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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/1/02

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Craig: So, we're back in ultimatum territory, are we? Aaron gets sent to Seattle, you move to Montega?

Lucy: I told you I meant it, and I do.

Craig: Sweetness, I'm not the final word here, you know. I'm not his father, I'm not his parole officer, his therapist --

Lucy: He doesn't have a parole officer, or a therapist, Daddy. He has you. You're the problem. You make life so difficult for everybody. That's why he has to be sent away. His family couldn't take you making such a big deal out of everything.

Craig: Okay, it was my fault.

Lucy: Yes, it is. But you can fix it. You go to Holden and tell him that you'll back off, that you've changed your mind about Aaron, that you think he should stay.

Craig: Then you'll be happy. Yeah, I get that part. What I'm having a little trouble with here, sweetness, is the blackmail. My sweetness is blackmailing her loving Daddy?

Photographer: So how does it feel to be a hero?

Aaron: It doesn't.

Photographer: Come on. The City Times readers wanna know.

Aaron: Excuse me.

Alison: I told you you'd get your picture in the paper.

Aaron: What are you doing here?

Alison: I snuck out. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about Will and his little face. He's gonna be okay, right? He's gonna be fine.

Aaron: He's got some kind of head injury.

Alison: I know. But he's gonna be fine as soon as he wakes up, right?

Aaron: I don't know. It's a little smoky.

Alison: I'm sorry.

Aaron: It's okay. You're entitled to it. It's been a pretty intense night for everybody.

Alison: Yeah, and all because we wanted to stay in Oakdale, where the laughs just keep coming. Did you ever think your life would be this complicated?

Aaron: My life's better than it's ever been in a long time. I mean, yeah, I'm headed back to Seattle. But when I'm 18, I know where I'm going.

Alison: Wherever Lucy is?

Aaron: Yeah. And I might give you a ring.

Alison: Oh, yeah.

Aaron: If they haven't taken your cell phone and locked you up in some girls' school.

Alison: I'm sorry. I never thanked you for all of that. I never had the chance.

Isaac: Look me in the eye and tell me that I'm wrong -- that you're not still going after Marshall Travers.

Bonnie: Where I'm going is to the ladies room.

Isaac: You're going to make a call you don't want me to overhear?

Bonnie: No.

Isaac: Who are you calling, Bonnie? I knew it.

Bonnie: Isaac, I --

Isaac: The man hired a convicted felon to stick a gun in your ribs, okay? He has no conscience. He's hooked up with James Steinbeck.

Bonnie: Which is exactly why we have to stop him.

Isaac: "We"?

Bonnie: Me -- and Paul Ryan.

Isaac: And?

Bonnie: Simon Frasier.

Isaac: You got Simon Frasier involved in this?

Bonnie: Because you're right. Marshall Travers is a heavy hitter, and -- and we had to get someone who, you know, had the right background.

Isaac: You've taken this thing to a whole other level.

Bonnie: And we're winning. We're gonna get him, Isaac. We bugged Marshall's room.

Henry: Anything?

Simon: No, nothing.

Henry: All right, well, let me show you what I bought.

[Singing] Isn't she beautiful? Now, she set us back about a grand, but let me tell you -- she's state-of-the-art.

Simon: A grand? Katie can get these for $4.99 at price warehouse.

Henry: No, no, no, no. She cannot. Not this baby. Oh, no, no, no, no. Now, it looks like a smoke detector. It even works like a smoke detector. You see? You hear that? Yeah, I know, that's very loud. Okay, we'll stop that. But do you see this little red light right there? It's a motion detector attached to a nanny cam. Anyone that walks in the room -- voila! They're on candid camera.

Simon: Hmm.

Henry: Yeah.

Simon: All right. So what if someone gets suspicious? What --

Henry: What? Simon, of what? What, are they suddenly going to decide to take apart a smoke detector? What for?

Simon: I don't know. What if Travers likes to -- smoke?

Henry: I don't think so.

Simon: All right, once again, I label you with the term "genius."

Henry: Oh, well, thank you, Simon. Now, as soon as Paul gets back, we're gonna go over to Travers' little hidey-hole and install this baby. And the next time he has a guest?

Simon: We'll know who it is.

Jessica: You want to be D.A.? Armed robbery, aggravated assault, aggravated unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment -- what would you offer?

Marshall: Depends on the perp's record.

Jessica: Oh, he's a pro.

Marshall: With a list like that? 25 to life. Why?

Jessica: I just wanted to make sure you understood what you're facing -- you and Mr. Roy Baxter.

Marshall: Roy Baxter?

Jessica: Your client and co-conspirator!

Marshall: I don't understand.

Jessica: We know you approached Roy Baxter and offered him a deal. You agreed to represent him on two outstanding cases if he agreed to pull a gun in Java underground and threaten Bonnie's life just so you could ride to the rescue.

Marshall: Roy looking for a better deal? I knew he was a little disappointed when I told him what his chances were. Look, Jessica, you can't possibly believe I'd solicit criminal behavior, and endanger your daughter? What kind of a man do you think I am?

Jessica: I think I'll leave that determination to the voters. I'm taking the charges to the Press -- tonight.

Lucy: Why should I stay here if Aaron goes?

Craig: Well, you're doing beautifully at school, your grandmother and your friends would miss you, and I would -- I would die of loneliness.

Lucy: Well, you'd have Rosanna.

Craig: Come on, sit down here, please. Now, when you left Montega, your words -- and I believe this is a direct quote -- were, "Daddy, mom's suffocating me." You think that's gonna change?

Lucy: Well, I'm 17.

Craig: Yeah, well, your mom is still your mom.

Lucy: This isn't about mom. This is about you. And besides, mom likes Aaron. If I went back to Montega, he could come stay with us.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: No, I wouldn't count on that.

Lucy: Not everybody hates Aaron, Daddy.

Craig: Yeah, well --

Lucy: In fact, after tonight and all the coverage in the papers, he'll have more friends than you.

Craig: More than two?

Lucy: You're not getting it. Aaron and I are together. You can run him out of town, but it's not gonna change the way we feel about each other. Either he'll come to Montega, or I'll go to Seattle. We'll find a way. So it's up to you. You can either convince Holden to let Aaron stay here, or I'm gone.

Craig: You would leave me because of this?

Lucy: Because of you. Because of how stubborn and selfish you're being. So what's it gonna be? Do I stay, or do I go?

Alison: I'm thanking you for saving my life. Er -- not my life, my sanity.

Aaron: You sure?

Alison: No, I'm serious. When you told Emily about Rosanna Cabot, what she really did --

Aaron: You could have told her that.

Alison: No, no. She wouldn't believe me. She would've thought I was -- one of my mom's favorite words -- embellishing, which basically means lying. But Emily knew it was costing you to talk, so she believed you.

Aaron: But they still sent you to that school. Why aren't you there?

Alison: I misbehaved.

Aaron: No, you?

Alison: I'm actually kind of lucky they didn't press charges.

Aaron: What'd you do?

Alison: Smashed a trophy case.

[Aaron laughs] Field hockey awards out the window.

Aaron: You are too much, man.

Alison: But it was just this total prison. I mean, you couldn't even have a cell phone in there. I had, like, four seconds to check my messages before I was gonna be totally shut down. And then there was this message from Lucy, and I had no choice.

Aaron: What message from Lucy?

Alison: That they were sending you away. And I knew I had to stop you.

Aaron: So you got kicked out of school to come and bail me out?

Alison: But you bailed me out. So I came home and I tried to find you, try to figure something out so they could change their minds.

Aaron: They're not gonna change their minds.

Alison: No, no. Aaron, after you single-handedly rescued two boys? I know you're saying that you're not a hero, but you are.

Aaron: I wish.

Alison: No. No, no, no. Aaron, listen to me -- that was a really, really, really bad fire. You saved their lives.

Aaron: They don't care. They just want me gone. It's over, Alison. I'm going back to Seattle.

Alison: No, but they can't. Not after --

Aaron: Look, it's not your fault.

Isaac: Bugged? As in electronic surveillance? Illegal electronic surveillance?

Bonnie: Shh.

Isaac: You're damn right, "shh." You could end up in jail from this. This is a man who does not like to have his privacy invaded. And when he finds out, he's gonna go after you with everything he has. And let me remind you, that's huge.

Bonnie: He will never know.

Isaac: Where does it say that? On the box? "You, too, can spy on your neighborhood defense attorney and he'll never know"? This is insane! He'll nail your hide and Jessica's hide to the wall. If you're lucky, she'll only lose the election and maybe not her freedom.

Bonnie: Isaac --

Isaac: Don't you "Isaac" me. I know what I'm talking about. Now, you're done with this thing. Get on the phone, call spy number two and spy number three and tell 'em you're out.

Bonnie: Marshall Travers is working for James Steinbeck. We know it, and we're about to prove it.

Isaac: That is so comforting that you know that, that he's working for James Steinbeck, a man who likes to rearrange women's' faces and kidnap them.

Bonnie: Well, somebody has to stop him.

Isaac: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Well, you tell that to Carly, you tell that to Rose and you tell that to Emily. You're done.

Bonnie: I got a better idea. Why don't you and I go tell them in person together? That way, you can see command central in action.

Isaac: "Command central"? What is this, "csi"?

Simon: Okay, so what's the range?

Henry: You'll get a clear picture of anything that's in the room. It's motion-activated, and the lens is on a swivel, so anybody that comes in, we'll see them.

Simon: Okay. On what and where?

Henry: On a monitor nearby and on tape. Is there like an empty broom closet or an empty room? Something like that?

Simon: Yeah, there is. Just down the hall.

Henry: All right.

Simon: All right, where have you been?

Paul: There was a fire at the Snyder farm.

Simon: You're kidding. Did anyone get hurt?

Paul: No, everybody's fine -- Lily, Holden, Emma. Luke, he's a little shook up, though. He was in the barn when it caught fire -- he and my brother Will. And Will's in intensive care.

Simon: Oh, man, I'm so sorry. What happened?

Paul: He got hit in the head. Thankfully, Aaron Snyder carried him to safety and he wasn't burned, but he inhaled a lot of smoke and he hasn't regained consciousness. I talked to Hal and they may have to operate. And so I've been looking for my mother all over town to let her know, but she's disappeared. So I gotta head back to the hospital soon, but I wanted to call and come in to check and see what was going on with you guys. So, guys, give me some good news. I've had enough of the other kind tonight.

Henry: Yeah, well, the good news is Mr. Travers called Mr. Steinbeck on the phone.

Simon: We did only hear one side of the conversation.

Paul: Well, it's only a matter of time.

Simon: Well, time is running out. Especially how the election is tomorrow. Did anyone follow Travers out of the room after I left?

Paul: No, not that I saw. But I did get sidetracked by someone who could prove useful.

Simon: Who?

Paul: A former barmaid at Java underground. She's running errands for Travers, said she's scared of him and that he's blackmailing her. She's going to feed us anything she can. What?

Simon: Well, who is she? And can you trust her?

Jessica: We have a sworn statement, Marshall.

Marshall: And my motive? Must be substantial given what I'm risking -- my career, my license to practice law, my reputation, my relationship with you.

Jessica: We have no relationship.

Marshall: I beg to differ. But back to my motive. Why would I risk all that? What did I possibly have to gain?

Jessica: My daughter's trust and gratitude.

Marshall: Which she never gave me. Bonnie's not a fan, in case you haven't noticed.

Jessica: Oh, yes, but at the time, her attitude towards you softened and you know it. You took advantage of her. You used her to gain access to me.

Marshall: And not that you aren't a prize worth a man's whole life. But there's no guarantee. You're nothing if not independent. Just because Bonnie's attitude improved slightly, for like, a day or two, why would that possibly give me the impression that I'd won you over?

Jessica: You used my daughter to gain access to anything you could use against me. Like that phone call to the Liquor board, for example.

Marshall: I thought we'd agreed that I'd paid an informant for that information. Look, isn't it possible that this Mr. Baxter who, as you pointed out, is a veteran of these sorts of negotiations, might be the one taking advantage of you, knowing how determined you are to keep your office? He could assume that you'd be vulnerable to suggestions that I might be corrupt.

Jessica: You are corrupt.

Marshall: And you're angry, but at the wrong person. Yes, I'm running a tough campaign, and, yes, I'll do anything it takes to win.

Jessica: Is that why you slept with me?

Craig: You're tough.

Lucy: Do I have a choice in this family?

Craig: No, I suppose not.

Lucy: Besides, it's your fault. Mom's always saying that I'm my father's daughter.

Craig: I was going to blame this on your grandmother.

Lucy: Well, mom married you for a reason.

Craig: What, because I reminded her of her mother? Yees!

Lucy: Well, you're both good at business and arguing and getting your way and changing the subject.

Craig: Yeah. So remind me -- what do I have to do?

Lucy: Convince Holden to let Aaron stay. And here's your chance. Go on.

Craig: Holden, how's Luke?

Holden: Asleep. They're gonna keep him overnight for observation. Should be okay in the morning, though. Listen, I gotta go. I gotta head home.

Craig: Before you go, I was wondering about Aaron's future, in light of tonight's events.

Holden: So you're gonna press charges because he popped you one?

Craig: No. I was thinking he might not be sent back to Seattle.

Holden: Craig, my son is in the hospital. Will Munson's in terrible shape. This is not a good time to talk to me about my son's failings or why he should be shipped outta town.

Craig: Well, I think he should stay. I realize that represents something of an about-face, but I think that Aaron deserves a second chance.

Lucy: Aaron, guess what? You are not gonna believe this!

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Catch your breath.

Lucy: I can't. It's too important. My dad is gonna tell Holden that you shouldn't be sent back to Seattle.

Alison: Whose father?

Lucy: My father.

Aaron: Is going to Holden?

Lucy: To tell him that you should stay. That because of the fire and everything and how brave you were, that you deserve a second chance. Isn't it great?

Alison: If it's true.

Lucy: Of course it's true. They're talking right now.

Aaron: How did you manage that?

Lucy: I have my ways.

Aaron: You are great.

Henry: Her name is Brandy? Yeah, I'd trust her.

Paul: She's worth cultivating.

Henry: I bet.

Simon: Look, just get whatever info you can out of her. But do not, under any circumstances, tell her what we're doing, what we're up to, nothing.

Paul: Of course.

Simon: All right?

Bonnie: Hey, you guys.

Henry: It's the beauteous Bonnie -- and Isaac.

Simon: Hey, Isaac.

Isaac: Simon, Paul. I heard about the boy. Everything okay?

Paul: Yeah. Fingers are crossed. How'd you hear?

Isaac: Word gets out. You know, Oakdale is a small place. It's hard to keep a secret for long.

Simon: So, Bonnie filled you in?

Isaac: This goes to Travers' room?

Simon: Uh-huh, yeah.

Isaac: You realize that this is illegal? And that you're going after a man who won't hesitate to prosecute, that you're all going to jail, or worse, if Steinbeck is involved. You of all people know this, Simon. And still, you get Bonnie involved.

Bonnie: Nobody got me involved, Isaac.

Isaac: Are you people crazy?!

Henry: We gotta get going.

Simon: Listen, Bonnie, Paul's gotta get back to the hospital. Can you take over here from him when he does?

Bonnie: Yes.

Simon: That'd be great. Me and Henry, we have got some stuff we have to do.

Isaac: No, no. Bonnie is out.

Bonnie: The mouth is moving, but I don't hear a thing. Yes.

Simon: Listen, give our best to Will.

Henry: Yeah, me, too.

Isaac: What's that?

Bonnie: What?

Isaac: That thing that they were carrying out of here?

Paul: Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Isaac: All right, you be like that. We'll see who's laughing at 2:00 in the morning when you're calling me to bail you out of jail.

Paul: Oh, Bonnie, I thought he was supposed to be a tough guy?

Isaac: No, I'm just a citizen who's about to make a citizen's arrest.

Bonnie: Wait. Who are you calling?

Isaac: Your mother. See? I knew she didn't know what you were up to.

Paul: We thought it would be best to keep her out of it.

Isaac: Like anybody's gonna believe that. Do you know what we have here? Lakeview gate. Mm-hmm. No, a hot election, an incumbent who wires her opponents' headquarters. If you get caught, your mother's career is over. She wouldn't want you doing this, Bonnie, and you know it. So who's gonna make the call? You or me?

Marshall: Please tell me you don't think that our time together earlier was motivated by anything other than my feelings for you. Jessica, you're not serious?

Jessica: I don't enjoy being made a fool of. And yeah, I know. I made the phone call. I volunteered for this humiliation.

Marshall: There was nothing humiliating --

Jessica: I am humiliated, Marshall.

Marshall: Then you're humiliating yourself with this cockamamie story you dreamed up. Look, I have just as much to lose as you do. We shared the risk, and a whole lot more. Be honest, Jess, you know what I felt, what we both felt. That wasn't an act. I wanted to be there just as much as you did.

Jessica: I never said you didn't enjoy your work.

Marshall: How can you possibly sell yourself so short?

Jessica: You don't want me. You're not capable of just wanting me. You always have an agenda.

Marshall: Do you think I planned on falling for my opponent?

Jessica: You didn't fall for me.

Marshall: How would you know? You're so damned preoccupied with watching your back, you've never taken the time to look into my eyes. I am completely smitten, Jessica, by all of it -- the woman, the lawyer, the D.A. You're so strong, so sure of yourself. You stimulate my mind, keep me sharp. I'm at my best with you. And that's rare, valuable and enticing.

Jessica: If you think you can seduce your way out of these charges, you've lost your touch.

Marshall: Jessica, I love a good fight, but this is foolish. You go public with these accusations and you'll humiliate yourself. You'll look desperate. The charges will never hold up. I'll deny them. And then the public will come after you for trying to sandbag me at the 11th hour.

Jessica: We'll let the voters decide.

Marshall: Look, don't do this.

Ben: Don't do what, Travers?

Jessica: Ben, it's nothing.

Ben: Well, it doesn't sound like nothing.

Jessica: Mr. Travers was just leaving.

Marshall: I'm not going anywhere.

Ben: Well, if the lady is through with you, then I suggest that you make yourself scarce.

Aaron: You know, I was never able to count on anybody before to stick up for me. It was just me. But you're always there.

Lucy: It's gonna be okay. I know it. My dad's gonna talk to Holden. He's gonna convince him.

Aaron: The thing is, there's still my mom and my stepfather.

Lucy: If Holden wants you to stay, though, I mean, he's your real father.

Aaron: He doesn't have legal custody. They do. And until I'm 18, what they say goes.

Lucy: But they'll listen to Holden, right? I mean, they have to.

Aaron: They don't have to listen to anybody, Lucy. Look, I appreciate you talking to your dad and getting him to back off, but Seattle looks like a done deal.

Holden: We're talking about Aaron here, right?

Craig: Yes. I think maybe that I was wrong about him, that I judged him prematurely. That you would rethink the Seattle thing.

Holden: So you want him to stay?

Craig: I don't want him to go.

Holden: Forgive me for being surprised, especially after everything that you've done to him.

Craig: Well, I was tough on him. That's why I wanted to come to you right away and, well, make amends.

Holden: So you're admitting that you were wrong?

Craig: I was a little overzealous maybe, yeah.

Holden: What is it that changed your mind?

Craig: Well, he showed me something tonight, your son. It took guts to pull those kids out of the barn like that. That was selflessness.

Holden: And you would know what that was if you saw it, selflessness?

Craig: Your son's a hero, Holden. You can't argue with that.

Holden: Oh, yes, he's a hero. So that's why you want him to stay, 'cause he's a hero.

Craig: My objections were maybe unfounded.

Holden: Bull.

Craig: Beg your pardon?

Holden: Even if he had pulled you out of that barn, your opinion of him would not have changed.

Craig: Let's -- hold -- all right, well, listen, I got a daughter in love, okay?

Holden: Tell me something I don't know!

Craig: If he goes, she goes to Montega, all right? And I don't want to lose my little girl. That's why I'm trying.

Marshall: Dr. Harris, we're professional men. I sure hope we can conduct ourselves as such.

Ben: Oh, absolutely. That's why I suggest that you say good night.

Jessica: Good night, Mr. Travers.

Marshall: If you insist on going public with these charges, I'll expect the courtesy of a call so I can prepare a statement. Dr. Harris.

Ben: You okay?

Jessica: I'm fine. I appreciate the support, Ben, but that really wasn't necessary.

Ben: What charges? You were discussing charges that you might bring?

Jessica: Yeah, I told him that we knew he approached Roy Baxter and, of course, he denied it, said we were being played. So what are you doing here?

Ben: I'm waiting for Will Munson's test results. I thought I'd grab something, take it back to the hospital.

Jessica: Oh, how is he?

Ben: Stable for now.

Jessica: Good.

Ben: So what're you gonna do?

Jessica: What can I do? If I go to the Press, Travers will say I'm playing politics, and he'd be right. Until there's enough for an arrest, it's not in my best interest to publicize these allegations.

Ben: Then let Isaac or somebody else go the Press with what he found. You can admit to an ongoing investigation or not. Either way, it'll take the wind out of Travers' sails.

Jessica: Is this the ethical Dr. Harris speaking?

Ben: This is the Ben Harris who's worried about Jessica, who seems to be paralyzed, which isn't like her.

Jessica: You're right. I don't know what it is about that man that just confounds me.

Ben: You asked the question, but I'd sure like to know the answer.

Bonnie: You are not going to call my mother.

Isaac: Why not?

Bonnie: Because you said yourself, it would make her party to the crime. And you wouldn't do that to her.

Isaac: But I'd just let her daughter go to jail? Okay, here comes the duchess.

Bonnie: What happened to the man who drew a sword in my defense in Scotland?

Isaac: He's right here trying to keep your highness out of jail. What's going on?

Paul: Someone just entered Marshall's suite.

[Knock at the door]

Marshall: Go away!

Brandy: It's me, Marshall. Let me in.

Marshall: If it's bad news, I don't want to hear it.

Brandy: Fine. You don't want to collect on your investment --

Marshall: Tell me what you found out.

Brandy: Hey, how come you never offer me a drink?

Marshall: I don't like you.

Isaac: That's Brandy.

Bonnie: Shh!

Paul: Shh!

Brandy: Well, there's no need to be nasty.

Marshall: I'm paying you to gather information -- nothing more, nothing less.

Brandy: I've made contact with Paul Ryan.

Marshall: And?

Brandy: What a sucker.

Isaac: See, they're talking about you, man.

Marshall: I'm not interested in your opinion.

Isaac: What?

Marshall: What did he say?

Isaac: See? He doesn't like her, either.

Bonnie: Shh.

Brandy: He wants information on you and Steinbeck.

Marshall: Tell me something I don't know.

Brandy: Did you know Paul Ryan is watching you?

Aaron: It may already be too late.

Lucy: No. No, you're staying. If they try to take you, then -- they'll just have to take me, too. 'Cause I told my dad that we were gonna be together no matter what. And we will be, right?

Aaron: Right.

Craig: Do I like the fact my daughter's growing up, falling in love, leaving me in the dust and there's nothing I can do about it? No. And if I keep on -- agitating --

Holden: "Agitating"? That's a good word. Inadequate, but it's a start.

Craig: Don't kick a man when he's down.

Holden: Might be the only chance that I get.

Craig: Well, just think about it, will you? And -- if there's anything I can do, fly in a specialist for Luke or Will, let me know.

Holden: Appreciate the thought.

Craig: Yeah.

Holden: I need to get home to Lily, keep her updated. You gonna be around the farm later?

Aaron: If you need me to be.

Holden: We should talk.

Aaron: Then I'll be there.

Lucy: I told you.

Aaron: Yeah. Just don't get your hopes up.

Alison: Well, what else would he want to talk about? Tractors?

Aaron: I guess I'll have to go to the farm to find out. You need a ride?

Lucy: Yeah. Let me just talk to my dad first, see how it went.

Craig: So I did what you asked.

Lucy: You convinced Holden to let Aaron stay?

Craig: I gave it my best shot.

Lucy: And is he gonna let him?

Craig: Well, he's not about to tell me for sure, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Lullaby, have you given any more thought to moving back in with me since we're getting along so much better since I surrendered?

Lucy: I'll think about it. Thanks. He told Holden to let you stay.

Alison: Does that mean Holden's gonna go for it?

Lucy: My dad is "cautiously optimistic."

Aaron: So we'll see.

Lucy: You should get back to the farm and hear what Holden has to say.

Aaron: Yeah. Are you ready? Alison?

Alison: Hmm?

Aaron: You need a ride?

Alison: No. I'm gonna wait here until there's some word on Will. I got to know him a little when I was staying at Hal and Emily's.

Aaron: He's a good kid.

Alison: Yeah. He didn't deserve any of this. Nobody did, anyway.

Lucy: Well, call me if -- you know, either way.

Alison: Yeah.

Emily: Alison? Alison? Is there anything I can do to help?

Marshall: What do you mean, Paul Ryan is watching me?

Brandy: Ah, so maybe I am useful.

Marshall: Damn it, explain yourself.

Brandy: Okay, calm down. All right, I've been trailing Paul Ryan, waiting for an opportunity to, you know, get better acquainted. And tonight, he was sitting in his car outside that little apartment house over on Crescent watching you leave. Now, he wouldn't admit to anything, but he was most definitely spying on you. He even had binoculars. What -- ow, you're hurting me.

Marshall: I'll call you when I need you.

Bonnie: What is he doing?

Paul: Shh.

Isaac: It was something she said that set him off.

Bonnie: I knew we couldn't trust her.

Paul: Don't count her out just yet. She could be playing him.

Isaac: No, she's playing both sides against the middle. She gave you up and didn't have to do that. That girl's after number one.

Bonnie: Listen.

Isaac: I don't hear anything.

Bonnie: Exactly. A moment ago, he was tearing his room apart, and now, nothing. Do you think he left?

Paul: I'm gonna go back to the hospital. You gonna be okay here?

Isaac: Yeah, we're fine here. We're good.

Paul: Welcome to the good fight.

Ben: You're the one who told me you never shy away from a fight, so what's this?

Jessica: Ben, you know me so well.

Ben: Maybe not well enough. Do you have a thing for T. Marshall Travers?

Jessica: No, of course not. He's everything I dislike. He's arrogant, selfish ..

Ben: Then what is it? Why does he have you so confounded?

Jessica: The man is ruthless.

Ben: Most defense attorneys are.

Jessica: Yes, but that's not personal. That's in the courtroom. He's defending his client, I'm representing the state.

Ben: No, this is personal, Jessica. Travers made it personal. You're competing in the public forum for an elected office that you said you wanted.

Jessica: I do want it.

Ben: All right, then go for it. Do what it takes. Prove that you are worthy of the public trust. Travers is not. Whatever's going on here, Jess, whatever it is, don't let yourself down.

Ben: Be positive.

Jessica: He's right. I will not let that man win.

Alison: How'd you know I was here?

Emily: Well, where else would you be?

Alison: I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was going out. I didn't want to wake you.

Emily: Listen, don't worry about it. It's okay. We're all worried about the boys. Just, next time, leave a note, all right?

Alison: They're gonna be okay. Aaron got them out in, like, five seconds.

Emily: Yeah, he was great. I'm just a little worried about Will.

Alison: No, he's a kid. Kids always get in the -- hit in the head, right? I did. I remember when I was little and I fell off that swing and got two black eyes from Marcy bender.

Emily: Yeah, but you're known for your hard head.

Alison: He's gonna be fine.

Emily: Yeah, I mean, I hope so. That's why I'm here. Hal called. Apparently there's a diagnosis.

Alison: Diagnosis? He got hit in the head.

Barbara: Who got hit on the head?

Emily: Oh, finally, they reached you.

Barbara: What's going on here? I got half a dozen messages from Paul saying that Will has been admitted. Where is he?

Emily: They're running some tests.

Barbara: Tests? I just dropped him off this afternoon. Paul was supposed to pick him up at the farm. What's going on?

Emily: Just wait. Paul was delayed a little. Will was at the Snyders'. And he was fine. He was with Luke. They were playing in the barn, and there was a fire, Barbara.

Barbara: Fire? Was he burned?

Emily: No. No. He's fine. But he suffered a head injury.

Barbara: A head injury? Is he -- is he unconscious?

Emily: No, he's -- as far as I know, he's still unconscious, but that just may be because of the smoke inhalation.

Barbara: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Paul: Mom? Mom, where have you been? I've been trying to reach you --

Barbara: Where were you? Where were you? You were supposed to pick up your brother. Why was he still at the farm?!

Paul: I was headed over there when --

Barbara: Hal, Hal -- where's Will? Is he all right?

Hal: He's being admitted to intensive care, Barbara. It's not good.

Barbara: My God!

[Crickets chirping]

Holden: Aaron? How's it going?

Aaron: I didn't realize. I left the bike in the barn.

Holden: It'll be tough to put this thing back together, huh?

Aaron: Yeah.

Holden: You got a minute?

Aaron: Yeah, sure.

Holden: We need to talk to you about your future.

Isaac: Maybe he did leave.

[Knock on door]

Marshall: Hold on a minute.

Bonnie: He's still there.

Isaac: And he has a visitor.

Bonnie: What if it's Steinbeck?

Isaac: Shh.

[Jessica mumbling]

[Marshall whispering]

Marshall: These walls have ears.

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