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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/29/02

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Bonnie: There was only one person working in this club who could possibly know that we were going to lose our Liquor license, and that we asked my mother for help.

Isaac: My club. When Brandy called Marshall, it was still my club.

Bonnie: Yours and Lisa's. And how did you know it was Brandy?

Isaac: Who else?

Bonnie: So you don't have any proof.

Isaac: Do you?

Bonnie: Maybe. Don't you want to hear?

Isaac: This is not a game, Bonnie. This club is my life. Do you understand that? No. No, you don't. And that's the problem.

Bonnie: I know how important this club is to you --

Isaac: You can't know. This place saved me.

Bonnie: And it didn't save me? Look where I was headed before I walked in here.

Isaac: You think you've changed? Hmm? This is your mother's career we're talking about! So stop trying to leverage your 25% and tell me what you know.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. You're right. And I should have called you when I realized that Brandy was really the snitch.

Isaac: Okay. Let's just get back to the proof. Do you have any or not?

Brandy: Hi, guys! What? Am I late?

Isaac: No, I'd say you're right on time.

Aaron: Hey, Sammy Sosa! Let's go!

Holden: You guys aren't calling me, are ya?

Lucy: We promised Luke we'd give him some batting practice.

Holden: Oh.

Aaron: Though if you wanna swing a few --

Holden: No, no. I'll pass. Haven't seen much of you lately.

Aaron: Yeah, I've been at the hospital with Lucy.

Holden: How're they doing?

Lucy: Well, Aunt Katie was touch-and-go there for awhile, but she's fine now. And Margo's doing a lot better, too.

Holden: Just gonna take a little time.

Lucy: At least Aunt Margo has a chance now. You know what? I'm gonna go check on Luke.

Holden: Yeah, he's upstairs with Faith.

Aaron: I thought about what you said. About seeing a shrink?

Holden: So you're willing?

[Aaron sighs]

Aaron: The thing is -- Mr. Hughes finding me in his house? It's not like that's ever gonna happen again. You know? And Lucy's dad lifted the restraining order.

Holden: Well, that's good. That's good.

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, it's real good.

Holden: Yeah, but, you know, I think that, you know, you have a pattern here. It just seems to me every time you get stressed out, you end up in somebody's living room. What is that?

Aaron: The door was open. I told you. I just went to see if Lucy's aunt was okay.

Holden: I know that. All right, look, if you want to see somebody, you just let me know, and I will take care of it, okay?

Luke: Lucy's gonna catch, and Aaron's gonna pitch, and I'm gonna hit home runs.

Holden: Really? Well, you better watch out for the window.

Lucy: Well, that's no fun.

[Doorbell rings]

Holden: Okay, all the tools are in the shed. If a window breaks, you're gonna fix it. And you're gonna help her out.

Luke: Oh, that's okay, dad.

Barbara: Hi, Holden.

Holden: Barbara -- what brings you out here?

Barbara: Well, I was just thinking Will hasn't seen any of his friends at all since he moved in with me. And I thought that maybe he could spend some time with Luke. What do you think, Luke? Would you like to spend a little time with someone a little taller than you? Would you?

Rosanna: I'll have my car pick you up at the airport, all right? Okay. And how do you spell your last name again? C-o-l-e? Okay. Don't worry, Tanya. You will be back in Seattle before you know it. Okay. Bye-bye.

Alison: So you're like Martha Stewart or something, but with cars?

Rosanna: I'm sorry, I don't have time for a little conversation with you right now.

Alison: 'Cause I couldn't help overhearing your little power chat. I mean, I've always wanted to go to Seattle, meet Bill Gates. Do you know him?

Rosanna: We've met.

Alison: So, who are you picking up at the airport?

Craig: Oh, come in.

Sierra: I just came from the hospital seeing Margo and Katie. They're recovering nicely. Though I can't say the same about you.

Craig: Well, I stayed until they were out of the woods. And then I came back here, and I couldn't sleep.

Sierra: I heard there was a close call with Katie.

Craig: Oh, yeah. We almost lost her. But she rallied. Now we get to hear of her out-of-body experiences for the next 14 years. You want some coffee?

Sierra: No, thank you.

Craig: Well, if you didn't come here for coffee, then what do you want?

Sierra: I want to check up on you. See if Rosanna has taken you back.

Craig: Well, she didn't believe your retraction.

Sierra: Really? I thought I had such an honest face.

Craig: Well, when you tell somebody we've been having an affair, and then you come back a week later and say, "Just kidding," there's bound to be a soupcon of doubt, n'est-ce pas? I'll be lucky if she doesn't dump me.

Sierra: Mm. The truth is, I think you'd be lucky if she did.

Hal: ?? by at the door?

Parker: Who's there?!

Paul: Paul!

Parker: Paul?! Paul who?!

Paul: Paul Ryan!

Hal: Oh, boy. Oh, look.

Paul: Parker.

Hal: Okay, up and play. Good job. Good job. Carly's trying to teach him door etiquette, but he thinks it's one big knock-knock joke so -- so did you see your mom?

Paul: Yes. Will was with her.

Hal: How's he doing?

Paul: Grim. She's holding him hostage, Hal. And we've got to break him loose.

Will: It's okay, mom. We don't have to stay.

Luke: Are you kidding? This is perfect! Aaron was gonna pitch, but now you can. We're in the same league, only Will pitches for the team that I want to play on next year. He's 5-0.

Aaron: Well, then. Bring it on, Will.

Luke: Come on. You can use my glove.

Barbara: Thank you, Holden.

Holden: You should have called, Barbara.

Barbara: Yes, I know. But Lily would have hung up on me.

Holden: And would you blame her?

Barbara: I'm only thinking about my son. He misses being with other children.

Holden: Yeah, well, that's because you took him out of his home, away from his family and friends.

Lily: Hey. I saw Will in the --

Barbara: Hi, Lily.

Lily: How dare you set foot on this property?

Isaac: Brandy, could you check the stock in the back? I think we're gonna need a couple extra cases of club soda.

Brandy: Sure.

Bonnie: "Check the stock"? You have got to be kidding me.

Isaac: I can't fire her without proper cause, especially if she's working for Marshall Travers. I mean, he'll file suit before her last check clears.

Bonnie: You're right.

Isaac: So, you said something about proof?

Bonnie: So I called Lisa last night.

Isaac: Lisa? Lisa hates Brandy. She didn't even want me to hire her because of what she did to Adam.

Bonnie: Will you just listen to me first, and then shoot me down later? Okay, on the Fourth of July, Lisa came in here early and found that --

Isaac: July Fourth?

Bonnie: Lisa came in from the picnic and found Brandy counting a wad of cash.

Isaac: Define "wad."

Bonnie: Honey, let's just say there's no waitressing that good.

Isaac: Did Lisa ask her about it?

Bonnie: Brandy came up with some lame excuse, but then Lisa remembered that she saw Marshall in here later that night.

Isaac: July Fourth -- was the day that the pipes decided to leak.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: And Brandy decided to track me down in the rain, in the barn, in a field --

Bonnie: Where we were having a discussion with my mother about your license.

Isaac: And she heard every word.

Bonnie: And then she hurried her little sneaky self in here and told Marshall all about it, and he paid her for it!

Isaac: That's cold.

Bonnie: Yeah, you know, forget firing her. I'm going to rip every single little brassy blonde hair off her head.

Isaac: No, no, no, you're not. We've gotta play this cool. Now I'll handle Miss Brandy.

Bonnie: I don't think so.

Isaac: My club, my rules.

Bonnie: My mother.

Isaac: Who would tell you to chill.

Brandy: Hey. I found an extra couple cases keeping cold in the walk-in, so I think we're okay.

Isaac: Good. Good. Can you start setting up, please?

Brandy: Okay, no problem.

Bonnie: What was that?

Isaac: Until we're sure --

Bonnie: No, I am sure. I'm firing her.

Isaac: No, you're not. Okay? We're gonna throw the book at this girl, I promise. But we don't move until we can substantiate every single accusation. Hmm?

Rosanna: Miss Stewart was just leaving. Thank you.

Alison: So that doesn't give us much time. Okay, here's the thing -- my mother and my sister want me to get a job. Fine, no problem. Except they're thinking of some minimum wage thing, and I'm thinking, "Get real." So I had this awesome idea. You! You're a mogul. I thought maybe you'd need an assistant.

Rosanna: I already have several assistants.

Alison: Yeah, but not here in Oakdale.

Rosanna: Alison, if I needed another assistant, I would hire an MBA. You're still in high school.

Alison: True. But let me ask you this -- do you think a Harvard MBA is gonna help you break up Lucy and Aaron?

Craig: I enjoy Rosanna.

Sierra: I'm sure you do. But Lucy does not, so if you think that you're enlisting your new girlfriend to --

Craig: I'm not going to discuss Rosanna with you.

Sierra: Well, if she's going to be parenting my child, you are going to discuss her with me.

Craig: The only time she parents me is when I come back after a tongue lashing from you, when I'm not sure that parenting is exactly the word, actually. What was the question? Oh, yeah, Rosanna's position vis a vis Lucy. She doesn't actually have one. She just supports me when I'm having difficulty. Which, granted, is most of the time these days. But unlike you, she supports me. I can talk to her. And she doesn't judge me, attack me or outmaneuver me. She's not the enemy.

Sierra: And I am?

Craig: I didn't say that. But especially after Bryant's death, I would think that you would trust me a little more where Lucy is concerned.

Sierra: Lucy is nothing like Bryant.

Craig: Ah, yeah. She's five years younger and twice as trusting. And that Snyder boy dog took one look at her and look --

Sierra: You know, not all men are like you. Some men happen to be able to look beyond themselves and put other people's feelings first.

Craig: You sound like your mother.

Sierra: I guess I deserve that. But we're both in this thing. I am angry with you, and you feel guilty -- too strong a word?

Craig: No.

Sierra: So aren't we the perfect fit? I blame you for something that you are sure is your fault.

Craig: I told you all those years of marriage counseling would pay off.

Sierra: You went once.

Craig: So I'm a quick study.

Sierra: Oh, Craig. Do you have any idea how quiet my house is now?

Craig: I know how noisy mine is.

Sierra: I miss them. You know, sometimes I just -- I put on those old tapes -- do you remember that Abba tape that Bryant used to listen to over and over again? How old was he? 11?

Craig: 12.

Sierra: 12. I turn it up so loud that my windows rattle. But then when I turn them off, the silence is even worse. Do you remember when we used to sit in the garden by the fountain when it was hot? And the kids would eat those mangos with the juice just dripping down their faces? Such a happy time. Gorgeous, healthy children.

Craig: And now -- that's over because of me.

Sierra: And me.

Craig: No.

Sierra: It takes two, Craig.

Craig: Unless one of them's me.

Sierra: You know, I'm not perfect. I think one of the reasons that Lucy wanted to come here was because I was suffocating her. There, I've said it. [ Craig laughs] But now it is up to you. And I know it's not easy. But I am begging you, don't miss this opportunity. She's growing up so fast. And she needs you to hear her and support her choices. And, yes, she's probably gonna make mistakes, but I don't think that we should prevent them.

Craig: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Preventing them? That's why you're angry at me because of Bryant. Because I didn't step in and stop them.

Sierra: No, that's not why.

Craig: And now she's dating an illiterate thug.

Sierra: He's not an illiterate thug.

Craig: Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to wait until she drives into a tree? Because that's what's gonna happen, you know? This kid is gonna take her right down.

Sierra: I know you're scared.

Craig: No, I am not scared. I am angry. Mostly at you, because you're blind to this.

Sierra: We cannot stop her from loving this boy. And I have spent time with him. He seems like a very nice kid.

Craig: I can't talk to you about this!

Sierra: Who sounds like my mother now?! You. You sound exactly like her when I went to tell her that I wanted to marry you.

Craig: If one more person tries to compare me to Aaron Snyder --

Sierra: Would you just listen to the way you say his name?

Craig: I don't like him! Why should I?! He's Eddie Haskel. He's so screwed up, even his parents think he should be in therapy.

Sierra: And if Bryant, who had his share of troubles if you recall, was seeing a girl whose father didn't see his redeeming qualities?

Craig: I lifted the restraining order. I'm letting them see each other. What do you want?

Sierra: I just want you to treat this boy like you would want another father to treat your son.

Bonnie: You want absolute proof? I'll give you absolute proof. So, Brandy, you're friends with Marshall Travers?

Brandy: Marshall Travers -- oh, isn't he that good-looking lawyer that saved your life when that gunman came in here and tried to rob the bar? Yeah, yeah. He's been in here once or twice. Good tipper.

Bonnie: So is that how it started? He'd leave you $100 stuck to his glass?

Brandy: I wish.

Bonnie: Oh, come off it, Blondie. I know you're working for him.

Brandy: What are you implying?

Bonnie: You gave him information that you overheard from working here, and now he is using that information against my mother in his campaign.

Brandy: Your mother? Oh, wait. Yeah, I did hear something about that. He accused Jessica Griffin of -- something. I don't even remember, but her picture was on the front page of the paper. That's right. Is she okay?

Bonnie: No. Thanks to you.

Brandy: I would never do anything to hurt your mother.

Bonnie: Oh, come off of it, Brandy! You stabbed us in the back!

Brandy: Bonnie! I work here! I would never do anything like that.

Bonnie: You not only did it, sweetheart, you got paid for it.

Brandy: Wow. If that's what you think, I don't see how I can go on working here.

Bonnie: Great. I couldn't agree more. Bye.

Brandy: Fine. I quit.

Isaac: That won't be necessary, Brandy.

Holden: Lily, I'm sorry. It's just that Will -- he looked so miserable. Hey, where are you guys going?

Luke: To play on the computer. We'll play some more ball later -- when Aaron and Lucy stop kissing.

Holden: Ah.

Luke: Yuck.

Lily: All right.

Holden: Luke -- he's having such a good time with Will. All right, look, if it makes you uncomfortable --

Lily: Yeah, I'm uncomfortable. I mean, she kidnapped my sister. You saw what she did to her face.

Barbara: I'm sorry, Holden, if I've put you in an awkward position.

Lily: You know, that's the least of it. Any mother who would drag her son out of his house on his father's wedding day --

Holden: It's not a good idea, Barbara.

Barbara: I can see that. Could I have a moment alone with you, Lily?

Holden: I'll go upstairs.

Barbara: What I did to your sister, and to Emily and Carly, is unforgivable.

Lily: Really? Should we pick up the phone, call the judge? Are you ready to confess now?

Barbara: No, because I don't want to spend the next ten years in jail. I won't do that to my son. He needs me. After all the months that I spent trying to recover from my burns, and then the times that James was here, it hurt him. And I have to do what I can to make it up to him.

Lily: By dragging him out of his father's wedding? Do you know how humiliating that was for him?

Barbara: Hal wouldn't let me near him.

Lily: Hal's a very smart man.

Barbara: You despise me. I understand that.

Lily: What are you doing here?

Barbara: Will is a child. He needs to play. He wants to play with Luke. Can you let him spend some time with your son, Lily?

Hal: Parker's doing fine. Hey, you hungry?

Paul: No, I'm fine.

Hal: All right. Oh, just so you know, Tom Hughes called. And Margo's doing better so he was able to file for me to regain custody of Will.

Paul: Well, good. That's good news about Margo. And for you, the sooner the better. That kid is miserable, Hal. Mom's got him convinced that it's his job to take care of her. I felt awful leaving him there with her, but I couldn't do anything.

Hal: I wish I'd seen this coming. I could've gotten Tom Hughes in line to block that hotshot she's got working for her. Although, what he's doing in family court, I don't know.

Paul: This is the same guy that represented her at the trial?

Hal: Yeah. Marshall Travers, esquire.

Paul: Where'd she find him?

Hal: When did he show up? Let's see, I had just gotten out of the hospital, so Emily was back, which means Barbara was back in custody. Barbara got a telegram.

Paul: At the jail? Who sent it?

Hal: Your father. The station was on alert because James Steinbeck had sent Barbara a telegram stating that she was gonna get a surprise. And we didn't know if that meant it was gonna be a box of chocolates or couple sticks of dynamite.

Paul: Knowing my father, the dynamite would be in the chocolates.

Hal: A Trojan horse? Now that's pretty interesting, Paul. Because that very same day, Marshall Travers announced that he was gonna be representing Barbara.

Paul: So my father is responsible for Travers being in Oakdale.

Hal: Come to think of it, he even admitted it. He said he'd worked for James.

Paul: So, if Marshall Travers was sent here by James Steinbeck, what's he really after?

Maitre d': It's always a pleasure to see you, Mr. Travers. Is it true that you may be our new D.A.?

Marshall: As long as I'm in Oakdale, anything's possible.

Rosanna: I'm not trying to separate Lucy and Aaron. I'm trying to make things easier for them.

Alison: But I thought Lucy's dad hated Aaron.

Rosanna: Lucy's father had some concerns, which have been addressed. And now that Lucy's mother is back in town, the restraining order has been lifted, and the kids are allowed to see each other.

Alison: That'll last a week.

Rosanna: Well, that's none of your concern, is it? So, good luck with your job hunt, Alison.

Alison: Tanya -- Cole. Who are you?

Craig: Are you going to use my feelings for Bryant to leverage some kind of good will for Aaron?

Sierra: Why is it so hard for you to give this kid a break?

Craig: Because I don't trust him! He makes me nervous for Lucy! Why don't you get that?

Sierra: I do get it. I just don't agree with you.

Craig: And where does it say that your feelings trump mine?

Sierra: You didn't read that little small print? Where it says that if our daughter has a strong conviction about something and one of us wants to respect that, that the other one just gives them the benefit of the doubt -- no matter how right he thinks he is.

Craig: The benefit of the doubt?

Sierra: Please.

Craig: All right, listen, I will back off if you back off. Because I cannot take any more lecture!

Sierra: The only reason I am pressing this is because I'm going back to Montega tonight. And I just -- I just want to make sure that you and Lucy are on track.

Craig: We're on track.

Sierra: And I also want to make it perfectly clear that I do not want your latest heiress in charge of our daughter. I mean it, Craig. I don't want her setting rules for her. And I don't want her watching her when you are busy.

Craig: Let's keep this on Lucy, not on anybody else, all right?

Sierra: What about Aaron?

Craig: I will tolerate him. That's the best I can do.

Sierra: I hope that's enough. [Knock at the door] Oh, did I mention that I asked the kids to come by?

Craig: Being ambushed in my own home?

Sierra: Oh, just think of it as a detente. Ah, there you are. Hello. I was just talking to your father. And we agreed that the two of you can see each other as long as you obey the rules. Let's go.

Barbara: I know you, Lily. You would never deliberately hurt a child -- not even my child.

Lily: And you counted on that, didn't you?

Barbara: Yes, I suppose I did. It's been very hard on him. Will didn't want to live at Fairwinds, so we moved into a hotel until I can find something else. And my business is in shambles --

Lily: I really don't want to hear it, okay? Will is welcome to come over here and play anytime he wants to.

Barbara: Thank you.

Lily: But you're not welcome here. If Will wants to come over and play, he can call. We will pick him up and drop him off. You're not welcome on my property. Do you understood that?

Barbara: Understood.

Will: Good.

Barbara: Thank you.

Will: Mr. Snyder said we were going to leave soon?

Luke: Can't he stay a little longer? For supper? We're having barbecued chicken.

Will: Yeah, mom, please?

Barbara: Well, that's really not up to me.

Lily: Of course, Will is welcome to stay if he wants to.

Luke: See, I told you.

Lily: Holden will drop him off.

Barbara: Okay then. I will -- I'll be at the Lakeview. I have an appointment. And you, my darling, have a wonderful time. And watch your "P's" and "Q's." Thank you.

Luke: You wanna go on the computer?

Will: Sure.

Lily: Will, you're welcome to stay anytime you want to.

Will: Okay.

Holden: Poor kid. [Lily yawns] Hey -- where were you this morning?

Lily: At the doctor's.

Holden: Really? I didn't know you had a doctor's appointment this morning. I didn't see anything on the calendar.

Lily: I had some mild contractions.

Holden: Contractions? Why didn't you tell me?

Lily: It was nothing. Just Braxton-Hicks. And I'm fine.

Holden: You're fine? Is that what the doctor said? Lily, what -- did she say?

Lily: You're not gonna like it.

Isaac: I'm sorry, Brandy. Bonnie is upset about her mother and just wasn't thinking.

Brandy: Yeah, I would never hurt her mother. And, hey, I'm getting pretty sick of being accused of things I didn't do. First Lisa, now Bonnie. I don't know how I'm supposed to work with everyone looking over my shoulder.

Isaac: Come on now, nobody's looking over your shoulder here. We're too understaffed. Seriously, though, I need you here. I depend on you.

Brandy: Okay, fine. Can I take a break first, though? I'm gonna go freshen up.

Isaac: Sure.

Bonnie: How can you just undermine me like that?

Isaac: She walks out of here, how am I supposed to prove that it's her? Now, we've got to keep her close, see what she does.

Bonnie: And you couldn't tell me this?

Isaac: I did! I said we needed more proof.

Bonnie: No, you said you'd handle it.

Isaac: We can see how long that lasted.

Bonnie: Because that doesn't work for me, Isaac. I am not your secretary. I am your partner.

Isaac: And that doesn't work for me.

Bonnie: Fine.

Isaac: Where are you going?

Bonnie: I will ask Marshall Travers who his source is.

Isaac: Like he's gonna tell you.

Marshall: Travers.

Brandy: Hey, we have a problem.

Marshall: I'll call you later.

Brandy: Okay, but not at the bar, all right? They're on to me.

Marshall: Then I guess you're on your own.

Hal: You know, Jack checked Travers out. He seemed legit.

Paul: Well, he probably is. It doesn't mean he's not working for my father.

Hal: Well, I'm gonna dig a little deeper. I find out he's still taking orders from Steinbeck, Mr. Travers and I are gonna have a little chat.

Paul: You know what? I'll go talk to him now. Where's he staying? Is he at the Lakeview?

Hal: Yeah. What, you think you can get something out of him?

Paul: I don't know. I wasn't here when he defended my mother. I could start there. Disgruntled fianc of one of the victims. Or I could ask him to get a message to my father, see if he'll take a message. Or I could tell him I'm gonna sue him for custody of Will. I mean, do you realize this guy gave a defenseless kid to a woman that he proved in court was unstable? And this guy's running for D.A.?

Hal: Now, that's a bridge I hope I never have to cross.

Paul: In any event, I should be able to get some sense of what he's after. Although, from what I've heard, given the size of this man's ego, he probably thinks he's using Steinbeck.

Hal: That should be fun to watch.

Paul: Well, it serves him right getting my mother off.

Hal: Hey, Paul --

Paul: Yeah?

Hal: Be careful. If he's still taking orders from James --

Paul: Yeah, I hope he is. So I can take James down.

[cell phone rings]

Marshall: Hello, Brandy.

Brandy: Don't hang up on me. And what do you mean I'm on my own?

Marshall: You're a smart girl. Figure it out.

Brandy: I didn't tell you to go attacking the girl's mother on live TV. Come on, you gotta take some responsibility.

Marshall: Mea culpa. Happy?

Brandy: No. No, you've put me at risk. Bonnie McKechnie is on her way to go see you right now.

Marshall: Then I better make myself scarce. And I suggest you do the same.

Brandy: Uh! [Brandy laughs] No, you are the one who blew this wide open, not me. I have done nothing but help you.

Marshall: When I speak to Miss McKechnie -- and I will speak to her, just not today -- I'll be sure to tell her how much of a help you've been.

Brandy: Hey, if Isaac fires me --

Marshall: You'll need two jobs. Because we're done. I'm expecting two ladies, and I have special instructions for each of them. Will that be a problem?

Waiter: Not at all, sir.

Isaac: I need you to go outside and wait for the beer delivery.

Brandy: They'll buzz me when they get here.

Isaac: Are you giving me an argument?

Brandy: No, I -- yeah, fine.

[Cell phone rings]

Marshall: Travers. Hello?

Bonnie: I'm looking for Marshall Travers. I was told I could find him here.

Waiter: Mr. Travers just left.

Paul: Did I hear you say you were looking for Marshall Travers?

Bonnie: Yes. And when I find him, I'm going to wring his neck.

Paul: You and me both.

Holden: The doctor prescribed complete bed rest?! And you're just telling me now?

Lily: Well, Barbara was here. And Dr. Samuels said it was just a precaution. I'm fine. The baby's fine, strong and healthy.

Holden: I should have thrown Barbara Ryan out of here the minute she stepped foot into this house.

Lily: And deprive me the pleasure?

Holden: Will's gonna have to find some other place to play. Because you cannot handle another kid.

Lily: Will? No, Will's not my problem. Or Luke or Faith or cooking or cleaning or car pools or -- mm, any of that.

Holden: Do you wanna run that by me again?

Lily: Because complete bed rest means I'm a lady of leisure. Ah, see? I knew you wouldn't like that. Told you.

Holden: I don't know if I can handle that.

Lily: Well, you'll call your mother.

Holden: All right, I'll call my mother.

Lily: See?

Holden: And she'll take care of the kids --

Lily: Yeah.

Holden: -- And I will take care of you.

Lily: Oh, really? I don't know. Just hanging out in bed, reading magazines, eating chocolates and being pampered by the man of my dreams? I think I can get used to that.

Aaron: I should go.

Lucy: I'll go with you. Aaron's working at the Country Club.

Sierra: Good for you.

Aaron: It's just a job, you know? But before I go, I just want to say thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Sierra: It was great getting to know you, Aaron. And you, miss -- seriously, I want you to call me.

Lucy: I will. I'll e-mail you every day.

Sierra: No, no, no, call me. I want to hear your voice.

Lucy: Okay.

Sierra: Oh, I love to hear your voice.

Lucy: Thanks, daddy.

Craig: Anything for you, sweetheart. You know that.

Aaron: See you later, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Good-bye, Aaron. Satisfied?

Sierra: Trust me on this.

Craig: Don't I always?

Sierra: I have to go. The pilot's meeting me on the tarmac in an -- ah --

Rosanna: Don't let us keep you.

Sierra: Rosanna -- I am so glad to see you. I just want to make sure that we're clear. Stay away from my daughter, or I will make your life very unpleasant.

Alison: Hey. What are you guys doing here?

Lucy: We missed lunch. We figured we could pick up a few sandwiches before Aaron has to go to work. What are you doing here?

Alison: Looking for a job.

Aaron: Any luck?

Alison: They're back there now deciding my fate.

Lucy: Oh, you can put it on my father's tab -- Montgomery.

Waiter: Of course, Miss Montgomery.

Lucy: Thank you.

Aaron: I've gotta go. Due back in the Country Club in 20 minutes, and I don't wanna be late.

Lucy: Good luck.

Alison: See ya. When do I start?

Maitre d': I'm sorry, Miss Stewart. But due to your age and lack of experience --

Alison: I didn't wanna work here, anyway. Serving shrimp salads to blue-haired ladies? No way. I'm working at the Country Club.

Paul: Now, even if Marshall did pay Brandy for information, that's not a crime. Now, we need proof that he did something illegal if we're gonna take him down.

Bonnie: The way he operates? He has to have at least one or two skeletons in his closet.

Paul: All right, well, how do we find those closets?

Bonnie: I have his room number if that'll help. Lisa Grimaldi, co-owner of the hotel, is also my godmother. I was on my way up to see him right when I ran into you.

Paul: Bonnie, would you mind too terribly if I talked to him first?

Bonnie: Why, because you're a man?

Paul: No. Because he has no reason to believe I'm on to him.

Bonnie: Okay, it makes a little sense. But you promise to share anything you find, because I am in this fight to the finish. My mother may not be willing to sling dirt on Marshall Travers, but if it means bringing --

Paul: Bonnie? Bonnie? I'm with you.

Bonnie: Okay. Just catch me at the Underground with any information.

Paul: All right.

[Phone rings]

Parker: Who's there?

Will: Parker? It's Will.

Parker: Will who?

Hal: Good boy. Will? Is that you?

Will: Dad?

Hal: Oh, Will, man, it's so good to hear your voice. Where are you? Where's your mom?

Will: She's not here right now. Can I come home?

Hal: I'm working on it, buddy.

Will: I really want to come home.

Hal: I've got a lawyer talking to a judge, buddy. Parker, put that down. Put that down. I'll come play with you in a second, buddy. Parker found your Game Boy, Will. so, where are you? Will, where are you? Can I -- [dial tone sounds] Will? Will?

Operator: I'm sorry. That number is unlisted and cannot be reached.

Holden: You reach your dad, Will?

Will: Yeah. He's busy, but he misses me.

Holden: Of course he does. You have to know that he's doing everything he can to try and get you back home.

Hal: You've already got my badge number, operator. You've got everything. Now, there's gotta be some way that you can trace this call. I understand that. But he's my son, and he needs me. And I -- well, thank you. And you have a nice day, too. Oh, hang on, Will. I love you, buddy. I'll find you.

Brandy: Oh, thank you.

Isaac: You're certainly good at what you do, I've gotta give you that.

Brandy: I aim to please.

Isaac: But, you know, there's more to getting ahead than just getting along. Like, for instance, you should choose your friends wisely. Now me? I make a great friend but a lousy enemy.

Brandy: Lucky we're friends.

Isaac: Uh-huh. But if you keep selling me out to Marshall Travers --

Brandy: Well, I did not.

Isaac: I hate it when people lie to me! Okay? I'm not stupid, Brandy. Don't you be. I'm gonna give you one chance -- one -- to tell me what you told him and how much he paid you.

Brandy: And if I don't?

Isaac: If you're gonna be a player, you've got to choose your enemies, as well. So, who's it gonna be? Marshall Travers or me? I don't wanna see you again until you've made up your mind.

Brandy: Isaac --

Isaac: Get outta here!

Sierra: You'll abide by my rules?

Craig: Don't I always? Have a safe flight.

Sierra: Well, I'm sure it'll be less turbulent than your love life.

Rosanna: Does she always have to have the last word?

Craig: She likes to win arguments by being the most gracious in the room.

Rosanna: What about these rules?

Craig: Well, I'm supposed to be a good boy, treat Aaron like a son and keep you away from Lucy.

Rosanna: And you agreed to this?

Craig: In principle, in public.

Rosanna: Well, that's a relief. I'd hate to see you be a good boy in private. Do you want to hear my good news?

Craig: Always.

Rosanna: I made a few phone calls, and I arranged a flight. And by the end of the evening? Lucy will want to be as far away from Aaron as she can get.

Craig: Now that's a last word.

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