ATWT Transcript Friday 9/20/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 9/20/02

By Suzanne
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Simon: You guys been out drinking, huh? You know, two-for-one specials at Java Underground? I can smell it.

Paul: No, Simon. We need you to do something, and technically, it's breaking the law.

Bonnie: But it's for a really good cause and that makes a difference, doesn't it?

Katie: Simon? Who's at the door?

Simon: No one, honey, it's all right. Just go back to bed. Back to bed. She just got out of the hospital. Liver donation. Ring a bell?

Paul: How is she?

Simon: She's doing good but she needs some rest right now.

Bonnie: Well, if I know Katie like I think I know Katie, nothing's going to hold her down for long.

Katie: You've got that right.

Simon: Katie! What are you doing?

Katie: I'm sorry I'm just bored. Hey, Paul, look at you. You look great.

Paul: So do you. It's good to see you.

Simon: I was just telling these guys how much you needed you're rest. And they are about to leave, right?

Katie: Oh, don't be ridiculous, they just got here. And I need some company. Come on, aren't you going to invite them in?

Rosanna: I hope I haven't kept you waiting.

Emily: Oh, no. Not at all. I'm just so happy you could squeeze me in at such short notice. You know, I wanted to speak with you about my little sister -- about everything you're doing for her. You know, footing the bill for this boarding school for a girl you barely know? It's so generous.

Rosanna: Well, there's no need to thank me.

Emily: Oh, I didn't invite you here to thank you. No, actually, I asked you here to ask you to take your generous offer and -- do something else with it.

Rosanna: Well, Alison's mother certainly seemed taken with the idea.

Emily: Yes, well, my mother and I are very different people with two very different viewpoints on certain issues. You know how you and your sister, Carly, don't always agree? It's sort of like that. You see, I don't want my sister going away to boarding school.

Rosanna: Oh, gosh, I thought you would at least embrace this idea. This being your honeymoon year and all -- after all, you really have your hands full dealing with Barbara Ryan. You and Susan, I think, really need some peace and quiet. Believe me, I know what raising a teenager can be like these days.

Emily: Really? So now you're "raising" Craig's daughter? That's interesting, I'm sure that's news to Craig.

Rosanna: All I meant was, I'm sure Alison could use some much-needed lessons in responsibility and integrity.

Emily: Hmm, you know, as hard as Alison is to handle at times, most of the time, she has more integrity than most people twice her age. She thinks for herself and she can smell a hypocrite a mile away. So even if she's a bit of a wild child? I like having her around.

Rosanna: Well, that's so sweet. But I'm afraid I have pulled a lot of strings to get Alison admitted to Wentworth before the regular deadline. So, I'm really sorry, Emily. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to insist that we forge ahead with our agreement.

Emily: Well, I'm really sorry too, Rosanna, but that would be a serious mistake.

Alison: Good things are happening, Luce. Great things! I can feel it. It must be one of those psychic connections that sisters have, you know?

Lucy: You have a psychic connection with Emily?

Alison: I do now. Because right this very minute, my wonderful sister is keeping me from having to wear an awful uniform at some snob factory. I mean, she's really coming through for me this time.

Lucy: I know, what is happening with everyone? I still can't believe my father didn't blow a gasket when I wiped out on Aaron's bike and landed in the emergency room.

Alison: Talk about a minor miracle.

Lucy: I thought he was going to eat Aaron alive. You know, ever since my brother died, my dad goes crazy whenever I'm near anything the least bit dangerous.

Alison: Cars, boys, makeup, opinions --

Lucy: It's like we're in this parallel universe or something.

Alison: Yeah. It seems like there's been this magic spell on everyone over 30. Things are definitely looking up.

Craig: You two still at it?

Alison: Hi, Mr. M.

Lucy: Where've you been?

Craig: Oh, getting a few of my ducks in a row.

Aaron: So you want me to go back to Seattle? Just like that?

Holden: Yeah, I think we need to talk about it.

Aaron: It's because of Lucy's father, isn't it? He said something. I should've known. Why didn't I see this coming?

Holden: Just -- relax.

Aaron: Last night at the hospital? He's playing it off like he's all good. Like accidents happen to everybody. And that jerk turns around and goes straight to you -- after everything I did for him.

Holden: What did you do for Craig?

Aaron: Just tell me, how'd he do it? How'd he do it? I mean, did he tell you I was a bad influence? Huh, did he pump you full of lies that you just couldn't ignore?

Holden: That's not how it happened.

Aaron: Then what happened? Why am I being busted? How come, I'm no longer wanted around here any more?

Marshall: This is the last time we'll be meeting in a public place.

Brandy: I'll drink to that.

Marshall: There's an envelope under your napkin.

Brandy: Oh, this isn't nearly as thick as I expected, Marshall.

Marshall: It's 1,500.

Brandy: You promised 5,000.

Marshall: You'll get the rest after you get friendly with Paul Ryan.

Brandy: I'm tired of jumping through hoops for you, Marshall.

Marshall: You don't have much of a choice. Now, I need you to find out what Ryan thinks he knows about my relationship with James Steinbeck.

Brandy: You know, I'm still not exactly clear on what I'm supposed to tell Paul Ryan about you and me.

Marshall: Tell him the truth. Explain that you've been my unwilling informant. That you're forced to help me because I have damaging evidence about your past, evidence that would surely end your chances in this town for good. Look, there's nothing Ryan enjoys more than a damsel in distress. Then, in a moment of deep remorse and shame, you reveal that I've sent you.

Brandy: This is sounding more and more complicated.

Marshall: It doesn't have to be. Just be sincere, and with any luck, Paul will ask you to help him set me up.

Brandy: And while I'm pretending to help him, I'm telling you everything they've got on you. Devious. Should I be impressed?

Marshall: Be thorough, and be quick. The election is next week.

Brandy: If it means getting my money and getting you off my back, it can't come soon enough for me.

Simon: I don't think this is a social call, right guys?

Paul: Well actually, we were just asking Simon to do some detective work for us.

Bonnie: We pay top dollar and you'll be doing this entire town a huge service.

Simon: And I haven't said yes, yet, by the way.

Katie: So what's the job? Anything is better than selling insurance, right?

Bonnie: Look, I know you've been out of town and out of the loop for a while, but have you heard about Marshall Travers?

Katie: Sounds familiar.

Bonnie: Yeah, well he's running against my mother for D.A.

Paul: We have reason to believe that he's connected to Steinbeck.

Katie: Eww, major bad news.

Paul: But we need proof.

Katie: So, how are you going to get that?

Bonnie: We want to do some surveillance. You know, wire Marshall for sound.

Simon: So, why don't you go to the cops?

Paul: We did. Jack said we'd need a court order, probable cause, and things like that take time. We have less than a week to make this thing happen.

Simon: And why is Travers running for office here in Oakdale?

Paul: I think my father wants to put him in position as D.A. to make sure the charges against him are dropped.

Bonnie: And charges against James Steinbeck will never be dropped so long as my mother stays on as D.A.

Paul: So we need to prove and publicize this man's connected to my father.

Simon: All right. Look, I'm going to tell you, electronic surveillance is not really my strong point. And I'm not so crazy about being the guy that everyone turns to in this town when they need something illegal done.

Bonnie: Does it matter that it's illegal, if it's for the right reason, Simon?

Simon: You're asking me to do something that the cops turned down. That they won't touch! And Katie just got out of the hospital, she's recovering from a major operation. I'm sorry, all right. You know, I would really like to help --

Paul: Bonnie! You know what, Simon? We understand. We will just have to look elsewhere. Bonnie let's go.

Simon: Good.

Katie: No, no, no, hold it right there. Don't go anywhere until Simon and I have a minute to talk about this.

[Knock on door]

Craig: Oh, Susan -- come in.

Susan: Thank you. I heard a rumor my daughter is here.

Alison: I don't have to go home already? Lucy and I barely got a chance to talk. I still haven't said good-bye to Aaron.

Susan: Honey, you're not shipping off to the south seas.

Alison: Well, it sure feels like it.

Susan: You'll have plenty of weekends at home to hang out with your friends.

Alison: It'll be more than that, hopefully.

Lucy: Good luck!

Alison: See ya! Bye, Mr. M. Bye, Luce.

Lucy: Bye.

Craig: So where is Miss A. packing off for?

Lucy: Her mom's shipping her off to some boarding school in Wisconsin.

Craig: Boarding school. Lucky girl. Builds character or something --

Lucy: Character is one thing Alison is not lacking.

Craig: Well, I know you're going to miss your friend.

Lucy: I'll survive. Probably means I'll get more time to spend with Aaron.

Craig: You know, I've been thinking -- about your future. Got a minute?

Holden: Mama talked to your folks the other day.

Aaron: Yeah?

Holden: Yeah. Caleb and Julie have been through counseling. Sounds like they're a lot happier. Things are going a lot better than they were before.

Aaron: That's cause I'm not there.

Holden: Aaron, I spoke to your mother myself. She loves you. She misses you. And she wants you to know, she is doing everything she can to make this marriage to Caleb work.

Aaron: Isn't that great. And now it's gonna be my job to make sure they stay together now. What's gonna happen to me the next time something goes wrong. I can't believe -- my mom makes one phone call to you and you're ready to go back on everything you said to me when I first got here.

Holden: Truth is -- I called them.

Aaron: You did this? You decided -- if you've got such a big problem with me, how come you didn't just come to me?

Holden: I'm coming to you now.

Aaron: After you call Seattle behind my back!

Holden: No, it wasn't like that.

Aaron: I told you when I came here that I'm not going anywhere. And I meant it. I'm not a kid anymore, Holden. Soon, I'll be able to do whatever I want.

Holden: You're doing everything that you want to do, right now! Let me tell you, you're doing quite the job!

Aaron: You're pretty ticked off about this. What have I done that's such a crime?

Holden: I have been there to back you up ever since you rode into town. I have come to your rescue, I have been there for you. And yesterday --

Aaron: -- Was an accident!

Holden: It was you proving to me and the entire world, that you're incapable of thinking about anyone but yourself!

Lucinda: Oh, Henry.

Henry: Oh, hey.

Lucinda: Is this all the progress you've made?

Henry: I'm sorry, Lucinda, I've -- well, my brain cells have been getting in the way, you know?

Lucinda: My new editor is coming next week. I wanted this office to be just ready and wonderful and bright and shiny. Okay, give me a progress report -- how does it feel to be doing real, honest, hard work?

Henry: Um, like an appendectomy, only not as much fun. What is all this junk, Lucinda? Why can't we just throw it all out?

Lucinda: Dear, let's not talk about "junk." This -- this is the work of my late editor, Jake McKinnon. This is his life's work. You don't throw away a man's life's work, do you, like a pair of old boots? His family wants his papers. It may not be glamorous, but it's important.

Henry: Swell, that's what I've always aspired to.

Lucinda: What was that? When you've finished with the boxes, okay, you can supervise the setting up of the Press conference for the D.A. tomorrow. Okay?

Henry: Could you just tell me something here. Please? Is it so important to you to put me through all this?

Lucinda: Darling, so help me God, I think I am the only force that stands between you and a life of white collar crime. So, instead of -- instead of questioning my motives, you ought to be thanking me.

Henry: Why am I your pet project?

Lucinda: Darling, I have had many proteges, many in my career. The last one was Rose. That diamond in the rough --

Henry: Please, please, don't mention diamonds, okay? Yeah, thanks.

Lucinda: And Rose, as we both know, has opted to nurse her poor, old, sick, father. Darling I just felt -- I mean, I felt that I owed you something for what you did in Avanya for me. So this is an opportunity, it's a golden opportunity, make the most of it.

Henry: Oh, I see. But you know, you are so, so, so, so, so generous. You really are. But I think there are more people out there that are more qualified to take on --

Lucinda: Henry! Henry, it beats hard time, and that's what you are gonna get if you blow this. So just relax, relax and do it. Be comfortable. Just the beginning. Just the beginning.

[Henry sighs]

Henry: I never thought I'd say this -- I miss Simon Frasier!

Simon: Honey, what are you doing?

Katie: Didn't I just finish telling you that I never want you to stop being you?

Simon: And apparently they're asking me to do something illegal. I thought you didn't want me to do it.

Katie: Oh, please? It's not like they're asking you to be pimp daddy to their stable of hookers. You just have to record a few conversations for the good of the community. He wouldn't have to leave the country, would he?

Bonnie: A totally local job. He won't have to go farther than the Lakeview Towers Hotel. I promise.

Paul: Simon, look, man, nobody's trying to force you into anything you don't wanna do. If you're having doubts about this, that's fine, but maybe you could just steer us in the direction of someone who could help us out.

Simon: Good idea. That's a great idea. Don't you think.

Katie: I don't think that's a very good idea. He'll take it. Face it, sweetie. I know you love me, but if you're here 24 hours a day playing nursemaid to me, day in day out, eventually you're gonna go buy a gun.

Simon: Ha, that's not funny!

Katie: Know what else isn't funny? Divorce. You're gonna get so sick of me -- "Simon, do this. Simon, do that."

Simon: All right, so -- fine, I'll buy earplugs! You need someone to be here with you.

Katie: But it doesn't have to be you -- all the time. Come on, help them, Simon. You're helping the community and think of it as preventive couples therapy. Come on, do it for me. Do it for us. And them -- and everyone. Please?

Simon: Fine. Great. When do we start?

Rosanna: You know, boarding school can be a wonderfully enriching experience. Thank you.

Emily: Really? Did you attend one?

Rosanna: Yes, I did, for a few years as a matter of fact. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Emily: Oh, so that's where you learned it.

Rosanna: My manners?

Emily: How to be so sneaky and underhanded while smiling that tight, superior smile.

Rosanna: You know, some people that "gratitude" is just a euphemism for deep resentment. I'd hate to think that's what's going on here. Would you please be so kind as to tell me why you are attacking me --

Emily: Would you be so kind as to cut the crap, Rosanna?!

Rosanna: I beg your pardon?

Emily: You don't wanna help Alison. You want her out of the picture.

Rosanna: Why would I want Alison out of the --

Emily: Why? Because she's a threat to you. She can prove what a bad, bad girl you've been, Rosanna. Trying to break up an adolescent love affair. Why? Because you can't scrape together one of your own, or is it to prove to Craig what a team player you can be?

Rosanna: You know I have no idea what you're talking about. And as I suspected, this meeting has been a waste of time.

Emily: Do you need a visual aid?

Rosanna: Would you stop waving your cell phone around and please get to the point?

Emily: This is your cell phone and we both know it. That's my point. I know everything, Rosanna. Everything. Alison told me what you were up to with Lucy and Aaron and that little tart from Seattle. So you can either call my mother and tell her you've changed your mind about footing the bill for Alison's boarding school --

Rosanna: Why would I change my mind?

Emily: You'll come up with something. You always do. Because if you don't, I'm taking this phone to Lucy and I'm gonna let her read the log where all the calls are listed, and she'll be able to see for herself what you've been up to. Of course, I'll fill in all the blanks -- I'll let her know that you and Craig were the ones who paid off Aaron's old girlfriend to start trouble. You flew her all the way out here, put her up in a fancy hotel --

Rosanna: You know I'm kind of surprised Alison hasn't told her herself.

Emily: Well, you know what? I don't think she wanted Lucy to know how low you and Craig would sink just to have your way. Because she has a heart -- integrity. Me? I think Lucy deserves to know what she's up against.

Rosanna: Well, if you're going to tell the child, tell her.

Emily: Is that what you want? Really? Because if I tell Lucy, she's never going to trust her father again. And I cannot even imagine the sacrifices Craig's gonna go to, to get back in his daughter's good graces. And you know he's gonna say something like -- "I had nothing to do with it, my hands are clean." I bet you he'll blame you, Rosanna. And you'll be left out in the cold. So what's it gonna be? Are you going to call my mother, or am I gonna take this little phone and pay a visit to Craig and Lucy?

Craig: Little something I whipped up in the butler's pantry.

Lucy: Looks almost edible.

Craig: Well, dig in. Come on.

Lucy: Not one bite until you tell me what's going on in your head about "my future."

Craig: Well, I was thinking about school starting up again.

Lucy: Don't remind me.

Craig: What's that going to mean for you and Aaron?

Lucy: Why does it have to mean anything?

Craig: This is your senior year. Last chance to show all those colleges out there why you should be at the top of their lists.

Lucy: Oh, dad --

Craig: You and Aaron discussed your going away for college?

Lucy: Not really -- yet.

Craig: Has Aaron met many of your friends from Oakdale Latin?

Lucy: What friends? Alison's leaving.

Craig: But you're no longer the new girl on the block. People know you, the Country Club and so on.

Lucy: I guess.

Craig: Means more parties, more friends -- you're gonna be visiting universities all over the country, visiting your mom, lavish vacations with your father -- where does that leave Aaron?

Lucy: I knew you were going to start your daily Aaron attacks sooner or later.

Craig: How have I attacked Aaron today?

Lucy: Well, then what's with all the questions?

Craig: Do you wanna spare him hurting.

Lucy: I would never hurt Aaron.

Craig: Well, sweetness, I'm only asking questions here that it's obvious you haven't asked yourself. Like, how a guy who's hard pressed to wear a belt gonna feel wearing a tuxedo all night at a debutante party. Or how's Mr. Monosyllable gonna make cocktail conversation at a college mixer, or a dinner party of your mother's where you're playing hostess to dignitaries from all over the world.

Lucy: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it -- if we come to it.

Craig: Now sweetness, I'm looking at this from Aaron's side of the fence. I have been there before. You know, I mean, it's one thing when you fit with your -- someone when it's just the two of you alone, but out in public -- things change.

Lucy: Is that the way you felt with mom?

Craig: I was very happy with your mother -- at first. But when I entered her world, those things changed. I wasn't Craig Montgomery anymore, I was "Mr. Sierra Esteban." And that undermined me. It made me insecure. And that led to -- issues with our marriage -- the other women. Look, I'm talking too much, okay? Just think about it, huh?

Holden: I went out and picked up your bike this morning -- what's left of it.

Aaron: It's not that bad.

Holden: Those were some pretty heavy-duty skid marks. Wasn't just an accident, was it?

Aaron: What do you mean?

Holden: You were showing off for Lucy, pulling stunts, and tricks. You both could have been killed!

Aaron: I've been kicking myself ever since it happened, but I didn't think --

Holden: That's just it. You don't think! The world is more than just you and Lucy Montgomery!

Aaron: I know that --

Holden: Everything you do has an affect on everyone around you and it's time you started living your life that way! Lily found out about the accident this morning. She had a check-up at the doctor today. You know what the doctor said? That her blood pressure was sky-high! Do you have any idea what can happen to a woman at this stage in her pregnancy when her blood pressure is that high? She could die, Aaron! And so could the baby!

Aaron: I'm sorry, okay. I never meant for Lily to worry. If something happens to Lily or that baby, I would go crazy.

Holden: I know that, Aaron. But you keep getting yourself into these explosive situations, and I just can't have that around the rest of my family right now. I just won't do it, because somebody's going to end up getting hurt! Look, you know that I love you. I look at you -- I see myself, and I get you. But there are other times when I look at you and I feel like I'm looking at a complete stranger. You have got this drive to be more than people expect. Maybe that's what keeps getting you into trouble. The bottom line is you won't look at it! You won't go to see a shrink. You won't talk to anybody about it. So I have to go back to what I told you once before. You're part of this family, you follow the rules or you're gone.

Aaron: Please don't send me away. Please. I love being here. I love being part of your family -- and yes, I love Lucy, too. So much that I can't be away from her. I just can't. Can't you understand that?

Holden: I understand that if what you have is real, it'll survive. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. It doesn't matter how much distance there is between you. Just go back to Seattle for a while.

Aaron: You can't force me to!

Holden: Caleb and Julie are already on their way. They're gonna be here tomorrow morning.

Paul: All right. Now this is the basic layout of Travers' room. We need to know who he's dealing with, who comes to his room after hours.

Bonnie: Who sneaks upstairs in the service elevator --

Paul: Who he calls, the names of anybody that he's working with or for --

Simon: All right, so we're gonna have to bug the entire room, not just the phone.

Paul: Okay.

Simon: And we're gonna need a nearby hotel room so we can pick up what the mic is saying.

Paul: All right.

Bonnie: But Simon, when you said surveillance electronics wasn't your strong point, does that mean you're gonna have to hire someone?

Simon: Yeah. I've got someone in mind. It's covered.

Katie: Who is it?

Simon: Paul, why don't you go to the Lakeview, rent out a suite right near Travers so we can watch who is coming and going.

Paul: All right. I'm on it. Simon -- thanks, man.

Simon: No problem.

Bonnie: Yes, Simon, you are definitely doing the right thing.

Paul: Take good care of yourself.

Katie: Bye. Oh, take good care of my husband!

Bonnie: We will. Good night!

Paul: All right, Simon. Thanks again.

Simon: Farewell, good night. So the company's gone.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Simon: You've had your little bit of distraction. Now it's off to bed with you right now, young lady. Come on.

Katie: Please, no. Well, at least not until you tell me who you're gonna get to help with Travers' room.

Simon: Sleep! You're gonna go and get some sleep if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming.

Katie: Why can't you tell me who your accomplice is?

Simon: Because you are trying to weasel your way into this investigation. It's not gonna happen.

Katie: Oh.

Simon: Ha ha, yeah. See, I know you.

Katie: You know I'm not gonna sleep unless you tell me who it is!

Simon: You are going to take a nap if I have to tie you to the bedposts.

Katie: Ooooh! Now you're talking!

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!

Simon: Careful.

Katie: I wanna stay down here, please!

Simon: You are going to bed!

Katie: Tell me who it is! Just tell me who it is.

Simon: Shh!

Alison: Oh, can't wait to get me packed up and cleared out, can you? What is this -- like, everything I've ever owned?

Susan: Honey, it had to be done.

Alison: "It had to be done"?! Is that what you tell your patients after you've chopped off their leg?

Alison: Oh, like I'm really supposed to bring this.

Susan: It was a gift from your father. I just thought --

Alison: Why not just tattoo the word "loser" to my forehead?

Susan: Sweetie, you're not a loser, Alison. That's the whole point! That's why you're going to Wentworth. That's why I'm not giving up on you!

Alison: That's why you want to get rid of me.

[Susan sighs] No. I know what's going on. This egg donor experiment you had going on with Emily went way, way wrong, so now it's time to get rid of the evidence, start fresh. Maybe if you don't have to look at me, you can pretend I never happened.

Susan: Alison -- finish packing! We have an interview with the headmistress at noon tomorrow, and I want to be on the road in the morning.

Alison: Mom? You're really forcing me to do this? You're really sending me away from home?

Emily: If it comes to a choice between you and Lucy, Craig's gonna leave you in the dust.

Rosanna: And your point would be?

Emily: If Lucy finds out what you've done, you'll never hear the end of it. You'll never get another night's rest. And you bet you can kiss Craig good-bye. Because it won't be just Lucy. No, because teenagers tend to get their revenge in packs these days. It would be Lucy, Aaron and of course, Alison --

Rosanna: All right, I get your message. The phone, please?

Emily: I don't think so.

Rosanna: Oh, I can't very well make a phone call without a phone now, can I?

Emily: Well, I'm sure you bought a replacement, Rosanna. Use that. You're not getting this baby back till the deed is done. But just to prove how generous I can be, what do you say we finish our lunch before we head back to business? Hmm? Mm. It's delicious. You know, whoever said "revenge is a dish best served cold" really knew what she was talking about.

Brandy: After I get you the information that you need on Paul Ryan, I --

Marshall: And then you'll get the rest of your money.

Brandy: And -- you'll take care of that pesky old arrest record like you promised?

Marshall: I gave you my word.

[Brandy scoffs]

Brandy: For what that's worth.

Marshall: Now's your chance. Paul Ryan just walked in -- and he sees us.

Brandy: How am I supposed to handle this? What am I supposed to do?

Marshall: Look, you'll find a way to fix it. Just -- you're on your own. Improvise.

Brandy: If that's the way you want it. You will not get away with this! I will never forgive you! I'll make damn sure of that!

[Marshall sighs]

Marshall: You damn sure won't get away with this, young lady. I'll make damn sure of that.

Paul: Hey! Hey! Hey!

Brandy: Oh, my gosh, it's you!

Paul: What's going on?

Brandy: Thank God you're here! You've gotta help me!

Craig: How about I call the video store and get every Jim Carrey movie ever made? Huh?

Lucy: I'm not breaking up with Aaron. No matter what you say.

Craig: Where does that come from?

Lucy: I can make my own decisions.

Craig: I know that.

Lucy: Well, then why are you saying all that stuff about Aaron not fitting in?

Craig: Because, I do happen to know a thing or two about that subject.

Lucy: No, you don't. You always fit in everywhere.

Craig: Don't forget, I was the nurse's son who married a big-time heiress and that didn't work out. And that caused a lot of people a lot of pain, including --

[Craig sighs] you and me.

Lucy: People don't have to be clones of each other for it to work out.

Craig: No. But they should have something in common, something in their upbringing, some goals, some -- some dreams. I mean, how's Aaron going to feel when he's working for minimum wage in some nowhere job while you're off at some Ivy League school being groomed to take over the world?

Lucy: School doesn't last forever and neither will a low-paying job. Everybody's gotta start somewhere.

Craig: Yes, you're right. I won't say anything about that. How about those movies? Huh?

Lucy: Dad, do you think I'm bad for Aaron?

Craig: No! Lucy, you could never be bad for anybody! For anyone! To the contrary, I have seen Aaron seems to have grown and matured since he met you. I only bring this stuff up because -- well, because I've sensed what's come between you.

Lucy: You have?

Craig: You're two different people on two different paths towards two different dreams. Listen, take it from somebody who's been there, who knows. To keep somebody from their dream is -- it's cruel, even if it's unintentional. Does that make you sad?

Lucy: Maybe part of what you're saying is true. Maybe I am being unfair to Aaron.

Susan: Sending you away to boarding school is not some sort of whim or passing fancy.

Alison: It never crossed your mind until Rosanna Cabot opened up her big yap!

Susan: No, it's been on my mind a long time that I've lost control of you. That if I don't do something soon, I'm gonna create a monster!

Alison: Great. I get punished because you realize late in life you made basic child rearing errors.

Susan: This is not a punishment.

Alison: Getting ripped away from everything I ever know and love is reward for good behavior?

Susan: It's time that you learned that the world is not your personal playground. There are consequences to your actions.

Alison: I knew that a long time ago!

Susan: No! Unfortunately, you didn't. You haven't even begun to grow up.

[Cell phone rings] hello?

Rosanna: Susan? Rosanna Cabot.

Susan: Rosanna. How nice to hear from you.

Rosanna: I hope I'm not disturbing you.

Susan: Not at all. Alison and I were just packing up the last of her things. Tomorrow's our big day at Wentworth!

Rosanna: Yes. About that. I am so sorry to have to do this to you, Susan. But -- I'm afraid there's been a problem.

Susan: Oh, no. What kind of problem?

Brandy: I threw my drink in Marshall's face! What was I thinking?

Paul: Let me help you.

Brandy: No one can help me now.

Paul: Brandy, I can protect you. I can. Just -- after you tell me everything that's going on with Travers.

Brandy: All right. But -- not here. He knows everyone. I'll find someplace safe and I'll call you. Do you have a cell phone?

Paul: Yeah. Call me as soon as you're safe. I'll be waiting.

Brandy: Oh! What would I do without you?

Paul: It's funny. I was just thinking the same thing about you. We'll talk soon?

Brandy: Very soon.

Lucinda: After you've finished with the boxes, you can carry them down to the mail room. Okay?

[Cell phone rings] yeah?

Simon: Lucinda, hi. It's Simon.

Lucinda: Oh, hello, Simon darling. How is that brave little wife of yours?

Simon: Well, she's sleeping at last.

Lucinda: Good. Then she won't hear me telling you how very -- how very unhappy with you I am.

Simon: What have I done?

Lucinda: It's what you have not done. It seems to me that I let you borrow Henry because you -- I thought -- could instill a modicum of a work ethic in him.

Simon: That bad, huh?

Lucinda: Worse.

Simon: Well, I'll tell you what. How about I take him off your hands for a little bit?

Lucinda: You want to borrow him? Again? Whatever for?

Simon: Well, it seems I've got a job that's absolutely perfect for Henry -- tailor-made for him and his skills. That's if it's all right with you.

Lucinda: Uh -- oh, I don't know. No -- I don't know -- I mean, there's so much to be done around here. I don't know if I can --

[Lucinda laughs] sure, he's all yours. Well, it seems you have impressed Simon with your decorating skills to the extent that he has to have you again.

Henry: Bless you, Ms. Walsh! God bless you. You won't regret this! I promise.

Lucinda: Please, don't make me regret.

Henry: I'll see you later. Much later!

Rosanna: I am so sorry to have to do this to you, Susan. But I was just speaking with my attorney about Alison receiving the Wentworth scholarship and -- well, he informed me that we're -- well, we're no longer endowing it.

Susan: Oh, no. But I thought that --

Rosanna: Yes, yes -- I feel just awful about it, but we give away so many millions of dollars each year. In fact, there's an entire team of people dedicated to the task. And -- well, frankly I just lost track. My profuse apologies.

Susan: Of course. These things happen.

Rosanna: But if you would like me to pay for Alison's tuition out of my own personal funds --

Susan: Absolutely not. I could never ask you to pay Alison's way.

Rosanna: It's simply mortifying, being the one that came up with the perfect plan, and then being the one to throw a wrench into the works.

Susan: Well, these things happen.

Rosanna: Sorry it didn't work out.

Susan: Thanks for letting me know.

Rosanna: Bye bye!

Emily: Nice touch, offering to pay her tuition yourself. That was very good.

Rosanna: Well, I suspected she would be too proud to accept outright charity.

Emily: You know, Rosanna, it's been a pleasure doing business with you. Oh. Lunch was on you. Thanks.

Lucy: Aaron, hey.

Aaron: Hey.

Lucy: What's wrong?

Aaron: Is your dad around?

Lucy: He's on the phone in his room. Well, don't just stand there. Come in and tell me what's wrong. We can solve it together.

Aaron: I don't think so, Lucy.

Lucy: Well, of course we can. And you know why? Because everything is going our way.

Craig: Aaron. Glad you're here. You can keep Lucy company. Sweetness, I'm going to the Country Club to see Rosanna. I'll be back in a couple hours.

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: Don't miss me too much.

Aaron: How's your leg feel?

Lucy: Better. Much better. But everything's better now that you're here. So what is it? Tell me.

Aaron: Uh -- Lucy -- Holden wants me to go back to Seattle. Tomorrow.

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