ATWT Transcript Monday 9/30/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 9/30/02

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Ben: You're impressing me right now. You know that?

Jessica: I am?

Ben: Yes. Here it is, zero hour. The night before the biggest election in your political career. And look at you. No tension. Calm, cool, collected.

Jessica: Well, I've done everything I can. It's up to the voters now.

Ben: And you're able to let it all go just like that, hmm? Like I said, I'm impressed.

Jessica: You know something? I don't deserve you.

Ben: Since when?

Jessica: I'm just lucky that you put up with me.

Bonnie: What's up, people? Mom, how're you doing?

Ben: She's calm, cool and collected.

Bonnie: Uh -- it's a front. She's freaking.

Jessica: I am not.

Bonnie: This is me you're talking to, mom. I can remember you on pins and needles at the PTA presidential election when I was in elementary school. Trust me, Ben. She hates losing.

Ben: And she's not going to.

Jessica: So -- what brings you here? Are you closing up?

Bonnie: No, I just got the weirdest message from Isaac.

Ben: Yeah, we did, too. That's why we're here.

Bonnie: He wanted to meet all of us at the same time?

Jessica: Something about "explaining everything."

Ben: Yeah, however, he neglected to define what "everything" meant.

Bonnie: I didn't even know we were still on speaking terms.

Isaac: We are.

Bonnie: Does that mean you've come to your senses?

Isaac: Even better. I have all the answers to the questions about Marshall Travers you didn't know who to ask. I know the truth, y'all. And it's gonna set us free.

Ben: Hallelujah.

Isaac: Mm-hmm. And win you an election.

Carly: Yes, can I have penthouse four, please? Even your voice mail is obnoxious! It's me. Listen, Craig, you're gonna have to do me a favor. You call me at Jack's the minute you get this message. And just roll with whatever I say, okay? And don't -- don't mess it up.

Jack: What's all this?

Carly: A little change of pace. We've gotta get back on track with each other, Jack. Unless you wanna go back to the station and find another perp to beat up.

Jack: Everybody I see has Craig Montgomery's face. I wonder why that is.

Carly: Please, let's not talk about Craig. Okay? Please.

Jack: Why not? I mean, you can talk about him when you drop the happy news that you're going into business with the guy. But I'm not supposed to mention his name over candlelight and wine?

Carly: All this is about me trying to convince you that everything I've ever wanted, everything I've ever dreamed of, everything I've ever fought for is all right here in this house, Jack. You and Parker and our lives together.

Jack: You're forgetting someone, aren't you?

Carly: Jack -- you are the only man I want in my life. Loving you is -- it's what love is to me. And Craig -- he's the opposite of that. He's the opposite of love. I just need him right now.

Jack: You need? Carly, if you think you need Craig Montgomery in any way, forget about us. 'Cause we don't stand a chance.

Craig: You're gonna be very sorry you did that, little boy.

Aaron: You touch me again, and I swear I'll --

Craig: Where's Lucy?

Aaron: She went to get us something to eat! All right?

Craig: Well, she better be all right, or you're gonna get something worse than a beating.

Aaron: Well, it can't get any worse. My dad's sending me back to Seattle. I have nothing to lose.

Craig: Ah. Well, it's about time. Because you're a disaster, a threat to my daughter, to your father, to Emma --

Lucy: Leave him alone!

Holden: Back off! As usual, you have no idea what's going on here!

Craig: Well, your delinquent son seems to want a piece of me. And I am quite willing to --

Holden: Aaron saved Luke's life tonight. He saved Will Munson's life, too. He is a hero. So whatever you got, you deserved.

Molly: Honey, why were you worried about Aaron? Is he in some kind of trouble?

Abigail: There was a fire at the Snyder farm tonight. Emma's barn almost burned down.

Molly: Yeah. Was anybody hurt?

Abigail: Luke was inside playing with Will Munson. Luke's fine. But Will was still unconscious when I left the hospital. And if it wasn't for Aaron, he probably would have died.

Molly: Did Aaron get hurt?

Abigail: Well, he inhaled a lot of smoke, but he seems to be okay.

Molly: So then what are you worried about?

Abigail: The way the fire started, it just seemed weird. I hate what I'm thinking, but I can't help it.

Molly: Abigail, what are you thinking?

Abigail: I'm afraid to say.

Abigail: Aaron called me. He sounded upset, and he really needed someone to talk to. And so I met with him, and he asked me if I would talk with Holden.

Molly: About what?

Abigail: Holden wants to send him back to Seattle. Which tears him away from Oakdale, Lucy Montgomery and everything he cares about right now.

Molly: But I thought he was getting along fine here. Why would Holden want to send him away?

Abigail: He got in a motorcycle accident. Lucy Montgomery was on the back of the bike and got hurt.

Molly: Oh boy, Craig must have gone ballistic.

Abigail: Yeah. But Lucy's fine now. But Aaron's gotten into trouble with other things. And it just seems like there's been problems since the beginning.

Molly: Yeah, well -- he's 17. Problems seem to just find some people at that age.

Abigail: Even so, I don't think Holden would even be considering this if Lily wasn't having such a tough pregnancy. I mean, she has to stay in bed until the baby's born. And that leaves Holden with Luke and Faith. And trouble with Aaron's the last thing he needs. And Aaron knows that. So he started talking about that something huge would have to happen to make people look at him differently and --

Molly: And what? What did he say?

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: That it would be impossible. That he would have to do something heroic, like defuse a bomb or something.

Molly: Oh, boy. Then he saves two children from a fire.

Abigail: Like within an hour. Aaron is right there, just seconds away. He goes in, and he pulls them right out. And the word "hero" is suddenly ringing in the air like church bells on Sunday morning.

Molly: Pretty huge coincidence.

Abigail: You know, I never thought that I'd care about Aaron so much. He is so sweet. And that's why this whole thing is just -- it's crazy. I don't want to believe that Aaron had anything to do with the barn burning down, but there's certain things I just -- can't ignore.

Molly: Abigail, we're talking about arson. Do you think Aaron was really so desperate that he would set a fire that could possibly kill two children?

Bob: Hal?

Hal: I keep talking to him, hoping he'll wake up.

Bob: That's good. He can probably hear you.

Hal: It's not working, though.

Bob: Well, you know, sometimes with a head injury, things come slowly. The body starts to take stock of the damage, and then it tries to heal itself. I hate to ask you to leave, but I want to take another set of x-rays. It won't take long.

Hal: This kid's been through the tortures of the damned, and he's not even a teenager yet. Life shouldn't be so complicated for somebody his age. Can I tell you what scares me the most, Bob?

Bob: What?

Hal: What if somewhere, in his subconscious, he decides just to chuck it all and not come back to us?

Holden: No one knows what caused the fire, Craig. But it wasn't Aaron. First he went in, and he saved Luke. And then he went back in and saved Will.

Lucy: He risked his life, daddy! He went back into the fire, even after we told him not to. Without a second thought! This is the part when you apologize?

Craig: What am I supposed to be sorry about?

Lucy: Admit you were wrong about Aaron!

Aaron: Never mind, Lucy.

Craig: Aaron, you just almost killed my daughter on your motorcycle. And tonight, I get a call from my paper, "your daughter's at memorial." Again. And here I find you -- again.

Lucy: This is not an apology.

Craig: I think it was a misunderstanding. Holden, how is Luke?

Holden: He's being held for observation, for smoke inhalation. Will Munson was more seriously hurt. Is this over, Craig? Aaron, Luke wants to say good night to you. So what do you say we head back there?

Aaron: I didn't rescue those kids so you or anybody else would think I'm some kind of a great guy. I just did what anybody would've done. Maybe even yourself.

Lucy: I know you said something to make him hit you.

Craig: No, I didn't!

Lucy: What, so he just punched you for the heck of it? I'm sure tons of people would like to do that, but Aaron is not one of them.

Craig: I asked him about you. He started to leave. I grabbed his shoulder. He swung at me. How is that my fault?

Lucy: Because you're the type of person who starts things, dad. Why is it so hard for you to give Aaron the benefit of the doubt?

Craig: Because maybe whenever there's trouble these days, Aaron is involved. All right? And whatever deed he did tonight doesn't change that.

Lucy: You only see things that way because you want to. You've never even tried to really understand him.

Craig: Is there something I'm missing?

Lucy: Forget it.

Craig: Where are you going?

Lucy: Anywhere to get away from you.

Craig: Hal, how's Will?

Hal: He's -- you know, Craig, seeing the way you handled that situation right now just reminded me of something.

Craig: What?

Hal: The way I felt about your son before I got to know him.

Jack: I have been down this road with you way too many times, Carly. And I am so sick of it!

Carly: Would you please just listen to me?

Jack: What? To what? How much you need Craig? Why am I surprised? Of course you need Craig. You've always needed Craig. I've just been too stupid to see it. Why else would he still be in our lives?

Carly: You are stretching this --

Jack: Carly, what kind of man would stand here and listen to the woman he loves, the woman he is supposed to marry, say she needs another man?!

Carly: The kind of man who understands that needing someone for his business connections and needing someone emotionally and physically are very, very different things. I am trying to be straight with you here. And you are just overreacting --

Jack: Don't say that to me! No! You cannot say that to me! I cannot overreact when it comes to you, Carly. It's impossible. I have gone through hell for you. Literally. You're not playing this straight. You're setting up this scene to try to seduce me so you can get what you want. Well, you can forget about that!

Carly: This "scene," as you call it, was supposed to be about me showing you how much I want you. Body and soul. You want me to apologize for that?

Jack: Well, obviously wanting and needing are two separate things to you. They aren't to me.

Carly: Would you let me explain to you why you're wrong?

Carly: Answer me this -- Margo -- she is one of your very best friends, and she's a woman.

Jack: Last I checked.

Carly: You two are partners. She is somebody that you can totally count on. You trust her with your life. You have even -- dare I say it? -- Needed her on occasion.

Jack: Yes, of course.

Carly: And so after having felt this close to someone, having spent this much intense, intimate time with a woman who's not me, can you honestly tell me that you have never, at any point, thought of her in a sexual way?

Jack: What is the point?

Carly: The point is that the sex thing is a non-issue. You're not a couple of animals panting after each other in between drug busts. But that doesn't mean that you haven't needed her in your life. You're friends, first and last.

Jack: And this is what you want Craig to be?

Carly: Not necessarily. But that doesn't mean that I don't need him at this point in my career. Okay, the guy's a louse. But on the other hand, if what he says can help me --

Jack: Yeah, I don't do that for you, huh?

Carly: You do something much more important. You love me. You let me love you. You love my son. And you show me every day, in big ways and in small ways, that "commitment" isn't just a word. It's real. It's forever. I mean, that's everything, Jack. That is everything that counts.

Jack: And Craig?

Carly: Craig is -- he's like a ride at the amusement park. It's fun for a couple of times and then -- well, eventually you gotta get off before you throw up.

Jack: That question you asked -- about whether I ever imagined Margo without her badge? See, the thing with Craig is he doesn't have to imagine that, Carly. He already knows. He knows what you look like. What you smell like. What you taste like. Everything. How would you feel if I came home and said, "Carly, guess what? The new police commissioner is a woman. And she and I had a hot affair awhile back. But don't worry. We're gonna be working very closely for the foreseeable future because she thinks I am going strait to the top. In fact, she is gonna do everything in her power to get me there."

Carly: Honestly? I'd want to scratch both your eyes out.

Jack: Hmm.

Carly: But if I loved you, then I would have to trust you. Wouldn't I? And in your case, you have the contract. If your trust ever starts to slip, you have the contract. Craig signed it, and it states very clearly that if he even touches me, Rosanna takes back B.R.O.

Jack: Yeah, I still don't get why that is supposed to make me feel better.

Carly: Do you honestly think that man would risk losing everything just for me? Do you think that I would risk losing you? If you do, well, then you're right. We got problems.

Hal: I thought your kid was on a mission to take my kids away from me one by one, Craig.

Craig: You were a bit irrational back then.

Hal: I just couldn't face the simple fact that what happened to Parker was an accident. A horrible -- accident. I couldn't face that. See, I wanted someone to blame.

Craig: Hal -- I know you're in a bad place. But you're not trying to draw comparisons between Aaron Snyder and my son, are you? Is that where this is going?

Hal: They're doing more x-rays.

Craig: Want to go check on him?

Hal: When they're done. Guess all I'm saying, Craig, is that blaming -- it does not help. Just postpones the inevitable.

Craig: You know, Hal, I really think Lucy is all I have left.

Hal: Of course you do, Craig. Of course you do. But that does not mean that you're all Lucy has. She wants Aaron Snyder, too. And if you can't accept that, you may just end up with nothing.

Isaac: Something had been eating at me about Marshall Travers for weeks, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Every time I looked at him, I kept thinking back to the night this place was robbed. We're supposed to buy him convincing some random guy to put his gun down?

Jessica: Well, that's exactly what happened, Isaac. He saved Bonnie's life.

Isaac: Right. And it happened on a night when I wasn't here? I mean, come on. I'm always here.

Bonnie: So what's the matter, sweetie? Are you upset that you didn't play the role of hero yourself?

Isaac: No.

Bonnie: Then what did you find out, Isaac?

Isaac: I found the guy with the gun.

Ben: How?

Isaac: His name is Roy Baxter.

Jessica: Wait -- this man isn't in custody? How is that possible?

Isaac: His good friend, Marshall Travers.

Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean Travers knew the gunman before that night?

Isaac: Intimately. And after a little bit of friendly persuasion, Roy rolled over on our super-hero lawyer. The whole robbery was a setup.

Jessica: Okay, okay. Okay, wait. Now -- what exactly did Baxter say? And why should we even believe him?

Isaac: Well, first he said this was his first robbery. That was a lie. He's got a record thicker than the Oakdale phone book. And he's wanted for two other robberies. Marshall has agreed to represent him for free. A little quid pro quo. If Baxter agrees to do one more robbery, then Marshall represents him on all charges.

Jessica: Are you sure about this?

Isaac: Marshall's gotten all of his cases venued out of Oakdale, and now he's making a deal for the scum. He's probably gonna walk on everything.

Jessica: But why would he go through all this trouble? I mean, to fake a robbery, consort with a known felon?

Isaac: So he could get Bonnie on his side. Pull her on his side, get her talking about you. He needed whatever he could get to use against you for that election.

Bonnie: It didn't work. I would never say anything negative about my own mother, anyway.

[Beeper goes off]

Ben: I need to answer this. I'm on call today. We need to go to the Police on this.

Bonnie: Will that Baxter guy talk to the Police?

Isaac: I'm trying to find a way before the election tomorrow.

Jessica: Wait. Wait, don't do that.

Ben: I've got a major situation at the hospital. Hal Munson's son, Will was injured in a fire.

Jessica: Oh, God! What's his condition?

Ben: Critical. He's still unconscious. I'll give you a call if I get a minute, okay?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about me.

Ben: Good work, bro.

Jessica: All right, you two -- I don't know what else I can say. It's the night before the election. We've done everything we can.

Bonnie: Not yet. There's still the 11:00 news.

Isaac: Ah, we could definitely get him on the front page of the City Times. Lucinda Walsh loves dirt like this.

Bonnie: Yeah, this could be the last thing they read before they go to the poll.

Jessica: I am not interested in slinging mud at Marshall Travers. Bonnie, you know me better than that.

Bonnie: Yes. If everything was fair play, yes. You are the paragon of fair. But, mom, this guy could be James Steinbeck's right-hand man.

Jessica: We don't know that!

Isaac: Okay, forget about the election. You wanna get trampled on, that's your business. But what about what he did to Bonnie? He hired some thug to stick a gun in her ribs.

Bonnie: Yeah, I'm still having nightmares.

Isaac: Doesn't that matter?

Jessica: Yes, it matters! Everything matters!

Bonnie: Mom? Mom, what's going on? Are you okay?

Jessica: You know, I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but I just can't use this information, okay? I can't.

Hal: You know, for so long, I could not look at Bryant through Jennifer's eyes. Or through yours. I've got kids. I should've known that if Jennifer cared that much about him that he -- he must be worth a lot. I just couldn't do it.

Craig: Well, 'cause you had a little girl to protect, Hal. I mean, that's what we're all about, isn't it? We want to protect our children from things that aren't safe and hold the world at bay. Isn't that what we're lamenting here, that we failed to do that? I lost my son. You almost lost yours tonight. I'm just -- I'm just trying to stop it from happening to Lucy.

Hal: You're right, Craig. I wasn't there for Will today. But Aaron Snyder was. He literally pulled my kid out of a burning building.

Craig: Well, that was something, yes.

Hal: Why don't you do yourself a favor and look at the kid through my eyes. I'll bet it's the same thing Lucy sees. They must be done with the x-rays. I better go check on him.

Craig: Yeah, go on.

Hal: How's he doing?

Bob: He has second-degree burns on his left hand. We've treated that.

Hal: Is that the only place he was burned?

Bob: That's all we can find.

Hal: What about the x-rays?

Bob: They were inconclusive. There's a chance that pressure is building up inside Will's head.

Hal: Does that mean surgery?

Bob: It could. Ben Harris has been called in.

Hal: Well, Ben's the best. Is he in any pain?

Bob: Not now. When he comes around, we'll control it then.

Ben: Hal.

Hal: Ben, it's good to see you.

Ben: I took a look at Will's films. We suspect intra-cranial bleeding at the site of injury. I ordered another CT scan for more detail.

Hal: Well, you do whatever you have to do, Ben. Because I am not done raising him yet.

Holden: Lucy? Aaron is waiting for Luke to fall asleep. I'm gonna head back there myself. He just wanted me to let you know where he was.

Lucy: Tell him I'll just wait for him here.

Holden: Okay.

Lucy: And, Holden? After everything that's happened, can you really send Aaron back to Seattle?

Molly: Okay. Well, the hospital said that Luke will probably be going home tomorrow but that Will's condition is still very serious.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: You know, even if Aaron did set that fire, I can't imagine he thought anyone would get hurt.

Molly: But somebody was hurt. Badly. Abigail, did you talk to Aaron about what you've been thinking?

Abigail: And destroy any relationship that we might have? If the fire was an accident and I say something to Aaron that makes him think I'm wondering he set it?

Molly: So all you can do is wait.

Abigail: Ultimately, I know that. I just had to tell you. I had to get it off my chest.

Molly: And I am so happy that I'm the person you come to for that. And I hope that never, ever stops.

Abigail: Do you think I should tell Holden?

Molly: I wouldn't. This is just a feeling you have. You're speculating, and that could potentially be very dangerous. And I'm sure the fire department's already investigating. And if they decide that this fire was deliberately set, then you can decide what to do. Do you know what I admire about you the most? You always try to do the right thing. And that makes me very proud.

Abigail: Yeah. Well, being a righteous little do-gooder won't help me much if I lose my brother in the process.

Carly: Well, you've tried yelling at me. You've tried freezing me out. But look at me, Jack. I'm still here. Don't I at least get a couple of points for that? Jack -- I refuse to give up on us. Please tell me that you won't give up on us, either. Tell me something.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: One of the things I love about you is -- is how passionate you are. How passionate you are for what you want out of life. And I would be lying if I said I didn't believe you on this, that you can love me and work with Craig and raise Parker and handle it all.

Carly: I can. I'm not gonna let Craig interfere or mess with us in any way.

Jack: You're gonna do your best. I guess I have to trust that.

Carly: Is that -- is that a green light?

Jack: One thing -- despite all I just said, I still think this whole deal with Craig is a crock, Carly. We are gonna have problems. The question is how we'll roll with them.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: I have to get that. It might be Emily about Parker.

[Cell phone ringing] hello?

Craig: Is this a bad time?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. This is a bad time. You cannot keep calling me and harassing me whenever the whim strikes you. In fact, let's just take this opportunity to get a few things straight. Okay? You are not to call me at home in the evenings. I have told you over and over and over again that, other than Parker, Jack is my main priority.

Craig: What are you wearing?

Carly: Are you listening to me?

Craig: Oh, yes. Let me get serious for a moment and remember what game we're playing tonight. Let me guess. Jack is jealous? You're showing off?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And there are gonna be some rules now, too, Craig. And if you break 'em, if you break even one of 'em, I'm history. You got me contract or no contract.

Craig: You're breaking up with me already? Say it isn't so. Listen -- can we quicken the pace here? I have a busy night.

Carly: If this little agreement of ours is going to work, I need time to prepare. I've got sketches to do. I've got to meet the B.R.O. staff. In other words, I've got to do it my way.

Craig: Jack, if you're buying this performance, you're not half the half a man I thought you were! Carly, why don't you let the boys handle this? Why don't you put old Jack on the phone?

Carly: The bottom line is that Jack and Parker are my life, not B.R.O.

Craig: Is this about over? 'Cause I really gotta go.

Carly: If I need to talk to you about business, I will call you.

Craig: You know, on any other night, this might actually turn me on. You could wear those vinyl shorts. I could pay $3.99 a minute. Anyway, I gotta go. Bye.

Carly: No, I -- I've got a better idea. Why don't you go straight to hell?! Good night.

Jack: Not bad.

Carly: This house and everything in this house is all that matters to me. And I am gonna beat that idea into Craig's head if it kills me. Yours, too.

Jack: So you're going to work for Craig no matter what?

Carly: Should I -- pack my things and leave?

Jack: What if I said, "yes, that's exactly what you should do"?

Holden: Where'd your father go?

Lucy: Hopefully back home. You know, you still haven't said whether what happened today changed your mind about sending Aaron back to Seattle.

Holden: Lucy -- I'm not sending Aaron back to Seattle to punish him. And it's not like I'm waiting around for something good to happen to change my mind, either. I'm worried that I can't be the kind of father that Aaron needs right now.

Lucy: But shouldn't Aaron be the one to decide that?

Holden: There's something that everyone seems to be forgetting here. Aaron has a mother, Julie, who loves him very much, and a stepfather who desperately wants a second chance with him.

Lucy: So it doesn't matter what Aaron wants?

Holden: No, of course it matters what Aaron wants. But Aaron needs to work things out with Caleb and Julie. Otherwise, he's just gonna be running from stuff the rest of his life.

Lucy: Well, not if he had a home with you. Aaron needs stability. He needs people not to turn his back on him as soon as he does something wrong. You never really gave him a chance to be a part of your family. You had all these restrictions, these "what ifs." No wonder he was always running!

Holden: This has been a very difficult time for my family. But we are all doing the best that we can.

Lucy: So what was the point of running after him if you didn't want him to stay?

Holden: That was before Lily's pregnancy became so high-risk. And now I have a kid in the hospital, a kid that I need to get back to. Look, Lucy, the world does not revolve around you and Aaron. There are other people involved in your lives, and I think it's time that you both started to come to an understanding of that. I gotta go.

Lucy: I thought you left.

Craig: That almost sounds like a wish. I want to make this better.

Lucy: Do you wanna make it up to me?

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: You don't waste any time, do you? Does this involve jewelry?

Lucy: Convince Holden to let Aaron stay in Oakdale.

Bonnie: Have I thanked you for what you tried to do tonight?

Isaac: Not necessary. Once again, it's I.J. to the rescue. Better late than never.

Bonnie: Well, thanks, anyway.

Isaac: There is -- well, there's one other thing I didn't wanna bring up in front of your mother. Travers did more than just set Jessica up. He set you up, too, with that whole display in the hotel.

Bonnie: Oh. You're finally realizing that? Well, it's about time.

Isaac: Oh. Will someone here please tell the woman I'm apologizing? To be honest, I was kinda jealous. I do enjoy being your super-hero. It's not a title I'm looking for for life, but it's a pretty good gig.

Bonnie: My black knight. But there is one thing that is still bugging me.

Isaac: What's that?

Bonnie: My mom's reaction to what you told her.

Isaac: That was weird. I figured, once she found out, she'd try to spread the news far and wide.

Bonnie: Yeah, but she's not. And I can only think of one reason. Marshall has something on her we don't know about.

Isaac: He needed whatever he could get to use against you in the election.

Jessica: Meet me at the Lakeview lounge, right now. No, not in your room. Just meet me in the lounge. Please.

Isaac: I still don't get your mom's reaction to everything I told her about Travers.

Bonnie: I don't, either. She could waltz into a second term as D.A. if she would just go to the City Times with this stuff about the phony robbery.

Isaac: Then you must be right. He has something on her.

Bonnie: Like what? She already made a statement explaining the gaffe she made with your Liquor license.

Isaac: I don't know. But she looked scared.

Bonnie: Which makes me think she still needs help.

Isaac: Unfortunately, she was very clear she doesn't want our help. She needs help from somewhere, because Travers -- he's a gangster.

Bonnie: Ah, well, that's exaggerating a bit.

Isaac: No, I'm not talking about the stick-you-up-at- the-drive-thru type, but he's a sharp lawyer without a conscience. He could probably mess you up all kind of ways and make it legal.

Bonnie: I can handle people like that.

Isaac: You mean past tense, right? Tell me that you're not still going after the guy on your own?

Carly: Jack -- if you want me to go --

Jack: I wish I could just say the words. I -- but I can't.

Carly: You really wish you had the stomach to kick me out? Oh. Well, I am more than sorry you feel that way.

Jack: What else do you expect from me, Carly? I mean, come on. You say you want to play this straight. You say you need Craig Montgomery. And on top of that, you want me to accept the fact that you need Craig Montgomery. "Be a good boy, Jack. Roll over."

Carly: I never said that.

Jack: Well, I'm supposed to be the understanding, magnanimous boyfriend, fiancÚ, man of your dreams who, despite legitimate concerns, is just supposed to lie down and take it from Craig Montgomery yet again?!

Carly: Oh, all right! Heaven forbid I destroy your sacred sense of manhood, Jack, if that's what all of this boils down to.

Jack: Carly, maybe I can still be some of the stuff you want. Maybe even what you need. But you know what else? I'm gonna need something from you first. I'm gonna need a promise from you.

Carly: Fine. If it's about Craig, fine. Anything.

Jack: Promise me that if you ever -- I mean ever -- put sex with Craig, lust for Craig, love for Craig, even fantasies about Craig on the table, you will not confess your sins to me. Promise me that.

Carly: What?

Jack: Promise me, Carly. Promise you won't apologize or beg me for a -- for a tenth chance. You'll just vanish from my life.

Carly: Vanish?

Jack: I don't want to spend another moment of the time that I have here left on earth arguing with you again about Craig Montgomery.

Carly: You won't have to. Because nothing is gonna happen with Craig, Jack.

Jack: Just promise me, Carly.

Carly: This job is going to do incredible things for my life. It is --

Jack: Promise! Promise me!

Carly: Yes. Yes, I promise. What are you doing?

Jack: I'm ordering an extra cheese, pepperoni, black olives to go with that wine.

Craig: Sweetness, what right do I have to tell Holden Snyder how to handle his son?

Lucy: You never thought that way when you were trying to keep Aaron away from me. You told Holden what to do all the time.

Craig: Lucy --

Lucy: It's true.

Craig: Yeah, maybe I made a suggestion or two.

Lucy: But after what Aaron did today, it's different. If you said that you changed your mind about Aaron, it would mean something.

Craig: Sweetness, one nice gesture does not rehabilitate a deviant.

Lucy: I can't believe this! Aaron does something so selfless, so amazing, and it means nothing to you!

Craig: No, no. It was something.

Lucy: But not enough?

Craig: No. Not really.

Lucy: Then this is what I've decided. If Aaron leaves Oakdale, then I'm leaving, too.

Craig: What?

Lucy: I'll go back to Montega and live with mom. I mean it this time.

Craig: That's extortion.

Lucy: I'm sorry. If you don't like it, then you should talk to Holden.

Photographer: Are you Aaron Snyder?

Aaron: Yeah.

Photographer: Can I take a picture for the City Times?

Aaron: What for?

Photographer: You're the one who saved the kids, right?

Aaron: I was just there at the right time.

Photographer: I think that makes you a hero in this town.

[Camera clicks]

Firefighter: Looks like it traveled this way. I haven't found the ignition point yet.

Fire marshal: Me, neither. But I'm starting to rule out Mrs. O'Leary's cow. This one looks suspicious.

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