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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/2/02

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Henry: Beautiful.

Simon: Bingo. They don't teach you that in mole school.

Henry: Hey, "Inspector Clouseau," we have work to do.

Simon: I am working -- looking for security devices.

Henry: What, his detectors might detect our detectors detecting his detectors?

Simon: Okay -- yeah, exactly. Look, this is gonna be the place where Travers does most of his dirty work, right?

Henry: Right.

Simon: So, makes sense that he'd have some sort of security rigged up. I mean, if I was running for D.A. and working for James Steinbeck, I would be covering my rear as well, right?

Henry: Ah, the infamous Mr. Steinbeck. You know, I'm curious to meet the man that has been terrorizing small town America. I mean, on a monitor from the safety of a back room, you know, but I'd like to see the guy everyone says that I've been working for. Isn't this thing amazing? Come here, look at this -- don't you just love it? Is this double-oh-seven, or what? Works like a camera, looks like a smoke alarm. Voila!

Simon: Well, listen, "Q" -- Travers better buy it. That's all I'm saying.

Henry: I mean, you just put this baby up there, replace that one -- he'll never notice the difference.

Simon: Yeah, we hope, we hope.

Henry: Hope, hope? It's a skill, you faithless kangaroo, you! Chill. See, he hasn't even discovered the bug in his hotel room yet, has he?

[Music starts]

Bonnie: I can't make out any of the voices.

Isaac: I think that's the point -- I bet Travers found out that his hotel room is bugged.

Bonnie: Why'd he have to find the bug so soon? I'm going over there.

Isaac: Excuse me?

Bonnie: Well, if I can get him to say something incriminating before he rips out the listening device, then --

Isaac: If you think you can get past me -- good luck.

Holden: Aaron, Caleb and I have been talking things through.

Aaron: So, am I staying or are you making me go back to Seattle?

Caleb: It's been tough, Aaron, but I've made a decision.

Lucy: Dad asked Holden to let Aaron stay.

Lucinda: Oh! Oh, how did that come about?

Lucy: A little arm-twisting.

Lucinda: Oh, but done ever so sweetly, I guess.

Lucy: Yeah, but I don't know if it did any good, though.

Lucinda: Darling child, the power of persuasion is in your blood. Now why are you doubting your efforts?

Lucy: Because after everything I did to bring my dad around, now it's my own uncle who's keeping Aaron and me apart. I mean, Holden was always on our side before, but now he's the one who's sending Aaron away.

Lucinda: Darling, you must have faith. As the fella said, "it ain't over until it's over." And what sourpuss is gonna dis a real hero like that?

[Doorbell rings] oh, heavens -- at this hour? Matthew's out tonight.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: Oh, you know what? I'll get the door, you get the phone.

Lucinda: Oh, thank you, sweetheart. An executive decision, I love that. Hello.

Rosanna: Lucinda, hi -- this is Rosanna Cabot.

Lucinda: Rosanna, why, it's only been -- hours. What can I do for you?

Rosanna: Well, nothing -- I'm just calling to congratulate you. I hear congratulations are in order?

Lucinda: Congratulations?

Rosanna: Yes, the women's leadership council is naming you "woman of the year."

Lucinda: I'm always "woman of the year."

Rosanna: Well, yes. In any event, the council got wind of your rather generous donation to the Memorial burn unit, and they are taking it public to honor you.

Lucinda: They will do nothing of the kind! Anonymous means exactly that -- it means anonymous. Look, why don't they nominate you for the council, darling, because you certainly made that pledge, didn't you, of matching funds after your last prying phone conversation?

Rosanna: Well, I --

Lucinda: Just as I thought. Now, look here, Ms. Cabot, you stay out of my business or I'll sic my lawyer on you. He's cute, and he -- this is harassment.

Mike: I didn't mean to listen, but was that Rosanna?

Lucinda: Rosanna, yes --

Mike: What the hell did she want?

Gordo: The young Dr. Hughes likes to pretend he's not ambitious, but he's got Albert Schweitzer's biography under his pillow.

Chris: Not!

Gordo: Oh, that's right -- it's Daddy's bio, my mistake.

Chris: You've lost it.

Lindsay: You know, if my father were Bob Hughes, and he was grooming me to lead Memorial Hospital through the next decade of medical marvels, right? I don't think I'd be so modest.

Chris: I'm not being "groomed" for anything.

Gordo: Oh.

Chris: And if you think that, you just don't know my father. Dr. Bob does not play favorites where the hospital is concerned.

Rosanna: Young Dr. Hughes -- it's time we met.

Hal: All right, Barbara, just calm down and listen to me.

Barbara: This woman has just told me that my son is lying there unconscious with a head injury, and you dare tell me to calm down!

Hal: Sh.

Barbara: No, you tell me where Will is now!

Hal: I just told you -- he's being admitted to intensive care.

Barbara: You were supposed to be watching him. Where were you when your little brother needed you?

Paul: I was late picking him up, that's all, but he wasn't alone. He was in the barn playing with Luke when the fire started.

Barbara: Oh, my God -- it's like my own nightmare being played out in my son's life!

Alison: Get a grip, lady -- Will's the one that was hurt, not you!

Emily: Alison, Alison.

Hal: I think what Alison is saying is that this isn't the same situation, Barbara. Will doesn't have any serious burns.

Emily: He had a CT scan. We're waiting for Dr. Harris to read the results.

Barbara: Ben -- Ben, please tell me you can help him. Please tell me that he's gonna be okay.

Ben: We're going to do everything that we possibly can, Barbara. I've already asked the staff to prep Will for surgery -- that is, with your permission. Will sustained a pretty bad trauma to the head.

Barbara: How? Did someone hit him -- did someone hit him?

Ben: No, it was most likely from falling timber, and the scan confirmed what I suspected -- subdural hematoma.

Barbara: Internal bleeding?

Ben: Yes. Beneath the lining of the brain.

Barbara: Oh, God.

Ben: Okay, I'm gonna try not to get too technical here. It's really a very simple procedure. I need to drill small burr holes bilaterally through his skull.

Hal: Why?

Ben: In order to relieve the pressure. It's necessary to evacuate the blood in order to avoid compression of the brain.

Barbara: You mean brain damage, right?

Ben: No, I'm talking about avoiding brain damage, which is why we have to do this procedure as quickly as possible. The nurse will bring a consent form for both of you to sign.

Hal: Okay.

Barbara: No, no! Not "okay"! I'm not gonna sign anything until I see my son!

Paul: Mom, you heard what the doctor said. There's no time to waste. You asked to help Will. Did you mean it or not?

Ben: Are you saying there's gonna be a problem with the consent form?

Barbara: No, I just want to see my little boy, that's all.

Hal: Doctor, we're all a little upset here. I think that's obvious. Will you please give us a couple of minutes to calm down? And then we'll sign the form.

Ben: Barbara, don't worry. You will get a chance to see Will, both of you, before he goes in to the O.R., But I need you to sign that consent form so I can keep the ball rolling.

Emily: Is he still unconscious?

Barbara: Would you stay out of this, Emily?

Ben: Yes, he's still unconscious.

Alison: Don't ever yell at my sister again! You're not the only one who cares about Will!

Aaron: So, what's it gonna be?

Caleb: Well, first of all, son, you should know your mother wants you home very badly.

Aaron: Yeah, well, all moms do. Like, way past when their kids should be living on their own.

Caleb: Well, I can't change that. But I have been thinking about how much growing up you've done since the last time I was here. You've come a long way. The young man that I saw tonight in the emergency room had nothing to do with the little kid that used to bug me back in Seattle.

Aaron: Yeah, well, I'm still me.

Caleb: Well, maybe I'm more to blame for the way things went back there than I thought. What I'm saying is that you proved to me that you're a man. And I think a man deserves to make his own choices.

Aaron: You know what I want.

Caleb: I do, and even though I love you very much, and I want you home with your mother and me, if you want to stay in Oakdale, I'm not gonna stand in your way.

Aaron: And mom?

Caleb: Well, she says if it's all right with Holden, she gives you her blessing. I -- I'd better go tell Julie the deed is done.

Aaron: Well, you heard him. I guess it's up to you now.

Lucinda: That Rosanna, she's like a pig after a truffle when it comes to the burn unit donation.

Mike: You know, there was a time when I really cared about that woman. Maybe I should just go over there and straighten her out.

Lucinda: Oh, I don't think it's worth your while. Mike, it's lucky that you're here tonight. I know it's late, but could you do something for me? Do you recall the way to my guest house?

Mike: Yeah, I think so.

Lucinda: Oh, good! We have a problem -- there's a clamp, or maybe several clamps missing from the down spout. It's in the corner by the door, and it makes the devil of a rattle at night in the wind. Maybe you could go take a look at it?

Mike: Now?

Lucinda: Oh, I know it's late, but it upsets the staff, and maybe you could do something about it. We don't want to break a window.

Mike: You know, that's pretty roundabout for a liberated woman, Lucinda. Why not just say, "get lost. The women want to talk"?

Lucinda: Oh, great. Get lost. We want to talk.

Mike: All right, I guess I'll go check out those clamps.

Lucinda: Great. Darling, Lucy, would you show him exactly what I mean on the down spout?

Lucy: You mean I have to miss you two dish Rosanna?

Lucinda: Oh, such an idea she had.

Mike: C'mon, you can keep me company. I need to get a flashlight out of the car, anyway.

Molly: Thank you. Lucinda, I hate it that you have to keep covering for me over this burn unit thing.

Lucinda: Oh, I'd like to give that Rosanna a sock in the jaw!

Molly: Yeah, well, it's not her fault. It's my fault. If I didn't keep this whole donation thing a big fat secret from Mike, then it wouldn't be coming back to bite me in the butt. And now, it's completely out of control, and I don't know what to do. Help me?

Marshall: When did you plant that thing?

Jessica: Me? I'm sure you have more than enough enemies.

Marshall: Oh, two -- close at hand. Paul Ryan and your daughter.

Jessica: Bonnie? Bonnie would not go near illegal surveillance. She's too smart, and she's too decent.

Marshall: Just like her mother? Why'd you come here?

Jessica: To give you the opportunity to bow out of this race gracefully?

Marshall: When I'm doing so well in the polls?

Jessica: My win tomorrow will be a landslide, and I thought I'd spare you the humiliation of living through it.

Marshall: I'll bury you.

Jessica: I don't think so.

Marshall: You've bugged my room, and I'll have it on the news within the hour. A wireless mic means Bonnie's probably listening close by. Tell her "nice try" -- and thanks for the electoral edge.

[Music stops]

[loud noise]

Bonnie: That wasn't a gunshot, was it?

Isaac: No -- a door slam, which means that Marshall Travers is right out in the hall. So, now I'm really not letting you go out there.

Bonnie: I don't care what he thinks he has on my mother, Isaac. I am not scared of him.

Isaac: Well, maybe you should be. He's obviously got something that's intimidated Jessica. Otherwise, why wouldn't she go to him with that information I gave her about the staged robbery?

Bonnie: She's just simply too decent of a person to retaliate.

Isaac: Or too scared.

Bonnie: Well, I'm not. I can fight him, and I will.

Isaac: Enough. Your spirit is the thing that I love most about you, baby, but, c'mon -- we talked about this. Jessica is to handle her own career.

Bonnie: It's not just her career I'm trying to salvage here, Isaac. It's also her good name.

Isaac: You go out there, you're gonna make things worse.

Bonnie: How?

Isaac: Think about it -- we're right next door to him. You go out there, and he'll know that you're the one that planted the bug. Come on, Bonnie -- think about it! Hmm?

Jessica: What have you done?

Jessica: Isaac? What is this, "mission impossible?"

Bonnie: What are you doing up here?

Jessica: Being accused of planting a microphone in Marshall Travers' room! Unfortunately, it's too obvious what you're doing up here.

Bonnie: Mom, just let me explain.

Jessica: No sooner do I tell the man I have no idea who would put a bug in his room, especially my own daughter, you pop out! And now here's Isaac manning recording equipment, listening to my opponent's every word.

Isaac: So, he knows his room is bugged?

Jessica: Hello! Yes, the man is not stupid.

Isaac: Is he going to the cops?

Jessica: He threatened to, and I can't say I would blame him. As the D.A., I should press charges against you two myself.

Bonnie: Mom!

Jessica: Instead, I'm going to go to Travers -- and I don't believe you put me in this position, but I am going to offer to concede the election if he will agree not to go to the Police.

Bonnie: Wait, mom -- please, don't do that. I can handle any charges he brings against you.

Jessica: Bonnie, if you really think you can do that, you're more naive than I thought you were -- the both of you!

Bonnie: This isn't Isaac's fault.

Isaac: What do you want us to do?

Jessica: Put a stop to this operation, now! Is there anybody else in on this?

Henry: No, the resolution's great, isn't it? Geez, I'm a genius.

Simon: I think your big head's getting in the way of the screen. You know what I want to do? I want to train the camera away from the bed and on to the chairs.

Henry: Hmm, well, I thought Paul's mother stabbed Steinbeck in the gut, so maybe he'll want to lay down, huh?

Simon: Yeah, right. Look, I'll be right back.

Henry: Wait, Simon, Simon, Simon -- Simon, wait. Come here just a second. Look at this. I think that's -- yeah, that's him.

Simon: Okay, maybe we want to leave the camera right the way it is.

Henry: Oh, yeah.

Simon: Nice suit.

Henry: Yeah. What's he doing?

Simon: Oh, man -- what do you think he's doing? He's looking for bugs.

Henry: All right, all right, all right. Now, he's not gonna think to look at a smoke detector, you know? I think we did a pretty good job with that, he's -- wait a second. What are you doing?

Simon: Where do you think he's coming to? He's coming to the smoke detector, and --

Henry: No, no, no- wait a second, wait.

Simon: Okay, now, listen.

Henry: Just please believe, please believe it's a smoke detector -- please. Please, please -- he's looking right at it. Please believe it's a smoke detector. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon. That's it, that's it. That's right, that's right. It's not what you thought it was, all right. Thought he had us there.

Simon: Yeah.

Lucinda: Help you? Of course I'll help you. But let me help you to a little something, first. I just need to know what you think is best.

Molly: Well, Lucinda, sometimes I think that I should just come clean with Mike and deal with the consequences, you know? Because the truth is gonna come out sooner or later, right?

Lucinda: Ah, I don't know. Truth is overrated, you know? And facts, you know, they can be fudged.

Molly: Yeah, but let me give you a fact. Rosanna is trying to figure out who really donated this money so that she can run to Mike and rat me out.

Lucinda: She's like a sorority sister in heat! C'mon, you made an anonymous donation, and anonymous it will remain.

Molly: How can you be so sure of that?

Lucinda: Because I know about these things. Dr. Bob is not gonna tell, I'm not gonna tell, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to control the board and make certain that your name is never made public.

Molly: I just -- I feel so bad. I mean, you've already done so much, you've already stretched the truth, telling Rosanna that you donated the money.

Lucinda: I have no problem with that -- hey, I did it for the hospital. We can't have anonymous donors and then go around blabbing their names. We'll never get another penny!

Molly: You're saying, "to hell with the truth," aren't you?

Lucinda: I am?

Lindsay: Oh, come on. There are a few people on the staff that like Chris. There are even a few that don't know his last name.

Chris: Who doesn't know?

Gordo: See? He's not fooling anybody -- glory-seeker all the way. Wants it so bad he can taste it.

Chris: Bull -- all I want is a quiet little corner, and a pediatric ICU.

Rosanna: Hi there.

Chris: Hi there.

Rosanna: I'm sorry to interrupt. I couldn't help but overhear -- you're Bob Hughes' son?

Chris: Yes.

Gordo: We'll just slip back into the wallpaper.

Rosanna: Thank you. My name is Rosanna Cabot.

Lindsay: Oh, the Rosanna Cabot? As in Cabot cars, the Cabot Foundation?

Rosanna: Why, yes -- you've heard of me?

Lindsay: Wasn't I reading an article about you in one of the financial magazines?

Rosanna: Maybe. Do you mind if I have a word with you?

Chris: Sure.

Rosanna: I promise you this will be brief. I'm doing a little research, and I think you're just the man to help me.

Chris: What kind of research?

Rosanna: Well, it's for the Cabot Foundation. We're interested in creating an endowment in Memorial Hospital.

Chris: Tell me you want to fund a Pediatric ICU.

Rosanna: Well, yes. How did you know?

Chris: You're kidding, right? 'Cause I've been dreaming about it since I got here.

Rosanna: Well, that's remarkable, because I think we're on the same wavelength. We might just be able to help each other.

Barbara: Get that brat out of here!

Alison: Who are you calling a --

Emily: Excuse me -- Barbara, I am Hal's wife, and Alison is family to Hal and his kids. Now, she cares very much what happens to Will and belongs here just as much as anybody. Now, I'm sorry if you don't like that, but that's the way it is. C'mon, you don't need this. Let's go take a walk.

Barbara: I wanted him with me, remember? He would have been right by my side and nowhere near that fire, but you said that I had to make sure that he saw his friends. And you practically accused me of child abuse if I didn't arrange a social life for him.

Paul: You certainly haven't forgotten how to twist the truth, have you?

Barbara: The truth is my son is lying somewhere in this hospital getting ready for brain surgery! And the two of you've taken it upon yourselves to give the okay to this procedure.

Paul: You left town, mom -- you left town! You left town. You didn't tell anybody where you were. Is that how a custodial parent is supposed to act?

Barbara: Are you accusing me of parental irresponsibility?

Paul: Damn right, I am! Because I know a few things, and I'm guessing your private business trip was to see James.

Barbara: What?!

Paul: Mom, I am sorry Will is hurt, really sorry. And I pray he pulls through this, but nothing that happened to him in that barn could possibly compare to what James Steinbeck could do to him if you put him within his reach.

Barbara: I got to get out of here before I explode!

Hal: You're gonna stay put and get ahold of yourself! And you are gonna back off right now. Nobody around here is gonna explode except for me if you two don't shut up!

Hal: Have you forgotten that the most important thing here, the injured person here, is Will?

Barbara: No, of course not.

Hal: Not who's to blame, not who's got a corner on the truth. And by the way, the only truth worth telling here is this -- that kid was an accident waiting to happen.

Barbara: What's that supposed to mean, Hal?

Hal: He watched his family fall apart, Barbara. He watched his mother become a stranger to him. He watched his father completely lose it. He's been shipped out to so many families, he doesn't know where he is anymore.

Barbara: And I'm to blame, right, Hal?

Hal: No, Barbara. No, I don't feel that way.

Paul: Maybe we're all to blame.

Hal: Everybody except Will. And I want us to make a promise tonight that we will all see him through this.

Barbara: Until you have a chance to stand up in court and say what a bad mother I am.

Hal: I would never do that, Barbara, and somewhere deep inside, I think you know that. But to make this better, I'll make you a promise -- I will drop this custody hearing if you do something for me.

Barbara: What?

Hal: I get to see Will as often as possible, period. Emily and I have a stable household that'll support his recovery.

Paul: I'll do whatever I can, as well.

Hal: Good, because the most important thing here is what's best for Will. Now it's surgery, no question. If you want to be the one to sign the consent form instead of me, that's fine, Barbara. But do not fight it.

Holden: Do you know how long I've been looking at this barn? A long time. A very long time. I've probably forgotten more than I'll ever remember. But tonight, there's one image that I will never forget -- you walking out of that fire with Luke in your arms.

Aaron: I wasn't thinking about the fire, just getting to Luke.

Holden: Then you did it again with Will.

Aaron: You were gonna run in here yourself. And you would have, if Luke hadn't needed you.

Holden: There was this feeling that I had. I didn't know whether or not you were gonna come out. I can't really describe it. Aaron, I know that Caleb raised you and that he's been a father to you in all the ways that count.

Aaron: You're my father, too.

Holden: Well, I guess that's what I'm trying to say here -- that you're my son. My first son, my oldest son. I know I've said that to you a lot since you've been here, but it just -- it feels different now. I love you very much, and I would like it if you stayed.

Aaron: Good for me. I don't think that bike's taking me anywhere.

Holden: Well, you can take the pickup if you need wheels.

Aaron: Thanks.

Holden: I'll see you tomorrow.

Aaron: Hey, tell Luke I said "hi"?

Holden: Will do.

Isaac: Jessica, the less you know, the better. Okay, don't worry about anybody else. I'll pack this stuff up. I'll go to Travers' room, and I'll get --

Jessica: I already took the liberty of taking care of that for you.

Bonnie: You were the last person I expected to be in Marshall's room. Why were you there?

Jessica: Believe it or not, I was there trying to intimidate him into dropping out of the race.

[Jessica laughs] how's that for a joke?

Bonnie: Well, when you left Java underground earlier tonight, I could have sworn he was the one intimidating you. I thought for sure he had something on you.

Jessica: And I thought for sure that you and Isaac had a business to run, yet here you are, playing "I spy." I gotta go. If the Police come, don't answer any questions. I'm gonna find Marshall and see if I can do some damage control.

Bonnie: Wait, where are you going to look for him? I cannot believe she would concede the election over this.

Isaac: Maybe she won't. You know, she was upset.

Bonnie: No, my mom is so -- so honest, so fair. My whole life she's told me nothing if I do nothing else, just always tell the truth. She will never forgive me for this.

Isaac: Sure she will.

Bonnie: No! No, I've never seen her so angry with me, Isaac. All I was doing was trying to help, but I think I've ruined everything -- maybe even her career.

Molly: Lucinda, you are full of surprises.

Lucinda: Oh, trust me, darling -- trust me, as the fellow said. Between Dr. Bob and me and the hospital board, your secret's safe.

Molly: Thank you, and just -- do me a favor, okay? Just, if you get any inkling that Rosanna's getting close to figuring it out, please give me a heads-up so I can tell Mike before she does?

Lucinda: She won't, but I will -- mayday, mayday!

Molly: Thank you.

Mike: Was I gone long enough?

Molly: Oh, too long.

Mike: Miss anything good?

Lucinda: Just some girl talk. You like a pop with us?

Mike: Sure.

Lucinda: What'll we drink to?

Molly: To Lucinda.

Lucinda: Oh, no.

Mike: All right, to the woman with the cottage that I now call home. And, more importantly, to the genius behind my hospital contract. I'll think about you every day I'm building that burn unit.

Lucinda: To the hard hat in charge!

Molly: To happiness.

Rosanna: What I'm interested in finding out, before we step in, is who the other big contributors are.

Chris: Why?

Rosanna: Well, just to be cautious. We don't want to step on another foundation's toes, or, worse yet, be caught with a shady donor whose, well, reputation might taint ours.

Chris: But I don't get what you want me to do.

Rosanna: Well, I read in the paper recently that Memorial received a rather large donation for, what was it, a burn unit?

Chris: Right, it's gonna be state-of-the-art.

Rosanna: Oh, lovely. Well, I'm afraid that, unless I know the identity of the donor, that it'll be very difficult for me to convince the foundation to cough up the cash for a pediatric ICU.

Chris: But don't organizations like yours get annual reports from the hospitals they want to support?

Rosanna: Ah, yes, of course, you're right. But I just really don't want to wait that long, and the report will only say "anonymous," won't it?

Chris: Right -- yeah, the donor was unnamed. It's privileged information, so only a few people know about it, anyway.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, yes, I understand all that, but you know, I was thinking maybe an enterprising young intern looking to put a feather in his cap might find his way around the situation -- if you catch my drift.

Isaac: Keep it short. Just get 'em back here.

Bonnie: Hi, it's Bonnie.

Simon: Yeah, Marshall's in his room. He didn't spot the camera.

Bonnie: Oh, that's great -- that's great, but you and Henry need to get here right away.

Simon: Why -- why, anything wrong?

Bonnie: Yeah, but nothing I can explain right now. Just get here, and I'll explain everything. Hurry. Maybe we can still get something on Travers. He's there right now, and if he's meeting with Steinbeck, that can be damning evidence on tape, right? My mom could still win.

Simon: Look, we're all clear. Ready to go?

Henry: Yeah.

Simon: You set?

Henry: Uh-huh.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: You were right.

Marshall: I beg your pardon?

Jessica: I hate to admit it, but that bug you found in your room was planted by people close to my campaign.

Marshall: And you know this how?

Jessica: From my daughter, who, unfortunately, was in on the whole thing. You were right, and I was wrong.

Marshall: I'm sorry. Could you -- could you say that again? I want to savor those words.

Jessica: I don't know what you're smiling about. I'm mortified and humiliated. Not in a million years would I think my friends or family could behave like common criminals.

Marshall: Jessica, I've never known anyone like you. You didn't have to come to me with this. Were you always so courageous?

Jessica: Did you call the Police?

Marshall: Of course not.

Jessica: Thank you. I wouldn't blame you if you had.

Marshall: And risk not seeing you again? Sure, I was angry. I felt betrayed when I thought that you had something to do with planting that device. But no -- I would never go to the Police. I'd never do that to you.

Jessica: Thank you. That's more than I have a right to expect.

Marshall: Not necessarily.

Jessica: Well, I'm glad no one else discovered this.

Marshall: Yeah, I guess it would make a pretty little scandal, huh?

Jessica: The paranoid D.A. trying to out-Nixon her opponent? Yeah, well, anyway -- thank you for not turning us over to the authorities, or the voting public, for that matter.

Marshall: I might have been able to do that before, but things between us have evolved, Jessica. If I ever thought for a moment that I'd hurt you again by scandal, I'd do whatever it took to protect you.

Jessica: So, what are you saying?

Marshall: I'd concede the election if I had to.

Jessica: Well, I think I'm the one who should give some thought to a concession.

Marshall: Let's not talk about this tonight. Let's --

Molly: Lucinda's great, isn't she?

Mike: Yeah, she's something else. Now that I have a house, what do you say we go put it to use.

Molly: Okay.

Mike: Why'd we really come by here?

Molly: To thank Lucinda.

Mike: Hmm, didn't I do that earlier at the Lakeview?

Molly: Yeah -- yeah, but that woman never gets tired of hearing it.

Mike: You and Lucinda have a lot of these secret heart-to-hearts?

Molly: Lucinda's been really great to me this past year, so, yeah, we're close.

Mike: Was this a big one?

Molly: No, just girl talk.

Rosanna: I'm afraid I've monopolized your time.

Chris: No, no problem.

Rosanna: No, really -- no, go enjoy yourself. Be with your friends. Think about getting that name for me, would you?

Chris: Oh, I'm thinking. I'm thinking. Is there a way I can get in touch with you?

Rosanna: Oh, yes. I hope I hear from you.

Bonnie: Marshall found the bug.

Simon: You're sure?

Bonnie: Yeah, my mom was with him when he threatened to call the Police.

Henry: Okay, that's it. I'm sorry, I have a problem with authority, especially those that wear a uniform.

Simon: Not so fast, mate. Look, maybe he was bluffing. It took us a while to get here, right? There were no signs of cops.

Henry: What, you want to wait for them to kick in the door?

Bonnie: My mother is furious.

Henry: Oh, now, that's comforting. See, that's great. There's no cops, but the D.A. wants our scalps.

Bonnie: The D.A. wants us to shut this little operation down. And, guys, that's exactly what we're going to do.

[Stone hitting]

Lucy: Are you trying to wake up my grandmother?

Aaron: I just had to come by and let you know -- everything's okay now.

Lucy: What do you mean, "okay?"

Aaron: What do you think I mean?

Lucy: Holden's gonna let you stay?

Aaron: For good. I just had to tell you.

Ben: Are we a go?

Barbara: Yes, we both signed the consent forms.

Ben: And you're sure about this, Barbara?

Barbara: Yes.

Ben: Good. If you want to see Will now, you can do that for a few minutes.

Barbara: Oh, yes -- thank you, Ben.

Hal: You go ahead, I'll be there in a minute. Listen, I know how you feel about your mother these days, and believe me, Paul, you've got every right. But for Will's sake, you call a truce.

Paul: All right.

Hal: Thanks. I'll be back in a minute, okay?

Emily: Okay. Give him a kiss for me, all right?

Hal: Sure.

Fire marshal: Chief, talk to you a sec?

Hal: Yeah.

Fire marshal: I'm gonna do a full investigation of the fire at the Snyder place tomorrow, but my preliminary check points to arson.

Hal: Arson? You meet me at the Snyder barn tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. sharp.

Fire marshal: Will do.

Hal: As of now, this case belongs to me.

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