ATWT Transcript Tuesday 8/6/02


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/6/02

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Lucy: I wonder how Alison is.

Aaron: She's probably digging herself deeper in with the cops -- trying to protect us. You know, this really bites that she's gotta go through this alone.

Lucy: No one told her to push people in the pool, especially a security guard.

Aaron: Yeah, but it saved our rears.

Lucy: But you can't save hers. You have a juvenile record. If you tell the cops we were with her --

Aaron: What am I supposed to do, just leave her hanging like that, especially when everybody thinks I'm her boyfriend?

Lucy: Alison can take care of herself. Who's gonna take care of you?

Aaron: Look, I'll talk to you later. I gotta go.

Lucy: Go where?

Aaron: Sweet dreams, Lucy. Bye.

Lucy: But Aaron -- like I'm gonna be able to sleep knowing he's gonna go out and do something crazy.

Emily: Please, please, do not call my mother. Just let me handle this. She's a good kid.

Hal: Emily --

Emily: She's never been in any trouble like this!

Hal: I told you, it's procedure to call her mother. Alison could be facing some very serious charges here.

Emily: I know. So please, just this one time, for me. I promise I will take full responsibility.

Alison: Oh, Emily, thank goodness you're here. I was really scared.

Emily: Are you okay?

Alison: I just want to go home.

Hal: We're gonna talk about a few things before you go anywhere.

Alison: Could you keep it down to a dull roar, chief? That wine was a mistake. Can we just talk about this in the morning? Please?

Hal: After you tell me what happened at the Country Club tonight.

Alison: Nothing!

Hal: The security guards at the Country Club say they saw you hanging around the pool with some other kids. What were their names?

Alison: I don't know.

Hal: You don't know? You break into the Country Club, you're hanging around the pool and drinking with a bunch of kids, and you don't know who they are?

Alison: I wasn't checking i.d. I don't know!

Emily: You're lying. Who are you protecting?

Alison: Are you guys a broken record? No one!

Emily: Alison, I want the truth.

Alison: You can't handle the truth. Okay, okay, okay, you want the truth? May I have a piece of paper? My co-conspirators -- no one. I work alone.

Hal: This is getting us nowhere, Emily.

Emily: Wait, wait, who are you gonna call?

Hal: I'm gonna call her mother. Maybe Susan'll have better luck getting the truth out of her.

Emily: Just wait. Please, just let me try to handle this myself first, please.

Susan: Emily -- you're pushing that mothering thing again, huh? It might work with a 3-year-old, but with a teenager, believe me, you don't have a clue.

Marshall: I'll be announcing my candidacy at the Press conference tomorrow, but there's someone who should hear this news directly from me. No, no one in my family. An adversary. Say again, I can barely hear you.

[Music gets louder] you're gonna have to speak up. Listen, listen, I'll call you back. I'll call you later.

Ready for the good times. I'm ready for the good times, ready to get it on

I'm ready for the good times. I'm ready for the good times now that I'm not alone

whoa oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh you know it


oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh

John: What's that look for?

Margo: What was my husband doing here after visiting hours?

John: He's sneaking past the guards.

Margo: No, he's not, he's here because my doctor told him to come here. What -- John, you know, I may be sick, but I'm still a good cop.

John: Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but it was not your doctor who called him to be here, it was me.

Tom: What's going on in here? I can hear you guys outside.

John: Yes, your wife is bucking for "intolerable patient of the day."

Tom: Only "of the day"? Boy, you're slacking.

Margo: What took you so long? I saw you parked 15 minutes ago. What took you so long to get up here?

Tom: Well, I brought you a present. I forgot it in the car, went back to retrieve it because it took me so long to make, and that's the only alibi I have. Do I need to consult my attorney? So you said you wanted to talk to us? What's up?

John: Well, your attending physician wanted to be here to do this, but he's called away on an emergency.

Margo: Okay, well, we'll wait then.

John: He wanted you informed that there have been some new developments with you that warrant some new tests.

Margo: Huh, new development. So this is not good news?

John: No, I'm afraid it's not.

Slade: I want this diamond, and I want it now.

Katie: Mr. Slade? Katie Frasier. We haven't seen each other since the first night I arrived in Avanya -- the night you warned me not to trust my husband.

Slade: I've had more than my share of cocktails and lost more than my share of poker games to your husband.

Katie: Oh.

Slade: But we've become fast friends, Simon and I. He's proven himself quite useful. Quite a friend.

Katie: That's my Simon.

Slade: I assume Mr. Frasier's informed you of our agreement concerning your diamond and provenance?

Paul: Okay, I'm Paul Ryan. I'm Rose's fiancÚ.

Slade: The pleasure's all mine.

Paul: Simon tells us you can help us find Rose's father.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, you've been very helpful with my pop, I'm just wondering when I'll be able to see him.

Slade: As soon as I can pass the diamond over to his kidnappers. You do have the diamond, yes?

Rose: Gave it to Simon.

Slade: Perfect. Where might he be?


Henry: Dead, just like we're gonna be.

Katie: He just went out for a walk.

Slade: When do you expect him to return? Mrs. Frasier -- are you hiding something from me?

Emily: It really is not as bad as it sounds here.

Susan: What are you doing here?

Emily: Hal called me.

Susan: The mother's the last to know?

Hal: I'm sorry about that, Susan.

Emily: I asked him not to call you.

Susan: Because you're a better mother to my child than I am. But look around you, Emily. Your sister is drunk and in jail, and doing such a good job. I called the president of the Country Club board, and I asked him not to press charges.

Hal: Are you sure that that's the best idea right now?

Emily: You don't actually think Alison should go to jail for what she did, do you?

Hal: All I'm saying is that if she had to face a few consequences, she may not be so quick to break the rules next time.

Susan: Well, then maybe if someone hadn't decided that this was a perfect time to make a big difference in Alison's life, we wouldn't be facing this predicament.

Emily: Excuse me, can I have a moment with Alison alone, please?

Susan: What are you trying to prove?

Emily: I wanna talk to her, okay?

Alison: Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting her off my case.

Emily: What were you thinking? Do you think at all anymore?

Alison: You're mad at me?

Emily: I am sick and tired of being used by you. Now, you're covering for someone, I don't know who. Who is it -- Aaron, Lucy? Who was with you?

Alison: I told you!

Emily: No, you told me lies. You're lying to all of us, Alison, and it stops now.

Bonnie: I always knew that you were an odious cur, but to also find out you're a deviant?

Marshall: Said the exhibitionist. I'm surprised you're even home at this hour. Shouldn't you be slumming at Java underground, hoisting a heavy drink tray and working for chump change?

Bonnie: Will you leave, or shall I call the Police?

Marshall: It's a waste of time. If we go to court, I'd insist on a live re-enactment of that dance you were doing. And that outfit -- that outfit would be exhibit "a." And no jury of my peers would convict me for pausing to reflect on such a beautiful sight.

Bonnie: I think you've seen enough, Mr. Travers. Now, if you'd please leave.

Marshall: After I've seen your mother.

Bonnie: My -- what? What, you think you're gonna tell on me?

Marshall: No. I have some other matters to discuss with her.

Bonnie: And what would those be?

Marshall: I'm about to change Jessica Griffin's life.

Katie: Well, you know, to be completely honest with you, Mr. Slade -- totally honest -- lately, I don't know where Simon's gonna be from one minute to the next, so as soon as he returns, I will have him give you a call, how's that?

Slade: That won't be necessary. I think I see an old friend of mine who'll help me pass the time. Henry Coleman -- been too long.

Henry: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Slade: If it is all the same to you, I think I'll wait right here for your husband's return.

Katie: Okay, great. Well, it was such a pleasure to see you again.

Lucinda: Mr. Slade, I've heard so much about you, but I haven't had the pleasure. I'm Lucinda Walsh. I'm a family friend of Simon's.

Slade: The pleasure's mine.

Lucinda: Won't you join us and have a drink?

Slade: Thank you, I think I will.

Lucinda: Good.

Slade: Henry, sit. Relax, you make me nervous.

Henry: Oh, I wouldn't want to do that. Is this all right?

Slade: You've been very protective of that trunk, Henry. What could possibly be inside?

Simon: Hey. It is so good to see you.

Katie: I have missed you like you would not believe. Okay, now, quick, get out of those clothes.

Simon: All right!

Katie: No.

Simon: Oh, this is business and not pleasure?

Katie: Well, sorry.

Simon: What's going on?

Katie: More sorry than you could ever know.

Simon: What is happening?

Katie: Okay, we need you to impersonate Donovon in order to get Joe back.

Simon: All right, has this got something to do with that guy downstairs?

Katie: Yeah, his name's Slade. He's the one that has Joe hostage. I met him the first night I was here. He actually told me that you were a dangerous man. Of course, he was referring to Donovon Curry, who was pretending to be you at the time, but I didn't know that yet.

Simon: Well, this must've been before he and Curry decided to team up and get the diamond.

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: All right.

Rose: Hey! No, no, no -- don't do that. I'm right here. Very nice.

Simon: All right, I'll be in here.

Rose: Here's his clothes. Slade is getting really anxious. He's looking at that trunk like it's got the diamond inside of it, okay?

Katie: I know -- no, no, no worries. Simon's fine. He's gonna be dressed soon. Oh, we need one more thing. We need to get some of those disgusting cigars that Donovon smoked.

Rose: Done.

Simon: All right, so what's in that trunk downstairs that everyone seems to be --

Katie: Donovon. Donovon's in the trunk.

Simon: I take it he's not practicing to be a contortionist?

Rose: No.

Simon: So how'd he die?

Katie: He threatened to attack Rose with a knife, so of course Paul attacked him, they struggled for a while, and then Donovon fell on the knife and died. But not before telling us that Slade was the one who had Joe. So of course now Donovon is dead in the trunk, and Slade is waiting to talk to the guy.

Simon: Right. Come here.

Katie: I hope you can do this. You've gotta convince Slade that you're Donovon Curry. Otherwise, Joe's a dead man.

John: Your doctor, in examining your blood work, found that you have a high level of alpha fetoproteins.

Margo: I'm sorry. Translate that.

John: Yes. Well, because of your hepatitis c status, it's possible that you've developed something called hepatocellular carcinoma.

Margo: Well, there's a word I recognize -- "carcinoma." So, you're saying I have cancer?

John: It's a possibility. It's something very specific to your disease and very treatable.

Tom: How?

John: With a liver transplant.

[Tom sighs]

Margo: It's okay. It's okay. So, if I -- if I want to know more, you have to just be straight with me and tell me everything. Because you both know that I deal much better with an enemy when I know what it is.

John: We're going to run some more tests early tomorrow morning. And I've put in a request for a CAT scan.

Tom: But you are not 100% sure that Margo has developed this cancer.

John: The blood tests show that there's reason for concern.

Margo: All right. So if I do have this, does this whole transplant thing -- that I'm put on a waiting list?

John: We've already submitted your name as a precaution.

Margo: Have you? So, how long do I have to wait?

Tom: Don't say that.

Margo: It's okay. I gotta know. I gotta know.

John: No. Now listen to me, until we do more tests, it's impossible to start talking about treatment, all right? I know it's a lot to take. Take a couple of minutes. If you have any questions, you give me a call.

Margo: John, I have a question. Do people survive this?

John: Yes, they do. Many of them do.

Margo: Okay. Good. Then I'm going to be one of 'em.

John: Is she sleeping?

Tom: Yeah. She fell asleep in mid-sentence.

John: I certainly wish there was something I could do or say that would get her mind off it.

Tom: Well, there's only one thing that's gonna do the trick.

John: What's that?

Tom: Katie.

John: Katie?

Tom: Yeah. She's been mentioning her almost every day in that kinda, you know, couldn't care less kinda way she has when something's more important than she wants it to be.

John: Katie's out of the country, isn't she?

Tom: Yeah. I've already tried to contact her through diplomatic channels.

[Phone rings]

John: Say, you know somebody who might be able to help?

Tom: Lucinda, I know. She's already down in Avanya with Katie. But -- you know, I was thinking, since you guys were married, you might remember some of the names of the guard dogs over at Worldwide that could get an urgent message to her.

John: Well, if Katie's who she wants, Katie's who she'll get.

[Simon coughing]

Simon: So what do you think? You think I can pull this off?

Rose: Yeah. When in doubt, say something very obnoxious in a thick Australian accent like that guy on tv.

Katie: Yes, definitely very sleazy, very disgusting, no respect. You would sell your grandmother for a buck.

Simon: Oh, got it.

Paul: All right. Should we get the diamond out of the safe?

Simon: No, not yet. I don't know what I'm going to be walking into when I get down there. I don't want the diamond on me in case Slade pulls a weapon.

Katie: That's really good.

Rose: Good, good. Very good. Good thinking.

Katie: Okay. Let's not keep him waiting.

Simon: Oh, oh, oh, where are you going? Look, if I'm not taking the diamond with me, what makes you think you're coming with me?

Katie: I'm going to be your lookout.

Simon: You stay right here. No. Look, I'm gonna be a lot safer if I'm not worrying about you getting hurt. Okay?

Katie: Fine.

Simon: All right. See you soon.

Bonnie: My mother's not answering her cell phone. She's probably handling a deposition or some other D.A. business. I'd offer you a drink, but -- since you obviously have the wrong idea about so many other things.

Marshall: You know, you have some interesting reading materials around here. Especially this one -- "Java underground improvements"?

Bonnie: That is personal.

Marshall: You should've stopped me before I read it. It was fascinating. I mean, Isaac's actually got some pretty fine ideas in there.

Bonnie: They're my ideas. I did all the research all on my own.

Marshall: Smart move. That way you don't intimidate the boyfriend.

Bonnie: Isaac loves my input.

Marshall: How does he repay you? A warm hug? A pat on the head? An extra five minutes at break time?

Bonnie: I don't need to be rewarded for helping out the man that I love.

Marshall: I knew you weren't the type of woman to be satisfied with sitting silently in the background. A woman like you needs to be in the spotlight. And any man who can't see that, who keeps you relegated to handmaid status, is either wildly insecure or a fool. Which is Isaac?

Alison: Why are you so mad at me? I was helping out a friend. I can't be the first person who's ever snuck into the pool after hours. What's the big deal?

Emily: Yeah, well, maybe some of those people have the good sense to regret what they did.

Alison: It's 2002, no one regrets anything except getting caught. I mean, hello, have you read The Intruder lately?

Emily: Well, maybe you'll regret getting punished.

Alison: Who are you supposed to be tonight anyway? My sister/sister or my sister/mother? How are you going to punish me?

Emily: By taking away something that's, hopefully, important to you.

Alison: Well, let's see. I don't have a car. And there's no social life here in Loserville. So being grounded is like kind of redundant. How could you possibly make my life any more miserable than it already is?

Emily: By taking you out of my wedding.

Alison: Yeah, right.

Emily: Tonight was the final straw, Alison. I am sick and tired of you using my engagement to Hal to get you out of this trouble. It's not -- it's not gonna work. You're not even sorry for what you did!

Alison: But I'm your maid of honor.

Emily: When was the last time there was anything honorable about you?

Alison: Just like that? One mistake and I'm out of your wedding?

Emily: No, one big mistake, Alison. And you're welcome to attend my wedding as a guest. But I can't risk giving you an actual role in the most important day of my life.

Alison: Why not?

Emily: Because you have no interest in controlling your behavior. You have no regard for other people's feelings.

Alison: So you're not going to have a maid of honor? Of course not. You'll have one of your spa buddies stand up for you. Well, you know what that tells me? You never really wanted me to be your maid of honor to begin with. And believe me, it's the last thing I want to waste my time doing.

Emily: Well, no, you just wait -- I wanted you up there next to me more than anything in this world. You did this. You turned this around. This is your fault, not mine.

Hal: Well, thank you. I know that's appreciated. Thank you very much. The manager of the Country Club has agreed not to press charges this time. But if anything like this happens again, nobody in the family will be permitted on the premises, not even as the guest of another member.

Alison: Aaron! I'm so glad you're here. You always know when I need you.

Aaron: So, how's it going?

Alison: They're acting like I just held up a convenience store.

Susan: Alison, are you going to introduce us to your friend?

Alison: Aaron Snyder. You've already met Hal Munson, chief of detectives and my sister's shadow. And this -- this is my mother. Take your pick.

Aaron: Pleased to meet you, Susan.

Hal: Were you with Alison at the Country Club tonight?

Alison: He didn't come down here to get interrogated! And switch on your hearing aid, why don't you? I've already told you a thousand times.

Hal: How did you know that you'd find Alison here?

Aaron: Well, Mr. Montgomery told Lucy, and Lucy told me.

Emily: So, you and Lucy, you're still friends?

Aaron: Life's too short to spend it as enemies, right?

Alison: Isn't he the sweetest?

Susan: Hal, are there papers I have to sign to take Alison home?

Hal: Yes, there are, Susan. Right this way.

Alison: Let's get out of here quick.

Emily: I don't think that's such a good idea, Alison.

Alison: Well, it's a good thing I didn't ask you, Emily. Let's go.

Aaron: I'll make sure she gets home safe.

Bonnie: Isaac Jenkins is a million things you will never be. He's generous, thoughtful --

Marshall: A stylish dresser.

Bonnie: And he doesn't have to throw his weight around with a pompous battering ram of a name -- T. Marshall Travers. The true insult would be if the "t" actually stood for "Thurgood." Thurgood Marshall Travers?

Bonnie: You had -- you had the nerve to name yourself after a man who --

Marshall: The name was given to me at birth. I had nothing to do with it.

Bonnie: That is the understatement of the year! Thurgood Marshall? That was a man of intellect and integrity, one of the greatest civil rights leaders of all time. He helped change the world because he changed unjust laws. What have you done, Marshall, except cheapen the law? How dare you compare yourself to a man who is --

Marshall: Look, the name was my mother's idea, not mine. Let it go.

Bonnie: Well, the least you could have done was attempt to live up to the potential your mother saw in you?

Marshall: You were born into a wealthy, privileged family. You had an enviable education, every opportunity in the world. What have you done? You've chosen to squander your potential by slaving as a cocktail waitress in your boyfriend's bar. I've had to fight for everything I have -- my position and my education. And I'll fight to be this town's next district attorney if that's what it takes.

Bonnie: This is why you're here? You want my mother's job?!

Marshall: Yes. I came to spare Jessica Griffin the humiliation of another major public loss -- because I always get what I want.

Henry: Desi! Please, be careful with the trunk. Please.

Simon: Well, how is everyone this evening, hmm?

Lucinda: Simon, the man. We're all feeling so much better knowing that you're here to negotiate for Rose's father. We'd be lost without you, darling.

Simon: You don't know the half of it.

Desi: I have a message for you, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: Oh, thank you, Desi.

Simon: Message, huh? Well, why don't you run along and take care of that and leave us men here to do some business?

Lucinda: Right, right. Do you have any message for Rose?

Simon: Yeah, yeah. Tell her it's only gonna be a matter of time.

Slade: You've got those yahoos thinking you're the real Mccoy.

Simon: Yeah, that's the idea. Right?

Slade: Let's get down to business, shall we? The diamond, hmm? Where is it?

Simon: Well, that loudmouth from Jersey won't hand it over until she gets some kind of proof that her old man's still alive.

Slade: That's interesting.

Simon: Yeah.

Slide: She told me she gave it to you. Now, which one of you is lying, my friend?

Katie: How's Simon doing downstairs? Do you think Slade thinks he's Donovon?

Lucinda: I surely hope so, dear. You have had a communication from Oakdale.

Katie: Margo's in the hospital.

Lucinda: Yeah.

Katie: "Condition serious. Come home." Who sent this? What is this?

Lucinda: I don't know, darling. It came through Worldwide Channels.

Katie: Oh, my God. All right, how soon do you think I can leave?

Rose: What? No, no, no. No, no, you can't.

Paul: Baby, it is Katie's decision to make.

Rose: No, her -- everyone's future is in your hands! If Simon finds out that you're leaving, you know what's gonna happen. He's gonna follow you; what about my pop!

Lucinda: Shh, we don't know that definitely.

Rose: No, there's no way that Simon's gonna let her out in the jungle. He's gonna go after her. And then, my poor pop, he's gonna die! Two days, that's all he needs.

Katie: Rose?

Rose: Margo understands. She's a cop.

Katie: Rose, hold on. Just let me think about this for a second, please.

Paul: Rose?

Lucinda: All right, okay, all right. No, no, you stay. You hang with Katie. I'll go after Rose, and I'll find out what progress Simon is making. All right.

Katie: I can't leave. Simon's my husband, he's my life. He's putting his life in danger. I have to stay here.

Paul: All right, Katie. Just take a minute and think about this, okay?

Katie: No, what's to think about? Huh? This thing just shows up out of nowhere? Who -- anyone could've sent it, from anywhere in the world. Maybe it's Slade or some of his people just trying to get me out of the way. I don't know. Why would Margo need me? She has Tom. She has Craig. No, this is a trap. It has to be.

Paul: Or it really could be Margo. And she really might need you this time.

Alison: Did you catch Emily's and my mom's faces when you walked into the Police station? Their jaws, like, dropped out to here. Oh, my hero. You're the best boyfriend in the world.

Aaron: Pretend boyfriend.

Alison: Oh, didn't I say that? All I know is I was just feeling so totally alone and totally wrecked. But then, there you were.

Aaron: It was nothing.

Alison: No, no, it was the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me. Seriously, Aaron. I know I probably sound like a major loser, but to have somebody show up for me like that when nobody's ever come through, it -- it was amazing. You wouldn't know what that feels like.

Aaron: Actually, I do.

Alison: Then you know I'll never forget it. Never.

Lucy: Hey, guys. What'd I miss?

Tom: You're a hard-headed woman, Margo Hughes. It's one of the things I love about you. It's helped keep this marriage together all these years. And now, your hard head is going to keep you here, where they can look after you and you can get the best possible treatment in the world. Please. I can be stubborn, too. And you are not leaving me. Do you understand? Good.

Margo: So, can I walk you to the elevator now?

Tom: No. You can open your present.

Margo: Oh, great. You get to give orders and then just walk out of here. You know how much I hate that?

Tom: Okay, as a consolation prize, I will let you have the last word. Make it good.

Margo: Bully.

Tom: I love you, too, honey.

Margo: Oh, man, how can I top that?

Tom: You can't.

Slade: You're sure you can get this diamond from Ms. D'Angelo?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, well, it just depends on the timing of the old man's demise. You see, I need him alive.

Slade: Why?

Simon: Because I figured out that this face is worth a lot more than I thought. That Walsh dame is worth a mint. Now, if I can keep D'Angelo alive a little longer, there's more money to be made.

Slade: I want him dead.

Simon: Slade, he will be. I'm gonna kill him myself. Look, the man's feverish. So I'm gonna drug him, then deliver him to his daughter. All right? He's out like a light, but she doesn't care. 'Cause she's just happy to have the old man alive. And on the way to the hospital, he croaks -- accidentally, on purpose, if you know what I mean. You get yours, I get mine, D'Angelo gets dead.

Slade: Fine. For a piece of the action.

Simon: Well, I didn't think this partnership was gonna extend beyond the diamond. But yeah. Yeah, I think we can work something out. Mm-hmm. So where do we make the transfer?

Slade: One hour from now, on my boat, Golden Sunset.

Simon: Good thinking. One hour.

Slade: One more thing.

Simon: Yeah?

Slade: The other Simon Frasier? How will you dispose of him?

Simon: Well, you didn't hear? There was an explosion at the jail cell tonight. Mr. Frasier sizzled like a shrimp on the barbie, if you get what I mean.

Slade: Fortune smiles on you, my friend.

Katie: No. No, if Margo were in trouble, I'm the last person she would call. Believe me.

Paul: Well, if Joe, Simon, Lucinda, Rose and I, we all need you. So why is it hard to believe that Margo might need you, too?

Katie: Okay. But how? I can't leave Simon here alone. But he can't come with me either. Rose is right. He has to stay here and finish this thing.

Paul: You want me to take you to the jet or no?

Katie: No. And travel through that jungle again? No, those soldiers are gonna capture you. I don't wanna put you in that danger.

Paul: Simon is doing everything he can to help the woman I love. It's only fair that I return the favor.

Katie: Hey. How did it go?

Simon: Fine.

Katie: Is everything okay?

Simon: Fine, yeah. The plan's all set. We're trading the diamond for Joe in one hour on Slade's boat.

Paul: All right, I'll go tell Rose.

Katie: So, are you sure he thought that you were Donovon? I mean, what if he's just bluffing? What if --

Simon: Katie, please. You're married to the ultimate con, remember? It was fine.

Katie: I just want you to be safe.

Simon: I will be. I will be. And I will always come home to you. I missed you so much.

Katie: Come here.

Aaron: I didn't know you were coming by.

Lucy: I wanted to -- to make sure you were okay. Where did you go?

Aaron: To the station to get Alison.

Alison: Just watching Aaron come to my rescue was worth the price of admission. He was too sweet.

Lucy: "Worth the price of admission"? Is that why you got us in trouble tonight? Because you wanted Aaron to sweep in and rescue you? You do realize this is just a game, right? Aaron isn't really your boyfriend.

Aaron: She knows you're my girlfriend.

Alison: Oh, man, Aaron, I'd better get home before my mother goes ballistic. Could you give me a ride?

Lucy: I'll drive you. It'll give us a chance to talk.

Alison: You know, I'm all talked out for the night. Besides, there's no way I'd miss another ride on your bike.

Aaron: Are you gonna be okay?

Alison: Let's ride, Snyder.

Aaron: Look, you better get home before your father finds out you're gone. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Okay?

Alison: Go as fast as you want. I'll just hold on really tight.

Marshall: I was hoping to tell your mother in person.

Bonnie: Then make an appointment like everyone else. But this is my mother's home. Our home, where we entertain family and friends. And since you're neither --

Marshall: Look, what's the harm in a friendly rivalry?

Bonnie: There is nothing "friendly" about this. For some reason known only to you, you came here to hurt my mother. And I'm not about to let that happen. Leave.

Marshall: If you insist. Be sure to tell your mother Thurgood Marshall Travers dropped by.

Bonnie: Right. But what's in a name?

Marshall: "Bonnie." That means pretty, attractive, excellent, fine.

Bonnie: Among other things, yes.

Marshall: When it comes to names, my parents may have given me too much credit. But your parents gave you far too little. So much more than pretty, Bonnie Mckechnie.

Paul: What did Simon say when you told him?

Katie: Told him what?

Rose: That you're going back to Oakdale.

Simon: All right, I better get going. Wish me luck.

Rose: Ahh, no, no, no. Not so fast. You might need this.

Simon: The Rose of Sharon. I chased this baby halfway across the globe. I thought it was all I ever wanted. Who would've thought it would only lead me to the real jewel in my life?

Katie: You come back to me, and come back in one piece. Okay, Simon Frasier? I love you.

Simon: I love you so much, baby. All right.

Paul: You didn't tell him, did you?

Rose: You didn't tell him you're leaving?

Katie: He needs to be focused on getting out of that meeting alive and getting Joe back. He has a job to do, and if he knew that I was leaving, he'd be worried about me. So, he's gonna be fine. They both will.

Rose: I owe you. Big time.

Katie: Yeah, I know. And don't think I'm gonna forget.

Lucinda: Katie, do you really have to go back now? Really? Come on. Simon is smart, and he's swift. A few days -- a few hours, more or less. Will it make that much difference to Margo?

Katie: My whole entire life, Margo's never asked me for anything. Not one thing. I'm not gonna make her wait now.

Margo: "No matter which way you turn, you're always surrounded by someone who loves you." Why? Why, why, why?! icon

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