ATWT Transcript Thursday 8/22/02


As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/22/02

By Suzanne
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Isaac: Bonnie --

Bonnie: Hi.

Isaac: I missed you, girl.

Bonnie: I missed you, too.

Isaac: I said so many things I wish I could take back.

Bonnie: Me, too. I hate fighting with you. I guess this means you don't hate me.

Isaac: Come on now. I could never hate you. I love you. I just think that business and love don't mix. So, now that we have all that nonsense behind us --

Bonnie: My mother has spoken with you, hasn't she?

Isaac: Why would your mother, the D.A., need to speak with me? Are you having me locked up for being a bad boyfriend?

Bonnie: You are the best boyfriend ever in the whole wide world. And this is the best news. My mother just wanted to go over those papers with you so that you could see the situation in the best possible light. That's all.

Isaac: I'm not liking the sound of this.

Bonnie: But you're going to love it. Once you just sit back and think about it, you're going to be fine with it. Because it is 100% official. Along with my fabulous godmother, Iím now part owner of Java underground. My mother drew up the contracts. We signed this morning. Can't wait to do business with you, partner.

Susan: How long do we wait before we send out the bloodhounds?

Emily: She'll be here.

Susan: With the mood she's in, we'll be lucky if she --

Emily: Mother, will you relax? Alison will be here.

Susan: Since you're the one with all the answers this afternoon, remind me. How are we supposed to talk her into seeing Lynn Michaels for family therapy?

Emily: You know what? I think the tough part's gonna be getting her to be herself once she is there. Dr. Michaels has got to see how defiant this kid is.

Susan: Won't be a problem.

Alison: Ladies, let's make this quick. One of us has a life.

Holden: Morning.

Aaron: Hey.

Holden: We need to talk.

Aaron: What about?

Holden: About you going into Tom and Margoís place uninvited.

Aaron: I already explained this to you. It's not like I went into the house to rip anybody off. The door was open, and I knew about Margo -- Detective Hughes. I mean, I was worried, and I just -- I walked into the house.

Holden: That part I know. And I know you didn't mean any harm with the trophy, but this is not the first time that you did this. And I think we should probably look into this issue.

Aaron: Look, if we're done with this conversation, I have more chores to do around here.

Holden: Why don't you come on up to the house later? Luke, he's been asking about you.

Aaron: You trust me around your kids?

Holden: There's a world of difference between being dangerous and working stuff out. I see the difference. I just wish that you could.

Lily: Oh, hi!

Sierra: Look at you!

Lily: Oh!

Sierra: You look incredible.

Lily: Oh, I look like a whale, but that's okay. I feel good.

Sierra: No, you don't.

Lily: That's the most important part. Come on in. Oh, it's so good to see you.

Sierra: Good to see you.

Lily: Can I get you anything? You want some iced tea? I have fresh muffins.

Sierra: Did Emma make them?

Lily: Yes, she did.

Sierra: Ooh, sounds fabulous.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Oh --

Sierra: Why don't you get that? And I'll get the muffins.

Lily: Okay. Okay. Hello?

Katie: Lily, hi. It's Katie. Any word on the eta of Lucindaís jet?

Lily: The last I heard they were still stuck going through Customs. What are you doing on the phone? Aren't you supposed to be in surgery?

Katie: Not soon enough. They've delayed things a little bit.

Lily: Oh, all right, I'll be sure to give Simon the message. I'm sure he's gonna want to see you before you go in.

Katie: No, no, no, no. No messages, please. You know, it's just something that I want to talk to Simon about in person. Anyway, I'll have someone pick him up from the airport, so don't worry, okay? Thanks. Here's Tom.

Tom: Thanks. Hi, Lily. How are you?

Lily: I'm fine. How's Margo doing?

Tom: She wanted me to thank you for the care package you sent over for Casey and me. You're a real lifesaver.

Lily: I just wish there was more I could do.

Tom: Just -- just send us your prayers. Oh, and by the way, tell Holden not to worry about that Aaron thing. It's no big deal. It just caught me off-guard.

Lily: What "Aaron thing"?

Tom: Well, it's no big deal, like I said. I caught him in the house when no one was there.

Lily: Doing what?

Tom: You know what? Margo's doctor just walked in, so remember to tell Holden. Look, everybody's under a lot of stress. Why should the kids be any different, right? Listen, I gotta run.

Lily: Okay. Give Margo my love.

Sierra: I heard you say something about Aaron. Is everything all right?

Lily: Yeah. Everything's fine.

Craig: What's this? Hey! Couldn't stand to stay away from your old man?

Lucy: I just came by to get the rest of my things. It's getting too hard going between here and grandmother's, so Iíve packed everything.

Craig: That's everything?

Lucy: The rest is in the car.

Craig: Lullaby, don't leave while you're angry. We need to talk about this.

[Knock at door]

Lucy: You need to get that.

Craig: All right, look, Iíll get rid of them, and then we'll talk, okay? Oh, hi, Rosanna. Listen, Lucy and I are right in the middle of something.

Rosanna: Well, this won't take long.

Lucy: No, please, take all the time you need.

Craig: Do you want me to carry your bag?

Lucy: Oh, no. It looks like your guest needs you more than I do.

Craig: She doesn't even let me kiss her good-bye. I didn't think she'd stay that angry.

Rosanna: Well, she's not the only one. I hope you have one of your silk ties handy.

Craig: Oh. You kind of caught me at a bad time --

Rosanna: No, because I would like to strangle you with it. And don't give me one of those little "what did I do?" looks. You know damn well what you did. You slept with your ex-wife.

Alison: Shouldn't you be on a honeymoon or something? Or at least letting that husband of yours drool all over you?

Emily: Actually, we've postponed those festivities for awhile.

Alison: Hmm. Okay, so is anybody gonna tell me what I'm being ambushed about, or do I bolt?

Emily: No, no, no, don't bolt. We do want to talk to you about something. Don't we, mom?

Susan: Remember I mentioned your seeing a therapist?

Alison: I remember you screaming at me across the lawn at the wedding. Is that what you're referring to? 'Cause if you are, you can forget it.

Emily: Wait a minute. I know everything was a little out of control at the wedding --

Alison: Including and especially me, right?

Emily: Well, yeah -- I mean, for all of us. And that's why we've made an appointment with a therapist for today.

Alison: You went behind my back! And then you spring this heinousness on me in public! What kind of freaks are you?

Emily: Sweetie, it's not a big deal. The three of us are gonna go. See, here -- here's the address and the time, Dr. Lynn Michaels. Just -- will you please meet us there?

Susan: And for God's sake, be on time!

Alison: Forget it. I'm not getting shrunk. And I'm not crazy just because I don't behave the way you think I should.

Susan: Honey, nobody said you're crazy.

Alison: You don't have to. It's in your face and your words every time you have to deal with me.

Emily: You know what? Just relax, okay? The three of us are gonna be there. We really need to see this doctor. Because I think, eventually, we're gonna kill each other.

Alison: You mean the adults have to talk and the kid sits back and listens? Well, fine, you guys go. And if your buddy shrink wants to know what's so wrong with me, just tell her to look at the two lunatics in front of her.

Emily: Oh, Alison, would you just -- oy-yoy-yoy. Well, that -- that could've gone a lot better.

Susan: Well, if you'd let me handle it --

Emily: If I let you handle it, nothing would have changed, you know? She went ballistic because all you do is fuel her fire.

Barbara: Emily -- I was admiring your unique way with children. Thank goodness you'll never get your hands on my son.

Craig: So who's been lying to you now?

Rosanna: Sierra told me.

Craig: Well, Sierra doesn't lie. She's physiologically incapable of it.

Rosanna: That's all I needed to hear.

Craig: Whoa, don't I get to say anything? Nothing happened.

Rosanna: So you're telling me that Sierra decided to stoop to your level and lie about something that never happened?

Craig: I guess so.

Rosanna: How stupid do you think I am?

Craig: You're the brightest bulb on the tree.

Rosanna: I am an idiot.

Craig: Hey.

Rosanna: You are a jerk.

Craig: Hey, hey.

Rosanna: Let go of me! Let go of me!

Craig: Pull yourself together! All right, okay.

Rosanna: I thought we meant something to each other.

Craig: I thought we did, too.

Rosanna: Then how could you?

Craig: I didn't.

Rosanna: You swore!

Craig: I didn't touch her!

Rosanna: Do you have any idea what I gave up for you? When I kissed Mike, all the feelings that I had for him came back -- everything! And I sent him away. I sent him out of my life so I wouldn't be tempted to go down that path. I gave up a second chance for him. After everything everybody told me about you, after everything I even knew about you, I stuck with you and I chose you. And you chose Sierra?!

Lily: Okay, say this one more time. Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery, upholder of truth, protector of morals -- you lied?

Sierra: Shhh! I prefer to call it a fabrication. I was -- was fabricating.

Lily: Yeah, fabricating. You lied. I love that.

Sierra: Would you stop it?

Lily: No, it's good. It's a good thing.

Sierra: It was just a one-time thing. And you know what? That Rosanna, she deserved that and much more. You know, if she wants to be in Craigís life, she can have him. But when she starts interfering in my daughter's life, that's where I have to draw the line.

Lily: Now what did she do to Lucy?

Sierra: She was trying to exile her to Montega.

Lily: Why?

Sierra: Because Rosanna has learned that, if she wants Craigís undivided attention, the only way she can get that is if she gets rid of all of his outside distractions.

Lily: Do you still -- I mean, do you want him -- Craig?

Sierra: For heaven's sakes, no.

Lily: Oh, no, sorry. Sorry.

Sierra: Listen, all I really want is for my daughter to know her father. And that is difficult under his normal abnormal circumstances. And with Rosanna inserting herself and trying to sabotage Lucyís relationship with Craig and Aaron, I think the only lesson that Lucy is gonna learn here is not to trust her father.

Lily: I had no idea any of this was going on. Nobody tells me anything anymore.

Sierra: Well, mother will be back soon, and the family rumor mill, grapevine will be up and running in a flash.

Lily: I'm sure.

[Doorbell rings] oh, let me get that.

Sierra: Are you sure?

Lily: I'll do my best. I need the exercise. Don't worry. Lucy! Hi! How are you?

Lucy: Great now that my mom's in town. Is Aaron around by any chance?

Sierra: She's just asking out of casual curiosity and trying to be polite, because Lucy knows that she is not to see Aaron until her father lifts that restraining order, right?

Lucy: Yeah, just asking to be polite.

Sierra: Mm-hmm. Well, we'd better get going. I want to see Margo and Katie before they go into surgery.

Lily: It's so good to see you. Thank you so much --

Sierra: Great seeing you. And I'll see you soon.

Lily: Oh, you'd better. You'd better.

Sierra: I love you.

Lily: I love you, too.

Sierra: All right.

Lily: Take care.

Sierra: See ya later.

Holden: Lily?

Lily: Living room!

Holden: Hey, there.

Lily: Hey. What are you doing? You just missed Lucy and Sierra.

Holden: Really? I'm sorry I missed 'em. I was -- I was with Aaron. Did anybody call?

Lily: Yes, actually. I had a very, very interesting conversation with Tom.

Holden: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Holden: What about?

Lily: Something about catching Aaron alone in his house. But the interesting part about it is my husband neglected to tell me about it.

Isaac: This is a nightmare. Somebody wake me up, because this is not happening.

Bonnie: Come on, give it a chance. If we can be partners on the road of life, we can be partners here, too. I know it.

Isaac: Lisa wouldn't just hand over her portion of Java underground. What did you do? Did you snap your fingers, bow your crown and thy will was done?

Bonnie: I didn't force Lisa into anything! Since I have an intimate knowledge of what goes on here, we agreed that I would buy in and take over her administrative duties. That way, she can stay on as life of the party.

Isaac: Well, great. Great. You all figured it out without even consulting the principal owner who has a right to decide who he wants to be partners with.

Bonnie: I suppose you could fight it.

Isaac: Oh, you got that right. I told you flat out, I don't want any part of any partnership. And what did you do? You went behind my back to Lisa.

Bonnie: What are you so angry about? You haven't lost anything. You still own as much of the club as you did last night. But you gained a dedicated, inspired, ecstatic new partner, someone else to share the responsibility, bounce ideas off of, make plans with.

Isaac: You made all the plans. What, am I just supposed to just live with that?

Bonnie: But this is important to me, too. Isaac, we're in love --

Isaac: Which does not give you the right to put your nose into something I created a long time before you were here, something that I built. Now, I love you, but I'm not gonna give in to your every whim like your mother and Lisa do.

Bonnie: Is that what you think about me? Isaac -- we have worked together side-by-side, slept together side-by-side. I could have sworn we knew each other by heart. I love you completely. You love this place. If you think for one minute I would treat something that you love lightly or dismissively, you don't know the first thing about me. Isaac, where are you going?

Isaac: To call my lawyer. I want you out of my club today.

Bonnie: Isaac, if you would just listen to me --

Jessica: Sorry I'm late. My schedule's all over the place today, and Iím debating Travers at Woak this afternoon. So -- I haven't told Isaac the good news.

Bonnie: I already broke it to him.

Jessica: That would explain the happy faces. So Iím sure you have some questions.

Isaac: How could Lisa, my partner, go and do something this significant behind my back?

Jessica: Well, is it surprising that Lisa would want to simplify things for herself right now? I mean, her daughter-in-law's in the hospital struggling, fighting for her life. Margo's in for a difficult fight with this disease.

Bonnie: She wanted to be available just in case Tom needed her.

Isaac: I could've bought her out.

Bonnie: She didn't want to be bought out. She loves being at Java underground. She loves working with you.

Isaac: Why am I getting her good-bye speech from the two of you?

Jessica: Oh, Isaac, Lisaís plate is really full right now. And she was thinking of you when she did this. I mean, instead of selling the place to some total stranger, she decided a part should go to someone who loves this place and you as much as she does. So, naturally, she would choose Bonnie. And isn't it better to share something you love with the person you love?

[Isaac sighs]

Bonnie: That's the problem. Isaac's not so sure he loves me anymore.

Craig: How are my two best girls?

Margo: Wow, you still can't count, Craig.

Craig: So I stand corrected. My four favorite females.

Margo: Great. Just great. A little weak in the knees, but great.

Lucy: You know, I want to get something for aunt Katie and aunt Margo downstairs.

Katie: Oh, good idea. Give her $50. Go downstairs and get every issue -- every September issue of every magazine they have on the rack. And be swift.

Lucy: Are you coming, Mom?

Craig: She'll be with you in a minute. We have something to discuss.

Sierra: I have already said everything I needed to say.

Craig: Yeah, to Rosanna. But you still have to talk to me. Did you tell Rosanna you slept with me in Montega?

Sierra: Yes, I did. Margo, Katie, I will leave you in the brilliant hands of your doctors. We'll see you in recovery. Sweet dreams.

Margo: Thank you, Sierra.

Katie: Thanks.

Craig: Sierra --

Katie: I am going stir crazy. I gotta get out of here.

Margo: Don't let Dr. Bartlett catch ya.

Katie: Oh, I have the uniform. I'll blend.

[Margo moaning]

Craig: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on.

Margo: Okay.

Craig: All right?

Margo: Man, poor Katie. She just -- you know how much she hates hospitals. And she's so worried about Simon. And we keep getting delayed.

Craig: Well, I'll make sure he gets here soon as he gets out of the airport, all right? Now I have a favor to ask you.

Margo: Oh, sure. Anything I can help out with.

Craig: Don't die on me.

Margo: I'm not going anywhere, little brother. I'm not done with you yet.

Lily: So what was Aaron doing when Tom found him alone in his house just standing around?

Holden: Tom said that Adamís old trophy fell out of Aaronís jacket --

Lily: What?

Holden: -- And broke. Tom said it really wasn't a big deal.

Lily: Oh, my --

Holden: He was more concerned about somebody being in the house than he was concerned about Aaron being a threat. Lily, Aaron is not a threat. He's not a danger to himself or anyone else.

Lily: Wait, wait -- isn't this a little strange, though? I mean, he keeps walking into people's houses uninvited. How long are we going to keep our heads in the sand about this? What if it happens again and someone finds out? I mean, Sierra was here when Tom called.

Holden: Aaron will calm down. He's just stressed out. And who wouldn't be where Craig is concerned? Craig inspires it.

Lily: Inspires? He didn't inspire Aaron to walk into Tom's house. He doesn't inspire Aaron to cross the line over and over and over again.

Holden: I know. I know. I should probably tell you that I tried to convince him to go talk to somebody. Not only about that but everything that happened in Seattle, as well.

Lily: Like a therapist?

Holden: Uh-huh.

Lily: And he refused?

Holden: Yeah.

Lily: You should insist.

Aaron: If it's all the same to you, maybe we can talk about this shrink stuff some other time? Like way, way, way in the future?

Alison: Whoa. What are you? Psychic or something?

Aaron: Oh, I thought you were someone else. Alison, go away.

Alison: Somebody wants to send you to get your head shrunk? Who? Holden? Well, whoever it is, it can't be as bad as finding out that your mother and your sister already made an appointment.

Aaron: They're sending you to a therapist?

Alison: Maybe there's some new rule, you know? Once you get too big to get sent to your room, you get sent to a shrink, instead. I mean, do you love the irony here? My two moms flip their lids, and I'm the one who's crazy.

Aaron: Yeah. Well, I guess that's about the size of it. Hey!

Alison: That's not very funny.

Aaron: Well, the way I see it, you can laugh about this or you can cry about it. Do what you want. Just do it someplace else.

Alison: I just came here because --

Aaron: No. You barged in here uninvited.

Alison: Mr. Etiquette!

Aaron: Lucy's my girl. And I'm her guy. When's it gonna sink into your head that I don't want you coming on to me anymore?

Alison: Well, listen to God's gift to Oakdale! I didn't come here to make any moves on you, Aaron.

Aaron: Well, you're not dressed to do chores around the farm.

Alison: I came here to apologize for all the stunts I pulled on you guys. I -- I don't know what's wrong with me. You and Lucy are the only friends I have, and I keep sabotaging myself. Maybe I do need a shrink. But I'm changing. And the first step to solving problems is admitting there's a problem, right? Well, here's the deal. I just -- I want us to be friends, Aaron -- just friends. I mean it.

Aaron: No games? Hidden cameras? No lies?

Alison: Cross my heart. Please? Give a girl a second chance?

Barbara: That was your sister I just saw leave, wasn't it? Interesting wardrobe.

Emily: You know, Alison is more original and stylish than any of the hideous "mother of the corpse" getups you cranked out.

Barbara: I was so sorry to hear about her, Susan.

Susan: Me, too.

Barbara: Not the sort of influence I want my child around.

Emily: Well, that's not your decision, now is it, Barbara?

Barbara: You know what, Emily? As soon as my attorney finishes finding all the skeletons in your closet, I'm gonna win. Again.

Emily: You cannot keep Will from his father!

Barbara: If Hal was concerned about keeping his son in his life, he should have found a woman more suitable for a wife. So good to see you, Susan.

Mike: Rosanna? It's Mike. No, I'm not calling from Venezuela. Actually, I'm right here in town. And I would love to see you.

Jessica: Isaac, can you tell me what is so wrong with Bonnie wanting to be your partner?

Isaac: Everything. She went behind my back, did whatever she wanted with a place that belongs to me.

Jessica: Okay, wait.

Isaac: A place I have the right to make the decisions about.

Jessica: Let me just throw this out. And don't take it the wrong way. But could you be threatened by the idea of your girlfriend being a partner with you?

Isaac: I love strong women. My mom was also a strong woman. This is the duchess we're talking about. I've seen grown men start singing soprano five minutes after talking to her. And I'm not one of those men, Jessica.

Jessica: Well, then what is the problem?

Isaac: The problem is she got this idea from Marshall Travers.

Jessica: Marshall Travers? Travers advised her to be a partner here? She didn't tell me that. I had no idea --

Bonnie: Because it isn't true. Mom -- it's late. You should be going. I don't want you to be late on my account.

Jessica: Yeah, you're right. I should. But I don't want to leave things unsettled between you two --

Bonnie: No, it's okay. It's okay. I think I should start handling some things on my own. But, as soon as I'm finished here, I will head right down to Woak and cheer you on. I promise. Okay?

Jessica: Okay. Okay. I'll see you later.

Bonnie: Thank you. Let me explain something about myself, Isaac. No man tells me what to do. Not my father, not Ian, not you, and certainly not T. Marshall Travers!

Alison: Will you say something, please? I'm dying here.

Aaron: Well, since everything between me and Lucyís back on track now -- I guess it wouldn't hurt to cut you a break.

Alison: You're the best! I'm sorry. Friends again. Just friends.

Aaron: Friends again. So what are you gonna do about seeing that shrink?

Alison: Hmm, I thought about ditching it, but then they'd find me and drag me there anyway. So, I thought I'd do this -- the 50-minute sit and stare. I can fill an entire stadium with my silent rage. Take notes.

[Aaron laughs]

Aaron: You've been practicing.

Alison: So what are you gonna do about the counseling?

Aaron: Well, now that Lucyís mom's in town helping us see each other? Forget it.

Alison: She's letting you break the restraining order?

Aaron: As long as she's with us, we can see each together. She's gonna talk to Lucyís dad about dropping the whole thing. Pretty cool, huh?

Alison: Yeah.

Aaron: So now that I've got her on my side, I don't want to blow it and make her think that her daughter's dating some nutcase.

Alison: Definitely don't want that.

Holden: You want me to insist that Aaron go see a shrink?

Lily: He's not gonna go on his own. And all the faith in the world is not gonna make him realize that he should go.

Holden: Lily, that's why I went out to the farm to talk to him, to let him know that it's okay to have problems, not to be ashamed of them. Maybe after he thinks about it for awhile --

Lily: You know, I don't know. I don't know if all the time in the world is gonna make him understand that this is it --

Holden: You never know.

Lily: -- This is what he should do for himself.

Holden: Maybe we just need to give him a little time to sort things through.

Lily: Can we really afford this? To wait and see with this boy?

Holden: If we push, we push him away. Caleb and Julie did that. And I don't want to make the same mistakes that Caleb and Julie made.

Emily: Look, would it have killed you to have said something in my defense, mother? Something, anything? Really. I mean, is there ever gonna be a day when you're actually on my side?

Susan: Ha! Well, when are you gonna be on my side? Every time I make progress with Alison --

Emily: Progress? Is that what you thought that was, progress?

Susan: And what happened to us agreeing to be on the same side, to present a united front?

Emily: We will never be on a united front, mother, because we never agree. Will you just admit it? We are the functioning dysfunctional. We are like 99% of the rest of the families in America. And we're never gonna get any better. We're never gonna  get any better unless we get to the doctor and get help and let Dr. Michaels see us in our natural state -- out of our mind! And out of control!

Rosanna: Well, hello. This is quite a surprise seeing you here again so soon.

Mike: It's one big surprise after another with you, isn't it, Rosanna?

Rosanna: What happened to that construction job in Venezuela, was it?

Mike: Funny thing about that. Turns out the working conditions were unbearable.

Rosanna: Oh, really? How so?

Mike: My boss turned out to be a backstabber. So I quit -- boss.

Isaac: Admit it. You worked here for months and never had the idea of partnering up until Marshall Travers came along.

Bonnie: Oh, you are so incredibly deluded! I don't even like Marshall! The man is trying to steal the job my mother adores. And if he goes about it using the same dirty tricks he used to get Barbara Ryan off the hook, he might just win it! That alone is enough to make the man my sworn enemy.

Isaac: Then why are you so quick to jump on his bright ideas?

Bonnie: Because he was right! I have gone along with the program my whole life. I was Duncanís daughter, the duke's fiancťe. And then I landed here, and you gave me an apron and a bar tray, and I had to find out who I really am.

Isaac: I knew you were a duchess all along. From the first day. You come in here trying to rule over everybody and everything.

Bonnie: The only thing I want to run, Isaac, is my life. Inheriting a castle did not change me. You did that. You made me see that I had so much more to offer than just being well-mannered and well-dressed. I'm smart. I'm creative, ambitious. And it is because of you that I want to offer the very best of me. Can't you let me help?

Isaac: You don't want to help. You want to improve things. This place doesn't need any improvements. I like myself and my club just the way we are.

Alison: I so don't want my brain shrunk in the presence of my freakish family. There's gotta be some way out of this.

Aaron: Only one other option. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Alison: Allow them open access to my gray matter? Yeah.

Aaron: Look at the bright side. Sessions with your mom and your sister? With not too much work, you might look like the sanest one in the room.

Alison: You're right! And it wouldn't take much work at all. Oh!

Aaron: That's cool. It's just a cheek. It's cool.

Alison: Yeah? Cool. Well, I'd better go.

Aaron: What's the smile for?

Alison: I'm just happy. For you and Lucy. Bye. I gotta go.

Aaron: Okay. Later.

Alison: Lucy.


Katie: Craig? Craig? Come here.

Craig: What's with all the subterfuge?

Katie: If my doctors see me out of my bed, they're gonna strap me in until slice-and-dice time. And I need to talk to you. I need your help.

Craig: Anything.

Katie: Okay. You know Simonís on his way home, right?

Craig: Yes, Iíll get him here as soon as he lands.

Katie: No, no, no, no! I don't want him anywhere near here.

Craig: Well, how am I gonna stop him?

Katie: I don't know, but you have to. Simon doesn't know that I'm going through with this operation. And if he finds out, he's gonna try to stop me. And if he stops me, then we lose Margo. And I'm not gonna let that happen, okay?

Craig: Well, does Margo know Simon doesn't know?

Katie: No. And they can't find out until Margoís in the clear. All right? Please, Craig, just don't let Simon anywhere near this place.

Holden: I'm sorry I walked out of the room like that.

Lily: I told you he would apologize. Because he loves you and all his other children very, very much.

Holden: That's right. We are going to get to the bottom of this, I promise you. But we have to let Aaron decide for himself whether or not he wants to go see someone.

Lily: All right.

Holden: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Trust me, I know.

Lily: It's true.

Holden: And if we push him, we lose him for good.

Lily: I don't want that. All right? I'll try to be patient, all right? Maybe you can just gently push him in the right direction, and I will pray that he doesn't cause problems with people that we don't know and cause trouble that we cannot fix. Okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Aaron: Hello?

Lucy: Hey, it's me.

Aaron: I was just thinking about you.

Lucy: What about me?

Aaron: How much I want to come over there and see you.

Lucy: Yeah, I wish you were here right now. But my mom still isn't back yet. Until we get this restraining order thing cleared up --

Aaron: I'll -- I'll keep my distance.

Lucy: Listen, Iíll call you the minute my mom gets home. So keep your phone with you.

[Doorbell rings] oh, Matthew has the morning off, so Iíd better get the door. I'll call you soon, okay? Bye.

Alison: Hey, Lucy! About time you ran away from home, girlie. Tell me you brought along all those little darling dresses of yours.

Bonnie: What's that for?

Isaac: That is for the ceremonial burning of that contract. Just like we burned that little black book I had.

Bonnie: Oh, Iím staying your partner, Isaac. But as far as any other partnership we've shared? I -- let's just put it out of its misery.

Isaac: I don't want to break up. I'm crazy about you.

Bonnie: And everything stays fine as long as I'm only in your bed and you're the one signing my paychecks.

Isaac: That's not the way it is, and you know it. Don't -- don't turn this into a battle.

Bonnie: You know, when I was signing those papers this morning, all I could think about was stealing kisses in the back room, throwing parties, working together, and can't wait until we go home afterwards.

Isaac: We can still do all of that.

Bonnie: As long as you have everything your way. It will be difficult, I imagine, at first -- learning to love this club more than I love you. But possible. You seem to manage it quite well.

Mike: You know that Iím seeing Molly. You know that she's important to me, that I want her in my life. And you have me sent 1,000 miles away from her. And don't tell me that you did it for the poor South American schoolchildren, either. Why, Rosanna? Answer me.

Rosanna: I couldn't trust myself.

Mike: What are you talking about?

Rosanna: I am involved with Craig Montgomery now.

Mike: I know that.

Rosanna: And I want it to work with him. And when I heard that you were in town, I had to see you. And once I saw you, I had to kiss you. And once I kissed you, I realized how much I wanted to be with you, that I couldn't be in the same part of the world with you without wanting that. So I sent you away. Because no matter what I do, I just -- I just want to be with you.

Craig: Simon knows Margoís sick. This is the first place he'll look.

Katie: I don't know. Just stall him or something. Or lie to him. I don't know, just do --

Dr. Bartlett: Mrs. Frasier? Are you forgetting you're supposed to be in bed, following doctor's orders?

Katie: I'm on my way.

Dr. Bartlett: I'll escort you there personally.

Katie: Just as soon as my dear, wonderful, only brother in the world promises to do me this one little thing. Please, Craig? If you have a sudden attack of conscience right when the only truly decent person in this family's life is on the line, Iíll never forgive you.

Dr. Bartlett: Mrs. Frasier?

Katie: One second. Can I count on you?

Craig: Anything for my sisters.

Katie: Okay, good. I will never forget this.

Craig: I know. All right, go on.

Katie: I love you.

Craig: Yeah.

Katie: Lead the way.

Craig: I hope your husband will forgive me. And I hope you never know what it feels like to be abandoned by your own child.

Sierra: Lucy has not abandoned you. She's just staying someplace else for a little while. Although, I am aware that Miss Cabot had a more distant excursion in mind.

Craig: That's why you lied to her?

Sierra: You know, Craig, I couldn't be happier that you have a new woman in your life. But you forgot to tell her, so I had to teach her that there are other women in your life that will always come first and that your daughter is and will remain your number one priority.

Craig: Everybody knows that. Now, will you please tell Rosanna that you and I did not sleep together in Montega?

Sierra: I could. And I should. And I would if it wasn't for that nasty little matter of the restraining order against a child.

Craig: You're blackmailing me?

Sierra: Oh, no. No, that's an ugly word. I was thinking more like -- "quid pro quo" has a nicer ring to it, don't you think?

Craig: You wouldn't.

Sierra: You lift that restraining order or your new romance with that vindictive little witch will go down in flames.


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