ATWT Transcript Wednesday 8/28/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/28/02

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Isaac: Yeah, well, you're getting the same story that every other nosey reporter got. Jessica Griffin -- no, comment. Her daughter, Bonnie McKechnie -- no comment. And I can save you some time. If you're asking about the TV debates, Marshall Travers, the D.A. election -- no comment, no comment, no comment!

Bonnie: I guess you heard about the debate.

Isaac: Yeah, I was watching it on TV till I had to hurl it across the room.

Bonnie: You know, when I was growing up, I used to always hear stories about monsters. But Marshall Travers? He's worse than anything trolling the waters of Loch Ness.

Isaac: He's causing a real mess for Jessica.

Bonnie: Well, luckily, my mom's got enough fight in her that she just won't curl up and play dead. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I can do to help.

Isaac: I should have never let that license lapse. You know, this is all my fault. If I hadn't asked her to help me with the Liquor Board --

Bonnie: She made one phone call for you, Isaac. And she's not really worried about it much, so why should you be? It's not like she was twisting anybody's arm to do anything.

Isaac: Yeah, but nobody knows that. The way Marshall Travers is spinning this thing, it looks like the D.A. pulled strings for her daughter's boyfriend. Man, he messed with the wrong guy this time!

Bonnie: You're really willing to go all out for my mother, aren't you?

Isaac: Whether you know it. I was going to come down to the studio and tell you face to face, but I --

Bonnie: Weren't sure if I'd listen?

Isaac: Yeah. After the blowup we had earlier, I didn't know what to think.

Bonnie: Isaac, that was a business argument.

Isaac: So let me get this straight -- I can hate the idea of you being my business partner but still be your man?

Barbara: Oh, Paul -- you and I have always been able to let bygones be bygones. And you called, and I thought, "Yes, he wants to work with me again." Welcome back, partner.

Paul: Mom, I'm sorry, but you've misunderstood. I haven't changed my mind about B.R.O.

Barbara: Oh, my, well, how foolish am I? How pathetically naive!

Paul: Mom, please don't. I'm sorry. I should have made myself more clear on the phone. I apologize.

Barbara: You see, this is what desperation does to you. I thought for just a second that maybe you were my 11th hour reprieve. B.R.O. is bankrupt, Paul.

Paul: Somebody told me you found a backer.

Barbara: Found and lost. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be having to sell the company that I spent my entire adult life building? It feels like I'm ripping my heart out. But what choice do I have unless --

Paul: Look, Mom, we've been over this.

Barbara: Indeed. And you can no longer work with me. Rose won't allow it.

Paul: We can leave Rose out of this. She's not here.

Barbara: Really? I'm so surprised. She usually sticks to your hip like a six-shooter.

Paul: She's in New Jersey with her father. He's very ill.

Barbara: Oh. Well, if I were polite, I would say I'm sorry. But since we're being honest, I can't. So what was so hell-fire important that you decided to call me?

Paul: You know, mom, I'm not here looking for a fight. I called because I'm concerned about Will.

Barbara: Will? Then you most certainly are looking for a fight.

Simon: So how long's Katie gonna be in the recovery room for?

Bob: Well, we have to wait until the anesthesia wears off, monitor her for complications, just as we are with Margo.

Tom: So what about Margo? Is she conscious yet?

Bob: She's starting to come around. She's stable. So far so good.

Nancy: Is there anything at all that we can do?

Bob: Yes, there is, mom. Let's see -- you can rest. You can take a break. You can go home. You can get something to eat that doesn't taste antiseptic. Go bowling.


Adam: You know what? I don't feel like going home right now, so let's go downstairs and get something to eat.

Lisa: That's a good idea. As soon as I hear anything, I'll come find you.

Adam: Okay.

Simon: I think I'll wait outside the recovery room. I want to be there the second Katie wakes up.

Tom: You know, I promised Margo the exact same thing.

Simon: So she did it? Katie did it.

Craig: Wow, she's fearless, that one.

Tom: Just like her big sister.

Simon: I've been in a lot of tricky situations, but I'll tell you, this one takes the cake.

Tom: Let's go over there.

Lucy: It's so incredible, isn't it, daddy? I'm so glad they're both okay.

Craig: Yeah, me, too. Come here. Come here. I better go call your grandma Lyla, all right?

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: All right.

Aaron: I have never seen that look on your father's face before -- happy.

Lucy: He has his moments.

Aaron: So if we're gonna tell him about me being in Aunt Margo's house, this might be the best time.

Lucy: Okay. I'll go find him.

Aaron: No, no, I'll do it. This is my problem.

Lucy: Yeah, but it's my dad.

[Margo moaning]

Margo: No. No.

John: Margo, it's dad. I'm here. It's John. The operation's over. You were amazing. You're going to be just fine.

[Margo moaning]

Margo: John?

John: I'm right here.

Margo: Ka -- [Margo mumbles] she's going --

[Katie's monitors go off]

John: We need assistance, stat.

Nurse: Her pressure's dropping, doctor. 82/50.

John: Her heart rate's climbing. She's bleeding out!

John: 360 charge.

Nurse: Charging.

John: Clear the bed.

Nurse: Clear.

John: 360 charge again.

Nurse: Charging.

John: Clear the bed.

Nurse: We have a sinus rhythm, doctor.

John: All right.

Nurse: Pulse is faint, but the blood pressure's still dropping. It's 70/40.

Margo: Katie -- please, Katie --

Simon: How can we bribe you to get us into the recovery room?

Tom: Well, I can try turning on the tears. It used to work when I was 5. I'll try. But I make no promises.

Bob: Here, you guys suit up. Maybe I'll be successful.

Tom: Thanks, man.

Simon: Katie used to love me in a suit. Oh, Tom, she seems so far away right now.

Tom: Well, Margo did, too, Simon, a few minutes ago. But she is coming back to me. I can feel that now. I want you to know something. Not a day will go by in my life that I will not be eternally grateful for what Katie's doing for me and my family. And I seriously mean that.

Bob: I'm sorry. You'll have to wait.

Tom: What's happened?

Bob: Margo's fine.

Simon: How's Katie? What about Katie?

Bob: Katie has got some complications. No, no. Simon, no!

John: Simon, you know I don't want you in here now.

Simon: I'm here, baby. Katie? Katie, I'm here. All right. Stay with me, please. I got you.

Craig: Ah, still no luck getting through to your grandmother.

Lucy: Did you leave her a message?

Craig: As best I could.

Lucy: Good. She'd want to know they came through. You must be so tired. Why don't we sit down?

Craig: Yeah.

Lucy: Daddy, I have to tell you something. And it's really not a big deal. But it could seem like one if I didn't tell you. And I don't want that to happen.

Craig: Well, why don't you just tell me what it is and let me decide whether it's a big deal or not?

Lucy: Okay. It's about Aaron.

Craig: How could I guess?

Lucy: Well, a little while ago, he went to visit Aunt Margo at her house, but she'd already been brought to the hospital. Anyways, the door was open, and he just kind of walked in.

Craig: Haven't I heard this story before, set in another state? And isn't there Police work to go with this?

Lucy: Daddy -- will you just listen, please? Anyway, Tom found him there. And he's the first one to tell you, it wasn't a big deal. But when Aaron told Holden about it, Holden thought, like you said, something similar had happened before, so maybe he should talk to somebody about it.

Craig: Somebody professional?

Lucy: Yeah. Like a counselor or something.

Craig: Well, if Holden said that, I assume that Aaron didn't just go into Tom and Margo's house and stand there.

Lucy: Well, he was sort of looking at this sports trophy of Adam's

Craig: And?

Lucy: It broke.

Craig: What, just by looking at it? That's a twist.

Lucy: He dropped it. [Craig laughs] And then Tom came in and -- and Aaron got nervous, I guess, and hid it under his jacket. He wasn't going to steal or anything, he just --

Craig: Oh, no.

Lucy: -- Got scared. But when Tom was talking to Holden, he wasn't upset at all. He knew Aaron didn't do anything on purpose.

Craig: What does Aaron say about this?

Lucy: That it was really dumb, and he's really, really sorry.

Craig: Well, I hope he does get some help. Thank you for telling me.

Lucy: That's all?

Craig: Yeah, that's all.

Lucy: You're not going to hold this against Aaron or anything?

Craig: Like restraining orders? No. No, I made your mother a promise.

Lucy: Thank you, daddy. Thank you.

Jack: Craig, what's the word on Margo and Katie?

Craig: Oh, they're both in recovery. They seem to be doing okay.

Jack: Well, that's a relief. Wow, Margo really had me counting off the minutes, she was so sick.

Craig: Katie really came through.

Jack: Yeah. She didn't hesitate for a second. You've got some amazing sisters.

Craig: I know. Then there are Rosanna and Carly -- the pair in the dark mirror. Where is Carly, anyway?

Jack: You mean the one you vowed you never wanted to see again? What do you care, Craig?

Craig: Well, if she's about to pop up the elevator, I need to plan my escape routes.

Jack: Oh, she's -- she's at home with Parker.

Craig: Ah, attending to her own life for a change. Will wonders never cease? Rosanna's home, too.

Jack: Mm, good. It sounds pretty domestic all around.

Craig: Well, whatever makes her happy. You know, I'm not really the domestic type myself, Jack. You and I, we like the more complicated, selfish, mean types, eh?

Jack: I'm only putting up with this tap dance because I'd like to make sure that Katie and Margo are safe. Whatever insult you're building up to, Craig, spit it out.

Craig: I'm trying to say it slowly so you can wrap your mind around it, Jack. You and Carly crossed the line with my daughter. That's unacceptable. And you need to know where I stand in case that happens again.

Bonnie: Seeing you so willing to go to bat for my mother brings back all the things about you that I fell in love with. But I cannot do some romantic cha-cha, not now, not right at this time.

Isaac: Look, I'm just trying to figure out where we stand. This morning, you were ready to throw me over. You accused me of loving this place more than I love you. And I just want things to be right between you and me, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Do you think you can get over the idea of me being your business partner?

Isaac: If it means we can hit a groove like we used to, you know, spin each other around like a couple of planets, maybe. But politics is just -- it's rough, it's dirty, it's ugly. You and me, we're sweet. Love is sweet.

Bonnie: Are you kidding me? Love is hard, and it's mean. There's no rules, no scores. It's like playing a game blindfolded. You're never really quite sure who wins.

Isaac: We win -- us. Come here. Come here.

Bonnie: My mother's coming around for a strategy session. I don't want her to walk into -- you know, passion pit.

Isaac: You know what I think? I think that nothing would bring a smile to her face more than seeing her baby girl in the arms of a man she loves.

Barbara: It's so touching that you actually remembered your little brother.

Paul: Look, I am sorry I was away for so long.

Barbara: You must be feeling so guilty because you let Will slip your mind while you disappeared in the Caribbean.

Paul: Would -- sound like I was on a -- listen, I'm concerned about Will, that's all.

Barbara: Oh, concerned about him. Well, you can add your name to the long list of people who are concerned and abandoned him. Who was concerned about him when they threw me in jail, huh? Who was concerned about him when they were handing me a life sentence? Who was concerned --

Paul: Listen, hey --

Barbara: No one was concerned about that child! Not one person!

Paul: That is not true. Look, I'm not gonna sit here and rehash the last year and a half with you, mom, all right?

Barbara: Good. Because you'd have to recount every ugly thing that was said about his mother, the monster!

Paul: Listen, can we please keep this down? He doesn't need to hear this, okay? Now, look, I don't want you to feel threatened. I know what a good mother you are. But you have to admit something's changed with Will.

Barbara: It's called a growth spurt. [Paul scoffs] But you wouldn't know that because you've been gone for, what, weeks? Months?

Paul: Worry's written all over his face.

Barbara: Worry? Well, maybe the reason he's worried is because you are here. He was happy until you arrived, Paul.

Paul: Look, mom, he loves you, no doubt about that. But he needs to be with other people. You said yourself, he's been spending most of his time with you.

Barbara: We are reconnecting after a long time. Are you going to begrudge us that, Paul?

Paul: No, but he needs to spend time with his friends. He needs to hang out with them, too. You know, at his age, they are his life support.

Barbara: Says who? St. Emily, Reverend Hal? Oh, spare me. I'll tell you what. I'll tell you what. It has been a delight gazing my eyes on my eldest child, but we are leaving now. Excuse us. Come on, honey. It's time to go. Say good-bye to your brother.

Paul: Hey. Hey, Will, do you want to sit down --

Barbara: No, no, no. He's already had his cake. Say good-bye to Paul.

Paul: Mom, please -- don't do this.

Emily: Ah, we -- we've decided to take a different approach with Alison. You know, not that we're completely ruling out family counseling in the future. But we'd like to cancel our session for next week. All right, Dr. Michaels? Thank you. Take care. Bye. Well, that was easy.

Susan: Think we could use an answering machine to talk to Alison, too? This new "approach," as you so creatively put it, could be a land mine.

Emily: All right, just -- sit tight, okay? No, no, just sit tight. Everything's gonna be okay. Alison's gonna be okay. We just need to stick together on this, mom.

Susan: Tough love.

Emily: Right.

Susan: And -- and we both tell her together what we've decided.

Emily: Right.

Susan: Together.

Emily: And then we will both peel her off the wall together.

Alison: I broke that thingy off the Jacuzzi. But don't freak, okay? Hubby Hal can fix it, right? And I -- oh, I love the conditioner you buy. Mom, I'm telling you, if you keep buying that cheap stuff, I'm moving in here.

Susan: Alison, are you going somewhere?

Alison: Yeah, I'm meeting Lucy and Aaron.

Susan: Where? At the hospital? Lucy's aunts are both in -- in surgery.

Alison: I know -- the liver thing.

Emily: Will you sit down? We'd like to talk to you.

Susan: Yes. We have some news.

Alison: Not another test tube deal, is it? Or are you two secretly alien invaders? Just write me a note, okay?

Emily: No, no, no. Just -- this is short. One quick breath. Mom and I give up. You win.

Jessica: Hello?

Brandy: Hi.

Jessica: Can I get a black coffee, very strong, lots of ice? Well, I see you two have settled your differences.

Isaac: Yeah. Well, we're in negotiations. Listen, about the Marshall Travers thing, I'm really sorry I got you in such a mess.

Jessica: Oh, please, Isaac, don't apologize. I wanted to help you with the Liquor Board. I just requested a review of your situation. There's nothing improper about it.

Isaac: But you did know who to call because you're the D.A.

Jessica: Just like you know who to call when you need the glasses restocked or more of those little umbrellas. We all have people who we can call on in our respective fields. I did not break the law. I didn't even bend it, for that matter.

Brandy: Here you go.

Jessica: Thanks, dear.

Brandy: Strong and icy.

Jessica: Thank you.

Bonnie: So Travers' charges really can't stick?

Jessica: Well, it's not about the validity of the charges. He's trying to taint the public's perception of me.

Isaac: So what's your best move?

Jessica: I'll hold a Press conference and explain exactly what I did. It's really no big deal. I'm sure the voters won't hold it against me.

Isaac: Oh, cool. Sounds like this is a brush fire you can stamp out. What's your overall strategy?

Jessica: I need to turn the tables on my opponent.

Bonnie: Now you're talking. We need to find something on Marshall Travers.

Aaron: Are you all right?

Lucy: Of course I am. So is my dad.

Aaron: You're kidding!

Lucy: Nope, he wasn't even mad.

Aaron: There's no secrets. And we're still standing.

Lucy: It's great, isn't it?

Aaron: Come on. Come on. I have an idea.

Craig: You're aware Carly called Sierra in Montega, had her rushed back to save Lucy from her ogre father?

Jack: So she butted in. It's not like you haven't butted into Carly's life a million times. But it didn't happen like you make it sound.

Craig: Let me tell you what I told Carly. I've admitted I've made mistakes a million times. I've also paid for them in spades, including being associated with you.

Jack: What's your point, Craig?

Craig: What's important to me is that my life moves forward. But that's why I am who I am and you're you.

Jack: And I care about this because?

Craig: Because if you and your blonde accomplice interfere with my child, help her defy my authority or summon my ex-wife again, I will make trouble -- big time trouble -- for you both.

John: All right, let's give her a few minutes. Watch that carefully.

Simon: You're going to be okay, my love.

John: Listen to me --

Simon: You're going to open those beautiful -- I'm not leaving. I'm not going anywhere.

John: I know that. I'm not asking you to leave. I just want you to be very careful because she's not stabilized yet.

Simon: She's going to come around. I know she will. Now you listen to me, Katie Frasier. You are strong and stubborn, and sometimes it takes you some pretty crazy places. I mean, it took you to the altar with me, right? Don't you hide from me now. Look, there was a time when you wouldn't let me go, and now it's my turn. I can't, Katie. I will not let you go, please. Wherever you are, come back to me. Katie, please, come back to me. Come back to me.

Katie: Hello? Dad? What are you doing here?

Simon: Katie?

Katie: Leave me alone. I'm having an adventure.

Simon: Katie, it's me. Come back, Katie. Please, come back to me.

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Katie? Katie?

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Katie? Katie, please, come back.

John: Stand by.

Simon: I love you. I love you so much. Please, come back.

Nurse: She's stabilized.

John: Nice work.

Jack: John?

John: It was close, but we've got Katie stabilized again.

Nancy: Oh, bless that child. Tell her, will you, please, that I'm leaving right now to go tell -- give the news to Snickers and a whole big bowl of lettuce.

John: Okay, I will.

Tom: So, can I go see Margo now?

John: Yeah, sure, sure. But take it easy, will you? Because she's -- she's still coming around.

Lisa: Well, I told Casey and Adam that I would go get them down in the cafeteria and let them know the news.

John: Do me a favor. Ask Margo how she knew.

Jack: Knew what?

John: Knew that Katie was in trouble before I did.

Lisa: Why? What did Margo say?

John: As she was coming out of the anesthesia, she said, "Katie's in trouble." And then Katie's monitor went off. We'll have to think about that one, I think.

Lisa: John, what is there to think about? Of course Margo would know.

Margo: It was like I was watching Katie leave.

Tom: Well, you might have saved her life.

Margo: No, it's the other way around.

Tom: Hey. Sleep now.

Margo: I gotta tell Katie something.

Simon: Hey there, beautiful.

Katie: Simon.

Simon: I missed you.

Isaac: Brandy, no more bar service.

Marshall: That's quite all right. I don't want a drink.

Bonnie: Whatever it is you want, get it somewhere else.

Marshall: I'd like to apologize for upsetting you at the debate. I did try to warn you.

Jessica: That wasn't a warning. That was blackmail.

Marshall: The point is, I alerted you out of respect for you daughter.

Bonnie: Respect? Like you even know the meaning of the word. You launched an all-out attack. And the minute you did that, our entire family came under fire. So you can take your tired apology and your respect and get out of here before we throw you out.

Marshall: Once again, you fail to understand the world around you, Bonnie. One takes action because life only happens when you make it happen.

Isaac: You and I can go outside, and we can make this thing happen right now.

Marshall: I don't engage in macho displays, Mr. Jenkins. I was simply pointing out to Bonnie that --

Isaac: Bonnie doesn't need anything pointed out by you. She has more understanding of human nature in her little finger than you do in your entire ego. Speaking of which, why don't I take that outside for you and show you how fragile it really can be?

Jessica: Isaac? Isaac? Isaac?

Marshall: So much for making nice. Down to business.

Jessica: A deposition?

Marshall: From a member of the Liquor Control Board who swears you had a judge pressure him to change his mind about Mr. Jenkins' license.

Jessica: This is outrageous.

Marshall: Exactly. Another alarming story of political power run amok. Of course, whether or not I release the deposition and other related materials to the media depends on you.

Jessica: Well, wasn't one attempt at blackmail enough for you?

Marshall: Well, it's unfortunate that you see it as blackmail. I see it as a courtesy and a choice. If you pull out of the race within the next 24 hours, I'll shred everything. I have no desire to play dirty.

Bonnie: Then why go around hurting good people in a town that you barely know or even like, for that matter? What's your real game, Mr. Travers?

Alison: Run that by me again.

Susan: You win. You have worn us down. We have tried everything -- blaming, grounding, talking, therapy. Nothing worked!

Emily: And so we're backing off.

Alison: Meaning?

Emily: Meaning you win. We can't take this. We want some peace. We can't live like this.

Alison: I get my own way? Well, can I have my own car?

Susan: No.

Emily: No, Alison, you cannot have a car.

Alison: Well, then I'm not really getting my own way, am I?

Susan: Oh, just pipe down and listen a second. You don't like school. So I am not spending any more money on it.

Alison: Whoa. I don't have to go to school anymore?

Susan: No. Maybe I'll use that money to take a trip around the world.

Alison: Well, that's my money.

Susan: No, no, no, no. That's my money. I put it aside for your education. If you don't want to go to school, then I use that money as I see fit.

Alison: Go for it.

Susan: I'll go to the max for it. I'll sign anything you need me to sign saying that you're dropping out.

Alison: Is this for real? Or when do I agree -- you guys jump up and down, laugh in my face?

Emily: No. No, mom is totally for real. She wants you happy. And since you've been acutely unhappy at every single school she sent you to, now you can quit and join the millions of dropouts who earn minimum wage.

Alison: Oh, you really know how to twist the knife, Emily.

Susan: Alison -- do you understand what this means?

Alison: Duh! Even though my big sister's trying to spin it around like it's the end of the world, she's just saying I have to get a job. Talk.

Paul: Mom, please?

Barbara: Come on, honey, time to go.

Paul: Please, don't walk away. Hey, Will, what do you say? You wanna shoot some hoops tomorrow with your friends while your mom's at work?

Will: Yeah.

Barbara: Honey?

Paul: Okay.

Barbara: Honey -- you have a private lesson at the hotel tomorrow, remember? The lifeguard told you you were going to have practically the whole pool to yourself.

Paul: You heard what he said. He said he wanted to spend time with his friends.

Barbara: He does not need an interpreter. He is capable of telling me exactly what he wants. Right, Will? Now, it would be nice if you could spend more time with your brother, but not today. Time to go. Let's go.

Will: I don't want to hurt her feelings. Could you make it so that I don't have to?

Lucy: Hey, hey. You know, we've never been like this -- together -- together out in the open.

Aaron: Yeah, well, that's why I brought you here. I wanted as many people as possible to see me with my girlfriend, Lucy Montgomery.

Lucy: Mm, I like the way that sounds. I like the way this feels.

Aaron: We don't have to stay if you -- I mean, I just wanted us to go out and like, I don't know, feel free or something, you know, while we can.

Lucy: While we can? What, you don't think my dad was for real?

Aaron: No. I mean, maybe he was, but, I mean, for now, anyway.

Lucy: Look, you're my boyfriend, and I'm your girlfriend. And nothing and nobody can change that.

Aaron: And I'm glad you believe that.

Lucy: You need to believe it, too. Come on.

Paul: Here you go, buddy. Here. Sit here for a second. Just chill out right here while I talk to mom, okay? Come here.

Barbara: Don't you strong-arm me.

Paul: Do you want to know what your son just asked me? Do you even care about what he wants?

Barbara: Of course I do. I love him.

Paul: He told me his biggest concern was not hurting your feelings as if your happiness was his job.

Barbara: I've always known he was a caring child.

Paul: He's a kid, mom. And you've got him caught up in the craziness of your world. Doesn't it bother you?

Barbara: What, that you think my world is crazy? Yes. That he's devoted to his mother? No.

Paul: Devoted? Are you serious? How did you come to that conclusion, huh? Because he doesn't talk back to you? You've got this kid tied up in knots. You've got him caught in the middle of a war -- your war against Oakdale. He's silent and wary, and it's not healthy for him.

Barbara: Give my best to Hal and to his current family.

Paul: You know, dammit, I am not here on Hal's behalf. I'm not here to convince you to give Hal custody of Will. Look, you're right, mom. Will is a very caring boy, and he loves you to no end.

Barbara: Well, at least we agree on something.

Paul: So let Will be a boy. Give yourself a chance to handle your problems without making Will a part of it.

Bonnie: Why are you in Oakdale giving your all to wreck my mother's career?

Marshall: My reasons for wanting to be D.A. are my own. As for Oakdale, it's as good a place as any for a man with political ambitions.

Bonnie: Bull. You have a successful, established career. Surely you want more than a small town job at City Hall. And I intend to find out exactly what that is.

Marshall: Good luck with your research. You have one day to drop out of the race. If I release the deposition, believe me, I will press the issue nonstop until election day. Nothing personal. Good evening to you all.

Isaac: Hey, Marshall -- how'd you find out about my little problem with the Liquor license, anyway? Who told you?

Bonnie: Answer the question, Mr. Travers. Who told you about Isaac's private business?

Jack: Do you want to run that by me again? You didn't just threaten Carly and me?

Craig: No, that was a promise. If you and Carly interfere with my family anymore, I will not hesitate to make your life -- maybe even your wedding -- a disaster.

Jack: I'm not scared of you. You think I'm scared of you?

Craig: I don't care what you are. I only care about my daughter.

Jack: Are you finished?

Craig: For now. You, too.

Jack: Carly and I are getting married in the fall.

Craig: I know. I haven't forgotten. I was there for the unveiling of the micro-zircon.

Jack: Listen up, Montgomery, 'cause I'm drawing a line of my own in the sand. It has to do with your place at the wedding.

Marshall: I'm not at liberty to discuss how I discovered the problem with Mr. Jenkins' license or Ms. Griffin's overzealous solution.

Jessica: Oh, please.

Marshall: Suffice it to say, there are enough canaries on the political scene to start a pet store.

Bonnie: I can't stand that man.

Jessica: 24 hours?

Bonnie: Mom, we'll come up with an answer. We'll brainstorm. That man has got to have an Achilles' heel, and we'll find it, I promise. Did you see the look on his face when we asked where his information came from?

Isaac: Yeah. Just for a minute, he got flustered.

Bonnie: That definitely means something.

Isaac: Why would he get so flustered over a logical question? Unless his source is closer than we think. Do you think we might have a snitch on the staff?

Bonnie: I don't think we should rule out anything or anyone.

Jessica: Well, that is certainly a lot to chew on.

Bonnie: Are you leaving, mom?

Jessica: I have a small but allegedly talented campaign staff that is paid to work on problems like this. I need to talk to them. And I just need time to think.

Bonnie: No way are you handling this alone. Do you mind?

Isaac: No way.

Bonnie: Okay, I'm coming, too.

Jessica: Good night, Isaac.

Isaac: Good night.

Jessica: Thanks for the support.

[Brandy sighs]

Brandy: Good night, Isaac.

Isaac: This is Brandy. She came all the way out here from Java Underground in the rain to let me know that a pipe had burst.

Brandy: I'm out of here.

Isaac: Right.

Brandy: Hey, you sound as wiped as I feel. Get some sleep, boss. I'll see you tomorrow.

Isaac: You can count on it.

Susan: Okay. Well, your paycheck will be used for personal expenses.

Alison: Well, what are those?

Emily: Clothing, spending money, beauty products.

Susan: And I won't charge you rent. But I will collect $20 a week for the meals you eat at home.

Emily: Oh, and the Jacuzzi repair? It's on me this time, Ali, but -- I'm sorry. I really hope we haven't painted you into a corner.

Alison: This is the best corner I've ever been painted into. You guys are the best.

Susan: I have never seen her that happy in my life. What did we just do?

Emily: I have no idea. I don't know about you, but I feel like a trained seal. She's thrilled. What did we do wrong?

Susan: We took everything away? Why is she so happy?

Emily: Well, because she thinks that no one's going to be breathing down her back because she's not in school? I mean, you and I both know she's gonna hate work more than school.

Susan: That's if -- if she can even land a job.

Emily: Right. All right, let's just sit tight and wait for our plan to work. Okay?

Paul: You know, Will's inherited your charm. I'm serious. You know how easy you've always been socially. Well, he's the same way.

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