my burns. But, you know, you're fine. You're perfect. You have a couple of blisters on your fingers, but other than that, you're just perfect, so you don't have to be afraid.

Barbara: What do you want?

Emily: I'm sorry, I was -- I was just looking for Hal.

Barbara: He'll be here in a few minutes.

Emily: I'm sorry. I'll wait for him outside.

Barbara: Remind your sister she's not welcome in here.

Emily: Barbara, you do not have a monopoly on caring. We are all concerned about Will.

Barbara: And that's why you were so willing to let him spend time with his mother.

Emily: Look, I know how that this is a stressful time for you --

Barbara: Don't patronize me.

Emily: And don't second-guess me. Look, you may not be my favorite human being, but I happen to be very fond of that little boy, and I am praying for his recovery.

Barbara: Praying? Don't make me laugh.

Emily: He's gonna get through this, Barbara. It's just a matter of time.

Barbara: First a saint, then a doctor? I know the game you're playing, and I'm not going to, Emily.

Hal: The Lab report on Aaron Snyder's clothes -- is it back yet?

Cop #3: Not yet.

Hal: All right. That report comes in, you run it over to me at the hospital ASAP.

Cop #3: You want me to give the lab a holler? Tell them what you're looking for? Maybe they'll give you the results over the phone.

Hal: No, I need the paperwork. 'Cause if that report comes in and I'm right, if they find traces of accelerant on Aaron Snyder's clothes and it matches what they found at the scene, I'll be making an arrest.

Aaron: How can my own sister sell me out? I mean, after I told her right to her face that I didn't do it. And instead of her believing me, she goes to the cops. And with what? A hunch? Hmm, what is that?

Lucy: And you'd think with everything she's been through, nobody believing that she didn't kill Nick Scudder --

Aaron: I believed her. When she was on trial, I trusted her.

Lucy: Trusted her? Aaron, you saved her. If it weren't for you, Abigail would've have been convicted. I think you should call her and confront her about it.

Aaron: What's the point?

Lucy: She's your sister.

Aaron: She was my sister. That bond's broken.

Molly: Oh. Oh, living alone stinks.

Abigail: What are you doing?

Molly: Oh, I'm so glad you're here -- help. I was thinking of having my arms lengthened, but you came here just in the nick of time. Did you see Mike downstairs by any chance?

Abigail: No.

Molly: Good. How do I look?

Abigail: You look great.

Molly: Oh, wait till you see the shoes. Aren't they great, honey? I got them on sale. Nice? You okay?

Abigail: No.

Molly: What happened?

Abigail: I did something really bad and I don't know how to make it right.

Molly: Oh, sweetie, you're not capable of doing anything really --

Abigail: I sold out my brother to the police.

Henry: Ms. Cabot.

Rosanna: Oh, thank you.

Henry: You're looking -- rested.

Rosanna: Funny how that works. I had very little sleep.

Henry: The cheating boyfriend come home last night?

Rosanna: I never said he was a cheater.

Henry: Oh, so, he reassured you. Good. He'd be a fool to let a woman like you get away.

Rosanna: I'll tell him you said so. So, any progress on that business we discussed?

Henry: Assuming and proving that Ms. McKinnon is funding the burn unit? Actually, yes. I cased out her place, and I think I can get in there sometime this morning.

Rosanna: I don't mean to tell you how to do your business --

Henry: Good. Good.

Rosanna: But, don't you think it would be wise to focus on Dr. Bob Hughes? Rifle through his files, hack into the hospital computers --

Henry: If I didn't have a suspect, yes. But since you're so convinced that it's Molly McKinnon, doesn't it make more sense to go in through her bank records first? I mean, unless you want me to hack into the hospital computers. I'd be more than happy to do that on your dime.

Rosanna: Oh, no, no, no -- I'm sorry. You are absolutely right. I stand corrected. You obviously know what you're doing.

Henry: Say that again.

Rosanna: You obviously know what you're doing?

Craig: Well, I hope you've had your shots, Rosanna. I'd shoot him, but he's out of season. Hello, Henry.

Henry: I'm just telling this lovely young lady my sad story. Are you sure you don't want the watch?

Rosanna: Quite.

Craig: Good-bye, Henry.

Craig: So, I wake up after a lovely night and come looking for you, and find Henry Coleman licking your palm. Anything you'd like to tell me?

Abigail: If I had just believed Aaron and just left it alone. Instead, I went poking around, ran into Lieutenant Munson, he saw the look on my face and then started questioning me.

Molly: What do you mean by "poking around"?

Abigail: I wanted to know. I wanted to know the facts, something that would prove me wrong, and so I went by the barn hoping that they'd discovered something, and Lieutenant Munson saw that I was acting weird and started questioning me.

Molly: Abigail, stop.

Abigail: It's all my fault.

Molly: Well, did you set the fire?

Abigail: No.

Molly: No. And did you answer Hal's questions truthfully when he talked to you?

Abigail: Yes, but he wouldn't have had to ask --

Molly: Yes, he would have, honey, because you were a witness, okay? You were at Emma's when the fire started. You have to trust the process. The police are gonna sift through all the evidence, so whatever you think you're feeling, this talk that you had with Aaron when he said he wanted to do something heroic is hearsay. It can't be presented in court, it can't be the basis for anybody's arrest. The police are gonna have to find hard evidence before they can arrest anybody.

Abigail: Really?

Molly: Really.

Abigail: Oh.

Molly: It's really difficult to get arrested -- I know, I tried, remember? Okay, so you were arrested but you couldn't remember anything, and when you did, everything was fine. So, see? Don't worry. If Aaron didn't set this fire --

Abigail: He didn't. He couldn't. And even if he did, he couldn't have known the kids were in there.

Molly: Sweetheart, just be his sister, okay? Leave the police work, all the legal stuff, up to the pros.

Abigail: I don't think he has much use for his sister right now.

Molly: You need to go talk to him.

Abigail: He doesn't want to talk to me. Lucy's furious with me.

Molly: Yeah, I'm sure she is. And you know what? He probably is, too, and he's gonna get over it. And you're gonna get over it, but you have to keep talking.

[Knock on door]

Molly: That's Mike. How do I look?

Abigail: You look great. I'll go talk to Aaron.

Molly: Okay, and you let me know how things go, okay? I love you.

Mike: Hello. And yo e? (??)

Mike: Does this help?

Abigail: Molly, your date's here.

Molly: Wow. You look yummy.

Mike: And you look good.

Molly: Is that for me? What do you think?

Mike: Do we really have to go to this Groundbreaking Ceremony?

Molly: Oh, no you don't. Some really sexy guy in blue jeans told me that these things are really important.

Mike: No, he's an idiot. What did he know?

Molly: Well, he knows just about everything, that's what he knows. So, come on, handsome guy. We have some people to impress.

Henry: Save your pennies, Ms. Cabot -- I can already taste those martinis.

Craig: So what did Henry Coleman want?

Rosanna: A job.

Craig: And what did you tell him?

Rosanna: To send me a resume.

Craig: Ah, well, I can tell you that he didn't go to Wharton, he never met Lee Iacocca, and he didn't ride out the '90s in tech stocks.

Rosanna: So I shouldn't hire him?

Craig: You do, and this little palm will hate you forever.

Rosanna: Mm, well, we wouldn't want this little palm to be unhappy.

Craig: We could take it upstairs for breakfast.

Rosanna: I think I'd rather keep you in agony of suspense.

Craig: Ah, so that's it. You have your way with me and then throw me away like yesterday's grapefruit.

Rosanna: Squeezed dry.

Craig: Nothing but pulp and rind.

Rosanna: Look, they have toast points.

Craig: I know what this is. We have a spectacular night together, you disappear, because why?

Rosanna: Do tell.

Craig: Because you feel vulnerable and can't take it, so you run away. But guess what? Last night, I needed you as much as you needed me. Maybe more.

Emily: Look, I don't like you and I certainly don't trust you, but you're a fact and I've accepted it. Will needs his mother, so why don't you stop trying to stick it to me every time you see me? It's boring and it isn't helpful.

Barbara: So you've accepted me?

Emily: Yes, I have.

Barbara: Why do I find that so hard to believe?

Emily: You're the one who came after me, Barbara. Remember?

Barbara: Which is why I find it so hard to believe that you have accepted me.

Emily: I'm not you! I didn't have you kidnapped and shipped off to some psycho spa! You did that. I'm getting on with my life, and you should do the same thing. You did a bad thing, Barbara. Don't do it again. Move on.

Hal: Is he still in a coma, or is this --

Barbara: No, no, it's sleep. A very deep sleep. After you left last night, they sedated him.

Hal: What'd John say? Have you seen him since last night?

Barbara: Well, John has been here, but Ben examined him, so John went off to find Ben to see what he had to say.

Hal: Hi, there.

Emily: Mm, how are you holding up?

Hal: Well, I could use a healthy kid and a month in Hawaii with my beautiful wife, but other than that --

Emily: How's the investigation going?

Hal: I'm hoping for a break today. I'm waiting for Forensics.

Emily: Hey, listen, I have to head over to Lakeview and meet with my mom and Ali. I'll be back soon.

Hal: Okay.

Emily: She could use a little kindness -- not that she deserves it, but she seems pretty ragged. You, take care of yourself, my handsome husband. I love you.

Hal: How you doing, Barbara? John, how is he?

John: I just spoke with Ben. Will's latest EEG shows increased activity.

Barbara: And that's good.

John: Well, it indicates that as his sedation wears off, he will be regaining consciousness.

Hal: Is he gonna wake up, is that what you're saying?

Barbara: And get back to normal?

John: I don't know if I can go that far.

Barbara: What do you mean, John?

John: I mean that until will does regain consciousness, and we can do a complete a complete neurological examination, we can't be sure of the extent of his injuries.

Hal: In English, John, please.

John: Until he wakes up, I don't know if the brain damage is permanent.

Lucy: I had this fight with Bryant once. He was about 11, I think. He and Billy were gonna take the boat out on the lake after everyone had fallen asleep, which was totally against the rules. And they wouldn't take me, so I told on them. Bryant wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the summer.

Aaron: I don't blame him.

Lucy: I don't, either. But the way I felt -- I guess it's why, no matter what my dad does, I'm still willing to at least talk to him. Even if it's just to tell him how wrong I think he is, or how furious I am. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm mad at Abigail, too.

Aaron: Last night I was trying to fall asleep and I could hear lily pacing. She has trouble sleeping. But I just -- I wanted to go, Lucy. I wanted to get on my bike and I wanted to ride away. They don't deserve what's coming -- Lily, Holden, and the kids. I've put them through enough.

Lucy: You didn't set that fire.

Aaron: You think that's gonna matter?

[Doorbell rings]

Lucy: It's okay. It's Abigail. You can listen to what she has to say, or not. It's up to you.

Aaron: Yeah. Let her in.

Abigail: Can I talk to you?

Emily: So what exactly is toast points?

Susan: I used to give those to you when you were little. They're those little triangles of buttered toast. You used to dip them in your egg. My grandfather used to call those soldiers. He used to eat them with his Bloody Marys every morning, which for him was about 11:00.

Emily: Oh, lovely. You really buttered my toast?

Susan: Honey, I hate to break it to you, but I wasn't a complete failure as a mother. Only a partial failure.

Emily: Speaking of failures, where is the delinquent?

Susan: Only her parole officer knows for sure.

Emily: You know, you're really calm about all this.

Susan: I've given up. Alison's a ward of the court -- or almost. Oh, there she is.

Alison: I'm sorry I'm late.

Susan: Wow!

Alison: I hope I didn't hold you guys up, I know how busy you are. I just haven't quite gotten this scheduling thing down yet. Just one more thing to work on.

Waiter: May I get the young lady something?

Alison: Yes, the young lady would love something. Root beer, straight up? That's with no ice.

Waiter: Yes, ma'am.

Alison: Yes, thank you -- in a tall glass? Thank you. So, who wants to talk about their morning?


Emily: You do.

Alison: Yes, me!

Susan: I'm glad -- I'm glad to see you in such a good mood. You wanna let us in on your secret?

Alison: I've had a change of heart. Or no. What would you call it when you've had one of those moments when you just see the light, and you change everything? Your whole entire soul?

Susan: A miracle?

Emily: I think she's referring to a life-altering experience.

Alison: That's it -- I'm altering my life as of now, and I want you guys to be the first to know.

Abigail: What I told Hal Munson doesn't matter. He has to have proof to do anything.

Lucy: Wait, are you saying that what you did doesn't matter?

Abigail: No, it's just -- oh, it sounded so good when molly said it. What I said, it was hearsay, it can't be used against you.

Lucy: So wait, now you're saying he's going to trial?

Abigail: No, of course not. It's just that you shouldn't worry about what I said to the police because it's not a basis for anything.

Lucy: It was the basis for a search warrant. They ripped up his room, Abigail. They went through all his personal things. They took his clothes. So don't stand here and try to say that you didn't do anything.

Abigail: I'm not. It's just --

Aaron: I told you I didn't do it.

Abigail: I know.

Aaron: Then how could you go to the cops and make me look like some sicko arsonist that set a fire to look like some kind of a hero? Is that what you think of me?

Abigail: No.

Aaron: Then what the hell were you doing?!

Abigail: I don't know! I was stupid. Of course you wouldn't do anything like that. I am sorry, Aaron. I am sorry.

Aaron: Wait, Abi -- wait.

Rosanna: Brook trout, shirred eggs. Ooh, and they have those wonderful little pastries.

Craig: Somebody's hungry.

Rosanna: And you'll be having the consomme?

Craig: I'll be having the left side of the menu. Last night was as much my idea as yours, you know. I missed you.

Rosanna: I missed you, too.

Craig: And when you walked in on Carly and me in the office, it bothered you, sure. But I want you to know that I intend to abide by the "Carly Clause."

Rosanna: Oh, yes, you've told me you intend to make a lot of money.

Craig: Yes, I do. But money is a means to an end -- of pleasure. Which I intend to share with you, because I like you.

Rosanna: And I like you. And --

Craig: And?

Rosanna: And it's nice to hear that sometimes. That I'm important to you, that you need me. There it is -- my heart on a platter.

Craig: Yes, and my heart is right next to it. We're very much alike, you know.

Rosanna: That had occurred to me.

Craig: So relax. We had a beautiful night last night. We're together, we're about engage in cuisine. The world is a marvelous place.

Bob: Champagne all around. We're celebrating. Although I have to admit, as far as Groundbreaking Ceremonies go -- and I've had my share of new wings -- this was kinda somber.

Molly: Yeah, are they always that short?

Mike: No, usually somebody insists on giving a speech -- or two or three. But since the donor's anonymous --

Kim: Well, and there's the concern about Will, too.

Bob: Yeah, that's the truth.

Molly: Well, I, for one, thought it was fabulous, because it's not every day I get to see this one in a suit. Or dump a shovel full of dirt on your shoes.

[Laughter] I'm really sorry.

Kim: Oh, listen. Don't worry about that. You should see him when he plays golf. I don't know how he does it, but he comes home with sand in his pockets.

Bob: This woman couldn't keep a secret if her life depended on it. Hey!

Chris: Hey, you picking on my mother?

Kim: Yeah, he is. Hi, kiddo.

Chris: Guess who I saw in the dining room? Rosanna Cabot, tete-a- tetting with Craig Montgomery.

Kim: Oh, for crying out loud. What do you want to bet Craig humbly admits to funding the burn unit?

Mike: Craig? I thought Lucinda --

Bob: Oh, really? Sorry.

Chris: It's my story.

Kim: Yes, dear, it is. And you tell it.

Chris: Rosanna Cabot sidled up to me in the bar the other night.

Molly: She's a sidler.

Chris: And after the usual back and forth, she gets to the point. Since I'm the boss' son, would I do her a little favor and snoop around the hospital and find out who made the anonymous donation to the burn unit.

Mike: What's with this woman?

Chris: It gets better. You know what she offered me if I'd do her this little favor? She offered to build me a Pediatric ICU.

Mike: You're not serious.

Chris: This woman does her homework. She sniffed around, found out who my father was, and that I was specializing in pediatrics with a concentration in worst-case scenarios.

Mike: I don't believe this. Excuse me.

Molly: Where are you going?

Mike: To put an end to this.

Henry: If I were a file full of bank statements, where would I be?

Henry: Oh, you're gonna make me very rich.

Craig: Mm -- that's delicious. You're blushing.

Rosanna: You're licking me.

Craig: Well, it's your turn. Fruit?

Mike: Excuse me. If I could have a word with the lady?

Rosanna: Oh, Mike. Hello. Another time perhaps --

Mike: No, we're gonna do this right now. I just spoke to Chris Hughes. And he told me that you asked him to find out who funded the burn unit.

Rosanna: Oh, well, that was a little conversation that we had. An innocent conversation.

Mike: Right. You offered him a bribe.

Craig: Really? How much?

Mike: Well, she offered to fund a Pediatric ICU, knowing that Pediatrics was his thing.

Rosanna: No, no, wait. You are blowing this conversation way out of proportion. I may have told him that Cabot Motors occasionally funds medical endeavors and told him to apply for funding, and he used the burn unit as an example, but that's --

Mike: Right. Are you through? Are you through lying? Because I'm really getting tired of this. You've been prying into my life for months now, and I want it to stop.

Alison: So anyway, I enrolled.

Susan: Might I ask where?

Alison: Oakdale Vo-Tech. It's the only school that'll take me, but that's cool, because I can still take college prep, and meanwhile, I can learn to be a manicurist. I mean, you'll save so much money. Oh, and they give extra credit for after-work experience. So, what do you guys think?

Emily: Where have I seen that? Where have I seen that before?

Susan: At the hospital. What are you doing with that? Where did you get it?

Alison: That woman in personnel. I mean, she's fabulous. I told her I'd be able to give silk wraps by Thanksgiving, and she promised me three shifts a week. Candy striping.

Emily: You? You're going to --

Alison: Take care of the sick. I think I'm really good at it. And Will? Yeah, of course he's unconscious, but he's gonna wake up. I know he is. I've been talking to him --

Susan: Alison --

Alison: -- And hold his hand. And he's been like, getting, like, these little twitches. I think it means he can understand me. I just told him all he has to do is open his eyes and realize everything's gonna be okay.

Emily: You know, sweetheart, that is very, very supportive of you.

Alison: So this is the new me -- back in school and healing the sick.

Susan: I appreciate the effort and that you're back in school. Apparently you took Judge Davin seriously, and I think that's terrific. But the candy striping thing -- I'm just wondering if that's right for you.

Alison: What do you mean?

Susan: If you're cut out for spending time with really, really sick children.

Alison: You think I don't care about really, really, really sick children?

Susan: I think that maybe you might be trying a little too hard to --

Alison: To what?

Susan: To be something you're not. Alison Stewart is a very bright, funny, irreverent girl, and I love her. But this pink and white starchy thing, this Miss Nightingale thing is not you. And I like that about you.

Alison: You know, I wish to hell you'd make up your mind.

Aaron: I don't know if I can ever forgive you for this.

Abigail: You're right. You would never intentionally set a fire to make yourself look good. It's just -- lately it's been kind of hard for me to sort out all my feelings. And until I do, I'm kinda confused. And Hal Munson just caught me at the right time, and I felt like I'd be lying if I didn't tell him what you said, like I was covering up for you. And he was so desperate for information because his son was in a coma, and I didn't think it all the way through. I'm sorry, Aaron.

John: Perhaps you'd like to continue this in the corridor.

Barbara: I am not leaving him.

Hal: You said the EEG was increasing, John?

John: Yeah, yeah. But an EEG can't tell us everything. Will experienced severe smoke inhalation and a serious brain injury. He could have been deprived of much-needed oxygen. Now, if that took place, it's a matter of mere minutes that could make the difference between life --

Barbara: Life as a boy or life as a turnip?

Hal: Barbara --

Barbara: That's what he's saying, Hal.

John: No, I don't mean that, Barbara. I just want you to be prepared in case there are complications. Which we'll address if and when it becomes necessary. Now, what is important is that when will does regain consciousness, that he knows that both of you are here with him and that you are calm, and that you are warm, and that you are positive. He needs to feel safe, he wants to feel safe. And he wants to know that he's with his family.

Hal: We'll be here.

John: I'll be back.

Barbara: Who would feel safe in a family like this?

Hal: "Family's" a big word, Barbara.

Barbara: We're not a family, Hal. We're not even friends.

Hal: Well, then I guess it's time we made some changes.

Barbara: What do you suggest? Barbecues? You, me, and Emily around a campfire?

Hal: I think you have to accept what's happened and stop resenting it, Barbara. And stop feeling guilty and miserable about what you've done, and pushing everybody around you away. Barbara, you are pushing people away. Emily has accepted that you're part of the picture. She knows that you're Will's mother and that you are part of his live. And now it's your part. You've gotta do your part Barbara. You've gotta stop fighting the world, because will can't live in a war zone. He needs peace, and he needs quiet. And he needs all of us pulling for him, Barbara. Do you think that you can do that?

Barbara: What are you suggesting, Hal? A big group hug?

Hal: No. I was thinking about a little acceptance.

Barbara: And what if I can't accept the choices that you've made?

Hal: Now, what about the choices that you've made, Barbara? Do you think they're easy to accept? The way you hurt those women? Rose, Carly, Emily --

Barbara: Oh, please, must we?

Hal: I think it's better sometimes that you had been convicted. Then maybe you'd give yourself a break. Emily's happy. So is Carly. And Rose, she'll be back. It's time you started living your life. Things could be a lot worse, you know. Will's alive. He's out of a coma. And whatever challenges that he has to face, we will face them together, because you are not alone, Barbara. Because we are a family. Maybe not the happiest or the sanest of families, but we are family pulling together. And if you'd give me half a chance, just maybe we could be friends, too. How about it?

Aaron: What you told the cops about what I said, I said that, so I don't blame you for that or that the cops came down on me.

Abigail: But they wouldn't have even looked at you if I hadn't acted so weird --

Aaron: With a track record like mine, a car in Minnesota can backfire and they're gonna come looking for me. It just felt bad to think that you didn't believe me. That you couldn't come to me one more time before going to the cops.

Abigail: Right. I know I should have. I am so sorry, Aaron.

Aaron: It's okay.

Abigail: If you need anything, just give call me, okay?

Lucy: I told you you were a good guy.

Aaron: I wish someone knew it besides you, Luce. I really do.

Emily: Alison --

Alison: No, no, I mean it. It's never good enough for her, no matter what I do.

Susan: Now, that's not true. I'm very happy that you've enrolled in school. I can't wait for my manicure.

Alison: You just don't want me in your hospital because you're ashamed of me.

Susan: I have never been ashamed of you.

Alison: You think I don't care about anybody but myself. But I care about Will, and I'm gonna help him whether you like it or not.

Susan: I appreciate your effort, and I know the judge will, too. I just want you to understand how much I love the real you -- your spontaneity and your passion and your spunk. I don't want you to lose any of that. I just want you to be a little more dependable. Just slow down now and then, and reflect a little. And maybe dream a little.

[Susan sighs] Never mind. I gotta get back to the hospital. Honey, thank you for enrolling in school. I'm glad that you're trying.

Emily: I'll see you later, mom.

Susan: Right. I'll be in my office if anybody needs me.

Alison: You know, it's not easy enrolling in school and getting a job the same morning.

Emily: No, it isn't, sweetie. But you know what? Mom is impossible to please. But this isn't about her. This is about you. You wanting to make all these big changes in your life.

Alison: Well, I want to be a candy striper.

Emily: Well, then you be the best candy striper you can be. Okay, here you go. Thank you. I'm going to head over to the hospital and see how Will's doing. You want to come?

Alison: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Emily: I want to see if his sedatives have worn off. He was in this coma and he woke up --

Alison: Sedatives?

Emily: Yeah, he was thrashing around and yelling out. And he was really upset so --

Alison: He came out of his coma. Why didn't you tell me?

Emily: Well, I -- he's really not out of it. He's still asleep. Where are you going?

Alison: The hospital.

Emily: Alison? Alison --

Alison: Gotta go.

Mike: This is the last time that I'm gonna say this. Stay out of my life! My personal life, my professional life and, most of all, my love life. Because let me tell you something, Rosanna -- it's over, okay? Find yourself a new boy. Someone who makes you pay attention.

Craig: So I spent the last 12 hours trying to convince you that Carly is out of the picture, you are my everything. And you --

Rosanna: Craig, Craig --

Craig: -- Apparently have your sights set somewhere else.

Rosanna: Don't go, please. Just --

Craig: No, I think I've have my breakfast.

Rosanna: You better have good news for me, Mr. Coleman, or I'm going to stab you through the heart with my fork.

Henry: I -- I have good news, Rosanna. We've got her.

Molly: Everything okay?

Mike: Couldn't be better.

Bob: We heard most of it from here.

Mike: Sorry.

Bob: Well, she had it coming.

Kim: I just wish I had a tape of it.

Mike: Well, this certainly calls for a toast. To Memorial Hospital's burn unit.

Bob: Hear, hear.

Mike: And to the Hughes family for all their generous support -- and great instincts.

Chris: Rich blondes -- you gotta watch their every move.

Mike: And to Molly McKinnon, for making life worth living.

Rosanna: You have proof that Molly McKinnon is the anonymous donor for the burn unit?

Henry: This is a photocopy of a canceled check. It's made out to "Memorial Hospital Burn Unit Completion Fund."

Rosanna: Where did you get this?

Henry: You don't want to know. The signature is "Molly McKinnon." It's drawn from her bank. I think it's pretty good evidence.

Rosanna: You have made me very happy, Henry. This is going to come in very useful when the time is right.

Lucy: They don't have any proof.

Aaron: Yeah. Well, they didn't have any proof that Abigail killed Nick Scudder, and she got all the way to trial.

Lucy: Yeah, but she didn't remember anything, and you do. Besides, you've got Tom defending you. And Holden and your father --

Aaron: I don't want Holden or my dad to be involved anymore. I mean, they've bailed me out enough.

Lucy: But that's what parents do.

Aaron: Lucy, the only reason I'm in Oakdale is because they figured that I was old enough to start making my own decisions. So I gotta take that weight.

Lucy: So you're staying?

Aaron: Well, that's what I was telling you before Abigail got here. Whatever comes my way, I'm gonna deal with it, because I didn't do anything.

Lucy: Hey, you saved two kids' lives.

Aaron: And you're right. I did. But I'm not a hero. I mean, I was just trying to help. And I'm not a destructive person. And I'm not letting anybody chase me outta town and away from you.

Barbara: He's such a sweet little boy. He's sensitive and loving, and smart and athletic. We've been watching baseball, and you know, he knows every member on every team, every statistic.

Hal: You should see him pitch.

Barbara: What if he can't play baseball again?

Hal: We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Emily: Everything okay? What?

Hal: John was here. He, um -- he said that there might be some brain damage.

Emily: Oh, no.

Hal: We'll know more when he wakes up.

Emily: Hal, he is so strong. Just hold onto that.

Cop #4: Sorry to intrude, Chief. Shanks said you needed this ASAP. Forensics said you'd be happy.

Hal: Thank you. Yes. I know who started that fire.

Barbara: You know who did this to Will?

Hal: Aaron Snyder.

Alison: Oh, my God, Aaron.

Emily: Are you sure?

Hal: I've got proof.

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