ATWT Transcript Thursday 8/15/02


As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/15/02

By Suzanne
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Casey: Hey, Kate --

Katie: Shh, shh! Your mom's taking a nap.

Casey: We won!

Katie: Nice! Very good. Boy, you need a new shirt.

Casey: No, I have a shirt.

Katie: I know, but it looks like you've been rolling around in the mud.

Casey: Well, how do you think we won?

Margo: You gotta choose your battles, Katie.

Katie: Oh, Margo, I'm so sorry. We woke you up.

Margo: You didn't. You made me laugh. Come here. Come here, slugger. Tell me how you plowed into home plate, huh?

Casey: Mom --

Margo: Hi. So I heard. Tell me. I want it play by play.

Casey: We won.

Margo: Yeah, I know.

Katie: Yes, operator. I know. It happens every time. It's just really hard to get a phone line in Avanya. Okay. Well, could you just try a couple more times? Oh, and use Lucinda Walsh's name. She has huge connections down there. And she knows where my husband is. Thank you.

Rose: Oh, Ms. Walsh! What did you hear from Desi? Anything about my pop? Is he all right? What about Simon and Paul?

Lucinda: I can't find --

Rose: Did he take off on his own?

Lucinda: I can't find Desi. I can't find anybody that's supposed to be working in this joint. And the wind is -- a storm coming.

Henry: I thought you heard the news. Some soldiers came and took Desi away early this morning.

Rose: What soldiers? What is this?

Henry: You know, soldiers -- the guy in the fatigues and sort of dower facial expression. Hey, is there a radio-free Avanya? Now, that could be really helpful.

Paul: Rose!

Rose: Paul! Paul! I was so worried about you? What happened? Oh, my God.

Lucinda: Are you okay?

Rose: Did you go on Slade's boat by yourself? What happened?

Paul: I was. But before I got there, I found Simon on the side of the road.

Rose: Well, what happened? What happened? Did you give him the diamond? Did you give Slade the diamond?

Simon: No. No, I couldn't get through to make the trade.

Lucinda: Was it because of the military?

Simon: That's not the half of it. Rose, your father's not the only one in danger here.

Rose: Why? What happened?

Simon: Mother nature happened. A hurricane's about to rip through this island. We don't want to be here when it does.

[Alison dreaming]

Alison: Hi, Molly. You look really nice.

Hi, Emily. You asked me about school once. Did you want to talk about it?

Do parties ever make you feel weird? They kind of make me feel like everybody - mom - mom, about the wine - did I ever tell you I don't even really like wine? I think it tastes gross.

Oh, oh, hey, you guys!

Hey! Do wanna go someplace?

Hello! Am I invisible?! No, no, no, no! No! No!

Susan: Alison! I know she was here at some point, because she changed her clothes. She left that horrible outfit lying on the floor in her room.

Emily: Mother, just relax, okay? She just probably needed a break from all of us.

Susan: How can you say that?

Emily: The way she acted out yesterday? Mother, she's probably too embarrassed to face any of us.

Hal: She did put on quite a show.

Susan: I am so sorry, Hal.

Hal: For what, Susan? You put on a great wedding, the party afterwards -- forget it. Not to mention taking Daniel last night.

Susan: Oh, Daniel's a little angel. But I still feel so bad. It was you and Emily's night, and Alison did everything she could to steal center stage. Last week, she center-staged at Police headquarters. Why does she need that kind of attention?

Emily: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe she's after something else.

Susan: Well, if she is, she can get it from a shrink, because I'm taking her today!

Emily: No. No, no, mom! You can't do that.

[Cell phone rings]

Lucy: Aaron?

Aaron: Hey, Lucy. How bad are things at your place?

Lucy: My dad and I are barely speaking. Plenty of mean looks, though.

Aaron: I'm sorry.

Lucy: Don't be. At least something good came out of all this, though. I don't have to hide the way I feel about you. Are Lily and Holden upset?

Aaron: I don't know yet. I haven't seen them. But, Lucy --

Lucy: Yeah.

Aaron: Whatever anybody says, you and I made a promise, right? Nothing's gonna --

Lucy: Nothing is gonna come between us -- no matter what. I remember. Will I see you later?

Aaron: You'd better. Come by my dad's, we can go for a walk.

Lucy: Great. I'll be there in a little while.

Aaron: Lucy?

Lucy: Yeah?

Aaron: You're amazing. I mean, the way you kissed me at that wedding, in front of everybody.

Lucy: Can I help it if I want the whole world to know how I feel about you? I'll see you later.

Craig: Lucy, listen, I've got a meeting here in a couple minutes, but it won't be long. Lucy -- are you hungry? Why don't you go downstairs and order something for both of us? I'll meet you down there, huh?

Lucy: No thanks. I was just going to change. I'm on my way out.

Craig: To where?

Lucy: To Lily and Holden's. I'm gonna see Aaron.

Carly: Did I miss a weather advisory?

Molly: Oh, I'm just trying to catch up on things at the station. Work is my new priority. Work, work and more work.

Carly: Okay.

Molly: Thank you.

Carly: Well, that sounds like a plan. As long as you're not burying yourself in it just because Mike Kasnoff left town.

Molly: Me use work to forget about a man, Carly? I hate you.

Carly: Are you gonna start talking about jumping on a plane again?

Molly: Am I nuts?

Carly: Well, you know what I think. I think you should wait. But if you want to go, go.

Molly: We got way too heavy way too soon. It's good he went to Venezuela. It really is.

Carly: Are you trying to convince me or you?

[Doorbell rings]

Molly: Rosanna?

Rosanna: Yes, hi, Molly. I just dropped by to ask you a little favor. It's about Mike.

Rosanna: This won't take but a moment of your time.

Molly: Good.

[Door slams]

Rosanna: Hey. Hello, Carly. Then I'll let you two get back to whatever it was you were doing.

Molly: You know, it really drives me crazy when people pop in without calling first, especially when the pop caller's wearing your face. So make it quick, Ro.

Rosanna: Well, I'm so sorry. I just happened to stumble across this book, and -- well, Mike lent it to me. And I was hoping that you could return it to him.

Molly: The art of racing? Are you kidding me or what? How lame is this?

Carly: She's only here because she's dying to know what's between you and Mike. Look at her. She's positively green.

Rosanna: How do you manage daily living when you're this delusional?

Carly: You're jealous, Rosanna. It's eating you raw that Mike has been seeing Molly.

Rosanna: That is so ridiculous.

Carly: Because you're still in love with him. But he swatted you away like a fly. So why don't you get real for once in your pathetic life and tell the truth?

Craig: One day you will see that what I am saying is true. All right, there is nothing I want more than your happiness, but not at the expense of your safety.

Lucy: And one day you'll see that what I keep saying is true. I'm not Bryant.

Craig: No. No, you're not. But your friend, Aaron, makes bad choices. He takes risks that will hurt him and whoever's with him.

Lucy: He has never hurt me, daddy. He's only tried to protect me. And if he's made a few mistakes, it's because he's human. But I'll tell you what hurts -- you, following me around, yelling at me, pulling me away from the first guy I ever really liked. You hurt.

Craig: Well, yeah, I wish I could make you understand this.

Lucy: I wish I could make you understand. You can't make me stop seeing Aaron!

Craig: How about just not for today?

Lucy: Why won't you listen? I'm sorry, daddy, I can't do this.

[Knock at door]

Craig: Mr. Travers.

Marshall: Marshall, please.

Craig: Well, thank you for coming.

Marshall: Your message piqued my curiosity.

Craig: Good. Well, come in. I'll explain to you.

Marshall: Congratulations, by the way, on wiggling out of testifying at Barbara Ryan's trial. Not many witnesses manage to escape my grasp.

Craig: Should I be impressed with myself?

Marshall: Believe me, it won't happen again.

Craig: Yeah, you're not kidding, especially since I plan on avoiding Barbara for the rest of my life.

Marshall: It was an interesting trial.

Craig: She's as guilty as it gets. And thanks to you, she's free.

Marshall: All in a day's work.

Craig: Oh. No, no, no. You did an impossible job, which is why I plan on hiring you to help me with my daughter.

Aaron: All I know is, renting a limo is not against the law. And neither is riding in it with Lucy.

Holden: Craig says you assaulted him.

Aaron: I pushed him away from the limo door so I could shut it. It's not like I was hitting the guy.

Holden: Sure you wanted to, though. Right? What happened next?

Aaron: Craig caught up with us at the Old Mill. I just sat there and listened, while I was holding Lucy's hand. Now is that assault, too?

Holden: How did it all end?

Aaron: Craig took Lucy home. She -- she was so strong. She never backed down once. Throughout the whole thing, I mean, she was so beautiful.

Holden: Well, thanks for giving it to me straight. I don't see how you broke the law.

Aaron: I just don't get what's up with Lucy's father.

Holden: Just let the guy cool off. Lucy's got a couple aunts and uncles on her side. Maybe that'll work for you. Just, you know, let him calm down. And in a few weeks, maybe things will change.

Lily: Don't push Craig.

Aaron: I'm not. I mean, he's the one --

Lily: I know. I don't agree with his tactics, but he has every right to protect his daughter.

Aaron: If you're saying that I have to stay away from her for weeks and weeks -- I can't. Me and Lucy talked about this, and we're not gonna stop seeing each other.

Lily: Did you hear what Holden said? Can't you just back off for a little while? You're seeing Alison Stewart, too. Can't you just spend some time with her and leave Lucy alone?

Susan: Alison's out of control. She won't even talk to me. And you're not having any better luck getting through to her.

Emily: Look, therapy can't replace us. But shrink or no shrink, we're never gonna get that girl to talk unless we start to listen to her.

Susan: What does she ever say except "back off" and "give me more money"?

Emily: Oh, well, then let me just speak for myself. All right? I spend way too much time talking at her. What if I just shut up and listened?

Susan: You'd be sitting in dead silence.

Emily: Why isn't that okay with you?

Hal: If the two of you -- if the two of you don't stop fighting and start bending just a little bit, I'm going to deal with Alison myself.

Tom: Hello?

Emily: Hey, Tom.

Tom: Hey.

Susan: Hey, Tom.

Tom: Well, you newlyweds don't look any the worse for wear.

Emily: Yeah, can you believe we actually went through with it? You here for Daniel?

Tom: Is he awake?

Emily: No, but I'm listening for him.

Tom: No, then just give him a kiss for me. I'm here on business. I'm about to file your counter-petition, Hal.

Hal: Yeah, but Barbara could walk in here with an order and just take Will away.

Tom: Yeah, I'm gonna need your signature in a couple of places.

Hal: All right, let's do it inside.

Tom: Okay.

Adam: Oh, hey. All right, you're awake. How you feeling, huh?

Margo: Oh, honey, I'm great. I'm great. I'm just great. I was just listening to Casey. He brought in the winning run here, slid for it.

Adam: All right there, slick. Way to go. Very good.

Margo: So are you on your way to the airport?

Adam: Well, either that, or I could just put all my stuff in the washer and stay another week.

Margo: No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine, you go. I'm all right.

Casey: So, what's L.A. like?

Adam: Bad yogurt -- no active culture. Get it?

Katie: Good one.

Margo: Yeah, honey, you gotta really stop looking for culture in L.A. and concentrate on getting your film as lit paper done.

Adam: You knew about that?

Margo: Yes, I know everything.

Adam: Ah, well, you know what? The summer semester's really kinda loose. I mean, I could probably get all my work done here.

Margo: No, no, I'm fine. You go.

Katie: Yeah, I know all her tricks. Don't worry, I've got her covered.

Margo: Yeah, Katie'll drive you to the airport.

Adam: Oh, Il was gonna call a cab, but --

Katie: I don't know about that.

Margo: I'm fine, I'm fine. I've got Casey here to keep me in cuffs.

Casey: Cool. Then you can't go upstairs to see my room.

Margo: I'm never going to see your room.

Katie: You know the drill, right?

Casey: Yes, anything happens, I call dad, then grandpa John, then grandpa Bob --

Margo: You know what? Your only job is to hand me the remote control.

Casey: Yeah, yeah.

Margo: And your job is to have a very safe flight and get back to L.A. and make fabulous movies. And I'll be on my feet again by the next time you come home.

Adam: Well, you'd better be. Okay, well, feel better.

Margo: Yeah.

Adam: I love you.

Margo: I love you.

Casey: I'll walk you.

Adam: All right, come on. Catch.

Casey: Oh, I have to carry your bags.

Adam: Yeah, you gotta carry my bags.

Margo: Thank you so much for putting Adam's mind at ease.

Katie: No problem. Are you sure you're gonna be okay with Casey? Because I could just go --

Margo: Yeah, I'm fine.

Katie: I mean, I could call a cab or something.

Margo: Katie, I am so fine. You just go. And if I hear anything about Simon, I will call your cell phone.

Katie: Thanks. Okay.

Simon: The dock where Slade's boat is moored is teeming with soldiers.

Rose: What are they doing?

Simon: Hauling stuff -- weapons, supplies, trying to get everything to a higher ground. All around town, they're rounding up civilians and throwing them into jail.

Henry: Well, that's an economical way to deal with an ecological disaster.

Rose: What's that mean for my pop? What about Slade? Is he gonna stick around for the diamond, or is he gonna just vamoose before the storm hits?

Lucinda: Honey, Slade is not gonna leave without the diamond!

Rose: What if he gives up and throws my pop over --

Simon: Listen, Rose. Rose, Slade has worked too hard and come too far to leave without this.

Henry: There's my baby.

Rose: Enough already. Would you stop it.

Paul: All right. Hey, hey, hey, we got enough time before this storm hits to get Joe out of here.

Simon: It's fine. It's fine. I got a plan.

Henry: Well, share it, please.

Simon: Look, I just want to go upstairs, okay? First, check in with Katie.

Lucinda: Darling, Katie is not here. She left.

Simon: What?

Lucinda: She left. She got a message from Margo, who's quite ill, and she was needed, and she left.

Simon: And you believed this message?!

Paul: I took her to the airport myself, Simon.

Lucinda: The jet took off fine. She's home. She's safe and sound.

Simon: You're kidding me, right? Oh! hijackings are as common as cockroaches down here! Katie --

Rose: She had to go, all right? She was worrying about you, but she had to deal with her sister, okay? Don't worry about Katie. She's got nine lives, that one. She'll be fine. But you -- we need you here. Please, do not -- Simon! We need you. Do not freak out on us now.

Aaron: I'm going outside.

Lily: I'm sorry. I'm -- I shouldn't have mentioned Alison. I'm just worried. I'm worried that this thing with Craig is going to blow up. I'm -- Craig is just -- he's very rough when his buttons get pushed. And I know you like to retaliate when you're pushed against the wall. But I have buttons, too. And they involve protecting my children. And I am telling you right now -- and I mean this -- I will not allow trouble into this house because you're feeling your oats.

Holden: Aaron -- Lily's being completely straight with you. I think you owe her the courtesy of an honest response.

Lucy: I'm leaving now, dad. I won't be home late.

Craig: That was Lucy.

Marshall: Lucy's the light of your life?

Craig: She's why I want legal assistance.

Marshall: I can give you a few names, but I'm not taking new clients right now.

Craig: Do you know what I am in this town, Mr. Travers?

Marshall: I am aware of your affiliations, especially in the news business. I don't suppose The Intruder would be willing to support my candidacy for District Attorney.

Craig: You want to unseat Jessica Griffin?

Marshall: There's no love lost between the two of you, am I right?

Craig: After she vigorously pursued my conviction based on blatantly false testimony? No. Her undoing would be Oakdale's gain. And I would be more than willing to say so in print, if you would be willing to take me as a client.

Marshall: And what sort of endorsement might I expect, Mr. Montgomery?

Craig: Glowing! Glowing, of course.

Marshall: In that case, what can I do for your daughter?

Craig: I've got trouble with a guy named Aaron Snyder. He's 18. Police record in Seattle and, at the moment, is having a particularly unhealthy influence on my daughter.

Marshall: I work better with facts.

Craig: Well, took her to Chicago without permission, stranded her in a car out of touch for a night. She's a minor, he took her to a beer party where she was assaulted by a drunk. You want more?

Marshall: Sounds to me like you'd be interested in a restraining order.

Craig: Yes.

Marshall: Done.

Craig: Just like that?

Marshall: Just like that.

[Craig laughs] have an idea where I might be able to find this young man? Personal delivery's very effective.

Craig: As a matter of fact, I do, Mr. Travers. Thank you. May this be the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

Rosanna: Do you think that I care one bit about some casual thing between Mike and Molly?

Carly: You're damn right I do. And this thing between Mike and Molly, it isn't casual. They're hot for each other.

Molly: Carly --

Carly: Well, it's true. They can't even walk into a room without setting off the sprinklers. And it's not just the sex. Mike wants Molly more than he's ever wanted anybody. He's even offered to make a commitment. He's willing to settle down and live right here in Oakdale with her. Now you won't find that in a crackerjack box.

Rosanna: You will make sure that Mike gets that book, won't you?

Molly: He's gone.

Rosanna: He's gone?

Molly: He took a job in Venezuela.

Rosanna: Venezuela?

Carly: Is there an echo in here?

Rosanna: Mike never spoke to me about any job last time we talked.

Molly: Yeah, well, he got the offer right after you left town. Take your book.

Rosanna: Well, I guess I'll just have to hang onto this a little bit longer, won't I? Unless -- well, neither one of you will be going to Venezuela anytime soon, will you?

Molly: No. No, I won't.

Carly: Wait a minute, Rosanna. This big coincidence, this out-of-town business -- what did you do? Did you pull some Cabot strings to get Mike a job out of the country?

Rosanna: That's preposterous!

Carly: Is it? And I bet Mike doesn't know a thing about it. Does he?

Carly: I'm right on the money, aren't I, Rosanna? Mike would never take a favor from you.

Rosanna: Well, talk about what one finds in a crackerjack box. That's a charming little rhinestone, Carly. How sweet.

Carly: This ring was given to me by a man on bended knee, proposing marriage to me. And -- they are diamonds purchased with hard-earned cash by a man who knows how to treat his woman.

Rosanna: How positively bus stop.

Carly: Just take a good look, because this is as close to love and commitment as you will ever be.

Rosanna: Well, I'm so happy for you and Jack. It is Jack who proposed, isn't it? I mean, with you, one never can be sure.

Carly: Well, aren't you dying to know how Craig took the news?

Rosanna: No.

Carly: He was right there watching. It's a pity you weren't there to sweep up the broken pieces.

Rosanna: Well, I'm sure Craig may be smarting a little bit, but I'll take care of that. He has a rather fertile imagination, as do I. I'm sure I'll find some way to make him happy. Don't worry.

Carly: Hey, don't you change the subject. I would still bet my right eye that you arranged this. You arranged for Mike to have a job out of the country!

Molly: Aagh!

Carly: Well, okay, so what? So she won a round.

Molly: What are you talking about? You were great.

Carly: She got the information she wanted.

Molly: What does she know now that she didn't know before?

Carly: She knows that you are out of Mike's grasp. She knows that I am engaged to Jack. So that makes Craig an easier bear to trap. How do I hate her? Let me count the ways.

Molly: Do you really think that she pulled strings to get Mike out of the country?

Carly: That's how her scheming little mind works. And, unfortunately, she's got the pocketbook to fund it.

Molly: Mike would be irate if he knew anything about this.

Carly: He would spit Venezuelan nails.

Molly: Let's check it out. This is the kind of research I did every day at the station, okay? Hi. Yes, this is Molly McKinnon from Woak in Oakdale, Illinois. Right, hi. I'm doing a feature on the Cabot Foundation and all of its various projects worldwide. Would you be so kind as to fax me a list at home? Great, thank you. Okey dokey. Now it's just a matter of time, cuz before we find out if Rosanna is the wizard behind the curtain.

Hal: How's Margo?

Tom: She's a little too antsy to be in a hospital bed, but I call her every two hours. It drives her nuts.

Hal: Tell you what, let's both drive her nuts.

Tom: Good idea. Hey, it's me. You miss me?

Margo: You know what, baby? You are a pest. Hey, there's somebody here that wants to holler at you. Hold on.

Hal: How's my best person?

Margo: Oh, I'm so glad I got out of that hospital so I could make it to your wedding. What are you doing at Tom's office?

Hal: Oh, we're not. We're at Susan's. Emily and I came here to pick up Daniel.

Margo: That's good. Hal, just remember that it's all about the kids -- all of 'em. 'Cause they're what make this whole life worth struggling through.

Hal: I know.

Emily: Look, I just think it's a big mistake to send anyone to a shrink if they're kicking and screaming.

Susan: Alison's always kicking and screaming.

Emily: Yeah, well, maybe that's because she always feels like she's caught in the middle of me and you. You know what? I think all three of us should go see a shrink.

Susan: You mean someone who does family therapy?

Emily: Exactly. I think we all should go. It would help all of us, and it would take the focus off of Alison.

Susan: I think it would be a good place to start.

Emily: We're going.

Daniel: Mommy, mommy.

Emily: Somebody's awake.

Hal: You can come out now.

Aaron: I know you think you saw me kissing Alison Stewart. But I didn't.

Lily: I know what I saw, Aaron.

Aaron: Alison's got a lot of crazy ideas. And this was one of them. I'm not interested in her.

Lily: Didn't you take her to Hal and Emily's wedding?

Aaron: Only so it could look like we were dating. She was covering for me and Lucy so Craig would leave us alone.

Lily: Wait a minute. You had Alison Stewart cover for the two of you?

Aaron: Nobody told her to do it. Like I said, it was one of her crazy, stupid ideas. I hated it. To tell you the truth, I love Lucy. And I'm not gonna stop seeing her. And no one, between you and Montgomery and everybody, is gonna keep me from seeing her.

Lily: Don't you understand you're giving Craig an ample opportunity to destroy you?

Holden: Lily -- Aaron's okay. We're all okay here. We're gonna work this thing out peacefully, and the family's gonna be fine.

[Doorbell rings]

Marshall: Mr. Snyder? I'm T. --

Holden: Yeah, yeah, I know who you are. Marshall Travers. If this is about the Barbara Ryan situation, this is really not a good time.

Marshall: That case is closed.

Holden: Then what do you want?

Marshall: A word with your son, Aaron Snyder.

Katie: You were the best medicine in the world for your mom.

Adam: So you promise me you're gonna give me a call as soon as my mom goes off to the hospital?

Katie: Of course.

Adam: Okay.

Clerk: Last boarding call for flight 36 to Los Angeles.

Katie: Listen to me. The best thing you can do for your mom is just to not worry, go to school, get a bunch of "As," have fun. She has the best doctors in the world and the best husband in the world.

Adam: And I thank you so much. I mean, you don't understand how comforted I am that you're taking care of her.

Katie: Oh, me, too.

Adam: Take it easy.

Katie: You, too. You'd better go.

Adam: Yeah, bye-bye.

Katie: Be safe.

Adam: I will, bye-bye.

Katie: Hurricane threatens massive destruction. Rush to evacuate city." Oh, my God, Simon.

Alison: Busted, huh?

Hal: It's what I do.

Alison: You gonna arrest me? Why don't you handcuff me and turn on the old siren so my mom will really lose it? I heard you say you had to deal with me.

Hal: And here we are. You know, you're getting pretty good at the undercover thing?

Alison: I like to listen to people talking when they're not censoring everything they say. So what? It was nice back there.

Hal: Hiding?

Alison: Being invisible. Not like I'm not used to that.

Hal: You really feel invisible?

Alison: "Uh-oh, lock her up! She's a mental case. She thinks she's invisible!"

Hal: No, I've done the mental case thing. You wouldn't make the cut.

Alison: Oh, I forgot you were in the hospital. Sorry.

Hal: Not a problem.

Alison: Were there people like me in the hospital?

Hal: No, 'cause they don't take normal 17-year-olds.

Alison: Oh, yeah, right. Name one normal thing about me.

Hal: Oh, mood swings -- up, down, excited, bored.

Alison: Well, I've got news for you. Because, most of the time, I don't care about anything. How normal is that?

Hal: You know what? I think you do care. I think you care maybe a little bit too much. See, the thing is, Alison, you gotta pick one thing, and you gotta focus on that.

Alison: How about Aaron Snyder?

Hal: Hmm. He seems like a nice kid.

Alison: Okay. Then what?

Hal: Be a friend.

Alison: Aaron and I, we're already friends.

Hal: No, I mean, a real friend. I mean, the best friend that you can be. And you stick with that, you trust me, you won't be invisible anymore.

Aaron: I'm Aaron Snyder. What is this?

Marshall: A restraining order -- issued at the request of Craig Montgomery. It requires you remain 50 feet or more away from Mr. Montgomery's daughter, Lucy.

Aaron: Yeah. What if I don't?

Marshall: If you get any closer than that, say 49 feet, you'll be breaking the law. In which case, you'll be arrested and jailed.

Marshall: Mrs. Snyder --

Lily: Yes.

Marshall: I sincerely hope you and your husband will help this young man abide by this order. It will be enforced.

Lily: Thank you. I told you. I told you, this is exactly how Craig works.

Holden: Aaron, I suggest that you read every word of that order.

Aaron: I'll read it. But I'm not gonna stay away from Lucy.

Holden: This is Craig's answer to you loving his daughter. And as an encore, you can bet that a private eye is gonna be following your every step.

Aaron: You kidding?

Holden: It's like Lily said, it's how Craig operates. And you can bet that this private detective is gonna try and get a shot at you defying that order.

Aaron: Yeah, well, I'm not afraid of getting arrested.

Holden: Well, you should be. Because besides spending a few nights in the slammer, whatever that judge decides, is your immediate future.

Aaron: What's that supposed to mean?

Holden: He could send you back to Caleb and Julie. Or, given your track record, he can just send you to jail.

Aaron: Yeah, well, not forever.

Holden: And what do you know about forever? Forever for you is two weeks away from Lucy. Aaron, don't blow this. For you, for Lucy and for this family -- you better read that order, and you better follow every word of it.

Craig: No, messenger over only the vacation brochures. My daughter and I will have a look at them and call you back. Thanks.

[Knock at the door]

Rosanna: Hello. Remember me?

Craig: All too well.

Rosanna: Do you remember that little problem we had? It's out of the picture.

Craig: Is it?

Rosanna: Yes, and if you let me in, I would like to explain.

Katie: I just need to know if planes can still get out of Avanya.

Clerk: It'll just take a second to login into the database.

Katie: Hopefully my husband got out of there. Hopefully they all got out before the hurricane hit.

Clerk: It seems the air space around Avanya has been sealed.

Katie: Sealed?

Clerk: There's a class three hurricane just 30 miles west of the island.

Katie: Class three? How is that bad?

Clerk: Upward winds of 130 miles per hour -- that's bad. I'm sorry.

Katie: Oh, God. Oh, God, please, let Simon be okay. Please, don't let him get hurt.

Simon: All right, so Katie's left. She's gonna be okay. I have to believe that, right? She's gonna get home safe, and then she's gonna send the jet back for us.

Henry: No, wait a minute, wait a minute. Katie leaves an island, and then she promises to send a plane back to pick up those she left behind. Where have I heard that before? And why does it not instill me with confidence?

Rose: That's enough, okay? We're going home, on that plane, and we're gonna be with my pop, too. All of us.

Lucinda: Shh, shh, shh. Hush, hush, kids, please. Simon, you say you have a plan?

Simon: Yeah, I know how to get onto Slade's boat.

Paul: All right, I'm going with you.

Simon: No. I'm gonna get Joe. You stay here, get as many supplies as you can. Tarps, water, whatever you can get your hands on.

Henry: I'll start with the bar.

Simon: This place is gonna be a zoo as soon as that hurricane hits. People are gonna storm it. I'll get Joe, bring him back here. We're gonna get the hell out of this hole.

Lucinda: Good luck.

Paul: All right, ladies, let's go!

Lucinda: All right, come on, come on.

Susan: Alison? Honey, where were you?

Emily: Next time, will you leave a note or something, please?

Susan: Listen, we gotta set some rules.

Alison: Mom, can we talk about this later? I've got a friend to meet now.

Emily: What was that?

Hal: Beats me.

Alison: Oh, Aaron, I hope it's not too late.

Aaron: I'll read the stupid order. And then I'm gonna find a way around it.

Holden: No. You, Lily and I are gonna discuss this.

Aaron: What's to talk about?

Holden: How we can make it through this mess.

Aaron: See, I hate this! You two shouldn't even be involved.

Holden: Well, we are.

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: I'll get it. Lucy, no. No, no, no.

Holden: Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, stop.

Molly: This is everything the Cabot Foundation funded in the last two years.

Carly: Design and construction of district elementary school. On-site work begins summer 2002. Caracas, Venezuela! Bingo! If Rosanna can't have Mike, she doesn't want anybody to have Mike.

Molly: Where is that little twit? I'm gonna knock her head off.

Carly: No, no, honey, honey! You catch more with a net than you do with a right hook. Did Mike leave you a fax number or anything?

Molly: I just got something. Wait a minute. Yes! Here, right here.

Carly: So right under the Cabot logo -- "Attention: Mike Kasnoff."

Molly: That's it. No cover letter? No explanation?

Carly: Mike will know exactly what it means.

Rosanna: I went away to get a fresh perspective.

Craig: And did you?

Rosanna: I think so. I realized that all our problems boiled down to one thing -- Mike Kasnoff.

Craig: Tad simplistic, isn't it?

Rosanna: Not at all. He came to town. Lucy saw a kiss, and you believed I betrayed you.

Craig: Are you saying you didn't?

Rosanna: I'm saying something much better than that. I'm saying I'm going to prove myself to you.

Craig: Ah, come on. I'm a big boy. You want Mike Kasnoff, I think I can handle that.

Rosanna: No, I think you should just listen to me, please. I got Mike out of Oakdale. Somehow he managed to snag a rather prestigious construction job in Venezuela.

Craig: Where the Cabot Foundation funds a project?

Rosanna: Call me generous.

Craig: Does he know he has a fairy godmother?

Rosanna: No, he doesn't. And he never will. But I wanted you to know.

Craig: Why?

Rosanna: Because I still want you. I still care. Now the question is -- do you?


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