ATWT Transcript Wednesday 8/14/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/14/02

By Suzanne
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Molly: Hey. Before you say anything, let me just get this out, okay? I know how upsetting it must have been for you seeing Mike and me --

Abigail: -- Kissing on the couch.

Molly: Yeah.

Abigail: Does he make you happy?

Molly: He's so great. He's such good company for me. I mean, he knows how to have fun, but he knows when to be serious. And he's honest and kind and sweet. Yeah. Okay? The answer's yes.

Abigail: Well, then how can I be upset? I'm happy for you. And I hope that you and Mike turn into something great.

Molly: Too late.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Molly: He's leaving the country tonight. He's doing some job in Venezuela, putting up some school and -- he's gonna be gone for months.

Abigail: But when he's done with the job, you'll see him again, won't you?

Molly: We decided to leave that up to fate. So who knows? You know, he's gonna be gone so long, he could forget me completely.

Abigail: Will you forget him?

Molly: Can we talk about you for a minute? About Chris, school, any subject you want.

Abigail: Okay. Oh, um -- well -- how about me getting my own apartment?

Lucy: Do you feel any better, Alison? Maybe you should sit down.

Alison: I'm okay. The only reason why I got sick was because I drank that water too fast.

Lucy: Of course. It could happen to anyone.

Aaron: You can relax while we drop you off at the movies. You ready to go?

Alison: No, no, not yet. This has been the worst day of my life. And let me tell you, the competition was fierce.

Lucy: Well, have you asked yourself why it turned out that way?

Alison: My sister and Hal tried to squeeze me out of their lives. No one cares about me, so I had to stand up for myself.

Lucy: By dancing and destroying their wedding?

Alison: I decided to have a little fun, even if no one else was.

Lucy: I know you can get lonely sometimes, Alison, but --

Alison: My mom said I needed a shrink, but I don't think she meant you, Lucy.

Lucy: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

Alison: Well, then say what you mean instead of tiptoeing around it. "Alison, I understand your life has turned into garbage, but tough, Aaron and I still want to get rid of you."

Aaron: Alison, we can take you to the movies like we originally planned -- or we can leave you here and come back in a couple hours. But me and Lucy want to be alone. So what's it gonna be?

Carly: What do you think?

Jack: Not bad. I have to admit -- I was a little nervous when I gave you that.

Carly: Why? Did you think I was gonna turn you down?

Jack: You might've.

Carly: And then what? You would've thrown me over the back of your white horse and galloped me away against my will? No. That's not how you would've handled it.

Jack: I know who I am, Carly. I'm never gonna be rich. And no one's ever gonna ask me for my autograph. And if I'm lucky, one day I'll be Chief of Police, but --

Carly: I know who you are, too. You're the love of my life -- the only man I want. My handsome, my loving, my magnificent fiancÚ.

Jack: I guess I should quit while I'm ahead, huh?

Carly: I think you should do what I do -- and savor every moment of it.

Margo: So you're okay about calling me "best person" instead of "best man"?

Hal: I don't care what I call you, Margo. I'm just so happy that you're doing it.

Margo: Yeah, me, too.

Hal: When Adam told me how serious things were -- Margo, I was devastated. I had no idea you were going through this.

Margo: I know, I know. I know I should've told you myself, but it just seemed like the more I talked about it, the more real it got, and --

Tom: Hey, are you all right?

Margo: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm sorry, I --

Tom: No, no, look -- don't. Now, if you want to be out of the hospital this badly, then I'm gonna support you.

Margo: Oh, thanks. That was easy.

Tom: Have you made arrangements to get your medication?

Margo: Yes, baby, we have. Katie and I both talked to Dr. Corder, and he said there's no reason we can't do the protocol at home. And I am not gonna be risky about this, I promise you. If I can't do this at home, then you drive me to the hospital yourself.

Tom: Okay.

Casey: Just let me know what I can do to help, mom. I'll do anything you say to get you through this.

Margo: You see? That's why I had to be home for this.

Emily: So did you hear the good news? Margo's gonna be Hal's best person.

Tom: Yeah, I did. That's gonna be different. Are you sure you're up for this?

Margo: I am up for this. As long as I don't have to throw a bachelor party.

Tom: Now, does your dad know you broke out? Because he is not going to be happy.

Bob: Not exactly. But I'll take care of John. I'll explain that this is Margo's decision, not his.

Kim: Listen, don't you think it's about time we got this wedding on the way?

Susan: The justice of the peace just arrived a few minutes ago, so I'll go tell him that we're ready to start.

Kim: Why don't we all sit down?

Bob: Good idea.

Hal: There. Now, aren't you glad we didn't call this wedding off?

Emily: And waste this dress? Not on your life.

Margo: I'm sorry, Hal. Would you mind if I had a minute to talk to Emily alone? Just a minute.

Hal: Sure. Just don't talk her out of it. Find me when you're done. I'll be the guy with the big smile.

Emily: Would you rather sit?

Margo: No, no. I really just wanted to get this out, because I don't know what the future lies in store, so I want to do this while I've got a chance. There's a few things that you and I have to talk about.

Molly: Your own apartment, honey? You want your own apartment, just because you walked in on me kissing someone?

Abigail: No! Molly, you and I are so close. It's great. Sometimes we're too close, so we get tangled in each other's lives.

Molly: No, no -- honey, we can live together and give each other more privacy. We just have to figure out a better system.

Abigail: That system doesn't exist. This was gonna happen sooner or later.

Molly: Abigail, you're not even a sophomore yet. I mean, you're gonna be a sophomore, but I just think it's too early to be on your own.

Abigail: And even if I went away to college, sophomore year is when people get their own apartments.

Molly: But that's different, because it's temporary. This -- this -- sweetie, it's such a big move.

Abigail: Well, if I don't like it, I can move back in. Right?

Molly: Of course you can. But -- oh, I'm running out of arguments. Help.

Abigail: Molly, I don't have to move out right away. I can give you more time to think about the idea.

Molly: No, stop. Stop it. Stop it right there. I don't want to risk you resenting me for standing in your way.

Abigail: I wouldn't. And you're not. But I don't want to feel like I'm abandoning you.

Molly: You are the most loving, intelligent, beautiful person in the world. And when I look at you, my heart fills with pride. I mean that, sweetie. So, if you think it's time to have your own life, then that's what you should have.

Abigail: I'm still gonna worry about you.

Molly: I'm gonna worry about you. But if this is what you want --

Abigail: You know what I want? I want you to be happy.

Molly: I will be.

Abigail: Even without Mike? Look, Molly, I don't know this guy, and so that makes it hard for me to root for you two to be together. But if you want to be with him, I hope somehow it works out.

Molly: You're so sweet. Honey, six months is a long time, you know? I mean, he could meet someone else, start a whole new life.

Abigail: Yes. Anything can happen. But if you had a choice, would you want him to come back?

Molly: I don't know. You know, I'm really just trying to live in the moment. Yeah. Yes, I want him to come back.

Abigail: Well, then you should tell him that before he goes.

Barbara: Honey, I'm just gonna pack up a few things and then we'll be out of here, okay?

Will: Mom, you know I don't like that place. I'm not going back in there.

Barbara: All right. We don't have to go in. You don't have to come with me. I told you, we're not going to live here.

Will: Then, go in by yourself. I'll wait out here.

Barbara: It's kind of dark. Are you gonna be okay?

Will: Yes. Please?

Barbara: Okay. I'll only be a few minutes. You know, this hotel that we're gonna go to is fabulous. There's a pool, it has a hot tub, it has a game room with more games than you could possibly play.

Will: Why can't we stay at the Lakeview?

Barbara: Well, honestly, the Lakeview has some bad memories for me.

Will: We could visit aunt Lisa, and dad could visit anytime.

Barbara: This hotel we're going to has 24-hour room service. You could order pancakes at 3:00 in the morning.

Will: I'm usually asleep at 3:00 in the morning, mom.

Barbara: It was just an example. Look, I know this is gonna be different, but we're gonna make a whole new life for ourselves.

Will: What about my friends?

Barbara: Your friends? You'll see your old friends, you'll make new friends. It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be exciting. But the most important thing is that we're gonna be together all the time.

Will: What about dad and Emily? Can I visit them?

Barbara: Of course you can. I'm surprised you'd even ask such a question.

Will: Well, for one thing, I was all set to be dad's best man. I got the tuxedo and everything. And then you came in with your lawyer and said I couldn't do that. So, if you did that, I guess you can do anything.

Margo: Okay, I realize that this is really a pretty stupid question, because you're just about to get married, and it should be obvious. But I really need to know, just for myself. Do you love Hal?

Emily: Margo, of course I love Hal.

Margo: I mean -- no, with all your heart? Deeply? There's not a niggle in the back of your brain that says that maybe this could be a mistake?

Emily: You know, a girl could get offended by that sort of question.

Margo: Will you please just --

Emily: And I understand, given my history, I probably deserve that. So you want to know how I feel about Hal? I've waited my whole life for that man.

Margo: Okay, good. That's what I needed to know. Thanks.

Emily: Can I ask why you needed to know?

Margo: Well, I think you know that, when you came to see me at the hospital, that this is serious. I'm gonna have to have a liver transplant. So I'm on the list, and everything is set.

Emily: I'm so sorry. I know you must be very frightened.

Margo: Well, yeah. But really, I'm more worried about my family. So I need to know that you and Hal have a really strong marriage so that my boys are always welcome at your home.

Emily: Oh, Margo -- Adam is so important to Hal, so he's so important to me. You know? And Casey's a great kid. Your children will always have a home with us -- always.

Margo: Okay, that's great. That's very generous of you.

Emily: I had a good teacher.

Margo: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Emily: You. You've been a wonderful second mother to Daniel, and I haven't always been able to see that or say that, but I can say it now.

Margo: Emily Stewart, I wish you and Hal all the happiness that you can stand.

Emily: Okay, I'm so having an out-of-body experience here. 'Cause is this you and me having this conversation?

Margo: Yeah, but trust me -- don't get used to it. Because when I get a new liver, I'm never going to do this.

Emily: I think I need -- I should thank you now. This is the best wedding gift ever.

Lucy: We're not gonna leave you here, Alison. You need to pick another place.

Alison: Will you please just go away? No one else worries about me. Why should you?

Aaron: Lucy and I worry about you. That's why we're still here.

Alison: Oh, I know. I could go to my mom's. Maybe she has people waiting with straitjackets ready to take me away.

Lucy: You know that's not gonna happen.

Alison: Okay, then, I could go to Hal and Emily's. I'm sure they'd like to fill me in on how I ruined their wedding.

Lucy: Why don't you go to Al's diner? You could order some --

Alison: I know, Lucy! I could disappear. That way, everyone, including you two, will be happy.

Aaron: Okay, that's it. I figure we owed you for you saving us at the Country Club. That's what we picked you up for tonight. Okay? You wanted to come with us to get yourself together? Cool, we did it. But now, we're even. Lucy doesn't want you to stay here. And maybe she's right. So if you don't pick somewhere to go, I'm gonna pick it for you.

Craig: While you're considering potential spots, Aaron, be sure to include the local jail.

Aaron: I'm not scared of you, Mr. Montgomery. I haven't committed a crime.

Craig: Alison, would you wait outside, please? I think we'd like to have this conversation in private.

Alison: Wouldn't it be better to have a witness?

Craig: Good-bye, Alison.

Alison: Scream if you need me.

Lucy: So how'd you find us?

Craig: I will always find you, Lucy. And I will always protect you from anyone who means to do you harm.

Aaron: I would never do that!

Craig: Of course not. By the way, my daughter is a minor, and I will not watch you steal her innocence.

Aaron: Yeah, well, I'm in love with your daughter. So, if that's a crime, then you can lock me up.

Craig: That might happen sooner than you think. Now, you see what you are doing? You never did this kind of thing before you fell into this guy's influence. And that's not gonna happen anymore.

Lucy: Daddy, I know I lied to you. And I know I snuck out on you, too. But none of that was Aaron's fault. It's because you won't let me breathe.

Craig: Oh, I'm happy to let you breathe. I'm happy to let you date, if you'll just --

Lucy: Yes, you have a big problem with it. You're trying so badly to protect me, you don't care if I'm happy!

Craig: We can talk about this at home.

Lucy: Fine. I'll go with you, anything to avoid another scene. But I'm not gonna talk to you about Aaron anymore.

Craig: Why not?

Lucy: Because you want to change my mind about him, and that is never gonna happen.

Craig: Okay, fine. Okay. But I have asked you repeatedly not to see him, and you've repeatedly disobeyed me. Do I have to take stronger measures?

Lucy: It won't make a difference. Aaron and I are together, and you can't stop us.

Craig: I'll wait in the car while you say good-bye.

Lucy: What are we gonna do?

Aaron: You don't have to leave with him.

Lucy: Yes, I do. I just can't --

Aaron: No, no, no. We can sneak back to the limo, get on my bike, and we can just leave -- just you and me, nobody else. We can do this, Lucy. What do you think? We can do this.

Molly: Excuse me. Hi. Is this the flight that somebody would be taking if they were going to Caracas?

Gate attendant: It would've been.

Molly: Are you saying that the flight left?

Gate attendant: Just pulled away from the gate.

Molly: Is there any way to get a message to one of the passengers on your flight?

Gate attendant: Sorry. You're gonna have to call them once they arrive.

Molly: I -- I don't have a number.

Gate attendant: Well, maybe they'll call you.

Molly: Right.

Barbara: Honey, pulling you out of your dad's wedding was a very difficult decision, but I did it for you.

Will: I don't get it.

Barbara: I was protecting you. I didn't want to see you pushed aside, being left out. I will not stand by and watch you being treated that way again.

Will: Mom, that wasn't gonna happen. Everybody was happy I was there.

Barbara: I know it seems that way, but ever since your dad and Emily have been together, he's been more involved with her. And I wish them all the happiness in the world, but as your mother, I have to worry about you.

Will: Why couldn't you do that while I was living with dad?

Barbara: I considered that. I did. But the last thing I wanted was to upset your life in any way. And I thought, "why should I struggle against one situation, when I could create another one that would be so much better?" I mean, that makes sense to me. Doesn't it make sense to you?

Will: I guess, if you put it that way.

Barbara: I can understand how you might feel nervous about this, but we're going to make a wonderful new life together. You're the most important thing in the world to me. I'll do everything in my power to make you happy.

[Playing Carly Simon's "some kind of wonderful" throughout]

Margo: So are you nervous?

Hal: No. I'm not nervous. I've had experience with all this.

Margo: So why is your upper lip sweaty?

Hal: Humid out here.

Tom: Good luck.

Emily: Thank you.

Hal: You're everything I ever wanted -- everything I never thought I would have.

Emily: Will you stop saying things like that, please? I'm never gonna get through this.

Hal: Okay. Let's go.

Emily: Okay.

Judge: Welcome. Please be seated. We have gathered here to celebrate the union of Hal Munson and Emily Stewart. Marriage, as we know, is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and soberly. The joining of souls, the sharing of lives, is in the sovereignty of the heavens. Because for a marriage to truly succeed, it must take flight and soar.

Judge: Will you, Hal, forsaking all others, keep only unto Emily, so long as you may live?

Hal: I will.

Judge: Will you, Emily, forsaking all others, keep only unto Hal, so long as you may live?

Emily: I will.

Judge: Repeat after me. I, Hal, take you, Emily, to be my lawfully wedded wife.

Hal: I, Hal, take you, Emily, to be my lawfully wedded wife.

Judge: I, Emily, take you, Hal, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Emily: I, Emily, take you, Hal, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Judge: You can say the rest together. For better or worse --

Both: For better or worse --

Judge: For richer, for poorer --

Both: For richer, for poorer --

Judge: In sickness and in health --

Both: In sickness and in health --

Judge: So long as we both shall live.

Both: So long as we both shall live.

Judge: I believe the best person has the ring. Emily, please extend your left hand. Hal, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

Hal: With this ring, I thee wed.

Judge: And now the maid of honor. Emily, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

Emily: With this ring, I thee wed.

Judge: Nicely done. By the power vested in me by the State of Illinois, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[Both giggling] ladies and gentleman, I give you, Hal and Emily Munson.


Carly: How are you feeling?

Margo: I'm -- I'm exhausted.

Carly: You want to sit down?

Margo: No, no, no, in a minute.

Hal: I love you.

Emily: No, no, no, don't.

Hal: Hey, hey, come on. Well, we have guests.

Emily: No we do not. For this one minute, we are the only people on this planet.

Hal: I'm gonna make you happy. I'm never gonna let you down.

Emily: And I will try to be everything you need me to be.

Hal: And I really wanna take you off on some honeymoon someplace, only --

Emily: Some mad woman has your son somewhere.

Hal: And your impossible sister needs constant attention.

Emily: It'll get better. I promise.

Hal: Yeah, it will get better. Then it'll get worse, then it'll get better, then it'll get worse again, Emily. But that's just how it goes. But how we deal with it, how we manage it, that's the challenge. And that, we're gonna do beautifully.

Emily: Yeah, you know why?

Hal: Why?

Emily: Because we're up to the challenge.

Hal: Yes.

Emily: And we're gonna do just what the judge said. We're gonna keep soaring higher and higher and higher.

Hal: I'm on board.

[Owls hooting]

Barbara: Okay, I've got everything in the car --

Will: Mom!

Barbara: My goodness, what happened?

Will: I heard a noise, and I didn't know what it was.

Barbara: Oh, for Pete's sake, I told you to come inside with me.

Will: It's too dark in there.

Barbara: You know what I told you? I told you that I would protect you. I think we better make a deal. Okay, young man. I'll protect you, if you protect me. From here on?

Will: Okay.

Barbara: Okay.

Will: Can we go now?

Barbara: Yeah. Come on.

Lucy: My father is out there waiting for me. If I don't leave with him, he'll call the Police.

Aaron: So let him. We didn't break any laws.

Lucy: He'll claim you did. He'll tell them that you made me stay with you. And then you'll be in jail, and I'll never get to see you again.

Aaron: Okay. Then we'll think of something else. But you've got to promise me something, first.

Lucy: Anything. What is it?

Aaron: You father's gonna try to get between us. He's going gonna try to get you to think bad things about me. You can't let him win. Promise me that.

Lucy: I promise.

Aaron: Okay.

Lucy: No matter what he says, I'll never believe him.

Aaron: Then we're gonna be okay.

[Car horn sounds]

Lucy: I better go. When will I see you?

Aaron: I don't know. Soon.

Lucy: I'll think about you every minute. I love you. Never forget that.

Aaron: Me, too. Never. I love you.

Alison: Aaron?

Aaron: Get back in the limo.

Alison: Well, what about you?

Aaron: I'll be there in a minute.

Alison: I can't leave you alone.

Aaron: I didn't ask what you wanted.

Alison: I know what we should do. Maybe we --

Aaron: Did you hear what I just said?!

Alison: Yeah, well, sure, but --

Aaron: Then go. For once in your life, listen to something that somebody tells you.

Alison: Aaron? I know you're angry, but --

Aaron: Make the next left. It's the same place you took us before -- the wedding in the backyard.

Alison: You're gonna drop me off? Do you know that, ever since I was born, I felt like I didn't exist?

Aaron: Oh, you exist, Alison. If nobody believes you, you tell them to ask me.

Alison: Really?

Aaron: Yeah.

Alison: You mean it?

Aaron: Yeah. Because I couldn't possibly be this sick of somebody that didn't.

Alison: If you're trying to hurt my feelings --

Aaron: I don't care about your feelings, one way or the other, because from this point on, I don't want anything to do with you.

Alison: If I haven't already said it before, I'm sorry I ruined your evening with Lucy.

Aaron: It's not just tonight. It's everything you've done since the time I've met you. You lie. You stir things up. When people confront you, all you do is moan about your problems.

Alison: I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't know you hated me so much.

Aaron: Crying is not gonna cut it. I'm done.

Alison: Aaron, you know, Lucy is not the only girl on this earth. Just give me a chance. I know I could make you happy.

Aaron: There's only one thing you could do to make me happy. When this car stops, get out.

Jack: Can I tell you something personal?

Carly: If you think you can trust me.

Jack: Oh, yeah. Tonight got to me, Carly.

Carly: What do you mean "got to you"? Got to you, how?

Jack: Well, the whole thing. The vows, the music -- it was all very powerful.

Carly: Are you telling -- are you telling me you cried at this wedding, Jack?

Jack: Well, no. Not in the sense that there was noise or anything, but, there were -- there was moisture.

Carly: Oh -- honey, I am so proud of you. That's wonderful. So no more bottling it up inside and then going into the next room to watch wrestling on pay-per-view.

Jack: Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, either. And if you're expecting me to burst into tears every time we have a little --

Carly: Hey, Jack? Don't blow it.


[Molly clears throat]

Molly: That's enough, you two. There are children present.

Carly: Hey, Molly! Where have you been?

Molly: Out deciding whether or not I could make it through this thing without falling apart.

Carly: Right. Well, I understand. I don't think anybody would fault you if you just paid your respects and if you wanted to go.

Molly: I know. But I'm gonna have to face a wedding sooner or later, right?

Jack: That's true. That's very true. Isn't it, Carly?

Carly: Yes! It's so absolutely true. You never know when a wedding could come up.

Molly: Oh! Congratulations! Oh, my God, I'm so happy for you!

Carly: Thank you.

Molly: How? When?

Carly: Oh, here, a couple of hours ago. Mr. Romantic got down on one knee, did the whole thing right.

Molly: Oh, do you have a date? No, what am I stupid? You just got engaged. Of course you don't have a date.

Jack: You two discuss the details. You want something to drink?

Molly: Club soda is good for me.

Jack: Got it.

Molly: Honey -- my heart is bursting.

Carly: Yeah, mine, too. So -- so where's Mike? I thought you were bringing him.

Molly: Too confusing. And, besides, you know, he had a plane to catch. So why prolong anything, you know?

Carly: Yeah, I got ya. But remember, six months, it's nothing. It's not that long.

Molly: Six months, six years -- I mean, it doesn't really matter anymore I don't think.

Carly: What happened?

Molly: Before he left, we had a talk about fate and about how, if we were meant to be together then it would bring us together. And I wanted it to be positive, Carly, but I think I might have come off sounding like I just didn't care.

Carly: Well, do you think that he took it that way?

Molly: I'm not sure. But I can't leave it like that. I have to do something.

Carly: For example?

Molly: Jump on the next plane to Caracas and go after him.

Craig: I feel like a little ice cream. You feel like some ice cream? I could order 'em up, what do you say?

Lucy: No thanks.

Craig: Aw, sweetness? Don't go.

Lucy: I told you I wasn't gonna talk to you about this. Unlike some people, I mean what I say.

Craig: Well, then we're gonna have to clear the air. Because the one thing that we have always had is communication.

Lucy: That's true. But somewhere along the line, communication began to mean that you lay down the law and I have to listen to you.

Craig: You gonna tell me you hate me now?

Lucy: No. But the way you treated Aaron and me and other people, too -- I just lost respect for you. I'm sorry, daddy, but it's true.

[All talking and laughing]

Hal: Now, what do we do? Like I haven't done this?

Carly: Mike just left a couple of hours ago, right? So getting on a plane and chasing after him, that makes a pretty serious statement, don't you think?

Molly: I know, 'cuz. That's why I want to do it.

Carly: Did something happen? I thought that you guys were keeping it light.

Molly: Well, we were. Until -- this afternoon, things got a little -- well, we almost made love.

Carly: Are you out of your mind?

Molly: No. But thanks for asking.

Carly: No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Really, I just -- I'm surprised. I'm surprised that things are developing so quickly I guess.

Molly: You are advising caution, the queen of "close your eyes and jump"?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: I'm also someone who loves you. And I know Mike Kasnoff.

Molly: Okay, I give up. What does that mean?

Carly: Mike's a lot of things. He's dependable. He's charming -- with a way of making a woman feel like he's been waiting his whole life just for her. But according to him, he hasn't been in a serious relationship in years. So there must be a reason for that, right? If there is a reason for that, then you ought to know what it is.

Molly: So what should I do?

Carly: Just give it a few weeks. See if he calls. See how you feel. And if you still want to go after him then, I'll help you pick out your clothes for the trip.

Holden: I think I'm gonna get a couple of pieces of cake to take home to Luke and Faith.

Katie: Are you leaving already?

Holden: Yeah, Lily, she goes to bed kind of early these days. I want to be there when that happens.

Katie: Well, listen, I'll come by soon and I'll tell her everything about Rose and Lucinda. And just keep her up to date. I think the more she knows, the less she'll worry.

Holden: Thank you.

Katie: No problem. And I'll call first.

Holden: You know, I always thought that you had potential.

Katie: No, you didn't.

Holden: Okay, all right, I didn't. I'm glad you proved me wrong.

Margo: Katie?

Katie: Oh, you're tired, and you want to go home.

Margo: Yeah, but I don't want to say anything to Tom, because he'll just worry.

Katie: Okay.

Tom: Hey, did anybody try this chicken? It's sensational.

Katie: Actually, I'm kind of ready to go.

Tom: So soon?

Katie: Yeah, I think I'm still on Avanya time. Oh, and I heard Hal and Emily want to get out of here early.

Tom: Oh, well, you can't blame them for that. Do you mind?

Margo: It's up to you.

Tom: Then I will say our good-byes to Hal and Emily.

Margo: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katie: You're welcome, welcome, welcome.

Emily: Hey --

Molly: Hey.

Emily: I'm glad you could come.

Molly: Congratulations, Emily.

Emily: Oh, thank you.

Molly: I wish you and Hal all my best.

Emily: Thanks. Okay, I got a big favor. They're kind of pressuring me to throw this thing.

Molly: Oh, I pass.

Carly: Pass.

Emily: No, no, you can't pass. This is my wedding, and I say you have to come catch it.

Molly: Okay.

Emily: Okay, thanks.

Molly: Carly, what if I actually catch this thing?

Hal: You know, there's a way to avoid all the problems that Emily and I encountered today?

Jack: How is that?

Hal: Elope.


Emily: My mother agreed to take Daniel tonight. So if I can throw this thing really quickly, we got 12 hours of honeymooning.

Jack: You know what? I can handle that. Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please?! Mrs. Munson is about to throw the bouquet. So can we have all the single ladies down front and center, please?



Susan: Even if I catch it, I'll never get married again.

Emily: Never say never. Ready? Everybody, ready?

All: Ready.

Emily: One, two, three!

[Cheers and applause] congratulations.

Jack: Now it's official. What do you say we go home and start practicing for the honeymoon?

Carly: Oh, I don't need to practice, do you need to practice?

Susan: Guys, here's some birdseed. Hal and Emily are about to leave.

Jack: Oh, fine. Yeah.

Emily: Good-bye, everybody! We're leaving!

Hal: Yeah, we'll see you soon -- like, tomorrow morning!

[Laughter] bye, we're leaving.



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