ATWT Transcript Monday 8/12/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/12/02

By Suzanne
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Molly: How long?

Mike: Five minutes less than the last time you asked me. Relax. We have plenty of time left before I leave, all right?

Molly: Right. Sure. Relax.

Mike: What do you want? You want a minute-by-minute countdown? We can sit around here and think about how much we're gonna miss each other?

Molly: Try again.

Mike: How about this?

Molly: Mm, you're getting warmer.

Mike: I want to study every part of that beautiful face.

Molly: Why stop at the face?

Mike: Okay, you're not making this any easier. How 'bout we play -- let's play cards -- a little crazy eights, gin rummy.

Molly: Oh, no, now you're getting cold.

Mike: Want to shoot some hoops?

Molly: Only if it's one-on-one.

Mike: Okay, you are deliberately trying to drive me crazy.

Molly: Mm-hmm. Because -- I know that you have a really long flight, and so I'm just thinking that we could do something to work off some excess energy and frustration and tension.

Mike: You're a genius. Let's go for a walk. You know, just -- don't worry. That spandex will just -- couple of miles around the block.

Chris: Thanks for tagging along.

Abigail: I don't mind.

Chris: Mrs. Applegate took a little longer than I thought. She always asks tons of questions.

Abigail: Here.

Chris: I promised Tom I'd check on Margo, then we're out of here.

Abigail: Oh, can I say hi?

Chris: Yeah, sure. Hey, I brought a surprise -- Dr. Dixon.

John: Not now, not now.

Chris: Where's Margo?

John: Margo Hughes is not in her room.

Nurse: I just checked on her 20 minutes ago.

John: Well, she's gone. I want to know everybody who was in and out of that room. You track her down or I'll have your job. Do you understand? You find her.

Katie: Okay, okay, okay. Here. Oh, when will the boys be back?

Margo: Oh, not until after the wedding.

Katie: Tom is not gonna like this.

Margo: Just let me handle Tom, okay?

Katie: Just promise me, though, if we mess up once with the medication --

Margo: We won't, we won't, we won't. You got the schedule, right?

Katie: I did. Stole it right off the chart.

Margo: There we go. Good girl.

Adam: Hey, Katie, what are you do -- mom?

Margo: Oh, okay, so no welcome home?

Bob: She certainly is limber.

Kim: Yeah, I want to find out what Barbara's up to.

Bob: Hey, wait, now, don't --

Casey: Is this part of the wedding?

Bob: I'm not really sure.

Kim: Barbara --

Barbara: Not now, Kim.

Kim: -- What are you doing?

Emily: Alison, stop it.

Marshall: Lt. Munson, you have to comply with the court order. It's the law.

Hal: I know the law.

Alison: Lighten up, guys.

Susan: Turn off the music. It's a wedding.

Kim: What does he think he's doing?

Barbara: I'm here for my son. I have a court order.

Marshall: So if you'll comply, we'll let you get on with your ceremony.

Susan: Alison, I'm warning you --

Emily: Will you do something, please?

Marshall: Young lady, that's about enough.

Kim: Take your hands off of my son. Barbara, don't you dare take that child out of here today.

Will: Dad --

Emily: Alison, you're acting like a complete psycho!

Alison: You're acting like a complete idiot. I guess the bride didn't like the kid -- I'll be back in a flash.

Susan: Don't count on it.

Jack: Let me see that order, Hal.

Hal: He got a judge to sign it, Jack. It's all legal.

Marshall: I wouldn't have gone to the trouble if there was the slightest chance you could challenge it.

Jack: At least let the guy get through the ceremony.

Kim: Barbara, please, please don't do this.

Marshall: Lt. Munson, I'm afraid my client insists.

Will: But I'll miss the wedding.

Emily: No, you will not.

Barbara: Is she allowed to speak?

Emily: I swear to God, if Will was not here --

Barbara: You'll what, Emily?

Hal: I'll handle this, Emily.

Barbara: The law hasn't been very good to you this year, has it, Emily?

Hal: That's enough, Barbara. How could you do this to Will?

Barbara: And how could you make that woman our son's stepmother?

Hal: Do you not care that you are publicly humiliating your own son?

Barbara: I'm merely exercising my rights as a mother.

Hal: Will has been through hell. He's hurting, and this is how you treat him? Well, you can take your court order and you can -- we'll talk after the ceremony.

Barbara: Fine. And I'll let you know where we'll be staying.

Hal: Call off your dogs, Barbara.

Barbara: I asked you for months for a formal custody agreement, and you stonewalled me. You ignored me. You treated me like an outsider.

Hal: We were in no shape to agree on anything.

Barbara: Because of Emily.

Hal: This is not about Emily.

Barbara: It's all about Emily. She couldn't punish me in court, so now she's using Will to do it.

Hal: You're the one using Will, and it's killing him. Take a look!

Barbara: Then stop the agony, Hal.

Emily: Look, the judge is gonna be here any minute. We'll start as soon as he gets here.

Barbara: We'll be long gone by then.

Emily: He is our best man. How could you break that little boy's heart like this?

Barbara: Oh, cheer up, Emily. He'll have another chance at Hal's next wedding. He married me three times. I'm sure you're good for one more --

Emily: Look, you witch, you walked out on the best guy on this planet. When abandoning your family wasn't enough, you had to turn to kidnapping for fun and profit, and that certainly wasn't enough. So emotionally abusing your own son, that isn't enough. How much lower can you go, lady?

Carly: I'd like to answer that. Could I answer that?

Barbara: You stay away from me.

Marshall: I assume you and Lt. Munson haven't come to a compromise?

Carly: How does it feel to have Satan for a client?

Marshall: We'll take the boy now.

Hal: Don't do this, Barbara.

Carly: It's what she does, Hal. She hurts children. She ruins lives.

Barbara: Marshall, slap her with a slander suit.

Carly: You try it, sister.

Craig: That's enough, Romeo. Come here.

Lucy: Dad, let go.

Aaron: Leave her alone.

Craig: You want some of me?

Aaron: I'm not afraid of you.

Craig: You should be.

Holden: What's going on?

Craig: Your son is ignoring the rules again, Holden, encouraging my child to defy me.

Holden: Craig, come on, just give it a rest already.

Craig: You've been warned before, but I will tell you again. I will not allow you to endanger my daughter in any way, particularly not on the back of the death trap you call transportation. Don't challenge me again. Because if you push me, I will push back.

Lucy: Oh, does that go for me too?

Craig: Oh, sweetness --

Lucy: Don't call me that! I hate you. I hate you so much.

Adam: So I thought that the hospital wasn't letting you leave. I mean -- I don't --

Katie: Shouldn't you be at the wedding? Why aren't you there?

Adam: Oh, I forgot the gift. Actually, Tom's waiting for me.

Margo: Please, Adam, just don't tell him, not yet.

Adam: Why not?

Margo: Because if you tell him, then he's -- he's gonna try to convince me to go back to the hospital and it'll take forever. I mean, you know him, and you probably won't get to your father's wedding until they cut the cake.

Adam: Okay, well, how 'bout you? Are you okay?

Margo: Yeah, I'm fine. I just need some rest.

Adam: Okay, and does grandpa know about this?

Margo: Which one?

Adam: You know which one.

Katie: Actually, I talked to Margo's doctor, that liver specialist, and he said he's totally on board with her being home.

[Car horn]

Margo: All right, please, I -- I feel better now than I have in days, Adam. Please, just go.

Adam: Okay.

Margo: Go. You know that if Tom honks again, he's gonna be in here.

Adam: Okay, now you rest, okay? Bye.

Margo: I will.

Adam: Bye, Katie.

Margo: Adam? The gift.

Adam: Okay, yeah, got it. Thanks. Bye.

[Door closes]

Margo: He looks so handsome.

Katie: Oh, he does. Don't worry. I'm sure they'll take a family picture or something.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, they will, but it's -- it's not the same.

Katie: As what?

Margo: As being there. Okay, I'm just gonna say this once and get it out, and I don't want to sound selfish or like I'm whining -- or whining. I just don't do that. I just -- okay?

Katie: Sorry.

Margo: Okay, the thing is, I know that I've got to go through this, and -- and -- oh, my God. Please, I wouldn't wish this on anybody else. But now, I see people that aren't sick, and -- and I think, "well, they don't know what this is like." I mean, they -- they go to work and they go for walks and they throw dinner on the table and they -- they don't even give it a second thought, and I just think, those fools. They take everything for granted. Like it'll always be that way, and they'll always have tomorrow. And -- I'd give anything to be one of those fools again. I just -- I want to be anybody other than me right now. I want my life back, Katie. I want -- I want --

Chris: It's not the end of the world if Margo left the hospital. You know, lots of hep-c patients are treated at home.

Abigail: I didn't know she was so sick.

Chris: Well, so long as no complications come up and she takes her meds and --

Abigail: Can John make her come back?

Chris: He can try. But patients have the right to take control of their treatment, and Margo's probably done some research on this.

John: Dr. Hughes, have you forgotten the hospital's policy about discussing patients' cases in a public place?

Chris: I was explaining --

John: You can't explain something that you don't know.

Chris: Sorry.

John: You have breached a patient's right to privacy.

Chris: Margo's my sister-in-law. Abigail's her friend.

John: That does not change the fact that you have had next to no experience about infectious disease patients. Now, you screw up one more time, and I'm gonna put your internship on review. Do you understand me?

Chris: Yes, doctor.

Nurse: Dr. Dixon, I spoke to security.

John: They saw her leave?

Nurse: She went home with her sister.

John: Well, why wasn't I informed immediately?

Nurse: Security assumed that you were the one who released her.

John: Where's Tom?

Chris: At Hal's wedding.

John: Is Bob there, too?

Chris: Yeah, we were just heading out there.

John: All right, I want you to tell him to call me as soon as he can, all right?

Chris: What about Tom?

John: Look, Chris, if you want to help, will you just give your father that message and leave it at that? Can you do that much?

Chris: Yes, sir.

Abigail: Well, is he always like that?

Chris: Most times he's worse.

Abigail: Did he just order you to go to the wedding?

Chris: Yep. And far be it from me to disobey the great and powerful John Dixon. Let's go.

Alison: Nine inch nails, white zombie --

Susan: Put them down.

Alison: Oh, sorry, we're all out of boring violin music.

Susan: What do you think you're doing?

Alison: Setting the mood.

Susan: You look --

Alison: Cutting edge?

Susan: -- Ridiculous.

Alison: Well, thanks for the compliment, mom. But you need to get a grip, okay? It's a wedding, not a wake. And you're all buttoned up, you're ready to explode.

Susan: Have you been drinking?

Alison: I wish.

Susan: Go to your room.

Alison: Oh, will you stop treating me like I'm 6? God!

Susan: This is your sister's big day. Why are you acting like this?

Alison: My whole life's been about Emily's big days.

Susan: You can feel sorry for yourself all you want after the wedding!

Alison: She is the one who tossed me out of her ceremony. She lied -- but family tradition, right? "Alison, I want you to be by my side." "Alison, I want us to be friends."

Susan: You brought it on yourself. You brought it on yourself. What did you expect after you got arrested for underage drinking?

Alison: Right. I brought it on myself. I guess it's also my fault that even since before I was even born, when you and Emily decided I was gonna be the little egg that could, but I wasn't supposed to know about that, right?

Susan: You want to punish us for not telling you, fine, do it. But don't do it now.

Alison: Whatever.

Susan: When would have been a good time to tell you? Really? Clue me in. I'd like to know.

Alison: When would have been a good time for you to figure out if you can't have kids, don't.

Susan: This has got to stop. You obviously need more help than Emily or I can give you. I'll find a therapist.

Alison: Oh, now you want to dump me on a shrink?

Susan: Honey, we need someone to help us figure out how to move on from here.

Alison: I'm handling it okay.

Susan: By prancing around, making a spectacle of yourself? That was all for Aaron Snyder's benefit, wasn't it?

Alison: Maybe.

Susan: I'm calling a shrink tomorrow morning, and you are going. I will drag you there myself if I have to.

Alison: Fine, let's do it. Let's tell the shrink all about my alcoholic mother, my sister who slept with the entire town up until, like, five minutes ago. Oh, and my dad, whose live-in hottie is barely older than I am. I'm the only sane one in this bunch, mom! It's the rest of you who should be locked up in the nut house.

Molly: Make love to me, Mike. What's wrong?

Mike: You're so beautiful.

Molly: Then follow me.

Mike: I can't.

Molly: If you don't want me, just say it.

Mike: Are you crazy? I want you so bad that I can hardly breathe.

Molly: Then don't analyze it. Don't over think it.

Mike: Don't think about kissing every inch of your body? Don't think about all the times that I have dreamed of making love to you? Or don't think about the fact that we'll be doing it in Jake's bed? Or is that the whole point?

Molly: Mike, wait.

Mike: No, you know what? Don't ask me to wait, okay? And whatever you do, don't ask me to watch you close your eyes while you pretend that you're making love to Jake.

Molly: You're not Jake, Mike. I know that, okay? God help me, I know that.

Molly: Mike, I'm not using you and I'm not trying to replace Jake --

Mike: You don't have to explain.

Molly: Let me finish, okay? This is not about Jake. Not the way you think.

Mike: Are you sure?

Molly: I wanted you. Even though -- even though I loved Jake with all my heart. You bring up a good point, okay? I've been ask -- I've been asking myself the same question. Why would I want you to make love to me here in our home, in the middle of our living room, in the middle of the afternoon? And I don't have a really good answer for that. Except that I'm -- no. No, okay? I was gonna say ashamed, but I'm gonna give myself a break and I'm gonna say confused.

Mike: Well, that makes two of us.

Molly: I will always have this huge place in my heart for Jake. But you've found your way in there, too. I ache for you, Mike. And I don't know how to explain it. I just thought that if I gave myself to you --

Mike: You wouldn't have to feel?

Molly: Maybe. I'm really bad at this. I don't know what I'm doing. But I do know two things. One is that I really don't want you to matter to me.

Mike: What's the other thing?

Molly: You do matter. You matter so much.

Kim: Tom --

Casey: Hey, you guys made it.

Tom: You're kidding. We're not late? We thought we were gonna disrupt the entire ceremony.

Kim: Oh, I'm not sure there's gonna be a ceremony.

Tom: Why? What's going on?

Kim: Barbara's here with her attorney and a court order to take Will.

Tom: Now?

Kim: Yes, she refuses to leave without him. Tom, see if you can do something, please.

[Tom sighs]

Tom: Let me talk to Travers.

Adam: Well, this looks like it could get ugly.

Casey: Yeah, your dad looks real mad. Adam?

Tom: This won't stand up in family court.

Marshall: But it stands today.

Barbara: Can he stop us?

Tom: No, I can't, but I'll file for a reversal first thing in the morning. We'll schedule a hearing as soon as possible. What is it exactly that you hope to accomplish by this, Barbara?

Barbara: I'm hoping to spend time with my son -- something that Emily has prevented me from doing for weeks now.

Emily: Excuse me, that is a lie.

Hal: Tom, the ceremony's in a few minutes.

Tom: I'm sorry.

Marshall: Let's not put the boy under any more pressure.

Hal: You don't give a damn about the boy.

Marshall: Are you threatening me, lieutenant?

Hal: You're a gun for hire! You don't care about what's right or what's fair!

Marshall: I care about serving my clients to the very best of my ability. Let's go, Barbara.

Barbara: Take your hands off of him.

Emily: Stay right where you are, Kim.

Kim: Please, Barbara.

Marshall: I was afraid it would come to this. I'll call the Sheriff's department and have them escort us off the property if I have to.

Hal: Put that phone away, Travers. That won't be necessary.

Emily: You think because you gave birth to this kid, it makes you his mother? He'd be better off being raised by a pack of wolves.

Barbara: If I were you, I would convince Hal to let his son go. Otherwise, your groom is gonna be spending his wedding night in jail! That slut just assaulted me!

Jack: Well, we've got a ton of eyewitnesses. I'm sorry, everybody. Did anybody see Carly assault Barbara?

All: No.

Hal: No.

Jack: No? Well, I'm sorry, I can't help you, Barbara.

Marshall: Don't allow yourself to be baited, Barbara. Let's just go.

Emily: All right, you know what? Just wait. I know we're all upset, but, you know, maybe you're right. You made your point. And I was upset after the trial. I didn't keep things in perspective. And I shut you out, and that wasn't fair to you, Will or --

Barbara: Oh, Emily, don't grovel. It's not pretty.

Emily: Wait, just -- just -- just let us -- just let us have Will, just for the ceremony, and when it's over, we'll drive him home, Barbara.

Hal: One hour, tops.

Barbara: Not another second. He's coming with me.

Hal: Back off, Barbara.

Barbara: You get your hands off me, Hal!

[All shouting]

Will: Stop it! All right, just stop fighting! I'm sick of this! I don't care. I'll go, okay?

Craig: How long do you think you're gonna hate me?

Lucy: I don't know.

Craig: A few minutes? The rest of your life?

Lucy: I love you, daddy. That's why I'm getting so angry. I know you don't mean to be this horrible.

Craig: Well, can you imagine for one second that I might be right?

Lucy: Can you imagine for one second that you might not be?

Craig: That kiss was to goad me.

Lucy: I kissed Aaron because I like him.

Craig: I know you like taking control of the situation. And if kissing Aaron gives you a little flash of independence --

Lucy: This wasn't about you, daddy.

Craig: Rebelling is a family tradition. I know --

Lucy: Would you just listen to me? I'm not rebelling. I just want to spend time with Aaron.

Craig: You have plenty of time to date.

Lucy: As long as it's the right guy?

Craig: Well, how about one without a motorcycle, Police record and a hairdo?

Lucy: Do you know me, daddy?

Craig: Yeah, of course I know you.

Lucy: Okay, then why do you think I like Aaron?

Craig: Because it annoys me?

Lucy: I'm serious. What do you think I see in him?

Craig: I haven't a clue.

Lucy: Don't you want to find out?

Craig: No, not if I have a choice.

Lucy: Not even if it's important to me?

Craig: How about your next boyfriend? The one who doesn't consider the G.E.D. an advanced degree.

Lucy: Why are you being so mean? No one is ever gonna be good enough for you.

Craig: I would be happy to prove you wrong.

Lucy: Prove me wrong with Aaron. Get to know who he really is, not who you think he is. Could you do that for me? Please?

Aaron: I'm checking out. Are you okay? 'Cause if you're not, you know, I'll stay. I really don't care --

Holden: Aaron.

Lucy: Daddy, up till now, I've trusted you to know what's right for me. Now it's time that you trusted me. Let me decide if Aaron is the right guy.

Craig: And if I don't agree?

Lucy: Then you're forcing me to choose. If Aaron has to leave the wedding, then I'm going with him.

Craig: You're still a minor, Lucy.

Lucy: Have you listened to a word I've --

Craig: Every one, and the answer is still no.

Holden: Craig, there are a lot of people here. Why don't you just give them the afternoon together. What can it hurt?

Craig: Well, I have a problem leaving my underage daughter with a motorcycle-riding, party boy, felon.

Holden: Yeah? Well, I have a problem with your choice of words.

Aaron: You can call me whatever you want, Mr. Montgomery. You can't keep Lucy away from me anymore. We care about each other.

[Craig laughs]

Holden: Look, if Aaron and Lucy aren't right for each other, why don't you just let them decide that for themselves. Kids, they need freedom, you know?

Craig: Holden, I gave my son his freedom. When he made mistakes, I backed off, tried to let him lead his own life, okay? I'm not going to make that mistake again. Aaron will leave my daughter in peace -- if he has done anything!

Hal: I'm sorry that got a little loud.

Will: It's okay.

Hal: No, it's not okay.

Will: Dad, I'll go, I mean it.

Hal: Hey, let's find some place where we can talk.

Barbara: Marshall?

Marshall: Lieutenant Munson, I'm afraid you'll have to stay right where you are.

Kim: But you don't have to, I want to talk to --

Barbara: I am not leaving Will.

Kim: Will is just fine. Move it! Now!

Hal: You have my word, I won't leave the property.

Marshall: Here or not at all.

Hal: All right, buddy, you listen to me. We are going to find a way to work this out. No more arguing. I'm going to work it out for you, Will, I promise you that.

Emily: We both do.

Abigail: Yeah? Well, you look great.

Adam: Thank you, you do too.

Abigail: So, I'm really sorry about your mom being sick.

Adam: Oh, yeah, thanks.

Abigail: Chris says that she'll, he thinks she'll be okay.

Adam: What? He's a doctor now?

Abigail: He's an intern at Memorial.

Adam: You mean, you guys are --

Abigail: Friends.

Adam: Really?

John: Where's Margo?

Katie: She's napping. I'm glad I heard you drive up.

John: I'm taking her back to the hospital.

Katie: No, hold on, hold on, hold on. Just -- everything's going to be fine. Just go back to the hospital for a little while if you could and let her nap, and then we'll talk about this later.

John: Get out of my way.

Katie: Hold on, John, wait! Just please, just listen to my reasoning. All right? You're her doctor. So, obviously you're worried about her medically. But you've got to think about her as a person, as her father. She wants to be here. She wants to be a wife and a mom, and cuddle up on her own couch, and think about her life positively after the stupid Hepatitis C.

John: Don't you understand? I want her to have a life --

Katie: And she will be!

John: -- After Hepatitis C.

Katie: And she will. You know how strong she is. She's still that strong. You just gotta trust in her and have faith in her decision to stay home right now. I wasn't at that hospital two minutes, and I saw how depressed she was, and how she was thinking it was the end already. It was ridiculous to think that she would have to go back there. What good is a new liver if she has a broken heart?

Mike: I wanted you, Molly. I don't know why I didn't trust that.

Molly: I didn't either.

Mike: I just thought it was all about Jake, and you thought that -- well, you just didn't want to think, period.

Molly: You know something, that's just crazy enough that it makes sense. So now what?

Mike: So now I go to South America. And we let fate take over.

Molly: Fate? We're going to let fate decide whether or not I see you when you get back?

Mike: Maybe fate'll be on our side. I'd hope so.

Molly: Me too. So how long till you fly away?

Mike: Around three hours.

Molly: Do you think maybe I can talk you into spending those three hours with me?

Mike: What do you have in mind?

Molly: No tears, no angst, no talking about the past, just pure fun. Can you handle that, Kasnoff?

Mike: Yeah, I think I can do that.

Katie: She needs her family now, John, especially her dad.

John: You're right, Katie, she does have rights as a patient to wait at home if she wants. But you people are putting her life in jeopardy.

Katie: Do you think that Margo would make a stupid decision about her life right now? Especially now? She just wants to be home. When's your next break?

John: What are you talking about?

Katie: 'Cause I was gonna make dinner tonight. I thought that we could all have dinner together. You can hang out here, pop, open a beer, hang out with your daughter.

John: I've got some things to do at the hospital. And I will be back, I will be back. You have my telephone number, you know how to get in touch with me?

Katie: I do. It's on the fridge right next to her medication schedule.

John: All right, fine, I'll see you later.

Katie: Okay. Thank you, John. Thank you so much. She's going to be so excited to see you. It'll be good.

Margo: So you got John Dixon to back down?

Katie: It wasn't easy. That guy sure loves you. What are you doing off the couch?

Margo: Because now I want to put your powers of persuasion to a real test.

Abigail: Wow, it's beautiful! Congratulations! You guys are so perfect.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: Thank you. So where's your mom?

Abigail: I thought she'd be here by now.

Carly: Maybe she wants to make an entrance.

Abigail: From what I heard, it looks like Alison beat her to it.

Carly: Do you want me to call her?

Abigail: You know, I'm just going to sneak out and check up on her.

Carly: Honey, I'm sure she's okay.

Abigail: Well, yeah, but -- I still want to make sure she's all right.

Carly: Well, if you need anything, will you call me?

Abigail: Oh, yeah, I will. Thanks.

Carly: Okay.

Abigail: Bye.

Carly: Bye.

Susan: Here's the drill. You have two choices, Alison. This one or this one.

Alison: They're both gross.

Susan: Pick one, put it on, plaster a smile on that face and march out there and apologize to your sister.

Alison: For what?!

Susan: Just do it! You will be a perfect young lady at this reception. And if you manage not --

Alison: Ow!

Susan: -- To embarrass yourself or the rest of this family for the rest of the day, you'll not be allowed to leave this house again before your 21st birthday!

Alison: Yeah, right.

Susan: That's strike number two.

Alison: But I --

Susan: Going for three?!

Alison: Fine, I'm going!

Susan: And try to be happy for your sister.

Alison: Oh, I'm so happy.

Lucy: Oh, thank you so much for inviting me, Dr. Stewart, but we have to go.

Alison: Wait, where are you going?

Aaron: Would you tell my father that I'll check in with him later?

Susan: Of course.

Alison: Oh, wait, I'm coming with you.

Susan: Oh, that's not entirely accurate! Alison is staying here for her sister's wedding. Thank you for coming. Bye.

Alison: But that's not fair. Aaron's leaving.

Susan: And you're not.

Alison: You can't stop me.

Susan: Just watch me.

Katie: I just checked her temperature, Dr. Corder, it was normal. Her color's good. She just got up from a nap. Now, I know, I won't leave her side. And if anything changes, I know what to do. What -- yeah, okay, I will. Don't worry. Thank you.

Margo: Hey, so, what did he say?

Katie: He said we're going to a wedding.

Molly: What do you see?

Mike: I see an incredible woman, and the idiot who's about to leave her.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: You know what I see? I see two people just happy to be in the same room together.

Mike: And what do you predict for this happy couple?

Molly: I predict that when you're alone in your room in a hotel in South America, that you will look at these pictures and you will see your fate.

Mike: Ah, the fate thing got to you. Clearly, you believe in destiny.

Molly: You know something, I'm just starting to believe in a lot of things again -- like trust, and kindness, and smiles -- lots and lots of smiles.

Mike: What am I gonna do without you?

Molly: You are going to look at those pictures, think about these two happy people, and if fate takes a hand in this, we would be absolutely nuts not to go along for the ride.

Abigail: Molly, are you here?

Tom: Thanks. Things are on hold here, it looks like it may be a while. So I'm gonna run to the hospital to see your mom real quick.

Adam: She's not there.

Casey: What's going on?

Bob: Margo left the hospital.

Tom: Why didn't you tell me?

Adam: I saw her before when I went in to get the present. And she told me not to tell you.

Bob: I just found out myself.

Tom: Hey, is John okay with this?

Bob: Not exactly. But Dr. Corder, he signed the permission.

Adam: And aunt Katie snuck her out of the hospital.

Tom: You stay here with your brother. I'm heading home.

Bob: Now, wait a minute, Tom. Give her some time. Katie's with her.

Tom: What if something goes wrong, dad?

Bob: She knows where to reach us. Look, there are enough doctors in this family to keep an eye on Margo. And maybe being at home right now is the best thing in the world for her.

Jack: Don't even think it.

Carly: Five minutes alone with her, babe. That's all I want.

Jack: No, I think you're going to need a little tough cop love.

Carly: You telling me that you don't want to rip that smug look off Barbara's face?

Jack: Well, I did, but the line was too long. Tom will reverse the order.

Carly: And Emily's day is ruined.

Jack: Hey, hey. It's the marriage that counts, not the wedding day.

Carly: Okay. Does the same go for the engagement?

Jack: Mm-hmm. No. Engagements are for getting plenty of practice for the honeymoon.

Carly: Well, that's what we should be doing, you know? We should be practicing. Often.

Jack: Let's do it. Hmm?

Carly: You're crazy.

Jack: For you. What? You're gonna let a party full of people stop us?

Emily: Have I told you how happy I am that you're going to be a part of my family?

Will: Only a few hundred times.

Emily: Yeah. Well, Daniel is gonna need a big brother to look up to, you know that.

Hal: And I need my best man to give it to me straight. Do you want to go with your mother or not?

Emily: It's okay to say no.

Will: I don't want to wreck your day.

Hal: Hey, you won't be wrecking anything. Just seeing you dressed up all in that tux -- that's enough, you've made me real proud today.

Emily: You made both of us proud.

Will: Do I have to go back to Fairwinds?

Hal: I don't know.

Will: Please don't let her take me back there, Mr. Travers.

Marshall: We'll let her know you'd rather stay somewhere else. Fair enough?

Will: I guess you're gonna need this back.

Hal: I'll tell you what, you just -- you can hang on to that for me. Okay? You just hang on to that a little while longer.

Barbara: Are you through?

Kim: With you? I'm so close, it's scary. What you're doing here is wrong.

Barbara: It is wrong for Emily and Hal to keep my son from me.

Kim: Oh, Barbara, for crying out loud, hate Emily if you want to, declare war on Hal if you want to, but not today. And for God's sakes, don't use that boy as a weapon.

Barbara: I am using the law to get my son back.

Kim: Look, you know, I have never been a big fan of Emily Stewart. But I have to tell you, she's the one who has been putting in the time. She's the one who sits with Will while he does his homework, and makes the breakfast, and drives him to his friends --

Barbara: Because she won't let me near him!

Kim: Because you ran out on him! And what about Hal? He's found it in his heart to be extremely fair with you. And yet, when you were on trial, instead of blaming you for what happened, he protected you for crying out loud.

Barbara: I should have known you were going to take his side.

Kim: Listen, I am on Will's side. Are these the kind of memories that you want your child to have? Ripping him away from his father?

Barbara: He will understand.

Kim: Oh, no, he won't. He's going to blame you. Maybe not today, but some day he's going to turn around and he's going to hate you for this. Is that what you want?

Barbara: No. What I want, Kim, is for you to shut the hell up and stay out of my life.

Emily: Happy wedding.

Hal: Right. So when the judge asks if anybody here knows any reason why these two shouldn't be joined --

Emily: We put a gag order on all the guests.

Hal: Emily, I swear, I don't know that woman anymore. How could she do this to Will?

Emily: She's blind, Hal, she doesn't see Will or her family and friends. It's all about Barbara.

Hal: Did you see his face?

Emily: It broke my heart.

Hal: I can't have Barbara pulling at one arm and me pulling at the other. Emily, what am I gonna do?

Emily: No! What are we gonna do, Hal?

Hal: And Will can't take anymore of this.

Emily: No, you're right. It has to stop.

Hal: Yes, it does. And right now, there's only one way. I have to let him go.

Driver: Where to, kids?

Lucy: Anywhere but here.

Driver: Somebody was asking about you a few minutes ago.

Aaron: Tall guy, light brown hair? That's your father. We better get out of here before he gets back.

Driver: The florist van's blocked in here.

Lucy: Aaron, maybe we should go someplace else.

Driver: We're outta here in two minutes.

Lucy: For me?

Aaron: I wanted to get you something as beautiful as you are. Driver, driver, lock the door. Let the van in front of you know that -- you gotta let him know we need to get out of here.

Craig: Lucy, get out of the car.

Lucy: Daddy, I --

Craig: No arguments. You have two seconds, let's go. Let's go!


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