ATWT Transcript Tuesday 9/17/02


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/17/02

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Bonnie: So what happened when you finally searched Marshall's room, and what in the world took you so long?

Paul: I got into the room no problem, but there was somebody already there.

Bonnie: Who?

Paul: Some woman, blonde.

Bonnie: Very bleachie, smoky voice, you know she's lying just by looking at her?

Paul: Yeah. Someone you know?

Bonnie: I don't know much about her except that she'll steal, cheat and do just about anything for a basic buck.

Paul: Does she have a name?

Bonnie: I don't know what's on her license, but to simplify things, let's just call her Brandy the bimbo.

Paul: Brandy? So how do you know her?

Bonnie: She tended bar for Isaac. What did she say when she saw you in Travers' room?

Paul: That she had done some secretarial work for Marshall, that he had stolen something from her, she was trying to get it back.

Bonnie: You know she's lying. Marshall would not steal from her. He's much too careful for that.

Paul: Okay. So what was she doing there?

Bonnie: My guess is she was probably looking for something to hold against him, so he could pay her to get it back.

Paul: Any idea what that might be? We could use it.

Bonnie: No. But we could find out.

Paul: How?

Bonnie: Brandy's loyalty is for sale. All we have to do is throw her a couple of dollars, and I'm sure there's nothing she won't tell us.

Brandy: You want me to sleep with Paul Ryan? What do you think I am?

Marshall: I'd prefer not to say.

Brandy: Okay. Look, yes, I have done some things in my past that I regret, but I was a different person.

Marshall: I have little tolerance for hypocrisy -- or insubordination from employees.

Brandy: I am not your employee. I'm your associate.

Marshall: Not for long -- if you turn me down.

Brandy: Oh, what the hell. A job's a job.

Marshall: That's more like it. In this particular case, though, I don't want you to press Mr.. Ryan too hard.

Brandy: Press him? Or press against him?

Marshall: Mr. Ryan is engaged to be married. His fiancée is out of town, but by all accounts, he's hopelessly devoted to her. It could take days, weeks -- no, wait a minute. Change of plans. Instead of seducing Mr.. Ryan, you'll become his friend and confidante.

Brandy: Great. I like this plan better already. Then what?

Marshall: As Mr. Ryan's friend, you will share with him a bit of explosive information -- that I am, in fact, a pawn of his father, James Steinbeck.

Brandy: I don't get it. What's in that for you?

Marshall: Well, he already suspects it, so this would merely be a confirmation. He'll become so outraged that he'll tell you exactly what he plans to do. Armed with that knowledge, I'll be able to stop him before he gets started.

Brandy: Is this all about you winning the election? Or is there something more going on here I should know about?

Marshall: No comment.

Brandy: Then no deal.

Ben: See these hands? These are talented hands. And while the Mongolian method failed, the Swedish may still have a thing or two to say about the art of massage. So if you'll come home with me right now, I'll give you a private demonstration.

Jessica: Mmm, that sounds heavenly. Just give me five minutes, okay?

Ben: Calling Travers is not gonna help Bonnie and Isaac.

Jessica: The man deliberately led Isaac to believe that he slept with my daughter. Now, he's going to know how I feel about that. And he's going to hear it from me.

Isaac: I'll be in the back.

Lisa: Yeah. Look, there is no way in the world that Carly would work for B.R.O.

Craig: Well, I can understand your disappointment, Lisa. But Carly's contract is valid. You're gonna be well compensated.

Lisa: I don't care about your money. I don't even -- and stop looking through this as though you knew diddly squat about fashion. You don't even know the difference between burlap and chiffon. I'll tell you -- Seventh Avenue -- you're just gonna be the laughingstock of everybody. By the time they're through with you, you're not even gonna own the suit you have on your back.

[Engine revving]

Lucy: That was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life.

Aaron: It's good for you.

Lucy: Why?

Aaron: I don't know. Loosen you up a little bit.

Lucy: I don't need loosening up.

Aaron: Right.

Lucy: And what is that supposed to mean?

Aaron: You know how you are -- Sally.

Lucy: Hey, you promised not to call me that anymore.

Aaron: Well, I'm trying not to, but you keep making that face.

Lucy: That face? What face?

Aaron: That serious Sally face.

Lucy: All right, that's it. You asked for it. You better run.

Aaron: What are you going to do?

Lucy: Tickle you until you beg me to stop.

Aaron: Uh-huh. Yeah, I wouldn't count on that.

[Aaron laughs] stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Lucy: Are you going to call me serious Sally ever again?

Aaron: Stop! Stop! Probably.

Lucy: Oh, sorry, wrong answer.

[Both laughing]

Aaron: Stop! Stop! Stop!

Molly: Okay. So I think it's safe to say we both have serious problems. But let's not make a contest out of whose are worse, all right?

Carly: You have no idea what it's like for me to have Craig Montgomery showing up wherever I go. Last year, I would've given anything to be a designer for B.R.O. Now Craig waltzes in, he offers me a job at whatever price I want, and I can't accept it because I'm professionally enslaved to lovely Lisa Grimaldi.

Molly: Which could turn out great. You never know.

Carly: Yeah, it could be great, if we don't kill each other first. Look at you. You have everything you want, just laid right out in front of you. Your only problem is that you keep on picking at it.

Molly: Okay. So much for not making this a contest.

Carly: "Should I tell Mike this? Should I tell Mike that? Is Mike gonna stay? Is Mike gonna go?" I mean, I'm sorry, but I have to be honest. I'm losing a little patience here.

Molly: Or maybe -- maybe you just don't wanna hear about Mike.

Carly: What? Do you honestly think that I -- no, Molly. I have been over Mike Kasnoff for a very, very long time.

Molly: Then why are you so short with me right now? We always talk about all of our problems together. So why is this different?

Carly: I have been waiting for you to wake up to something, and you still haven't done it.

Molly: Okay, so then help me out, cuz. What is it? What?

Carly: The time for hesitation, the time for questions -- that's over. Mike is here, Molly. Mike is staying here. So why don't you stop wringing your hands and just jump his bones already?

Mike: Is this town getting smaller, or do we just hang out in the same places?

Rosanna: Well -- Mike, excuse me if I seemed a little surprised to see you. I didn't realize you were still in Oakdale.

Mike: Things changed fast.

Rosanna: Yes, right. With Molly McKinnon. I am so happy for you.

Mike: Actually, I landed a construction job.

Rosanna: Oh, well. Something lucrative, I hope.

[Nervous chuckle]

Mike: It's for Oakdale Memorial. It's a special unit for burn victims. The project was put on hold for a while, but then someone stepped up with a rather large contribution that made all the difference in the world.

Rosanna: Wow. How interesting. Who was your benefactor?

Mike: You're telling me you don't know?

Rosanna: No. How would I?

Mike: The donation was made anonymously. I just had a feeling it might have been you.

Rosanna: I think we've established that I've already used my influence to get you out of Oakdale. Now you accuse me of making a donation to keep you in Oakdale? Well, this may come as a shock to you, but I do have other things on my mind.

Mike: All right. Forget it. It just -- crossed my mind. I had to ask.

Rosanna: Oh, no. It's okay. I'm glad we cleared the air. So, this sounds like a large project. Do you know where you're gonna be staying?

Mike: I'm actually looking at a cottage out by the lake.

Rosanna: Oh, nice. I bet Molly will like that.

Mike: I'm counting on it.

Rosanna: Well, Mike Kasnoff -- is it possible that you're in love?

Mike: I wouldn't go throwing around a lot of loaded words when it comes to Molly and me. She's still grieving for Jake. I respect that. So we're taking things slow.

Rosanna: Well, that's very understanding of you. Still, it seems like things are really falling into place for you.

Mike: Molly told me about the burn unit project, so I went and saw Bob Hughes, see if I could get a job. He told me they had raised a lot of money, but they were still coming up a little short. And a couple of days later, this anonymous donor entered the picture.

Rosanna: Extraordinary.

Mike: That's one word for it, yeah. Look, I hope I didn't offend you by suggesting that you were the donor.

Rosanna: Oh, no. Not at all. It was very like you.

Mike: Why is that?

Rosanna: Well, as you made crystal clear to me -- rather recently -- you have a strong aversion to being manipulated.

Mike: I just like things out in front, where I can see them. People want to operate behind my back, I have got no use for them.

Molly: The only reason Mike is staying, Carly, is because I gave anonymous money to the hospital. So if I don't tell him that, isn't that as good as lying?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Next question.

Molly: You don't think anything is wrong with that at all?

Carly: Look, Molly, love is a battlefield, okay? Whatever you gotta do to win, you gotta do.

Molly: See, I just don't think it needs to be that way.

Carly: Sooner or later, Mike is gonna find out about that donation. Because Oakdale is full of too many busybodies for it to stay a secret for more than a week. And I'm not saying that's a tragedy or anything, I mean, the two of you are gonna work it out.

Molly: I have been sneaky and dishonest. And something tells me that Mike's not gonna be happy about that.

Carly: Probably not. But here is the critical question -- will Mike be quicker to forgive you if you're still kissing him on the cheek and saying "good night" and closing the door in his face, or if you're having hot, new-relationship, can't get enough of each other sex?

Luke: Isn't that a cool hike? My dad showed me the trail last week.

Will: It was okay.

Luke: My landing module is missing. Have you seen it? Whoa! Where'd you get that money, Will?

Will: None of your business. What's with this model? Is it special or something?

Luke: Yeah. My dad got it -- what'd you do that for?

Will: Playing with models is for babies.

Luke: Pick it up!

Will: No!

Holden: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on here?

Luke: Will broke my helicopter.

Will: Did not!

Holden: I'll tell you what. Grandma's making some brownies. Why don't you go up to the house and see if they're ready, okay?

Luke: Sure, dad. Keep your hands off my stuff!

Holden: Come here. Have a seat. I saw what you did to the helicopter.

Will: I didn't.

Holden: I'll tell you what -- why don't you just tell Luke that you're sorry, and we'll forget the whole thing.

Will: I already told you, Luke broke it, and he's trying to blame it on me.

Holden: Okay. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do -- I'm gonna head up to the house. And when you're ready to be honest with me, you come and find me. Okay?

Will: Stupid model. Stupid.

Alison: You got that right, buddy. Stupid is whole life right now.

Will: What are you doing here?

Alison: Meeting Lucy and Aaron for a picnic.

Will: They're not here.

Alison: No kidding. Aaron's motorcycle is gone. They must have left without me.

Aaron: I didn't really scare you on my bike, did I?

Lucy: No. When I'm with you, I always feel safe.

Aaron: Why's that?

Lucy: I don't know.

Aaron: Yeah, you do. Just tell me.

Lucy: Well, I always knew my parents loved me, even when my dad wasn't around. But as I get older, I realized they're gonna love me no matter what. I mean, even if I had no friends, or I was a bad student, they'd still think I was great because, hey, they kinda have to, right?

Aaron: Hey, don't knock that.

Lucy: I'm not, actually. I -- I just think it's wonderful. But when I met you, it's like -- now there's someone who loves me because he made a choice. Out of all the other girls, he picked me.

Aaron: Well, Lucy, it wasn't that tough. You were the only girl that I could see. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. All you have to do is ask.

Lucy: I'm gonna remember that.

Aaron: I wish I was good with words.

Lucy: It's okay. I know what's in your heart. That's the thing about you, Aaron -- you don't have to say anything. It's all there when you look at me. And you're not afraid to show it.

Alison: So, how come you're out here all by yourself?

Will: 'Cause Mr. Snyder's mad at me.

Alison: What for?

Will: 'Cause he thinks I did something, but I didn't.

Alison: I know what that's like. People have been pulling those number on me my whole life. But the trick is just to not let it get to you.

Will: Well, I don't want him to send me back to my mom's.

Alison: I thought you were living with her now.

Will: I am. But she said we're moving out of Oakdale.

Alison: Believe me, there's a lot worse things that could happen. And, besides, you got a whole lot money, you could hire a driver to take you back here whenever you want. Do you want me to tell you a way that you could get Holden back on your side?

Will: Okay.

Alison: Say you're really, really sorry, and that you'll never do it again. Then smile so your cheeks hurt. Like this. See?

Will: I think it looks ridiculous.

Alison: Come on, try it. Trust me.

Will: I don't want to.

Alison: You've got to practice if you're gonna make it perfect.

Will: "I'm sorry, Mr. Snyder. It'll never happen again."

Alison: Perfect. That's it. Holden won't know what hit him.

Will: Thanks, Alison.

Alison: No problem. Oh, I have nothing else to do. I've got some time on my hands. Oh, look -- Aaron and Lucy must have forgotten their picnic basket.

Will: Aren't you gonna save that for them?

Alison: Yeah. I'll worry about them like they're worrying about me.

Lucy: Do you know what I'd like to do? Freeze this moment so I could stay in it forever.

Aaron: Well, we left our picnic basket. Sooner or later, you're gonna get hungry.

Lucy: You know what I mean. This has been the best summer of my life.

Aaron: Life in Montega must be rougher than I thought.

Lucy: I'm being serious, Aaron. Even with everything that happened, I loved every minute of it -- because of you.

Aaron: I feel that way, too. I mean, I don't even think about Seattle anymore, 'cause you're always on my mind.

Lucy: You're wrong about that not being good with words.

Aaron: Well, I'm just telling you the truth. I mean, I can barely remember what happened before I met you.

Lucy: I'm going through the same thing. It's like everything that happened before you came into my life doesn't matter. Aaron, will you do me a favor?

Aaron: Anything.

Lucy: Once school starts up again, will you take me there on your bike?

Aaron: Yeah, of course.

Lucy: I can see it now -- we'll circle the school, just a couple times, to make sure everybody saw us. Then I'll get off, give you my helmet. And then, when everybody's watching, I'll kiss you. Like this.

Aaron: "Have a good day at school. Study hard."

Lucy: "Bye." God, it'll be great, won't it?

Aaron: Great? It'll be awesome.

Lucy: Do you know how many girls at Oakdale Latin have boyfriends with motorcycles?

Aaron: How many?

Lucy: One! Me! Haven't you ever been so happy, you just want to yell? I'm free. I'm in love. And, best of all, it's never gonna end.

Aaron: You're right. 'Cause what we have, it's -- it's not just today and tomorrow. We have this forever.

Lucy: Oh, what about Alison?

Aaron: What about Alison?

Lucy: We told her we'd meet her at the barn.

Aaron: Do you want to go?

Paul: In order to stop Travers from becoming D.A., we need concrete evidence that connects him to Steinbeck. Problem is, I don't think Brandy can deliver.

Bonnie: All right. Maybe Brandy isn't the answer. So what's next?

Paul: Well, I could -- I could break into his room again.

Bonnie: Travers already knows we did that.

Paul: How?

Bonnie: I told him.

Paul: Bon -- Bonnie, you didn't tell him my name, did you?

Bonnie: No!

Paul: Bonnie --

Bonnie: Of course -- Paul, no! Look, it doesn't matter anyway. You can't keep breaking into people's hotel rooms. Sooner or later, you're gonna get caught.

Paul: You know what? Travers is doing well in the polls. If he gets elected, he will make sure that all the charges against Steinbeck are dropped. He will come back into this town, and the mayhem will start again.

Bonnie: Okay, fine. So we both agree Marshall has to lose. We just have to figure out how to go about making that happen.

Paul: All right. All right, I have an idea. If it works, we can prove Marshall has ties to Steinbeck, maybe even force him out of the race.

Bonnie: And if it doesn't?

Paul: I'll probably wind up in jail.

Marshall: Mr. Ryan will get hooked on the idea that he can use that information against me. He'll become so outraged that he'll tell you everything he plans to do, then you'll tell me. Your job will be done.

Brandy: I want big money for this. You have my number. Call me when you got it.

Marshall: Brandy -- don't even think about double crossing me.

Brandy: After all that we've meant to each other? After the loyalty you showed me when I lost my job at Java underground? Why, Marshall, how could you even suggest such a thing?

Ben: You and Travers don't play by the same rules. I mean, what's the point of talking to the man when he's not even listening?

Jessica: He needs to understand that he can't just run around besmirching my daughter's reputation.

Ben: I don't think you're gonna make a dent, Jessica, especially over the phone. Baby, where are you going?

Jessica: You know, you're absolutely right. A phone call isn't gonna cut it. I'm gonna go see the man in person.

Ben: Wait a minute. Before you go, there's something I need to say. You know I love you.

Jessica: Don't worry about me.

Craig: I can't see why you're having such a problem with this, Lisa. These days, companies are traded at swap meets.

Lisa: Barbara Ryan would never, ever sell her company to you.

Craig: Maybe not. She sold it to Rosanna Cabot. I picked it up from her. So I needed a designer, Carly was my first choice.

Lisa: That's impossible. Carly and I have a very fine agreement. And I know she would never back out, not when we're this far along.

Craig: Then why do I have her sketchbook full of ideas?

Lisa: I'm gonna get her on the phone. And we'll settle this once --

Craig: I'll call her for you.

Lisa: Stop it! Put that away! I can certainly do that myself.

Carly: Of course you're nervous, Molly. How could you be anything else? But you and Mike have a chance for something really wonderful here if you just allow yourself to --

[phone rings] don't move. Okay? Hello?

Lisa: Carly, this is Lisa.

Carly: Oh, hi, Lisa. Can I call you back? I'm -- I'm right in the middle of something here.

Lisa: Carly, I know that you're busy, but I need to talk with you.

Carly: Lisa, I'm -- it'll only take a few minutes, and I will call you back, okay? I promise.

Lisa: No, wait. Wait, wait. This is important. This is about our agreement. It seems that Craig here seems to think --

[dial tone hums] Carly? Hello? I can't believe that she hung up on me.

Craig: I guess she assumed I told you of her decision.

Lisa: Well, if that's the case -- I can't believe that -- you mean to tell -- she sent you to do her dirty work?

Craig: Carly is Carly.

Lisa: In that case, all right. If that's the way she wants to be, then she's welcome -- she's welcome to you! You want her, you can have her. Get out of my way.

Craig: Well, some days everything just seems to fall into place.

Alison: The thing about parents is they lie. It's not like they do it on purpose, it's just part of their job description.

Will: My dad doesn't lie.

Alison: Okay, you got me. Your dad is pretty honest. And you know what? I'll bet he's gonna make things better for you.

Will: How?

Alison: Lean on your mom, talk her out of moving away. He'll figure something out. You watch.

Will: I sure hope so.

Alison: You're a lucky kid, Will. If I had a dad like yours, I probably wouldn't be in this outfit. Shouldn't you be inside making up with Holden?

Will: Yeah, I guess.

Alison: You should. Now let me see that sorry smile one more time. Perfect. Good luck.

Alison: Where are they already? Lucy must have told Aaron not to come. Otherwise, he would be here. I know he would. Thanks, Lucy.

Lucy: Aaron?

Aaron: Yeah?

Lucy: There's something that's kind of difficult to say.

Aaron: Okay. You can tell me anything.

Lucy: We should go back for Alison.

Aaron: Except that. Can't we just say we got lost?

Lucy: Between here and the farm? Come on, we can't blow her off.

Aaron: I thought you wanted to go.

Lucy: I do. I just want to remember everything about today. The way it looks, the way it smells, the way it felt when you held me.

Aaron: Don't worry, we won't forget.

Lucy: No funny stuff this time. I want to get there.

Aaron: Okay.

[Engine revving]

Lucy: Aaron, slow down!

[Engine revving]

Rosanna: You weren't at the Country Club.

Craig: Oh. Au contraire, I was there for about an hour.

Rosanna: Did you interview that new designer?

Craig: Yes, I did. You know, clenching your jaw like that will wear away the enamel.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. I ran into Mike Kasnoff. He told me he's going to be staying in town for awhile.

Craig: Doing what?

Rosanna: Building a new burn unit for Oakdale Memorial. They received an anonymous donation so now the project can begin.

Craig: How convenient?

Rosanna: Yes, that's what I said. I'm almost convinced that Molly McKinnon made the donation. But who did Mike accuse of doing it? Me.

Craig: And where would he get such an idea?

Rosanna: You know, Molly is just as bad as Carly. Sooner or later, she's gonna do just something awful to him.

Craig: Your attachment to Mike Kasnoff, rate it one to ten, would you?

Rosanna: Sweetness -- my only attachment is to you.

Craig: Oh, lip service -- my favorite.

Rosanna: So tell me about the designer, hmm? What do you think? Do you think she's gonna fit in with B.R.O.?

Isaac: I've been thinking.

Ben: Well, that's encouraging.

Isaac: Bonnie did not sleep with Travers. He set me up, and I fell for it.

Ben: Well, I knew you'd realize that sooner or later. Bonnie loves you. And she's a class act, bro. There's no way she'd be with another man behind your back.

Isaac: I know. I guess I've just had a thing for Travers ever since he stopped that robbery here. You know, I'm jealous the way Bonnie looked up to him.

Ben: Well, it wasn't just Bonnie. Barbara Ryan's trial had just started. Everybody was raving about what a hero he was.

Isaac: The guy makes a living out of walking on people. But somehow, that night, he was the greatest guy on the earth. He cooperates with the Police. He calms Bonnie down. He even offers to be the thief's lawyer for free.

Ben: Doesn't make sense, does it?

Isaac: It never did.

Ben: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Isaac: That this is worth following up on.

Ben: Hey, the creep's crafty, man. You never know.

Isaac: I can make some calls. Are you gonna be around here for awhile?

Ben: It's hard to say.

Isaac: What, you got an operation or something?

Ben: No, Jessica went to confront Travers about Bonnie. And if I don't hear something from her soon, I'm gonna have to go after her.

Jessica: My public confession will appear in The City Times tomorrow. I've admitted to making a call -- one call -- on Isaac's behalf. Now, I've done my part. It's your turn.

Marshall: So nice of you to drop by, Jessica. Can I order you a beverage?

Jessica: All I want is for you to back off my family. The political dirty tricks are one thing. But what you did to Bonnie, I will not tolerate.

Marshall: Well, I'm pleased you came by instead of discussing this over the phone.

Jessica: So, we're agreed then? No -- no more dirty politics?

Marshall: Maybe you should ask your daughter. She practically admitted that she came in here and tried to distract me while someone stole my passport.

Jessica: Well, I've spoken with her. She won't bother you again. Oh, and one more thing -- I want you to tell Isaac that you intentionally misled him into thinking that you slept with Bonnie.

Marshall: What's in that for me?

Jessica: The next time you shave, it might make looking in the mirror a little easier.

Molly: Guess who?

[Laughter] do you need more time?

Mike: It better not be the waiter, I'll tell ya that. These are surprises a man lives for.

Molly: I was hoping we could spend some time together.

Mike: Want to go bowling?

Molly: Not even close.

Paul: My father is a control freak, which means he's not letting Travers run things alone. They're communicating somehow, and that's what we've got to find out.

Bonnie: So, how do we go about doing that?

Paul: Get into Travers's room, bug every inch of it. You know, tap his phone, record every call in and out. Sooner or later, we'll find what we need, and Travers will be finished.

Bonnie: Paul, I can't do that. Illegal wiretapping -- that's a federal offense.

Paul: Bonnie, need I remind you what happened the last time my father was in town? The lives that suffered? The lives he nearly destroyed? Trust me, Bonnie, next time will be worse.

Bonnie: If I get caught, that would totally destroy my mother's chances of getting reelected.

Paul: All right, I understand. Wish me luck.

Bonnie: Paul, wait. If it means bringing Marshall Travers down, I'll do it.

Paul: You're sure?

Bonnie: Let's get to work.

Paul: All right.

Marshall: I never had any intention to slander your daughter. But she brought it on herself when she --

Jessica: You know, there's really no excuse. Just be a man and tell Isaac the truth.

Marshall: Say that again.

Jessica: Say what?

Marshall: Obviously, you're very interested in me acting like a man. Would you care to elaborate on what you meant by that?

Jessica: I really don't want to waste another breath on you.

Marshall: You know, if you'd had shown this much passion during our debate, your voters wouldn't be deserting you in droves.

Jessica: Oh, they'll come back. Your appeal wears very thin rather quickly.

Marshall: I'll apologize to Mr. Jenkins.

Jessica: Will you?

Marshall: At this moment, I'll do anything you ask.

Mike: Miniature golf?

Molly: Oh, not tonight.

Mike: You wanna go to the movies?

Molly: Not interested.

Mike: I can fix that broken window that's jammed in your apartment.

Molly: Mike? Are we ever gonna make love?

Carly: Oh, hi, Lisa. I'm sorry that I --

Lisa: Oh, just save it, sister. You know, it's a little late for apologies. You want out of your contract? Well, baby, you got it. And I wouldn't work with you now if you were the finest designer in Paris, and you're not, and you never will be. And poor, darling Jack Snyder wants to get hitched to you. Oh, dear God, please help him see the light before it's too late!

Craig: The designer I interviewed said all the right things. But once I saw her portfolio --

Rosanna: Why?

Craig: -- She wasn't the one.

Rosanna: Why? What was wrong with it?

Craig: Well, nothing jumped out. It was all the same. Not that I'm an expert, but I look and I know what I like.

Rosanna: That's fine. You know, B.R.O. is yours to do with as you wish. If you don't like one designer, you can move on to the next.

Craig: That's what I did. Made a quick call, set up another interview.

Rosanna: Oh. How'd it go?

Craig: Rosanna, the work was vibrant, it was original. It had traditional roots, yet up to the minute.

Rosanna: Man or woman?

Craig: Woman.

Rosanna: Did you make her an offer?

Craig: I hired her.

Rosanna: Well, congratulations. You certainly don't waste any time.

Craig: She's very qualified, Rosanna. She had a show last year in New York, was a terrific success.

Rosanna: Well, that's wonderful. What's her name?

Craig: Carly.

Aaron: How come you're wearing those clothes?

Alison: It's the boarding school uniform. I'm leaving tonight.

Aaron: Oh, no, you're not. I'm not letting 'em take you from me. I need you next to me, Alison, where I can hold you and kiss you.

Aaron: Alison! Help!

Alison: Aaron, what happened?!

Aaron: I crashed the bike.

Lucy: Ow!

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