ATWT Transcript Friday 9/27/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 9/27/02

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Paul: I'm in the middle of something important here.

Brandy: Yeah, no kidding, Columbo. Half the town's probably wondering who you're spying on.

Paul: How'd you find me?

Brandy: Please. You're about as subtle as a French bikini. Look, I do not want to get caught. If I'm going to double-cross Marshall Travers, you have got to be a lot less conspicuous. Come on, the man is dangerous.

Paul: All right, what's up?

Brandy: Okay, well, he and your dad do have something planned.

Paul: Do you know what it is?

Brandy: Just that James Steinbeck is coming back into town and Marshall Travers is handling the arrangements.

Paul: First time I've been glad Rose is away. When's Steinbeck supposed to get here?

Brandy: No clue.

Paul: Where's he coming from?

Brandy: Uh --

Paul: Brandy, I need information!

Brandy: I'll try to get it for you, but -- I'm scared. Paul, you gotta be a lot less obvious. If Marshall finds out that I'm telling you this stuff, well, he won't only ruin my life, he'll probably hurt --

Paul: That must be -- must be the seventh siren I've heard. There must be a huge fire at the town line.

Brandy: What's out there?

Paul: The Feed store and -- oh, God, the Snyder place. My brother's out there!

Hal: Nurse, my son was in the fire. Do you know if he's been --

Emily: Will!

EMT #1: 12-year-old boy, 85 pounds. Minor burns, smoke inhalation. He's unconscious.

Bob: Okay. Check his ABG levels. Set him up for a CT scan. I want a liter of saline.

Emily: Alison? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Wisconsin?

Alison: The school turned me down. I -- mom brought me back and I -- I went to the farm to see Aaron and -- he's gonna be okay, right?

Holden: Don't you worry, buddy. You're going to be just fine.

Luke: I'm scared.

Holden: Okay, you put him right in here. The worst is over, buddy.

Bob: Okay, Holden, I'll be out to get you as soon as we finish the exam.

Luke: Dad?

Holden: I'm gonna be right out here, buddy. I'm not gonna go anywhere. I promise.

Emily: Come on, let's just get you a glass of water. Okay?

Lucy: Do you guys know anything about Will and Luke?

Emily: Will's unconscious. That's all we know. Luke, I think, is doing a little bit better. He's actually talking to Holden.

Abigail: How are the boys?

Aaron: We can't find out anything. I've gotta get some answers here.

Lucy: You probably inhaled a lot of smoke. You need to be checked out by a doctor.

Aaron: Dad, I know you wanted us to go back tonight, but --

Lucy: Maybe this will do it.

Abigail: Do what?

Lucy: Maybe now Aaron can stay in Oakdale.

Craig: Ah, Rosanna! What a lovely surprise. Coffee, tea or -- something edible.

Rosanna: How long did you wait before you called Carly and told her I signed the contract? Three minutes? Four?

Craig: About as long as you waited to tell Jack. And thanks to you, I'm sure he and your sister are having a little fight right now. Here, sit down.

Rosanna: Speaking of thanks --

Craig: I owe you one?

Rosanna: More like a million.

Craig: And I intend to pay you back as soon as B.R.O.'s making a profit.

Rosanna: Which could take a little while. I was thinking of something more immediate.

Craig: I love it when you talk immediacy.

Rosanna: Help me get Mike Kasnoff away from Molly.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Molly: Hey, cuz. I need some advice.

Carly: Oh, I am sorry, sweetie. I don't have time right now. I'm at the Police station trying to figure out something to say to make Jack not so furious with me.

Molly: Why is he furious?

Carly: I made a deal with Craig.

Molly: Carly!

Carly: I did what I had to do! I'm sorry. I'm not -- I'm not mad at you. It's just, Rosanna got to Jack before I did, she told him about the deal.

Molly: She is such a sneaky little pain in the butt. She's just trying to cause trouble.

Carly: Yeah, well, she succeeded. Hey, is Detective Snyder around?

Cop #1: He's out on an arrest.

Carly: Well, I guess I -- I do have some time. What's up?

Molly: Well, I'm getting ready to meet Mike and -- I've decided to tell him the truth.

Carly: About the money you gave to the hospital?

Molly: Carly, I have to tell him I'm the anonymous donor. I just have to.

Carly: Molly, we've already been over this. Where is that gonna get you?

Molly: What can I say? Jake's made an honest woman out of me. Carly, look, I know you want me to keep my mouth shut, but I just -- this thing with Mike, it's --

Carly: You just have to stop worrying, okay? Craig told Mike that Lucinda made the donation.

Molly: Why did he do that?

Carly: I don't know. I don't care. Neither should you. Mike's happy and you're off the hook.

Molly: But what if I don't want to be? I'm getting ready to tell Mike the truth, and now I've got another whole layer of lies to explain away, Carly -- oh. Oh, no. They're here. Together.

Carly: Who?

Molly: Mike and Lucinda. Suppose he decides to thank her for giving the big chunk of money that makes him have the best contract of his life. Carly, if she tells him the truth, I am dead.

Carly: Well, get over there and make sure she doesn't spill any beans.

Jack: One more time! Say it one more time! Come on! What's you call me?! Just say it! Say it! I'll make sure you never see the light of day again!

Cop #1: Hey! Back off!

Thug: Hey, you saw him! He was attacking me!

Jack: You wanna sue me? Go ahead! I don't give a damn anymore.

[Door slams]

Emily: What happened?

Hal: Nobody will tell me anything. They won't even let me see Will.

Emily: Alison, when exactly did you get to the farm? Do you have any idea how that fire got started?

Hal: Yeah, Alison. Do you know what happened?

Alison: No. Not really. I just saw the barn. And it was burning and it just happened really fast. Will and Luke were playing inside.

Hal: Will wasn't even supposed to be there. Paul was supposed to pick him up.

Alison: I guess he was late.

Hal: He promised he'd be there before dark.

Emily: Hal, just let her finish.

Alison: Like I said, it happened really fast. But by the time the rest of us realized the boys were inside, Aaron was already carrying Luke out.

Hal: And how about Will? Who got him out?

Alison: Aaron. Aaron -- as soon as Luke was safe, Aaron went back in there to get Will. And he brought out Will and -- I don't know, maybe he was in there too long, but -- we couldn't wake him up.

Hal: Nurse! Bob, how's Will? Can I see him?

Bob: After we get the results of the tests.

Hal: What tests, Bob? Is he still unconscious?

Bob: He has a head injury. We'll know the extent of that when we get the results of the tests.

Hal: Bob, you tell him I'm here.

Paul: Hal -- Hal!

Hal: Make sure you tell him his dad is here.

Paul: Hal, I just got back from the Snyder farm. The firemen said two boys were injured.

Hal: Yeah. And one of them was your brother! Where were you?

Paul: I -- I couldn't get out -- you said you were gonna be there to pick him up --

Hal: Will's 12. He was counting on you! You know, if you'd just showed up, Paul, if you'd just kept this one promise to him, none of this would have happened.

[Paul sighs]

Craig: Why should I help you get Mike Kasnoff away from Molly, that wouldn't be particularly good for our relationship, would it?

Rosanna: Well, having my slut of a sister work at B.R.O. isn't really good for it, either.

Craig: I think you have missed the subtle message behind the "Carly clause."

Rosanna: Well, I think you seemed to have missed my message entirely. I didn't want that vindictive little tramp at B.R.O. Period.

[Craig chuckles] okay? I don't think I could have been any clearer.

Craig: Look, you conceded that Carly is a good, maybe great designer. And if we are the ones to give Carly her major chance, we will be anointed as visionaries from here to Milano.

Rosanna: Just help me get Mike away from Molly. I want him available.

Craig: Why? You have me.

Rosanna: Because I have my own little caveat to bring to the table. Let's call it the "Kasnoff clause." [Craig chuckles] if you slip with Carly, you make one move with her, you not only lose B.R.O., you lose me. But for Mike, the fun will have just begun.

Mike: I'm here to see Molly and I'm just ridiculously early.

Lucinda: Oh. A smitten guy if ever I saw one.

Mike: It shows, huh?

Lucinda: I'm glad. I'm glad. Molly is much too young and pretty to wear widow's weeds. Jake McKinnon was a good man, by the way. Isn't it good that she's found another one?

Mike: I didn't know you were so big on handing out compliments.

Lucinda: Well, why not? I don't forget. I don't forget how very kind you were to my daughter Lily when she needed a friend.

Mike: Is that why you did what you did?

Lucinda: What did I do?

Mike: I'm talking about the job.

Lucinda: Mm. Now I'm not following you.

Mike: The burn unit? There was an anonymous donation and someone told me you made it, Lucinda.

Molly: Hey! Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Jack: I'm angrier than I've ever been in my life. You want to deal with it, come on in. Otherwise, get the hell out.

Carly: Jack, would you listen to me for a minute?

Jack: What? Like you listen to me? I told you I didn't want you working with Craig! Then Rosanna tells me that's exactly what you plan on doing. I call you about it and you say you don't want to talk about it now. You want to, "talk about it later, when we get home." Why later, Carly? Was Craig right there?

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: I knew it!

[Jack groans]

Carly: Jack --

Jack: Emma's barn caught fire tonight. Luke and Will were hurt, so Hal's at the hospital. I gotta stick around here until he gets back instead of being with my family.

Carly: That's terrible. Jack, are the boys going to be all right?

Jack: I don't know. I'll go see Emma as soon as I get off. I'll find out what's going on. Anything, actually, to keep me from going home.

Carly: You don't -- you don't mean that.

Jack: Oh! Oh, yeah I do. See, if I go home, I don't see what's gonna stop me from packing your stuff and throwing it the hell out!

Carly: So after everything we've been through, you would just throw me out? Without even giving me a chance to explain?

Jack: No, go on. Go on, explain to me. Explain how you can be engaged to marry me, yet still need to be within touching distance of Craig Montgomery.

Paul: You were looking for me?

Emily: Yeah, I think someone should get in touch with your mom about Will. Did she leave a number where she could be reached?

Paul: When she said she was leaving town, she never mentioned anything about where she was going. I suppose I should have asked, but -- she wanted to take Will and he didn't want to go. And I practically had to force her to let him stay with me.

Emily: Okay, well, maybe she -- maybe she left her number with Will so, you know, he could keep in touch with her.

Paul: Maybe. It might be in his backpack. I'll go to -- I'll go to Emma's and I'll check.

Emily: I'll go.

Paul: No! No, I'll -- sorry -- it's just I -- if I'd been a better brother, we'd be eating pizza and playing video games right now. The least I can do is make sure mom's here when he opens his eyes.

Emily: Paul, hey. Hal's late sometimes. I mean, he's usually late. And when Will is stabilized, he'll realize that. So you hang in there. Hey, how's Aaron? Talk to him?

Alison: He's got his dad and Lucy around. It's kind of crowded.

Emily: So -- one day at Wentworth Academy, huh?

Alison: More like one hour.

Emily: What happened?

Alison: They had this case of trophies -- tons of them. And I, um -- sort of smashed it and threw a few trophies out the window.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Oh, Ali. Things are going to be so much harder for you now.

Alison: Well, Aaron was gonna leave for Seattle. I had to come back. I had to try to help him.

Emily: Well, what about mom? What did she do? Do I even want to know what she did?

Alison: Barely even talked to me on the way home. But -- she said she's going to have me legally declared delinquent or something. Do you think I could stay with you tonight? For the next couple of years? Just until she's not so mad?

Emily: Mom.

Susan: Thank you for calling me and letting me know Alison's okay. Alison, you sure you weren't hurt tonight?

Alison: Mom, I'm fine.

Susan: How's Will?

Emily: I don't know. We can't find out anything.

Susan: Well, I'll put my doctor's hat on. I'll see what I can find out.

Emily: Thanks.

Susan: And you? Don't you dare go anywhere. We have some things to discuss.

Alison: Save me!

Craig: So Mike Kasnoff's the sword you want to dangle over my head, huh?

Rosanna: Either way, I win.

Craig: You think he's a better man than I?

Rosanna: Definitely kinder.

[Craig chuckles] and that means something at the end of the day. He never threw Carly in my face the way you did.

Craig: He got her pregnant while he was engaged to you! I didn't mean to hurt you.

Rosanna: Then why do I feel this pressing need to protect myself?

Craig: Well, not from Carly. I only hired her for two reasons -- for business and for revenge.

Rosanna: Revenge?

Craig: I have a lot of scores to settle in this town, particularly with my ex-mother-in-law. Right now, Carly is just a means to an end.

Rosanna: And what am I? What part do I play in your little game?

Craig: You are my friend. You keep me balanced. You understand me. That's why I don't want you thinking about Mike Kasnoff. I want to be the only man in your thoughts.

Rosanna: Well, you are. Most of the time. I still need your help in getting Mike away from Molly, however.

Craig: Why?

Rosanna: Because like you, I prefer the old testament.

Craig: An eye for an eye?

Rosanna: I happen to know that Molly McKinnon was the one who told Mike that I was the reason he got the job in Venezuela. And he quit. He walked right off the site. The Cabot Foundation had to scramble to find another contractor, and although everyone was rather nice to my face, I knew that they were laughing at me behind my back. I think Molly should pay for that.

Craig: How?

Rosanna: I have reason to believe that she is the anonymous donor behind this new burn unit that Mike is building. All I need is proof.

Craig: Well, good luck in getting that.

Rosanna: Oh, no, no, darling. Good luck to you. This job is all yours, cupcake.

Lucinda: Someone told Mike here that it was I who was the anonymous benefactor, all that money given to the burn unit.

Mike: So I was just thanking her for my job.

Molly: You're still asking questions about that? Why can't you just let it go?

Mike: I never was very good at that. So is it true?

Lucinda: I think what you're really asking -- if I may so -- is did you earn the job.

Mike: Yes.

Lucinda: Well, you did. And I'm -- I'm not gonna say another word.

Mike: Then you are the donor.

Lucinda: Yes. Yes, okay. And that's it.

Mike: Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Lucinda: Don't you dare tell a soul.

Mike: One last question before I --

Lucinda: Oh, no, no. No, I'm not gonna say another word!

Mike: All right. All right. Thank you!

[Pager beeps] will you two excuse me for just a minute?

Lucinda: Oh, dear. So the guy doesn't know that it was you? He doesn't know that you are his benefactor?

Molly: No. No. I was going to tell him the truth tonight, but --

Lucinda: I'm sorry, I took the decision out of your hands. You just looked like a dying swan.

Molly: Yeah. Well, Lucinda, I didn't want him to leave town and the hospital needed money. So I just had Carly put a bug in Dr. Bob's ear -- the minute I did it, I knew I shouldn't have done it.

Lucinda: It's so understandable. You want to keep that cute guy on tap. Honey, you've lost too many people that you love. You know that? I'm gonna go and sit at the bar. I'll see you at the groundbreaking.

Mike: Yes, you will.

Lucinda: Okay.

Mike: You are the most incredible, blue-eyed angel I've ever known.

Molly: I'm no angel.

Mike: Even better. Do you know that if it wasn't for you, I'd be God knows where, building God knows what, not caring about one bit of it. Instead, I am right in the middle of a dream come true.

Molly: It really is. Then why did you have to keep digging and digging till you found out who the donor was?

Carly: Craig has connections, Jack. He has a head for business. He has financing. I need all of those things if I'm ever going to have a chance to design on my own terms, Jack. And I have told you how important it is for me to stay in Oakdale for Parker, for you --

Jack: Oh, you can leave me out of it.

Carly: I can't leave you out of it, Jack. You're everything -- you and Parker. Craig is separate from that.

Jack: Separate? He's sep -- he's in our living room every other day!

Carly: Well, now he's not going to have to track me down in our living room ever again, Jack. We're gonna have an office where we can do our business. Jack --

Jack: Don't -- lie to me, Carly!

Carly: I don't know you. I don't know this man who roughs up a perp and then acts like this.

Jack: Yeah. Well, you should. Because you made him. I have never been the kind of cop I was tonight. But I can't keep walking around with all this anger, Carly, or I just -- I just want to start smashing stuff. That guy I brought in earlier -- my fist was just about through his face when I -- when I realized -- it wasn't him I wanted to destroy. It was us.

Carly: You and me?

Jack: You and me and Craig -- what we have, it doesn't work, Carly. It doesn't work always having him there, leering, waiting for his chance.

Carly: He's never going to get that chance.

Jack: Sure, he will.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: How am I supposed to watch you go off to work with this guy every single day knowing he wants to get you into bed!

Carly: Why do we have to care what he wants, Jack? What am I, some mindless bimbo who hops into whatever sack is available? I am perfectly capable of resisting his so-called "charms."

Jack: He makes one pass at you, Carly, I swear to God --

Carly: It is never gonna happen, Jack.

Jack: How! Why? What, did he suddenly come up with a new set of ethics?

Carly: I have it in writing, Jack. It's called the "Carly clause." If he even makes half a pass at me, the company goes back to Rosanna.

Jack: You gotta be kidding me.

Carly: You have a legal guarantee that that man will never touch me again. Will that finally be enough for you?

Holden: How's Aaron?

Caleb: He's gonna be okay. The doctor gave him oxygen for smoke inhalation. Luke all right?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. He's still a little scared. The doctor cleared him for visitors. Abigail's in there with him right now. I need to -- I need to thank Aaron -- I mean really thank him for saving the boys. I don't know what would have happened if he had already left.

Caleb: Well, for once he was in the right place at the right time.

Holden: You ever get the feeling, that you're looking at somebody the wrong way?

Caleb: That's Aaron, for you. One minute you want to wring his neck, next he does something wonderful and you think you've misjudged him. But then he turns around and does something stupid again.

Holden: You know, I regret the fact that so much is going on right now.

Caleb: Look, Holden, Holden, you've done great by him these last few months. But you're right, it's time for him to come home.

Lucy: How are you feeling?

Aaron: Medium to well done.

Hal: Aaron, can I see you a minute?

Aaron: Yeah, sure.

Hal: I just wanted to thank you. Your bravery saved my son's life.

Aaron: I just got there first.

Caleb: Hal, it's good to see you again. I wish it could have been under better circumstances.

Hal: Me, too. But things would've been a lot worse if it wasn't for Aaron. Anything you want --

Caleb: So, everything check out okay? Doctor say if you could fly?

Aaron: You still want to leave for Seattle tonight?

Lucy: Excuse me, Mr. Snyder, but may I say something? You came here because you thought Aaron needed -- direction or discipline or something. But hasn't he already proven he's headed in the right direction? He did something really great tonight, really responsible.

Caleb: And I couldn't be prouder, but that doesn't change the situation. He still has a lot of problems with your father. He involved you in a motorcycle accident --

Aaron: I already explained that to you --

Caleb: Aaron, I'm just stating the facts. Now, I understand that you had to be with Holden the last few months, but your mother and I agree -- it's time for you to come home.

Mike: All I did was ask a few questions.

Molly: A few? Mike, you grilled Bob, Rosanna, Carly, now Lucinda --

Mike: I told you, Molly, that it's important to me that I get this job on my own merit.

Molly: Mike, say I -- say I was the anonymous donor, and say I was just trying to help us stay together?

Mike: I'd love you for trying, but I would never let you do that. Okay, that's just not the way that I'm made.

Molly: But nobody would know.

Mike: I'd know. And don't kid yourself. Okay, this is Oakdale, sooner or later, everybody knows your business. What's the matter?

Molly: The more I'm with you, the more I like you -- Mike, I don't want to blow this.

Mike: You can't. You won't. Right, 'cause I'm crazy about you.

Rosanna: I have everything insured, lambchop -- my houses, their contents, my jewelry. Just think of Mike as another insurance policy, taken out in the event you should start sleeping with Carly. Keep things strictly business with her, and I'll never have to collect.

Craig: And Mike Kasnoff will dump Molly just because she helped get him a job?

Rosanna: I know the man. All you have to do is get me proof that she's the anonymous donor, and I'll take care of Mike finding out.

Craig: I don't exactly have access to hospital donor information.

Rosanna: Yes, I know that. But Lucinda Walsh does. All you have to do is get it out of her.

[Craig laughs]

Jack: "The Carly clause." I'll bet Rosanna didn't come up with this one.

Carly: No. Craig did.

Jack: Which is why it stinks.

Carly: How? We're talking about paranoid Rosanna here. She'll probably put Sam Spade and a phone tap on Craig and me. And you don't have to worry, because that P.I. will be the most bored guy in Illinois, because there will never be anything to report, Jack.

Jack: Then you don't mind being under surveillance?

Carly: I would put up with an awful lot to have my own company. And that's what this is gonna be, Jack. Mine. With my name on every label. And all the ideas and all the designs, everything -- mine!

Jack: And Craig's. Don't think for a minute he's not gonna find a way to horn in.

Carly: I know that you're not happy about this, but it'll be better for us in the long term. I'll have my own career, g-man -- just like you do. This is the chance I've been waiting my whole life for.

Jack: And Craig comes with this chance?

Carly: Yes. I can't lose you. So please, won't you find it in your heart to accept this deal? For me?

Alison: Please, Mr. Snyder, let Aaron stay?

Holden: Aaron, Alison, the fire marshal would like to speak to you guys.

Alison: Why?

Fire marshal: Part of our investigation to determine how the fire started.

Holden: Since you were the first one to see the fire, and since you were actually in the barn.

Fire marshal: You might have seen something that will help us.

Aaron: Okay.

Lucy: Mr. Snyder, there's something I don't think you realize. Aaron's not the same person he was when he was living with you before.

Caleb: Lucy, I can tell you and Aaron care a great deal about each other. No one's saying you can't communicate. You can write to him. You can e-mail him, call --

Lucy: It's not the same! And you shouldn't pretend like it is.

Holden: How's my little guy?

Abigail: He's not as scared as he was. And I kept telling him he was as brave as his brother and his dad.

Holden: When Aaron ran back into that barn right after he dropped Luke off, it took everything in me to wanna just hold him back and push him in at the same time. And then when he came out with Will, that was pretty amazing -- my son, the hero.

Aaron: Think about it, Abi. I stay out all night with his car. And then I get in a fight at the Old Mill. I get Lucy in a bike accident. I mean, to make up for all that, I'd have to -- defuse a bomb or pull some baby off a railroad track. You know, "Aaron Snyder, the hero."

Holden: Abigail?

Abigail: Oh, sorry. I was -- spacing out.

Holden: You're tired. Why don't you go home?

Abigail: But I want to help.

Holden: Okay. Do me a favor. Call mama and let her know how Will and Luke are doing.

Abigail: Sure. Just give Luke a kiss good-bye for me, okay?

Holden: Okay.

Aaron: You're leaving? Without saying good-bye?

Abigail: Well, you looked kind of busy with the fire marshal.

Aaron: He told me to stick around for a couple more days.

Abigail: Why?

Aaron: More questions. I don't know. I don't even care. I'm just glad to buy some more time. Have you seen Lucy around anywhere?

Abigail: No.

Aaron: I saw her talking to my dad earlier. Looked like he got her upset.

Abigail: Sorry.

Aaron: That's okay. I'll find her. Later, sis.

[Craig laughing]

Rosanna: I fail to see what's so funny.

Craig: You want me to get confidential information from Lucinda? She wouldn't give me cold. Here's what you do -- you call her yourself. Think about it. You call her to ask her about local charities, one post-debutant to another.

Rosanna: She's not gonna tell me who the donor is.

Craig: Well, you don't ask her straight off. You appeal to her vanity. You tell her you're looking for a good cause or something. Let her blather on about herself, she'll tell you what you want to know.

Rosanna: All right, but I need Lucinda's number.

Craig: Hey, look, I'll dial it myself. See how helpful I can be?

[Cell phone rings]

Rosanna: Ah! It's probably Carly. Her timing is impeccable.

Craig: No, it's The Intruder. Yeah? A fire, where? My daughter was there? But she's not hurt? All right, okay, thank you.

Rosanna: What happened?

Craig: Come on, Lucy. Come on, Lucy, pick up. There was a fire at the Snyder barn. I gotta get to the hospital.

Rosanna: Okay. Can I go with you?

Craig: No, no. No, no, I'll call you. I'll call you.

Jack: So I am supposed to believe that Craig is going to keep his hands off you just because of something written down on a piece of paper?

Carly: I'm trying to be fair with you here, but obviously nothing I say is good enough for you.

Jack: Well, how fair is it, Carly, that you tell me if I don't let you work with Craig Montgomery, you'll be denied the career you've waited for your whole life? That is emotional blackmail.

Carly: Well, so is telling me you won't marry me if I do work with Craig. What am I supposed to do, Jack? Give up yet another piece of who I am? How happy do you think we'd be then?

Jack: I am not asking you to spend your days making sure the kitchen floor is spotless. But there's gotta be something, Carly, a life worth having, between cutting coupons and letting Craig take you off to Paris for the latest fashion show!

Carly: If I were lucky enough to go to Europe for the latest fashion show, I'd be working, with or without Craig. It's a job, Jack. That's all.

Jack: You're wrong, Carly. It's a 9:00-to-5:00, Monday-through-Friday seduction.

Rosanna: Lucinda Walsh? Rosanna Cabot.

Lucinda: Yes? Well, this is not a good time.

Rosanna: Just a quick question -- one businesswoman to another.

Lucinda: Call my office first thing in the morning.

Rosanna: Actually, this is about your charity work. I understand that you are on the board at the hospital.

Lucinda: Why would that interest you, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Well, my old friend Mike Kasnoff was just recently hired to work on the new burn unit. And I understand a very sizeable donation was made recently, and, well, I'd like to contribute. Who made that latest donation, anyway?

Lucinda: I did. But, darling, I was hoping to remain anonymous.

Rosanna: Really? Well, don't take this the wrong way, Lucinda, but you've never been one to avoid the limelight. Why keep this generous act a secret?

Lucinda: I'm a woman, too, Rosanna. And I like to be mysterious from time to time. But I'll have my secretary draw up the paperwork, okay? Matching grants are always delicious. Bye-bye.

Rosanna: Well, you're lying, Lucinda. I want to know why.

Abigail: Ahem. Excuse me.

Molly: Abigail!

Abigail: I'm sorry to interrupt.

Molly: It's okay.

Abigail: But you mentioned that you were gonna be with Mike earlier, and --

Molly: Honey, are you all right?

Abigail: No, no, I'm not. You know, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come.

Mike: Yeah, you should have. You know what? Stay and talk to your mom, and I'll see you later, okay?

Abigail: I really am sorry.

Mike: No worries.

Molly: Sit. Tell me -- what is going on?

Abigail: There was a fire at Emma's house tonight.

Molly: What? Honey, were you there? Are you okay?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm fine -- it's just, I'm scared.

Molly: Of?

Abigail: What I'm thinking about Aaron.

Hal: Are you sure Barbara didn't say where she was going?

Paul: She was vague, and I didn't think anything about it at the time. Hal, what if she's with my father?

Hal: I can't deal with Steinbeck right now.

Paul: Well, I can -- I'll find mom, and I'll bring her home.

Hal: Paul -- stay in touch.

Paul: Oh, you know -- when I was going through Will's backpack, I couldn't believe everything he had stuffed in there. Books, video games, t-shirts, that old stuffed rabbit he used to sleep with -- pictures of the family. It's like the kid's lugging his whole life around. Could you just tell him I'm -- sorry I let him down?

Hal: You used to lurch around in your diapers with this thing, chewing the ears off it. Your mom and I watched your every step, making sure that we'd be there in case you were gonna fall. I don't know when we stopped watching, Will, but we did. When your mom got burned, I sat in her hospital room, and I held her hand, just like I'm holding yours. For hours -- for days. And I left you with Jen, thinking you were gonna be okay as long as you had clean clothes and three squares. But you're not okay up here. And I blamed Paul, and I blamed your mom, and I blamed everyone but myself. I want another chance, Will. If you come back to me, I swear I'll be there to catch you, son. Anytime you need me -- anytime.

Craig: Aaron, where is she? What have you done with my daughter?

Aaron: Nothing.

Craig: I'm not finished with you.

Aaron: Yeah? Well, I'm finished with you.

Craig: Don't turn your back on me --

Carly: Nobody is gonna be seducing anybody, because everybody will be too busy working. Wha -- what are you doing?

Jack: I need you.

Carly: Oh, Jack -- oh, Jack, I need you, too. I love you. I love you so much, Jack. What? What are you doing?

Jack: You see? It can even happen at work, Carly. Seductions happen everywhere.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: Oh, maybe I just need to force myself to learn to live without you. Or maybe what I need is time. Maybe I just need another visit from Craig Montgomery.

Carly: Why are you saying these things?

Jack: Go home, Carly.

Carly: It isn't home until you're there. I'll wait.

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