ATWT Transcript Thursday 9/12/02


As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 9/12/02

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Hal: You see? Everything's exactly the way you left it. Nothing has changed.

Will: I guess not.

Hal: 27 dirty pairs of socks all over the floor, video games everywhere and half a sandwich still under the pillow.

Will: Hey, it's not that bad.

Hal: Hey, you know what? Every day, Emily goes in there, you know what she wants to do?

Will: What?

Hal: She wants to clean. You know what I tell her?

Will: What?

Hal: "Don't you touch that mess. I love that mess. That's Will's mess." Now, you can call me sentimental, but I want that room exactly the way it was the day you left.

Will: Me, too, dad. I guess this place just isn't the same without me.

Hal: Hey -- missing you like crazy. That's what it's doing.

Will: I know the feeling.

Hal: You know what? You hang in there just a little while longer. Surprise. And you'll be back up in that pig sty of a room making more noise than a herd of water buffalo before you know it, Will. I want you back here with me.

Will: I'd like that, dad. But I don't think mom will ever let that happen.

Barbara: Where is he, Holden? Where's my son?

Holden: Barbara, calm down. Will is fine.

Barbara: He was supposed to be here playing with Luke all afternoon. Where is he?!

Holden: He's with his father.

Barbara: You let Hal take him from here after I expressly asked you not to do that?

Luke: His dad will bring him back, Ms. Ryan. He promised.

Barbara: He promised? Well, let me tell you how worthless Will's father's promises are these days!

Holden: All right, come on. The kid -- he just wanted to be with his father!

Barbara: I thought I could trust you, Holden!

Holden: Can we just talk about this reasonably?

Barbara: Okay, I'll tell you -- if I致e lost my son, I will hold you personally responsible, Holden!

Luke: Is Will gonna be okay, dad?

Holden: I hope so.

Mike: Mm, you taste like coconut. I like coconut.

Molly: Uh, Mike?

Mike: Yeah?

Molly: We're not exactly alone here.

Mike: What are they gonna do, take away our pool privileges for the last week of the season?

Molly: These people here have long memories -- painfully long memories.

Mike: Good, we'll give 'em something to talk about all winter.

Molly: Mike, stop. We can't.

Carly: I trust you two are behaving yourselves.

Mike: Well, we are now. Oh, sorry, I知 getting you all wet there. All right, I値l leave you two ladies to chat, talk about me, gossip, whatever.

Carly: What a pretty little fishy you've reeled in.

Molly: Yeah, but will I have to throw him back?

Carly: Not if I have anything to say about it. Listen, I talked to Bob Hughes about your donation for the burn unit, and Mike should be getting a call offering him the construction job any minute now.

Molly: You did it!

Carly: Yes, of course. What wouldn't I do for you?

Molly: You're the best. You're better than the best!

Carly: All that for just one little phone call?

Molly: And for taking the weight of the world off my shoulders. It's hard not to be paranoid when you're going to such great lengths to keep a guy around. It doesn't feel good. To think that he's gonna take the next best job that comes along no matter where it is -- I mean, it's tricky to get close to somebody when you're in fear that they're gonna disappear any second.

Carly: Well, now you know that he's gonna stay put. So stop holding back, cuz, and start holding on because Mike is here for the long haul.

Molly: What would I do without you?

Carly: I have no idea. What is she doing here?

Molly: Who?

Carly: Blue suit, right there. She's a designer, Molly, a very successful designer. I met her last year at my show in New York.

Molly: What's she doing here?

Carly: Ah, I think we have our answer. What is Mr. Sneaky up to now?


Brandy: Who the hell are you?! And what are you doing here?

Paul: I could ask you the same questions. And believe me, I have plenty of time to wait for an answer.

Brandy: What right do you have to question me about anything? This isn't your room.

Paul: It isn't yours, either. Not unless you can rip that wig and mask off and turn yourself into a 6'4" black man. So -- if you don't want me to call hotel security, you'll start talking.

Brandy: What are you, like, a friend of Marshall Travers or something? What am I talking about? Reptiles don't have friends, they have prey. I was just looking for some things.

Paul: What things?

Brandy: Things that belong to me that he has no right to keep. That's all. Here, check my hands. Nothing up my sleeves. If you wanna frisk me, go ahead, do your worst.

Paul: Relax.

Brandy: Relax?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Brandy: You're threatening to call hotel security, and you want me to relax? What do you want here anyway?

Paul: Just tell me who you are and what you're looking for. And for the record, no -- I'm no friend of Marshall Travers.

Marshall: If you want to berate me for my handling of the campaign, make an appointment.

Bonnie: Stop, wait -- you can't go. I need you.

Marshall: What's this all about, Ms. Mckechnie?

Bonnie: I just really need to talk to you. I mean, I know you can give me a few minutes of your life, a little time alone. I'm sure that can't be too much of a hardship, now can it? I promise -- please, sit. You won't regret it.

Marshall: I hope you're not planning on wasting my time. I've got back-to-back appointments all afternoon.

Bonnie: What I'm about to tell you may seem extremely inappropriate -- well, considering the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Marshall: What circumstances would those be?

Bonnie: You know what I mean, Marshall. The two of us on the opposite sides of the courtroom, as it were. I mean, what would my mother say if she found out that I was coming to talk to you?

Marshall: That all depends on why you've come to me -- which still has yet to be explained.

Bonnie: I suppose I have no other recourse but to tell you the honest truth. All right, just say it, Bonnie. Just say it. Well, here it goes. Marshall -- lately, I've found myself thinking about you, dreaming about you - all the time.

Hal: And what makes you think your mom won't let you come back here and live?

Will: Well, 'cause she wants me with her, and she said so.

Hal: Yeah, well, you're a pretty popular guy, but I'll tell you, she's got some pretty stiff competition here at Number Four Patchin Place, I'll tell you.

[Phone rings] Munson.

Holden: Hal, it's Holden.

Hal: Hi. What can I do for you?

Holden: Actually, I知 calling to help you. Barbara showed up, and uh, she was pretty mad.

Will: Dad, is that about mom?

Hal: Thanks for calling. I owe you one.

Will: She's coming to take me back, isn't she?

Hal: Yeah, bub, I知 afraid she is.

Will: We've got to do something. She's gonna be so mad. I'm not even supposed to be here!

Hal: Hey, this is your home. You have every right to be here.

Will: Not if she says no!

Hal: It's gonna be okay, Will. I --I will make it okay, I promise.

Will: You can't!

Hal: I will. I will. I'll find a way.

Will: So when will I be back?

Hal: I don't know. You're just gonna have to hang in there, just for awhile, okay?

Will: She's gonna be here soon.

Hal: I guess she will, but listen, when she comes, she's not gonna be mad at you. She's gonna be mad at me. And don't you worry. I think I can take it, okay?

Will: Okay, dad.

Jessica: You can't withdraw. Have you considered what this election means to me, what my career means to me?

Ben: Of course I have.

Jessica: No, clearly you haven't, or the thought wouldn't have entered your mind.

Ben: Look, Jessica, I知 not trying to be cold about this or inconsiderate. All I'm trying to tell you is that whatever games Travers is playing, they are dangerous, and he's just beginning.

Jessica: Ben, he's just trying to unseat me.

Ben: No, he is after something big -- bigger than just becoming the D.A. He's not gonna let anybody stand in his way -- not you, not Bonnie, not Isaac.

Jessica: Ben, I didn't get this far by running away from a dirty fight. If I just fold because some jerk decides to sling mud my way, then I don't deserve the public's trust. And the public's trust is one thing, but I never thought I壇 have to be concerned about yours, too.

Carly: He's up to something.

Molly: When isn't he?

Craig: Well, listen, I have some meetings this afternoon, but the pleasure has been mine.

Designer: Oh, well, the pleasure was mine.

Craig: Well, we'll talk.

Designer: Thanks.

Craig: Yes, yes. Why Carly! Que sorpresa!

Carly: What was that all about?

Craig: That, as so many other things, is none of your business.

Carly: Craig,I know that woman is a designer. The question is, why would she be wasting her time with you?

Craig: You don't know? I'm chief operating officer of Barbara Ryan Originals.

Paul: I'm trying to find proof that Marshall Travers is working for a very dangerous man.

Brandy: He's a lawyer. That's what they do.

Paul: Man's name is James Steinbeck. Name mean anything to you?

Brandy: I've never heard of him.

Paul: Be straight with me.

Brandy: Why should I?

Paul: 'Cause I think we could help each other out.

Brandy: Right, 'cause we have a lot in common.

Paul: Look, we're on the same side here -- against Marshall Travers. So if you just tell me how you know him --

Brandy: I'm getting out of here.

Paul: Wait, whoa, wait. Whoa, wait, wait. Don't -- don't be scared of me. Just tell me what I need to know, and I値l let you go.

Brandy: Hey, listen, Travers is downstairs in the dining room. He could walk through that door any minute, and a breaking and entering charge from the D.A.-to-be is not on my wish list, so see ya.

Paul: Couple minutes, huh? All right, Bonnie, work your magic.

Marshall: She can't get me off her mind?

Bonnie: Ever since that night that you talked down that gunman -- I mean, you put your life on the line for mine. You were so selfless, so brave. And I've tried to forget it, Marshall. I have, but I don't think I ever will.

Marshall: I did what any other man would have done.

Bonnie: Oh, no, no. You did it much better, and I would suppose that is how you do everything -- better than the average bear.

Marshall: What would your boyfriend or your mother, my opponent, have to say about that?

Bonnie: Look, I know -- I know it's wrong, and everything in this world keeps telling me that I shouldn't want you, I shouldn't be intrigued by you. I shouldn't want you. But I can't help myself. I do.

[Bonnie laughs] I really hope I don't hate myself in the morning, but you know what they say -- "the truth shall set you free." So okay, here it is. I like you, Marshall, much more than I should.

Marshall: You like me?

Bonnie: Let's call it a very basic attraction.

Marshall: What is this, Ms. Mckechnie?

Bonnie: Well, surely I am not the first woman to fall prey to such a strong and devastatingly handsome man as you are.

Marshall: -- Who can smell a con from ten miles away. If you think you're gonna seduce me and infiltrate the enemy camp, then you're gonna have to work a lot harder than that. Go home, little girl, 'cause you're way out of your league.

Bonnie: That went really, really well. Okay, come on, Paul. Come on, Paul, answer.

[Phone rings]

Paul: Bonnie?

Bonnie: Get out of that suite now.

Paul: I need more time.

Bonnie: He's on his way up there.

Paul: I haven't found the proof yet, Bonnie.

Bonnie: If you don't get out now, he's gonna make sure you don't have a chance to find anything. Give it up, Paul. Get out. Paul?

Paul: I heard you.

Bonnie: Think, Bonnie. Think.

Hal: You're a good kid, you know that?

Will: Yeah, I always told Jennifer you loved me best.

[knock at door]

Hal: I want you to repeat after me -- "she can't keep us apart forever."

Both: She can't keep us apart forever. She can't keep us apart forever.

Barbara: I knew with a little legwork I would find you, and here you are.

Will: Hi, mom.

Barbara: Hi, honey. It looks like there are two detectives in the family now.

[Hal laughs]

Hal: How about that? Listen, I'm sorry, I should have called. I just dropped by the Snyder痴, and I I picked him up first, and I知 sorry. I -- should have let you know.

Barbara: Oh, it's okay. No problem at all. Did you have fun? Good.

Hal: I just wanted to bring him here and -- and show him that everything was exactly the same and that the place hasn't changed at all. I hope you don't mind.

Barbara: No, I don't mind a bit. Why would I?

[Molly screams]

Molly: Mike!

[Molly laughs] you're reminding me exactly what it's like to be 12.

Mike: Where's your cousin? Oh, Montgomery. That ought to be a fun chat.

[Mike sighs]

Molly: So do you hate me?

Mike: What are you talking about? Like I could ever hate you.

Molly: Yeah. You weren't exactly happy with me before. I mean, you were nibbling my neck, and I pushed you away. Does that ring a bell?

Mike: I came on a little strong. You put me in my place.

Molly: No, it wasn't that at all. No.

Mike: Molly, it's all right. You have been under a microscope in this town. I understand what you must be feeling.

Molly: What must I feel?

Mike: You're a widow, newly widowed. It makes sense that you might be feeling a little self-conscious about being seen with a new guy in public. And I got the message, so I'm officially easing off, all right?

Craig: Yes, I致e re-entered the exciting world of fashion. How 'bout a hug to welcome me back?

Carly: You're the C.O.O. of B.R.O.? You S.O.B. Who did you kill to get that?

Craig: I have done nothing.

Carly: Of course. Of course you haven稚. I bet you had your little lap dog do everything for you. Don't tell me Rosanna bought Barbara out and then gave you the company.

Craig: Generous little minx, eh?

Carly: Oh, I wish I壇 been a butterfly on the wall when Barbara found out you'd taken her baby away.

Craig: Oh, Bar-Bar's no longer associated with her baby.

Carly: Oh, my. That could be confusing, don't you think? There's no "Barbara Ryan" in "Barbara Ryan Originals"?

Craig: Well, the name will be changed. That's why I have to find a new designer. It'd be a boon for somebody just starting out with some talent, Don't you think?

Carly: You are truly amazing, do you know that?

Craig: So I致e heard.

Carly: This ego that you have -- Craig, you don't know anything about fashion. You don't know anything about how to run a fashion house.

Craig: I know what I like. And how quickly they forget, business is business.

Carly: You are gonna fall flat on your face. And you know something? I am gonna be right there, front-row center, clapping the loudest.

Craig: Okee-doke. I'll bet you. Not only will I succeed in re-creating this company again and taking it to the top, but I will leave you and Lisa Grimaldi crushed in my wake. How about $5,000?

Bartender: Hey, boss man.

Isaac: Hey.

Bartender: Bonnie on tonight?

Isaac: Sure is. Why?

Bartender: She wanted to check out some of my tunes.

Isaac: Well, she and I were just upstairs at Java. She should be down in about two seconds. You -- you're sure you haven't seen her?

Bartender: Not unless she's doing this shift as the invisible woman.

Isaac: No, no. She wouldn't be involved with Paul Ryan in this Travers madness. She said no, so -- your final paycheck is being sent to your apartment.

Brandy: Oh, I knew you'd come around.

Isaac: You do realize you're out of my life now, so you can get out of my bar.

Brandy: Even if there's something you really need to hear?

Isaac: You got something to say to me? Just say it.

Brandy: What brown-eyed duchess with a penchant for powerful men was just spotted at a local overpriced eatery batting those pretty brown eyes at the snake most likely to succeed? Any guesses?

Paul: Got you, Travers. Game over.

Bonnie: Uh, I知 relentless.

Marshall: Ms. Mckechnie, I've got meetings to make, calls to take. I'm flattered and confused, but --

Bonnie: But I know you didn't think you'd get rid of me that easily.

Marshall: I believe we settled our business downstairs.

Bonnie: No. You insulted me downstairs, but -- we've settled nothing.

Marshall: Please don't make this any more awkward than it already is.

Bonnie: Okay, you know what? Maybe I went about things the wrong way. But I'm really not one for public display. But now that we're in private

Barbara: Now why would I be anything but happy that my best fella is spending time with his dad?

Hal: It's just that Will thought you might be a little bit angry about the change in plans. I, uh -- I told him that I would take responsibility for it, as it was my idea.

Barbara: Honey, why would I be angry about something like that? I mean, your father and I don't always agree on everything, but we're still your parents, aren't we? And you know, Hal, you and I need to try to be more civilized about things. Then we wouldn't have these silly misunderstandings. So what have you been doing?

Will: Um, we were just hanging out in my room, and we had a snack.

Hal: We've been having a great time.

Will: It seems, you know, everything's exactly the same.

Barbara: "Exactly the same"? That is so fantastic. Well, I am very happy that you two had a great visit, but you know, I hate to cut this short, honey, but we've got to go. I'm sure your dad has millions of things to do for his new family.

Hal: Barbara --

Barbara: Honey, why don't you go outside and wait for me, all right? I'll be right there.

Hal: I'm never too busy for you. You know that, don't you? And I'm gonna see you real soon -- real soon. I love you.

Will: I love you, too, dad.

Hal: You take it easy. I want you to know how much this time has meant --

Barbara: You listen to me. You listen to me good, because I don't like repeating myself. Don't you ever, ever pull a stunt like that again.

Hal: Spending time with my son is a stunt?

Barbara: Don't you ever try to steal my son away from me, or you'll lose him for good.

Hal: Don't start with the threats, Barbara, because we both know you don't have a legal leg to stand on.

Barbara: I don't need one. I don't need the law, because I'm loaded. I have all the money I need.

Hal: What the hell are you talking about?

Barbara: What I知 talking about, Hal, is you waking up one morning and discovering that Will has vanished from your life for good. That's what I'm talking about.

Mike: I know how to take a hint, so I will be a perfect gentleman from now on, all right?

Molly: You'd better not be. I don't want a perfect gentleman, Mike. I want you -- oh, no. You know what I mean.

Mike: Do I?

Molly: I don't know what people are gonna think when they see us together. But frankly, I really don't care.

Mike: How could you not care?

Molly: Because the only time people weren't talking about me in this town was when I was with Jake. Now that he's gone, some people are gonna say that I知 scandalous, that I didn't grieve long enough. But the people that really know me, the people that really care about me, they're gonna see how happy you make me, and they're gonna think, "wow. Lucky Molly hit the jackpot twice in one lifetime."

Mike: You gonna be okay with this?

Molly: I'm a grown woman, Mike.

Mike: From time to time.

Molly: I have absolutely no reason to apologize for making myself happy. Huh-uh. No brakes.

Mike: You know what you're getting yourself into?

Carly: So that's what this is really all about -- your desire to crush me on your way to the top because you're still ticked at me for helping Lucy.

Craig: You weren't helping. You were interfering. This isn't about Lucy. This is business.

Carly: And when it comes to business, Craig Montgomery doesn't mess around. Let me tell you something, buddy. I know all about your business. I'm the one who bailed you out last year so those thugs wouldn't break your legs and start picking off your family one by one. Or have you conveniently forgotten about that?

Craig: Have I neglected to thank you?

Carly: I know why you brought that designer here, Craig. You wanted to throw her in my face.

Craig: How was I supposed to know you were here?

Carly: You're baiting me. You're trying to make me jealous so you can con me into working for you.

Craig: I see I'm not the only ego on the deck.

Carly: The only reason you were ever interested in getting B.R.O. is because you thought it would be the easiest way to get me. Well, guess what? I don't need you, I don't want you, and I am so not interested in any offer you have to make.

Ben: You know that I trust you.

Jessica: Then don't ask me to withdraw from this election because of something Travers might do.

Ben: I don't want you to get hurt.

Jessica: Do you know what would hurt most? Not doing anything.

Ben: You know, I'm really feeling like all of this has to do with whatever it was that Travers said to you at the Lakeview. I've never seen anybody get to you the way that he did.

Jessica: Ben, I知 fine, really. Can't we just -- can't we just drop this for a few minutes?

Ben: Jessica, whatever it is, you can tell me. Please.

Jessica: For the billionth time, it's nothing.

Bonnie: Do you believe me now?

Marshall: Should I?

Bonnie: I don't know. I guess we'll have to discuss it while we linger over drinks in the lounge. Hmm? We can kick our shoes off, relax, get cozy.

Bonnie: Oh, I like the way you think, counselor. Why don't I order us a bottle of champagne, and that way you can take yourself a nice, hot shower?

Marshall: If you're thinking I知 dumb enough to leave anything interesting or incriminating in my suite, my sweet --

[Bonnie laughs]

Bonnie: Marshall, paranoia is a horrible disease. You should know that. No, the only thing I知 thinking about is whether or not that little boutique downstairs can send up something extremely naughty for a very special evening. If that's all right with you?

Marshall: As you wish, Ms. Mckechnie. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Bonnie: Okay.

[Door closes]

[shower starts]

Paul: Oh -- where is he?

Bonnie: Did you find anything?

Paul: Yes. I'm going straight to the cops. Let's go.

Bonnie: I can't. I can't go now. If I leave now, Marshall will know something was up.

Paul: I'm not gonna leave you here with this guy. Let's get out of here.

Bonnie: Go, Paul. I'll be fine.

Paul: Bonnie, I知 not letting you go.

Bonnie: What have I gotten myself into, and how am I gonna get myself out of it?

Hal: What do you mean I might wake up one morning and find my son has disappeared? What is that supposed to mean, Barbara?

Barbara: Oh, come on, Hal. You're a cop. Figure it out. Or do you want me to? Have money, will travel. I have enough resources to take my son out of the country and make sure that you never see your little champ again.

Hal: You wouldn't do that to him.

Barbara: Oh, yeah? You try. You try me. You push me hard enough again, you'll be saying good-bye to Will forever.

Hal: You stop treating him like this. You're his mother. Stop holding him hostage.

Barbara: I love my son.

Hal: He's my son, too.

Barbara: Well then, I suggest you remember that the next time you try to cross me. You remember that, Hal.

[Door closes]

Hal: Holden, it's Hal.

Holden: Barbara showed up?

Hal: Yeah. Showed her true colors. Came in here all sweetness and smiles, then left with my blood on her hands.

Holden: How's Will?

Hal: He missed the main event. But I need you to do me a favor. I know you've already gone above and beyond, Holden, but I need you to take one more step, please, for Will.

Holden: What do you need me to do, Hal?

Hal: I need Will to have something approaching a normal life. He needs friends. He needs to have fun. I need him to spend more time with Luke.

Holden: What about Barbara?

Hal: Talk to her. See if you can get her to pull herself out of this hole she's dug herself into, because if we don't, Holden, she's gonna drag Will right in there with her.

Holden: All right. I'll try, but on one condition.

Hal: You name it.

Holden: If Luke gets involved in this insanity, it's over. My son, he comes first.

Hal: Hey, so does mine, and believe me, Holden, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Listen, thanks for everything.

[Knock at door] I'll call you soon. Oh, you -- you would not believe the afternoon that I have just had. And you -- what's the matter with you?

Paul: Hal, we have a problem.

Brandy: I don't know. Maybe you're one of those guys that doesn't care what his girlfriend's up to, how she spends her spare time. That's awfully enlightened of you, Isaac.

Isaac: If you've got something to say about Bonnie, say it and stop playing games.

Brandy: You know how your girlfriend痴 always going on and on about what a disgusting creature Travers is?

[Brandy laughs] of course you do. How could you possibly ignore her? It's a 24-hour show. Well, she wasn't putting up too much of a fight at the Lakeview when she was sitting at his table.

Isaac: You saw Bonnie at the Lakeview with Travers?

Brandy: Hmm, the two of them looked awfully cozy together. I'm not sure what was on the menu, but I don't think it was dinner.

Marshall: Going somewhere?

Bonnie: No. No, I mean -- I wish I didn't have to, but my mother just called, and she asked me to come home as soon as possible, so --

Marshall: Honey, I'm an attorney. I get lied to by professionals. What makes you think you can lie to me and get away with it? No one called.

Bonnie: My mother did call, and she needs me immediately. And if I don't go, she'll --

Marshall: Game's over. Now it's time to see what you're really up to.

Bonnie: Marshall, why can't I just want to get to know you better in a way that we never have before?

Marshall: You come to my room unbidden, you offer yourself to me, practically insist that I partake but then back away before we even get the party started. Now that's very suspicious.

Bonnie: You're right. You're very right, but there's a reasonable explanation for that. I'm nervous about being around you alone with you.

Marshall; Well, you ought to be nervous, 'cause I'm not a man to be trifled with.

Craig: I don't think I'd really be interested in hiring you. I think it'd be imprudent to hire someone as green and untested. I'm looking for a professional.

Carly: And you think this so-called pro of yours will hang enough long after you find her cooking the books and putting money into your offshore accounts?

Craig: Is that how you see me?

Carly: Well, how else do you keep yourself in these silk ties, that penthouse apartment? As soon as your little professional finds out what you are really up to, she'll turn you into Uncle Sam faster than you can say "Enron." So quit it with the act. [Craig laughs] all right, Craig? Don't try and pretend that you're out to destroy me when we both know very well that you need me.

Craig: Somebody thinks very highly of herself.

Carly: Nobody else would ever put up with your shenanigans.

Craig: Is that the way you see it?

Carly: That's the way it is.

Craig: Then prove it. Come work for me, and together we can turn this company around. Together there is nothing you and I can't do.

Craig: Speechless? Well, of course you're speechless. It's the answer to a dream, and you don't know how to thank me. Well, that's all right. I can come up with a list.

Carly: Craig, I wouldn't partner up with you if you were the last creature roaming this planet and if B.R.O. was the last game in town.

Craig: I need you as much as you need me.

Carly: Which is just about as much as I need a hole right in my head.

Craig: You think Lisa Grimaldi痴 gonna make you a household name?

Carly: Much better than the name I壇 get being associated with you.

[Craig laughs] well, you'll be back.

[Craig laughs]

Molly: Hi.

Carly: Hi.

Mike: Hey. We were just --

Carly: No, I understand. Do it as often as you can.

Mike: So you find out what Craig痴 up to now?

Carly: Same -- same as always. You two, try to behave yourselves, please. Ciao.

Molly: Bye.

Mike: Do we really have to?

Molly: Have to what?

Mike: Behave.

Molly: It might behoove us to behave, but it wouldn't be half as much fun.

Hal: You know, you just missed your mother.

Paul: What, she was here? Doing what?

Hal: Well, one minute she was grinning like she just struck gold, and the next she was threatening me.

Paul: What do you mean she was threatening you? What'd she say?

Hal: She said that if I did something that she didn't like, she was gonna take Will from Oakdale, and she was gonna disappear with him.

Paul: Wait, you don't think she'd actually --

Hal: Paul, he is the only thing that she has left.

Paul: Not quite.

Hal: Not that she'd ever get away with it. I mean, no judge in his right mind --

Paul: Wait a minute. That's what we thought when she was on trial, Hal. But apparently, all you need is an attorney that will do anything for a buck and a man behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

Hal: What man?

Paul: If mom wants to disappear with Will, she's always had a perfect ally.

Hal: Who are you talking about?

Paul: If Marshall Travers wins the election for district attorney, he's gonna let Steinbeck walk free.

Hal: And why would he do something like?

Paul: Because he's working for James.

Hal: How do you know that?

Paul: Because Travers told me and because I have proof.

Isaac: You back up a second. You saw Bonnie, my Bonnie, with Marshall Travers at the Lakeview?

Brandy: Do you need an illustrated guide? Yes, Bonnie and Travers thick as thieves. Hey, there's an idea you probably never thought of. Maybe Bonnie is the one selling information. Did you ever think of that?

Isaac: You saw my -- my Bonnie at the Lakeview just now with Travers?

Brandy: Mm-hmm. Just thought you'd want to know. [Brandy laughs] Ain't it enough to just drive you up the wall? That girl sure can keep a secret. Well, I'd better run. See you later, Isaac.

Isaac: This is -- this is stupid. Brandy, she's -- she's yanking my chain. She knows the one thing in the world that would really

[Bonnie laughs]

Bonnie: Marshall, I would have to be crazy to trifle with you, and that's two things this girl is not -- crazy and trifling.

[Bonnie laughs]

Marshall: You're a very smart girl.

Bonnie: Yes, and it would only take a moron to try to pull one over on you.

Marshall: Well, I知 glad we understand each other, because if you did try to get one over on me, we'd never have the chance to do this --

[phone rings]

Bonnie: Oh, I guess I壇 better get that. That little emergency I alluded to earlier.

Marshall: Please, allow me.

Bonnie: Marshall, give me that.

Marshall: Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hey. Hello?

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