ATWT Transcript Tuesday 9/24/02


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/24/02

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Susan: Did you say Exit 17A? I was sure you said "A."

Alison: Yeah, so?

Susan: And it went West on US 14?

Alison: West, east, what's the difference?

Susan: About 20 miles. We've been headed in the wrong direction.

Alison: Really?

Susan: Oh, hand me that map. How does anybody read these things?

Alison: You're all distracted, probably 'cause you're all worried about being tuition poor.

Susan: I'm not poor. I have you. Oh, no, it was 17B!

Alison: We should probably get a car with on-board navigation.

Susan: I'd rather invest in a daughter with a better attitude.

[Alison thinking]

Alison: Ooh, I hate this day, I hate this car, I hate my life.

No wonder Wisconsin's the dairy state. There's more cows than people.

Susan: If I cross over Route 51 --

[Alison thinking]

Alison: Speaking of cows, if she thinks I'm gonna play nice with a bunch of prep school snotheads, she's crazy. Oh, chill, Alison. You get to come home on the weekends, if you behave. And as long as Aaron is in Oakdale, there's still a chance he'll wake up one day and realize I'm the one he wanted all along.

Holden: Can that call wait?

Aaron: Yeah, I guess so.

Holden: Have you been avoiding me?

Aaron: I had to work on my bike. Grandma said I can store it here.

Holden: Need some help with it? Look, I know that this feels like punishment --

Aaron: Don't, don't, don't. Please. I'm no longer your problem anymore.

Holden: Don't say that.

Aaron: You know, you say you want me to be a man. That's what you've been saying for months, right? So how do I do that? By letting other people run my life? What do I learn by being dragged back to Seattle?

Holden: Hopefully some self-control. Maybe you can figure out what you wanna do with your life.

Aaron: You want -- you want me outta here? I'm outta here. Okay? But no more lectures!

Caleb: No more lectures here, either. We just want you home, son. We miss you.

Lucy: Come on, Aaron. Pick up the phone. Hey, it's me. I really need to talk to you, right away. I think I have a plan so you won't have to leave. But call me as soon as you get this message. I love you. Bye. Please, please don't be gone.

[Knocking on door] aunt katie? Aunt Katie, it's me.

Katie: Hey! What are you doing all the way out here?

Lucy: I'm so sorry to bother you. I know you need your rest. But I need your help. I'm desperate! I have nowhere else to go.

Simon: Any sign of Henry?

Paul: No, not yet. Huh-uh. How long did he say it would take to get the equipment?

Simon: He didn't. He didn't say.

Paul: Simon, how much money did you give him?

Simon: Uh, not enough to keep him in martinis.

Henry: Barely enough to keep my attention, Simon.

Simon: Welcome.

Henry: What, were you boys worried? Huh?

Paul: What'd you get?

Henry: Ah, the latest in covert operations. The sleek and efficient S-487. My contact says that it is the state-of-the-art in surveillance. You can just ask his ex-wife and the mailman.

Paul: All right, well, maybe we should let him in on what we're doing here.

Simon: Or maybe we should wait for Bonnie. What do you think?

Paul: Well, Bonnie's already upstairs staking out the room.

Henry: "Staking out"? What am I getting myself into?

Jessica: Marshall?

Marshall: You look beautiful.

Jessica: You don't look so bad yourself. But I wonder if you know that you're

playing with fire?

Marshall: I certainly hope so.

Jessica: He won't like this.

Marshall: Who won't?

Jessica: You're being a very bad boy, Marshall Travers. I mean it.

He won't like this.

Marshall: What's wrong?

Jessica: Am I worth the risks?

Marshall: Am I?

Marshall: Jes -- Jessica --

Jessica: I knew he'd be angry.

Marshall: Don't go! Jessica, wait!

[Sinister laughing]

You stay out of my life! She's not part of the deal!

[Marshall panting]

Caleb: The house has been too quiet without you, buddy.

Julie: We've missed you so much, baby boy. Ooh!

Aaron: I'm sorry. I -- I should've called more.

Julie: Well, we knew you were in good hands.

Holden: Why don't we head up to the house?

Aaron: I'm not done with my bike yet.

Caleb: Aaron, your mom and I have done a lot of talking since you've been away. You know, I didn't really wanna get into all this right now --

Holden: You know what? I'm gonna give you guys some time.

Caleb: No, no, Holden, please wait. I wanna thank you. It's because you gave Aaron the opportunity to spend some time here that Julie and I had some time to work on things.

Aaron: Oh, Holden tells me things are better with you guys.

Julie: We're getting there.

Caleb: And we realize we've made some mistakes. And not just with each other.

Julie: No, no. As parents, too.

Aaron: It doesn't matter now.

Caleb: It does matter. Aaron, we want to be a family again.

Aaron: The kind of family that forces me to do things I don't want to do?

Caleb: We thought that, when we got back to Seattle, the three of us could sit down with someone.

Aaron: No! No shrink!

Julie: A family therapist.

Aaron: I don't need a stranger to tell me what makes me happy.

Caleb: I think you should give it a try. It's helped us a lot.

Aaron: I know what you and mom want. And I know what Holden wants, too. But nobody cares what I want.

Julie: Baby, that's not true. Holden told us all about Lucy.

Caleb: And we know you care a lot about her. And we hear she's a great girl. But, Aaron, sometimes, at this age, relationships can be too serious too quickly --

Aaron: You don't even know her!

Holden: Hey, if you wanna get into it with someone, do it with me. I'm the reason that you're leaving.

Caleb: If he's got something to say, I want to hear it.

Aaron: Oh, really? Since when?

Julie: Would you just give him a chance?

Aaron: Look -- the law might make me go with you, but it can't make me stay. So I'll get a job, and I'll save my money. And the second that it's legal, I'll be so far gone from Seattle --

Caleb: Oh, so nothing's changed. You're still running away.

Aaron: Oh, everything's changed. 'Cause the next time I leave, you know where I went. And why. 'Cause I'm not running. I don't have to run anymore. I'm gonna live where I want. I'm gonna see who I want. And there's not a damn thing that any of you guys are gonna do about it.

Lucy: I need your help. And I knew you'd be the one person who'd under --

Nancy: Hello, Lucy.

Lucy: Mrs. Hughes, hi.

Nancy: I just stopped by with a casserole for your aunt Katie.

Lucy: I'm sorry. I didn't know you had company.

Katie: Oh, no! She's not company. Nancy's like family.

Nancy: Oh, thank you, dear.

Katie: Of course.

Nancy: Well, I'm sure that Lucy didn't come by here to talk to me.

Katie: But she does love peppermint tea. You love peppermint tea, right?

Lucy: Mm-hmm.

Katie: I'm sure she'd like to have some that you brought me.

Nancy: Then why don't I brew a pot while you girls get together?

Katie: Thanks, Nancy. So what's going on?

Lucy: Where's Simon?

Katie: He's at work. Sort of.

Lucy: Okay, well, I need to ask a huge favor from both of you.

Katie: Okay, of course. Anything. What kind of favor?

Lucy: Can Aaron live with you guys for awhile?

[Door opens]

[door closes]

Marshall: I am playing with fire. What am I gonna do about you, Jessica Griffin?

Ben: Nervous?

Jessica: Ah, a little bit.

Ben: You sure you wanna go through with all this?

Jessica: Positive.

Ben: Okay. How can I help?

Jessica: You already are.

Ben: Got my message last night?

Jessica: Yeah. I just -- I wasn't in the mood to talk.

Ben: Okay. Understood.

Jessica: But I really appreciate you driving me over this morning.

Ben: Hey, well, wanted to be here for you.

Jessica: I never want to take that for granted.

Ben: What?

Jessica: You. Always trying to ease my way.

Ben: Well, that's why I'm here. So you never did tell me how it went with Travers yesterday.

Jessica: Ah -- fine, fine.

Ben: He didn't give you any problems?

Jessica: No. Not really.

Ben: You're sure? I mean, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who likes to be challenged on anything.

Jessica: Well, maybe he knew I was right. I told him to stay out of Bonnie's life and not use her like some kind of pawn to get what he wants.

Ben: And he didn't give you any grief?

Jessica: No. He -- he -- he just listened to what I had to say.

Ben: You know, if he did anything more than listen, I'd be happy to go straighten him out.

Jessica: Nothing needs straightening out, Ben.

Ben: Come on. Jessica, don't do this to me. I just -- I wanna talk to the man.

Jessica: So what, you can call him out?

Ben: Hey, you know, whatever's necessary.

[Both chuckle]

Jessica: Yeah, great. A lawyer and a brain surgeon duking it out. You know, some people would pay real money --

Ben: I'm sure they would. But don't worry. It wouldn't happen like that.

Jessica: Ben, I don't need protecting. Especially from the likes of Marshall Travers.

Ben: I don't know. I keep getting the feeling that's exactly what you need. There's something that you're not saying, Jessica. I'm not imagining that. So why don't you just tell me? Why are you keeping me at a distance?

Henry: If it was any smaller, you wouldn't be able to see it.

Paul: What's the range?

Henry: 300 feet. It's completely wireless. It feeds right into the receiver.

Paul: All right, we have to test it.

Henry: Yes, you're right, Paul. We have to test it. Why don't you work on the receiver? And I'll have Austin Powers here plant the bug.

Simon: No, no, no. You've just been promoted, mate. That's your job.

Henry: Uh, no, no, no. No, no, no. My job was to make the buy.

Simon: Listen, Henry, I want this done right.

Henry: Then have some faith in yourself.

Simon: You're -- you're planting the bug, Henry. That is, unless you're so anxious to go back and scrub Lucinda's back.

Henry: Oh, come on. No, I'd rather go back to Avanya. But -- look, you don't plant bugs just for the fun of it. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Who is this lawyer and how crooked is he? Guys, I am not doing a B & E without a name, okay?

Simon: Well, I guess he's gonna find out sooner or later, especially seeing how he's gonna be in the man's room. Marshall Travers?

Henry: Your mother's Marshall Travers? That Marshall Travers? Oh! He's my hero! No, really, the way he made this whole legal system just turn around and scream, "uncle" -- oh, he's brilliant! Boy, if I'm ever in a jam, he's the first man I'm gonna go to. So what does he know that you don't, and how is it gonna make us rich?

Paul: No more information.

Simon: Sure, promise.

Henry: Okay. All right, well, look -- this is starting to smell like day-old fish, this whole operation. So I'm gonna get back to the water cooler. Okay?

Paul: You know what, Henry? I've got two words for you -- James Steinbeck.

Henry: I've got two words for you, Paul. Forget it.

Paul: Well, it's too late, Henry. He can trace this purchase back to you in no time.

Simon: Look, it's gonna be all right, Henry. You'll be perfectly safe as long as you do the job right.

Henry: What? You want -- you want somebody like me to take down someone like James Steinbeck?

Simon: Well, I think he's finally starting to get the idea. Welcome aboard, Henry.

Will: I don't want to go.

Barbara: Oh, honey, come on. It's just for a couple of days. And Lily and Holden love having you. You'll be able to hang out all you want with Luke.

Will: Luke's a baby. I want to stay with dad.

Barbara: No. That's not an option.

Will: Dad.

Barbara: Stop saying that, Will.

Will: Dad! Dad! Dad!

Barbara: Listen to me -- you're gonna do what I tell you. Do you understand me, Will?

Simon: All right, Paul. Why don't you go and check out the room that we booked? Make sure it's in range. I'll work the receiver while Henry here finds the perfect position to plant our little friend.

Henry: Ah, just like the three musketeers. Weren't they hanged or were they drawn and quartered?

Paul: All right, let's go. Bonnie's already in place.

Henry: Oh, well, maybe she can make me a drink before Steinbeck calls lights out.

Will: Hey, mom, look. There's Paul. Maybe I can stay with him. Hey, Paul! Wait!

Alison: I'm getting a real warm, fuzzy feeling about this place.

Susan: The grounds are very pretty.

Alison: Well, where do they hide the barbed wire fences?

Susan: They only put 'em out at night. Remote control!

Alison: How can you make jokes?

Susan: Honey, all I'm asking is that you give this school a chance.

Alison: A chance? What, to turn me into a loser? No, thanks.

Susan: Listen, the headmistress sounded very nice on the telephone. Please don't embarrass yourself when we sit down with her.

Alison: You mean, don't embarrass you. Oh, look, here's a horseback riding trophy. Oh, no. That's not the horse. It's just one of the students.

Susan: Alison! Are you listening to me?

Louella: So sorry I'm late. I'm Louella Pratt. It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Stewart. And you must be Alison.

Susan: Mrs. Pratt, I just want to thank you for holding a spot for Alison.

Louella: It's Ms. Pratt, and it was my pleasure. Welcome to Wentworth, Alison.

Alison: Ms.?

Louella: Yes, I prefer that.

Alison: Oh, you're not married?

Louella: No, I'm not.

Alison: Are you a lesbian?

Susan: Alison!

Louella: That's a rather personal question to ask five minutes after you meet someone. I see we have a little bit of work to do, etiquette-wise.

Alison: So who copped all the silver?

Susan: We were just admiring your trophy case.

Louella: Our field hockey team has won the state championships four years in a row. Very proud of the girls. In fact, that case is as old as the school itself. Mrs. Wentworth had it crafted by a local woodworker. It's all handcrafted, and you can't get glass like that anymore. It's one of our dearest treasures.

Alison: Well, I stink at sports.

Louella: Oh, well, every young woman has her talents, Alison. I'm sure we'll help you find yours in time.

Alison: Oh, except coed mud-wrestling. I'd give that a shot.

Susan: Alison is a little conflicted about being here.

Louella: That's perfectly understandable. I'm sure once Alison understands her place here at Wentworth, we'll all get along famously. Why don't we go into my office and fill out any remaining forms?

Susan: Of course. Alison!

Alison: This is your gig, not mine.

Louella: I believe your mother requested you join us, Alison. And that makes it your "gig," as you put it. You can remain out here and memorize the names of each girl in the trophy case, or you can join us for an informal discussion on the goals we'll set for you here at the academy. Which will it be?

Alison: Gee, that's a tough one.

Louella: My dear, you don't know the meaning of the word "tough," but I promise you -- by the time you leave Wentworth, you will. After you, young lady.

Katie: So, Holden called Aaron's parents?

Lucy: And now he has to go back to Seattle.

Katie: They can't do that.

Lucy: Well, he's not 18 yet, so he kinda has to do what they want. I love him so much. I can't let him leave.

Katie: I know, babe. I'm so sorry. But I don't think him living here is the right answer.

Lucy: Well, he could get a job and pay his way.

Katie: No, it's not that. We don't need the money.

Lucy: I know you guys don't have a lot of room, but he could sleep on the couch.

Katie: No, it's not that, either. It's just -- I can't be the one to get in the middle of family things. You know? Holden needs to do what he thinks is right for Aaron. Oh, God. Did I just sound like a responsible adult? I just sounded like a responsible adult. When did that happen?

Lucy: Aunt Katie, if I can't be with Aaron, then --

Katie: You feel like you're gonna die. I know. I've been there.

Lucy: You have?

Katie: Yeah, of course. Every time Simon leaves the room, I just get this weird feeling until I'm with him again.

Lucy: What am I gonna do?

Katie: You're gonna tell Aaron that you love him and that you'll miss him until you guys can be together again, I guess. I don't -- I'm sure he knows that you don't want this.

Lucy: No, he doesn't! That's the problem. Last night, I told him to go back to Seattle and make the most of the situation. But I only did it to make things easier on him. Now he thinks that I don't want him here. He probably thinks I don't even love him anymore.

Holden: Aaron, nobody's saying that this is the perfect solution.

Caleb: But it's a start.

Aaron: Yeah, well, not for me.

Julie: Okay, look -- if you don't wanna see a counselor, that's fine. It's fine. But, you know, we need to learn to speak to each other and -- and find out what each other feels and what we want.

Aaron: You know what I want, mom! But if it's not what you and dad want, then it's wrong. It's a big problem!

Holden: We are not inventing a problem here. Nothing about you seeing Lucy has been easy.

Aaron: Yes, it has. Okay? Maybe not for you or Lily or her old man, but -- but for us, it's been perfect.

Caleb: Aaron, maybe Lucy could come and visit us in Seattle.

Aaron: Her father won't let her come.

Julie: Well, maybe Holden could talk to him?

Aaron: He hates me, ma!

Holden: Julie's right. I'll talk to Craig, see what I can do.

Aaron: Okay, sure. Yeah, once I'm a couple thousand miles away from you and you're all tied up with this new baby, I'm gonna be so far out of your mind.

Holden: No, you won't. Don't make it sound like I'm shoving you away just because this baby is coming. I've been there for you, ever since you rode this motorcycle into town.

Aaron: How about today? Huh? Whose side were you on today?

Holden: That's not fair.

Aaron: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just feel like everything's out of my control. Being stuck in Seattle without Lucy -- it's gonna feel like prison. And I'm gonna hurt you. But that's the way it's gonna be.

Julie: We're not talking about the rest of your life, okay? We're just talking about a few months. Can't you just give us that much?

Ben: I just don't wanna feel like there are certain things that are off-limits between us.

Jessica: Well, some things are -- like politics. Ben, it can get really dirty, and I'm trying to protect the people around me, the people I care about. I don't want you or Bonnie or Isaac getting hurt trying to fight my battles.

Ben: I don't wanna sit on the sidelines while you take all the heat.

Jessica: Okay, okay. How about if I burst into the O.R. during brain surgery and started telling you what to connect this synapse to that nerve and the grey matter thing?

Ben: I understand -- I get your point.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Okay. I should know better than to try and argue with Oakdale's brilliant District Attorney.

Jessica: All right.

Ben: All right. But if you ever change your mind and need somebody to watch your back, I'm right here.

[Cell phone rings]

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Sorry. This shouldn't take long.

[Cell phone ringing] This is jessica.

Marshall: Hello, Jessica?

Jessica: Uh, this is not a good time.

Marshall: I wanna see you.

Jessica: That's impossible.

Marshall: All things are possible.

Jessica: I'm not interested. I have to go. But thank you for calling.

Ben: Another reporter?

Jessica: I don't know how they got my cell phone number.

Ben: Yeah, well, they're all gonna be swarming in here in just a few minutes. So -- I will go let you handle them like the capable and fiercely independent woman that you are.

Jessica: Thanks, Ben.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Public Relations person: Are you ready, Ms. Griffin?

Jessica: Yes. Yes, I am.

Ben: Hey. One more thing --

Jessica: Yeah?

Ben: You have more to offer this town than anybody out there. I know that. You know that. And every one of those reporters out there knows that. And if you ever need anything, you call me.

Jessica: Thank you.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Good morning.

Reporters: Good morning.

Jessica: Thank you all for coming. I'm looking forward to answering any questions you might have.

Male reporter: Ms. Griffin -- do you feel that your actions were appropriate?

Marshall: I'm calling from the County Clerk's office, and I have some papers that need to be processed immediately. My name? Puckett. Unfortunately, I was supposed to have Ms. Griffin sign these papers, but I neglected to do so. Well, if Ms. Griffin doesn't have to sign these papers, I'll have to refile the entire indictment. She's where? The City Times office? You're sure? Thanks. You saved my life.

Bonnie: Gotcha.

Jessica: I assume all of you have read my statement in the City Times this morning. And I think I've made my position pretty clear. But if there are any lingering questions, I'll do my best to try to answer them.

[All reporters talking]

Male reporter: Ms. Griffin, was this statement your idea?

Jessica: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Male reporter: What I mean is, did you feel pressure from Marshall Travers to publish this little mea culpa? And if so, how did he get to you? And what's your honest opinion of your opponent?

Jessica: That's actually three questions, and if everybody follows Ted's lead, we'll be here until election day. [Light laughter] but I will try to answer each question in turn.

Henry: Okay. Let's say that I leave my better judgment at the door, give it the day off and go along with this plan. How am I supposed to get into Travers' room, with my teeth?

Simon: Hmm. That oughta do it.

Henry: Oh, Simon! You're spoiling me!

Simon: I know. Two minutes, tops. With that, you should be in that room.

Henry: Yeah? Who's my lookout?

Simon: Bonnie. If anything comes up, she'll divert Travers.

Henry: What? With a cocktail olive and tonight's dinner specials?

Simon: And a very nice set of legs.

Henry: That's true.

Bonnie: Okay. The eagle has flown. Travers is gone.

Henry: That's cute.

Bonnie: I stayed with him till he got in the cab.

Simon: All right, Henry. That's you. You're cue, you're on. All right, I'm gonna work our room. I'll stake out in our room and listen for your signal.

Henry: Which will be -- what?

Simon: Uh, bird noises, whatever.

Henry: Bird noises --

Simon: Think of something creative.

Henry: I'm sure I will. I always do.

Bonnie: And what about Paul?

Simon: He's been held up. All right, look -- I'm gonna go up to our surveillance room and make sure it's in range. Bonnie, you look out for Travers and make sure he doesn't come back, forgotten something, whatever. And, Henry, you go up to his room now. Get in, get out as fast as you can.

Paul: Why can't you just let Will stay with Hal?

Barbara: Because, at this point, that's not an option.

Will: Well, if I can't stay with dad, can I stay with you? We could hang out, just like we used to.

Paul: Sure. Sure, pal. We'll -- what time are you leaving town?

Barbara: I'm leaving this afternoon. We were gonna have lunch before I go.

Paul: All right, well, I gotta take care of something first. And why don't you see if he can hang out at Lily and Holden's? And I'll pick him up in a couple hours.

Barbara: Okay. I guess that works.

Paul: So -- where are you headed?

Barbara: That's really none of your business, son.

Paul: What's going on, mom?

Barbara: This is about my business. I'm just --

Simon: Paul, Paul, sorry to interrupt. But we're on. Sorry.

Paul: Gotcha. I'll be right there.

Barbara: What's that all about?

Paul: Oh -- Simon was just asking me for some business advice, and he's in a rush to get back home to Katie. She's recuperating. So why don't you go ahead and drop Will off? And I'll pick him up at the Snyders' later on, as soon as I can. How's that sound, buddy? Sound good?

Will: Great!

Paul: All right. We'll rent a couple movies, order a pizza. Just a guys night out. What do you say?

Will: All right!

Paul: All right. Thanks.

Barbara: For what?

Paul: Letting me stay close to Will. And don't worry about a thing. We are gonna have a blast. Right, kid?

Will: Yep.

Paul: All right. I'll see ya.

Lucy: I called him, but he hasn't called me back yet. I mean, Aaron probably doesn't even want to hear from me.

Katie: Of course he does. He probably just doesn't have his cell phone on. Simon never does.

Lucy: I just can't let Aaron leave without talking to him one more time.

Katie: Then call him again -- and again and again. I'm telling you, part of me just wants to run over there and get Holden to get out of the way of true love. But -- I'm sorry. I just can't get in the middle of family things. I can't tell him how to raise his children.

Lucy: Well, thanks for listening, anyway.

Katie: Anytime.

Nancy: This tea smells delicious!

Katie: Oh, yum!

Lucy: I'm -- I'm sorry, Mrs. Hughes. I can't stay.

Nancy: Well, I understand, dear. We'll make it another time.

Lucy: I'd like that.

Katie: Hey, call me, okay? It's gonna work out.

Lucy: I will. Thanks, aunt Katie. It was nice seeing you again, Mrs. Hughes.

Nancy: Nice to see you, dear. Lucy! I'm going to give some advice, though it probably isn't needed. But that won't be the first time it's done. Remember, child -- most things that seem so big at the moment very rarely are. Things have a habit of working themselves out in the most unexpected ways.

Lucy: I hope you're right.

Katie: She is. Don't forget to call me.

Nancy: Young love -- I don't miss it at all, I think.

Lucy: Come on, Aaron. Call. Please.

Susan: Here. I think I've signed in all the right places.

Louella: Everything seems to be in order. Oh! We also ask that each of our parents join one of our committees. There's fund-raising, social events -- here's our list of choices. I ask that you look it over, Dr. Stewart. We'd appreciate your cooperation.

Susan: Of course.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lucy: Come on, Alison. Pick up.

Louella: I'll take that, young lady.

Alison: No!

Louella: Cell phones are forbidden on campus.

Alison: But it could be Aaron!

Louella: As are visits from young men.

Alison: Even prisoners get a phone call!

Louella: And so do our students, but not on a cell phone. Here at Wentworth Academy, dear, young women of grace and dignity aren't born -- they're created.

Lucy: I don't believe this! Voice mail? Where is everybody?

Aaron: I can't do things just 'cause you want me to. Look, it's not like I was never goin' back to Seattle -- or that I don't love you guys. 'Cause I do. I'm not angry anymore. I mean, I don't have to prove that you guys did something wrong, 'cause you didn't. But it's time for me to go and do what I have to do. If I mess up, then I mess up. It's on me. You guys did your job. You have to trust that. We both do.

Caleb: Aaron, I can tell you've grown up a lot since you've been away. And I'm sure that Lucy's a big part of that. But that doesn't change our decision. You still belong at home, at least for a little while.

Julie: And you may even find that the time away from Lucy is a good thing.

Aaron: How can you say that?!

Julie: Well --

Caleb: Look -- our flight isn't till later. You stay here, finish up with the bike, and we'll talk about it on the way home.

Aaron: There's nothing to talk about.

Julie: Honey, your dad and I want you happy. I mean, can't you just imagine the possibility that we could help you get there?

Caleb: We'll come back and pick you up later.

Ben: I'll be right there.

Marshall: Hello, Dr. Harris.

Ben: What are you doing here?

Marshall: As Jessica's opponent, I have a vested interest in what she has to say in there.

Ben: Read about it in the papers.

Marshall: Relax, doctor. I'm just curious.

Ben: Well, I will relax when you back off and run this race with a little integrity.

Marshall: Do I sense hostility?

Ben: Yes, you do. When you went after Bonnie and Isaac, you crossed the line, Travers.

Marshall: It wasn't personal.

Ben: Yes, it was. You went after my brother. You went after the woman I love. You tried to take Jessica down once. Don't take another shot at her.

Marshall: Jessica seems like the woman who can take care of herself.

Ben: Oh, she can. But if you make it personal again, I will be the one who pays you a visit.

Marshall: Is that how Jessica wants it?

Ben: No, that's how it is. So, go ahead on in, man. Go ahead. Watch. Listen. But if I hear that you caused Jessica any more problems, you will have to answer to me.

Louella: I'll entrust this to your care, Dr. Stewart.

Alison: Is stealing part of the honor code at this dump?

Louella: No, but respect for privacy is. Cell phones have become an annoying intrusion into the lives of others.

Alison: Why, 'cause they're cool or 'cause they keep in touch with your real friends?

Susan: You'll make new friends.

Alison: Oh, lose it, mom! You can't convince little Miss Never-Been-Kissed here that we're not the family from Mars. Do you know what the problem is here? All this dead wood. Wood paneling, wood doors, wood cabinets -- wooden people!

Susan: That's enough, young lady.

Alison: Yeah, sure, it is. Let's get back into the real world, mom.

Susan: Give that back to me.

Alison: Yeah, when you leave.

Louella: And your mother will be leaving very soon, Alison. Because, as of this moment, you are officially a student at the Wentworth Academy.

Alison: I think I'm gonna be sick. Do you have a bathroom here in the sticks? What, do you have an outhouse or something?

Louella: The ladies' room is down the hall, to the right.

Alison: Oh, it's inside? You must be proud.

Susan: I am so terribly sorry -- Ms. Pratt.

Louella: Don't be. Alison reminds me of a young girl I once knew years ago.

Susan: Oh, please tell me that her life wasn't a complete disaster.

Louella: No. Actually, she got her PhD in Education and became the headmistress of a rather exclusive private school for girls. I'm going to have to be a little tough on Alison at first. But trust me -- in no time, she'll think of me as a respected aunt, a favorite aunt.

[Lucy on voicemail]

Lucy: Hey, it's Lucy.

Call me.

Aaron's folks are making him go back to Seattle, and I'm desperate.

I don't know what to do.

Alison: Oh, no, no. They can't send him back to Seattle. They can't.

[Alison sighs] stop, stop, stop, stop. You can't panic. There's gotta be a way to get outta this dump. Think. Think rotten, Alison. Think totally evil.

Paul: All right. Sorry it took so long.

Simon: No problem. Look, I checked out our room. It's in range. So we're in business.

Bonnie: And still no sign of Travers.

Henry: Oh, goody. Great. Well, you know what? I wish I could stick around and help you guys out, but I've gotta get back to Lucinda and help her with a pedicure.

Simon: Henry, Henry. Stay, go, whatever. But you're already up to this in your neck already.

Paul: He's right. And my father loves to make examples out of people, starting at the bottom. And you, my friend, are about as low as it gets around here.

Simon: Victim number one.

Bonnie: Fresh for the picking.

Simon: So you just watch your back now, Henry. Thanks for getting the equipment for us. And you know what? Look after yourself, mate. We'll see you around.

Paul: See ya, Henry.

Bonnie: Bye.

Henry: Guys, guys, wait a second. Wait a second, wait a second. What room is Travers in? 703, huh? Come on. You think I'm gonna let you have all the fun by yourself? Here, put your ears on there, Simon. I'm going in!

Jessica: I have enough time for two more questions.

[All reporters talking]

Female reporter: Do you suspect Marshall Travers will continue to run a negative campaign?

Jessica: Well, that sounds like a question for my opponent. All I can say is I don't intend to do that. But I certainly can't control what Mr. Travers does or does not do.

[All reporters talking]

Alison: You're right, Ms. Pratt. Young women of determination are created. Hold on, Aaron. Help is on the way.

[Glass shatters]

Aaron: Lucy, Lucy --

Lucy: I'm right here.

Aaron: Lucy!

Lucy: I am so glad you're still here. I was so afraid you'd left. What I said last night, I didn't mean it. I was just -- I just didn't want you worrying about me or how I felt.

Aaron: I told you -- you're all that matters.

Lucy: But I wasn't being honest with you. I didn't tell you the truth.

Aaron: So tell me now.

Lucy: I don't want you to go. I thought I could handle living without you. But, Aaron, I can't. Please stay. Just don't leave. Don't ever leave.

Aaron: I won't. I won't, okay? We're gonna figure something out, okay? I swear to you. They're not gonna keep us apart. Nothing's gonna keep us apart. Do you hear me? Okay?

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