ATWT Transcript Monday 8/26/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/26/02

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Marshall: She may not know it, but today marks the end of Jessica Griffin's career.

Bonnie: Ms. Hughes, I can't find my mother. I really need to talk to her.

Kim: Not now. We're going on the air in seconds!

Bonnie: Mom. Mom --

Jessica: We can't talk right now.

Bonnie: Mom, wait. Mom --

Stage Manager: Quiet, please! Stand by in five, four, three, two --

Molly: Good afternoon, Oakdale. I'm Molly McKinnon, and welcome to Meet the Candidates. Today, we're featuring a live debate with the leading candidates for district attorney. Our incumbent, Jessica Griffin, is well-known to the people of Oakdale. She's being challenged by the nationally known defense attorney and recent Oakdale citizen, Marshall Travers. Ms. Griffin, Mr. Travers, welcome to our show.

Jessica: Thank you.

[Molly sees Mike and is momentarily distracted]

Molly: Ms. Griffin, let's begin with you. You've been district attorney now in Oakdale for several years. What do you think constituents would like to see in their elected officials?

Jessica: I believe the voters of Oakdale, as well as the voters all over the country, are insisting that their elected officials be people that are worthy of their trust. Character is gonna play a major role in this election.

Molly: Thank you. Mr. Travers, you have been a trial lawyer for -- well, your entire career. So why seek office now, and why here in Oakdale?

Marshall: Well, first of all, I'd like to say how pleased I am to be with you this afternoon and how honored I would be to serve the people of Oakdale. Why run for office now? Well, because I'm ready. And why Oakdale? Because there's a need here, and I'm confident I can fill it.

Molly: Okay, thank you. We will be right back with our debate on "News First."

Stage manager: And we're clear.

[Molly laughs with joy]

Molly: I'm so happy to see you.

Mike: Same here.

Molly: You see that? Fate didn't let us down after all.

Mike: Fate had nothing to do with me being here, Molly, and you know it.

Bonnie: I need to talk to you.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I really need to stay focused on what I'm doing right now.

Bonnie: Mom, all you need to do is cancel this debate before it even gets started.

Jessica: Oh, that's very amusing.

Bonnie: I'm serious.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I thought you came down here to support me.

Bonnie: I heard Marshall Travers talking to the stage manager. He's got some damaging information against you. Mother, he is gonna use it to try to steal this election.

Simon: Katie -- Katie, stop. Stop, stop, stop.

Katie: Simon -- what are you doing here?

Simon: Craig told me you were here. He told me the whole story.

Katie: The whole story? You know, when you can't trust your very own brother --

Simon: No, he did the right thing. How could you do this? How could you make a decision like this without me?

Katie: I'll explain everything in just a second. This is my husband. We haven't seen each other in a really long time. Would you mind just giving us a minute? Thanks. Let's go back there. All right, you can yell at me all you want. Just please kiss me first. I missed you so much.

Simon: All right, talk to me. Are you sure you want to do this? Donating a part of your liver, I mean, that's gotta be dangerous.

Katie: The procedure is safe. They asked all the right questions, and if someone doesn't help Margo right now, she's gonna die.

Simon: All right. But why do I have to hear it from Craig? Why didn't you tell me about this?

Katie: I'm sorry. There just really wasn't time. I -- I heard that Margo needed me, and --

Simon: And then you left Avanya without bothering to say anything to me at all.

Katie: I know. I'm so sorry I put you through that. It just seemed like the only choice at the time.

Simon: All right. Leaving is one thing, but you've gone and made a life and death decision without even saying a word to me.

Katie: Simon, I can't -- I can't have you mad at me right now. Please?

Simon: I'm not. I'm not angry. I'm -- I'm confused. We've been through so much together. I know you so well, I swear sometimes I can hear you think. But in a time when you should be depending on me the most, it's like -- it's like you don't trust me at all.

Aaron: You should go.

Lucy: Why?

Aaron: Because no matter how hard we try, we've got a bad habit of getting caught.

Lucy: Don't worry. My dad's at the hospital. I should probably be there, too, but I just wanted to see you first.

Aaron: So does it feel any different?

Lucy: What?

Aaron: Kissing a high school graduate.

Lucy: Hmm, let me check. You know, it does. And now that you've proven how smart you are, all kinds of opportunities will come along.

Aaron: Well, we'll see. Right now, the only opportunity I want is to spend every second with you.

Lucy: My mom's doing everything she can to get my dad to drop the restraining order. I've seen how convincing she can be. I think we have a pretty good chance.

Aaron: Can you imagine that happening? You and me walking in public and not have to look over our shoulders?

Lucy: Holding hands at Java.

Aaron: Spending time together at the Country Club.

Lucy: It's all gonna happen. I know it.

Alison: What happened? Did your father cave in on the restraining order?

Lucy: Not yet. My mom's working on him.

Alison: Well, she better work fast, before your father finds out about the latest.

Lucy: The latest?

Alison: You know, Aaron going to the shrink.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. I didn't realize this was "Grope your Ex-Wife Day."

Craig: Come on in, Rosanna. Sierra and I were just --

Rosanna: No, please, please. Don't explain the gory details. They have channels on cable for that.

Sierra: Well, obviously, you've misunderstood. Craig was upset about his sisters. Surely you haven't forgotten that they're on their way to the operating room.

Rosanna: Let you and me get something straight between us -- this is not Montega, and you are not in charge.

Sierra: I never suggested I was.

Rosanna: Yes, obviously. You're not that direct.

Craig: There's no reason for insults, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Please, Craig, please.

Sierra: I've upset you, and I do apologize for that. I had no idea that you were so possessive towards Craig.

Rosanna: You think you can just sort of charm me off that easily? One word from queenie, and the rest of us just fall into place?

Sierra: You know, on the other hand, if you were looking for a fight, you might have just found it. 

Katie: I didn't tell you about leaving Avanya because I thought it would be better for Rose and Paul and everyone, including you, for you to stay there and help them. And I didn't tell you about this because I didn't want you to worry about me.

Simon: Worrying about each other is part of the deal, especially when your life is at stake.

Katie: I know, but Margo's life is at stake, too, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't try to help her.

Simon: I'm -- I am proud of you. I'm proud of you for wanting to help your sister. But Katie, my God, if something goes wrong --

Katie: I know. See? This is exactly what I was afraid of.

Simon: What? That I have my doubts about this? How can you expect anything else?

Katie: That's only part of it. I also knew that if you knew about this, then you would try to stop me. You would try to talk me out of it.

Simon: That's not what I'm doing.

Katie: I know. It's not intentionally what you're doing, but seeing you suffering like this and that look in your eyes --

Simon: You've made a choice that affects me, too. I don't want to lose you.

Katie: I know. Okay. You said this was about trust, right? Here's how much I trust you. It's your decision, Simon. If you don't want me to go through with this, I will walk out of here right now with you.

Stage Manager: We're back in a minute.

Jessica: Thank you. Okay.

Bonnie: Be careful, mother. That man is evil.

Mike: The job in Venezuela turned out to be a bust -- not the job itself but the way I got it.

Molly: Really? I don't understand. What -- what does that mean?

Mike: Someone faxed me a list of projects funded by the Cabot Foundation, and my job was on the list, and I put two and two together.

Molly: Meaning what?

Mike: Meaning Rosanna was behind me getting that job.

Molly: Really?

Mike: What's going on here, Molly? Did you forget how to be honest in that little short time that I was away?

Molly: No. No, of course not. I --

Mike: That fax came from your apartment. Carly already told me that she sent it.

Molly: Okay. Yeah, we did. We sent it together, because we thought it was best for you to know exactly what was going on.

Mike: Good. At least we're getting somewhere now. But why not just be up-front with me?

Molly: I'm sorry, okay? I -- I obviously used really bad judgment, but it shouldn't matter now, right? I mean, we're here, we're together, so let's just make the most of it.

Mike: We don't have a lot of time left. I'm leaving in a few days.

Molly: Okay. So you're obviously really upset about that fax. But if you'd just let me explain myself --

Mike: No, no, no, I'm not leaving because I'm angry, all right? I already signed on for a job in St. Tropez.

Stage Manager: Molly, let's go.

Molly: Do you think you can stick around till after the show?

Mike: Yeah, I'll be right here.

Aaron: I saw this trophy, and when I went to pick it up to see what it said, I dropped it, and it broke. And that's when I heard your Uncle Tom.

Lucy: Tom caught you?

Aaron: No. As soon as I heard him, I picked up the trophy and put it in my jacket. Lucy, it's not like I was stealing it. What would be the point of that? I just felt like an idiot, 'cause I broke it.

Lucy: What did Tom do?

Aaron: He asked me why I was in his house. And I told him, but he didn't seem to care.

Alison: Well, he probably didn't. It's only after that they get all righteous.

Aaron: I'm talking to Lucy.

Alison: I know, but you're taking forever. Aaron told Holden what happened, and that's when this whole shrink thing came about.

Lucy: How does she know all this?

Aaron: Because she was at my house when my dad was talking about it. Listen, I -- I didn't like hearing my father tell me I needed to see a doctor. But he's worried, and he figures if I have a problem, then I should take care of it.

Lucy: Well, all that is fine. It's just that when my dad finds out --

Aaron: He's probably gonna take back the restraining order. I know. So what do we do?

Lucy: We have to keep it a secret, especially from my dad and Rosanna.

Aaron: Okay. I'm not gonna say anything.

Lucy: Me, neither. I can't lose you now. And with my mom here, we have a chance.

Rosanna: What are you gonna do, Sierra, beat me up?

Sierra: Don't think I'm not capable of it.

Craig: Rosanna, Sierra saw how worried I am about Katie and Margo, and she embraced me like any friend would do.

Sierra: Craig and I have a very long, long history, and I didn't know I need your permission to embrace him.

Rosanna: Well, now you do.

Sierra: You know, I think I'll be going. Obviously, I make Rosanna insecure.

Craig: Oh, Sierra, isn't there something you'd like to tell Rosanna?

Sierra: Mm, that's right. Craig and I didn't sleep together in Montega.

Rosanna: Then why did you say that you did?

Sierra: I thought it would be fun to see your reaction. Thank you for not disappointing me. Call me.

Craig: Uh-huh. I really didn't want to see the two of you squaring off.

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: Yeah, right.

Craig: But as you saw, she just confirmed what I've been telling you all along -- that our relationship is no longer physical.

Rosanna: And you expect me to believe her? You must have no respect for me at all.

Craig: What -- what happened to you? Did something happen to you?

Rosanna: No, nothing happened to me. It was just a tough day, and -- I come here, I want to talk to you, and I find you and Sierra clinched like you're going off to war.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: You have it so wrong about Sierra and I. As she told you --

Rosanna: Well, I'm gonna just -- I'm gonna tell you one more time. I don't believe her, and I don't believe you.

Craig: Do you know what my life is like right now? My daughter has forsaken me, I have a sister who's fighting for her life and another sister who may well end up fighting for her life, all right? So forgive me if I'm not in the mood to fight your fires. I have a few of my own, and they are out of control.

Simon: But you're doing this at the possible cost of your own life.

Katie: Yeah. I've been having a hard time with that part, too. And it's so much harder with you here right now. It was so much easier just to imagine seeing your beautiful face when everything was over.

Simon: You know, if you can't do this -- if you can't do this, no one's gonna blame you. Certainly not Margo.

Katie: I have the opportunity to save the life of somebody that I love. I consider that a gift from God. I can't go back on that. I can't walk away from that. I'm sorry.

Simon: You know, I wish I could tell you that I'm okay with this, but I can't.

Katie: I know. I just made that decision though. I'm part of a family. I never understood what that meant, but now I do.

Simon: You're part of a marriage, too.

Katie: I know. That's not gonna change. You're not gonna lose me.

Simon: You know, I made a vow to protect you. I just never imagined it would be from yourself.

Katie: Simon --

Simon: Just give me a minute, okay? But if I have to make this decision --

Katie: No, don't. I can't let you make this decision for me. She's my sister. It's my body, my life. I thought about this a lot. I made this decision, and now I know it's the right one, and I'm not gonna back out on it, even if that's not what you want.

Simon: All I want is for you to be with me, like we planned, forever.

Katie: I know, honey. I want that, too. Oh, I just need to know that you understand this.

Simon: Yeah, I do.

Katie: Good. Everything's gonna be fine. This life I've been living has been such a wonderful dream, and I am not ready to wake up yet.

Sierra: Lucy?

Lucy: Mom, what are you doing here?

Sierra: I was looking for you, but I can't say I'm pleased where I found you.

Lucy: I -- I can explain. See, Aaron, he called me to tell me that he passed his test for his GED, and I just wanted --

Aaron: Look, it's my fault. Lucy worked so hard helping me study for my GED, and I wanted to celebrate. That's why I called her over.

Sierra: You know, it really doesn't matter to me whose fault it is. I asked the two of you to refrain from seeing each other unless I was present.

Lucy: I know. I'm sorry.

Alison: Don't be too hard on them. They both really appreciate everything you've done.

Sierra: That's nice of you, Alison. Thank you.

Lucy: So I guess you want me to come home with you now?

Sierra: Well, you know, actually, that's not why I'm here. I have good news. Your father has dropped the restraining order against Aaron.

Lucy: You mean -- did you hear that? Everything we were talking about, it can all come true now!

Alison: That's great news.

Lucy: What'd you say, mom?

Sierra: That's really between your father and me, and I don't want you acting as if you've defeated him in any way. He is being gracious enough allowing the two of you to see each other, and I want the two of you to be just as gracious towards him.

Lucy: Oh, we will -- right?

Aaron: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Sierra: And I want you following his rules. That means his curfew and where -- where you go and any other guidelines he sets up. Are you sure about that?

Lucy: Yes.

Sierra: Good. And I want you to be very cautious around Rosanna Cabot.

Lucy: Cautious? What do you mean?

Sierra: Under no circumstances should she be trusted or taken lightly. I have seen firsthand how vicious she can be, and I don't want her turning it towards you.

Jessica: Over the past several years, the crime rate in Oakdale has dropped considerably. Street crimes in particular -- burglaries, robberies and muggings -- are at an all-time low. Now, certainly, I don't want to take all the credit for that, but I do think that my presence in the D.A.'s office has been a major factor.

Molly: Thank you. Mr. Travers, you have one minute to respond.

Marshall: Well, I believe it's true that Ms. Griffin has worked with local law enforcement to lower the crime rates in Oakdale. But she's continued to let the big players go free. James Steinbeck is still at large. People with names like Walsh and Montgomery have continued to avoid prosecution and conviction. Ms. Griffin's brand of justice may begin in the street, but it ends at the Country Club.

Jessica: Well, if we're going to talk about the cases I have been unsuccessful in prosecuting, why not bring up Barbara Ryan? Or could it be because you defended Ms. Ryan when she was obviously guilty?

Marshall: Well, I presume you recall what the outcome of that trial was?

Jessica: It ended in a mistrial.

Marshall: As a result of your shabby performance and your long history of incompetence.

Jessica: If you have a point, make it. But I will not, and I'm sure the viewers and voters at home will not sit here and listen to gratuitous slander.

Molly: Okay, Ms. Griffin, Mr. Travers, our format called for a one-minute response from Mr. Travers, and we've already gone well beyond that. So why don't we take a short break, and when we come back, we will begin with Ms. Griffin. We will be right back with our candidates.

Stage Manager: And we're clear.

Molly: Okay. Guys, let's try to keep cool, and please, please stick to the format.

Jessica: Sorry, Molly, it won't happen again.

Marshall: You didn't hear me veer from the format. But if Ms. Griffin happens to do it again, I'll be glad to bring it to your attention.

Molly: Thank you.

Makeup person: You're blotching. Don't move.

Bonnie: You're not gonna get away with it. The people of Oakdale are much smarter than you think.

Marshall: And how do you know what I think?

Bonnie: I heard what you said to the stage manager. Have you got some thought to make my mother look bad?

Marshall: Looks like she's doing a good job of that all by herself.

Bonnie: I'm telling you, don't do it.

Molly: Okay, I've been thinking about this. First, i just want to say congratulations on the job, because I hear that St. Tropez is beautiful this time of year. But secondly, I want to talk you out of going.

Mike: It's too late. I already told 'em I'd be there.

Molly: But you can -- you can get out of that. You -- you know what? Give 'em to somebody else.

Mike: I'm not independently wealthy, Molly. I need to have a job.

Molly: You can get a job here, and I can loan you money if you need it --

Mike: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What kind of guy do you think I am? Do you think I'm gonna live off of you?

Molly: Well, you didn't hear what kind of interest I was gonna charge you.

Mike: That's a nice offer, but -- no thanks.

Molly: I see. So you're gonna take this job, and there's nothing I can do about it. But if that's the way it is, Mike, then I just have one last question for you -- why did you bother to come back here at all?

Sierra: It's just become clear to me that Rosanna will do anything she has to to impress Lucy's father. And I think, given the opportunity, she would try to tear the two of you apart.

Aaron: Your mom's right. Maybe we should just stay cool when we're around her.

Lucy: Which hopefully is never.

Sierra: Okay. I think the two of you understand where I'm coming from. So enough warnings for today. I'll see you back at your grandmother's. I don't want the two of you to let me down. You're a gorgeous couple, and I'm happy for you.

Aaron: I think I've said this already, but your mom is real cool.

Lucy: I know. Oh, you know, Aaron, i need to get to the hospital. It's almost time for my aunts to go into surgery.

Aaron: Do you want me to go with you?

Lucy: Uh, that's okay. You don't have to.

Aaron: Would it make you feel better?

Lucy: It would, but it's going to be kind of emotional.

Aaron: Well, that's why I'm asking you. Come on, let's go. Where's Alison?

Lucy: Um -- Alison? She must have left. You don't think she -- ?

Aaron: What?

Lucy: Nothing. Never mind.

Aaron: I mean, she could have at least said good-bye -- I mean, at least to your mother.

Lucy: You're right.

Aaron: You worried?

Lucy: A little.

Rosanna: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I really -- I didn't mean that. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't mean to be insensitive to what's going on in your life.

Craig: All right. Well, thank you. But I'd better be getting to the hospital now I think.

Rosanna: Right. Do you want me to go with you?

Craig: No. I don't want any -- distractions. You -- you understand.

Rosanna: Of course, of course. Whatever you think is best.

Craig: Stay close.

Rosanna: Listen, um, one question before you go. Did you -- did you agree to rescind the restraining order against Aaron?

Craig: I did, yes.

Rosanna: You did. Okay. I thought so. Well, that's why Sierra was so frisky.

Craig: You know, leaving it in place might've -- might've driven Lucy away for good, and I didn't want to risk that.

Rosanna: Of course, of course. I understand.

Craig: Yea. Not that I'm very happy about it or that I approve of Aaron any more than I did before, but I will deal with him anyway.

Rosanna: Would you -- would you like me to get involved?

Craig: Define "involved."

Rosanna: Well, if I devoted some time to it, i might be able to come up with a way to end Lucy and Aaron's infatuation, giving you your daughter back.

Craig: And what did you have in mind?

Rosanna: Well, first, I need to know whether you want my help or not.

Craig: I can't be implicated in any way. Clear?

Rosanna: Well, of course. No, this would be my show. All you would have to do is applaud when it's over.

Craig: You bring that off, I'll give you a standing ovation.

Rosanna: Well, frankly, I prefer my ovations lying down.

Craig: Oh. [Craig laughs] Encore.

[Door closes]

Rosanna: "What's that? Oh, Craig. Oh, Lucy had to go back to Montega? Oh. Well, what did you expect? Now that her relationship with Aaron is over, you couldn't expect her to stick around. I know. We'll miss her. Yes, we all will. But you'll still have me. And I'll have you -- all to my little self."

Mike: I'm not sure why I came back. I mean, I wanted to see you, of course. But when I got here, I decided not to.

Molly: Why not?

Mike: I didn't want a repeat of last time. You know, all that grief over whether we were ever gonna see each other again, those painful good-byes. I just figured you'd had enough of it.

Molly: But you're here. You came anyway.

Mike: Because of Carly. She's the one who convinced me to come after all.

Molly: That's it? Carly tells you to do something, so you do it?

Mike: No. I wanted to see you, to hold you, kiss you. That is all I have been thinking about from the moment I left Venezuela.

Molly: Then stick with that, and everything else will fall into place.

Mike: You sure about that? I only know one way to make a living.

Molly: Get a job here. It'll work out. Isn't it better for both of us to be happy than for us both to be sad?

Stage Manager: Places, everybody! We have 30 seconds to air.

Molly: Think about it.

Jessica: You think you have something on me? Go ahead, Mr. Travers. Fling it.

Marshall: You do have an alternative.

Jessica: And what would that be? Withdraw from this election?

Marshall: Precisely. Concede defeat today, and I'll spare you and your family the tremendous embarrassment.

Jessica: You know, you've got a lot gall, mister, and I suspect that's all you have.

Marshall: I'm trying to help you.

Jessica: Well, it sounds a lot like blackmail.

Marshall: It's a deal, and it's the only one you're going to get.

Stage manager: Okay. Stand by everyone. Ten seconds.

Jessica: Take your best shot.

Stage manager: We're back in five, four, three, two --

Jessica: I have experience, and I am ready, willing and able to serve the people of this community. Mr. Travers, on the other hand, is an opportunist who has migrated to this city for what he can get, not what he can give. A vote for him is just that. A vote for me would be a vote for Oakdale.

Molly: Okay. Mr. Travers, your closing comment.

Marshall: My opponent has portrayed herself as a woman with deep roots and family connections here in Oakdale. On this we agree. Ms. Griffin is extremely devoted to her family -- especially when it comes to granting them political favors.

Jessica: That's absurd.

Molly: Is this a formal accusation, Mr. Travers?

Marshall: I'm stating a fact of which I have proof. Ms. Griffin used her influence with a government agency in order to benefit her daughter's boyfriend, a local bar owner named Isaac Jenkins. Ms. Griffin knowingly and willingly abused her power, and she did everything she could to keep it a secret.

Simon: It's going to be fine. Good luck, baby. Good luck.

Katie: I'll see you. I'll see you, baby.

Craig: Hey, Simon.

Simon: Yeah.

Craig: Did you get here in time?

Simon: Yeah. They just -- they just took her off to the O.R.

Craig: You know, she's gonna be all right.

Simon: Yeah.

Craig: They both are.

Simon: Yep. Hey, look, thanks for telling me, all right? I appreciate it.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Oh, sweetness. You just get here?

Lucy: Yeah. Did Aunt Katie and Aunt Margo go into the operating room yet?

Craig: Um, just now. It'll be a while before we hear anything. Did your mother talk to you?

Lucy: Yes. Thank you.

Craig: Well, I won't pretend to understand what you're doing, but if it makes you happy, I'll do my best to accept it.

Lucy: I don't like fighting with you, daddy. I hope you know that.

Craig: Neither do i. Listen, it may be too early to ask, but would you consider moving back in with me? There's this echo in the suite. It's driving me nuts.

Aaron: The lot was full, so I parked over eighth. They --

Lucy: Daddy, if I do move back into the Lakeview with you, you'll be seeing a lot of Aaron, too. And maybe before I decide, you should tell me if that's okay with you.

[Rosanna finds a file on Aaron and reads it]

Rosanna: Voila. Lovely. Eww. [Knock at door] Who is it?

Alison: Alison Stewart.

Rosanna: Hello, Alison. Lucy's not here right now. Sorry.

Alison: Oh, that's okay, I just want to return this.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, I'll leave it for her. Excuse me. [Alison starts reading that file]  That's none of your business.

Alison: Hey! You don't have to grab.

Rosanna: You're right. I'm sorry. It's been a bit of a trying day.

Alison: For me, too. You know, Rosanna, if you ever need anything, I'd be more than willing to pitch in.

Rosanna: What do you mean? "Pitch in" with what?

Alison: Stuff, projects. I'm pretty smart about those kinds of things, and I know how to keep a secret.

Jessica: Those accusations are inaccurate at best. Whatever i may have done -- which of course is not to imply that I've done anything questionable -- what I've done I've done in the service of fair play.

Marshall: I hope your viewers heard that, Ms. McKinnon. It was practically a confession.

Jessica: If I might speak for a moment without interruption, I could --

Molly: Unfortunately, Ms. Griffin, we are completely out of time. We're gonna have to end it right there. I'm Molly McKinnon. Thank you for watching, and have a great evening.

Stage Manager: And we're clear.

Molly: Jessica, forgive me. I hated to cut you off, but I didn't have a choice.

Jessica: Yeah, I understand. It's not a problem.

Bonnie: Hey, I don't claim to know what you really want or why you came here to get it, but I will find out. Somewhere you've got secrets of your own, and I'm gonna make sure that the voting public gets to see every single last one of them.

Kim: That was a good job. It wasn't pretty, but it made for great television.

Molly: Thanks, Kim. Uh, during the show, there was a gentleman standing right by that monitor. Did you happen to see where he might have gone?

Kim: I'll talk to you later.

Molly: Thanks, Kim.

Mike: That was quite a performance.

Molly: Yeah, tell me about it. Marshall certainly knows how to turn the spotlight on himself.

Mike: Somebody needs to teach that guy some manners. But I was talking about you.

Molly: Oh, thank you.

Mike: You asked me to think about a way that I could stay in Oakdale. There is one thing we could do. It's not a solution, but it's a compromise, like you said.

Molly: Tell me. What?

Mike: It starts like this -[Mike kisses Molly]- you keep kissing me like that, I'll figure out a way to stay in Oakdale.

Molly: I can live with that. Easy.

Craig: Well, you kids hungry? Instead of the cafeteria, there's a place across the street.

Lucy: Daddy, I asked you a question. If I move back into the Lakeview with you, will you be nice to my boyfriend?

Craig: Anybody who's important to you will always be treated respectfully by me.

Lucy: I'm asking about Aaron.

Craig: Aaron, fathers are protective. It comes with the job. And if I've treated you unfairly, I apologize.

Aaron: Accepted.

Craig: Satisfied?

Lucy: Yes.

Craig: Of course, that doesn't mean you have free rein here. I expect you to follow the rules. Act responsibly.

Aaron: And we will, Mr. Montgomery. Thank you for the chance.

Craig: Yeah. There's no need for thanks. This has gone on long enough. So how did I do? Are you gonna move in?

Lucy: Luckily, I haven't finished unpacking at grandmother's.

Craig: You've made your old man very happy. I hope I've done the same for you.

[Craig laughs]

Lucy: You have.

Rosanna: If you're looking for a project, i suggest you find a job. Now if you don't mind --

Alison: You know that's not what I meant.

Rosanna: Then what did you mean?

Alison: That you and I might share an interest, like in a certain couple --

Rosanna: Excuse me?

Alison: Or maybe I'm wrong. It's just sometimes I am, but -- anyway, I -- I've got to go. I'm working on my back to school wardrobe, and it's not quite falling into place. Thank you. Bye.

Rosanna: Bye. Well, this is a start. Oh, I'm gonna miss you, Lucy. Well, perhaps I exaggerate.

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