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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/9/02

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Henry: Now remember, when you talk to Lucinda, to bring up financial backing, okay? No, thank you. She's willing to help a worthy cause as long as it helps her.

Katie: No, no, no, no, no. Lucinda owns way too many things in this town already. Why do we have to add our little business to her list? Let's just ask her for advice on structuring a new company.

Henry: Fine -- fine, Katie. Fine, fine, fine. Let's move on to the next item here -- our shingle. We need a name.

Simon: Shingle?

Henry: Yes, a name. We need something that's evocative and attractive, and something that sort of rolls off the tongue, and then hangs there on the lips.

Katie: What's wrong with "Frasier, Frasier and Coleman?"

Henry: Besides the fact that I'm at the end of that moniker, nothing. But it doesn't tell anybody what we do. So, here.

Katie: "Early bird surveillance."

Simon: "Wake up and smell the coffee."

Henry: Oh, the brash young rookie hits one out of the park. It's perfecto, no?

Lucy: Oh, Abi! Thank you, thank you. Somebody I can trust. I need your help. I don't want to wake up Lily.

Abigail: Lucy, you're freaking out. What's wrong?

Lucy: Lieutenant Munson came. He's got the Police thinking that Aaron had something to do with the fire, and Aaron and Holden are downtown right now. That's where I'm going. I just need you to stay with Lily and the kids --

Abigail: Oh, Lucy, hold on. Slow down.

Lucy: No -- no, I don't understand how they got these stupid ideas. I mean, one minute he's a hero, the next he's a criminal? I mean, it was my father. It had to be! It had to be my father. I mean, who else would want to ruin Aaron's life?

Abigail: Lucy --

Lucy: No, I thought that he was gonna give Aaron a second chance, but I guess I was wrong -- again. So much for trust.

Abigail: Wait! It wasn't your father that told the Police about Aaron.

Lucy: Well, somebody did.

Abigail: It was me.

Holden: Tom, thanks again for getting on this so quickly.

Tom: Hey, it's my job. Aaron, I know you're nervous, I want you to settle down as best you can. Nothing unusual about this. Hal needs to question everybody. That way, he can eliminate suspects.

Aaron: Meaning I'm already a suspect. The guy thinks I did it.

Tom: You know what? It doesn't matter what he thinks. You just answer his questions honestly, and we'll get out of here.

Aaron: He's gonna try to trick me into saying something to make me look like I'm guilty.

Tom: Ah, but that's why I'm here. He's not going to get away with anything.

Hal: And since you have nothing to hide, you don't have to worry about being tricked -- now do you, Aaron?

Alison: Hey, Will. I brought you something. It's the latest one. Emily told me you love this kind of stuff, and you can play it until your thumbs get sore, but you gotta wake up. Aaron saved you from the fire, and the doctors fixed you up. So it's really important that you open up your eyes. Will? Come on, Will. Come on, wake up. Wake up, Will. Please?

Barbara: Get away from him! What do you think you're doing?

Craig: Hello, Jack.

Jack: You're late.

Carly: I know, I am so sorry.

Craig: Carly and I were just toasting our new mutual understanding of so many things.

Carly: I just lost track of time, Jack.

Jack: Oh, so this is the new place. That's funny, I thought you two were meeting at the Lakeview?

Carly: Right, well, Craig just pulled this on me last minute.

Craig: What's life without a little spontaneity, eh, Jack?

Jack: Mm.

Craig: How did you find us?

Jack: What, you trying to hide on me, Craig? Nice digs. I like them, I do. Hope you're not going to be too tight-wadded with the money, Craig. This place could use some remodeling, maybe an interior designer or something? We all know Carly's gonna be a star. Her office should look like she already is one.

Paul: I told Jack and Bonnie there was nothing on the tape but Marshall sleeping -- alone. We both know that's not true. And you know I have proof, and I'll use it in ways you won't like. It's up to you.

Jessica: Let me just say this. If you gained access to someone's residence by breaking and entering, and subsequently taped that person without their knowledge -- that's a crime. You're in no position to threaten me, Paul. What you should be looking for is a good lawyer.

Paul: You sold us out, Jessica. You betrayed your family, your friends, this entire town -- and for what? Love, sex, whatever. I don't care. If you don't help me, I'll expose your dark secret to the light of day. Every person, every paper, every tv and radio station would carry this story. And your life will be ruined.

Jessica: And you'll go to jail.

Paul: I don't care.

Lucy: You're Aaron's sister! How could you accuse him of something he didn't do?

Abigail: Aaron said he wanted to be a hero, then, then all of the sudden there's a fire at the barn, and he's right there to save Luke and Will? I couldn't live with myself if, for any reason, Aaron had something to do with that fire. Two kids were hurt.

Lucy: And they would have died if Aaron hadn't saved them. Why didn't you go to Aaron personally?

Abigail: I did. He denied it.

Lucy: Well, you, of all people, should know what it's like to be accused of something you didn't do. You were on trial for murder.

Abigail: I was innocent, Lucy.

Lucy: So is Aaron! You know, I don't get it. All of the sudden you're so self-righteous? You wouldn't have survived one day without people who really believed in you.

Abigail: I believe in Aaron.

Lucy: No you don't! You don't even know him. Ever since your brother came here, he has always been there for you. I mean, my God, Abigail, he saved you from Mary Mennihan! Do you know what would have happened if he hadn't been there?

Abigail: I'm sorry. I really hope that they get it all worked out at the station.

Lucy: Well, everything is not working out.

[Doorbell rings]

Cop #1: Is this the home of Aaron Snyder?

Lucy: Yes.

Cop #2: We have a warrant to search the premises.

Katie: Early bird surveillance. Henry, that's the stupidest name I've ever heard.

Simon: Yeah, I had no idea we were starting up a bird-watching club.

Henry: You guys obviously don't have any idea about corporate branding, all right? This way, people won't be confused about what it is we do.

Katie: I'm already confused.

Henry: All right, fine, fine, fine. Just in case, I've come up with a pithy little logo to go along with the name -- wake up and smell the coffee.

Simon: The thing is, I thought early birds caught worms, not drank coffee.

Henry: Simon, please. Boy, just hang in there with me, will you? Okay, I mean, we could say, you know, "Wake up and nail your husband doing the secretary," all right, that's fine. I could go either way. But the point is, when people go through the yellow pages and see us, they need to know that, "A," we know they're getting shafted. "B," they should hire us to dig up the dirt. And "C," they'll get a nice, fat settlement from their attorney.

Simon: Henry, this is not the kind of firm we're gonna be. We're not gonna be the kind of people that sneak around in the bushes taking snapshots of steamy car windows.

Henry: What do you think private investigation is? What, do you think it's lost cats and murders? I mean, infidelity -- that's the name of the game. Jeez, okay. This meeting is over.

Simon: Oh, don't cry.

Katie: Henry, don't be mad.

Henry: I'm not mad. I'm not crying. I'm just gonna go over and have a drink at the bar and keep my good ideas to myself.

Simon: Was it the comment about the worm?

Katie: Oh, no, no, no. Henry's just like a spoiled little 3-year-old sometimes. He can't handle the word "no."

[Phone rings]

Simon: Early bird watchers association.

Lucy: Simon? It's Lucy. Look, something terrible is happening, and I don't know what to do.

Simon: Lucy, Lucy. Wait, wait, wait. Slow down. Where are you? What's going on?

Lucy: I'm at my aunt Lily's house. Where are you? Is aunt Katie there? I really need to talk to somebody.

Simon: Yeah, Katie's with me right now. We're at the lounge at the Lakeview.

Lucy: Can you just stay here a little while, please?

Abigail: Yeah, okay.

Lucy: Simon, I'll be right over. Don't move.

Simon: All right, all right. We'll be here.

Katie: What was that about?

Simon: It was Lucy. She's freaking out about something. She's on the way over.

Katie: Oh, no, not my brother again.

Simon: So, what's the early bird policy on dealing with family members?

Katie: Early bird says, "never take sides."

Susan: Should we knock on his door?

Emily: What, like we're selling cosmetics? Ali's not even here yet. Ali, I cannot believe we're doing this. Family court?

Susan: I can't handle her by myself, and neither can you. She's incorrigible. I'm afraid for her, and nothing we do seems to matter, so --

Emily: So, what? Now we scare her straight?

Susan: I hope so.

Judge Davin: Dr. Stewart?

Susan: Yes. Thank you for meeting with us, Judge Davin. This is my daughter Emily.

Emily: How do you do?

Judge Davin: Pleased to meet you. And Alison?

Susan: We're hoping that she'll be here any minute.

Judge Davin: Ah.

Alison: I brought him a new video game. It's the one that all the kids are using.

Barbara: Does my son look like he's in any condition to play a game? What do you want, Alison?

Alison: Nothing. I just want to do something nice for your son. Hal said we had to hope and pray. I just wanted to do something nice.

Barbara: Hal told me that you talked to him before the fire?

Alison: Yeah, just a little. I mean, just kid stuff. That's all.

Barbara: Thank you. I'll see that Will gets your gift. And now, if you would please leave. Will is only supposed to be seeing immediate family, and just because you're the sister of Hal's new wife, it doesn't put you in that category.

Alison: Are you always this mean? No wonder Will doesn't want to wake up. No, no, no -- I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Barbara: Get out of here, you miserable little --

Alison: You know, I'm sorry! I didn't --

Barbara: Get out! Get out!

Alison: I'm sorry!

John: What's going on?

Barbara: Oh, John -- John. Tell me he's gonna wake up. Okay? Just tell me he's gonna be okay.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Barbara: Please.

Carly: Craig and I were having a small disagreement about what to name the new company.

Craig: Yeah, Jack, you've got a head on your shoulders, don't you? How does Monte Carlo strike you?

Jack: Monte and Carly -- yeah, I get it. That's clever. That's kind of silly, isn't it? Oh, I'm sorry, Craig. Was that your brainstorm? I'm sorry. I think something simpler, something with a little more power behind it. Carly Tenney Creations.

Craig: I see.

Carly: I told you. It's obvious.

Jack: See, the fact is, Craig, you're just the money, right? Well, actually, Rosanna's really the money behind this whole thing, which makes you more like a -- a middleman, kind of like the accountant or something. Right? Well, I think the person who dreams up the designs, who molds the fabric into wearable art should have her name up front just like any other designer in the world. Unless, of course, you're marketing to strip malls. See, the name should be synonymous with Carly's class and taste and -- you know, I'm going on and on here. What do I know? If you guys have already come to an agreement, congratulations.

Carly: Okay. Are you ready to blow this joint? We have a date.

Jack: No, no, no. Listen, you stay here, celebrate, iron out the last few details, and I'll meet you at Java, okay? Later, Monte.

Carly: What a guy, huh?

Craig: If you say so. He is intimidated, as you are.

Carly: By you?

Craig: By me, us, your success.

Carly: Didn't seem that way to me.

Craig: Well, you mark my words -- Jack will be a problem.

Jessica: You should know me by now, Paul. I don't do anyone's bidding.

Paul: Not even James Steinbeck's? He can be persuasive.

Jessica: Don't be ridiculous.

Paul: Who are we kidding, Jessica? You slept with Marshall. Now, you're giving him control to the D.A.'s office.

Jessica: You think I didn't want to win this election?

Paul: He's going to let my father pass on all charges against him in Oakdale. My father is sitting on the U.S./Mexico border just waiting for Marshall to take the oath of office.

Jessica: What do you want from me?

Paul: If you want to nail James as badly as you say, you stick close to Marshall, keep tabs on him.

Jessica: No, no. I've already ended any relationship with that man.

Paul: No. From the tape, it looks like he'd be more than willing to start back up again.

Jessica: It's over, Paul. Okay? I made a mistake. I am not proud of it, but it's over.

Bonnie: Hey. What are you two doing over here? You look like your hatching some nefarious plot.

Jessica: We were just putting this whole election thing --

Paul: To bed -- so to speak.

Jessica: And as far as I'm concerned, it's over.

Paul: Oh, I don't know. Looks to me like it's just the beginning.

Carly: It just chaps your hide, doesn't it? Jack being the bigger man?

Craig: Oh, really?

Carly: Even with this strange agreement of ours, Jack and I are as tight as two bunnies in a burrow, and you can't stand it.

Craig: I see you start to live a little, Jack chase you down, and you go running back to your cedar chips like a nice little bunny.

Carly: I'll always go running back. That's your problem.

Craig: But I'll always be more fun. That's your problem.

Carly: You've got some smooth moves, but you're no Fred Astaire.

Craig: I think I remember curling your toes once or twice. Huh? To Monte Carlo. And to Rosanna -- who makes things possible.

Rosanna: Bartender, bourbon, neat.

Henry: Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. I have a bit of an olive fetish myself. So, life got you down? Did your dog steal your last pair of Gucci pumps?

Rosanna: Yes, I am having a bad day. Is there anything else you'd like to know?

Henry: I don't mean to intrude.

Rosanna: Yes, you do, or you wouldn't have opened your mouth.

Henry: Whoa. The art of cordiality is dead. Forgive me for being kind.

Rosanna: You're being nosy.

Henry: Well, it's -- it's my occupation. But you know what? I saw you sitting here looking down, I thought I'd offer you a hand. But I can change my mood just by turning my back.

Rosanna: So what is it you do, sir? Are you psychiatrist? Social worker?

Henry: Nada. I help people with their problems. Of course, you're more than welcome to keep yours to yourself.

Rosanna: Early bird surveillance?

Henry: Mm-hmm. When you wake up and smell the coffee, I'll be the one grinding the beans -- or something like that. Henry Coleman.

Lucy: I am so glad you guys are still here. Aaron is being framed for setting the fire at Emma's barn.

Katie: What do you mean "framed?"

Lucy: Lieutenant Munson thinks that Aaron set a fire so he could save two kids and look like a hero.

Simon: What?

Katie: What would make him think that?

Lucy: Try his sister, Abigail. Aaron told her that he'd have to be a hero or something for people to change their minds. So she thinks that he would endanger his little brother's life to do that.

Simon: And Will, which is why Hal's obviously after him.

Lucy: Yeah. But you've worked with aunt Margo and Lieutenant Munson. Can't you do something?

Simon: Like what, Lucy? This is obviously an official Police investigation.

Lucy: Yeah, but you have to convince them they have the wrong person.

Simon: How am I supposed to do that? Lucy, I have no idea who Aaron even is.

Lucy: Yeah, but you could figure out what they're thinking, or you could go to the barn yourself. Please, Simon, Aaron didn't do this.

Tom: Hal, I hope this isn't some kind of witch hunt.

Hal: I'm just trying to get to the truth, Tom.

Aaron: I don't need a lawyer for that.

Holden: Aaron, I asked Tom to come down here because the situation is serious.

Tom: Aaron, it's better this way.

Aaron: It doesn't even matter. I have nothing to hide. The guy's going to think whatever he wants anyway.

Hal: What's your problem with that, if you've got nothing to hide?

Tom: Ease off, Hal, or we'll walk out of here right now. I'll need to talk with Aaron alone for a sec. Holden, just wait out here.

Holden: Sure.

Aaron: Can I tell you something?

Tom: That's why I wanted to talk to you. You see, I don't like surprises. So if there's anything that I need to be aware of, you need to tell me now.

Aaron: I just wanted to thank you for coming through for me. I wasn't sure how you'd feel after what happened at the house that time.

Tom: Well, you explained yourself, and I believed you. So that matter's over, as far as I'm concerned.

Aaron: And I just wanted to say thank you because I never did.

Tom: All right. So what about what's going on now?

Aaron: Everything I've said from the beginning has been the truth.

Tom: Well, that's what I wanted to hear. So why don't we get this over with. Hey, we're ready.

Prisoner: That judge railroaded me! I'm innocent!

Guard #1: Everyone's innocent in their own mind.

Prisoner: But I'm for real this time! Don't send me back!

Guard #2: You've had plenty of chances to straighten yourself out.

Prisoner: Just one more chance?!

[Alison daydreaming]

Minister: Yea, though I walk --

Alison: No, I'm innocent! Please, you've got to believe me!

Guard #2: Innocent?


Alison: No, no, I can change! I can! I was a little confused. Maybe I was just --

Guard #1: Time's up, kid.

Guard #2: How many chances did you think you'd get?

Alison: You're in the mercy business! Please, have some mercy on me!

Minister: You are a miserable little wretch. You'll get what you deserve.

I will pray for you, though, my child.

Guard #1: You're gonna need all the help you can get. Dead girl walking!

Minister: You anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over.

Judge Davin: Alison? Your mother and sister are here. We're all waiting for you.

Judge Davin: Your mother and sister have explained why they've brought you here today. Why do you think you're here?

Alison: Because I'm a spoiled, miserable, pain in the butt, and I'm getting what I deserve.

Isaac: Ah, this may be a public place, but it's a private party. And we reserve the right to throw the trash out.

Marshall: I need to speak to Ms. Griffin, if you don't mind.

Ben: I do. Look, why don't you just quit while you're ahead, Travers? Say good night.

Marshall: If you'd like to make a scene, then by all means.

Bonnie: What are you doing here? Have you no class whatsoever?

Lisa: Now, is there a problem here?

Jessica: Well, I certainly hope not. Marshall, please excuse my friends and family. They're just trying to protect me, and there's no need.

Bonnie: Oh, you couldn't be more wrong about that, mom.

Jessica: I am more than willing to hear whatever you have to say.

Marshall: That's very kind of you.

Lisa: Look, we're all adults here. So, I'm sure Jessica can take care of herself.

Jessica: Ben, would you excuse us for a minute? Why are you here?

Marshall: We seem to have a situation. I was under surveillance again last night. My apartment was videotaped.

Jessica: What? By whom?

Marshall: That gentleman you were just chatting with.

Jessica: Paul Ryan?

Marshall: I came here to warn you. But, lo and behold, here you are just talking away, and everything seems fine. So now I have to wonder -- were you in on this, Jessica?

Jessica: I didn't have anything to do with any of this. As a matter of fact, Paul was just telling me about the surveillance at your apartment. He said the Police didn't find a tape. And even if they had, there was nothing on it.

Marshall: So why come to you? How did he even know we were connected if you weren't on that tape?

Jessica: Because he knew that I was aware of the surveillance at the Lakeview. And he just wanted to clear the air. So I -- I think -- I think you should just drop it, don't press charges -- for obvious reasons.

Marshall: Did those reasons have to do with your daughter or with us?

Jessica: Both. Did you really come here tonight to protect me?

Marshall: You have a lot more to lose, Jessica. Oakdale is your home. You have an important position in the community. And I don't want you dragged through the mud because of our relationship. But, then again, we don't have a relationship anymore. Do we?

Susan: Do we have to go through this all over again? The crying, the begging, the last-minute reformation?

Emily: Here.

Susan: I'm sorry, Judge Davin, but we've all seen this before.

Emily: And, as usual, you're the role model for sympathy and understanding, mother.

Susan: Sympathy? Ha. I'm fresh out.

Judge Davin: Alison -- I have yet to hear your side of things. Can you tell me what you want?

Alison: You mean like my life in general? I wish I knew. That's my problem. I keep getting, like, these -- these thoughts in my head. And they just get all messed up. And I just don't know what I want. So I wind up doing this stuff.

Judge Davin: Actions that obviously upset your mother very much.

Alison: She wants me to have, like, my whole life mapped out from now until I die!

Susan: It would be nice if you were interested in something, had a passion for something.

Judge Davin: Dr. Stewart, I would prefer you to remain silent for the time being. I'd like to listen to what Alison has to say.

Alison: There's a first. You wanna listen to me?

Judge Davin: If you're honest, and you're willing to admit to your part in your family's difficulties, you'll have a sympathetic ear in these chambers. If not, believe me, young woman, your problems will multiply. So I advise you to get real with me while you have my attention. 'Cause when you're finished, I plan to get very real with you.

Hal: I just want to hear what happened in your own words, Aaron, no trick questions. You just tell me how it unfolded from start to finish.

Aaron: When I got to the barn --

Hal: Why were you going to the barn?

Aaron: I spend most of my time there -- almost every day. That's where I work on my bike. Plus my grandma asks me to keep the place clean and stuff, so --

Hal: Go ahead.

Aaron: So I pull up. I get out. And I could smell fire. So I went to check it out. And that's when I heard Luke screaming. So I ran into the barn. The fire was -- was pretty big by that point. There was a lot of smoke, but I found Luke. I grabbed him, and I got him out of there.

Hal: How did you know to go back in there for Will? Did you know that he was there, too?

Aaron: Not until Luke was screaming that he was.

Holden: That's when I got there.

Aaron: So I left Luke with Holden, and I ran back inside. I was looking everywhere, but I found him.

Hal: Where?

Aaron: By the stairs up to the hay loft.

Hal: And he was unconscious?

Aaron: Yeah.

Hal: So you use the barn quite a bit. Are these yours?

Aaron: Yes.

Hal: Do you smoke?

Aaron: No.

Hal: Then why the matches?

Aaron: I got 'em at a diner in Seattle. On the way here, I had to camp out, so I kept them just in case I needed to make a fire.

Hal: Why did you keep the matches in the barn? Any reason?

Aaron: What, like so I can burn the place down?

Tom: Aaron --

Hal: Did you ever tell your sister, Abigail, that you wanted to do something heroic?

Aaron: What are you talking about?

Tom: Don't answer that. What is this about?

Holden: Now you're bringing Abigail into this?

Tom: So why this mysterious line of questioning?

Holden: I don't like what you're implying here.

Hal: And I don't like having my son lying in a coma because somebody was crazy enough or reckless enough to start a fire in a barn where he was playing.

Holden: This is over.

Tom: I agree. Are you charging my client?

Hal: Not yet. Make sure he sticks around. No out-of-town camping trips for awhile.

Simon: Listen, Lucy, if Aaron had nothing to do with this fire, there's going to be no physical evidence pointing towards him, and he's going to be cleared.

Lucy: No, you don't understand.

Simon: Trust me.

Lucy: You don't understand. Will is still in the hospital, and his father's the chief of detectives. Lieutenant Munson wants to blame somebody, and Aaron's at the top of the list.

Katie: I know Aaron seems like an easy target, and that's not fair. But if he didn't do anything wrong --

Lucy: No, it doesn't matter. This is not going to go away.

Simon: All right. I'll check it out. Okay? I'll see what evidence Hal has against Aaron, and I'll snoop around the barn a bit, snoop it out.

Lucy: Thank you so much. I have to get back to the Police station. I want to be there for Aaron when they tell him that his room was searched. Thanks though.

Katie: Good luck.

Rosanna: What kind of investigative work have you done, Mr. Coleman?

Henry: Oh, well, you know, the usual -- bail jumpers, cheating spouses. Actually, I just wrapped up this very interesting political case. It's very sensitive, though. I can't talk about it.

Rosanna: So you're good?

Henry: Well, you know, surveillance, stakeouts, whatever you need. So, what exactly has happened to you? Cheating boyfriend? I see. It's amazing, you know, the years you spend in this business, how you can just read someone's face. We can catch him in the act, if you'd like.

Rosanna: Perhaps some other time, Mr. Coleman, hmm? But I'll tell you what, Henry -- can I call you Henry?

Henry: Yeah, of course.

Rosanna: It seems that someone has made an anonymous donation to Oakdale Memorial's little burn unit. You know, the new wing that's going on the hospital. And I sure would be grateful and possibly very generous if you would help me find out who that anonymous donor is.

Judge Davin: You're going to get a high school diploma. There's no question about that. Whether you attend college or not is up to you. But high school is mandatory.

Alison: Is that my punishment?

Judge Davin: No. Without a high school diploma, your punishment would be unemployment. No one wants to hire a dropout, which means you'll be on public assistance or on death row. The prisons are filled with dropouts. Is that the kind of life you want? Poor, unemployable, subject to incarceration and on welfare?

Alison: No.

Judge Davin: Then you listen to me, young lady. Drop the sob story about your life, because I don't pity you. I deal with kids who make your life look like a dream. Most of the young people I am currently working with have lost one or both their parents to drugs or jail. You family cares about you. They're willing to give you experiences those kids can't even imagine. I understand that you're hurt and you're confused about certain aspects of your life. We can work on that. But right now, this is the deal -- you've got two weeks to get your act together. You enroll in school, get a part-time job and make a plan for the next two years. You will also check in with your mother on a timetable that is determined by me. And if you fail to do so, you will then answer to me. And I won't be as nice the next time we meet. Am I clear?

Jessica: Marshall, you know, I'm just -- I can't make any decisions right now. But maybe we could be friends.

Marshall: Friends? You may have noticed I don't have many of those. Friendship is not my strong suit.

Jessica: Well, if you're discreet, it's possible we could redefine the word "friendship."

Ben: Are you all right over here?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, I was just telling Marshall no hard feelings.

Marshall: Thanks. You were a worthy opponent. I'll be in touch.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: So -- is that it? It's all over?

Carly: Hey. Am I too late for that dance?

Jack: Haven't you figured it out by now? It's never too late for us.

Henry: Why don't you give me the pertinent details.

Rosanna: All right. Well, the ground-breaking ceremony is tomorrow. And all I need you to do is find out the name of the anonymous donor who's funding the building.

Henry: Mm-hmm. How much is the gift?

Rosanna: Let's just say it's sizable. I've asked around, but no one is willing to tell me who the benefactor is. In fact, I've been outright lied to and deceived.

Henry: You poor thing.

Rosanna: Yes, I know.

Henry: Let's just narrow it down a little bit. Did you ever have any suspects?

Rosanna: Well, as a matter of fact, do you know the newscaster on WOAK, Molly McKinnon?

Henry: Yes.

Rosanna: Well, if you can prove that Molly's the one who made the donation, if you can bring me irrefutable proof, I will pay you enough to keep you in martinis until you're 90.

Henry: Well, I think that's enough details. Just a black-bag job, actually. I think I can handle it.

Rosanna: Good.

Henry: You can depend on me.

Rosanna: Excellent. Oh. Hi.

Craig: Hi.

Rosanna: All finished with Carly?

Craig: I just knocked on your door. You weren't there.

Rosanna: Yes, that's because I'm here -- alone.

Craig: The night is young.

Rosanna: That line isn't.

Craig: What line is? And we never needed words.

Emily: Excuse me. If I may say something --

Alison: No, I don't care what he wants me to do, who he wants me to see. I just am tired of being a screw-up.

Susan: That's a first.

Alison: So you'll help me figure out everything else in my life?

Judge Davin: Well, maybe not everything, but I promise to work with you and your family.

Alison: Yeah. Just as long as you don't give up on me, okay?

Tom: I want it on record that my client volunteered to come here and was not formally charged. Great, if there's nothing further, Aaron?

Lucy: Aaron! They came with a search warrant and took all the stuff out of your room. There was nothing I could do.

Tom: Is that how this is going to play out, Hal?

Holden: Hal, I know that your son is hurt and that you want someone to blame for this, but it is not gonna be my son.

Barbara: Is there any change?

John: Nothing so far.

[Monitor beeping]

Will: Fire! Fire!

Barbara: He's awake! He's awake. Honey, Mommy's here. Mommy's here. Mommy's here. Mommy's here. You're okay.

John: Well, he seems to be conscious, but he's drifting in and out.

Barbara: Oh, is that normal, John? Is that normal? Is he going to open his eyes again?

John: I'm going to page Ben, and then I'm gonna give Hal a call.

Barbara: Will -- Will, mommy's right here. I'm right here, sweetie. I'm right here. You're coming back to me. You're coming back to me. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay, Will.

Bonnie: Mom, are you okay?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm fine, sweetheart. I'm just tired. I'm ready to go home.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay, well, I'll drive, and we'll go get your stuff.

Jessica: Okay.

Bonnie: Okay.

Jessica: Thanks.

Ben: So are you sure you're all right? Travers coming here didn't upset you?

Jessica: Well, it didn't make my evening, I'm okay.

Ben: Okay.

Jessica: Call me tomorrow?

Ben: Yeah, first thing.

Jessica: Okay.

Paul: You're holding up fairly well.

Jessica: Oh, Paul, I can't stand this -- lying to my daughter, to Ben --

Paul: All right, just give me two weeks. That's all I'm asking. Otherwise, Marshall Travers is gonna take office and turn this town upside down.

Carly: Not that I mind, but how did you find out where I was tonight?

Jack: Oh, a little blue-eyed birdie told me.

Carly: Rosanna.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Just remind me to have my new office swept for bugs in the morning.

Jack: I wouldn't worry about Rosanna, or Craig for that matter. Let them push each other's buttons all they want, Carly. Right now, all I want is to get lost in you.

Carly: Then what are you waiting for? Take me home.

Rosanna: So what do we need?

Craig: A hot bath, champagne, some oysters?

Rosanna: Well, that sounds very nice. But I have a confession to make.

Craig: I'm not wearing my collar.

Rosanna: I needed you to come to me tonight. I needed you to let me know that everything was all right, because sometimes I can't tell. Am I the whiny girlfriend, or what?

Craig: No.

Rosanna: I can't help it sometimes. You know, it's just a tone in my voice.

Craig: Rosanna, Rosanna, Rosanna --

Rosanna: I've had it since I was a kid.

Craig: Despite evidence to the contrary, neither one of us is made of metal. We both need each other on occasion.

Rosanna: You've needed me, too?

Craig: And you've been there. And you're here now.

Rosanna: Let's draw a bath, hmm?

Craig: Mm, capital.

Rosanna: Oh, wait. I forgot something.

Craig: All right.

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