ATWT Transcript Monday 7/29/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/29/02

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Barbara: May I come in?

Hal: Barbara, you have to know this is not a good time.

Barbara: I don't think we have any good times anymore, Hal. I want to see my son.

Hal: Nobody's trying to stop you from seeing Will.

Emily: Excuse me, you cannot just barge in here. This is not your home.

Barbara: I know it isn't.

Hal: We're gonna have to work out some sort of a schedule here.

Barbara: I'd be happy to work out a schedule with you tomorrow. Tonight, I want to see my son and reassure him that his mother's not going to prison.

Emily: Oh, poor put-upon Barbara! She had three women kidnapped and tortured, and then had to sit in an air-conditioned courtroom for her mistrial. What an ordeal.

Barbara: This is not about you and me, Emily. This is about a little boy who needs his mother and a mother who needs to see her son. He's all I have left.

Emily: So you're gonna lean on him the way you leaned on Paul? And here, I thought only spiders ate their young.

Barbara: You worry me, Emily. I don't think you're a very good influence.

Hal: Will knows about the mistrial and that you're free. We discussed it.

Barbara: I appreciate that. But I want to see him myself so he can see that I really am okay.

Emily: "Okay"? It will never be okay, Barbara. "Okay" is over.

Barbara: Are you gonna stop me from seeing my son?

Emily: It's not up to me.

Jack: Are you saying that Barbara walked because the Police Department made mistakes?

Jessica: We all made mistakes, Jack. And if the judge hadn't declared a mistrial, we probably would've lost. But this way, we can retry the case.

Jack: The whole basis for the mistrial, Jessica, was the fact that you didn't recuse yourself.

Jessica: Which I intend to appeal. And if it's upheld, then I'll just have somebody stand in for me. But in the meantime, I need you to go back to work. I need you to gather some hard evidence.

Jack: Without Steinbeck, we can't prove a damn thing.

Jessica: What about his operatives?

Jack: They're dead. The limo driver drowned at the Old mill. Weston's right-hand woman killed herself, and the only other witness at the spa was a homicide.

Jessica: Well, the staff at Fairwinds -- I'm sure there's somebody who hated him enough to talk.

Jack: The staff is all gone. Weston made his deal and disappeared.

Jessica: All right, the funeral director, the one who provided the caskets?

Jack: He's clueless.

Jessica: Threaten him.

Jack: With what?

Jessica: With something.

Jack: Jessica, it's over. Face it -- you should've shut it down when Barbara's confession was thrown out.

Carly: Well, Mike Kasnoff -- after all these years.

Mike: It's good to see you, Carly.

Carly: I never thought I'd see you in Oakdale again.

Mike: Look, I would've called, I just --

Carly: No, you wouldn't. But that's okay. You can make it up to me now.

Mike: Another time.

Carly: Where are you headed that's so important you can't buy a girl a cup of coffee? Or lunch tomorrow or dinner?

Mike: I'm headed to the airport, all right?

Carly: No. You can't leave now. I won't let you.

Rosanna: Are you trying to blackmail me?

Lucy: Oh, girls from Oakdale Latin don't blackmail, they bargain. Except in this case, there's really no negotiation. If you tell my dad that I was seeing Aaron while he was away, I'm just gonna have to tell him that I found you kissing that Mike person. So let's neither of us tell him anything, how's that?

Rosanna: And so much for the benefits of a private school education.

Lucy: Well, what's wrong with it? I get what I want, you don't lose the little that you have. Plus, Daddy's happy because his girls are getting along.

Rosanna: And if I don't care if your father finds out that I kissed an old friend?

Craig: Hey, my two favorite girls! Do you have any idea how much I missed you?

Lucy: Oh, we missed you, too, Daddy. In fact, we were just talking about you.

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Emily: Custody, visitation -- it's none of my business. If she wants to see Will tonight, that's your call.

Hal: Emily, this is your home.

Emily: No, I know it is, and -- you guys'll figure out a schedule, just as long as she knows that she can't show up anytime she wants.

Hal: I'm with you.

Emily: All right.

Hal: All right, I'll wake him up.

Barbara: Please, please -- don't tell him I'm here, I want to surprise him.

Hal: Okay, fine, surprise him, but after you've reassured him, he's going back to bed, and you're going home. No little party, no celebrating. This is a ten-minute conversation.

Barbara: I thought maybe I could take him home and have him spend the night with me.

Hal: And you were planning on telling me this when?

Barbara: Well, I thought once Will got down here and things developed --

Hal: You were gonna drop this on an excited kid in the middle of the night and make me the bad guy?

Barbara: That was not my intention, Hal.

Hal: Good. So let's be clear -- he goes back to bed, and you go home.

Barbara: Look, you didn't see him at the courthouse. You didn't see his face. You didn't see how scared he was. I just want him to know that the uncertainty is over and that his mom is back in his life again. And if he came home with me and spent the night, and we had breakfast together -- don't you think that would make him feel wonderful?

Mike: You and I haven't been in touch, not even a Christmas card, in how long? Come on, what's the big deal, Carly?

Carly: The big deal is I'm not letting you go until we catch up. 'Cause you're right, we haven't been in touch, and now is the perfect opportunity.

Mike: I'll call you when I get to wherever it is that I'm headed.

Carly: No, you won't call me. You're a liar, you hate the phone. And this doesn't seem so important, this wherever you're headed.

Mike: Okay, I see that you have not lost your subtle touch.

Carly: And you still like to play "hard to get."

Mike: If only. Half my problems -- and, you know, that's a story for another day, all right?

Carly: So what about Molly?

Mike: Molly's not ready for whatever.

Carly: No, of course she's not. But she will be. And you are the perfect guy for her.

Mike: So maybe she'll look me up.

Carly: And that would be very easy to do, Mr. "Wherever you're headed."

Mike: Molly's a terrific woman, and we ran into each other when we both needed a friend. You know, that's all it was.

Carly: That's all it was? Well, that explains you jumping on a plane and following her back to Oakdale.

Mike: Like you said, you know, I'm hard to get.

Carly: Hard to get through to. Come on. Just stay a couple of days. I'd like you to meet Jack, the man in my life, and Parker, my little boy, who's the best kid on the planet.

Mike: I heard you had a son.

Carly: Yeah. He's wonderful. He's such a little man. Those trucks and choo-choo trains and power tools -- we had this video of a construction site that he would watch 24 hours a day if we let him.

Mike: My kinda kid.

Carly: Yeah. So then you'll meet him?

Mike: I'd like to, Carly, I would.

Carly: What's going on, Mike Kasnoff? Why are you giving me the brush-off?

Mike: It's not you, all right? I ran into Rosanna.

Craig: I missed you.

Lucy: Me, too.

Craig: Looks like you and Rosanna are taking very good care of each other, though. Hmm?

Rosanna: Yes. We had a good time.

Craig: Well, that's what I want to hear.

Lucy: Did you have a good time with Mom?

Craig: Very pleasant, yes. You want to hear what she said about this guy of yours?

Lucy: Aaron?

Rosanna: You know, perhaps I should go and let you two have a chance to catch up.

Craig: No, no, no, no, no, Rosanna should hear this, unless you have some kind of objection?

Lucy: Will you just tell me what she said?

Craig: Well, she -- I was very fair about presenting this guy, all right? She'd already heard from Lily.

Lucy: And she said -- ?

Craig: She said to be completely fair, she wanted to meet him herself.

Lucy: Mom's coming to Oakdale?

Craig: Yeah, yeah, she's coming to Oakdale. But until then, he remains off-limits.

Lucy: Well, that's no problem, since he's gone.

Craig: What do you mean?

Lucy: He was worried about causing problems for me, so he just took off. And nobody knows where he is, not even Holden.

Craig: Oh. Well, I'm sorry about that. I know you cared for him. I hope everything works out.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: Hello?

Alison: It's just me. Can you get out? I'm at Al's.

Lucy: Look, my dad just came home.

Alison: But I just thought of the perfect way to get Aaron to come back.

Lucy: Hold on a second. It's Alison. She wants me to meet her down at Al's. She needs help with some summer project -- our reading.

Craig: Well, knowing you, you probably have already done it.

Lucy: Yeah, but Alison needs help.

Craig: Well, you go ahead. We'll catch up later.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Craig: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here, have some ice cream on me.

Lucy: Thanks, Daddy.

Craig: Yeah, okay. Not too late.

Lucy: Oh, don't worry, I'll be early. I'll be right there. I'm glad we had a chance to get to know each other.

Rosanna: Me, too. Well, that was very nice of you, letting her go out like that.

Craig: Well, she's been through a lot, you know. With Aaron, now Margo.

Rosanna: Yes, I wish I had known. I would have stopped by the hospital or something.

Craig: You don't know how much it means to me that you were here and that you took such good care of Lucy.

Barbara: You certainly have made yourself comfortable, haven't you?

Emily: Get over it, Barbara.

Barbara: It's just so odd seeing you in my kitchen, making coffee and --

Emily: My coffeemaker. Yours was rancid.

Barbara: Hal always liked my coffee.

Emily: Hal didn't know any better.

Barbara: Still, it's gotta get old -- having to live up to me every day?

Emily: It's funny, I don't think of it that way. Neither does Hal.

Barbara: Oh, but sure he has to. I mean, here you are, in my house, in my bed.

Emily: We changed the mattress.

Barbara: But Emily -- Hal and I have history. We've been married three times, we shared children together.

Emily: It's funny, you still couldn't hold onto him, could you?

Barbara: Don't worry, Emily, I'm not after your boyfriend.

Emily: Fiancť, Barbara. Or haven't you noticed?

Barbara: Nice rock. We'll see.

Emily: Do you have any idea what you've put that man through? What you're still putting him through? Never in a million years will he go back to you.

Barbara: And yet, he defended me on the witness stand. That must've been very difficult for you, knowing how you feel about him. But I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe you and your "fiancť" will just have to agree to disagree.

Craig: So Bar-Bar's trial is over, huh?

Rosanna: For now. It was declared a mistrial.

Craig: Well, the D.A. could still come after her. I could still be subpoenaed.

Rosanna: That's doubtful.

Craig: That string you pulled --

Rosanna: Yes, well, I had a conversation with Barbara, and she agreed that it was in her best interest to have the subpoena quashed.

Craig: You threatened to pull your investment in B.R.O.?

Rosanna: She's a smart woman. She knew what was at stake.

Craig: And you did this for me -- and Lucy. Because you knew how hard it would be on her to watch her father dangling on the evening news.

Rosanna: I knew how hard it would be on her father.

Craig: Hmm.

Rosanna: What?

Craig: Oh, I was thinking of Carly.

Rosanna: Carly?

Craig: Yeah, Carly. I went to Carly and asked her not to testify for Lucy's sake, and she laughed at me. You know, after everything I've done for her -- take her in, that B.R.O. show in New York, getting that idiot Paul to give her credit for that -- that was all me. You know? And the most she could muster was this kind of momentary -- and here you are -- making my life simple and easy without my even asking, and you're not asking me to make you into something else. You take beautiful care of my daughter, and you're here when I come home.

Rosanna: Well, that was a happy accident. You know, Lucy is a teenager, and it's -- keeping track of her isn't always as easy as you'd think.

Craig: Yeah, well, just having you here I think prevented more mischief than I even want to think about. But she's happy, and she's healthy, and she's off at Al's with some friend, and that motorcycle guy is gone.

Rosanna: Well, I can't take credit for that.

Craig: Well, I'm gonna drink to it anyway.

Rosanna: Hmm. Yes, let's.

Craig: Remember when I left for the airport?

Rosanna: Yes, and I was making such a total fool of myself.

Craig: No, you were telling me how much I meant to you.

Rosanna: Yeah, that's me, old poker face.

Craig: Nothing happened with Sierra or anybody else. I didn't want it to. I wanted to come home and be with you.

Carly: So you saw Rosanna?

Mike: She's staying here in the hotel, yeah.

Carly: Yeah, I know, I -- how did she find you?

Mike: Like I said, we just ran into each other.

Carly: Right. But knowing Rosanna, she had a private eye scouring the town, looking for you. She's not my favorite person, as you know.

Mike: Nice to know some things never change.

Carly: Well, she hasn't changed, and I suppose I haven't changed, and since we never got along, we still don't.

Mike: Is that why you told her I was here? Gotcha.

Carly: Well, she -- she was being so hateful that I -- I let it slip.

Mike: Right.

Carly: So are you glad that you ran into her?

Mike: Sure, why not?

Carly: Then how come you're leaving town?

Mike: Let me see -- you, Molly, Rosanna, all in a town the size of Oakdale --

Carly: But you like me and Molly. And Rosanna -- she's seeing somebody, did she tell you that? Craig Montgomery.

Mike: She told me she was seeing someone. I didn't know it was Craig.

Carly: Mm. And he's just as rich and evil as she is. Well, almost as rich. So she's not going anywhere, even if she let you think she might.

Mike: If you think I'm gonna bite down on that one --

Carly: It's a small town. I'll find out. It is Oakdale, after all.

Mike: All the more reason to get to the airport. Look, I got my luggage behind the bar. I am gonna claim it before you hire some bellhop to hide it in the laundry chute, all right?

Carly: I would never do that! There's no way you're derailing Mike and Molly, Rosanna -- not if I can help it.

Lucy: So what's your idea for getting Aaron to come back?

Alison: Okay, well, I was thinking I'd call the state police --

Lucy: No. His parents have to report him missing first.

Alison: Just listen, Lucy. I call the state police and tell him that I ran into this guy. I'll describe Aaron and his bike and say that I think he may have stolen my wallet.

Lucy: Alison, no. They'll arrest him.

Alison: And bring him right back to Oakdale, where "oops, I found my wallet. Sorry, officer." And we all live happily ever after.

Lucy: Are you out of your mind? Aaron has a record. If he gets arrested again, he could go to jail.

Alison: Not if I find my wallet.

Lucy: No. Meanwhile, Chase's parents are piling on, he assaulted their son, and my dad weighs in, blah, blah. Look, I appreciate your trying to help, but definitely not.

Alison: Well, you're gonna have to think of something, Lucy, or else you're never gonna see your prince charming again.

Jessica: I don't have a choice, Jack. If I drop the charges against Barbara now, it will make me look weak. And after that Craig Montgomery fiasco, if I go after Barbara again and lose --

Jack: I appreciate your concern for your image, Jessica.

Jessica: Oh, wait. This is not about my ego, Jack. I am a sworn officer of the court. It is my duty. Barbara Ryan put a plot in motion --

Jack: Yes, I was there. The woman I lived with had her life hijacked. I know what it means for Barbara to walk.

Jessica: Which is why I would think you would want justice for Carly and for yourself.

Jack: Justice in my experience, Jessica, is just a word. What you're left with is life. You accept it, you make the best of it, you move on.

Jessica: This is coming from a cop?

Jack: Especially a cop. I know my limits, Jessica, and we've reached them. You don't have a case. Marshall Travers was right. Without a confession, there's nothing to link Barbara to the kidnappings.

Jessica: Marshall Travers --

Jack: And I am not gonna make Carly hope again so you can take another swing at Marshall Travers.

Jessica: So I'm just supposed to quit, just give up?

Jack: Hal is not gonna reopen the case, and Margo's on sick leave.

Jessica: Three women were kidnapped, tortured, blackmailed, and -- and we just let it go?

Jack: No, never. But until we have something more solid, till Steinbeck resurfaces, till Barbara has a change of heart, till -- till the staff at Fairwinds comes forward, we do nothing.

Jessica: I'm not that patient.

Jack: You do what you've got to do. Just leave me out of it.

Emily: Did you listen to what Hal said in court? Did you really listen? The woman he described -- broken-down emotionally, bankrupt, vicious because of it -- why would he go back to that? Why would anybody go back to that?

Barbara: You mean because he has you?

Emily: Yes. I make him happy, Barbara. You had your chance. You didn't want this life, this house, a normal life. It was all too safe for you, much too dull. It's exactly what I've always wanted.

Barbara: And so how, Emily, do you plot your revenge on me? By turning my son against me?

Emily: No. You will do that all on your own. Look at Jennifer. She ran halfway across the globe to get away from you. Paul won't have anything to do with you. And now, what, you want to sink your fangs into Will? I feel sorry for that kid. I really do. He's a very sweet boy, and you're gonna use that just like you used Paul's concern to make yourself feel better. Until something difficult happens, until your son needs you, and then you'll just run off, and your poor son will be --

Barbara: Have you? Over my dead body. I would no more let you take care of my son than I would send him out into traffic to play. But you know, I'm not worried, because you won't last, Emily. You never do. Oh, you can attract a man. You can live off a man. You can take from a man. But you don't last. Sooner or later, you and little Daniel will be back living at your mom's.

Emily: Not gonna happen, and you wanna know why, Barbara? Because I've learned from my mistakes. I love Hal, and I treasure this life we're building together, and I'm not gonna let it go. So go bark up somebody else's tree.

Barbara: Care to place a little wager?

Emily: I don't want to do anything with you, really.

Barbara: Except take my leavings. And it's not even the first time, Emily. Now, I'm, um -- pretty safe in betting that in about a year from now, someone else will be standing behind that counter making coffee.

Will: Mom!

Barbara: Hey, you!

Will: I didn't think I'd see you tonight.

Barbara: Well, I wasn't about to go home and go to bed without saying good-night to my best fella.

Will: I know you're free. I saw that on the news.

Barbara: Yeah, it's great. So I can be around, I can be your mom, I can take you to those soccer matches.

Will: Uh, that's in the fall. It's little league.

Barbara: Oh, yeah. I knew that, I knew that. But we'll go to the movies.

Will: With Greg?

Barbara: Well, we'll go to the movies with just you and me at first, spend some time together, maybe take a trip.

Will: Where?

Barbara: Oh, I don't know, Hawaii, Europe. We can go try to track your sister down in Europe, take a big trip. What do you say? That is, if course, if your dad says it's all right.

Will: Is it okay, Dad? Can we go visit Jen?

Will: Can we, Dad? 'Cause I haven't seen Jen in forever.

Hal: Well, we'd all like to see Jen, but you know, her schedule is very, very busy. Maybe when it lightens up a little bit.

Will: Well, what about somewhere else, like Hawaii?

Hal: Hawaii? Your mom and I are gonna have to work out the details on Hawaii.

Will: What details?

Emily: Honey, we know how happy you are that everything worked out the way you wanted. You know, you got your mommy back, and your dad's home, and that's what's really important, but your parents have this schedule to work out. 'Cause your mommy didn't even know it was baseball season.

Will: We're 5-0, Mom. If we win, we can go to championships.

Emily: We know how important that is to you. So we're all gonna sit down with our calendars and decide who needs to be where when, because we don't want you missing a game or being late for practice, okay?

Will: If we go to the championships, we get to play in Chicago.

Barbara: Oh, yeah? That's great. Now may I speak to my son -- alone?

Hal: Sure. It's all gonna work out, champ, 'cause we know what's important. Hey, come on. I'm gonna move your car.

Emily: I'm gonna help move the car.

Hal: Looks like rain.

[Door closes]

Barbara: Oh boy, oh boy, have I missed you.

Will: I saw you on TV, and you looked really pretty.

Barbara: Aw, thanks. And you, you're huge. You're tall. What happened?

Will: Emily said I had a growth spurt, so she had to buy me all new clothes and everything.

Barbara: She did? Well, so how is it with her here?

Will: It's great -- well, it's okay. Well, she likes baseball.

Barbara: Apparently. But what? What? What is it?

Will: I missed you.

Barbara: I missed you. I don't want you to worry. I'm gonna find a way for us to be together. I promise you that.

Carly: So there's absolutely no way that I can convince you to stay on a couple of days, meet my guys?

Mike: I'd love to, Carly. I would. It's just, every time I see Rosanna --

Carly: You saw again? I -- I'm just asking because, I mean, if it's upsetting you, then why on earth would you go back for more?

Mike: Well, it's not just her. I went up to the cemetery today.

Carly: She would have been 6, you know, just a couple of months ago.

Mike: You still think about her?

Carly: She was our daughter. Of course I think about her.

Mike: Every time I see that headstone -- "Nora Tenney Kasnoff. May 14th, 1996." That's why I've got to get out of here. It's just -- it's too many bad memories.

Carly: She's not a bad memory.

Mike: No, she just never had a chance. It must help things having another kid to think about, huh?

Carly: I guess it helps a little bit. It helps you -- you have someplace else to put all that love.

Mike: So tell me about Parker. He -- he likes trucks? He likes -- he likes construction sites?

Carly: Yes. And he's very cute. He's 3 1/2, yea high, red hair and freckles on his nose, big, blue eyes.

Mike: And I'm -- I'm sorry. He's -- he's Jack's?

Carly: Yeah, well, that would make sense, but it would be too easy. No. Parker's my son with somebody else. He's a terrific guy, and he's very involved in his life, as is Jack, the man I'm with. They -- they all get along great. And Parker's the best thing that's ever happened to me. You should think about it.

Mike: I do. So this Jack guy, he's -- he's good enough for you?

Carly: He's too good. He puts up with me.

[Mike laughs] Oh, and you know something? We -- we live in Milltown in your old house. Jack bought it the last time it was for sale, and he fixed it up, put a garden in the back. It looks fantastic. So why don't you come out -- come out to the house and have dinner with us?

Mike: Who's cooking?

Carly: Not me.

[Mike laughs] Don't worry. Jack will put steaks on the barbecue or something. Please -- please come, meet my family.

Mike: I could never say no to you.

Carly: Wasn't that great?

Lucy: You think I don't want Aaron to come back? I'd do anything if I thought it would bring him back.

Alison: So think. We have to come up with a way. So you said your dad came home?

Lucy: Yeah, he came back early.

Alison: Rosanna didn't tell him about you and Aaron, did she?

Lucy: No, and she won't.

Alison: Well, what did you do?

Lucy: I caught her getting hot and heavy with some old boyfriend. I'm totally serious. She was all over him.

Alison: Hmm, tacky.

Lucy: But useful. I told her that I'd tell my dad if she breathed a word about me seeing Aaron while my dad is gone.

Alison: You are so bad -- almost as bad as me.

Lucy: I just hate lying to my father.

Alison: Oh, please. Your father lied to you first. And hiring a private eye, ambushing you in front of everyone at dinner? He deserves it. You have to decide, is it gonna be Aaron or Daddy.

Lucy: Aaron's gone.

Alison: Not necessarily.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Alison: Well, you left messages. What did you say?

Lucy: That I was worried about him.

Alison: Lucy --

Lucy: What? I am.

Alison: You don't tell a guy that. It's like you're his mother or something. You tell him that you want to see him and that you want to be with him.

Lucy: He already knows that.

Alison: Well, then you just have to be a little bit more intense.

Lucy: How?

Alison: Um, tell him you need him, that you -- you're in trouble.

Lucy: I could never lie to Aaron.

Alison: Fine. Then -- then I'll tell him.

Lucy: What, that I miss him?

Alison: That -- that you got hit by a bus. You -- you're on life support, and you were calling out his name.

Lucy: You're not serious?

Alison: Well, do you want him back or not, Lucy?

Lucy: Well, if Aaron heard a message like that, I mean, he could drive into a tree.

Alison: Maybe, but then the cops would come, and -- and they'd call Holden.

Lucy: You are not calling and telling him that.

Alison: Well, you're gonna have to think of something, Lucy, and it has to get his attention.

Lucy: But not like that. I've got to go.

Alison: Well, Luc, you just got here. I can buy you an iced tea. Just leave the tip.

Lucy: Thanks. I'd love to stay, but I have to go make sure Rosanna's holding up her end of the bargain. I'll call you tomorrow.

Rosanna: Lovely. Thank you.

Craig: You have to go?

Rosanna: Yes. Well, you know, Lucy will be coming home any minute.

Craig: She has her room, and I have mine.

Rosanna: Why don't you come and see me tomorrow at my place?

Craig: This is about Lucy, isn't it? You guys have gotten close.

Rosanna: Well, I've become much more aware of her life in this apartment and not wanting to intrude.

Craig: Rosanna, you're a part of my life, too, you know -- at least I want you to be.

Rosanna: That's funny. You almost sound like you mean it.

Craig: Is something wrong?

Rosanna: No, of course not. I'm -- I'm thrilled you're back.

Craig: And nervous, too, which isn't like you.

Rosanna: It's probably from staying here. I'm very sensitive to not overstaying my welcome. And you've had a terrible day.

Craig: Well, the last hour's been an improvement.

Rosanna: Why don't I call you in the morning, okay? I can't do this.

Craig: What does that mean?

Rosanna: Um, I saw Mike Kasnoff today.

Craig: Mike Kasnoff? Why does that sound familiar?

Rosanna: Because I once described him as the love of my life.

Emily: Well, Will's asleep. Please tell me she's gone.

Hal: Yes. She just took off.

Emily: I'm so tired all of a sudden.

Hal: Emily, I've got to tell you, what you just said to Will was great. I mean, you put his mind at ease, and you put Barbara in her place at the same time. You could see that she was gonna uproot him just to make herself feel better, and you nailed it before it got out of control. It was great.

Emily: Thanks. Well, she is Willís mom, and no matter what I think of her, he loves her. You guys are gonna work this out. I mean, you'll get a schedule, and they'll get to see each other. Everythingís gonna be okay.

Hal: I've been a real jerk as far as Alison is concerned, havenít I?

Emily: Thatís her specialty -- sending adults to their breaking point.

Hal: True, but you know what? From now on I swear, I'm gonna treat Alison with the same consideration that you're treating Will.

Emily: I knew you'd come around eventually.

Hal: Well, thatís what itís all about, isnít it? I mean, itís not just about us. Itís about the battalions, the legions of people in our lives, our memories, their baggage.

Emily: We've got lots of baggage, but it keeps things interesting, right?

Hal: You know what? And thatís why I think we -- should get married.

Emily: Now?

Hal: No, I mean soon. Soon. Right away so everybody knows itís for keeps.

Emily: You mean so Barbara knows?

Hal: No, so we know. So that when we have one of our classic blowups, we canít ditch. We're stuck.

Emily: We're stuck. Donít ever let anyone tell you you are not romantic, Hal Munson.

Hal: Itís very romantic. I'm saying I want to be stuck with you forever and always.

Emily: How soon?

Hal: Two weeks.

Emily: That soon?!

Hal: Well, we've got all the important stuff lined up, donít we?

Emily: Yeah, we do.

Alison: "I could never lie to Aaron." Which is why sheís gonna lose him. Hi, Aaron. It -- itís me, Alison. Um, please call me back when you get this message. Something terrible happened. I -- I met Lucy for coffee this morning. I donít even know how I'm gonna say this. I met Lucy for coffee this morning at -- at java, and, um -- and we were talking, and then she lost track of time, and she ran out and -- and -- Lucy got hit by a bus, and itís really, really bad. You have to come back, Aaron. She needs you. Oh, Alison, you're back.

Craig: So you saw the love of your life?

Rosanna: Well, used to be. I saw Mike Kasnoff. Heís not the love of my life. He was the love -- he was in the lobby.

Craig: Buying cigars?

Rosanna: Just passing through. I havenít seen him in years.

Craig: This is the guy that you and Carly had -- ?

Rosanna: Yes, well, Mike and I were rather serious at one point, and yes, Carly destroyed it. Not that I didnít retaliate. Anyway, I saw him, and we chatted, and I -- thought I should tell you.

Craig: Because?

Rosanna: Because I -- I thought you should know.

Craig: Now what should I know?

Rosanna: Well, that I'd seen him and that -- I saw him.

Craig: Yes, well, I see Carly once or twice a week. I run into bar-bar occasionally. I just spent some days with sierra. We run into people we had feelings for.

Rosanna: Maybe I donít have as big a collection of exes as you do.

Craig: So maybe this has more to do with you and me than it does Mike Kasnoff.

Rosanna: Yeah, well, because this is new, and we donít exactly know where we stand.

Craig: We know where we stand, what it means. But what does it mean seeing Mike Kasnoff? Does that change us?

Rosanna: We was just passing through on his way to the airport.

Craig: Good.

Mike: All right, I booked a room for the next couple nights.

Carly: Great. So dinner tomorrow night, your old house.

Mike: I'll be there, all right.

Carly: Great. Thanks. The next couple of nights.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: I am sorry. Jessica was on a tear about reopening Barbaraís case, and this new evidence we were hoping for, Carly -- itís not there. So I tried to talk her out of it. You okay with that?

Carly: Oh, yeah, itís fine. Barbara will get hers. I think itís time to think about something else. Time to think about something new.

Jack: I figured you'd say that.

Carly: And speaking of something new, I just ran into an old flame.

Jack: Which one?

Carly: Mike Kasnoff.

Jack: Really? Sorry I missed him.

Carly: Well, heís coming to dinner tomorrow night.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: And yes, I do have an ulterior motive.

Jack: I canít wait to hear it.

Carly: Guess who Molly ran into when she was in New York?

Jack: Mike Kasnoff?

Carly: She was in a really bad way. He took care of her. She didnít know who he was. When she found out, she took off. He followed her, and here we all are.

Jack: And would Molly be coming tomorrow night for dinner, too?

Carly: Why, Jack, what a great idea.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: You know what I love about you? You.

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