ATWT Transcript Thursday 9/19/02


As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 9/19/02

By Suzanne
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Molly: I'll bet you five bucks you can't open the door without dropping your towel.

Mike: The towels were your idea.

Molly: Don't you dare.

Mike: There's nothing wrong with the floor in here.

Molly: No, it's cold.

Mike: You're such a wimp. Wait till October.

Molly: You're not getting me in that lake past September.

Mike: Go on, get your clothes on. I'll get you some breakfast.

Molly: Where did we leave our clothes?

Mike: Just about everywhere. Did you clean up the glass from the broken window?

Molly: Mike, we have a problem. Somebody took our clothes.

Lucinda: Hmm. Whew.

[Knock at door] Simon? Darling, it's me. Let me in, will you? Please? I've come with a confession, and I need absolution. I think it was selfish of me that I foisted Henry on you, but I'm sure that you can forgive me, can't you?

[Knock at door] Simon? Oh, my heavens. I hope they haven't murdered each other. Simon? Forget about everything. All bets are off. It's null and void, the whole experiment. If Henry cannot be taught anything, who cares?

[Heavy metal music plays] pardon me for living.

Henry: You're still getting some bounce. Equalizer should take care of it.

Simon: Well, hey, you're the man.

Lucinda: What?! Since when?

Simon: Are you kidding. This guy, Lucinda -- this guy, he's a genius.

Susan: The headmistress said all the girls at Wentworth have them.

Alison: And she gets 10%.

Susan: I just wanted you to feel like you're part of things.

Alison: I don't want to be a part of anything to do with Wentworth Academy. I don't want to go away, I don't want to wear that uniform, and I don't want to carry around a book bag with the Wentworth logo.

[Pager beeps]

Susan: I'm afraid that's -- oh, it's the hospital. Excuse me.

Alison: You're just gonna sit back and let her do this to me?

Emily: I've tried.

Alison: And failed. Time's running out. You either stop her, or this egg baby's history.

[Carly screams]

Carly: Jack, don't do that!

Jack: What?

Carly: Just sneak up on me. I'm working here.

Jack: Sorry.

Carly: Do I sneak up on you when you're -- when you're making an arrest or something? No, I don't. This is critical to me. If I don't find a way to save my career --

Jack: And staying up all night's gonna save the face of Fashion? Carly, this is insane! Look at you. You're all worked up. The day hasn't even started yet. Thank you, Craig.

Carly: No, Craig has nothing --

Jack: He threw down a challenge, and you can't leave it alone. And you know who's gonna lose? Me.

Lucy: Ow, my leg. I almost forgot. How late did I sleep?

Craig: Oh, you needed it.

Lucy: Must have been that painkiller. You didn't sit there all night, did you?

Craig: No. Aren't we forgetting something? Happy birthday, Lu.

Lucy: Oh, that's right. Well, it's not a car.

Craig: No.

Lucy: Could be keys. Daddy, it's so pretty. There's 17 charms -- 1 for every year of your life.

Lucy: Is this one for that trip we took to Nantucket when I was 7?

Craig: Mm-hmm. When we won the sand castle contest.

Lucy: Thank you, daddy. It's so beautiful.

Craig: Well, I'm glad you like it and that you're here and that you're safe.

Lucy: I'm sorry I scared you last night. It really wasn't anything though. You know, we were in the park, and everything was fine, and then we just hit this weird patch of something. You know, it could have been gravel that we didn't see. And then the bike kind of flipped in the dirt and --

Craig: How's your leg feel?

Lucy: It's a little sore, but it'll be fine. Thanks for not blowing up at Aaron.

Craig: Who, me, blow up? Here. You don't want that wound to get infected. Here.

[Doorbell rings] oh, okay.

Aaron: Hey, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Hi.

Aaron: Is Lucy up?

Lucy: Aaron!

Craig: Yeah.

Aaron: Excuse me.

[Door closes]

Emma: Well, he did some job on that, didn't he?

Holden: I had to push it all the way from the park.

Emma: How's Lucy doing? Have you heard?

Holden: They stitched her up pretty good.

Emma: Did she have to stay overnight at the hospital?

Holden: No, no, no. It wasn't that bad, just a couple of cuts.

Emma: That's so lucky. Oh, my.

Holden: Yeah.

[Phone rings] hello.

Craig: Is this a good time?

Holden: Craig?

Craig: We need to talk.

Holden: Okay. I'm out at the farm. And do us both a favor -- no games, no surprises and no ultimatums.

Craig: Holden, I have never been more serious in my life.

Simon: Just check this place out. Henry, he can -- he can dry wall, spackle, paint, decorate. The dolls, that was Henry's touch. This -- colors. Henry, he knows his colors.

Henry: Like a little green and beige. Let's not get carried away here.

Simon: All right. Do you know what's buried in this wall, behind this wall?

Lucinda: Carpenter ants?

Simon: No, about a mile and a half of the most sophisticated wiring. His dad owns an electronics company. Listen to this.

Lucinda: Oh!

Simon: Watch this, watch this. Lights on.

[Lucinda laughs] brilliant, brilliant. And the sound system. Listen to this. Check this out.

Lucinda: Oh, I don't have to listen to it. I was nearly blown out in the threshold. Henry -- Henry, who knew? Who knew?

Henry: What, what? Who knew? I'm -- I'm here in an advisory capacity, all right? Suggestions -- that's my -- my long suit, and -- and naps, because I --

[Henry coughs] I need a lot of them, because I think I picked up --

[Henry coughs] picked up something in the tropics.

[Lucinda laughs] So I'm gonna go and quarantine myself here.

Simon: No, no, no. This one here -- Lucinda, this guy's a keeper.

Lucinda: Yeah, we can depend upon that, because Henry and I, we have a great -- a great future ahead of us, don't we? And thank you, Simon, for whipping this young whippersnapper into shape.

Henry: If only.

Simon: Oh, behave. Now, you know, Katie's getting released today.

Lucinda: That's wonderful. Just wonderful.

Simon: So I better get going and pick her up. Lights off. You're gonna work on that.

Henry: More like "lights out," huh?

Lucinda: Oh, Henry, Henry, Henry, who knew?

[Door closes] Who knew? What am I going to do with you now?

Henry: Why don't you let me go?

Lucinda: Not a chance.

Carly: Jack -- I am trying to jump-start my career here. I thought that I had a deal with Lisa.

Jack: Well, Craig took care of that, didn't he?

Carly: Yeah, he did.

Jack: 'Cause guess who let him in the house? That gave him hope, Carly, which sent him off to Lisa to fix things so you'd have no other option but to work for him.

Carly: I am not gonna work for Craig.

Jack: Oh, give it time.

Carly: I am not working for B.R.O. My sister would never allow it.

Jack: Oh, that's a comfort.

Carly: What I meant is that --

Jack: Can't you see what he's doing? Look at us, Carly. It's six weeks before our wedding. Are you working on your gown, your bridesmaid's gowns? Are we working on a menu, picking out china patterns? No. You're staying up all night trying to figure out how to beat Craig at a game you weren't even supposed to play!

Carly: Jack, we're gonna have a wonderful wedding. We're gonna have a wonderful life. We're gonna have a wonderful family.

Jack: Which is why you never came to bed last night? Look at what he's doing, Carly. He's worming his way back in.

Carly: And this is my fault?

Jack: Yes.

Carly: Okay, so a woman comes into the station, and she tells you that she has a stalker -- a stalker, Jack, someone who won't leave her alone.

Jack: Nothing I can do if she keeps letting him in the house.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: Say hi to Craig for me.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Molly: You okay?

Carly: Moll?

Molly: 'Cause I'm not.

Carly: What happened?

Molly: Um, it's kind of a long story. I'll tell you when you get here.

Carly: Here where? What's going on?

Molly: I need you to come to Lucinda's cottage, Carly, and bring some clothes.

Carly: Clothes?

Molly: Yeah. I seem to have lost mine, and we're -- we're afraid the realtor's gonna show up any second with some potential clients.

Carly: Wait. Who's we?

Molly: Oh, um, could you bring a pair of Jack's jeans and maybe a shirt?

Carly: You know, when I told you to jump Mike's bones, I -- I really meant in a nice hotel room with a lock on the door.

Molly: Just hurry, okay?

Carly: Getting chilly, cuz?

Molly: Not funny.

Aaron: So -- so tell me, how was it last night? I mean, was your dad being cool?

Lucy: I could tell he was worried about me, but he didn't say anything. My grandmother would have freaked though, so it was the right thing to come here.

Aaron: What is this? Is this new?

Lucy: Yeah. My dad got it for me for my birthday. He even picked out all these different charms -- a special one for each year of my life.

Aaron: That's nice. Hey, once you can walk and everything, I've got something special planned.

Lucy: For my birthday? What?

Aaron: Well, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I told you now, would it? So when do you think you'll be able to get out of here?

Lucy: Oh, well, my leg doesn't even really hurt that much anymore, so --

Craig: Hey, Lucy, the doctor wants you to keep that leg up a bit. Come on. You putting pressure on it, you might pop the stitches, huh?

Aaron: Whatever the doctor wants. We can -- we can celebrate some other time?

Craig: Celebrate?

Lucy: For my birthday. Aaron has a surprise planned.

Craig: Yeah? Another time, Aaron. Lucy didn't get much sleep last night.

Aaron: Okay. Well, I gotta -- I gotta get to the Country Club anyway. I've gotta pick up a paycheck.

Lucy: Will I see you later?

Aaron: Of course. Get some sleep, okay? Mr. Montgomery --

Craig: Huh?

Aaron: Thanks.

Craig: For what?

Aaron: For being cool.

Craig: You're welcome.

[Door closes]

Lucy: So how come you're so okay about this?

Craig: Well, why add to it? You got hurt. I think you learned a lesson. We're lucky it wasn't worse, okay? Now listen, I have to go somewhere, so no -- around the apartment while I'm gone, okay?

Lucy: If I need anything, the housekeeper's here.

Craig: All right. All right, I won't be gone long.

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: Some things can't wait.

Susan: I've got a situation at the hospital. I'm gonna have to cut this short. But why don't you two stay and have dessert?

Alison: Um, Emily has something to say to you.

[Susan groans]

Emily: Alison's asked me to make another pitch on her behalf, which I would be happy to do, but since you already know all my arguments against the plan, I'm gonna spare the both of us except to say will you please, please reconsider?

Susan: Honey, I appreciate your concern, but I've made up my mind. Oh, Alison, um, the school faxed this to my office. It's their summer reading list. Naturally, you're not gonna have time to read all those books, but at least it'll give you an idea of what's expected. You have a big piece of key lime pie for me. See you later. Bye.

Alison: I hate key lime pie. "To kill a mockingbird"? We had to read that last year. That book is so random. A girl that dresses up as a ham, then there's this weird down the street. And -- and it's supposed to what, make me into something she can love?

Emily: Sweetie, she loves you. You just -- you have to go to high school. You have to graduate from high school. Even your friend Aaron knows that. So just grit your teeth and get your degree, and then, I don't know, if you want to study fashion or marketing or communications or something like that, mom will support it.

Alison: What you seem to be forgetting is that this is a punishment for something I didn't do.

Emily: No, you did -- you did steal Rosanna Cabot's cell phone.

Alison: Because she's a lying, conniving --

Emily: All right, all right. I believe you. You just have to tell mom the truth about what really happened. Look, I think it's noble. I really do, you keeping this other person secret, but why isn't Aaron stepping to the plate, huh?

Alison: This isn't Aaron's problem.

Emily: I thought he cared about you.

Alison: He does.

Emily: Well, then why is he letting you take the fall? He's not worth it, Ally.

Alison: No, no, no. He is worth everything and more. It's not his fault. It's -- it's Lucy and her stupid --

Emily: What? Her stupid what?

Alison: I promised I wouldn't say anything. And if -- if it means that I have to go away, then fine. Whatever. But I'm not gonna break a promise.

Aaron: And you don't have to. I'm not letting you get sent out of town 'cause of me. I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Holden: How's Lucy doing this morning?

Craig: She's better. Still a little banged up, and the cut they're stitching up will take a little time to heal. But she'll recover.

Holden: Good. Craig, I know how upsetting this must have been for you. It was very upsetting for me, too. That's why I'm gonna lay down a whole new set of ground rules as far as his bike is concerned. But there was no malice here. It was an accident. It could happen to anyone.

Craig: But it happened to our children, Holden. And the worst is, I knew it was coming. That's the worst of it. I knew it was coming, and nobody would listen.

Holden: You knew what was coming?

Craig: After I got the call from the hospital that night, I -- I couldn't think. I -- I couldn't hear, I couldn't see, and I went right back to that night, October 23rd, the last time they called, and I went to the hospital, and he died.

Holden: Craig, it's -- it's understandable, you know, when you lose a child. It's something that you never really get over. But you said it yourself, Lucy's gonna be okay.

Craig: Yeah. Yes. She thinks that I'm never gonna get along with anybody she's dating anyway, which isn't really true. It's not really Aaron. I can't lose her, Holden. You understand.

Holden: Yeah, I think so, but I have to say that Aaron and Lucy, they deserve a chance, and they're gonna make their own choices. There's not a damn thing that you can do about it.

Craig: Oh, no, I know, I know, I know. I've seen the way they look at each other, and I don't know what to do. I've tried to yank them apart. She's devastated. Doesn't work anyway. They find a way to get back together.

Holden: So why are you here?

Craig: Because Holden, every time she leaves the house, I believe that I may never see her again, that she's gonna end up mangled on the side of a road, too. I need your help, Holden. Help me fix this thing before it's too late.

Paul: Hey.

Jack: Paul? What, was I expecting you?

Paul: No. Can we -- can we come in.

Jack: Sure, sure.

Paul: All right.

Jack: Guys, if this is police business, we'd be better off talking about it at the station.

Paul: Well, we'd rather avoid the station, if you don't mind.

Bonnie: Or any place we might be seen.

Jack: Want me to draw the drapes, too? What's going on, guys?

Bonnie: Marshall Travers. We know for a fact that he pays people for information which he twists and distorts any way he can and then uses it.

Paul: He may have informants on the Force or working at the station.

Jack: If you're more comfortable talking about it here, that's fine with me. So?

Bonnie: We want to bug Marshall Travers' room, put him under a 24-hour surveillance.

Paul: And we're hoping you might help us out.

Jack: Don't take this personally, please, but you're nuts.

Carly: Cuz, are you decent? Hello, handsome.

Mike: Uh, sorry. I -- I should have latched the door.

Carly: Nothing I haven't seen before.

Molly: That you, cuz?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, just me and some naked man.

Molly: Ah! You are a lifesaver, and so is he. So what did you find me?

Carly: Oh, just five of everything. You know me. I can never make up my mind. So how did you two end up here?

Molly: We broke in. What do you think?

Mike: On you, anything looks good.

Carly: Wait, wait, wait. You -- you broke in?

Mike: Well, I'm thinking about renting the place.

Molly: Which means he didn't have a key yet.

Mike: Mm-hmm, so we improvised.

Carly: And your clothing?

Molly: We went for a swim.

Mike: And obviously the maid stopped by and did a little tidying up.

Molly: Right, so good-bye, clothes. And Lucinda was nowhere to be found to sign a contract.

Mike: Which means the maid was in the dark.

Molly: Along with about a half a dozen realtors who might show up at any second to show this place.

Carly: Well, you two do live dangerously.

Molly: Yeah.

[Molly laughs] and thanks to you, WOAK won't be seeing its first nude broadcast.

Mike: "The nude news -- all nude, all the time. All the nude that's fit to print."

Carly: Oh, I -- I have a pair of pants of Jack's here.

Mike: Cool.

Carly: I think they'll probably fit you. Oh, sorry. Sorry, go ahead. So you -- you two seem pretty happy.

Mike: Yeah, we are. All right.

Carly: That's good. It's good that you're happy I mean, because somebody certainly ought to be.

Alison: As long as Aaron hangs onto the phone, Craig has to behave.

Emily: Which is why you couldn't say anything.

Alison: And why you can't.

Emily: Okay. Okay, I think I know how to handle this. You're gonna have to trust me. Can you do that?

Aaron: Do whatever you have to do to keep Alison from getting sent away. She's a good friend. She doesn't deserve to get thrown out of town because of me.

Emily: I'll do the best I can. Thank you, Aaron.

Aaron: I should get going.

Alison: I'll walk you out. You -- you didn't have to do that.

Aaron: Alison, you didn't have to steal that phone and be so quiet about it. Look, I gotta go. My bike's all busted up.

Alison: Thanks for being such a good friend.

Aaron: Alison, you stealing that phone saved things with me and Lucy, and that means a lot to me.

Alison: And you know what they say, "no good deed goes unpunished."

Aaron: But your sister will fix things up, won't she?

Alison: I hope so. If not, you'll come to see me?

Aaron: Yeah. Drop by and see Lucy, okay? She's at home by herself on her birthday. Hang in there.

Emily: That was the most unselfish, generous --

Alison: He's great.

Emily: I'm talking about you. I know what that cost you, sweetie. No wonder Rosanna Cabot wants you out of town. You know too much.

Alison: What can I say? It's a curse.

Emily: I'll talk to mom. I can't promise it's gonna change anything, 'cause she loves that skirt.

Alison: It's so -- pleated.

Emily: Yeah, I know, and she's a sucker for pleats. So I'll do my best, but as far as Rosanna Cabot's concerned, you leave her to me.

Lucinda: This is just amazing. It's -- you could do my Christmas trees.

Henry: Ah --

Lucinda: Who knew that you had artistic and creative talent? My heavens, we're gonna make beautiful music together.

Simon: Keep them shut.

Katie: Ah! Can I see it?

Simon: All right. Open 'em up.

Katie: Oh, my God! It's beautiful!

Simon: Yeah. That's Lucinda. What do you think of the whole place though?

Katie: Oh, of course she's beautiful, but this place! Simon --

Simon: Okay, watch this, watch this. Better work this time. Lights on. Yeah.


Katie: How did you do that?

Simon: Henry.

Katie: Henry?

Simon: Yes. Henry is a genius.

Lucinda: It's good to see you. I just wanted to welcome you home. You look wonderful.

Katie: Thank you.

Lucinda: You need anything, just -- just give me a ring.

Katie: Will do.

Lucinda: Say good-bye, Henry.

Henry: "Good-bye, Henry." Simon --

Simon: You're gonna be fine. You're gonna do just fine. Um, Henry is Lucinda's new toy.

Katie: Oh, no.

Henry: "Oh, no"? You heard that? She said, "Oh, no."

Lucinda: Darling, she's worried about me, not you -- me, me, all right? Let's leave the lovebirds in their love nest.

[Simon laughs]

Simon: Bye, Henry.

Katie: Bye.

[Door closes] I can't believe this. It's so different.

Simon: Yes, it is. It is very different. There we are.

Katie: Thank you.

Simon: In fact, our whole life is about to change, and that's a promise.

Craig: My agreement was Sierra allows the kids to see each other as long as they abide by my rules, but you see how well that's going.

Holden: Craig, it was an accident.

Craig: And we were lucky. Holden, look, I know you love your son, and I know that you'll probably see this differently than me, but you have to admit, this has just been one disaster after another, and I can't stop it. I have tried.

Holden: And you think that I can?

Craig: Holden, this little girl is all I have, and she and your son are on dangerous ground. I just need some help putting a little distance between them before they run off a road again or get pregnant or worse. Huh? It doesn't have to be forever. Just let them grow up a little.

Holden: It almost sounds to me like you're asking me to send my son away. That's what you're doing, aren't you, Craig?

Katie: Oh, come here, my little angel. Did you miss Mommy, huh? Did you see what Daddy did to this beautiful cottage? It's our little love shack, and it's so beautiful. Okay, now, hush up. Daddy is now going to tell us. We're all ears.

Simon: Look, I meant what I said in the hospital about settling down. I made myself a promise that if you go through that surgery, then from now on, everything would be about us -- you, me and the rabbit.

Katie: And possibly in the future a little b-r-o-t-h-e-r?

Simon: Yes, yes, yes. When you're feeling better.

Katie: Good.

Simon: But in the meantime, I've got a job. Yeah, a real job.

Katie: Doing what?

Simon: Selling insurance. Yeah, I convinced the owner of a local agency that if I could marry rich women for their money, then I could sell a few policies. So from now on, it's regular hours, suit and tie, gun to the head.

Katie: No, no, no, no. I did not marry an insurance salesman. I married a Simon.

Jack: There's not a judge in the state who would give you permission to bug Travers' room. You've got to be in the mob or running drugs to warrant that kind of action.

Paul: Oh, but conspiring with a wanted criminal to fix an election's not good enough?

Bonnie: James Steinbeck is putting Travers in as D.A. so that all the charges will be dismissed against him. He will never even stand trial.

Jack: Yes, I heard about that. I also heard there wasn't any proof.

Bonnie: Which is exactly why we want to bug his room.

Jack: Listen to me. I live for the day that James Steinbeck goes down, and I would love to help you. I would, but as a police officer, I can't get involved.

Paul: Not even indirectly?

Jack: I can't do it, Paul.

Paul: All right. Let's go.

Jack: But there is somebody who might be able to help you, somebody that the department uses when their hands are tied -- somebody you know.

Carly: I'm sorry. Jack and I just got off on the wrong foot this morning after I'd been up half the night trying to salvage my career.

Mike: I thought you had this whole new thing going with Lisa Grimaldi. What happened?

Carly: Craig. Craig happened. Rosanna gave him B.R.O. as some kind of love toy. Now he's gonna try to do everything he can to make sure that I work for him.

Molly: Carly Tenney, I'll break both your legs.

Carly: No, of course Molly I said no. But you know Craig. He already sabotaged my deal with Fashion, so Lisa's not an option, and he told me that he's not gonna give up until he makes me starve.

Molly: And what's that gonna cost you -- Jack, Parker, your sanity?

Carly: I am not gonna do it. I will stay at home, Molly. I will learn to make meat loaf.

Molly: Or begin planning your wedding. And you can start with making up to the best thing that ever happened to you -- Jack Snyder.

Carly: You can't -- you can't wear those together, Molly.

Molly: You don't know a good thing when you've got it.

Mike: She doesn't know what she's talking about.

Carly: No, I think she's right. Craig is a complete disaster, and Jack, he's a treasure.

Mike: What does one have to do with the other?

Carly: Well, Jack hates Craig. Well, doesn't hate him exactly, but he hates what happens when I'm in Craig's orbit.

Mike: Sounds to me like Craig's in your orbit. You're the designer, right? Doesn't the designer call the shots?

Carly: Well, yeah, I suppose so, but --

Mike: They're your ideas. You're doing all the work. How's that phrase go, "without you, they're nothing"? Seems like that gives you the upper hand, right?

Carly: And with Craig, the upper hand is -- no, I can't. Jack would flip out.

Mike: He's the one you're marrying, not Craig. Come on, think about it. There's got to be a way that you can work out a deal, okay, that you can negotiate a deal that keeps Craig and your sister at bay while you get launched. Okay? So you know, as soon as something else comes along, you just -- you move on. In the meantime, you marry Jack, you get on with your life.

Carly: You think so?

Mike: You can do anything. You're a superstar.

Carly: It is so good to talk to you.

Mike: Likewise.

Carly: Hey. Now that is an outfit.

Molly: You approve?

Carly: Yes, I do. You have my blessing. And I -- I have to go. I -- I have a decision to make.

Molly: I'll get these clothes right back to you.

Carly: Whenever, Molly. I'll see you.

[Door closes]

Molly: I am so glad that you two get along. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

Mike: Things are pretty good.

Craig: A couple of months, a semester somewhere. Maybe there's a course Aaron would like to take, a job. Just some time to let them think.

Holden: Craig, if you're looking to break them up --

Craig: Holden, Holden. Do you think this is for real, that this will last?

Holden: Lily and I are still together.

Craig: How is lily? Stress gotta be getting to her.

Holden: You're the cause of all that stress, Craig.

Emma: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Oh, hi, I was just leaving, Emma. Think about it anyway, will you, Holden, and get back to me before next disaster, please?

Emma: What did he want?

Holden: He wants me to send Aaron away. I'm not gonna do it though. What?

Emma: Lily knows about the accident. She was on the phone to the police when I got there.

Holden: Why would they call the house?!

Emma: Holden, it was just a follow-up. They were doing their job. Nothing wrong with it.

Holden: Her blood pressure was up yesterday.

Emma: The doctor's watching over it. She's gonna be fine. It's you I'm worried about.

Holden: Me? Why me?

Emma: 'Cause you're just stretching yourself a little too thin here, Holden. I mean, you've got lily on bed rest, you've got the children to watch over, and now you're taking on will Munson, and that means you're gonna have to deal with his mother. There's Abigail, and now there's Aaron with his never-ending drama.

Holden: He's a good kid, Momma.

Emma: Yes, and he's much, much improved since you've stepped in. I mean, he's gotten his GED, he's held down a job, and he's -- he's fallen in love. That is quite a bit for a summer.

Holden: So I should send him away?

Emma: I've been in touch with -- with Caleb and Julie, and they're really getting things together now, and they really would like -- they'd like to spend some time with him, Holden. I mean, after lily has the baby, a couple of months when things settle down, then we'll just see then.

Holden: So Craig is right?

Emma: Sweetheart -- it's the idea that counts, not where it came from.

Katie: I don't want you to change. I don't want you to do anything that would make you unhappy.

Simon: Look, Katie, you have to make choices in life. I mean, giving part of your liver to Margo cost you something, but it was worth it. Now, I'm willing to change to do whatever it takes, 'cause -- 'cause, baby, you are so worth it.

[Doorbell rings] agh! Now you gotta get up to bed. Come on.

Katie: Oh, no, no, no.

Simon: Yes, you have to rest.

Katie: Okay, fine. Only if you promise to get rid of whoever it is and come cuddle with me.

Simon: I'm gonna be up straight away.

Katie: Okay.

Simon: Are you okay?

Katie: Yeah. I'm fine.

Simon: You are?

Katie: I'm doing fine.

Simon: Yeah? Well, you look fine from here. I'll be straight up. Bonnie, Paul? Hi?

Paul: Hey, Simon. How's Katie?

Simon: She's doing great. She's just resting upstairs. So, what's up?

Paul: All right, we won't stay long. We just -- we have a business proposition for you.

Bonnie: We'd like for you to do something illegal.

Emily: Hi, Rosanna. It's Emily Stewart. Are you busy today? I'd love to meet up with you. After everything you've done for my sister, Alison, I think it's time for me to thank you in person.

Lucy: 17 charms.

Alison: That's a lot of carats. I left your present at home. I'll bring it by later.

Lucy: Don't worry about it. My birthday's kind of on hold for now. With this leg, I can't really celebrate with Aaron for a few days.

Alison: Aaron is so amazing. He convinced my sister that I shouldn't be sent away to boarding school.

Lucy: How'd he do that?

Craig: Alison? What a surprise. How are you, sweetness?

Lucy: Great.

Craig: Yes?

Lucy: Hey, guess what? Alison's staying. Aaron worked out some kind of miracle, and she's staying in town.

Craig: Oh, well, I guess Aaron can be very persuasive.

Lucy: I'm so glad you're not going away. Life is definitely more interesting with you around. Isn't it great, daddy? Everything is gonna be perfect.

Aaron: Grandma said you were lookin' for me. Look, I'm sorry about the accident. I just got back from Lucy's and she's gonna be fine. And Craig, he's -- he was great about it.

Holden: I think it's time that we had a little talk.

Aaron: Listen, I'm not takin' her on the bike anymore. That's for sure.

Holden: I think that you need to head back to Seattle.

Alison: There's enough hollandaise sauce on this tray to drown a moose. That's probably the Wentworth mascot, by the way.

Lucy: What, a moose?

[Knock at door]

Alison: Here he is now.

Craig: I got it, Alison. Why don't you help Lucy with her tray?

Alison: Yes, sir.

Carly: Rosanna holding court in there?

Craig: No. My daughter's recovering from some minor surgery.

Carly: What happened?

Craig: Aaron Snyder crashed his motorcycle into a --

Carly: Oh, Craig --

Craig: They both survived. And you are here because?

Carly: Because you ruined my chances with Lisa.

Craig: Your chance for what? To reinvent the moo moo?

Carly: Now, Craig, I am willing to work with you if you square it with Rosanna.

Craig: Excuse me?

Carly: I will not work behind Rosanna's back. I have been down that road with Barbara. I won't do it again. So if you can figure out a way to sell you and me to Rosanna, and keep her off my back, you have a deal.

Craig: Me and you?

Carly: Working together. You are familiar with the term "working"? Because if you are not, if you cross that line, I'm gone. Understood?

Craig: Best to Jack.

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