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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/9/02

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Hal: Why? Well, because it's my wedding, and because you're my best man and -- because it's important to me.

Will: Why?

Hal: Well, life is so short that if you don't take time to celebrate the good stuff, to enjoy it and to share it, it goes right by you. You miss it. And I'm happy about this. I'm really happy about this.

Will: And that's why I have to wear this stupid tie?

Hal: Well, for some reason, the ladies love to see us dressed up. It's just one of the facts of life that men have to deal with. But -- Bond. James Bond.

Will: This is definitely not worth it.

Hal: You trust me, when you find the right girl, you'll do just about anything to keep that smile on her face.

[Emily crying]

Susan: Emily? What's wrong?

Emily: I woke up this morning, and I just knew -- I knew it's my wedding, and something terrible's gonna happen. Everything's gonna go wrong!

Barbara: I want my son back.

Marshall: I wasn't aware anyone had taken him away.

Barbara: Hal is making it very difficult.

Marshall: By marrying Emily Stewart?

Barbara: By restricting my access. I've already explained all of this to you. Why do I have to justify my actions?

Marshall: You don't have to justify your actions, but you do have to tell me what it is you really want.

Barbara: My son!

Marshall: If you wanted access to your son, you would have set up a meeting with your ex-husband to discuss a visitation schedule. Filing for custody is a preemptive strike, and you know it.

Barbara: My big bad attorney is suddenly squeamish?

Marshall: Not at all. But given your concern during the trial about damage to your reputation --

Barbara: My reputation is destroyed, thanks to you. I no longer worry about that.

Marshall: This is a punishing blow -- taking a man's child away from him on his wedding day? Are you sure this is what you want to do? Because, I'm warning you, it could backfire.

Barbara: So the judge granted me custody?

Marshall: I pulled a few strings -- got a temporary custody order for William Munson, effective immediately. Now -- you have to decide if you really want to do this.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Come on, Jack.

Jack: Sorry.

Carly: Hey. You know this is Emily's wedding day, right? I'm the maid of honor here.

Jack: Yes, I know.

Carly: Well, where were you? I've left like 14 messages for you.

Jack: I got every single one of them.

Carly: And you didn't think that it was important enough to maybe get -- okay.

Jack: I had an errand to run.

Carly: An errand?

Jack: Mm-hmm. You know how Craig finagled that invite off of Hal?

Carly: Yeah, classic Craig -- always getting himself invited places he's not wanted. It's a real gift.

Jack: Yes. Well, it's my turn to play Santa Claus.

Carly: What are you gonna do?

Jack: You'll see.

Carly: Emily's getting married, Jack. If you're planning on going another nine rounds with Craig, forget about it.

Jack: No, no, I won't lay a glove on him. I won't have to. Because what I have planned, it's -- let's just say that Craig won't have a -- a comeback for it. It's so huge. It's so perfect.

Carly: Tell me.

Jack: No.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: And spoil the surprise? You're just gonna have to wait like a good little bridesmaid.

Carly: And Craig?

Jack: Won't know what hit him.

Craig: Lucy?! Isn't that wedding this afternoon?!

Lucy: Ta da! What do you think?

Craig: You're so lovely.

Lucy: You're a liar.

Craig: No.

Lucy: Look, the reception might run late, so don't wait up.

Craig: Lucy, are you sure you want to do this?

Lucy: Do what?

Craig: Well, you know, Alison will be there with Aaron. Are you sure you want to put yourself through seeing them together?

Lucy: Well, it's not like you and your girlfriends, dad. Aaron and I were never that serious.

Craig: Since when am I serious about anybody but you?

Lucy: How many times have you been married?

Craig: Who said anything about getting married?

Lucy: You would have married Rosanna if she'd stuck around. She's your type.

Craig: What is that supposed to mean? And I don't have a type.

Lucy: So you wouldn't have married her?

Craig: How did we get on Rosanna?

Lucy: You're right. I gotta go. Bye, daddy.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Craigy, I do believe you've just been handled by your own daughter. All the more reason to get right there. And, Lucy -- if I happen to see little Fabio sidling up to you, he and his motorcycle will be going for a long, long trip.

Aaron: Finally. Here she comes.

Alison: Wow, we could live in here.

Aaron: Not for $90 an hour. Come on. I'm running real late.

Alison: For me? That's so sweet.

Aaron: No, for Lucy. Why I picked you up at your own house to take you home, I don't understand.

Alison: If you want people to think we're together, we have to be together. Zip me?

Aaron: You went out of your house like that?

Alison: It's awful, isn't it? It's Lucy's. That girl has no taste.

Aaron: No, I mean, unzipped.

Alison: So zip me. Careful, that's me under there.

Aaron: Yeah, I can see that. When did you get the tattoo?

Alison: You like?

Aaron: It's all right.

Alison: There was this guy, I met him at a rave in Chicago.

Aaron: Yeah, and he gave you a fake tattoo. That guy's a real keeper.

Alison: Well, what I was going to say was, he told me a place to go. Which I will do when I find out where I want to put it.

Aaron: How about in the middle of your forehead?

Alison: Oh, yeah?

Aaron: Sure. Your mom would love that.

Alison: You're such a tease.

Aaron: No, I'm not.

Alison: No?

Aaron: Hey.

Alison: Gotcha.

Aaron: Alison --

Alison: I know, you belong to Lucy.

Aaron: Not exactly how I'd put it.

Alison: You don't belong to Lucy?

Aaron: Look, the only reason we brought you is so you can get us past her dad, okay? After that, we ditch you, okay? Me and Lucy have plans tonight.

Alison: I get to come with you guys, though, right?

Aaron: You're going to the movies.

Alison: Dressed like this?

Aaron: You'll survive. Driver -- next stop, 182 Courtland Place.

Alison: That's nice. You guys get to go have fun riding in the limo and I get dumped at the Multiplex looking like the bridesmaid no one wanted. Story of my life.

[Emily sobbing]

Susan: Honey, it's just nerves.

Emily: No, it's not. It's more than that. It's dread! Because I don't deserve this, you know? I don't! A great guy, another chance? Please, I mean, if I was God and I was flipping through my address book and I came across the Stewart/Munson nuptials, I'd pencil in "hail, brimstone, locusts." I'm not a good person, mom.

Susan: Maybe you've done a few things that perhaps it's appropriate to regret.

Emily: But, you see, that's it. I don't think I regret any -- any of those things. That's why I deserve locusts.

Susan: Instead you got me. Oh, honey, cheer up. Cheer up. Listen, you've turned your life around. And whether you like it or not, people love you.

Emily: Name three.

Susan: Daniel, Hal -- lots of people love you.

Emily: No! Craig -- Craig puts up with me. He doesn't love me. Will puts up with me. He likes me. I think he likes me a lot, but he doesn't love me. Margo -- she puts up with me, but she definitely doesn't love me.

Susan: I love you. And you're going to have a beautiful, wonderful wedding, even if it kills me. Satisfied?

[Emily sobbing]

[Knock at door]

Molly: It's open.

Mike: Let me guess -- you couldn't decide what to wear?

Molly: Yeah, kinda. I tried on so many things, and nothing really felt right. And then it dawned on me. The last time I was at a wedding, it was my own. It's my wedding veil. It's pretty, isn't it? I'm not sure I even noticed, because Carly made it, and I trusted her. And it feels like I wasn't even really there, as I was so excited and so nervous. And then our honeymoon was only really just a couple days, because we found out there was a shooting, so we came back. And then there was Nick Scudder. And then Abigail and then -- yeah, he was gone. It was just eight short months, and Jake was -- was gone. And now it feels like it didn't ever even happened. I can't go to this wedding.

Mike: I'm sure they'll understand, coming so soon after Jake's death.

Molly: It's not just that. It's you -- and that suitcase. I can't go to a wedding right now knowing that I'm about to lose someone else. I can't.

Craig: El Craig rides again.

[Knock at door] Katie! Good grief! The natives let you go?

Katie: Yeah, well, never a vacation in a dictatorship.

Craig: Don't marry into one, either. Is Simon with you?

Katie: No, he's still in Avanya with Lucinda, Rose and Paul and Henry. We still haven't found Joe.

Craig: You came home? It's not like you to give up.

Katie: What's going on with Margo? I got this weird message while I was away. Is she okay? And don't lie to me, please.

Craig: She's apparently contracted hepatitis C.

Katie: Hepatitis C? Isn't that the bad one? How did she get that?

Craig: The rape in '92.

Katie: What?

Craig: And she's evidently developed some form of cancer, too.

Katie: Cancer? What else?

Craig: Only chance is a liver transplant.

Katie: Oh, my God.

Craig: Hey, hey.

Katie: Craig -- I had this sick feeling. I knew that something was wrong. I just -- I just knew it.

Craig: It's okay.

Katie: Simon doesn't even know I'm gone.

Craig: Hmm? Oh, I'm sure he'll notice the silence.

Katie: He's in the middle of some tricky negotiations. And if they find out that he's not him, then they'll kill him.

Craig: That is tricky.

Katie: Rose is beside herself. Her father's sick.

Craig: Well, I am sure Lucinda will make that all better.

Katie: I don't even know why. I just took off. I just knew. I had this feeling. And the whole way home on the plane, I just kept thinking about Margo and how strong she is and how she's always been there for me and how I don't know what I would ever do if I lost her.

Craig: We're not going to lose her.

Katie: You don't know that.

Craig: We know she's strong. You just said it yourself. And she has you and me, okay?

Katie: Will you come to the hospital with me?

Craig: No, I have to go to Hal and Emily's wedding. But I'll come by later.

Katie: Hal and Emily are getting married?

Craig: Yes. I promised I'd put in an appearance. But I will be by later, okay?

Katie: Okay.

Craig: We will get through this. All right? I'm glad you're home.

Katie: I'm gonna stay here, if that's okay. I don't want to go back to the cottage without Simon there.

Craig: No, that's okay. You can make yourself comfortable in your old room.

Katie: Thank you.

Craig: Now, listen, I do have to get going. Lucy will be expecting me.

Katie: Okay.

Craig: All right?

Katie: Have fun, go. And, Craig?

Craig: Hmm?

Katie: You're a great brother. And I'm going to be the best sister you ever had, Margo. Just, please, don't go anywhere.

Margo: So, John, we just wait for a liver to become available?

John: You're on the list. I have a transplant specialist lined up. We have a pilot on call and an O.R. waiting.

Margo: And meanwhile, what?

John: We keep you as stable as possible.

Margo: Here in the hospital?

John: That was our agreement. I know you want to go home.

Margo: Really? What was your first clue?

John: See, the fact of the matter is, Margo, that we don't know when the liver is going to become available. And I don't want to take the chance of you over-exerting yourself and going into some kind of liver failure.

Margo: I'll go home. I'll take my medicines. I will stay in bed.

John: No, you won't.

Margo: Yes, I will, John. I will, I promise you. Because I know that if I don't, you and Tom will just drag me right back here.

[Knock at door]

Margo: Hi.

Adam: Hi. It's not a bad time, is it?

John: Look who's here.

Adam: Hi.

John: All the way back from the coast. Do people still say "the coast?"

Adam: Yeah, they do.

John: Well, you've been gone a couple of months at least, huh? Look at you. Where are you going? The Academy awards?

Adam: No, actually, I'm going to my dad's wedding.

John: Right, Hal is getting married today. You come right from the airport?

Adam: No. No, this is just clothes for mom, that's all.

Margo: That I asked him -- I asked him to bring.

Adam: You know, I hope it all matches. I'm just so bad at picking out women's clothing. You know, it's not going to even matter. You're just gonna be at home, right?

Margo: Oh, great, great. Thanks, Adam.

John: The answer is no. You tell him, Margo.

Susan: That's perfect.

Emily: I'm so glad you're here, mom.

Casey: Hey, did you guys see that stretch limo that just pulled up?

Susan: Who'd be arriving here in a stretch limo?

Emily: I have no idea. I don't want to know.

Casey: Well, I thought that you must've hired a band or something, P. Diddy at least, but -- oh, it's just Alison.

Emily: Oh, well, I'm glad someone's having fun.

Susan: Oh, Casey -- Casey, did you remember to tie up Lucky? With all these people arriving, I'm --

Casey: Oh, yeah, he's cool. Don't worry about it.

Susan: You see, everything gonna be all right.

Alison: Don't cry, em. Hal's not that bad. He won't get any better looking -- but then neither will you.

Aaron: I should -- I'm gonna go get some air.

Hal: Hey. It means so much to me that you guys are here. Carly, thank you. Thank you so much for all your help with Emily's dress. Now, I haven't seen it, but, boy, have I heard about it.

Jack: So, are you all set?

Hal: I guess so. Can you guys believe I'm doing this again?

Jack: Hey, you found the right woman. Someone who understands you and still loves you. Someone who's willing to do the work and have fun. Someone you can trust. That doesn't happen very often, Hal. And when it does, you gotta grab her or you're a fool.

Carly: I think that means you're doing the right thing.

Hal: She's the one for me.

Carly: And she's probably waiting for a maid of honor. So, if you gentlemen will excuse me.

Holden: Don't you look pretty.

Lucy: Oh, thank you. You look very nice, too.

Holden: Thank you.

Lucy: Is aunt Lily here?

Holden: No, she's not. She's home. She needs her rest.

Lucy: Oh, but everything's okay with the baby, though, right?

Holden: Yeah, as long as she keeps her feet up, takes it easy.

Lucy: Well, send her my love. I better go sit down.

[Cell phone rings]

Aaron: Hey.

Lucy: Hey.

Aaron: So what did you talk to my father about?

Lucy: Oh, the usual -- how great I look.

Aaron: He's right about that.

Lucy: So where's your date?

Aaron: Inside, trying to get her mom and sister to freak out.

Lucy: I wish we could just be together.

Aaron: Oh, we will. Soon as this place fills up, we're outta here. I've got a big surprise.

Lucy: You do?

Holden: Who're you talking to?

Aaron: No one.

Barbara: So I can take custody of my son today -- now?

Marshall: If that's what you want to do.

Barbara: I miss my little boy so much, it hurts me physically. Why wouldn't I want to take custody of him immediately?

Marshall: Because it's going to provoke a war, Barbara. Now if that's what you want, have it. But if you really care about your son --

Barbara: How dare you?

Marshall: Any attorney can file papers. You hired me because I offer something more.

Barbara: A willingness to do what it takes.

Marshall: When the objective is clear. Now, if your objective is to harass and provoke your ex-husband, this will do the trick. But if what you really want is a stable custody arrangement, I can't recommend serving these documents.

Barbara: I have to say that moral judgment coming out of your mouth, Marshall, sounds a little strange.

Marshall: I just want us to be clear.

Barbara: I am tired of being pushed around by James, by Hal and by you. Do I make myself clear?

Marshall: So you want a war. Fine.

Barbara: Is it?

Marshall: You'll have to have that conversation with a friend, Barbara.

Barbara: If you weren't so good at what you do --

Marshall: And if you didn't pay so well.

Barbara: I'm going to get my son back today, with or without you.

John: I'm sorry, Adam.

Margo: John, come on, Adam just came all the way from California.

John: Yes, yes. Because he cares about you, and he wants to see you get better.

Margo: And I will get better as soon as you find me that new liver. What could be so bad? I lay home on the couch all day long. I have my guys wait on me hand and foot.

John: You know that that would last about four minutes, and then you would be up off the couch. You'd be running around trying to find a bottle of mustard or something that somebody couldn't find. Or you'd be digging around in the closet, trying to find soccer cleats.

Adam: Well, how about this? I will guarantee that she will not get up. How about that?

Margo: There.

Tom: Hey, look who's here. Wow, you learned how to dress yourself. We should've sent you to California much sooner. Hey, I'm sorry I wasn't there this morning. I had some stuff to do at the office.

Adam: Oh, dad, no worries. I'm fine. Listen, will you talk to grandpa, please?

Margo: I have asked him over and over to let me go home. I've asked him very, very politely.

John: You can scream and you can yell, but the answer is still going to be no.

Margo: The point is, I need to be home with my family. I need to spend time with my husband. I need to strategize, to figure out how my family's gonna cope if it comes to that.

Tom: It's not coming to that.

John: And that's why you're staying here so that I can keep you monitored, so that I can intervene immediately if there's any need.

Tom: Could you give us just a minute?

John: I'm gonna check on you.

Tom: Thanks.

Margo: You're gonna side with him, aren't you?

Tom: I know how much you hate being confined.

Margo: Then take me home.

Tom: Well, what for? So you can fuss with the laundry and yell at the pizza guy and complain about all the soda cans on the coffee table?

Margo: It's not right for my husband to leave cans on the furniture.

Tom: That is true. And, so, wretch that I am, I'm going to settle for beating you at gin right here at the hospital.

Margo: Honey -- I want you both to know that I am not happy about this.

Tom: Duly noted.

Adam: I'm sorry I couldn't spring you, mom.

Margo: You're enjoying this, aren't you? Watching that quack in the white coat order me around.

Tom: Yeah, what a shame that he loves you so much.

Adam: Take it easy, mom.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: Oh! Katie! I'm sorry. Katie, you're here!

Katie: Yeah. Of course, I'm here.

Margo: Oh, baby. Oh.

Katie: This is from Snickers.

Margo: Oh. Oh, God, Katie, I missed you so much, Katie.

Katie: I missed you, too.

Margo: You wouldn't believe this. I feel like I'm -- I'm living "The Wizard of Oz" here. I just keep asking people if I can go home. And they won't let me go.

Katie: They won't let you?

Margo: No, they won't let me. I keep asking them over and over again. I tell them, I'll stay in bed, I'll take my medicines, and they won't let me.

Katie: Hold on a second. Since when does Margo Hughes ask permission to do anything? You want to go home? Let's go.

Susan: This is your sister's wedding day. Try not to ruin it.

Alison: Or what? I get sent to my room for the rest of my life?

Emily: You look beautiful in that dress, Ali.

Alison: You're kidding, right?

Emily: I know it's hard to accept, but you're a very pretty girl.

Alison: Well, if you're not mad anymore, why do you still have to be such a hard-nose about the maid of honor thing?

Emily: The job's been filled. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun at my wedding.

Carly: Hello. Your maid of honor is late as usual. That dress is beautiful! Let me see the back of it, Emily. Oh, it's perfect. It's absolutely perfect.

Emily: So, it's gonna be okay?

Carly: The dress?

Emily: No, the dress is spectacular, Carly. The wedding?

Carly: Oh, Emily -- are you kidding? We defeated James Steinbeck, Dr. Franken Weston, Barbara Ryan. Listen to me -- the man you love is standing out there with a flower in his lapel. It doesn't get easier than that.

Emily: Okay. So, when are you and Jack gonna do the deed?

Carly: Well, you know, we haven't given it a whole lot of thought, I guess, with the trial and everything.

Emily: Well, you better start thinking, because Rose and Paul are gonna be home, and they're gonna be running down the aisle when they get back.

Alison: You people make me sick! There's more to life than getting a ring on your finger.

Emily: You know, it really couldn't make me happier that you feel that way, because you are way too young to be settling down anytime soon.

Alison: I'm never going to settle down. I think weddings are stupid.

Carly: Who bit her?

Emily: You did, maid of honor.

Carly: Oh, right. Got it.

Jack: Nice dress. Relax, it's just me. Hal wanted me to tell you that most of the guests have arrived.

Emily: What?! Ah, I'm not ready!

Carly: You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be just fine. Go upstairs and start to freshen up. I'll be right there.

Emily: I am so glad you're here. Thank you. Okay.

Carly: Now, we're gonna need at least 20 minutes. So tell Hal to do whatever he has to do to stall.

Jack: Wait a minute. Excuse me. What was that out there?

Carly: What was what out there?

Jack: When I was giving Hal his little pep talk, you got all shy on me.

Carly: Oh, really, shy? Me?

Jack: Yeah. You wouldn't look at me.

Carly: I -- I have a lot on my mind.

Jack: No. No, that wasn't it.

Carly: Well, okay. If you must know, it was a little odd hearing you. You made that speech about finding the perfect woman to Hal. I mean, if that's what's on your mind, I don't --

Jack: If what's on my mind?

Carly: Marriage. If that's what's on your mind, I don't know why you're talking to Hal instead of --

Jack: Instead of?

Holden: I'm just curious. Why can't you admit that you were talking to Lucy?

Aaron: I don't want to get her in trouble.

Holden: You're not allowed to talk to the girl?

Aaron: That depends who you ask.

Alison: I swear, if one more person disses me, I'm gonna make their day.

Lucy: What?

Alison: Forget it. Oh, my God. Don't look. It's Darth Vader.

Hal: What'd you do? Buy me a new backyard?

Craig: Oh, it's just a little something in appreciation for you, including me today, Hal.

Hal: Well, thank you, Craig. Now, you enjoy the day. But please remember our agreement, okay?

Craig: Well, you two look lovely.

Alison: Right.

Craig: Not very respectful, is she?

Lucy: Respectful? Of you? You came here to spy on me, daddy, and everybody knows it.

Mike: I don't have to go to South America.

Molly: Yeah, you do. Because I can't ask you to give up that great job.

Mike: Yeah, you can.

Molly: No, I can't. I can't. Because that would mean that I was asking you to give that job up to be here with me, which would mean that I made some sort of decision, which I haven't.

Mike: I guess I'd feel the same way. So where does that leave us? Except for dressed for two entirely different things. There's not a lot of places we can go -- me in a suit and you in your skivvies. Not unless what you're saying is that you want to be alone.

Molly: No. No, no, no, no. I definitely don't want that.

Mike: So, what do you want?

Molly: I want to hold you. I want to be close to you for a little while before you go.

Craig: I wasn't spying. I came right up to you. I made myself known.

Lucy: After you made sure Aaron and I were ten yards apart.

Craig: Lucy, if it makes you feel any better to make me the bad guy, then --

Lucy: You are the bad guy, daddy. You're the lying, manipulative, sneaky, control freak. And now, I understand why mom divorced you. Sometimes I wish I could, too. Now I'll never get out of here with Aaron.

Alison: You're giving up? When you just completely fooled your dad?

Lucy: He's spying on me, Alison. It's over.

Alison: So I guess Aaron's not that important to you?

Lucy: I just hate lying about everything.

Alison: Then don't.. You be little Miss Perfect, and let me handle it. I love this game.

Lucy: Well, I don't love it. I mean, why shouldn't I see Aaron if I want to? It's not like I've done anything wrong -- not yet.

Carly: We've been living together for like -- for what, three months? And the subject never comes up. Okay, once. But you got off it faster than Craig gets off the phone with the IRS.

Craig: Still arguing about me?

Carly: Not now, please.

Jack: No, no. I think he should stick around.

Emily: Carly, I need your help! Oh, my God.

Jack: Carly, will you marry me?

Katie: This is America. Exercise your right to go home. Let's go.

Margo: They will stop me.

Katie: No, they won't. Not if they don't see you.

Margo: Well, how do you propose to do that? I'm very seeable. I'm Dr. Dixon's daughter. He's got spies everywhere.

Katie: Simple. I throw you into a wheelchair and load a couple of these big flower arrangements on your lap.

Margo: I'm so glad you didn't choose crime as a career.

Katie: Oh, come on, Margo. It's gonna work. And if it doesn't, I'll think of something else. I wouldn't want to resort to pulling the fire alarm so --

Margo: No, no, no, no.

Katie: Laundry cart?

Margo: Okay, okay. All right, Katie, just -- aren't you supposed to be down in Avanya up to no good?

Katie: No, this is more important.

Margo: I appreciate that.

Katie: Good. Then let me help you. Do you know how many times you've helped me in this lifetime?

Margo: Oh, let's see -- do you want a rough estimate?

Katie: Exactly. So, it's my turn. If you need help, I'll help you. You're the one that keeps everybody in this family together.

Margo: No, that's -- that's not true really. I --

Katie: Yes, it is. Even Craig admitted it.

Margo: Huh-uh.

Katie: You're the one, uh-huh. It's you. You keep us together -- me, Craig, Cricket, mama, everybody. Especially me. So, if you need help, then I'm your man -- woman.

Margo: Okay man/woman. Oh, it's so good to see you, Katherine.

Katie: Good. Then let's get out of here, Margo.

Jack: So what do you say, Carly? Will you marry me?

Carly: Jack -- you really want --

Jack: You. I want you. I want a -- I want a home with you, kids with you, a life with you. Because we just fit, honey. We always have. What do you say we do it right this time? Marry me.

Carly: I love you.

Jack: Is that a yes?

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: Yes?

Carly: Yes!

Alison: Look, your father's not going to change his mind about Aaron.

Lucy: Well, then he'll just have to be unhappy.

Alison: Lucy, what are you going to do?

Susan: Alison, enough chitchat. Sorry, Lucy. The wedding's about to start.

Alison: Will you get off me? It's not like I'm a bridesmaid or anything.

Susan: You're the bride's sister.

Alison: So what? Lucy --

Susan: You have -- you have a responsibility to this family.

Alison: What do you want from me? I'm here. I'm wearing this stupid dress. I'm not going to embarrass anybody.

Susan: Uh, no, you're not. That's why you're coming --

Alison: Will you get off me!? You grab me again, I'm gonna call Social Services.

Lucy: Did you see my father?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. Where'd he go? If he sees us here together --

Lucy: Too bad.

Alison: Lucy, don't be stupid. We can still make this work.

Lucy: This is none of your business, Alison.

Alison: I'm just trying to help.

Lucy: I am sick of everybody helping and knowing what's best for me when all that really matters is how Aaron and I feel about each other. Right?

Aaron: That's how I see it.

Lucy: Me, too.

Alison: Well, that's great, but you're only 16. Lucy? Lucy?!

Hal: And the best man -- he keeps the groom company while the bride walks down the aisle.

Will: So I stand to your left, right?

Hal: That's right. Oh, and you hang onto that ring, because it ain't gonna be much of a ceremony without it. This is not a good idea, Barbara.

Barbara: It won't take long, Hal.

Marshall: This is an order issued by the Family Court of the State of Illinois for the temporary custody of William Munson. This document allows Barbara Ryan to take physical custody of her son, effective immediately.

Mike: You sure that's a good idea?

Molly: Spending some time getting close to you?

Mike: Don't get me wrong. I want to. I just -- if you can't stand next to me at a wedding because you think it'll hurt you, I mean, how's it gonna feel saying good-bye after --

Molly: Well, at least then I'd know -- more, anyway -- before you take off and leave me for months and months.

Mike: Or maybe it'll feel like I took something from you.

Molly: Huh-uh. You're a giver, Mike. This much I know. It's okay.

Molly: I want to be close to you.

Margo: Okay. All right, how do I look?

Katie: Like a hydrangea in heat. Don't worry. No one's gonna recognize you.

Margo: Yeah? How do you propose they don't recognize you?

Katie: Easy. I took a little trip to the supply closet. Dr. Frasier, at your service.

Margo: Oh, Katie -- you forgot the rest of your coat. You're too much.

Katie: Come on, are you ready to go?

Margo: Yes! Yes! Home, Katie.

Emily: Oh! You guys, so when's the big day?

Jack: Oh, wow, I don't know. This fall maybe? September? October?

Carly and Emily: Halloween!

Carly: We should, Jack. It would be great. Do you want to?

Emily: The bride wore black.

Carly: Purple gloves and orange --

Kim: Look, there's a problem.

Jack: Hal lose his nerve?

Kim: No, no, no. It's Barbara. She's out there, and she's got her attorney with her.

Jack: I'll handle this. I'll handle it.

Alison: You two can have each other for all I care.

Craig: So, the minute I turn my back --

Lucy: I'll kiss him again, daddy, right in front of you.

Jack: What's going on?

Hal: Instead of talking to me, Barbara decided to go to court and sue for custody on my wedding day.

Emily: What, so it's not enough, you torturing me, Carly and Rose? You've got to rip into your own child now?

Barbara: Come on, Will, honey. It's time to go.

Will: Dad?

Hal: Don't move, Will. We got a wedding here today, and you're my best man. And I don't give a damn what any court says.

Alison: You don't need me? Well, so what? I don't need you.

Alison: Too loud, mom? Sorry.

Emily: I knew it was too good to be true.icon

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