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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 9/26/02

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Paul: Was it him?

Simon: Travers has entered the building.

Paul: Alone?

Simon: So far.

Paul: Well, James could already be in there.

Simon: I don't know.

Paul: You don't think so?

Simon: Look, Steinbeck is patient. This is a long-term plan. First get Barbara off, then put Travers in position where he can dismiss all the charges against James that will put him away for the rest of his life so that he's free to come and go and do whatever he pleases. Why would he risk all that for a meeting at an out-of-the-way apartment? No, I think Travers has got himself a lady friend.

Paul: He's got a suite at the Lakeview. Why come here?

Simon: So the husband won't find out.

Paul: A married woman?

Simon: Well, I can't imagine Travers is looking to settle down. Married women are safe.

Paul: Not when you're running for election. And if Travers is one thing, it's safe.

Simon: So, why is he working for James Steinbeck?

Paul: Travers used the word "dangerous." It was too dangerous to meet at the hotel. Well, gotta be Steinbeck or one of his operatives.

[Knock at door]

Marshall: Anyone see you come in?

Jessica: No. No, I took a taxi and waited for you to arrive, and then I came in the back.

Marshall: Dressed like mata hari.

Jessica: Best I could do at a moment's notice.

Marshall: So, here we are -- alone at last.

Mike: Hey, gorgeous.

Carly: Hi.

Mike: What's the emergency? Fame and fortune got you down?

Carly: If only.

Mike: What happened?

Carly: I -- I told Craig yes.

Mike: That you'd partner with him at B.R.O.?

Carly: Yeah. If and only if he can convince the evil Rosanna to go for it. With the probability of which -- zero. Which is probably very lucky for me because, if he does in some way convince her, then Jack will kill me.

Mike: Jack? Never.

Carly: He's already threatened to postpone the wedding.

Mike: Over a job?

Carly: No. Over Craig. I need your advice. How do I convince Jack that Craig, who, I admit, was an issue in the past -- a thorn, actually, a real pain --

Mike: You slept with him.

Carly: Yeah, that, too. How do I convince Jack that working with Craig is not an issue?

Mike: Well -- first off, congratulations. I know how important your career is to you, and I'm glad you decided to go for it.

Carly: Thanks.

Mike: Now, as far as Jack goes -- okay, if it were me and, you know, you wanted to work with someone that still had feelings for you, I wouldn't want to lose you. I'd be scared. And when men get scared --

Carly: They get angry. So, Jack is scared?

Mike: Mm-hmm.

Carly: What do I do?

Mike: You have to take away that fear. Have you let him know how lucky you are to have him in your life?

Carly: Oh, yeah, all the time.

Mike: But have you let him know lately? And in a very big way?

Craig: There you are. I've been looking all over for you.

Rosanna: Pourquoi?

Craig: Because I have the answer to our problems.

Rosanna: Have Carly elope with Aaron Snyder?

[Craig laughs]

Craig: That would solve several more problems, but I couldn't do that to Jack or B.R.O. Not if we're gonna have a spring line worth singing about. And without Carly --

Rosanna: Mmm, here comes the pitch. That's a record, even for you. What do we have here? 11 seconds.

Craig: Oh, come on. You've always been able to hit my fastball.

Rosanna: Well, you won't be sorry about that, but it's the curve balls I try to avoid.

Craig: No curves. It's all right here in black and white. I've added a little something to our contract.

Rosanna: I am not signing off on Carly as head designer for B.R.O.

Craig: Now, I know you don't trust me, and I accept that. And I've provided for it right there.

Rosanna: The Carly clause?

Craig: Read it. And then tell me I'm not a genius.

[Rosanna laughs]

Emma: Sweetheart, now, come on, it's not your fault. Aaron knew he was gonna have to go home sooner or later.

Holden: You wanna know the worst part about being a parent? You never know if you're making the right choice.

Emma: Yes, of course, you do. You know when your children thrive. You're doing the right thing.

Holden: Mama, I'm sending him back to a home where he had all these problems.

Emma: He's always gonna have problems, Holden. We all do. I mean, the question is, will he know how to handle them better? That's all. Hey!

Abigail: Hi.

Emma: Oh, how nice. I haven't seen you in so long.

Abigail: I know. I've been taking so many classes this summer, I haven't had time to come up and see you or go riding or anything.

Holden: If you're looking for Aaron, if you want to say good-bye to him, he's not back yet.

Abigail: Actually, I've come to make a plea on his behalf.

Emma: Well, look, I'm gonna go take his jeans out of the laundry so they'll be ready for him to pack.

Holden: I'm listening.

Abigail: Okay. Well, I don't think it's fair that Aaron should go back to Seattle. I have an idea.

Luke: Will? I know you threw this piece up here, so you better help me find it. Will?! I can't finish the model without it.

Will: I didn't touch it. I don't know where it is, okay?

Luke: If you don't help me look for it, I'm telling. Come on, Will. What are you doing down there?

Luke: This is your fault. You lost the piece, you've gotta find it. Will? You hear me? Will? Will, there's a fire! You've gotta get outta here! Run to the house and get somebody! Will?! Help! Dad, help!

Aaron: Luke, is that you?

Luke: Aaron, I'm up in the loft!

Aaron: Don't worry, buddy, I'll get you outta here!

Luke: Aaron?! Aaron?!

Abigail: I was thinking Aaron could move in with me. I'm getting my own apartment. He could get a job, maybe take some classes. I feel if we send him to Seattle, it's like he failed and we're kicking him out.

Lucy: He hasn't left yet, has he?

Holden: No. In fact, he's not even back. He's late.

Lucy: He should've been here by now. He left Java before I did, and I had to take my aunt Margo home.

Abigail: Maybe he's in the barn.

Alison: Fire! Somebody, help! The barn's on fire! I saw smoke coming out of the barn, and I heard someone -- someone's in there!

Holden: The boys are in the barn. Abigail, call the Fire department!

Carly: And, so, there I was, looking like Grandma Moses out on a date with her grandson. And, Jack, he really stood by me.

Mike: Mm-hmm. Which tells me that he loves you, not that you love him.

Carly: I'm crazy about him, Mike. You should see him with my kid. He's unbelievable. Jack bought Parker one of those water guns. It's more like a cannon really. And they're out there for hours chasing each other around the yard. And Parker's laughing, and they're both covered in mud. I mean, can you ever picture Craig doing something like that? Never. And I'm not denying that, at some point, there was a certain attraction, that's all it was. And Jack knows that I'm not interested.

Mike: But Craig's interested.

Carly: He likes to provoke me. He's a good sparring partner. And he appreciates my talent. But that is all.

Mike: I believe you. I do.

Carly: Well, then why can't Jack?

Mike: If I'm Jack, and I'm worried about Craig, and you come to me and it's all about Craig-

Carly: But Craig's the issue.

Mike: Is he? I thought you and Jack were the issue.

Carly: You're right. Here I am defending myself, and that's not what it's about. It's really about letting Jack know how much he means to me. Well, thank you.

Mike: You're welcome. My bill will be in the mail. Mike Kasnoff, love doctor.

Carly: And you could open up a practice when you're done with this burn unit thing. How's that going, by the way?

Mike: Good. Everyone's been very nice.

Carly: Good. I told Bob Hughes to be good to you.

Mike: Really? When did you talk to Dr. Hughes?

Carly: Just, you know, in passing. That's all. But, if you're interested in that -- the advice stuff -- I can talk to Emily -- a male advice columnist.

Mike: The same way you talked to Bob?

Carly: No, of course not. No. That was just a complete nothing conversation with Bob Hughes.

Mike: You had something to do with me getting that job, didn't you?

Rosanna: "In the event that Craig Montgomery, here and after referred to as manager, should in any way compromise his working relationship with Carly Tenney, here and after referred to as designer, physically or sexually, or if said designer should bring charges of inappropriate behavior, then the manager will forfeit his contract, and the company will be returned to its principal owner, Rosanna Cabot, herein referred to as owner." You've got to be kidding?

Craig: Tell me you don't love that clause.

Rosanna: It's absurd.

Craig: It's perfect. You know how you love to be in control.

Rosanna: I do not.

Craig: Or should I say on top? And I know how you like to be on top. If I so much as look at Carly, I'm through. You always come first. I know how you like that.

Rosanna: As much as I appreciate the ins and outs of our relationship and all the fun and games we have, forget it, count me out.

Craig: This is no game, Rosanna. I am gonna turn this company around. And this contract is ironclad. If I make one stupid move, I'm through.

Rosanna: It's unenforceable, my little kumquat. The minute your back is turned, you will do precisely what you want to do. So, no, forget it.

Jessica: I need to talk to you.

Marshall: I don't think that's why you're here.

Jessica: You know I'm attracted to you. That's not the issue.

Marshall: Well, I'm attracted to you, too. So much, I have trouble concentrating, sleeping, driving. I almost missed the turn heading over here. If talk is all you wanted to do, Jess, we could have done that on the phone.

Jessica: Well, I needed to see your face when we talked.

Marshall: That's what you said. You needed to see me. Here I am. Would you like a drink?

Jessica: No, no.

Marshall: I would.

Jessica: How do you know what I like to drink?

Marshall: I know a lot about you. And I want to know more.

Jessica: Are you working for James Steinbeck?

Marshall: Finish your drink and go.

Jessica: Just answer the question.

Marshall: You called me and asked me to meet you someplace where we could be alone. I trusted you. I came here. I compromised myself so I could spend time with you.

Jessica: You compromised yourself?

Marshall: We're competing in an election, Jessica, or have you forgotten? How do you think that's gonna look? Front page of The Intruder-- "Marshall Travers sneaks off for tryst with opponent"? If you want to ask me questions, come on, let's go on down to your office right now. You can ask me all the questions you want.

Jessica: Close the door.

Marshall: Why? We're just here to talk. We have nothing to hide.

Jessica: Just close the door. Just tell me, are you working for James Steinbeck?

Marshall: I work for me. Has James been a client? Yes. Did he refer me to Barbara Ryan? Yes. Will I take him on as a client in the future? That depends on who wins the election. Who knows, maybe you'll be representing him sometime in the future. You want me.

Jessica: This is a mistake.

Marshall: Two consenting adults who respect each other's privacy?

Jessica: I can't do this. I --

Marshall: Why, because it feels good?

Jessica: Because it could hurt people.

Marshall: And hurting me doesn't matter?

Jessica: If I've wasted your time, I'm sorry.

Marshall: This isn't about my time. I want you. I crave the competition, your intelligence -- your eyes -- your mouth -- your skin. The way you smell. I want to bury myself in you. I want to reach you. Drown -- drown in you. Oh, Jessica.

Paul: Travers closed the curtains.

Simon: So, we wait. He can't stay in there forever.

Paul: You don't know my father. If we didn't see him go in, believe me, we won't see him come out.

Simon: Wait -- whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

Paul: I'm going in.

Simon: What if it isn't Steinbeck?

Paul: Then Marshall has nothing to hide.

Simon: Paul -- Paul, just -- oh, man, amateurs.

Holden: Luke! Where are you? Will!

Lucy: Are you sure they're in there?!

Holden: That's where I left 'em. I'm gonna go over here, and see if I can go in.

Alison: Emma's truck! Aaron must be here!

Holden: Luke!

Lucy: Did you see him go in there?

Alison: No, but he has to be there.

Lucy: Look! It's Aaron.

Holden: Oh, thank God. Is he burned anywhere?

Aaron: He's okay. Just shook up. Just --

Luke: Will? Did you find Will?

Aaron: He's still in there.

Holden: Aaron! Aaron! Wait!

Luke: No, dad, don't go! Please stay.

Holden: I'm not going anywhere.

Luke: I don't know what happened. We were just playing. And, all of a sudden, all this smoke came.

Abigail: Luke! Oh, I'm so glad you're okay. Here. Here, have some water. You all right?

Alison: Look! Look! Aaron, I was so scared. I thought you --

Aaron: Get some blankets, Will's in shock!

Holden: Is he breathing?

Aaron: Barely. It's shallow. His hands are ice cold. Get the -- somebody call the hospital.

Holden: All right, I'm gonna go call an ambulance. Can you carry him up to the house?

Aaron: Yeah -- go, go!

Holden: Luke, you go with Abigail.

Aaron: Come on, buddy. You're gonna be okay, buddy. Come on.

Lucy: Aaron, I -- I thought I'd lost you.

Aaron: Come on, help me get him in the house.

Luke: How did it happen, Abigail? How did the fire start?

Abigail: I don't know. I wish I did.

Craig: Of course you can enforce this contract.

Rosanna: How? By having you followed day and night?

Craig: Absolutely. Hire a team of private detectives.

Rosanna: Really? Out of whose budget?

Craig: B.R.O.'s. It's a business expense and tax deductible. Tap my phones, check my medicine cabinet, check my odometer when I'm coming, bribe my employees, check my sock drawer for DNA -- whatever you have to do to ensure your investment while I am doubling it.

Rosanna: You are out of your mind.

Craig: No, I am just out of the box. All right? Have you checked the figures on Carly's clothes from last fall? They were huge. We would be crazy not to build on that. All right? Now, I am hiring her for work, for nothing else. She is a proven commodity. Check the Press. I've got the clippings -- "Understudy burns away burnt-out rag queen."

Rosanna: A headline which appeared in The Intruder over a story that you wrote.

Craig: Well, I didn't write the reviews. They loved her. We don't have a better choice. We have to hire her.

Rosanna: Do you know why I adore you? You're like one of those blow-up clowns that children punch who goes back down and then pops right back up. No matter what happens, you just, well, keep coming up. I've often wondered, frankly, what could keep you down.

Craig: Why did you buy B.R.O.?

Rosanna: Oh, you know why. It's a proven investment.

Craig: No, there are three reasons. You bought it to get back at Barbara, you bought it to get Carly, and you bought it to please me.

Rosanna: Well, you don't look too pleased.

Craig: Are you kidding? Wrassling with you is my favorite sport.

Rosanna: And if I don't let you win?

Craig: Rosanna, if I win, you win. You think I'm obsessed with Carly? Let me tell you something -- she ain't money. And, Rosanna, I like money. I like lots of money. And I don't let anything come between me and my money. That's why this Carly clause is so good. It's the sword of Damocles. I make one wrong move, and I'm through.

Rosanna: Speaking of the Greeks, why do I feel like I'm taking one for the team? You know, pride goeth before the fall, and this Carly clause is going to trip you up.

Craig: You think so?

Rosanna: I know so.

Craig: Then sign it, because I have to go.

Craig: Thank you, Rosanna. You're not gonna regret this.

Rosanna: Perhaps not. But you might.

Carly: What is the big deal? Bob Hughes told me that you'd put in a bid. And I said that you were terrific and that he should hire you.

Mike: And what else? There's more. There's something you're not telling me.

Carly: Nothing.

Mike: Then why's that little muscle tight? That little muscle right there on the corner of your lip?

Carly: Look, I realize that after what happened with Rosanna, you're probably a little paranoid. But, come on, I do not have the money to be financing new wings at hospitals. I can barely afford Parker's preschool.

Mike: It was Molly who made the anonymous donation to the burn unit, wasn't it?

Simon: What are you doing? Don't do that.

Paul: If my father's in there with Travers --

Simon: What? You've got a camera or a tape recorder?

Paul: I've got a witness -- you.

Simon: And you've got an ax to grind.

Paul: He's an officer of the court. If he's in there with a wanted felon --

Simon: He'll claim attorney-client privilege. He'll say -- I don't know. He'll say he was counseling his client to turn himself in. Okay, it may not even be your father in there. He could be in there a hooker, for all we know, okay? Or a client that doesn't want his business known. Listen, you can't just go barging in there knowing as little as you do right now. Now, I'm not saying that you're gonna give up on this. We're not gonna give up. But you've got to have patience. All right? We're gonna get him, Paul. Look at me. We're gonna get him. We just need some time. Now go. Get out of here now. Go!

Marshall: You look lovely.

Jessica: You look calm.

Marshall: I've just made love to a woman I respect and desire. And it was heavenly. If I'm not happy now, when?

Jessica: This can't happen again.

Marshall: What just happened? It doesn't get any better than that, and you know it.

Jessica: This can't happen again.

Marshall: Do what you got to do, Jess. You know how to reach me. Give me a 15-minute head start just in case somebody's been watching.

Jessica: What have I done?

Carly: I don't understand why you're giving this a second thought. Bob Hughes is not gonna hire somebody who isn't qualified.

Mike: He said as much. But he also said there were other factors involved he couldn't discuss.

Carly: You got the job because you deserve it.

Mike: I know I'm good at what I do. That's not the point, Carly. Did Molly contribute that last bit of funding to the burn unit or not? Look, I'm not gonna back out on this project if that's what's your worried about, okay? Because, you're right, I got this job fair and square. But this job was not here a week ago, because they didn't have enough money to make it happen. And then, lo and behold, somebody comes up with a donation.

Carly: And I'm supposed to know who that somebody is? I hate to break it to you, Mike, but I don't exactly hobnob with the high rollers. I'm more of onion rings at Al's kinda gal.

Mike: So's Molly. She's also loaded, thanks to her husband. And you are her cousin. And she does nothing without running it by you first. So I'm gonna ask you one more time. Did Molly fund the burn unit?

Craig: Mike Kasnoff! Carly, where've you been hiding yourself?

Carly: I'm sort of in the middle of something.

Craig: Yes, I heard -- the burn unit donation. Who got the tax write-off? Care to guess?

Mike: No.

Craig: Too bad, because I know.

Carly: And how could you possibly know that?

Craig: Oh, I have my ways, Carly, you know that. You interested, Mike? You outta be, considering you owe your job to the generosity of -- but maybe you don't want to know.

Mike: If you know who it is, let's hear it.

Craig: Lucinda Walsh.

Carly: What? I mean, how -- how would you find out something like that?

Craig: Carly seems to forget that my ex-mother-in-law is Lucinda. And my daughter spends a lot of time with her grandmother. And, also, I know everything.

Mike: Lucinda Walsh. Huh?

Craig: You surprised? You thought Molly Mckinnon was footing the bill? Kind of deflating, huh, having a girlfriend bolster your career? But don't worry, i think she's holding onto her money.

Carly: Well, this has so been fun. But I know that Craig needs to go do something.

Craig: No, he doesn't. He has business to discuss.

Mike: Look, actually, I've got to get out of here.

Carly: Mike, I can get rid of him.

Craig: Not so you'd notice.

Mike: I'll call you later.

Carly: Okay. Are you nuts? You know he's gonna go straight to Lucinda Walsh.

Craig: Who will deny it, which is what every anonymous donor does. Will you relax? I have a vested interest in Mike Kasnoff and Molly.

Carly: You see, this is precisely why working with you will never work.

Craig: Ah, but there you are wrong. Care to glance at the bottom line?

Carly: This -- this isn't a forgery, is it?

Craig: No, Rosanna signed. We are good to go.

Carly: Well, well, well -- you scheming little devil. How did you convince her to sign?

Craig: I invited her to put us under constant surveillance.

Emma: Oh! Oh, my God, Will!

Aaron: He's in shock.

Emma: Use a blanket. Alison's bringing another. Luke! Luke, you all right?

Holden: He's gonna be okay, mom. All this stuff will just wash right off. Sit down, buddy. How you doing? Any trouble breathing? You feel dizzy?

Luke: No. Just this terrible taste in my mouth. Like charcoal.

Emma: Gently. Gently. He might still be burned.

Aaron: We have to put his feet up.

Alison: There's more upstairs if you need them.

Aaron: Here, wrap him, he's still really cold.

Luke: Is Will okay? Will?

Aaron: He can't talk to you right now, Luke. He can't talk.

Luke: Where did the fire come from?

Holden: I don't know, buddy.

Abigail: Emma, they have the pumps going. They're going to try to save the barn.

Emma: Oh, that's the least of it. Is there any sign of the ambulance?

Alison: Well, I called 911.

Emma: I called them, too. Long before you brought the boys here.

Holden: All right, I'll go down to the gate, and I'll bring them up to the house. You stay with grandma, Luke, okay? You gonna be okay here?

Aaron: Yeah -- go, go.

Lucy: Maybe we should call Will's parents.

Emma: His mother was supposed to pick him up, but she's out of town. I think Paul was supposed to pick him up -- you call Hal at the station, okay?

Abigail: Aaron, how's he doing?

Aaron: He's unconscious. Where's this ambulance?

Abigail: They'll be here.

Alison: Where'd you learn all this first aid stuff?

Aaron: Swim team. You had to know CPR to compete.

Alison: Cool. Aaron, you're like a hero or something, rescuing everybody. What are your parents gonna say when they see your picture in the paper?

Rosanna: Hello, Mike.

Mike: Rosanna.

Rosanna: Meeting Molly?

Mike: In a little while.

Rosanna: Oh, well, that's too bad. I just sent Craig off on an errand and I had a little bit of time. So I thought perhaps we might catch up.

Mike: I just left Craig.

Rosanna: Oh, where?

Mike: He's at the Java coffee shop with your sister.

Rosanna: Oh, well, we are in business together, that's bound to happen.

Mike: Another time, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Okay, another time. Well, that certainly didn't take you long, Craig. Hello, Jack. It's Rosanna Cabot. How are you? Well, actually, I'm afraid I'm calling with some bad news. I'm sorry to say that Craig has gotten the better of me, and I've given him the green light to hire Carly.

Paul: All right, there you are Travers -- getting in the car. Where is Steinbeck? All right. Come on, I know you weren't in there alone. Come on.

Simon: No one came out the back. And the apartment is completely dark.

Paul: Damn it, I knew I should've gone in there. He's meeting someone -- that's what the phone call was about.

Simon: Maybe his contact never showed. Have you heard from Henry?

Paul: No, I had my phone turned off. No messages.

Simon: All right. I'm gonna go back to the Lakeview, check in on Henry, in case Travers is headed home.

Paul: All right. Let's hope Travers called his contact and reams him out by name.

Simon: You staying here?

Paul: Yeah, I'll give it another half hour. Just in case someone's still in there.

Simon: All right, take it easy.

Paul: All right. Come on. Come on, Steinbeck. Make a mistake.


Alison: They're gonna have a parade for you, Aaron.

Aaron: What?

Alison: Well, two little boys could've died. You saved their lives.

Aaron: I just did what anybody would do.

Alison: No, please, I wouldn't rush into a burning building to save my mother. You're a super hero.

Lucy: I left a message for Will's dad at the station.

Holden: The boy on the table's in shock -- I'm gonna take you to the hospital, get you checked out.

Luke: I'm fine.

Holden: And I'm your dad and I want to hear that from a doctor, okay?

Emt #1: We've got cyanosis. Who covered this kid up?

Aaron: I did.

Emt #1: Good work, you could have saved his life.

Emt #2: Clear the door.

Holden: I'm gonna go down to hospital with Will, okay?

Emma: Okay. All right, I'm gonna check on the animals and then I'm gonna see if I can get in touch with Caleb --

Holden: No, don't say anything to Lily about this. I don't wanna make sure --

Emma: I will, of course not. You'll call me, okay?

Holden: I will, as soon as I hear anything.

Emma: I'll see you later, sweetheart.

Holden: You should get checked out, too. You inhaled a lot of smoke.

Lucy: I'll drive him to the hospital.

Holden: Aaron, I don't know how to thank you for this. This family was sure lucky that you were around.

Lucy: You were so amazing.

Alison: Totally. You heard what Mr. Medic said, you saved Will's life.

Lucy: So what happened?

Aaron: I came outta the truck and I heard Luke yelling. I just thought they were playing, him and Will. Then I saw a lot of smoke. And that's when I went and got 'em. It wasn't anything "heroic."

Alison: Well, whatever it was, people are gonna find out about it. And then let them try and send you back to Seattle. A local hero? Kicked outta town? I don't think so. You're gonna be here for good.

Paul: What the --

Brandy: Drive!

Paul: Excuse me? I'm in the middle of something, here.

Brandy: Bird watching?

Paul: What do you want?

Brandy: It's what you want, Paul. Information about Marshall Travers and James Steinbeck. Interested?

Paul: Of course I am.


Marshall: Jessica. Mr. Steinbeck? Mr. Stenbeck? Is that you?

Henry: It's Travers. He's calling Steinbeck on the phone.

Marshall: I think all the pieces are coming together just as you wished.

Yes, sir, it won't be long now.

Henry: Doesn't matter that we can't hear the other side of the conversation. He mentioned Steinbeck's name.

Simon: All right. We have to kick this up a level. What do you know about video cameras?

Henry: Everything.

Simon: You think you can set up surveillance cameras at the apartment house we're staking out tonight?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, it's gonna cost you. And it's a lot more difficult to monitor.

Simon: We have to find out who Travers saw tonight. If it wasn't Steinbeck, who was it? And why was it too dangerous to meet here at the hotel? And what does this person have to do with all the "pieces" that are coming together?


Marshall: Jessica!

Alison: I'm serious, Aaron. They'll never send you back to Seattle now.

Aaron: I don't know what they're gonna do.

Alison: Are you kidding? You're gonna be famous. My sister'll put you on the front page.

Aaron: We should go to the hospital, check on the kids.

Lucy: And get you checked out, too.

Abigail: It's kinda weird, huh?

Aaron: What?

Abigail: Remember when you said the only thing that would get people off your case was if you turned into some kind of super hero? Looks like you did.

Aaron: You know, I really wish everybody would stop calling me a hero. The kids were in trouble, and I just tried to help. That's it.

Abigail: I hope that's true, Aaron.

Carly: Now where does it say "constant surveillance"?

Craig: It doesn't. It was a little afterthought when the Carly clause didn't work. Rosanna wanted a guarantee.

Carly: Oh, I see. So not only do I have to work with you, but I have to have Rosanna watching my every move on video tape?

Craig: Nah, it'll never happen. I mean, she'll watch us -- she'll try to catch us. Whatever -- but she has too much pride to hire a private investigator or bug my belt buckle.

Carly: You unbuckle anything, and I'll belt you.

Craig: So you keep saying. Anyway Rosanna will watch us, we'll be brilliant, that'll be fine and that's that. And she will cause us no real trouble.

[Phone rings]

Carly: It's Jack.

Craig: Give him my best.

Carly: Hello. Yeah, hi, sweetheart, I was just thinking about you -- I was just going to call you -- okay, all right, calm down. Okay, you're gonna give yourself a heart attack -- I'll be right there, okay? Rosanna's gonna cause us no real trouble? Is that what you said? It's funny 'cause she just called Jack and sandbagged me. Now, I have to go and save my future marriage.

Craig: Hmm, this keeps getting better and better.

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