ATWT Transcript Monday 8/5/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/5/02

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[Knock at door]

Carly: Hi.

Emily: Hi. Weren't you here not too long ago with that same garment bag?

Carly: Well, we want your wedding dress to be perfect, don't we? There's just one thing I want to check on, maybe --

Emily: At this hour?

Carly: Okay, I'm lying. I need to talk.

Emily: What's up?

Carly: Is Hal here?

Emily: He's on the late shift. What's going on?

Carly: Oh, good, then Jack won't know that I talked to you.

Emily: Why can't Jack know?

Carly: Jack thinks that I'm pushing Mike and Molly together.

Emily: Are you?

Carly: Yes. Jack thinks that it's a very bad idea.

Emily: Ooh, and this story sounds like it's gonna require something strong. Tea?

Carly: Okay.

Emily: So why is he so down on your matchmaking, Jack?

Carly: Well, he thinks I'm doing it just to mess with Rosanna.

Emily: Oh, right, because Rosanna and Mike were a big old item way back when.

Carly: Exactly.

Emily: So are you -- trying to stick it to Rosanna?

Carly: Now, listen, I care very deeply about my cousin. I want to see her happy again. Okay, so I wouldn't lose any sleep to see that miserable Rosanna all alone.

Emily: One question -- if you want Rosanna nursing a broken heart, shouldn't you be working on Craig Montgomery?

Craig: Lucy? Lucy? Something's happened. I think you'll be pleased. Lucy? Not even a note?

[Phone rings]

Craig: Lucy? Oh -- hi, Sierra. No, Lucy's with her friend, Alison. No, we have things worked out. I was expecting a check-in call, that's all.

[Phone beeps]

Craig: Oh, listen, Sierra, can I call you back? I think that's Lucy now. All right. Okay. Time to establish some control here -- starting with my daughter.

Alison: Get going, you two! What's with you guys? Nobody's supposed to be in the pool after hours.

Aaron: How can we just leave her here? I mean, she's gonna get busted.

Lucy: If we don't leave soon, you could lose your job. My dad might find out that you and I met here, and I'll never get to see you again. Please -- Alison will be okay. She can talk her way out of anything.

Alison: Oh, loosen up, you two. Have some fun! We'll have a race. Last one's a rotten egg!

Harvey: The fun's all over for you, young lady.

Alison: Uh-oh.

"Simon": All right, I am through playing games with you guys! Now, you either cooperate, or I carve my initials in your heart!

Henry: I don't think that came from the Avanya costume collection.

Lucinda: Shut up, give me your knife!

Henry: What do you mean, "give me your knife"?

"Simon": Would you just shut up?!

[All shouting]

"Simon": You are giving me a headache! Now, I'm walking out of here, and none of you are gonna get in my way.

Paul: All right, all right, all right, you wanna hurt somebody, hurt me. Leave Rose alone.

Rose: Does this cheap imitation think I've never stared at a switchblade before, huh? No, no, no, it's gonna take more than that to scare me! I wanna know where my pop is stashed, and I wanna know now!

"Simon": I am so sick of hearing about your pop!

Rose: Oh, you know what?

Lucinda: Rose! Rose!

[All screaming and shouting]

Rose: No! Paul, are you okay?

Alison: Where is everybody? I must be the only bad guy in town. I know, all the cops are out looking for the porps -- I mean, perps.

Police officer: You're going to have to swear out a complaint.

Harvey: Yeah, well, I saw three of 'em. They broke in after hours.

Alison: I'm not three people, I'm one people. You're seeing triple, mister.

Harvey: Yeah, well, the other two must've run off.

Alison: Oh, I know -- he saw me, myself and I.

Police officer: I'd advise you to keep your mouth shut. You're in very serious trouble, ma'am.

Alison: "Ma'am"? What, did my grandma just walk in here or something?

Police officer: You're underage, and you're drunk. You assaulted this man and the security personnel. I'd start taking this more seriously if I were you.

Alison: Okay, okay, okay. I have the right to remain silent, right? Isn't that how it goes?

Hal: What's going on in here?

Police officer: Picked up this kid over at the Country club pool after it was closed. Says her name is Alison Stewart, lieutenant.

Alison: Lieu -- lieutenant already knows my name.

Hal: Oh, boy.

Alison: The guy you're calling "boss" -- he's sleeping with my sister.

Aaron: Man, I hope Alison's okay. Did you see that squad car?

Lucy: Where?

Aaron: Going to the parking lot when we were leaving.

Lucy: No. Look, I know you feel bad about Alison, but she got herself into this mess.

Aaron: All three of us were there.

Lucy: Yeah, but she's the only one who got drunk. I mean, no one would have known we were there if she hadn't been so loud. And then pushing those guys in the pool -- we didn't ask her to do any of that.

Aaron: Lucy, she covered for us. She got us out of there before the cops showed up.

Lucy: What would we have accomplished by sticking around? Could we have done anything? No. And if the cops had found out that -- you know?

Aaron: Found out that I got arrested? Those records are sealed. But that's not even the point. I mean, I don't like leading somebody in trouble.

Lucy: Alison has spent half her life in trouble. She always finds a way out at school.

Aaron: Look, she took a bullet for us. We owe her.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lucy: It's my father. What? I'll call him later.

Aaron: And say what?

Lucy: I don't know -- that I was with Alison.

Aaron: So you're gonna put Alison in the middle of this again?

Lucy: No. I mean -- I don't know. I didn't put her in the middle in the first place. She did that herself. She's always doing it, like when she jumped in to cover with my dad pretending to be your girlfriend.

Aaron: Yeah, but she got us out of a lot of trouble.

Lucy: Maybe. I'm not trying to dump on her. I'm just trying to keep you from getting in a bigger mess than you already are. Don't you get that? You mean the world to me.

Aaron: You mean the world to me, too, Lucy.

Carly: You are so right. It would make me all warm and fuzzy inside to see Rosanna squirm.

Emily: Well -- ?

Carly: Jack and I sort of made a deal.

Emily: Okay, so who got the better end of the deal?

Carly: It's like this -- Jack agreed not to look for Julia anymore if I agreed to stay out of Craig's life.

Emily: Wait a minute, Jack doesn't actually -- he's not jealous of Craig, is he?

Carly: Do you think secretariat is jealous of Mr. Ed?

Emily: I'm the one asking the questions here, but you know, I like the horse analogy.

[Knock at door] well, if it isn't the stud himself. Are you psychic or something?

Craig: No, I'm looking for my daughter.

Emily: Sorry, I misplaced my crystal ball.

Craig: I thought she might be with Alison.

Emily: Alison lives with my mother.

Craig: Yeah, but Susan's not home. I drove by the house, and the lights weren't --

Emily: Craig, do I look like the baby-sitter?

Craig: Well, don't you think it'd be nice if somebody in the family kept track of little Alison?

Carly: What are you bellowing about? Craig, you don't even know where your own kid is. Why don't you get off her back?

Craig: As heartwarming as it is to see this example of female bondage, I do have one slight request for you -- would you please stay out of my daughter's life?

Carly: What are you talking about?

Craig: Rosanna told me you helped Lucy get together with Aaron at a little party while I was away.

Carly: Lucy called me because she wanted to get the dragon lady off her back. And since nothing she wanted to do seemed unreasonable to me --

Craig: Some drunken college boy nearly overpowered her at that party. Did you know that?

Carly: No.

Craig: That's what you helped facilitate.

Carly: I didn't facilitate anything. And I think I'll get the story from Lucy herself, okay?

Craig: Emily, call me if you hear anything from Lucy or Alison.

[Phone ringing]

Emily: Hello?

Hal: Hi, Emily, it's me. Listen, hon, I'm trying to track down Susan.

Emily: She's not here. And Craig said there were no lights on at the house.

Hal: Nobody's answering the phone, either.

Emily: Is something wrong?

Hal: I'm afraid so. Alison and some other kids broke into the pool at the Groves Country club.

Emily: What happened? Please tell me they did not trash the place.

Hal: I don't have the whole story. Alison's the only one that got caught. I'm trying to talk the club manager out of pressing charges.

Emily: I don't believe this.

Hal: There's more, em -- Alison's loaded.

Emily: All right, I will be down there as soon as I can find a sitter to watch the boys. Bye. That was Hal. Alison's been arrested.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Craig: Is Lucy with her?

Emily: I don't know. Apparently there were other kids involved, but Alison's the only one sitting down at Police headquarters right now. They pulled some kind of prank or something and broke into the pool at the club, and there was drinking. I don't believe this. I gotta find a sitter. I gotta call a sitter to watch the boys --

Carly: No, just go. I will get a sitter.

Emily: All right, here. All right. Excuse me.

Craig: Yeah. Just the cherry on a perfect day.

Carly: It's always all about you, isn't it?

Craig: Just stay away from Luce.

Henry: Wait, Katie! Wait, wait!

Katie: You can't die yet! Please, talk to us!

Paul: I just wanted to get the knife away from him --

Lucinda: You can't pull it out. He'll bleed to death.

"Simon": Oh, well, this is just great.

Rose: Hey, there, you're not checking into the light until you tell me where my pop is. This piece of crud is the only person who knows where he is!

Lucinda: Okay, honey, I'll get an ambulance.

"Simon": Oh, please, don't bother. I just need a smoke.

Lucinda: Well, we're very tempted to let you die, but I'm going to get an ambulance, anyway.

"Simon": One of these days, these things are gonna be the death of me.

Lucinda: Have it your way. I'll get the ambulance, and I'll check and see if any locals were witnesses.

Katie: Come on, there's no use holding out on us now. Tell us exactly what we have to do to get Simon and Joe back, please.

"Simon": You never believed me, did you?

Katie: No. It's not his face that makes my Simon who he is. It's his heart. Come on, please, just tell us what we have to do.

"Simon": I was supposed to deliver the diamond to Slade tonight.

Katie: Slade? That's the guy I met when I first got here. Where? Where was he --

"Simon": I don't know. He didn't tell me.

Rose: How am I supposed to get my pop back?

"Simon": You don't.

Paul: Wait, you said you were going to keep him for insurance. What --

"Simon": Weeks on this island, and you still don't know what people like Slade are all about, do you?

Rose: Well, enlighten me, please.

"Simon": Nothing -- nothing gets in the way of his plan.

Paul: What plan?

"Simon": Once he's got the diamond and the provenance, what does he need your old man for, huh?

Rose: What are they going to do to him?

"Simon": I think you know the answer to that.

Rose: No!

Katie: Please, just talk to us. You have to tell us a little bit more. Just talk to us, please. What do we have to do?! Oh, my God. He's dead.

Lily: Ahem!

Lucy: Aunt Lily -- hi. Hi.

Lily: It's late, isn't it?

Lucy: It's not what you're thinking. This isn't Aaron's fault at all. I called him and asked him to meet me.

Lily: You know what? I think you should go home to your father.

Aaron: Lucy's got no wheels, so I'll take her home.

Lily: No, you won't. Lucy can take my car. I'm not taking no for an answer. Holden can come by and pick me up. Be careful, okay? And park in the Lakeview garage. Tell them I'll come by and pick it up tomorrow.

Lucy: I'll call you later?

Lily: Go on. I need to talk to Aaron alone. It's like déja vu. Same barn, different girl.

Aaron: Look, I know what it looks like. It's not what you think.

Lily: First, I walk in, I see Alison Stewart wrapped around you like an octopus. And now it's Lucy. And what don't I understand?

Aaron: I like Lucy.

Lily: You're not even supposed to be seeing her! You know -- believe it or not, I did spend a few years as a teenager. And I know what it's like to be two-timed by somebody that you care about. And I cannot stand by and let you do that to my niece.

Lucy: Hi, daddy. I got your message. And I just wanted you to know I'm on my way home.

Craig: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Knock at door]

Carly: Hi.

Craig: Hi.

Carly: Did you hear from Lucy?

Craig: I just got a message from her. She's on her way home.

Carly: Oh, good. Great, I'm glad.

Craig: You didn't come all the way over here to ask me that.

Carly: No, I didn't, actually. I'm here because -- I can't believe I'm actually going to say this to you. But I'm here because I owe you an apology.

Paul: I never meant for this to happen.

Rose: No, Donovon is the one that pulled the knife. If you hadn't jumped up, it would be me lying there right now. What are we gonna do about my pop? He's the only one -- this guy's the only one who knew what was going on with him. And now he's stone-cold dead.

Lucinda: He's dead?

Rose: He's dead.

Lucinda: Oh, dear. Rose, it's okay. We're still going to find him. All right, come on, Henry. Help me with this.

Henry: Help you with what?

Lucinda: This! We're going to cover him up.

Henry: What do you mean? He's dead. I'm not gonna --

Lucinda: Well, so, he's dead. So what? Take that part.

Henry: I don't want to be an accomplice to this, okay?

Lucinda: Yes, you're going to wrap him up and put him under wraps until --

Henry: All right. Fine, fine.

Lucinda: -- We find out what we want to do with him. Tick-tock, do it.

Paul: We're not going to let anything happen to your father, all right? We've come too far now.

Rose: What about this Slade guy? Donovon's suppose to meet him tonight. And if he doesn't show up, then Slade's gonna think he's been double-crossed. He's gonna kill my pop!

Lucinda: Now, let's just think a minute. This is a business deal. It's still a business deal. We've got a lot of business minds in this room. Let's think collectively and accurately.

Katie: Okay. Well, it's safe to assume that Joe is still alive, because Slade needs him to get the diamond. So he's gonna keep him alive. He needs him for leverage, all right?

Paul: Right. Right. So we need to make sure that Slade still gets his meeting with Donovon.

Lucinda: You're cooking! Take charge!

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Well, I don't want to burst anyone's bubble here, but I don't think this guy's gonna be too talkative.

Paul: We gotta hide Donovon's body, get Simon out of jail. Simon's going to take that meeting with Slade.

Lucinda: I really admire your creativity, Paul, but you didn't have much luck the first go-around springing Simon from jail.

Paul: In a few minutes, the door of Simon's cell is coming off.

Katie: How are we gonna get back into the jail?

Paul: I don't know. We'll think of something. Are you up for going with me again?

Katie: Yes. I want to see Simon. I know that's not him under there, but, oh, seeing that face and knowing that he was dying --

Lucinda: Please, honey, don't go all soft on us. We gotta be tough and hang in together, or we'll never get off this God-forsaken island.

Rose: I gotta do something. I can't just sit here waiting for you guys to come --

Paul: We will not be gone long, okay?

Rose: Just something. Give me something, anything.

Paul: All right, all right. Check on the diamond and the provenance. Make sure they're still in the hotel safe, okay? If Simon's gonna make that meeting tomorrow with Slade, he's gonna have to have some bargaining power.

Rose: I held onto that rock for so long. I fought to hold onto it for so long. Sometimes I wish granny Carpenter never gave it to me.

Paul: All right, somebody's gotta hide Donovon's body quietly so Slade never finds out he's dead.

Lucinda: We'll handle that.

Paul: Okay.

Henry: "We"?

Lucinda: We. Don't think about it. Don't give it another thought.

Rose: Come back to me.

Paul: I will.

Rose: Okay?

Paul: Katie, are you ready?

Katie: Yeah.

Henry: Well, Lucinda, I just can't wait to hear what brilliant idea you have for getting rid of the late Mr. Curry.

Lucinda: Why do I have to solve all the problems?

You think of how we're gonna do it.

Aaron: I know what you saw, but you've got me wrong.

Lily: Were you kissing Lucy?

Aaron: I was.

Lily: And didn't Holden just tell me that you were seeing Alison Stewart now?

Aaron: Yeah.

Lily: Well -- I don't understand. How can you just stand here and justify pitting two friends against each other?

Holden: Lily -- got your message. What are you doing down here?

Lily: I came out to tell Aaron that he will not be losing his job at the Country club because of that fight.

Aaron: What did you do?

Lily: I saved your job. But you can understand why I was too shocked to tell you the good news.

Holden: Is something going on here with you two?

Aaron: Lily walked in on me and Lucy.

Lily: He was kissing Lucy. I don't think this is right for him to string Lucy along like this.

Aaron: That's not what I was doing.

Holden: Listen, can I have a minute with Lily alone, please?

Lily: What?

Holden: I thought that we agreed we were gonna let Aaron handle his romantic life by himself.

Lily: I just explained -- I did not come over here to check up on him. Am I just supposed to ignore what I saw?

Holden: What did Lucy say?

Lily: Oh, you know, typical teenager. "Oh, no! No, it's all my fault! No, no, I care about him so much!" He's got her wrapped around his little finger, and he's got another girl on the side.

Holden: Aaron and Lucy are young. They have a lot of things they don't know how to handle yet. And even though you're in the mother lion mode these days, I think we need to just let them stumble through it alone. Look how many times we hurt each other before we got it right.

Lily: I know, I'm just worried about Lucy. She's very fragile. She's sweet and -- her parents are divorced. Her brother died. I just don't want her heart to be broken again.

Holden: I know you wanna fix this -- or that you want me to fix it. But I will never get Aaron to confide in me if I'm constantly butting into his personal life. I feel like we just need to back off -- for now.

Lily: I hope you're right.

Holden: Lily didn't mean to come down on you so hard. She's just very protective of Lucy.

Aaron: Holden, you've gotta believe me, I would never hurt Lucy -- ever.

Holden: I'm counting on that. I'll see you later. I gotta go.

Aaron: That's it?

Holden: Yeah. That's it.

Aaron: Lily really went to bat for me to save my job?

Holden: Yeah, she did. She wants things to work out for you.

Aaron: Tell her I said thank you.

Holden: I have a better idea -- why don't you tell her yourself?

Aaron: I can't. You just saw the way she looked at me.

Holden: She's just upset about Lucy. That's it. It's not like she hates you.

Aaron: I don't know.

Holden: You know what I admire most about you? You have good instincts.

Aaron: What do you mean?

Holden: Well, your first impulse is to always wanna help someone, like you did with Abigail, and even that girl in Seattle. Why don't you try doing that for yourself? Do and say what you believe is right, and who cares what anyone else thinks?

Craig: An apology from you? That's a rare item -- like riding a unicorn, swimming with the loch ness monster.

Carly: It is what it is, Craig. It's an apology. I did help Lucy hook up with Aaron the other night. They're so sweet. They're crazy about each other. They wanted to be together. I didn't know there'd be any risk involved.

Craig: And you didn't bother to check?

Carly: Yeah, I suppose that I could've asked some more questions. If I'd known there were gonna be college boys and booze involved, I probably wouldn't have helped her.

Craig: "Probably"?

Carly: I definitely wouldn't have helped her.

Craig: So you're apologizing because there were college boys, not because of Aaron?

Carly: You're just gonna have to get over this thing you have about Aaron Snyder. You're like a crazed rottweiler here.

Craig: I have a right to be protective.

Carly: Of what?! Aaron is Holden's son. He's a part of Jack's family. He's a really good kid, and in case you haven't noticed, your daughter thinks he's pretty hot.

Craig: He rides a motorcycle. He has a police record.

Carly: So do you.

Craig: You can buy this Snyder pedigree if you like, but --

Carly: Would you listen to yourself? You sound like a Rosanna clone.

Craig: I have a right to form my own opinions.

Carly: Oh, really? The only person who uses the word "pedigree" when they're talking about living, breathing human beings is my sister, Rosanna. Aaron and Lucy aren't poodles, Craig. They're teenagers.

Craig: Well, I don't know. I think a little trim and a leash would do our little Fabio wonders.

Carly: The only reason I even helped Lucy see Aaron is because I could not believe that you would let my stuck-up witch of a sister tell you how to raise your kid.

[Knock at door]

Craig: That's probably Lucy now. You think you can cap it long enough to say good night?

Bellman: Ms. Cabot asked me to return this to you before she checked out.

Carly: What, Rosanna's gone?

Bellman: I just put the last of her luggage into the limo. She was headed for the airport, I believe.

Carly: Thank you, kind sir, for putting a rainbow in my sky. All right! Yeah, yeah!

Craig: Well, I'm glad to see this thrills you.

Carly: I am in the end zone, Craig. I am spiking the ball! I'm doing my victory dance. You want to see it again?

Craig: Yes. Now who thinks everything's all about them?

Carly: Oh -- I'm sorry. Forgive me. You're right. Allow me to thank you, Craig. Because of your uncanny yet reliable ability to blow it with every woman you ever meet, Rosanna is out of my life. Yes!

Craig: Don't delude yourself, Carly. I ended things with Rosanna intentionally.

Carly: Rosanna kicked you aside like a tight pair of shoes.

Craig: No. Didn't happen. Although I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm available again.

Carly: Craig, you could march down Main Street in nothing but this tie, and I wouldn't even come out on my front porch.

Craig: Oh, no, no, no, you can't get me off your mind. Why do you think you came over here with this lame excuse for checking up on Lucy? Ah!

Lucy: Hi, daddy.

Craig: Hi, lullaby.

Lucy: Carly, it's good to see you.

Carly: Hey, you, too, Lucy.

Lucy: Wait. You're not leaving 'cause of me, are you?

Carly: Oh, no, no, no. But we should have a little tête-à-tête soon.

Craig: See you on Main Street.

Carly: Keep on dreaming.

Craig: Mind telling me where you've been?

Lucy: Oh, I was hanging out with Alison.

Craig: Was that before or after she was arrested?

Lucy: Alison was arrested?

Craig: Are you asking or telling?

Lucy: Asking.

Craig: Yes, she snuck into the Country club after hours. I heard she was drunk.

Lucy: Well, she must've done this after we split up.

Craig: Which was when, exactly?

Lucy: Right before you called -- about an hour ago.

Craig: Lullaby -- I don't think you know how important you are to me.

Lucy: I think I know, dad.

Craig: I walked out of Rosanna's life tonight.

Lucy: What? Why?

Craig: Because if I have to choose sides, I choose you.

Lucy: Daddy, I didn't ask you to dump her. I just wanted to make you see that there's more than one side to things.

Craig: It was worth it if it makes you understand that you will always be number one in my life.

Lucy: Daddy, you didn't have to dump her for me.

Craig: No, it doesn't matter. Listen, Rosanna's out of the question anymore. You're the most important thing.

Lucy: What do you want in return?

Craig: Nothing. Well, actually, maybe a little cooperation, a little honesty from you.

Lucy: What, you don't think that I've been honest?

Craig: You're too pure to pull off a lie. Nice try.

Lucy: I knew you knew.

Craig: Don't you get that I only want what's best for you?

Lucy: What's best according to you or according to me?

Craig: Maybe one day, you'll see it's the same thing. Why don't you get ready for bed?

Lucy: All right, good night, dad.

Craig: Good night.

Alison: So where'd that supervisor person go?

Hal: I convinced him to go home.

Alison: Can I go home, too?

Hal: Not until I locate Susan, you can't.

Alison: Aren't you gonna do my fingerprints? Toss me behind bars? Oh, could I have a copy of my mug shot? It would look great in my yearbook, wouldn't it?

Hal: You know, the booze adds a little something extra to that smart mouth of yours.

Alison: Oh, you like it?

Hal: No, I don't like it.

Alison: Well, I'm just trying to make conversation.

Hal: You know something, Alison? This act of yours isn't very cute anymore. You'd better watch it, or you're gonna find yourself all alone in the world.

Alison: I should be so lucky, Hal. My sister and my mom will never leave me alone.

Hal: Emily's gone out of her way to treat you fairly, treat you like an adult.

Alison: An adult? Do adults have people watching them 24/7? I don't think so.

Hal: Why don't you tell me that when you're grown up -- if you ever do grow up.

Alison: Where's the ladies' room?

Hal: The ladies' room is in the back, past the water cooler. You know, Alison, this isn't a game. You're in serious trouble this time. If the Country club decides to press charges, you could wind up in court.

Alison: Oh, no.

Hal: Am I getting through to you?

Alison: The room is spinning. I think I'm gonna be sick.

Hal: Oh, boy.

Emily: Hal, where's Alison?

Hal: Alison is driving that old porcelain bus.

Emily: Oh -- oh, that poor kid.

Hal: The poor kid brought it on herself, Emily. Did you manage to locate Susan?

Emily: No, and I need you to do me a favor.

Hal: What?

Emily: Let me get Alison through this, please. Don't call my mother.

Henry: Okay, okay, okay.

Lucinda: Okay.

Henry: No!

Lucinda: Up.

Henry: What do you mean -- put him in, put him in.

Lucinda: That's it. Oh, my heavens, we had to do it, and we did it.

Henry: Yes. I don't think I'll mind if I have one little martini before we have to touch him again, huh?

Lucinda: Oh, stop being so silly. I mean, we had to do this. He wouldn't have bent if he had rigor mortis.

Henry: Oh, God, Lucinda, do you have to talk about him with such remove, huh?

Lucinda: He's dead! How do you want me to talk about him?

Henry: Can we just -- let's just box him up and go to the nearest post office and mail him very far away.

Lucinda: You know, this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't let yourself fall in with a gang of thieves, Henry.

Henry: Well, Cooley told me there'd be nothing to it.

Lucinda: And look what happened to him. You better think ahead next time -- better choices, my friend.

Henry: What are you, my mother? Okay, I will.

Rose: Okay, the provenance and the diamond are safe.

Lucinda: Good, and we've stowed the deceased.

Rose: Oh. All right, let's just pray that Katie and Paul come back safe with Simon.

Katie: Oh, hello.

Jailer: What do you think you're doing here?

Katie: I'm with the Avanya Traveler's Assistance Society, and I hear there's an Australian citizen being kept here.

Jailer: So?

Katie: So we're an international aid organization, and I have some food for him.

Jailer: I never heard of this traveler's assist -- whatever. You know why? 'Cause there's no such thing.

Katie: Oh, no, no, no, we're very real, as you can see right here. Why don't you go ask your supervisor? I'm sure he'll tell you that I have every right to be here.

Jailer: That's a good idea. I will do this.

Katie: Okay, fine, thank you.

Simon: All right, I knew you'd think of something.

Katie: I hope he didn't recognize I just flashed him my Oakdale fitness membership I.D. Okay, we need to talk fast. Inside here is a bunch more of those dynamite thingies.

Simon: Where did you get these ones?

Katie: Paul got them off the street.

Simon: Where is Paul?

Katie: But he said that they should do fine.

Simon: Where is Paul?

Katie: He's outside. He didn't want them to notice him. But we've got to get you out of here tonight.

Jailer: Just as I thought! Listen, lady, get your shopping bag and get out of here right now!

Katie: Oh, but I'm sure your prisoner needs this food. It's my job. I have to give it to him.

Jailer: Hey, I know who you are, Mrs. Frasier. Now, if you don't want to become a widow right here and now, you'd better leave this jail pronto!

Simon: Go. Go, go.

Jailer: Your friends are certainly consistent -- persistent little ones, Mr. Frasier. You know, my father would say, it is a sign of a loved man to have so many come to his funeral.

[Speaking Spanish]


Katie: Hey! Simon!

Simon: What are you doing here?

Katie: Just take them. Do you know how to rig those things?

Simon: There's no problem. I know what to do. Thank -- get out of here, okay? Now.

Katie: Make sure you come to the hotel as soon as you get out of here.

Simon: Go! Go. I don't want you being anywhere around when these go off.

Katie: Okay.

Simon: Go.

[Cell phone rings]

Aaron: Who's this?

Lucy: It's me. Look, my battery was low on my cell phone, so I had to use my dad's line.

Aaron: Are you okay?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine. I just have to be quiet. How'd things go with aunt Lily?

Aaron: She was really mad. But then my father came in. He was pretty cool about it.

Lucy: My dad told me Alison got arrested.

Aaron: Arrested? Are you serious?

Lucy: Yeah, I know. I feel really bad.

Aaron: I knew we shouldn't have bailed on her.

Lucy: I hope you don't think I'm heartless for saying this, but -- Aaron, she was really drunk. Who knows what she could be saying about us right now.

Aaron: Yeah. And if the cops have her, she's in more trouble. I should probably go downtown and check on her.

Lucy: No, you can't. Please, don't.

Aaron: Lucy -- I've been where Alison is right now. Besides, aren't we telling everybody that I'm her boyfriend?

Lucy: I guess.

Aaron: Well, then what boyfriend doesn't show up for his girl when she's in lockup?

Hal: Emily, if you try to preempt Susan on this, you're walking into serious trouble.

Emily: Hal, she was drinking!

Hal: Well, all the more reason that her mother should know.

Emily: No. Don't you get it? Nobody sees the alcoholic in everybody like an ex-drunk. My mother will have Alison in every twelve-step program from here to Bay City. She'll end up pushing her away, even further than she already is.

Hal: Emily, Alison is in trouble. There's no getting around that.

Emily: I remember being in trouble with my mother like it was yesterday. And trust me when I tell you, getting arrested doesn't hold a candle to the wrath of my mother.

Hal: You are not Alison.

Emily: Will you stop saying that!

Hal: And you are not Alison's mother. You have no right to interfere here, Emily.

Emily: What? You don't think I'm as concerned about what happens to Alison as my mother is?

Hal: It's in the legal system now. I am obligated to find Alison's legal parent. And that ain't you.

Emily: Yeah, well, I'm more than a sister to her, thank you.

Hal: Not in the eyes of the law, you're not.

Emily: Will you please just make an exception, just this one time? For Alison's sake.

Lucinda: I can't do any more. Come on, Henry. You get going. You just find a place, snooze around, where we can hide this damn thing.

Henry: What?! You want me to pull him along with my harness? Why don't you two knit me a truss?

Rose: You made it back! Oh, thank God. Oh.


Lucinda: I guess you delivered your load.

Katie: Well, we weren't able to set off the explosives ourselves. We had to give them to Simon. Oh, my God. I hope he's okay.

Paul: He's fine. He'll make it.

Rose: Well, he better make it. Because, you know, we have to pass him off as Donovon tomorrow or else my pop is a goner.

Lucinda: Okay. All right.

Henry: What?

Lucinda: You start talking, Henry. You tell us everything you know about this Slade man -- everything!

Paul: Hey, hey, hey. I think it's time we need to be quiet. I think Donovon was probably right when he said we can't trust anybody.

Katie: How long did it take us to walk back from the jail?

Paul: A few minutes.

Katie: Don't you think Simon should be here by now?

Slade: Well, if it isn't my favorite band of Americans.

Lucinda: Mr. Slade -- how do you do? We were just talking about you.

Slade: I want this diamond. And I want it now.

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