ATWT Transcript Friday 8/16/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/16/02

By Suzanne
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Aaron: I'm gonna find a way around this stupid restraining order.

Holden: No, you're not. Because you, Lily and I are gonna discuss this.

Aaron: What's to talk about?

Holden: How the three of us can make it through this mess!

Aaron: Yeah, I hate this! You two shouldn't even be involved.

Holden: Well, we are.

[Doorbell rings]

Aaron: I'll get it.

Lily: Lucy, no, no.

Lucy: It's okay. My dad knows I'm here. I told him I was coming to see you. And I don't care if he likes it or not.

Holden: That was a very brave thing to do, Lucy. And I know that Aaron appreciates it, but we -- the situation's a little more complicated.

Aaron: How many times do I have to tell you? We did nothing wrong!

Holden: I just want you to be patient, okay? 'Cause if you get within 50 feet of her before we work this out, you'll be in violation of the court order.

Lucy: What court order?

Lily: Your father filed a restraining order against Aaron. You're not to be anywhere near him.

Lucy: What?

Lily: His lawyer stopped by earlier with the paperwork.

Aaron: I'm sorry, Lucy.

Lucy: No. That's impossible. You know, he probably just hired some lawyer to type up something to scare you. It's not legal. It can't be legal. You didn't do anything wrong.

Lily: Nevertheless, we still have to talk to an attorney.

Lucy: Well, that's exactly what he wants. He'll do anything to keep us apart.

Holden: You two need to stay smart about this. You can't play into his hands.

Lucy: Aaron, you promised we'd be together no matter what.

Aaron: And we will. But if your father has me thrown in jail --

Lucy: What are you saying? You're gonna let him win?

Rosanna: The only thing that matters is how you and I feel. And I want you. Do you still want me?

Craig: Why do I feel like we should be in a boardroom somewhere?

Rosanna: What do you mean?

Craig: Is this a merger or an acquisition?

Rosanna: I'm just being direct.

Craig: Blunt. Aggressive.

Rosanna: You used to like that. Should I have sent flowers first?

Craig: Before you pinned my scalp to the wall?

Rosanna: Oh, come on, please. You've certainly done your share of trophy hunting. Why do you think Barbara was so eager to twist everything that I said? She wanted you to think that I was treating you the same way you treated her. And then Mike showed up, proving her point. Is there a pull? Yes, of course. But I'm sure no more so than you apparently feel for Sierra. It was absolutely miserable for me when you were in Montega. So I understand. And that's why I did what I did. I got Mike out of town so you would know how much you mean to me.

Craig: Well, you know how to close a deal. I'd hire you, if I wanted a cutthroat.

Rosanna: Well, you're not a very graceful winner.

Craig: If you think that I'm gonna just take you back, you're wrong.

Katie: Where's Casey? He was supposed to sit on you if you threatened to move.

Margo: Yeah, he sat on me, till I gave him ten bucks to go away.

Katie: Margo --

Margo: Well, Katie, he's just next door. And if I need him, he can be here in 17 seconds. We timed it.

Katie: You did not.

Margo: Yeah.

Katie: And what if it had been Tom coming home or your dad coming over for a visit.

Margo: He would have recognized the cars and come in the other way.

Katie: Oh, so I don't rate? Nice. Oh, where's the news?

Margo: It's not on for another half an hour. Hey, don't yell at Casey about this, 'cause --

Katie: I won't.

Margo: I thought you said you didn't watch the news anymore since you left Woak.

Katie: Oh, I'm -- I'm just checking something. Where was the weather channel?

Margo: All right, something's wrong. What's wrong?

Katie: No. I -- I can't check the weather channel without something having happened?

Margo: No, you? No, you can't, no.

Katie: Well, too bad. If you can get out of bed and pay your son to leave the house, then I can have a secret.

Margo: You wanna bet?

Katie: But you're sick.

Margo: I'm your sister, Katie. But I may be your sick sister. Katie?

Katie: Margo, all hell is breaking loose in Avanya. There's a huge hurricane. All of the planes are down. All of the phone lines are down. Simon could be dead or drowned or worse.

Rose: It sounds like the hurricane's getting closer.

Simon: They're shutting down the hotel. They're evacuating everyone before the hurricane hits.

Rose: What about my pop?!

Simon: I'm gonna take care of your father, Rose. I promise. Just get what you need. Get to the airport now, the two of you. Go, go!

Rose: All right, okay. I'm going.

Lucinda: Come on.

Paul: Have you got the diamond, the provenance?

Simon: Right here.

Paul: All right, now be careful. Slade'll kill you if he finds out you're not Donovon.

Simon: You keep your eyes open as well. The airport's gonna be teeming with desperados looking for a way off this island. If they spot Lucinda's plane --

Paul: Yeah, and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to persuade her not to shoot them, all right? Good luck.

Simon: Take care. Henry, Henry, there's not enough room for your makeup case, buddy.

Henry: Oh, that's funny. Why don't you tell that Desi? He was the one that's supposed to dump the body of your evil twin here. It looks like he forgot.

Simon: All right. We can't leave it here, can we?

Henry: No, no kidding. You got any bright ideas?

Simon: Well, we've gotta unpack it, dump it in the surf.

Henry: Unpack it? Do you know how hot it is on this island and how long this body's been in this trunk?

Simon: Go off with the ladies, Henry. I'll take care of it.

Henry: Oh, you will? Fine. Why not? He's your doppelganger.

Simon: What the --

"Simon": Sorry to disappoint you.

Simon: I thought you were dead.

"Simon": Well, you were misinformed.

"Simon": Now give me the diamond and the paperwork. And don't tell me you don't have it, because I know you do! I heard you tell your friend Paul.

Simon: And why would I hand them over to you?

"Simon": Because I'm the one with the knife. And you don't wanna go home to that irritating wife of yours minus an eye.

Simon: You couldn't cut butter with that knife. Next time you point a knife at me, you better be willing to use it.

Paul: All right. All right, go on. I got him. I got him, go! Go get to Joe. There's no telling what Donovon's told Slade. Get out of here.

Lucinda: Oh, God.

Paul: Lucinda, get some rope! Get some rope, go!

Lucinda: Okay. All right!

Paul: All right. Simon, we'll meet you at the boat.

Simon: No. No, it's too dangerous.

Paul: Simon, we don't have a choice! The airport is closed. I don't even know if Lucinda's jet's back yet. Go!

Simon: All right. Just stay out of sight. Keep off the road, okay? I'll meet you at the harbor. Look for the fishing trawler with the red moon above the water mark. All right?

Paul: We'll meet you there. Get out of here! Go!

Lucinda: Of course I'm sure he's not dead, for heaven's sake!

Paul: Come on, give me the rope!

Rose: Paul, you didn't kill him? That's good.

Paul: Lucinda --

[shouting over each other]

Lucinda: The knife!

Paul: Find his knife!

Rose: He came at you with a knife?

Lucinda: I got it!

Rose: Come on. I'm sick and tired of you threatening the people that I love.

"Simon": You hurt me and you will never see your dear, old pop again.

Rose: If you hurt my pop, I will track you down and kill you myself.

[Thunder claps]

"Simon:" You haven't got the nerve. And if you think Slade's gonna believe Simon's me, you're crazy.

Rose: Slade doesn't care. He doesn't care. He wants what he wants, that guy.

Lucinda: And fortunately for us, Slade has got many tacks in his head. He's already accepted Simon as you!

"Simon": You sure about that?

Katie: The clerk at the airport said that there are no flights in or out of Avanya.

Margo: Katie, Katie, it would take more than bad weather to faze Simon. So I still have contacts at the State Department. And I'll just call Shanks and have him get the number off my rolodex.

Katie: Oh, that would be great. What's wrong?

Margo: I can't remember the number at the station. I just -- you know, yesterday I called Casey something, and now I can't remember the number of the place I spent the better part of my life at.

Katie: You took your pill, I hope.

Margo: What pill?

Katie: The one I left by your bed.

Margo: That little lump by the glass of water? Of course I did.

Katie: Okay.

[Doorbell chimes] 'cause I was thinking, you know, maybe we should just time your watch.

Margo: No, I don't want my watch yelling at me too.

Katie: Hey. Hi, Abigail.

Abigail: Is she up? We thought we'd drop by for a couple minutes?

Katie: Are you up? Abigail has what smells like fresh baked bread.

Margo: I'm up, I'm up. I'm always up for fresh baked bread.

Abigail: Oh, it's just whole wheat with sunflower seeds.

Margo: Oh, no such thing as "just" homemade bread with -- hi, Chris. Got your medical bag?

Abigail: Oh, it's a social call. He got his bag 'cause he's on the way to the hospital.

Chris: I'm just here for the bread.

Margo: Yeah, well, homemade bread deserves fresh --

Katie: Margo!

Chris: I got her. I got her.

Katie: Oh, my God. Margo?

Chris: Any heart palpitations?

Margo: No. No, no.

Katie: Just let him check you, Margo, please.

Margo: No, he's not my doctor, no.

Katie: So pass out in front of Dr. Corder next time.

Chris: Listen to your heart, check your blood pressure and just make sure everything's okay.

Margo: No, it's -- no.

Chris: You shouldn't be this lightheaded, and you know it.

Aaron: Lucy, it's a set up. Can't you see that? I mean, your dad gives me a restraining order and then sends you here to see me, knowing how bad I wanna see you? I mean, he probably got P.I.S out there with cameras.

Lucy: I didn't see anyone.

Aaron: Yeah, and if I get anywhere near you, he's gonna send me to jail and prove to your mom that I'm a felon. And then we're never gonna get to see each other. Holden's right. Maybe we need to be patient.

Lily: It's okay. We'll work it out. Craig and I are very close.

Lucy: And he's counting on that. He knows you're afraid of Aaron getting a record. Don't you see what's going on? If you don't stand up to him, he gets exactly what he wants. Aaron and I will never be able to see each other again.

Aaron: No, no. That won't happen. I promise.

Lucy: You promised that nothing would keep us apart, and you made me promise the same thing. But what good was that? You won't even walk across the room to be with me.

Holden: Lucy, I know how hard this must be for you --

Lucy: No, you don't. You're all together, and I have nobody!

Aaron: Lucy! Wait!

Holden: Aaron. Aaron --

Alison: Lucy, what's wrong? Where's Aaron?

Lucy: It doesn't matter where he is. I can't be with him!

Alison: Lucy?

Aaron: Lucy! Wait!

[Car speeds off]

Rosanna: You're still angry.

Craig: I trusted you with my daughter.

Rosanna: And short of following her 24 hours --

Craig: If there's a problem, you call me and tell me there's a problem. You don't lie about it.

Rosanna: Well, why do you lie, Craig?

Craig: I've never lied to you. But then, you were the one who told me that we were different, that we had to come clean about our differences, our feelings, our history. I guess that only applied to me.

Rosanna: I've never had children, all right. And all these other women in your life -- Sierra and Barbara and Carly -- they are mothers. And I was just trying to do that for you, in whatever small way I could. And I failed at it, miserably, utterly. Lucy drove me nuts. And that's the truth.

Craig: Okay.

Rosanna: No, it's not okay. I let you down, and then I lied about it. And I did it because I -- I'm not used to failing -- certainly not when I'm trying to impress someone.

Craig: All right, so we had a fight. I walked out on you, then you left town. You had your ex deported to South America, and now you are back.

Rosanna: Hoping that you'll forgive me.

Craig: I know what we have.

Rosanna: Really? For a moment there, I thought perhaps you'd forgotten.

Craig: And about Lucy --

Rosanna: Oh. Oh, well, you know, she's all yours.

Craig: Agreed.

Rosanna: So -- are we reconciled?

Craig: Not quite. There's still one more issue -- Barbara. If you want a relationship with me, you're gonna have to dump Barbara.

Rosanna: What do you mean? I've made a rather major investment in B.R.O. I'm under contract.

Craig: Oh, well, you just got into B.R.O. to harass Carly.

Rosanna: Well, now that I've bought into it, I can't exactly buy out of it without significant loss.

Craig: I understand if you decide to maintain your ties with B.R.O. I can say good-bye.

Rosanna: Just like that?

Craig: That is the deal breaker.

Alison: What's going on?

Holden: Is she gone?

Aaron: Yeah.

Holden: You did the right thing, Aaron.

Aaron: I did the absolute wrong thing. I mean, did you see her face? I feel like a traitor.

Lily: You didn't have a choice.

Aaron: I had a choice. I could've gone up to Mr. Montgomery and told him to take that restraining order and shove it!

Alison: Lucy's father took a restraining order against you? Why? You didn't do anything.

Aaron: Thank you.

Lily: You know what? Can we talk to Aaron alone, please?

Aaron: I don't wanna talk to anybody.

Lily: I think we need to just calm down and talk this out. Alison, I think he needs some space. Please.

Alison: Good night, Mrs. Snyder.

Holden: Aaron, don't you go anywhere. We need to talk.

Alison: A restraining order? He's probably afraid you're gonna get her pregnant or something. I swear, that girl will be a virgin when she's 45 if her father has anything to say about it.

Aaron: Will you shut up?

Alison: I'm just saying.

Aaron: Well, don't -- don't, don't say anything! Can you do that for five seconds? If I get within 50 feet of her, they're gonna throw me in jail. And Lucy's already mad at her father, and she thinks I'm caving in. She thinks I let her down!

Alison: Maybe I could talk to her.

Aaron: Alison, I swear, if you get anywhere near her --

Alison: Fine, okay. I was just trying to help.

Aaron: You wanna help? You wanna help? Go home.

Rosanna: Has it ever occurred to you that my relationship with Barbara might be useful to you? Given the size of my investment, I can control her. You saw the way I was able to quash that subpoena.

Craig: You saw what she did to Carly, to Rose, to Hal, to Emily. I may be self-centered. Selfish, immature, greedy, maybe too much of a good thing. Evil? Never. But Barbara and her running mate, James Steinbeck are sick evil. I don't want 'em anywhere near me or Lucy. All right? I know she's a lot to handle.

Rosanna: Thank you for saying that.

Craig: Yeah, well -- yeah. It's my fault, I know. Her opinion mattered too much to me. Her happiness -- I was afraid she was gonna leave me. But I don't care now. She can hate me. Her safety is what matters now.

Rosanna: You know she doesn't hate you. She just -- well, she thinks she's in love.

Craig: We all make mistakes.

Rosanna: Yes, we do. And wouldn't it be nice if we could keep everyone we love from making mistakes? But no matter how much we love someone, we certainly can't control the way they feel.

Craig: I thought you were gonna stay out of my relationship with my daughter.

Rosanna: Of course, I am. She is certainly all yours. But I know how important she is to you, and I don't want to see you trapped in an ultimatum you can't enforce.

Craig: Well, luckily, it's not just up to me anymore. So, are my terms agreeable? Are you going to 86 Barbara?

Rosanna: Yes. Yes, I don't know how I'll do it, but I'll do it.

Craig: Good. Because the truth is, I really didn't know how to say good-bye to you.

Rosanna: Ooh, well, let me just reenforce this for a second before we celebrate. I have a few terms of my own.

Chris: Abigail, can you call Tom?

Abigail: What should I tell him?

Chris: That we're headed to the hospital.

Margo: No, no, that's not your decision.

Katie: It'll be okay.

Chris: He should meet us there. Margo, your blood pressure is much too low. It's indicative of all kinds of nasty complications we wanna avoid. You need a complete work up right away.

Katie: Yeah, and then we'll be there, so if anything's wrong, then they can fix it.

Margo: No, you know -- no, I do not want to go back to the hospital.

Katie: Margo, you promised. If something happened, you would go back. And then I promise that I will bring you back here as soon as everything's fine. I promise, I will.

Margo: Okay.

Chris: Katie, can you drive? I'm gonna ride in the back with Margo.

Katie: Yeah, no problem.

Abigail: Hey, I called Tom. He wasn't in his office, but I left a message for him to call you at the hospital ASAP.

Chris: Thank you.

Abigail: Margo, can I get you anything?

Katie: Oh, yeah, grab her purse, please. It's right there.

Margo: Chris?

Chris: What is it?

Margo: I'm coming back here.

Chris: Yeah, you are. Abigail, can you follow us in my car?

Abigail: Sure.

Slade: That's it. I don't leave now, I'll never beat this storm out of the harbor.

Joe: You're gonna leave without the diamond?

Slade: I've been waiting for Donovon for a day and a half. If he was coming, he'd be here by now.

Joe: So why don't you let me go? I'm not used to you out on that water.

Slade: What are you talking about, Joe? You're fish bait. And we all got to eat.

[Slade laughs]

Simon: What's so funny?

Slade: About time you showed up.

Simon: Oh, well, in case you didn't notice, we've got a bit of a storm headed our way. I see the old man's still alive.

Slade: You have the diamond?

Simon: You'll get your diamond when I take the old man back to his daughter.

Slade: Are you telling me she still has the diamond?

Simon: No, no, no. I've got the diamond right here with the paperwork.

Slade: So, waste the old man, and let's get out of here.

Slade: Are you going to shoot him, or do I have to?

Simon: Hey, hey, have you met his daughter?

Slade: Big mouth, bad attitude.

Simon: Yeah, that's all. But also, she's loaded. So is her mother. I say we up the ante.

Slade: I've never known you to be greedy, Donovon.

Simon: She would do anything to get the old man back. You and I, we could walk away with another million.

Slade: This guy won't last that long.

Simon: Yeah, but they don't have to know that, do they?

Slade: Fine. You go make 'em the offer. I'll take care of good-old Joe.

Simon: Change of plan. I take Joe, and you get out here while you still can.

Slade: You think I'm gonna let you go with my diamond? You really think I'd hand you a loaded gun? Mr. Frasier? Now, why don't you both have a seat?

Joe: Please, do what he says.

Slade: See? Even half-dead, he saw through your act. Now hand over the diamond, or you'll never see that little, blonde wife of yours again.

Alison: Aaron, you're right. You've been nothing but good to me, and I've been awful. I said I'd help you and Lucy steal some time at the wedding, and instead, I totally freaked on you. But if you just give me one more chance, I swear I can make that up to you. And no games. I'm not gonna come on to you or lie or pretend I'm happy about you and Lucy. Because it's still you and Lucy. And she still loves you, no matter what she said. She's just upset. But if you'll let me, I'll go talk to her. And I'll help her understand the restraining order. I can even help her understand that she needs to calm down so you can talk with her.

Aaron: I appreciate the thought, Alison. I do. But it's my problem to fix. So if you wanna help me in any way, just leave it alone. Good night.

Rosanna: Now, Carly and Jack are engaged. So if you want me, it has to be only me. You have to accept the fact that Carly has made her decision and that it's over.

Craig: And who was it who just said that you can't control how people feel?

Rosanna: Well, I know I'm taking a bit of a risk here, but I think it's worth it. Because I believe that what you and I have is far more valuable than what you will ever have with Carly.

Craig: Still competing?

Rosanna: If Carly wanted you, it certainly would be a different story. But she doesn't. So the only thing I'm competing with is a fantasy. So, do we have a deal? Do you wanna think about it?

Craig: No, I think we've done enough thinking. I think we should harken back, remember how this all got started.

Rosanna: With a tie.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Well, actually, I'm not ready quite to give this one up.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm not trying to take anything from you. I wanna give you something.

Craig: Wait.

[Rosanna laughs] remind me never to go into business with you.

Rosanna: Ah, yes, I know. I'm very good at it.

Craig: Yes, I know.

Lucy: Perfect.

Lucy: I thought you said she was gone.

Craig: Lucy --

Rosanna: No, it's all right. It's all right. Yes, I was gone. I was out of town for a little while on business, but now I'm back. And I certainly hope, Lucy, that you and I can have a fresh start.

Lucy: Or what? You'll throw me in jail? So was this her idea, or did you come up with the restraining order all by yourself?

Craig: Rosanna had nothing to do with that. And you will mind your manners.

Lucy: Oh, yes, my manners. What was I thinking? Rosanna, would you please leave my father and me alone for two minutes so we can have a private conversation? Thanks.

Craig: Lucy, I don't like your --

Rosanna: It's okay, really. It's fine. It's fine. She's right. You two certainly need some time to talk. So I'll call you later. Lucy, really, just try to remember that your father loves you. Okay?

Craig: Insulting my friend isn't an answer.

Lucy: Oh, and locking up my boyfriend is?

Craig: I didn't lock him up. I gave him fair warning.

Lucy: You had no right to do that.

Craig: To protect you?

Lucy: Aaron has been nothing but kind and respectful. How could you do this to me?

Craig: I gave you every opportunity. And you defied me, you lied to me and you snuck out with that guy behind my back.

Lucy: Because you wouldn't give him a chance!

Craig: To kill you!? He rides a motorcycle! He's a high school dropout! He had an affair with a married woman! He's a drifter with a Police record!

Lucy: And if mom paid attention to those kinds of things, she never would've married you. You're ten times worse than Aaron. 100 times.

Craig: I have made all kinds of mistakes, which is why I'm not gonna make one with you. All right? Which is why until you start behaving like the smart girl I know you are, I have to set limits.

Lucy: If that were true, you would've locked me up, not Aaron. You had no right interfering with his life. He's not your child. And he's never done anything to you, or me! So if you ever want me to respect you again, you'll call your lawyer and cancel that restraining order.

Craig: Not until you come to your senses.

Lucy: Fine, I'll just -- I'll just get my own lawyer.

Craig: No, you're a minor, Lucy. You can't overturn a petition set by your father. I can't have this guy endangering you. All right? I won't allow it. That is over! You know, look, maybe when you're a little older --

Lucy: Get away from me! Why did I even come back to Oakdale?

Craig: Lucy!

Aaron: There's gotta be a way to challenge a restraining order. I mean, you know people. What about Lucy's aunt Margo? And she's married to a lawyer.

Lily: Wait a minute. Margo is not doing very well right now.

Aaron: Yeah, I know that. I visited her in the hospital. But she's home now. She would help me. I know she would help me.

Lily: The thing about a restraining order -- it only comes into play is if you violate it. So as long as you stay away from Lucy, there's no problem.

Luke: Why does Aaron have to stay away from Lucy? I thought you liked her.

Aaron: I do like her, Luke. And she likes me. What am I supposed to do? Cross the street every time I see her? Leave Java every time she walks in? I mean, this is crazy!

Holden: Aaron, we'll work it out.

Aaron: You've been saying that since the dinner at the Lakeview. It's only gotten worse!

Holden: Will you just calm down? Just give it some time.

Aaron: Yeah, meanwhile, he's probably got her on a plane going to another country. What am I supposed to do?

Lily: You're supposed to stop giving him ammunition.

Aaron: What is that supposed to mean?

Lily: Nobody knows better than I do what it's like for a parent to oppose the person that you care about. But there's really no answer here. Just give it some time.

Aaron: So you're not gonna help.

Holden: That's not what she said.

Aaron: That's exactly what she said, after she blamed me.

Lily: I did not blame you.

Luke: Yes, you did.

Aaron: Luke, your mom's entitled to her opinion. Okay? Sorry to bother you.

Holden: Aaron. Aaron!

Luke: Why won't you help Aaron?

Lily: Honey -- listen, Aaron is just -- he just wouldn't calm down enough to listen to things and talk things out.

Luke: What's a restraining order?

Holden: It's a piece of paper that says that Aaron has to stay away from Lucy.

Luke: Why?

Holden: Because her father has an opinion about Aaron that I don't agree with.

Luke: Then go talk to him. Tell him he's wrong.

Holden: I have.

Luke: Then talk to him again.

Lily: You know, it's not that simple.

Luke: Is that why you won't help Aaron? Because it's hard?

Lily: No, of course not.

Luke: Then what's the problem?

Holden: The problem is, is that Aaron is just -- he's not very patient. He needs to be more patient. That's it. Where are you going?

Luke: To wait for Aaron to come back so I can help him.

Lily: You know, that's just great. It's just great.

Holden: It's not Aaron's fault. This is your friend Craig.

Lily: Now he's my friend Craig.

Holden: I'm not saying that it's your fault.

Lily: You know what? It doesn't matter. Let's just take Aaron's side, no matter what the cost is. Even if it means tearing up this family.

John: Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?

Margo: Oh, junior doctor is overreacting.

John: Why wasn't I called?

Katie: I'm sorry. We just really didn't have time.

Chris: Nurse, could you take Detective Hughes into cubicle four? Thanks.

Katie: It's okay, Margo. I'm gonna be with you.

John: Hey, hey, what gives you the right to determine treatment to a patient you haven't even been assigned to?!

Bob: Gentlemen, lower the volume, please.

Chris: I understand why Dr. Dixon is upset.

John: Don't you patronize me, young man!

Bob: John.

Chris: It's okay, dad. Abigail and I stopped by to say hi to Margo. And while we were there, she almost passed out. I checked her blood pressure. It had dropped precipitously. So I didn't waste time making a phone call. I just brought her straight in because I thought her symptoms might indicate esophageal bleeding. And you don't fool around with that.

John: Well, good call. Good call.

Chris: Thank you, Dr. Dixon. I'll just go check in and make sure the patient is comfortable.

Bob: John?

John: Look, he did the right thing. What do you want me to say? He did okay.

Bob: Listen, before you talk to Margo, there's something I want you to see.

Katie: See, I told you. No code blues, no tubes and whistles. Just a wheelchair and maybe some new medicine. Okay? Everything's gonna be fine.

Margo: I'm really glad you're here, Katie. And as soon as I can get on a phone, I'm gonna call and find out what's going on in Avanya.

Katie: I'm sure everything's fine. Simon needs a lot more than a hurricane to stop him.

Slade: The diamond and the paperwork, now!

Simon: Let Joe go, and maybe I'll think about it.

Joe: Just give it to him, Simon. Save yourself.

Slade: Sorry, Joe. Simon's a do-gooder. Aren't you, Simon? You wouldn't let anything happen to good-old Joe. Now that's pretty. It's been fun, gentlemen. But I'm afraid we're going to have to say good-bye.


Simon: All right, all right.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey. Just let him go. Let him go! Just let him go.

Rose: Careful, Paul! Paul? Oh, where is he? Oh, pop! Pop, are you okay.

Joe: Oh, Rose, I've never been so happy to see anybody before.

Lucinda: Why Henry, thank you. How's he doing?

Rose: He's got a fever. He needs to drink some water.

Joe: Whatever you say, Rosie.

Lucinda: Joe, we're gonna get you out of here.

Rose: It's all right. It's all right.

Simon: Look, we've gotta get to Lucinda's plane.

Paul: Not in this storm we're not.

Simon: Well, we've gotta get off the island, now.

Paul: Is this thing sea-worthy?

Simon: Well, she's gonna have to be.

Katie: Her blood pressure's up, so that's a good thing. Right?

Chris: Dad?

Bob: We're taking a look at Margo's most recent tests.

Chris: The alpha-fetoprotein?

Bob: It's positive.

John: The tests indicate that Margo's cancer has progressed.

Chris: You did another C.A.T. scan?

John: Severe damage.

Katie: You can't just lay news like this on Margo without giving her any options.

John: The options remain the same. Margo needs a new liver, or else she will die.

Aaron: Detective Hughes?

[Knocking at the door] it's me, Aaron Snyder. Anybody home? Casey? Mr. Hughes?

Tom: Margo?

Aaron: Hi.

Tom: Aaron?

Aaron: Your door was open.

Tom: Where's Margo?

Aaron: I don't know. I called her out. I don't think anybody's home.

Tom: Huh. What the hell are you doing in my house?

Alison: Aaron, hey. Did you hear from Lucy yet?

Aaron: She still won't return my calls.

Alison: Hmm, it's been a week. I thought she'd come to her senses by now.

Aaron: Yeah. I don't know what to do. I've tried everything.

Alison: Aaron, you're young, you're beautiful. You have so much to give.

You can't pine away forever. Let me help. Let me help you forget.

Aaron: Oh, so much for your promises, Alison. You say you wanna be a real friend.

But you can't even last one week.

Alison: I tried. I called Lucy 100 times, and she wouldn't listen. So --

Aaron: Just get out of here. Please, just go home.

Alison: Go home? This is my fantasy. You can't kick me out of my fantasy! All right.

We're going back. Start over.

[Sound of audio rewinding]

it's finally happened, Aaron. Lucy's finally come to her senses.

She wants to see you again. Isn't it wonderful?

Aaron: It's kind of late if you ask me. I mean, month after month, I've hung in with that girl.

Calling, writing, chocolate, candy. All I ever got was grief. And you know what?

Alison: What Aaron?

Aaron: I'm young. I'm beautiful. And I have so much to give. I need to move on.

Alison: Aaron, no, no, no. Is there nothing I can say, nothing I can do?

Aaron: Actually, there is something, if you'd like to stick around.

Alison: Oh, I can't. Lucy's waiting. But I don't know how I'm gonna break it to her, but I guess I'll have to find a way.

Aaron: Alison?

Alison: What?

Aaron: You really are a good friend.

Alison: Don't. You're gonna make me cry.

Aaron: Alison?

Alison: What? What's wrong?

Aaron: Nothing. I just can't stop staring at your eyes without those glasses. Let -- let me just - just let your hair down. Wow. Alison Stewart, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Where have you been all my life?

Alison: Now, that's more like it.

Craig: Lucy? Hey, listen, you might be onto something about Oakdale. Maybe we just need to get away for a few days, huh? Lucy -- what's this?

Lucy: I called Matthew. He's making my room ready, and Fenwick's on his way. I'm moving in with grandmother.

Craig: No, you can't. She's out of the country. You can't go to your grandmother's.

Lucy: I won't be alone. There's a whole staff there.

Craig: Come on, come on. Come on. I don't want you to go. Please. We can work this out. I love you so much, and you love me. I know that.

Lucy: I used to love you. But you're not that person anymore. I don't wanna have anything to do with you!

[Knock at the door]

Lucy:  Besides, with me gone, you'll have more time for your girlfriend! You know, I would call her "your tramp," but that wouldn't be polite.

Craig: Sierra?

Sierra: I thought it was time I got involved.


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