ATWT Transcript Friday 8/23/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/23/02

By Suzanne
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Molly: There are holes in Travers' bio.

Kim: Yeah, research is sending a revised.

Molly: Okay. Jessica's win/loss record?

Kim: Uh-huh. Including her position and program on the state Crime Bill.

Molly: Got it.

Kim: I am so glad you are back. You look terrific and I swear you haven't missed a beat.

Molly: Let's just hope the Mike doesn't pick up my knocking knees.

[Kim laughs]

Kim: Come on.

Molly: Thank you. That's fine. Kim, get to the hospital.

Kim: I will. I will, right after the debate. I wanted to make sure, are you comfortable with this research?

Molly: I'm fine. But Margo and Katie are due in surgery, so I know exactly where you need to be. Okay? We have everything under control here. The debate is going to go off without a hitch. I promise. And we are all praying that the surgery is an unqualified success.

Kim: Thank you. I know that, but Bob just called. Margo hasn't been prepped yet, so actually I have a little more time than I thought. Oh, okay.

Molly: Okay.

Bonnie: Crib notes?

Jessica: Hey, sweetheart. I told you, you didn't have to come down here.

Bonnie: And since when have I listened to anything you ever had to tell me?

Jessica: Point taken. But shouldn't you be at Java underground?

Bonnie: Um, Isaacís got everything under control.

Jessica: Meaning?

Bonnie: Meaning, he's more than glad to fly solo.

Jessica: Sweetheart, are you sure that --

Bonnie: Hey, hey, hey. Meanwhile, you're wanted on the set.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bonnie: Star!

Jessica: Thanks for coming, it means a lot.

Bonnie: Oh, do good.

Jessica: Thanks. I'll see you later.

Bonnie: Okay.

Marshall: What an unexpected surprise.

Bonnie: I wanted a front row seat when my mother makes a total and complete fool of you.

Marshall: So you expect things to heat up, huh?

Bonnie: I hope so.

Marshall: Then I'll try not to disappoint.

Holden: Hey, Aaron. I don't mean to interrupt your work or anything, but I found this in the truck.

Aaron: Can you pass me the wire clipper?

Holden: Sure.

Aaron: Thanks.

Holden: It's addressed to you, from the school district.

Aaron: Ah, thanks. I must have left it in the truck when I dropped Luke at baseball camp.

Holden: It's probably your GED scores. Aaron, it's postmarked over a week ago. Is there any reason why you haven't opened it?

Lucy: So why did you stop by?

Alison: Okay, don't spaz, I know Iíve got one on loan already, but I need a dress.

Lucy: Fine, just return the one you already have and then we'll go through my closet.

Alison: Well, I would, but, I wanted to pay you back for letting me use it, so I'm having it dry-cleaned. I'll bring it back tomorrow or next day, tops.

Lucy: What's going on?

Alison: What's going on is I need a total image makeover. If I don't look like Marcia Brady in the next few hours, my whole life is over.

Rosanna: Say something.

Mike: What do you want me to say, Rosanna? You're the one planning my life. You might as well go ahead and put the words in my mouth while you're at it.

Rosanna: I explained to you --

Mike: No, you justified it. There is a big difference. Now, you messed with my life, you made me disappear on Molly -- and your excuse is that you didn't trust yourself around me? Please.

Rosanna: I understand that you have every right to be angry --

Mike: You're damn right I do!

Craig: This is extortion?

Sierra: No, it's more like motherly love.

Craig: So you're not going to come clean to Rosanna, unless I lift the restraining order against Aaron?

Sierra: That's right. It's one of our simpler negotiations, don't you think?

Craig: So what happened to the old Sierra?

Sierra: The scales left my eyes on your -- third affair.

Craig: But lying to Rosanna --

Sierra: What options did I have?

Craig: Well, we could have discussed this rationally.

Sierra: No, you are far from rational where Aaron is concerned.

Craig: Look, Rosanna and Lucy probably just got off to a bad start. She's probably a little jealous of me giving attention to somebody else, so she's just acting out.

Sierra: Isn't Rosanna a little old to be acting out?

Craig: I meant --

Sierra: I know who you meant, and you know what, I don't care what foot they got off on, I don't want that woman anywhere near our daughter. I don't want her to interfere in Lucyís life, one way or another.

Craig: Agreed.

Sierra: What if Rosanna doesn't agree?

Craig: She's gone, history.

Sierra: So this is true love, is it?

Craig: There is no woman that is going to come between me and my Lucy.

Sierra: Not even a woman with a bank account, the size of, say, Rosanna Cabot?

Craig: My love for my daughter is not on the auction block.

Sierra: Well, from what Iíve seen, Rosanna doesn't play nice when things don't go her way.

Craig: Do we have to do this here, now?

Sierra: I know it's a horrible time with Margo being so sick and all, but that is all the more reason for you not to let things get worse between you and Lucy. And you know what? I don't really care what all Rosannaís assets are, the bottom line is, all she really wants is to put as much distance between you and Lucy as possible.

Margo: Ow, ow. Katie, that's hurting.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry. But you have to suffer for beauty.

Margo: This is beauty?

Katie: Yeah, you're gonna have this gorgeous hairdo when you come out of surgery.

Margo: Hey, careful. They're not gonna let us keep these in.

Katie: Well, actually, they will. You know that guy, Bobby from transport?

Margo: Yeah, the guy who takes us down for testing?

Katie: Yep. Well, his mom does hairdressing on the side.

Margo: That's where you got these things?

Katie: Yeah, she gave us these cool little plastic clips and they should be fine.

Margo: Oh, well. Okay, okay, okay, Katie. Well, you are amazing.

Katie: Ah, yes, she finally admits it. You're gonna have this hot new look to go with your new liver.

Margo: There's nobody like you, Katie.

Katie: Simon says that a lot.

Margo: Well, speaking of Simon, he should be landed about now, right?

Katie: Yeah, a little while ago.

Margo: Oh good, then -- he's on his way over then, huh?

Simon: Katie! Katie! "Welcome home, darling. Pop open the bubbly. I'll be home soon. I love you. Katie." Where in the world is she?

Aaron: It's just a number. Are you gonna tell me I need a shrink now 'cause I don't care about a test score?

Holden: If that were the case, all the kids in Oakdale would be in therapy.

Aaron: Look -- I just want to enjoy what I've got going. Lucy's mom's letting us see each other. And I don't want anything to jinx it.

Holden: And you think your score on the GED could jinx it?

Aaron: Maybe.

Holden: Aaron, getting your high school equivalency is a lot more important than being able to date Lucy. It could affect the kind of job you get in the future or if you want to go to college one day --

Aaron: I never thought about going to college but, with Lucy, I want to do more with my life. I want to make her proud.

Holden: What about making yourself proud?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Holden: Whatever is in that envelope, it doesn't affect who you are. Pass or fail -- life has been okay lately, right?

Aaron: Okay? It's been better than okay.

Holden: So what are you afraid of? Open it up.

Aaron: Okay. Okay.

Holden: All right!

Lily: Mother, are you here?

Lucinda: Honey, is that you?

Lily: Oh, my God!

Lucinda: Oh!

Lily: Oh, you look --

Lucinda: Oh --

Lily: I'm so glad you're okay.

Paul: Hey, hey -- hey, you got one of those for me? I want one of those.

Lily: Of course we do. Oh, here. I'm so glad to see you, too. What, what, what -- what are you doing here? What's he doing here?

Henry: I'll take a rain check.

Lily: Henry causes nothing but trouble.

Lucinda: That's a long story, darling, and Henry won't be no trouble.

Lily: He's always trouble.

Henry: Henry's still in the room.

Lucy: Grandmother!

Lucinda: Lucy, sweetheart -- dear girl, you're here, too.

Lucy: Yeah, Iíve missed you.

Lucinda: It's good to see you.

Alison: Thanks, Luce, for the clothes. I'll bug out on your family thing.

Lucy: Let me know how it goes.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, I don't mean to frighten away any of your dear little friends.

Lucy: That's okay. She needed to borrow something.

Lucinda: Oh!

Lily: So tell me, where's Joe -- and Rose?

Paul: Joe was pretty sick, Lily.

Lucinda: Sweetheart -- Joe is still in the hospital in Florida with pneumonia. Rose is with him.

Lily: Well, wait a minute -- why didn't you stay there with them until he was better?

Paul: Well, Rose wanted some -- some time alone with her father and she wanted you to read that.

Lily: What's going on?

Paul: Lily -- Rose isn't coming back to Oakdale.

Mike: Did it ever occur to you to just tell me the truth instead of shipping me off to another continent?

Rosanna: I can see that you think that Iím making too much of one kiss, but all I can tell you is that when it was happening, it was like the first time and I wanted more. I just wanted you to want me again.

Mike: What do you want me to say to that?

Rosanna: I just want you to understand why I felt like I had to send you away.

Mike: It was all about you? It had nothing to do with wanting me away from Molly?

Rosanna: Well, you needed a job, didn't you? I thought I could help. I thought I could give you something to look forward to.

Mike: Then why didn't you just tell me about it?

Rosanna: Well, would you have accepted it?

Mike: Probably not.

Rosanna: Because it came from me, right?

Mike: No, because it wreaks of control and manipulation. The Rosanna I knew didn't try to get her way by ruining other people's chances at --

Rosanna: Chances at what? What did I ruin, Mike?

Mike: I need to live my life on my own terms.

Rosanna: Fine. Sorry I bothered.

Mike: Well, I'm sorry if I brought back memories that made you feel uncomfortable.

Rosanna: At least I didn't do something stupid and break up with Craig.

Mike: I had no idea I'd hurt you so badly.

Rosanna: Oh, please, don't flatter yourself. I'll get over it.

Carly: Hi. Nice to see you again, Mike. I'm so glad you got my fax.

Alison: It's showtime.

Dr. Michaels: Yes?

Alison: Dr. Michaels? I'm Alison Stewart.

Dr. Michaels: Alison, hi. Nice to meet you. I wasn't expecting you just --

Alison: I know I'm early.

Dr. Michaels: But you know it's fine. It just happens I'm not having a session right now.

Alison: I can just wait out here.

Dr. Michaels: No, no, no. Not necessary. Come in.

Alison: My mom hates it when I'm late.

Dr. Michaels: Oh, well, she should very pleased then. You're the first one here.

Alison: This is nice, not at all what I expected.

Dr. Michaels: Really? What -- what did you expect?

Alison: The couch. The weird paintings. Inkblots everywhere.

Dr. Michaels: Oh, I save the inkblots for later. Just kidding.

Alison: I really think that this therapy thing is gonna help.

Dr. Michaels: Well, tell me, what do you hope to change?

Alison: I just want my family to get along. My mom and Emily really want this to work, and so do I.

Dr. Michaels: That's the most important first step.

Alison: I guess I'm just so used to the fighting and the name-calling, but, you know, maybe we can find a balance. Start respecting each other.

Dr. Michaels: Well, good. I -- I hope that we can take everyone's feelings and issues into consideration.

Alison: You know what? I think I'm already starting to feel better.

Susan: Typical. She's not even here.

Emily: Kids run late, Mom.

Susan: Especially when she has your permission not to show up at all.

Emily: That's not what I said to her.

Susan: It's exactly what you said.

Emily: Mother, she should have a choice. You can't force her to do this.

Susan: Oh, yes, I can.

Emily: No, you see, it's exactly that kind of attitude that gets --

Susan: Don't criticize my attitude.

Emily: All right. You know what? All the therapy in the world isn't gonna change anything, if Ali doesn't want to be here.

Susan: Right now, I don't care what Alison wants. It's what she needs that counts.

Emily: All right. This is gonna be fun.

Susan: You should have stayed out of it.

Emily: I stayed out of it for 16 years!

Susan: Don't start in.

Emily: That's why we're here, Mom, to start in.

Dr. Michaels: Hi, Susan. Hi. Emily, good to see you again. I think we're ready to get started.

Molly: Could you make sure there's a copy of these bios on my desk? I want one last look before we go on air.

Man: You got it.

Molly: Thank you. Bonnie, hi!

Bonnie: Hi. This place is really buzzing.

Molly: Yeah, well, nothing more exciting than a live debate. Anything can happen. But don't you worry -- your mom can hold her own.

Bonnie: Yeah. That's what I thought, until Barbara's trial.

Molly: She has a lot of wins. Her record is still very solid.

Bonnie: Are you okay with the way she handled Abigail's case?

Molly: No bias. I promise. Really, I don't have a problem with Jessica. Relax. Your mom will do well.

Bonnie: Thanks.

Mike: Carly, it's over. We're just gonna forget about it and move on, all right?

Carly: Careful, Mike. Give her an inch, she'll try and take the rest of your life. See, finding a guy -- that's never been a problem for Rosanna. Her net worth takes care of that. It's holdin' onto 'em -- that's the killer.

Rosanna: Why don't you go away, Carly?

Carly: You know, that's so funny. I was just about to suggest the same thing to you. Move on, sis. See the world. Call your travel agent. I hear they're running some great deals to Venezuela.

Rosanna: Excuse me.

Mike: Did you have to do that? What's -- what's wrong with you? You have a great thing going with jack and parker. And all of a sudden, you just kinda keep dumping all over your sister.

Sierra: You know, Craig, the way that you deal with Lucy right now may determine how she judges you as a parent for the rest of her life.

Craig: I haven't exactly been an ogre here, you know.

Sierra: You keep it up, just being sneaky and underhanded, playing dirty, and she'll keep running.

Craig: Unless I blindly accept little Fabio there?

Sierra: Unless you make an honest effort to trust her feelings. That's up to you. What kind of father do you want to be? Tom. Tom, my prayers are with Margo.

Tom: Thank you, Sierra. How's she?

Craig: No change.

Tom: Okay.

Casey: Can we see Mom now?

Tom: Sure, sure. Let's get on in there.

Craig: So I'll think about maybe dropping that restraining order.

Sierra: Thank you.

Craig: I said "maybe."

Sierra: I need to go use my cell phone. I won't be long.

Craig: Uh, are you -- about to take her to the OR?

Nurse: The OR just called. They're ready.

Craig: Oh.

Tom: Well, I don't know if I can get used to the new look.

Margo: Hmm. How about you, Casey?

Casey: Well, it's weird, but I like it.

[Tom chuckles]

Craig: Me, too. This lady says they're ready for you down in surgery.

Tom: Okay, so Adam's on his way. We're trying to track down your mom. She was gonna cancel the cruise, but I talked her into going through with it. So she's somewhere between here and Puerto

Margo: Oh, please, if you talk to her, please don't worry her with this.

Craig: We'll tell her you're gonna be fine. 'Cause you will be.

Margo: Thanks, guys.

Nurse: I'll be back in a few minutes.

Margo: Oh. So, case, when I get outta here, we're gonna get your learner's permit, huh?

Casey: Yeah. Will you teach me?

Margo: Sure, I'll teach you everything I know. I'm so glad that you guys -- could see you again before the surgery. I love you, baby.

Casey: I love you, too, mom.

Margo: Honey, could I -- could I have a moment with Craig and Katie, alone?

Tom: Sure. I love you.

Margo: I wouldn't change one second.

Tom: No, not one.

Margo: Would you -- would you put this in a safe place for me?

Tom: This goes back on your finger right after surgery.

Margo: You're the best thing that ever happened to me, tom.

Tom: Honey --

Margo: Just listen, listen -- just -- always remember to listen, especially to Adam. Because he's -- he's so far away, and he -- he thinks he's so grown up.

Tom: I'll tell you what -- we'll -- we'll listen together. And I'll see you in recovery. I'm serious. I love the hair.

Casey: Aunt Katie? Thanks. Thank you.

Orderly: Your ride's here, Mrs. Hughes.

Craig: Here, let me help. Watch the iv. Watch the iv. Okay. All right.

Margo: You know what?

Craig: What?

Margo: Craig, I don't think you should give up your day job.

Craig: Thank you.

Katie: We don't even know what that is.

Margo: No. Honey, I gotta tell you something. I wanna thank you for putting together the living will for me. Tom knows about it now, in case we need it, okay?

Craig: We won't, we won't, we won't.

Margo: All right. Just do me one more favor.

Craig: Anything.

Margo: Square things with Lucy, would you, please? Would you please just let her know that she's the most important thing and that you love her? Because, Craig, we don't get this time back.

Craig: Yeah. I will, I will. Now will you stop being a big sister long enough for me to get a word in edgewise?

Margo: Yeah.

Craig: Actually, three words. I love you. Go show them how it's done in the OR.

Margo: Oh, you got it. You got it.

Craig: All right.

Margo: And, Katie --

Katie: Yes, I know. We'll compare scars later.

Margo: Okay. Okay. Let's go. Catch you on the flip-flop, guys.

Katie: We'll be there.

Margo: I love you.

Craig: I love you.

Craig: Simon would wanna be here.

Katie: I know. I just -- if I take one look at his face, I'm gonna chicken out.

Craig: If you have any doubts here --

Katie: No, stop, please. Just hug me.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Courage has such a pretty face.

Nurse: Time to get you ready to go down, too.

Katie: Okay.

Craig: All right.

Katie: Love you.

Craig: Love you. Okay.

Craig: Women are really the stronger sex. Katie's giving her a piece of her liver. All I can give is a lousy pep talk.

Sierra: I've heard a few of your pep talks. They're pretty good medicine.

Craig: Let me ask you something. If you were in Katie's shoes, who would you want holding your hand?

Sierra: Is that a trick question?

Craig: No, I'm -- all out of tricks.

Sierra: I'd want the man that I had shared my life with there with me. Even after everything we've been through, I'd want you there with me, Craig.

Simon: Katie?

Craig: Nah, it's just me.

Simon: Where's Katie? Why didn't she meet me up at the airport?

Craig: Didn't the note -- ?

Simon: Didn't the note explain? No. And why did the driver bring me here instead of the cottage?

Craig: Because that's how Katie wanted it.

Simon: What, is she with Margo?

Craig: Yes. Margo's critical. They just took her to surgery.

Simon: Well, I'm gonna go to the hospital. Katie must be beside herself --

Craig: Simon, Simon, wait. There's more. Margo couldn't wait for a liver donor. At least, not a conventional one. So they decided to go with a -- a living donor.

Simon: Oh, my God.

Craig: Yeah. Katie agreed to donate part of her liver to save Margo's life.

Lily: So she's taking Joe back to New Jersey and -- and then what's next for Rose?

Paul: Well, she wants to take care of Joe until she's sure that he's okay. And after he's recuperated, they -- they even talked about going to Italy for awhile.

Lily: Wow. Sounds like she's not coming back for a long time.

Paul: Well, you know, I'll get a read on things when I talk to her on the phone. But it's -- you know, I think she really needs to be back in her old neighborhood just as much as Joe does.

Lucinda: It's really -- it's quite charming, darling. She just feels that this is an opportunity -- it's a second chance for her father and herself.

Henry: Yes, yes. You know, I'd dump all this for a two-story in a back alley in jersey.

Paul: You know what, Henry? Please --

Lucinda: Don't push it, Henry.

Lily: Are the wedding plans on hold, too?

Paul: Yeah. For -- for now. You know, she's got a lot going on. We both have a lot going on right now. And it's just -- Lucinda, can I use your phone? I have to -- I have to call Hal.

Lucinda: Absolutely! Go in the drawing room. It's more private.

Lily: Is he okay?

Lucinda: I don't know, honey. He seems to be quite content to give Rose space and time with her father. I just hope he doesn't live to regret it.

Dr. Michaels: Okay, now I have some history. I think we can move forward.

Susan: Unfold those hands.

Emily: Mother, let it go.

Dr. Michaels: Susan, what troubles you about Alison's hands?

Susan: Nothing. I'm sorry.

Dr. Michaels: Nothing?

Susan: It's an act. She's testing me. She's been testing me for years.

Emily: You know what? Teenagers test us. We know that. It's just that Alison's done her -- well, more than her share of testing these days.

Susan: I'll say. She was hauled down to the police station for disorderly conduct. She made a spectacle of herself at your wedding.

Emily: Yeah, because I went back on my word. I told her that she could be --

Susan: Stop making excuses!

Emily: I'm not. I'm just trying to say that I remember what it's like to be her age.

Susan: Are you getting the dynamic here? With Emily constantly undermining me. Alison has lost all respect for my authority.

Emily: That is not true!

Susan: She goes to Emily with every little problem.

Emily: You know what? If my mother would just be a little more flexible --

Dr. Michaels: Emily, okay. Why do you feel that Susan is inflexible?

Emily: Because. Everything with her is black and white, right or wrong. There are no gray areas in her life. And maybe it's part of her recovery. I can understand --

Susan: My recovery is not the reason Alison is out of control.

Emily: She's not out of control. She's a teenager.

Dr. Michaels: Alison -- how do you feel about the situation at home?

Alison: It makes me really sad when my mom and Emily argue like this because of me.

Emily: We don't argue because of you, Alison.

Alison: I've done some really lame things, but I'm really sorry.

Susan: Who do you think you're fooling, young lady?

Dr. Michaels: Well, Susan, why do you think Alison wants to fool anyone?

Susan: And where did you get that outfit?

Alison: I wanted to make her happy, and I'm still wrong. I got dressed up. I got here early. I've listened to her yell and scream about what a problem I have.

Emily: Nobody thinks you're a problem.

Susan: It's your behavior.

Alison: I'm behaving now, and it's still not good enough for you.

Susan: Alison, just drop the act. The perfect little manners, the little preppie getup.

Alison: Well, I wanted you to be proud of me, but nothing I do is ever right! You're never happy!

Dr. Michaels: Listen, why don't we all just take a moment --

Emily: I think what my mom's trying to say in so many words --

Susan: Don't speak for me!

Emily: -- Is that Alison didn't want to come here, and so now she's trying to prove to all of us -- you -- that she doesn't need to be here.

Alison: See? I'm the problem. I'm the troublemaker. I'm the reason why no one gets along.

Susan: Stop exaggerating!

Alison: Do you know how this makes me feel.

Susan: Stop pretending to be something you're not! It's not gonna help!

Alison: Do you even know who I am, mother?

Susan: Here we go again.

Emily: Will you let her talk, for Pete's sake?!

Lucinda: All right, Henry.

Henry: All right.

Lucinda: Henry, please. Please. My butler will show you to your quarters in the guesthouse. Dinner will be sent down to you. You will retire early, because you're going to get up betimes. I expect to see you at my office at 7:30. Okay? A.M.! Any questions?

Henry: Yes. Does the guesthouse have digital cable or satellite?

Lucinda: 7:30 a.m.. And -- do not fail me.

Henry: Don't count on it, dragon lady.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lucy: Hello?

Aaron: Hey! It's me.

Lucy: Hey, I was just thinking about you.

Aaron: Guess what? I got my GED scores back. Guess who passed?

Lucy: Well, that's great, Aaron. I really needed to hear some good news today.

Aaron: Because you're worried about your aunt Margo?

Lucy: Yeah. But not only that. My Aunt Rose decided to go back to New Jersey for awhile. No one seems to know when she's coming back. Aunt Lily and Paul are pretty upset.

Hey, are you in the barn?

Aaron: Yeah. Why?

Lucy: Don't go anywhere. I'll be right there.

Carly: What is this? "Be kind to manipulating millionaires" month?

Mike: Rosanna's more fragile than you think.

Carly: Fragile as titanium.

Mike: Carly, if Rosanna's changed, it's because what you and I did to her.

Carly: You've just never seen her without her mask before.

Mike: So I guess you two won't be doing lunch anytime soon.

Carly: Oh, sure we will. When pigs fly.

Mike: I give up.

Carly: Good. So let's cut to the chase and get to the reason you came back to Oakdale.

Mike: Why do you think?

Carly: To sweep Molly off her feet?

Mike: I'm not sure Molly's ready to see me.

Carly: There's only one way to find out.

Mike: Hmm, not so fast. Last time we talked, we agreed that the distance between us was good. At least for now.

Carly: Then why didn't you go back to New York?

Mike: I'm not sure. In part, because I was so mad at Rosanna, I came back. But --

Carly: Well, let's talk about the other part.

Mike: I'm not sure how that'll shake out.

Carly: Wanna know what I think?

Mike: You're gonna tell me, anyway, aren't you?

Carly: Yes, I am. You see, I think you're afraid. Afraid that if you let any more time pass, Molly would forget how much you were starting to mean to her.

Mike: You're good, Carly.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Mike: But I leave in just a few days. I'm due in St. Tropez on a job at the end of the week.

Carly: If you've only got a few days, make 'em worth it!

Mike: It's just -- it's not fair to Molly.

Carly: Why? Hey, Molly is a tough chick, you know? If spending five days with you or five minutes with you isn't right for her, she's gonna let you know. She doesn't play games. Like certain other people we know.

Mike: I don't wanna complicate her life.

Carly: Her life? Or yours? Now, why -- why are you sitting here wasting time with me? If you care half as much as you say you do about Molly, get yourself over to WOAK and tell her!

Stage manager: Ten minutes to air, Molly. Your intro's comin' up on the prompter soon.

Marshall: Where can I find the director?

Stage manager: He's in the booth.

Marshall: Be sure to tell him -- keep the camera trained on me when things get interesting.

Stage manager: Okay.

Marshall: She may not know it, but today marks the end of Jessica Griffin's career.

Simon: Why didn't the car take me straight to the hospital?

Craig: Because Katie didn't want you to know --

Simon: What are the risks?

Craig: Well, they're not high --

Simon: How high, Craig? What, has anyone ever died during a live donation? Damn it, Craig! Just answer me!

Craig: Yes. But -- Simon.

[Answering machine beeps]

Lucy: Daddy, it's me. Listen, let me know about Aunt Margo and Aunt Katie. I'm praying for them. I just wanted to say I love you. Very much. Okay, bye.

Sierra: She's a good girl. Trust her. Lift that restraining order.

Dr. Michaels: So let's try to find a day next week that's good for everyone.

Emily: Sure.

Alison: Whatever.

Dr. Michaels: Susan? I think it's very important that Alison came today, no matter what she was wearing or what her motives might be. There are obviously communication issues here, and they're not gonna be worked through overnight.

Alison: You wanna talk about communication issues? Go back to the little history lesson they threw at you and ask them why they left out one tiny detail. Like the fact that I just found out I was the child of Frankenstein a few months ago. See? They kept their little science experiment a big secret. Yeah, so much for communication. Later.

Dr. Michaels: Shall we say Wednesday?

Henry: Lucinda -- I don't think 7:30 in the morning is gonna work for me.

Lucinda: You're right. It's been a harrowing trip home.

Henry: Yes, yes.

Lucinda: 8:00.

Henry: 8:00. Uh, it has been very harrowing. Don't you think you could be a little bit more flexible?

Lucinda: Darling -- what are you talking about? Success isn't flexible.

Henry: Listen. Listen. Why don't you drop me $20,000, and we'll call it a day, okay? I have a photographic memory. I know where that diamond is. I'll go down and get that rock --

Lucinda: Oh, stop it, Henry! Stop it! No chance. I own you.

Henry: I don't think that's legal.

Lucinda: We'll look into that, too, all right? Ah. I'm gonna make you a productive member of society. Willy nilly.

Henry: Lady, I would rather fight sharks at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Um, why don't you have the butler out a nice dry martini on the dinner plate, okay? Nice chilled glass. I would really apprec --

Lucinda: Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!

Lucy: Aaron?

Aaron: Ah. I'm so glad you're here. But what about the restraining order?

Lucy: I don't care.

Aaron: But we promised your mom.

Lucy: She'll understand. Aaron, it's like everywhere I turn, someone's afraid of losing the person they love. I'm so lucky to have you, and I don't wanna waste another minute apart.

Craig: Remember when Lucy was 5? Threw that fit when she said it wasn't fair she couldn't marry me.

Sierra: She still adores you. She and I share the same weakness -- we can't stay angry with you for very long.

Craig: You don't think I blew it?

Sierra: You heard her message. She wants to be close to you again. The question is, what do you plan to do about it?

[Phone ringing]

Marshal: Marshall Travers.

Craig: Marshall, it's Craig Montgomery. Listen, I'd like you to drop that restraining order against Aaron Snyder as soon as possible.

Marshall: No problem. Oh, and, Craig -- you might want to send one of your reporters down here to WOAK. There'll be some breaking story involving our district attorney very soon.

Bonnie: Ah, Mrs. Hughes. I need to find my mother. I really need to talk to her.

Kim: Not now. Not now. We're going on the air in seconds!

Stage manager: Places, people!

Bonnie: Mom, wait.

Jessica: I'll talk to you after. Wish me luck.

Stage manager: Quiet, please. And -- five, four, three, two --

Molly: Good afternoon, Oakdale. I'm Molly McKinnon, and welcome to "Meet the Candidates." Today we're featuring a live debate with the leading candidates for district attorney. Our incumbent, Jessica griffin, is well known to the people of Oakdale. She's being challenged by the nationally known defense attorney and recent Oakdale citizen marshal Travers. Ms. Griffin, Mr. Travers, welcome to our show.

Sierra: I am so proud of you.

Craig: Yeah, thank you. Now our daughter's falling for a felons of America motorcycle club member.

Sierra: Try not to worry about it, really. And I promise -- I will talk to Rosanna.

Craig: There's no rush. Rosanna is kind of down on my list of priorities today.

Sierra: Did Simon go to the hospital?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, but I think all that's in God's hands now.

Sierra: Well, it seems like the things that matter most to us in this life aren't really anything we can do anything about.

Craig: Like Bryant's accident.

Sierra: Or who Lucy falls in love with.

Craig: I miss him so much.

Sierra: So do I.

Craig: You know, when I pray, I hope my prayers still count for something.

Sierra: I think all prayers count. When they come from the heart. And I know your heart. I'm one of the few people that still appreciate how easily it can be hurt.

Simon: Katie? Katie! Stop, stop.


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