ATWT Transcript Monday 9/16/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 9/16/02

By Suzanne
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Bonnie: Mom, I do not have the time to brief you on the details of my life right now.

Jessica: Look, I don't need a dissertation. What were you doing at the Lakeview with Marshall Travers?

Bonnie: Look, you wouldn't even believe me even if I had the time to tell you.

Ben: What's the big rush now? Where are you going'?

Bonnie: To stop your brother from being prosecuted by my mother.

Jessica: What are you talking about?

Bonnie: Killing Marshall Travers may do the world a favor, but technically -- okay, look, Isaac thinks something happened. Of course, nothing did, but that doesn't matter because he's just looking for an excuse to get into it with Marshall anyway.

Lisa: You know what is beginning to come -- become really clear to me? You see, this is simply a cockfight over the little hen.

Ben: Wait a minute. Did Travers make a move on you?

Bonnie: Kind of. I mean, no, not really. Actually, I made a move on him.

Isaac: I don't suppose Bonnie told you where she was going.

Marshall: It was a sudden decision. I think she knew you were probably gonna come up here. No, she doesn't seem like the type who likes to get caught.

Isaac: She's not the type that would ever do anything she'd need to lie about.

Marshall: Really? So I guess all that foreplay was just a figment of my imagination?

Isaac: Get up.

Marshall: Excuse me?

Isaac: I said, get up!

Marshall: What, you want a piece of me?

Isaac: Yes, I do.

Marshall: Bring it on.

Hal: All right, hold it right there. I sense a little tension in the air here.

Isaac: Mind your own business, Hal.

Hal: That's exactly what I'm doing. Now, take a step back, Isaac.

Marshall: Lieutenant Munson -- who ever said the OPD was never there when you need 'em? I'd like to file a complaint.

Hal: What's the matter, Travers? Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Tell you what -- why don't you put some pants on first? Well, Isaac, looks like I showed up just in time to keep you out of an assault charge.

Isaac: Don't expect me to thank you. I was looking forward to beating that clown within an inch of his life!

Susan: I think you look terrific.

Alison: I know this is some twisted dream come true for you, but if you think that I'm gonna go through my senior year in this get-up, surrounded by nothing but girls and books, you can forget it. I'd rather tie a cement block to my ankle and dive off a bridge.

Lucy: You're already back with Holden's car?

Aaron: No, he's not around. I guess we're riding with Alison.

Lucy: Wonderful.

Aaron: She's not around yet?

Lucy: No. Does that surprise you? Feels like we're spending our whole lives waiting for that girl -- waiting for her to show up, waiting for her to tell the truth about whatever.

Aaron: Yeah, but the best part about waiting is -- we get to do it with each other. I mean, think about all the things we can accomplish.

Lucy: Like what?

Aaron: I don't know -- we could pitch some hay. Yeah? We can muck the stables. Yeah? Or we could even feed the chickens.

Lucy: Oh, okay.

Aaron: I mean, unless you have a better idea.

Lucy: Um, actually -- this kinda works for me.

Aaron: Okay.

Molly: Okay, is it my imagination, or is that lifeguard about ready to blow the whistle at us?

Mike: Why?

Molly: Oh, maybe he thinks it's inappropriate behavior for the local news anchor to be making out in a public pool.

Mike: Maybe we should go someplace else -- like my hotel room.

Molly: Okay. Are you sure you can get out of this pool without embarrassing yourself?

[Mike laughs]

Mike: Funny girl.

Molly: Hey, Dr. Bob.

Bob: Hey! Now I understand why I wasn't able to reach you, Mike.

Mike: Yeah, water tends to short out my cell phone. How're you doing, doc?

Bob: I'm doing fine. Listen, I wanted to give you the good news myself. Remember I told you that the funding was short on breaking ground on the new hospital burn unit? Well, we've just had a sizable contribution.

Mike: Really? From where?

Bob: Well, the donor wishes to remain anonymous. But it puts us over the top.

Mike: That's great. Congratulations.

Bob: Mike, how would you like to build a new wing at Memorial Hospital?

Mike: Do you really have to ask?

Bob: Then the job is yours.

Mike: Isn't this great? I told you something good would happen if I stuck around, right?

Molly: It's wonderful!

Carly: I just love how you're billing yourself as CEO of the year. When it comes to hiring your staff, you are completely clueless. I could design circles around some of those wannabes you've been interviewing.

Craig: Well, that's why I want to hire you. But you're afraid to have me in your life, so I'll look elsewhere.

Carly: Oh, would you get off it? You just want me to ask you to explain what you mean by me being scared. And then you can waste the next 20 minutes of my life telling me what you mean, all the while trying to angle for a kiss.

Craig: Jeepers! She's on to me.

Carly: Can we just fast-forward to the part where you leave?

Craig: Yeah, okay, bye.

Carly: Get -- get out of here, Craig. Wait.

Craig: For what?

Carly: This is completely crazy. But just out of curiosity, what did you mean when you said that I was scared of you?

Craig: Because you don't trust yourself around me. You never have. And you never will.

Jessica: So let me get this straight -- you played Mata Hari, pretending to be attracted to Marshall Travers so that you could gain access to his room?

Bonnie: You're starting to sound like a prosecutor, mom.

Jessica: You're starting to sound like you've lost your mind!

Paul: Jessica, if I could explain --

Bonnie: I didn't say it wasn't dumb!

Jessica: And very risky.

Bonnie: Yes, but it didn't work. So I'm gonna have to try something else because I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to make sure you get information to use against that man.

Jessica: Oh, just stop! Just stop, honey, okay? I've handled Marshall Travers. I faxed a statement over to The City Times today admitting I was wrong to approach the Liquor Board on Isaac's behalf.

Lisa: Oh, no, now, Jessica -- you were trying to help us. What's the harm in that?

Paul: Jessica, you might just have handed Travers the election.

Jessica: It had to be done. And in exchange for that, I asked Travers for a clean campaign. This may be a fight, but I'm not -- and nobody in my family is gonna be the one that plays dirty.

Bonnie: Do you really think that statement is gonna mean anything to that man? Mom, he will shake your hand and stab you in the back. I don't trust him, and I don't think you should, either.

Hal: The truth is, Mr. Travers, I think Isaac must have better things to do than beat up flabby, weak-kneed lawyers.

Isaac: That's about the only thing you could have said to keep me from knocking this guy out.

Hal: I live to serve and protect. You're done here, Isaac.

Isaac: Sure. Why not?

Marshall: Uh, tell Bonnie to hurry back. I love the way her perfume lingers so long after she's gone.

Hal: Isaac --

Isaac: We're nowhere near done here. And next time, I won't hesitate.

Marshall: I look forward to it. Next order of business -- is this an official call, lieutenant?

Hal: I've come across some information you might help me with.

Marshall: Well, we'll see. If this has anything to do with your ex-wife's custody case, you might want to have your lawyer contact me.

Hal: No, it's about the three days that you spent in Singapore before you came to Oakdale. That get your attention? Good. Then why don't you tell me, Mr. Travers -- why did James Steinbeck send you here?

Carly: I never should have let you come in here.

Craig: But you did. You fought it -- you always do -- because you're afraid of this attraction you feel. That's all right. I understand, and I accept that.

Carly: How big of you. Really, what I feel is nausea.

Craig: All right, look, marry Jack, I don't care. Raise a brood with him. Maybe I marry Rosanna -- doesn't matter. All these relationships, however dedicated, don't change the fact that you and I will be hot for each other from now until forever. We just have to be hot in a platonic way, of course.

Carly: Get out.

[Craig mumbling] out!

Craig: Okay, all right. Let's just --

Carly: Out!

Craig: Let's skip the personal aspects of this, okay? And stick to the B.R.O. thing. Your heart's desire is to be a top designer. This is your chance. I'm offering you the brass ring!

[Door slams] you should have locked it.

Carly: Would you get out of here?!

Craig: I will get out when you hear me out.

Carly: Hear you out? You won't shut up!

Craig: A year ago, you would've jumped at this chance.

Carly: And look where that got me -- charged as an accessory to attempted murder. You know, the women who jump into bed with you -- they shouldn't be worried about getting their hearts broken, they should study up on getting prepaid legal services.

Craig: Did I break your heart?

Carly: You wish.

Craig: Well, if you won't be my lover, be my designer.

Mike: I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. An anonymous donor comes through, and I walk away with a major construction deal.

Bob: Well, if you can spare me an hour, I've got the budget in the car, and we can go over some details that the board's gonna want to discuss tomorrow.

Molly: I'm not going anywhere. Our plans can wait till later.

Mike: Uh, one quick question before we break the champagne -- and this could be a deal-breaker.

Bob: What's that?

Mike: This anonymous donor wouldn't happen to be Rosanna Cabot, would it?

Bob: Well, "anonymous" means that I'm not at liberty to give any names, Mike.

Mike: All right, I understand.

Bob: Is that a problem?

Mike: It's just -- the last job that I thought I had, Rosanna neglected to tell me that she used her connections to get me that contract. That's not my style. Either I get this job because I'm the best guy for it, or I walk.

Lucy: You know, anyone could come in here, and I have hay coming out of my ears.

Aaron: Okay. I'll wait to find a quiet place by the pond. And then we can get busy!

Lucy: Stop. Alison will be with us.

Aaron: I was just kidding -- kind of.

Lucy: Why'd you invite her to come along anyway?

Aaron: 'Cause she was lonely. She's having a tough time.

Lucy: When is she not? It seems like her whole life is an endless movie of the week.

Aaron: We're gonna have plenty of time to be together, Luce.

Lucy: Just not today, I guess.

Aaron: Waiting's just gonna make it sweeter. Besides, I mean, she's not gonna be with us forever.

Alison: I can't do this! I can't let you ship me out of town to some academic convent! I won't go.

Susan: At least the uniform fits. I'll order a few more and get you some other things you need for school.

Alison: No! Call the school and tell them I'm not coming.

Susan: Alison, you are going to Wisconsin. You will wear that uniform, and you'll do whatever else they ask of you while you're there -- or else.

Alison: Or else what?

Susan: Or I'll go to family court and ask them to help.

Emily: Mother?!

Alison: She's ripping me away from my friends, my entire life! Emily, she's taking me away from --

Emily: All right, all right. Just relax. Just give me a chance to talk --

Susan: Emily!

Emily: What?! Go upstairs, all right? Just go upstairs and give me a few minutes. And no eavesdropping. Go!

Susan: What, Alison eavesdrop? Never happen. Alison? Emily is not gonna change my mind! What are you doing? I thought we were supposed to present a united front.

Emily: I never agreed to something as extreme as family court!

Susan: Well, it's a last resort, which won't be necessary if you support me and give this private school a chance, please.

Emily: All right, look, just wait a minute. I know Alison is a lot worse than I ever was when I was a teenager. But banishing her from the family like this? It's -- it's drastic.

Susan: Honey, it's not forever.

Emily: No, but the damage will be. Mother, you cannot do this, please.

Marshall: You know, I'm asked so many questions about James Steinbeck, you'd think I was his Press secretary.

Hal: But you were just his lawyer, right?

Marshall: I've never denied that.

Hal: Does he still retain you?

Marshall: No. Do I need a lawyer? You're asking a lot of questions.

Hal: You know, James Steinbeck has so many outstanding warrants against him, it could choke a horse. I don't think the good citizens of Oakdale would care much for a man running for D.A. who intended to let Mr.. Steinbeck walk as soon as he took office. It's just a tip.

Marshall: Becoming district attorney in order to let suspected criminals get a break?

Hal: Right.

Marshall: That would cause quite an uproar. How did you know I was in Singapore before I came to Oakdale?

Hal: Oh, these things have a way of getting around.

Marshall: Oh, do they? You know, you shouldn't do that without a court order. If I find out you've obtained that information illegally -- I'd like to report a theft. Someone burglarized my room and stole my passport.

Hal: Well, I guess you could come down to the station and fill out a report -- or you could just take it back. It showed up at the station in an unmarked envelope. Lucky.

Marshall: Hm-hmm. You know, I find that hard to believe, especially since Bonnie Mckechnie was just here, and she tried to seduce me. And then she told me somebody was in here burglarizing my room. I think this is exactly what they were looking for.

Hal: As I said, it just showed up.

Marshall: Spare me. I'm pressing charges.

Hal: Against Bonnie?

Marshall: She's far too lovely to prosecute. You and I both know who stole my passport and passed it along to you. I want Paul Ryan placed under arrest.

Paul: I tried to call you back on your cell phone to make sure you got out of Marshall's room.

Bonnie: I turned it off. Unfortunately, I didn't do that until after Marshall answered my phone with Isaac on the other end.

Paul: You know, why don't you let me explain things to your mother? You shouldn't have to take the heat for this.

Bonnie: And let you admit you broke into Marshall's room? I don't think so. She's still the D.A., Paul. And ever since that whole liquor license thing, she's not really doing too many favors for people in trouble. So did you find anything in Marshall's room?

Paul: Nothing really good -- his passport. I gave it to Hal.

Bonnie: He didn't ask you where you got it?

Paul: Well, when it comes to James Steinbeck, it's best to keep all the methods and sources fairly vague.

Bonnie: Oh, great. I know you're upset, but I can totally explain.

Isaac: No, that's okay. Marshall already did that. Everything is crystal clear. Now you can go.

Bonnie: What?

Isaac: I want you out of here -- now.

Bob: I wouldn't offer the job to anyone I wasn't confident about. I need a superb builder who will do a topnotch job. That's you, Mike.

Mike: I don't mean to make too much out of this. It's just -- it's very important to me that I be hired for my qualifications alone. I just need to know that no one put you up to this.

Molly: Mike -- that isn't exactly the best way to thank him for such a great opportunity.

Bob: That's okay, Molly. Look, I talked to other construction companies. Some of their estimates were cheaper. But I want to offer you the job because I think you're the right one for it.

Mike: Thanks. I just -- I had to be sure.

Bob: Well, look, sure, there were special considerations. You came to me hoping that I would offer you this contract because we've known each other a long time.

Mike: I wasn't looking for any charity.

Bob: And I'm not giving any. Look, I like you. I'm impressed by the work that you've done. And I expect an excellent job. Is that good enough?

Mike: That's great. I can't wait to get started. Let me go change while you get those plans, all right?

Bob: Okay.

Molly: Thank you.

Bob: I think you should tell him that you're the anonymous donor.

Molly: But didn't you just say that --

Bob: He's passionate about earning this job on his own merit.

Molly: But in the end, isn't that what happened?

Bob: When Carly came to me with your offer, I checked Mike's references. They're outstanding.

Molly: So you were gonna hire him anyway?

Bob: But it was your money that opened the door. Go with the truth, Molly.

Ben: You and Bonnie have had enough mis-communication to last a lifetime, and you aren't even married.

Isaac: You know, I never ask you to get involved, Ben. So why is it that you're always offering an opinion? Now, you didn't see what I saw when I walked into that hotel room, seeing Travers with a damn loincloth on, talking about, "Bonnie just left."

Ben: And you believed everything that he told you was true?

Isaac: What's the point of this? You weren't there.

Bonnie: You weren't, either.

Ben: I heard that.

Bonnie: Ben?

Ben: I'm gone.

Bonnie: Nothing happened.

Isaac: That's the usual line.

Bonnie: I was distracting Marshall for Paul.

Isaac: If that's true, why isn't Paul in here backing you up?

Bonnie: Because I want to talk to you myself. This isn't about Marshall or anybody else, for that matter, Isaac. It's about us. Now, I know things have been a little weird between us lately. But for you to think I'd go to bed with Marshall? I thought you cared about me a little bit more than that, Isaac.

Isaac: And I thought that you felt something for me, too.

Bonnie: I do. It's called love. I just can't understand why that's not enough for you anymore.

Carly: Why are you always trying to do stuff like this to me, Craig? It never works.

Craig: What? Giving you your heart's desire is a bad thing? Since when?

Carly: Even if I were tempted to accept this offer, Craig, --

Craig: Which you are.

Carly: -- I can't. I have a contract with Lisa. And I will not ditch her. And now you have overstayed a welcome you never had. So, please, go.

Craig: Well, I'm not leaving without collecting this artwork I commissioned. Parker?! Caballero! Do you have that painting I asked for for old Caballo Craig? Hey, hey. Let me see. Wow! Oh, this is beautiful. Look at the greens and the guys and the use of negative space. This is a masterpiece. And, as such, deserves a masterful payment. There you go. Thanks. Show your mom.

Carly: You have officially run out of reasons to stay.

Craig: Did I mention you can name your own price?

Carly: There isn't enough money in the world.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Carly, you know, these funny scruples of yours -- getting in your own way is kind of counterproductive, don't you think? You better lock it this time.

Carly: Well, I think mommy's got to get herself some new friends. Did I -- did I just call Craig a friend?

Parker: I like Uncle Craig.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Oh, I know, buddy. Sometimes a person just can't help it.

Craig: Carly -- you left your artwork for me? You are making this too easy.

Molly: Where'd Bob go?

Mike: He ran into his mom and some other people inside. You sure you don't mind waiting while we go over some of these plans?

Molly: No, it's fine.

Mike: What's wrong?

Molly: Nothing.

Mike: You seem -- you seem a little preoccupied.

Molly: I'm not.

Mike: When Bob heard I was looking for a place to live, he said that Lucinda Walsh's lake house may become available.

Molly: That's great. I hear it's beautiful. It's right on the water.

Mike: We could use a place like that for later tonight. I can't stand hotel rooms. They always -- always seem temporary. I don't want that with you. Molly?

Molly: Hmm?

Mike: Something's wrong. Tell me what's up.

Molly: Nothing.

Mike: Molly?

Molly: Actually --

Nancy: Michael Kasnoff, you have been back in Oakdale how long and you haven't stopped by to say hello? Shame on you.

Mike: I'm still making my rounds.

Nancy: Well, now, you see, I've saved you a trip to the house. And, Molly -- how nice to see you here at the Country Club. Good to see you getting out and about again.

Molly: Yeah. I'm just trying to take one baby step each day. But it's working with the help of a good friend.

Nancy: Just remember how your friendship and then love for Jake made it possible for him to bear his first wife's death. Molly, you be good to yourself. Jake would want you to live a happy life.

Molly: Thank you.

Nancy: And congratulations on your contract.

Mike: Thank you, Mrs.. Hughes.

Nancy: It's nice to have you back.

Mike: Thanks. You weren't expecting all those helpful hints, were you?

Molly: No. But I like her advice. I think that we both need to be just good to ourselves. So how long before you think you're going to be finished?

Mike: It could be a while. Didn't you say there was something else you wanted to talk to me about?

Molly: Yeah. But this isn't the right time. I was just gonna -- it is just not important.

Mike: Was it about Jake?

Mike: If I'm pushing you to do something or be something that you're not ready for, you have to tell me.

Molly: No, I'm ready. Before Dr. Hughes came in, I was jumping at the chance to go back to your hotel room, Mike, and it wasn't to raid your mini-bar.

Mike: Yeah, but then you froze. It was like all of a sudden you remembered something. You got all serious, and you said that we need to talk.

Molly: But it wasn't about Jake. It was about -- other things.

Mike: You need space to breathe, Molly. I understand that. Okay? I can go as slow as you need. Nothing should happen until you want it to.

Molly: What about our plans for -- for tonight?

Mike: Let's just put that on hold until we both know that we're ready.

Molly: Right. Okay. Just take two steps back.

Mike: No, I just don't want to screw anything up by doing something you might regret.

Molly: Who said I was going to regret anything? Okay -- I'm just gonna go take a drive.

Mike: Maybe figure some things out?

Molly: Probably not. I'll find you later, okay?

Susan: Honey, I understand your reservations about this school Rosanna suggested.

Emily: No, the school that Rosanna agreed to pay for. I hope you're not doing this because Rosanna offered it to you on a silver platter.

Susan: Well, I can afford to send Alison to any school in the country. But if Rosanna is gonna give her a scholarship and put in a good word so she gets accepted someplace, I'm not about to turn that down. That doesn't mean it won't make me feel terrible. I'm gonna cry my eyes out when I leave her at that school.

Emily: Well, then why do it?

Susan: Because I've run out of options. I'm not doing it to punish her. I love Alison. She's my baby. I'm gonna miss her like crazy, but something has to be done if she's going to have any kind of future at all.

Emily: I just wish there was some other way.

Susan: I do, too. But I don't see one. Do you?

Alison: That's it?! You're just gonna give up?! So, so much for your promise, me being welcome in your house, one big family -- right.

Emily: We are trying to help you, Alison. We're trying to find a way to --

Alison: You know, you're worse than her?! At least she doesn't pretend like she wants me around, pretend like she loves me.

Susan: Honey, please, we both love you.

Alison: Stop! Don't, okay?! Just leave me alone!

Emily: We're getting really good at this.

Susan: Emily, it's no use. Just let her be.

Emily: Isn't that the point? We can't just let her be. Now you and I either agree to never give up on her or we let her go. And I'm not letting her go.

Alison: It's really happening. I never thought I'd actually have to go.

Emily: Sweetie -- I'm not going to B.S. you. This is it. I know you're mad about everything. You probably feel like you want to jump out of your skin right now and start all over in some new fantasy world where everything is cool and nothing's confusing but -- that's not gonna happen. I'm not making any promises here, but I think I know a way that you can turn this whole thing around.

Alison: How?

Emily: By telling mom the whole truth about why you took Rosanna Cabot's cell phone.

Isaac: Bonnie, wait. You're right, okay? I should have let you explain before I assumed the worst.

Bonnie: Why do you assume the worst at all, Isaac?

Isaac: If you could have seen what I saw when I walked into -- when I walked into Marshall's hotel room, I just --

Bonnie: That doesn't matter, Isaac. I told you the truth about what happened. The problem is, what you see does not extend beyond the narrow point of view of what you expect.

Isaac: What is that supposed to mean? I wasn't expecting for Marshall to answer your phone. I wasn't expecting to go to his hotel room and him talking about how sweet you smell on his sheets. Why are you even in that situation with Marshall to begin with?

Bonnie: You expect me to put you down. I don't. You expect me to lie to you, cheat on you -- I haven't. You expect me to stop loving you just because another man walks into the room!

Isaac: Are you the only one that's allowed to be hurt here, Bonnie? I'm trying to figure this out. And that makes me the bad guy? I don't want that kind of relationship.

Jessica: Bonnie -- when Isaac has a chance to calm down and think, I'm sure he'll --

Bonnie: He's always getting chances, mom, and things just never seem to quite work out well. So I gotta go. I gotta go meet Paul.

Jessica: To do what? More plotting against Travers? I don't think so.

Bonnie: After what he just did to Isaac?

Jessica: Sweetheart, nothing happened. All you did was talk. I mean, it's not like you kissed the man. Did you kiss him?

Bonnie: I had to. I had to seem convincing. I gotta go.

Jessica: No, wait, wait. Did he kiss you back? How far did he go?

Bonnie: Mom, why would you even care?

Ben: You know, that last question was a real good one. Why do you care?

Jessica: I guess I've been a lawyer too long. Just can't resist a follow-up question.

Hal: Why should I arrest Paul Ryan? I don't have any proof he stole your passport.

Marshall: You and I both know this wasn't delivered to you anonymously. If we dusted this for prints, we'd have proof Paul Ryan stole my property.

Hal: I really don't have the manpower to get a forensics team over here. And, besides, you got your property back. Why don't you just leave it alone?

Marshall: This is a gamble for you, lieutenant. I'm Barbara's attorney. If I take this stunt down to Internal Affairs, you'll lose the rights to your son. Is that what you want?

Hal: What I want is James Steinbeck. Will you give him up?

Marshall: I protect my clients, past and present.

Hal: Well, you've got the Oakdale P.D. on your back now, Mr.. Travers. And if you plan on getting the D.A.'s office just so you can write Mr. Steinbeck a "get out of jail free" card? You're both going down. And with James, it's every man for himself. You have a nice day.

Marshall: Come to my suite right away. You're going on a manhunt.

Emily: Alison, can't you just give the phone back?

Alison: I don't have it anymore.

Emily: All right, so you took the phone on a dare. Now you're keeping this big secret, which I know has something to do with Aaron Snyder.

Alison: According to you, my whole life has everything to do with Aaron, so --

Emily: Why do you have to be so difficult? I am trying to help you. You're at the end of your rope, because mom is serious. She's sending you to this school, and you know it.

Alison: Aaron's my friend, okay? I did what I did and --

Emily: And what? You're willing to accept the consequences? Huh? You lie for this friend. You're stealing for him. You're willing to cut yourself off from your family for him?

Alison: Why are you being so dramatic?

Emily: While you're congratulating yourself for being so loyal, why don't you ask yourself something -- do you think Aaron would be willing to spend the next year of his life away from Lucy to do you a favor?

Alison: I guess it's time to find out.

Lucy: We can't wait around for Alison forever. Let's just call her and find out what's going on.

Aaron: I've got a better idea. Why don't we take my bike out and ride until she gets here?

Lucy: Should we leave her a note?

Aaron: No. We've got the picnic basket. I mean, she'll see it. And she'll know that wherever we went, we're gonna come back for it. Let her wait for a change.

Lucy: Toss me my helmet.

Aaron: Okay. You know, the way you said that -- it almost felt like you said you love me.

Lucy: I love you.

Paul: Hey. How'd things work out with Isaac?

Bonnie: Well, Marshall convinced him that we spent quality time in bed together. He's such a sleaze.

Paul: You know what? I'm sorry, Bonnie. The guy -- he loves to hit below the belt. You told Isaac the truth, right? He didn't believe you? Bonnie, let me talk to him.

Bonnie: No, Paul, just leave it alone. If Isaac doesn't have faith in me, then I'd rather know sooner than later. So, anyway, what happened when you searched Marshall's room? And what in the world took you so long?

Paul: Well, I got into the room fine. But somebody was already there.

Bonnie: Who?

Paul: Some woman. Blonde.

Bonnie: Bleachie, smoky voice? You know she's lying just by looking at her?

Paul: You know her?

Bonnie: Well, I don't know much about her, except that she'll steal, lie and cheat and do just about anything for a basic buck.

Paul: Well, does this woman have a name?

Bonnie: I don't know what she has on her license, but to simplify things, let's just call her Brandy the bimbo.

Brandy: If I agree to do anything, I want all my money up front, plus what you owe me. What am I supposed to do? Kill the guy?

Marshall: Nothing criminal. Do you know Paul Ryan?

Brandy: Yeah. Tall, dopey, son of your tragic client?

Marshall: Well, I believe he stole my passport.

Brandy: You shouldn't leave stuff like that lying around, Marsh. You want me to get it back?

Marshall: I've retrieved it. Now I need to know what Paul Ryan knows about me.

Brandy: What am I supposed to do? Walk up to him and ask him for a full report? I take it the guy has it out for you, which means he's not gonna blow his hand by talking about what he knows.

Marshall: I'm asking a lot, I know, but I'm giving a lot in return. You like what you saw in this envelope?

Brandy: Yes.

Marshall: Would you like to see a bigger envelope? I need to know what Paul Ryan would only share with his nearest and dearest or with the woman that shares his bed.

Carly: Oh, hey, it's so good to see you. I was just --

Molly: Carly, I have a huge problem.

Carly: Huge impossible or huge workable?

Molly: Bob wants me to tell Mike that I'm the anonymous donor to the burn unit.

Carly: Oh. That could get sticky.

Molly: Yeah. So I started to tell Mike everything, but he's just so excited about the job. And, Carly, we were about to be happy - I mean, really happy. But I felt so guilty, I couldn't even kiss him. So now he thinks Jake's widow is backing off again. When, in reality, I just feel like the biggest lowlife on earth for doing exactly what Rosanna did.

Carly: Wait a second. Could we - just do me a favor, okay? Let's back up and count our chickens, okay? You've got gobs of money, you're hot for a guy who's just as hot for you, and you're whining?

Molly: I'm not - I don't whine.

Carly: You're whining, Molly, because you did a good deed for a hospital and something that also made Mike very, very happy?

Molly: Well, that logic didn't apply when Bob was staring me in the face. Trust me, okay? I mean, he took one look at me, and it was like I was getting a gentle pat on my back from my grandfather, telling me to tell the truth.

Carly: Well - do you want to hear about real trouble in paradise? Just imagine getting the job offer of your dreams - again. A chance to design on the world stage, and all the money I could ever ask for to back me up, only I have to turn it down out of loyalty to Lisa Grimaldi.

Molly: But Lisa hates your guts.

Carly: Yep. But she gave me a chance when nobody else would.

Molly: And now somebody else is about to give you that same chance. Who?

Carly: Who do you think?

Molly: That would have to be Craig.

Carly: With all of his rampant testosterone fueling the entire nightmare.

Molly: You know what?

Carly: We got problems.

Molly: Yep.

Craig: Lisa! Join me for a celebratory libation, will you?

Lisa: Oh, some other time. In fact, maybe never.

Craig: Oh, come on, don't rain on my parade. Today's gonna be a good day.

Lisa: What's this? It looks like a sketch pad.

Craig: Yeah.

Lisa: Wait a minute - these look familiar.

Craig: Yeah, well, I assume they'll be known all over the world.

Lisa: Craig, these are Carly's designs! What are you doing with this?

Craig: Brilliant, aren't they?

Lisa: Now, wait a minute - Carly and I have an exclusive agreement. Now, these designs - these are for Fashions. These are for the new Fashions very exclusive label.

Craig: Fashions? You mean, Carly didn't tell you? Well - she's working for me.

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