ATWT Transcript Thursday 8/8/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/8/02

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Jack: Hey, Mike, Molly. Look, honey, it's Mike and Molly, your new favorite project.

Molly: Hey, guys, good to see you.

Carly: Yeah, you, too. So would you like to join us?

Jack: Please.

Carly: We were just meeting Hal and Emily for a little pre-wedding celebration.

Mike: Thank you, but we don't want to impose.

Molly: Mike's right. You know, I bet they're really looking forward to it just being the four of you.

Carly: Okay, good.

Mike: I'm going to get some drinks from the bar. You guys want anything?

Jack: I was just going to order from the waiter. But, you know, ordering from the bar would be faster.

Mike: Sure.

Jack: Yes.

Mike: Don't talk about us now.

Molly: Ooh, I wouldn't dream of it.

Carly: So --

Molly: So --

Carly: A romantic drink, no visible occasion. It's very encouraging. Are you taking him to Hal and Emily's wedding?

Molly: Yes.

Carly: Really? So that would make it, what, three nights in a row?

Molly: I don't know. I'm really not keeping track.

Carly: Well, you ought to 'cause, Molly, in the modern world, this is what's known as dating.

Molly: Okay, Carly, if you have to put a label on it, we're dating.

Carly: You don't seem happy enough.

Molly: Well, he's leaving. So once he does, whatever this thing we have will be over.

Abigail: Okay, as my date for Hal and Emily's wedding, I'm going to allow you to choose my dress. It's a very hard decision, so take your time.

Chris: I like them both.

Abigail: That's not very helpful.

Chris: I know you're excited about this, but there's something I really got to tell you about, Abigail.

[Doorbell rings]

Abigail: That's Aaron. Make the decision right now. Aaron, is everything --

Aaron: I need to ask you something.

Abigail: Okay. Remember Chris?

Chris: Hey.

Aaron: I'm supposed to go to Hal and Emily's wedding with Alison.

Abigail: Alison? I thought you were dating Lucy.

Aaron: Well, Lucy's father doesn't want me anywhere near her, so we're using Alison as a cover-up date.

Abigail: Oh, okay.

Chris: Devious.

Aaron: So my plan is to go to the wedding with Alison, slip away with Lucy for awhile. And now I'm thinking that might not be enough.

Abigail: Enough?

Aaron: Yeah, I want to make it really special for Lucy. And I'm just having a hard time figuring out what to do.

Abigail: Okay, well, let's think about this. How about jewelry?

Aaron: I did it.

Chris: How about flowers?

Aaron: Not special enough.

Abigail: Hmm, okay. Okay. How about, instead of sneaking out of the wedding and taking a walk, renting a limo and taking her to Chicago, getting food on the way and having a picnic by the lake?

Aaron: Limos are expensive, though, right?

Abigail: How much do you need?

Aaron: How much can you spare?

Abigail: $50?

Aaron: Perfect.

Abigail: Okay.

Aaron: Thank you.

Abigail: Lucy is going to love this. I don't know any woman who wouldn't want --

Chris: Abigail, wait. I know you guys didn't ask, but this is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard.

Hal: Hey, I thought I heard you come in.

Emily: I went to the hospital to see Margo.

Hal: I didn't realize you were that concerned.

Emily: I just wanted to see for myself how sick she really was.

Hal: And?

Emily: She's a tough woman. I think she's going to be just fine.

Hal: But you seem --

Emily: Can we not talk about this? Can we just focus on you and me?

Hal: Sure, and your evening's about to improve because Jack and Carly just invited us for drinks --

Alison: I got to talk to you guys right away.

Hal: -- At the Lakeview. Alison?

Emily: Hi.

Hal: Can we do this later, Alison? Emily and I are just about to go out.

Emily: Five minutes. Is it okay? Five minutes?

Hal: Fine.

Alison: I know I've been acting like a jerk, sneaking into the Country Club, getting drunk and pushing those guys in the pool. But I want to apologize for all of that.

Emily: Apologize? Wow, that's unexpected.

Alison: I don't want you to be mad at me anymore. You're a great sister, and you're really important to me.

Emily: Well, sweetie, you're important to me, too. I mean, you already know that. And you know what? I'm more than willing to forget all these mistakes you've made.

Alison: You are?! Oh, thank you so much, Emily! Oh, my gosh, I thought I had permanently blown it. But you're -- isn't she fantastic?

Hal: Don't get me started.

Alison: So was there a rehearsal? Did I miss it?

Emily: What are you talking about?

Alison: The wedding. Isn't the maid of honor supposed to stand in a certain spot or whatever? I just want to be sure I get it all right.

Emily: Ali -- Ali -- I never said I was going to reinstate you as my maid of honor.

Alison: But I thought you accepted my apology.

Emily: I did. I did. But that doesn't mean I'm going to make you my maid of honor again. The whole point was to teach you a lesson. And all the apologizing in the world isn't going to change that.

Craig: Yeah, take care of yourself, mom. It was grandma Lyla. I just told her about aunt Margo.

Lucy: How'd she take it?

Craig: Well, she's a little scared, a little worried. At least I convinced her to stay in California for a little while. Hey, I'll tell you what, why don't we two go visit aunt Margo tomorrow afternoon and sneak her a chocolate shake from Al's diner or something? What do you think?

Lucy: Could we do it the day after?

Craig: How come?

Lucy: I was invited to Emily Stewart's wedding.

Craig: She's still going through with that? Hal's not exactly safe marital material, is he? Well, you know I wish them the best. I didn't realize you were so close to them.

Lucy: Well, Emily told Alison she could invite a few friends.

Craig: I see. Alison still going out with Aaron?

Lucy: As far as I know.

Craig: So we can assume he will be there?

Lucy: I suppose.

Craig: That doesn't bother you? Hanging out with two people who just broke your heart?

Tom: Hey.

Margo: Hey. You caught me. Just -- just looking at this ring that you gave me when we renewed our wedding vows.

Tom: Well, let me take a look. Wow, that's holding up pretty good -- just like us.

Margo: Yeah. Remember how happy we were that night? How strong and hopeful we felt?

Tom: I remember everything, down to you pushing Emily into the cake.

Margo: Yeah, I liked doing that. She -- she came by and visited me earlier.

Tom: Emily was here?

Margo: Yeah, she didn't come out and say it, but I got the feeling that she wanted to see my condition for herself. And, boy, I showed her. I practically passed out right in front of her on the floor.

Tom: Did you tell your father? Was the doctor here to look at you?

Margo: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. So Emily is marrying Hal Munson tomorrow. And that got me thinking how we got a second lease on life, and now it's their turn.

Tom: Emily has made one of the great transformations of all time. I just hope she doesn't revert back to form when everybody least expects it.

Margo: No, no, no. She won't. She won't. She's -- she's got everything she wants right now. She's too smart to mess it up.

Tom: Is this you talking?

Margo: Isn't it funny how the words "cancer" and "liver condition" can change a person's outlook on life?

Tom: Look, if you and Emily want to reach a new understanding, that's fine. But you don't need to make amends with anybody, given your condition right now. I mean, you're going to get better, Margo, sooner than you think.

Margo: Yeah, I know. I know. I'm going to keep believing that, because Emily is not the only person who has everything she's ever wanted in life. I do, too. I don't ever want to lose that -- ever, ever, ever. And I am going to take whatever I need to get through this recovery. I mean, no matter how hard it is, how long it takes. But right now, baby, I just -- I just need to take a little control back.

Tom: Meaning what?

Margo: These walls are closing in on me, Tom, and I'm losing my mind. I'm tense, and I'm not myself. And if I'm not myself, I don't know how I can recover.

Tom: Okay, okay. So what is it exactly that you want to do?

Margo: I want to leave here tonight.

Carly: So Mike's going away for a few months. It's only Venezuela. They do have phones there, don't they? You can stay in touch.

Molly: I don't want to get ahead of myself. We have less than a day together. Whatever happens after that, I'm fine with it.

Carly: You're not going to give me this "go with the flow" stuff, are you?

Molly: Why not?

Carly: Because this is -- this is special, and you have to protect it, especially now that your major obstacle has been removed.

Molly: What obstacle is that, Carly?

Carly: My charming sister. Rosanna's left town, and I don't think she's coming back.

Mike: Rosanna left town? Why? What happened?

Lucy: It's not like Alison stole my boyfriend. Aaron and I were going nowhere. It would've been stupid to keep hanging on.

Craig: There was a time you'd move mountains just to catch a glimpse of him.

Lucy: Well, things change. You just have to go with it.

Craig: I want to share something with you. I didn't want to bring it up before, but I think now is the right time.

Lucy: It sounds serious.

Craig: Could be. Before Rosanna left, she told me that Alison and Aaron were just pretending to date so that you could continue seeing him behind my back. Frankly, I didn't put any stock in it, because I didn't believe you were capable of doing such a thing. And that's exactly what I'm going to continue believing until you tell me otherwise, lullaby.

Alison: I said I was sorry, and you said I was forgiven. Can we just put this behind us?

Hal: Putting something behind you doesn't mean that it never happened.

Emily: Hal's right. Besides, I already asked Carly to be my maid of honor.

Alison: You gave Carly my job?

Emily: Yeah.

Alison: How could you do that?

Emily: We're friends, Alison, and we've been through a lot. I don't have to justify myself to you.

Hal: Amen to that.

Alison: Oh, stay out of my life!

Emily: Look, it isn't as if you can't come to my wedding as a guest. I already told you that. Can't you just come and be happy for me like everybody else?

Alison: Oh, so everyone can see that I'm totally left out of the most important day of your life? Forget it, Emily! I'm not going!

Emily: Alison? Alison, wait.

Alison: If you change your mind about the maid of honor thing, I'll be at the Lakeview visiting Lucy.

Hal: You want a ride? Emily and I are going over there.

Alison: No, thanks, I wouldn't want to spoil another evening.

Emily: Alison!

[Door slams]

Hal: Let her go, Emily. Let her go.

Emily: I should've just given in to her, you know? Carly would've understood.

Hal: I've been down this road with teenagers of my own. If you let a slamming door intimidate you, she'll have you in her pocket for the next five years.

Emily: No, she's not as tough as she pretends to be. All she wants is for people to accept her for who she is.

Hal: Hon, I know it's hard, but Alison has to believe that you mean what you say.

Emily: You're right. Thanks. But did you see that look on her face, as if she'd do anything in her power to get back at me?

Hal: She is a fierce one. I'll give her that.

Emily: There aren't many things that scare me anymore, Hal -- not anymore. But that look -- I'm not afraid to tell you -- chills me to the bone.

Chris: People want to keep you apart, right? They're people with a lot of power.

Aaron: What's your point, man?

Chris: So you start sneaking around, coming up with all kinds of plans to be together. It's fun. It's an adventure. And you're both thinking you've got everybody fooled. But you don't. People get wise. And, most of the time, it doesn't end up well.

Aaron: We're riding in a limo. I don't think anybody is going to get hurt.

Chris: I thought the same way, and it cost me the only girl I've ever loved.

Aaron: What do you think?

Abigail: Chris is smart. He's a smart guy. He's always been. But every situation's different, so you get to make the decision.

Aaron: Thanks, but I think I'm going to stick with the original plan.

Abigail: Okay. Here. Just please be careful, okay?

Aaron: I've got to get busy.

Chris: Did I sound as pompous as I think I sounded?

Abigail: I think Aaron didn't hear it, and so did I.

Chris: Please don't do that to me.

Abigail: What?

Chris: Smile at me like that.

Abigail: Why?

Chris: Because it'll only make this harder. I'm sorry, Abigail, but I can't go to the wedding with you.

Lucy: You know, sometimes, dad, you really disappoint me.

Craig: Is that so?

Lucy: Yeah, I mean, Rosanna was furious at me that I told you I saw her kissing her old boyfriend. So to try to get back at me, she tries to convince you that I was lying about Alison and Aaron.

Craig: No, no. No, Rosanna didn't convince me of anything. I was just asking for your take on the situation.

Lucy: You had it right the first time -- Aaron and Alison are dating.

Craig: Fine. End of discussion. This is going to be a tough time for our family, lullaby. Aunt Margo's going to need us. And that means that you and I have to be together and clear on everything.

[Knock on door]

Alison: Lucy? It's me.

Lucy: Alison!

Craig: Alison, come on in, the stage is yours.

Alison: Wait till I tell you what happened.

Craig: Would it have anything to do with your new boyfriend?

Alison: Aaron? No, no, everything's perfect. Anyway --

Craig: Before you get rolling, Alison, would you be kind enough to tell me where I might find your sister, Emily?

Alison: Oh, she and Hal are at the lounge downstairs. Don't bother telling them I said hello.

Craig: Yeah, well, thank you. Lucy, if you go out, leave a note. Bye, Alison.

Alison: Finally! I'm so ready to explode! I had to talk to somebody.

Lucy: About what?

Alison: Emily still won't let me be the maid of honor at her wedding. I apologized and everything.

Lucy: Alison, I'm sorry.

Alison: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, she should be the one that's sorry, because I don't care about her or her stupid little wedding.

Lucy: Wait. What do you mean?

Alison: I can't go to it, not after what she did to me.

Lucy: But you have to be there.

Alison: I know I said I'd go with Aaron and cover for you, but I can't do it.

Lucy: But you gave us your word. I mean, this whole plan was your idea.

Alison: Well, I know that, Lucy, but --

Lucy: But your feelings get hurt, so who cares about anyone else? Well, that's not going to be good enough this time, Alison. Either you do what you promised, or Aaron and I will be out of your life for good.

[Cell phone rings]

Alison: Hello?

Aaron: Hey, it's Aaron.

Alison: Hey! How are you?

Aaron: I got to talk to you about tomorrow. I have some ideas that might make it special for Lucy.

Alison: Oh, great. It's just a friend from school. Go on, I'm listening.

Carly: Craig Montgomery got wise to Rosanna. He decided that he'd had enough, so he dumped her. I guess Rosanna dumped Oakdale.

Mike: Are you sure that's the reason why? Because I was under the impression she wanted to stay in town.

Jack: Hal? Over here.

Molly: Hey, guys, enjoy your celebration, okay?

Carly: Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

Molly: Well -- you look distracted.

Mike: I am.

Molly: About Rosanna?

Mike: Yeah. Rosanna didn't leave town because of Craig. She left because of me.

Hal: So, anyway, Nikki and Jennifer won't be able to be there.

Emily: It's my fault really. I'm the one who wanted to get married as soon as possible.

Hal: It's my fault too because I went along with you.

Emily: No, sweetie, it's mine. Is he just not incredible? All this fairness in one sexy package.

Hal: Oh, stop.

Emily: Stop.

Hal: Stop. Anyway -- Adam's going to be there though. He called me from California. So at least one of my grown kids is gonna come.

Carly: Good.

Hal: Good.

Carly: And Alison? How is she?

Emily: Oh, you had to ask about Alison.

Carly: Sorry.

Emily: I had another blowout with her. What else is new? She asked me to reinstate her as maid of honor, and I refused.

Hal: And rightfully so.

Emily: Yeah, I suppose. But if I know Alison, right now she is plotting her revenge.

Jack: Well, you want me to lock her up until after the wedding. I can always do that.

Hal: Oh, do it. You have my permission.

Carly: Oh, stop it. This is supposed to be a happy occasion. So when is somebody gonna toast the bride and groom.

Jack: Oh, well --

Hal: You know what? I will.

Jack: What are you talking about, Hal? You're the one getting married. Someone should toast you.

Hal: Yeah, yeah, traditionally, that's the way you do it. But in case nobody noticed, Emily and I write our own rules.

Jack: Hey, can't argue with that. Carry on.

Hal: I would like to make a toast to silence, to a look that says more than words ever can. And to a love that does not need to be explained. We just are. So we don't ask questions. We just get down on our knees, and we thank our lucky stars.

Carly: Here, here.

Emily: Yeah, here, here.

Craig: Hello, everybody! Is this seat taken?

Mike: When I ran into Rosanna, she told me she wanted to see if there was anything left between us, all right?  I --

Molly: Whoa.  Excuse me.  She put the moves on you?

Mike: I made it clear that I wasn't interested, but even so, she kissed me.

Molly: She kissed you?

Mike: Yeah.

Molly: Did you kiss her back?

Jack: It's a private party, Craig.  That means you leave.

Craig: Oh, Jack, I don't mean to intrude.  I just thought I'd pay my respects to the bride and groom here.

Emily: Thank you, Craig.  Your thoughtfulness knows no bounds.

Craig: You know, my invitation to the wedding tomorrow seems to have been misplaced.  What time does the shebang get goin'?

Carly: You weren't invited, Craig.  You know that.

Craig: Yeah, but if it weren't for me, Hal and Emily would never have found each other.

Hal: Ha!  How do you figure that?

Craig: Well, it was during my trial you two got close.  Heck -- if I hadn't been wrongfully accused, I don't think we'd all be sitting here today.

Emily: You know what?  He's sort of right.  I mean, there's something to be said about that.  But we wanna get married in peace.  And with you there --

Craig: Emily, weddings, I believe, are a time of rejoicing to celebrate the best in ourselves, and in others.

Carly: Are you kidding?

Craig: All of us here are members of a larger community.  And to single me out as the root of evil is to close your eyes to a vital truth.  There is a common spirit of goodness from which we all spring.  And when the opportunity arises to celebrate that -- weddings for example -- that spirit must be celebrated.  Otherwise, it will wither and cease to exist.

Aaron: What I'm thinking about is renting a limo and going to Chicago and having a picnic by the lake.  Does that sound like something Lucy might like?

Alison: It could be.  I have to think about it.

Aaron: You're with Lucy, aren't you?

Alison: Sure am.

Aaron: All right, I'll call you back later.

Alison: No, no, no, no, wait.  Can you meet me at Java in, like, 20 minutes?

Aaron: I guess.  Why?

Alison: I just wanna talk about what you have planned, and maybe I can add something.

Aaron: Okay, Alison.  I'll see you later.

Alison: Just someone from school.  She -- she's after this guy, and it's just not going well.

Lucy: You still haven't given me an answer, Alison.

Alison: Yeah, about the wedding?  Okay, I'll go.  But not for Emily, for you and Aaron.

Lucy: Thank you.  Thank you, thank you so much.  You don't have any idea how excited I am about this.

Alison: Yeah, me, too.

Tom: I know.  I know it's not easy being in the hospital.  But this is where your doctors decided you need to be, and this is where you have to stay.

Margo: Honey, the hospital can't do anything until they find a donor.  Now, my liver's already shot.  Why risk losing my mind as well?

Tom: Honey, it's just not that simple.

Margo: It is that simple, tom.  It's as simple as going and sitting in the bleachers and watching Casey play baseball.  It's as simple as giving Daniel a bath at night.  It's as simple as going out to my own garden and picking a rose to put in a vase.  I just really need to be around things that are familiar to me.  It's like the ammunition I need to keep fighting.

Tom: You don't think I want you home.  I wanna have you curled up on the sofa while you read one of your detective novels.  And I wanna fight you for the covers at night and listen to you hum while you take a shower.  But, honey, leaving the hospital, no.  It's just not something you can do, honey.  If something happened to you, I'd never forgive myself.

Margo: You know, it's not like I'm gonna refuse treatment.  I'll stay in touch with the doctors every day, every hour, if they want me to.  But, honey, staying here in the hospital, this is the worst-case scenario precaution.  It's not a necessity.  And when it becomes a necessity, I will check myself back in here without a word.

Nurse: I hate to be the one to bring the bad news, Mr. Hughes.

Tom: Visiting hours are over?

Nurse: I'm sorry.

Tom: I know, she's my wife.  Just give me a minute.

Nurse: I can bring you a cot if you wanna stay.

Tom: Yeah, I do.  I can't.

Nurse: Okay.  Good night.

Tom: All right.  Okay -- we can't do anything to fix this tonight, so let's just give it some more time.

Margo: I don't need anymore time, tom.  I've made up my mind.

Tom: I can't.  I can't go along with this.  It's not a decision that we can make.  Not by ourselves.  You sleep well.  I'll speak to you in the morning.  I love you.

Margo: Oh!  I can't -- I cannot stay in this hospital one more night. 

Adam: Mom?  Hi.

Margo: Adam, what are you -- you're supposed to be in California.  What are you doing here?

Adam: What can I say?  I ran out of clean socks.

Margo: Oh, look at you.  Come here.  Come here.  I needed to see you.  You look like a beach bum.  Oh, my God.  How did you get in here?

Adam: I told the guy at the front desk that I was related to Grandpa Bob.  Tom -- he filled me in on your situation.

Margo: Oh, wow.  Well, I don't know what he told you, but I hope he didn't worry you any 'cause I am gonna beat this.

Adam: Oh, Mom, Mom, stop.  I wanna help you.  I need to help you, somehow.  So you just -- you just tell me what I can do.

Margo: You need to get me out of here tonight.

Chris: Emily probably doesn't even know I'm back in town yet.  Given our history, I think it's a little weird if I suddenly show up at her wedding.

Abigail: Right, yeah.  Yeah, Emily's going to take one look at you and then decide not to marry Hal.

Chris: That's not what I'm saying.

Abigail: Then what are you saying, Chris?  I thought you were excited about going.

Chris: I was, but then I had some time to think, and -- look, Abigail, there was a time when I hurt a lot of people here, and I'm trying real hard not to do that anymore.

Abigail: I thought you ended on good terms with Emily.

Chris: We did.

Abigail: Well, then she's gonna say hi, and you're going to say congratulations, and then we'll get back to dancing.

Chris: If I could know for sure it was going to be that way.

Abigail: Do you remember what we talked about after we got back from paintball?

Chris: About moving forward and not back?

Abigail: Right.  And the thing about it is, is that you can't do that by yourself or by hiding or worrying.  You'd be surprised.  A lot of people are very forgiving in this town, and if anyone knows that, it's me.  But you need to give them a chance, and they need to know that you've forgiven yourself, too.

Alison: It won't be enough.

Aaron: What do you mean?

Alison: Your money.  Once you start renting limos, Lucy's gonna expect it every week.

Aaron: No, she won't.  Lucy's not like that.

Alison: Take my advice.  Ditch the limo idea and just stick with what you know -- the bike, the leather jacket.  Changing now will only confuse her.

Aaron: This is supposed to be a special day.

Alison: Yeah, well, I think it's a terrible idea.  But, hey, what do I know?  I don't count.  I'm nothing.

Aaron: Hey, take it easy.  I thought this was all set up.

Alison: No, it was.  It was also set up that I was supposed to be Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding.  But -- I had the dress.  I was really happy about it, but that didn't end up working out, so what should?

Aaron: I'm sorry.  I know how excited you were about that.  You're not gonna give up on me now, are you?

Alison: No.  I hate crybaby girls.

Aaron: And you're no crybaby, Alison.  That's what you're so cool about, man.

Alison: Thanks.  So you still wanna do this limo idea?

Aaron: Are you gonna help us out?

Alison: Sure.  Alison will take care of everything.

Aaron: Wait, wait, Alison?  Alison, wait.

Alison: Everyone wants me to go to the wedding?  Fine.  But it won't be pretty.

Mike: I never said I was a saint.  All right, I've made mistakes, and I'm gonna make more.

Molly: Yes or no, Mike?  When Rosanna kissed you, did you kiss her back?

Mike: That would have to be a yes.

Molly: Oh, that's just fantastic!

Mike: It didn't mean anything.

Molly: Do you think I'm stupid, that I'm gonna sit here and listen to that?

Mike: Molly, you -- it was nostalgia.  All right?  I made it very clear that what we had all those years ago is over.

Molly: And you didn't tell me this before because --

Mike: I don't know.  Would you believe that I forgot?

Molly: No.

Mike: Well, I did.  Look, when you and I are together, everything just kind of goes out of my mind.

Molly: Do you get this stuff from a book?

Mike: No.  No, look, I'm speaking from my heart.  All right, something happens to me when I'm around you.  My senses are on overload.  I'm completely overwhelmed.

Molly: Aw, you poor thing.  Do you need to go lie down and rest?  Because you're so close to me right now, it must just be such a hardship for you.

Mike: All right.  I guess I deserve this.

Molly: Yes, you do.  But that's not all you deserve.

Mike: What do you mean?

Molly: You deserve a big, fat thank you for being honest with me, even though you knew I wouldn't like it.

Mike: That wasn't a line, was it?

Molly: Why bother, when the truth is so much better?

Craig: I know I am victimized by selective memory.  Everybody likes to focus on the Craig negative and forgets about the Craig positive.

Jack: But you are going to remind us, aren't you?

Craig: Well, I saved your life more than once.  Carly, I took you in.  I worked day and night for months to try and bring you back home.  Emily, bailed out your career at "The Intruder."

Hal: What about me?

Craig: Hal, your marriage to Barbara was dead wood, and you hadn't noticed.  Considering what has transpired, I think you ought to have Craig Montgomery ice sculptures on the buffet.

Emily: No one says you're all bad, Craig.

Jack: Oh, I did -- for good reason.

Craig: Jack -- if my sister weren't lying in a hospital bed, I'd be happy to endure another round of your steely logic.  But she is, and I won't.  Hal and Emily, I do wish you the best, despite what you may think of me.

Hal: Oh, I'm gonna talk to him.

Jack: No, that's exactly what he wants, Hal.

Emily: Please, don't.

Hal: Hold it, Montgomery.  We're not done here.

Craig: Sorry, Hal, I only do one show a night.

Hal: I should probably bust your nose for that remark about Barbara and my marriage.  And using your sister is about as low as it gets.  But if you can drop the martyr act, I'm willing to listen.

Craig: I believe I have a place at your wedding, Hal.  And I would like to be invited.

Hal: I still haven't heard the truth about why that's so important to you.  And before I even consider that, I'm gonna have to hear the truth.

Abigail: Emily has found happiness, and she wants people to share in it.  Look, when she sees you, I'm sure she's gonna see that you're not the same person you were.  And you need to give other people a chance to see that, too.  Look, I can't force you to go with me, and I can't beg you.  So, just go home.  It's okay.

Chris: No, this is a big decision.  And I can't put it off.  Okay, I've made up my mind.  This is definitely your best bet for the wedding.  And I'll try to pick out something that doesn't clash with it, okay?

Adam: I don't understand.  No one said anything to me about you being discharged.

Margo: Oh, well, no -- no, I haven't been.  But I'm telling you, being here in the hospital, it's making me worse, not better.  It's just the hospital.  It's just the worse -- Adam: Whoa.  Whoa, whoa.  Okay.

Margo: Okay.

Adam: Take a breath.

Margo: Okay.  I'm okay.

Adam: I know.  I know, you're okay.  Just come sit down.

Margo: Okay.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Adam: All right.  There you go.  Now, yeah -- okay, I'm willing to do whatever you want, whatever you need me to do.  But, I mean, look at you.  I can't bust you out of here.  It's too dangerous.

Margo: Oh, come on.  No.  Nothing is gonna happen.

Adam: How do you know that?  I asked Tom to tell me everything, I mean, the whole truth.  And I know that there is severe damage to your liver.

Margo: Yes, there is.  That's true, and it's because of something awful that happened to me a few years ago, you remember.  Well, now, baby, something even worse is happening.  My liver is failing, and I am in desperate need of a donor.  But look at me.  Do I look alive?

Adam: What?  Mom, come on --

Margo: No, no, no, answer me.

Adam: Well, of course, you do.

Margo: Yeah, of course, I look alive.  But I'm not, Adam.  Sitting in this place and just waiting for the next visitor or the next meal, it's making me feel like I'm already gone.  And I'm turning into someone that I don't even know.  I need to get home to my family.  You need to help to get home.

Molly: First, Rosanna gets you to kiss her back.  And then you get a job that takes you out of the country.  Do you think that the universe is trying to give me some sort of message here?

Mike: I don't know.  I don't speak universe.  All right, but I do know this -- we're gonna spend as much time as we can together before I get on that plane.  Now, that's 20-something hours away.  And I don't know about you, but I guarantee that we're gonna spend as many minutes together as we can.  We will make them count.

Craig: It's Lucy.  I believe she's using your wedding as an excuse to get together with Aaron Snyder.

Hal: Oh.  And you wanna be there to stop it.

Craig: Yes.

Hal: Sorry, Craig, I can't do it.  I'd like the evening to go off without any catastrophes.

Craig: I won't cause a scene.  Hal, she's my daughter.  She -- my only child is heading towards a cliff.  I wanna slow her down.

Hal: If I catch you hassling Carly or Jack, I will personally escort you off the premises.

Craig: Fair enough.

Hal: And if you're right about Lucy, you deal with her at home, not at the wedding.

Craig: Exactly.

Hal: 2:00 at Susan's house.  Consider yourself invited.

Craig: Thank you.

[Emily coughs]

Carly: Are you --

Jack: Are you all right?

Carly: Are you okay?

Emily: I'm sorry.

Jack: Try looking up.

Emily: Why -- did you see the two of them?  They shook hands.  They looked like they were -- I don't believe this.

Carly: Do you think that Hal would have invited him to the wedding?

Emily: It's possible.  I mean, they looked like they were about to -- oh, great, Alison's here.  Will you both excuse me?  Emily: Are you looking for me?

Alison: Yeah.  I came by to apologize.

Emily: Again?

Alison: You chose Carly to be your Maid of Honor.  I shouldn't have expected you to change that.

Emily: You were my first choice.  I would've been happy to keep it that way.

Alison: I know, I brought it on myself.  And if we could start all over again, I promise I wouldn't disappoint you.

Emily: Will you come to my wedding as a guest?

Alison: You still want me to?

Emily: Of course I do.

Alison: I'm sorry I've been such a pain.

Emily: You know what?  Forget about it.  I'm just happy that you're gonna be there on my very special night.

Alison: It is gonna be a very special night.  I bet it's gonna be one of those nights no one forgets.

Carly: So, Craig might be coming to the wedding tomorrow.  Are you saying that doesn't bother you at all?

Jack: That's exactly what I'm saying.

Carly: Are you planning to shoot him?

Jack: Nope.

Carly: Are you planning to leave before he gets there?

Jack: No.

Carly: Then what are you planning, Jack?

Jack: You'll find out tomorrow, Carly.  Just -- prepare yourself for a surprise.

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