ATWT Transcript Wednesday 8/21/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/21/02

By Suzanne
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 Lily: I am exhausted.

 Holden: Lily, I know Aaron is no piece of cake right now.

 Lily: No, it's just -- I just don't want it to cost us to make this boy better.

 Holden: It wonít.

 Lily: It is. Look at this. I mean, we have these petty arguments. There's resentment. I mean, you were totally distracted when you were reading to Faith.

 Holden: Actually, I was thinking about Margo.

 Lily: Oh.

 Holden: I wanted to go say hello to her, make sure she was okay and to see if there's anything I could do for Tom.

 Lily: That's a good idea. Let's go. I'll go with you.

 Holden: But what about the kids?

 Lily: I'll call Emma.

 Holden: Actually, she's out tonight. You know what? You look a little tired.

 Lily: Oh, thanks. I can call a sitter.

[Phone rings] or maybe this is a sitter. Hold on. Hello?

 Rose: How you doing, tiger Lily?

 Lily: It's Rose.

 Craig: "Lucy in Montega until school starts." That's not bad. Not bad at all. It gives me time to clear up the relationship with Aaron party boy.

 Rosanna: And like a good saboteur, you wouldn't leave any clues.

 Craig: No, of course not. Lucy will be Aaron-free and not have to know her father was behind it.

 Rosanna: And Sierra would get to spend lots of time with her daughter.

 Craig: Everybody wins. I like the plan.

 Rosanna: And if it works? Will I be back in your good graces?

 Craig: If you help me end this fiasco between Aaron and my daughter, you will be more than back in my good graces. You'll be very -- very close to my heart.

 Aaron: Your mom is so cool.

 Lucy: I told you she'd fix everything. Ah, thank you. Thank you so much, mom. You came right when I needed you the most.

 Sierra: Well, being in love for the first time is a wonderful thing. I didn't wanna miss it.

 Lucy: So, you're pretty sure you can convince Dad it's okay for me to see Aaron?

 Sierra: Well, I think Iíd have a better chance at it if I could tell him that you and I have had a serious talk.

 Lucy: About?

 Sierra: Sex. What else?

 Tom: Hey. A room has opened up on the surgical floor, and you and Katie should have beds very soon.

 Margo: When was the last time you slept in a bed, Tom? Why don't you go home? I'm fine. I'm sure Casey could use having his dad around.

 Tom: Well, I will do that, but there's something we need to talk about first.

 Margo: What? What's wrong?

 Tom: Some papers came to the head nurse that require your signature, and she asked that I deliver them to you.

 Margo: What papers?

 Tom: This is a living will and a "do not resuscitate" order. I just wonder why I didn't know about this.

 Katie: Simon? Can you hear me?

 Simon: No one's voice ever sounded so sweet.

 Katie: You too, sweetheart. Where are you?

 Simon: In probably one of the ugliest government buildings you're ever likely to see. You know what the best part is? Everything I touch is marked with "Property of the United States of America."

 Katie: You're back? In the States? Where?

 Simon: I'm in Florida. Just until we get clear immigration, and then I'm gonna be home to you.

 Katie: When?

 Simon: Soon as we cut through all the red tape. Tomorrow, maybe a few days later. Katie?

 Katie: I'm sorry. I'm here. I'm just happy you're back.

 Simon: Look, when I found out that you had left Avanya --

 Katie: I know. I'm so sorry that I left without telling you.

 Simon: Look, I heard about Margo. How is she?

 Katie: She's sick. She's really sick.

 Simon: She's tough. She's gonna be all right. Isn't she?

 Katie: I think so. She's having an operation tomorrow that we're hoping will save her life. I wish you were here right now.

 Simon: Me, too, baby. Me, too.

 Katie: Simon, there's something about this operation that I need to tell you.

 Simon: Five minutes! Listen, I'm about to be debriefed. In case I get yanked away, I love you so much. I was worried sick when I found out that you left Avanya. I was just so afraid that you weren't gonna get out of the country. I don't ever wanna go through that again.

 Katie: Me, either.

 Simon: So what were you gonna say about this operation?

 Katie: Oh, nothing. Honey, just listen -- don't worry about me, please. I'm fine. I'm just fine.

 Lily: So immigration won't let you leave? Why?

 Rose: You know, it's not like the old days. We're talking heightened security here. But your ma's making a lot of noise, so they're very, very -- they really wanna get rid of us.

 Lily: How's Paul?

 Rose: He's great. And your ma is great. And Simon is great. And Henry, you know, nothing will kill him.

 Lily: What about Joe?

 Rose: He's sick. Those guys -- he was so sick, and they wouldn't give him any medication. Can you believe that?

 Lily: Immigration isn't making him stay, are they?

 Rose: No, no, no. They took him right to the hospital. You know, I really -- I really gotta get over there. I shouldn't be jabbering here on the phone. All because of that stupid rock. That diamond is cursed. I threw it in the ocean. I hope a shark chokes on it. Would you forgive me if I have to go?

 Lily: No, no. You can't go. I have -- I haven't spoken to you in so long. It's so good to hear your voice. Are you -- are you really -- are you really okay?

 Rose: I'm fine. And my pop's gonna be fine, too.

 Lily: When are you coming back to Oakdale?

 Rose: Soon. You -- you're gonna be having this baby real soon. You must look gorgeous.

 Lily: Oh, Holden thinks so, but I think my rear end is the size of Wyoming.

 Rose: Oh, Iíd like to see that, actually. The two of us, we should take a picture of us standing side by side.

 Lily: You tell Joe to get better quick, 'cause this baby is not gonna wait. And I miss you.

 Rose: I'll make sure my pop takes a lot of vitamins. And I'll get him well as soon as possible. And you tell Holden and those kids that I love them and I miss them and Iíll see them. And you tell Luke that I saw bugs the size of baseballs in Avanya.

 Lily: He'll love that. Hurry home.

 Rose: I'll do my best.

 Lucy: "What else?" There must be a hundred other things we can find to talk about.

 Sierra: Sure, we could talk about what going on with you in school or what's happening at the country club or the latest book you're reading. But I don't think that any of those things are the reason that you're lying to your father.

 Lucy: Well, Iím not lying because of sex. I'm lying because he won't listen to me.

 Sierra: Well, that's exactly what worries me. You were a long way from home, and if you can't talk to your father about all these new feelings you have, then you might make a choice that might change your life forever. And I just want to know that when you decide to have sex, it's because of something that you really want, not something that somebody's pressuring you into.

 Lucy: But Aaron would never do that. He knows that I'm not ready for that big step.

 Sierra: Well, Iím glad to hear that. But I'll tell you -- I think that Aaron is a little more sexually experienced than you.

 Lucy: Mom, please! This conversation is so not necessary. Aaron and I are nowhere near that stage, and he's fine with waiting.

 Sierra: Has he told you that?

 Lucy: Well, no. But he would never push me. We haven't discussed it, because we're not gonna have -- it.

 Sierra: You know, Lucy, long conversations don't lead to sex. Long kisses do. And the two of you are certainly having those. And before you know it, one thing will lead to another and you will take that step that you really don't think that you're ready for.

 Lucy: Mom, when Aaron and I kiss, it's incredible, and I don't wanna stop, but I do. Because you taught me to listen to that little voice inside my head that says, "not yet."

 Sierra: I love you.

 Lucy: I love you, too. You're getting all this from Dad, aren't you? Just be aware -- the only reason he thinks I'm gonna ruin my life is because of Rosanna Cabot. Not because of anything I'm doing.

 Sierra: Why would he listen to her?

 Lucy: I don't know. Because she tells him that her being a woman, she must have this special intuition or something. Daddy feels like he can't handle me, so Rosanna starts in with, "well, when I was a teenager" -- which makes her some authority, just because she happened to be one about a million years ago. That's why he had her stay with me while he was in Montega with you.

 Sierra: I thought you were under Katieís supervision.

 Lucy: No, daddy lied to you. Aunt Katie wasn't even in the country.

 Sierra: He left his latest girlfriend in charge of you? Oh, he is gonna wish he had never done that.

 Margo: I believe that this transplant is gonna work. I do. And the living will and the "do not resuscitate" order, they're just a precaution, honey, in case something happens to me. Because I don't want you or the boys to have to put your lives on hold while I'm hooked up to tubes and wires and machines.

 Tom: Well, if something happens to you, our lives will be one long head-on collision, and you can't spare us from that.

 Margo: Honey, I didn't do this because I thought that you wouldn't honor my wishes. I just simply did it because the hospital needs something in writing. It's important legally if someone -- I mean, you know me. I don't even leave the house unless I know that everything's in order.

 Tom: Well, legally -- legally, you did a wise thing.

 Margo: I love you. I love you, and I love our babies.

 Tom: I know.

 Margo: I just will not have you go through what I went through with Katieís dad. Nobody should have to go through that.

 Tom: All right, then I guess you should, uh -- you should sign these. Go ahead, do it. Then we can talk about something more important like, you know, the weather or sports. Okay, I will -- I'll take these back to the head nurse. Then they can include it in your chart.

 Margo: Okay. Thank you.

 Tom: You bet.

 Katie: I can't wait to see you, Simon.

 Simon: Listen, as soon as I find out what flight Iím on, I'll give you a call. Are you staying at the Lakeview?

 Katie: No, actually, I think Iím gonna stay here tonight, at the hospital.

 Simon: Is it really that bad?

 Katie: Margo needs me. Tom has to stay with Casey tonight, and I know she doesn't want to be alone.

 Simon: So where are you gonna sleep?

 Katie: A chair or something. Hey, it'll be better than the bed I slept on in Avanya, right? So, you'll leave all of your flight information with Craig?

 Simon: Can you come and pick me up from the airport?

 Katie: Yeah -- yeah, I'll be there.

 Simon: I can't wait to see you, okay? And give Margo a big kiss for me, please. I love you, baby -- so much.

 Katie: Me, too. Me, too. Okay, you better get to that debriefing. Bye. Hey, listen, the coast guard found Simon and Rose and Lucinda, and they're all heading back. Isn't that great?

 Tom: Yeah, I heard. I didn't just hear you lying to Simon about what you're doing here, did I?

 Katie: He was so happy and relieved to know that I got back okay. I didn't want to throw him back into worrying again.

 Tom: Well, he's gonna know tomorrow.

 Katie: I know, so I gave him the night off. And listen, maybe by the time he gets back, all of this will be done and everything will be just fine.

[Katie crying]

 Lily: So Sierra's in Oakdale?

 Aaron: Yeah, she's real nice.

 Lily: How did you two meet?

 Aaron: Lucy arranged it. It went real well. I think she likes me. I think she's gonna try to convince Mr. Montgomery to let us hang out.

 Lily: That must make you very happy.

 Aaron: Yeah. Uh, tell Holden that Iíll get his keys back first thing in the morning.

 Lily: Sure.

 Aaron: Lily, I have something Iíve been meaning to tell you. Thank you for saving my job at the Country Club. Holden told me you had to go through a lot of talking, and I'm really gonna do better.

 Lily: Have you had dinner yet?

 Aaron: Not yet. I'm sure Iíll find something at --

 Lily: See, 'cause I have this one piece of lasagna left over that I didn't eat, so --

 Aaron: Okay, great.

 Holden: Tom.

 Tom: Hi, Holden.

 Holden: Hey, they told me downstairs that Margo was up here on this floor.

 Tom: Yeah, she and Katie are getting settled into their room right now.

 Holden: Katie? Why Katie?

 Tom: Katie's donating a portion of her liver to Margo tomorrow. We're just -- we're hoping this is the answer.

 Holden: I'm sorry. I didn't know. I knew she was sick, but I didn't realize that --

 Tom: Yeah, she's in the final stage of liver disease. So if her body rejects this transplant, then -- then Iím not even gonna go there.

 Holden: Well, if there's anything Lily and I can do, you just let us know, okay? Hey, if Casey wants to come out to the house for a while --

 Tom: Well, thanks, but Casey says that he wants to stay at home. In fact, I told him I was gonna come pick him up so he could say good night to his mom in case, so -- I'm gonna run and do that now.

 Holden: Uh, Tom, Aaron told me that you found him inside your house.

 Tom: Yeah, it was actually much more than that.

 Katie: Okay, here's what I'm thinking -- hospitals are very gross and depressing, so from now on we are officially at a spa.

 Margo: Oh, no, no. I never want to hear that word again.

 Katie: Oh, God, no. I'm not talking about one of those ones that Rose and those girls were at. This is more like that one in Pennsylvania where everything's made out of chocolate. The wraps, the facials and the food. And our guys are there as the spa attendants, filling our every desire.

[Margo laughs] but in the meantime, we are gonna clear our minds of all stressful thoughts by watching a little cartoon network.

 Margo: Ah.

 Dr. Bartlett: Margo Hughes? Kathryn Frasier? I'm Dr. Bartlett. I'll be supervising the teams that will be performing your surgeries tomorrow.

 Katie: We actually prefer to think of them as chocolate wraps.

 Margo: Um, thank you for making time in your schedule, Dr. Bartlett. I know that it's very tight.

 Dr. Bartlett: We got the results from Mrs. Frasier's MRI. It's a good match. Now I'd like to tell you what's gonna happen tomorrow.

 Rosanna: You want to go to the hospital tonight? I could go with you.

 Craig: What can I do? I'm no good at bedside vigil, and if I can't fix anything, then I don't wanna be around.

 Rosanna: Well, I have some news for you that might make the next 24 hours a little more bearable. I did it. Barbara begged and pleaded, but I -- I told her that Iím pulling all my money out of B.R.O. She's on her own.

 Craig: What about the ironclad contract?

 Rosanna: Ever heard of my law firm? Loophole, loophole and loophole? They always leave me a way out.

 Craig: You say she took it poorly?

 Rosanna: Yes.

 Craig: You better tell me more.

 Rosanna: Well, she was pretty upset, so I felt a little sorry for her and gave her a bit of a reprieve.

 Craig: You what?! Rosanna, why does the whole world give that harpy second chances?

 Rosanna: Well, this second chance is really for you.

 Craig: For me?

 Rosanna: Yes. But I don't want to say any more, 'cause we might jinx it. But I will tell you this much -- if Barbara does opt for the reprieve, I might have a very lovely present for you very soon.

 Lucy: Whenever daddy starts to calm down about Aaron and me, I'm pretty sure it's Rosanna who stirs things up again. But daddy thinks he needs her.

 Sierra: Well, isn't it possible that she's well-meaning and that she really cares about you?

 Lucy: Please. Rosanna made it perfectly clear that she would love to have me back in Montega for good.

 Sierra: You mean she's trying to push you out of your father's life?

 Lucy: More like she's trying to run daddy's. I don't know why. She doesn't even love him.

 Sierra: How do you know that?

 Lucy: Well, because I saw her kissing some old boyfriend. And I mean really kissing.

 Sierra: Really? Well, that Ms. Cabot is a very busy woman.

 Lucy: Where are you going?

 Sierra: You know, that is the one good thing about running a country -- you get very good at bringing opportunists down peg by peg. And tonight, I am gonna take Rosanna down.

 Lucy: You know what? I might know a way to do that.

 Sierra: Really?

 Lucy: Rosanna was really jealous that daddy was gonna be alone with you in Montega.

 Sierra: Was she? Hmm. Thanks for that.

 Tom: At first, I thought Aaron was just looking at pictures.

 Holden: But then?

 Tom: Well, he had one of Adamís trophies like hidden under his jacket. It -- it was weird, because it's not like the trophy has any value to anybody but us.

 Holden: But he gave it back?

 Tom: Well, it -- it kind of slipped out and fell, but I mean, that can be repaired.

 Holden: Well, Iíll certainly take care of that, Tom. I didn't know that he took anything.

 Tom: I mean, I don't know if he was gonna show it to Lucy and pass it off as something that he had won. You know, kids do some really strange things, and half the time, they can't even tell you why.

 Holden: I don't know what to say, Tom. I'm sorry.

 Tom: You know what? I'm not even sweating the small stuff these days. But I am gonna go pick up Casey. I'll see you.

 Dr. Bartlett: And you, Mrs. Frasier, should expect to be in the hospital a week or so after the procedure. You'll have some pain and obviously a scar. The risks are the same as with any surgical procedure -- technical complications from the operation itself, infection, internal bleeding, things of that nature.

 Margo: And my risks are?

 Dr. Bartlett: The same, with the addition of the possibility of rejection. It's slight, but it's there nonetheless.

 Margo: Anything else? Guys, I just want to know it all, okay?

 Dr. Bartlett: There's jaundice. There's the chance that your arteries will clot off where the new tissue is grafted. And last but not least, there is the possibility your new liver won't work.

 Margo: Oh, I see.

 Dr. Bartlett: But as long as there are no bleeding problems and the artery and vein grafts remain open, the odds are very good for a full recovery.

 Margo: So then I won't have hepatitis c anymore, huh?

 Dr. Bartlett: You'll still have it. We'll just be able to treat it.

 Margo: But I -- I won't die.

 Dr. Bartlett: Precisely. Your liver will no longer be damaged.

 Katie: And what time tomorrow do you think we'll have the surgery?

 Dr. Bartlett: That remains to be determined. You'll hear from me as soon as I know.

 Katie: Bet he's a lot of fun at a party.

 Margo: Well, at least we don't have to see him again until we're under anesthesia. You scared, baby?

 Katie: No, not really. I'm actually fine.

 Margo: Yeah. Me, too.

 Craig: Sierra?

 Sierra: May I come in?

 Craig: Yeah, please. Come in. Rosanna Cabot, this is Sierra Esteban, Lucyís mother.

 Sierra: Would you mind giving Craig and I a moment alone? We need to talk about our daughter.

 Rosanna: Oh, certainly. Of course, you can have all the time you need. I just thought perhaps you should know that I am aware of this situation.

 Craig: Yeah. I'm fine with -- with Rosanna staying.

 Sierra: Fine. Then maybe the three of us can come up with a solution.

 Craig: Well, I wasn't aware there was a problem.

 Sierra: I met Aaron Snyder tonight.

 Craig: Breaking into your car?

 Sierra: Of course not. He seems like a nice young man.

[Craig laughs] they are very upset about this restraining order.

 Craig: Well, what else could I do? I tried everything I could to keep Aaron away from her, and nothing worked.

 Sierra: But a restraining order? Really, Craig, don't you think that's overkill?

 Craig: Hey, I warned them. I had to do it.

 Rosanna: You know, I have an idea. Lucy could go back to Montega for a little while. It would give the situation an opportunity to cool off, and everybody could have a chance to reevaluate.

 Craig: There might be something to that.

 Rosanna: And then if Lucyís feelings for Aaron are still there, well, a month certainly won't make any difference.

 Sierra: You are a very clever woman, but so is my daughter. And you know, she said that you would like nothing better than to see her shipped back to Montega, and she was right.

 Craig: Lucy is a little jealous of this relationship, Sierra.

 Sierra: Well, maybe she should be. Men don't usually let their girlfriends have so much say in how they're raising their children.

 Rosanna: Excuse me. I'm not just some woman Craig is dating. I am part of his life, dear. I care about Lucy, and you would know that if you spent a little more time here.

 Sierra: Well, isn't that convenient? Because that's exactly what I intend to do. And while I'm here, you can be as involved in Craigís life as you want to. Just butt out of my daughter's.

 Craig: Ladies, ladies, come on. You're both ladies, aren't you?

 Rosanna: Of course, of course. I'm sorry. I'm afraid you've misunderstood me, Sierra. I would never interfere with your parenting. I'm simply trying to be supportive of Craig.

 Craig: Yeah. Rosanna's been a big help with Lucy.

 Sierra: Lovely. Well, I'm here now to help.

 Craig: Why don't -- Sierra and I, I think, need to discuss this privately for a little while. Huh?

 Rosanna: Well, certainly, of course. I'll see you -- how about downstairs for a nightcap, yes?

 Craig: Yeah.

 Rosanna: Give me a kiss. Good-bye. See you.

 Craig: Yeah.

[Door closes] sorry about --

 Sierra: I don't think that was meant for you. What happened to Carly Tenney? You know, I really liked her better.

 Craig: I thought you wanted to talk about Lucy.

 Sierra: I don't think that we should send her back to Montega just yet. She really doesn't want to go.

 Craig: Well, I'm trying to keep her away from Aaron Snyder.

 Sierra: I told them that the two of them could see each other again.

 Craig: You what?

 Sierra: They're going to do it anyway, with or without our blessing. And I think that maybe we should set down some guidelines that they have a hope of sticking to.

 Craig: Are you crazy? Are you crazy?! I cannot condone Lucy dating some biker party boy!

 Sierra: You know, no wonder that poor girl is confused, because she doesn't know what happened to her father.

 Craig: Well, he's trying to be the parent that you for one asked him to be.

 Sierra: Are you actually being morally indignant after the life that you have led?

 Craig: I may have made some mistakes.

[Sierra laughs]

 Sierra: There are no "mays" about it, Craig.

 Craig: But I turned over a whole new leaf for Lucy when she came. She is all Iíve got. And I take this responsibility too seriously to let some long-haired punk put her in jeopardy.

 Sierra: Even if the long-haired punk's name is Rosanna?

[Craig groans] I know all about you leaving Lucy in Rosannaís care when you went to Montega, so you know what? You can stop lying about it.

 Craig: Rosanna is a fine influence.

 Sierra: She doesn't need her influence. She needs you. She needs her father to respect her feelings. She is in love with Aaron Snyder, and nothing is going to change that -- not you or me or some cockamamie plan that Rosanna has to ship her off to --

 Craig: Look, I am not gonna argue about this anymore! All right?! You know, Margoís sick. She's got Hepatitis C.

 Sierra: What?

 Craig: Yeah. She didn't know about it. Apparently, it's been quietly killing her liver for years. She's supposed to get a transplant from Katie tomorrow, and then -- oh. If that doesn't work, she could die.

 Sierra: I am so sorry.

 Craig: Maybe I should be at the hospital. I don't know. I'm afraid. I don't want to see this. I don't want to go to the hospital and see somebody else I love go through Ė

 Lily: No more motorcycle rides. It's back to bed, honey.

 Holden: Hey, there. You were asleep when I left. What happened?

 Lily: Aaron happened. She heard his voice and ran right down the stairs.

 Holden: Did you come by to talk?

 Aaron: Huh? No, I locked my keys in grandma's house. I came by to get your extra set of keys.

 Lily: All right. It's time for bed. Come on. Let's go. Say good night. Good night, good night.

 Holden: Lily made me dinner. We talked. It was good.

 Holden: That's great.

 Aaron: Yeah, yeah. Things are -- things are definitely looking up. Me and Lily are getting along, and Lucyís mom likes me, and --

 Holden: I talked to Tom Hughes out at the hospital tonight. I know about the trophy. I know that it was in your coat, and I know that it was broken.

 Aaron: Look, I -- I didn't steal it.

 Holden: Well, then what were you doing there?

 Aaron: Is he gonna have me arrested?

 Holden: No, he's not. He's more concerned than angry.

 Aaron: It was nothing. It was -- it was just an accident. I'm gonna get it fixed.

 Holden: I know you're gonna fix it. But how are you gonna fix the trust that you broke, Aaron? You walked into somebody's house uninvited and picked up something that doesn't belong to you. That worries me. That really worries me.

 Aaron: Look, you don't understand.

 Holden: Well, then make me understand.

 Aaron: I canít.

 Holden: Checking out someone's house to see if they're okay and checking out their stuff are two entirely different things. Why didn't you tell me about the trophy?

 Aaron: I don't know, but I'm not a thief.

 Holden: I'm just asking questions here, because I'm trying to understand. Don't you see there's a pattern? You did the same thing in Seattle. That's all I want to do. I want to understand.

 Aaron: You think you're so different from Caleb. I mean, that's what he used to say -- "just make me understand." I couldn't then, and I can't now. I don't understand.

 Holden: Well, maybe you ought to talk to someone who can help you out.

 Aaron: You're talking about a shrink, aren't you?

 Holden: It doesn't have to be. Just someone who can be objective.

 Aaron: Look, I'm not gonna go see some head doctor, especially when Lucyís mom thinks Iím all right. She likes me, but what is she gonna think if Iím running off to some therapy?

 Holden: That you're dealing with your problems in an intelligent way.

 Aaron: Look, my problems were almost gone until you came home. I mean, today was like amazing. It was like one of the best days Iíve ever had in like forever. And then you got to come and lay this on me?

 Holden: I'm just trying to understand. Like I said, I just want to know what's going on in that head of yours.

 Aaron: Why? You think I'm crazy?

 Holden: No. I didn't say that. I didn't use that word.

 Aaron: Well, you didn't have to, 'cause it was all over your face.

 Rosanna: Yes?

 Sierra: I've come to tell you that Craig won't meet you for that nightcap. He's gone to the hospital to be with his sisters.

 Rosanna: Oh. Well, that's fine.

 Sierra: Good night.

 Rosanna: Sierra? I just want to tell you that you shouldn't worry because I will never try to take your place with your daughter.

 Sierra: Well, that's wise, because you would fail.

 Rosanna: I can understand you being a little testy. I mean, I don't blame you at all. It must be hard watching Craig move on into a serious relationship. You must have thought he'd never get over you, and now here he is with somebody else.

 Sierra: And how do you know he's over me?

 Rosanna: I, uh -- well, I don't really feel comfortable answering that question.

 Sierra: Why don't you try?

 Rosanna: All right. Uh, he told me when he got back from Montega that the two of you hadn't been intimate.

[Sierra laughs]

 Sierra: He said that?

 Rosanna: Yes. Are you suggesting that that isn't true?

 Sierra: Well, no. If Craig said that, then sure, why not? It's true.

 Rosanna: Are you saying that he lied?

 Sierra: Craig? Never. But I will tell you one thing -- when he was in Montega, it was just like old times, and those old times were great.

 Kim: Your mom and Lisa both send their love, and they'll be here when you get out of surgery.

 Bob: Dr. Bartlett is one of the finest living organ transplant surgeons in the country. You're in wonderful hands.

 John: I will check in with you before the surgery, and I'll be there when you get out. I love you.

 Margo: I love you, too, Dad.

 John: Okay. Thank you, Katie.

 Bob: Big day tomorrow. Good luck.

 Kim: All my love and prayers. Love you both. You know, everything's gonna be okay. You have to trust me on this, because I'm never wrong about these things.

 Margo: Well, you'd better not be.


 Kim: John?

 John: Yes, yes. I'm just -- yeah. Margo's got a lot going for her.

 John: Yeah.

 Margo: So listen, Iím gonna be really zonked out after the surgery, so your dad's gonna call you and tell you how it went.

 Casey: Okay. Are you scared?

 Margo: Yeah, a little. But the surgeon said that Katie and I are an excellent match, and that's very, very important. What about you? Are you scared?

 Casey: Uh, yeah, a little.

 Tom: I'll be right here with you, buddy.

 Margo: Do you remember when you were a little kid, and you had all those bad dreams? And I would song that song to you. It always worked.

 Casey: Yeah, that. The one about, "hush little baby" or something?

Don't say a word mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird

 Katie: I loved that song. The kid was always getting things bought.


 Margo: So, Casey, if you get the heebie-jeebies tonight when you're going to bed, you just -- you really sing that song to yourself and know that I'm here thinking about you, and Iím holding you tight in my heart. Come here, baby.

 Nurse: Time for your medications, ladies.

 Tom: Okay. Casey and I are gonna get out of here. I'll let you two get some rest. I'll be waiting for you. I will be the first face you see when you open your eyes tomorrow morning.

 Casey: Thank you -- for my mom's life.

 Katie: Oh, baby, come here. I love you.

 Tom: That goes double for me.

 Katie: I love you, too.

 Tom: I love you, too. Okay.

 Nurse: This is an antibiotic, and this one will help you sleep. Would you two like the lights off?

 Margo: Yeah, sure. Yeah.

 Katie: What are you thinking about?

 Margo: I was just remembering when mama first told me that she was pregnant with you and how embarrassed I was that my ancient mother was going to have a baby. And now I realize that -- it's the biggest gift she ever gave me. And not just because of tomorrow, Katie.

 Katie: Margo, the surgery's gonna go just fine.

 Margo: Yeah, yeah. From your mouth to God's ears, yeah.

 Katie: And then we'll wake up, and our spa guys will be there.

 Margo: Is Simon coming?

 Katie: Yeah. He might be home tomorrow.

 Margo: Oh, wow. I didn't know. I didn't know. That's great, Katie. So you got a chance to talk to him, huh?

 Katie: Yeah.

 Margo: And he's okay about you doing the transplant?

 Katie: Totally fine with it.

 Margo: That's good. That's good, because I was -- I was kind of getting bugged that he didn't know anything about it. You know what? That pill is kicking in. I think -- I think Iíll go to sleep.

 Katie: Okay.

 Margo: I love you, Katie. Good night.

 Katie: Good night.

Hush, little baby don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird and if that mockingbird don't sing, Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring and if that diamond ring turns brass, Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass


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