ATWT Transcript Tuesday 7/23/02

As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 7/23/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Ebele

Lisa: Honey? Were you able to get any sleep last night?

Bonnie: Not really. And coming back here was not my first choice, either. But Isaac is so excited about getting his Liquor license renewed. I just didn't wanna spoil it.

Lisa: And you just couldn't tell that man of yours how you were really feeling?

Bonnie: No, he knows. And he's been really, really sweet. I just -- I don't think this feeling is gonna go away overnight.

Lisa: You know, I would have loved to stay with you today, but I can't. That dreadful attorney that Barbara hired has me -- had me served with a subpoena.

Bonnie: Marshall Travers.

Lisa: Yes. The most arrogant man I've ever met. And believe me, darling, I've met 'em all.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, you should hear my mother on the subject. But I gotta tell you, Lisa, after last night -- if it weren't for him, I might not be here.

Dr. Michaels: So when you called, you said Molly was back?

Abigail: Yeah, we had a terrible fight.

Dr. Michaels: Good.

Abigail: Good?

Dr. Michaels: Well, she must be doing a lot better, or you'd still be tiptoeing around her, no?

Abigail: She met someone. And Jake's been gone for what, a couple months? Weeks? And there's this guy just standing in our living room. I mean, what is that?

Dr. Michaels: I take it you're not talking about the electrician or the doorman.

Abigail: This guy flew all the way from New York City, after meeting her in a bar, of all places. And there he is, standing there, looking at her like she's the best thing that ever happened to him.

Dr. Michaels: You're angry. Good.

Abigail: You don't understand. Molly and I had this deal. It was just gonna be us for awhile, just her and me. And I was coming back to take care of her, to -- to help her through everything. Together. And there she -- she turns around, and I am standing in the doorway with my suitcase, looking like a moron, come to take care of her and --

Dr. Michaels: And what, honey?

Abigail: Just .. I hate this.

Dr. Michaels: Just say it.

Abigail: She doesn't need me. She doesn't need me anymore.

[Abigail inhales] shouldn't I get something better than tissues when I admit something like that? Thanks.

Dr. Michael: For the record, your mother does need you. And she loves you more than anything in the world.

Abigail: Yeah. I know.

Dr. Michaels: So tell me about this deal.

Abigail: You mean the one that doesn't exist anymore?

Dr. Michaels: Well, you seem to be keeping up your end of the bargain.

Abigail: Yeah. That's why I can't see Chris Hughes.

Bob: Well, Chris is hoping to specialize in pediatrics.

Chris: I'm sure nurse Cohen has better things to do than listen to you brag about your son, dad.

Bob: No.

Nurse: We're lucky to have you, Dr. Hughes.

John: Nurse, those labs that I asked about, I --

Bob: John? Are you having a senior moment? He doesn't recognize you, Chris.

John: Chris! Goodness, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've got a million things on my mind here.

Bob: You know, he would really appreciate a tour of the O.R. John supervises the surgical rotation --

Chris: I'll have the tour with the rest of the interns.

John: Listen, I would be glad to sit down with you sometime, like maybe next week for awhile, okay?

Bob: What's the matter with right now?

Chris: Dad, come on.

Bob: It takes five minutes.

John: Nurse, the patient is Margo Hughes, and she's my daughter.

Jessica: Detective Hughes is running a little late, your honor, but she should be here momentarily.

Judge: You have five minutes, Ms. Griffin. And then you're just gonna have to proceed without her.

Lily: I wish Paul and Rose were here.

Emily: Well, at least they got their statements on record.

Carly: And the good news just keeps coming.

Jack: Be cool. She wants you to react.

Tom: Hey, hey. Calm down. It's not too late to get Jessica to reschedule your testimony.

Margo: No, I can't do that, Tom. She's using me to establish her entire case.

Tom: Yeah, well, it won't help if you lose your breakfast on the witness stand.

Margo: Well, I'll just aim at Marshall Travers then. How do I look?

Tom: You look fine. How do you feel?

Margo: Ah.

Jessica: Your honor, Detective Hughes' testimony is critical.

Judge: You can call her at a later date.

Margo: I'm sorry, your honor. I'm sorry. Excuse me. I -- I was detained.

Judge: Ms. Griffin?

Jessica: The State calls Detective Margo Hughes.

Tom: You go get 'em.

Tom: So what'd I miss?

Jack: Opening statements. Jessica told the truth. Travers won the academy award.

Tom: Well, I hope he takes it easy on Margo.

Jack: Not a chance.

Jessica: -- To derail her son's new relationship?

Margo: Yes.

Jessica: How did the Police respond to Mr. Ryan's allegations?

Margo: Jack Snyder went to pick up Ms. Ryan for questioning. She fled the scene. He pursued her to her own residence, where then she agreed to come into the station for questioning.

Jessica: Were you present at Ms. Ryan's questioning after she had been arrested?

Margo: Yes, I was.

Jessica: Did she respond to the questions?

Margo: No, she did not. She invoked the fifth amendment.

Jessica: Refusing to answer in order to avoid self-incrimination.

Margo: That is correct.

Jessica: So you have Ms. Ryan's history, the suspicions of her own son, the fact that she fled a Police officer and then refused to answer questions. As a seasoned detective, what did that tell you?

Margo: That we were indeed on the right track.

Jessica: That Barbara Ryan was your prime suspect?

Margo: Yes.

Jessica: And were your suspicions corroborated?

Margo: Yes, they were. James Steinbeck gave a sworn statement that Barbara Ryan was the instigator behind the plot to abduct the three women.

[Crowd murmuring]

Man: Unbelievable.

Barbara: James was lying, and you know it. Why don't you say something?

Marshall: I'll take care of that when I cross-examine.

John: Margo Hughes. Yes, thank you.

Bob: John -- do you have anything in neurology that would cheer that man up?

Ben: If I had a cure for John Dixon, I would be a multimillionaire.

Bob: I told you you'd love working with this man.

Ben: Yeah, well, we don't have a pediatric intensive care unit.

Bob: But it's in the works. Five years, max.

Ben: If what you want is to work with sick children, we could sure use you.

Bob: See? I told you.

Nurse: Dr. Hughes? You're wanted in that board meeting.

Bob: Oh, thank you. Listen, stick around. I'll introduce you to the board.

Chris: Dad --

Bob: No, I know. I know you don't want any special treatment. But talk to him. Take it as long as you get it, huh?

[Chris sighs]

Chris: You're busy.

Ben: You know, the best part of being a brain surgeon is that you learn how to read minds. Mm-hmm. Don't worry. I won't tell your dad what you're thinking -- that you're miserable.

Dr. Michaels: Let's go back to you and Chris for a second. How'd you feel when you found out he was coming back?

Abigail: Well -- confused. I ran into him at Java. He was nice, you know? Friendly. But I felt like he wanted something more from me. To connect in some way. I'm scared. I am scared, more than I thought.

Dr. Michaels: Well, and it could be because of Chris and your history together. Or it could be because of Nick Scudder. You've had a lot of difficult experiences, Abigail. It would only be natural for you to want to protect yourself, before you know how you really feel.

Abigail: So I shouldn't call him?

Dr. Michaels: Do you want to call him?

Abigail: I don't know.

Dr. Michaels: Then I guess you're not ready to make a decision.

Abigail: No, I'm not. And I don't need to. I can do whatever I want, when I finally figure out what that is. But until then -- I don't have to do anything.

Marshall: Detective Hughes -- you mentioned that Barbara Ryan gave you a statement identifying an accomplice. I believe his name was James Steinbeck?

Margo: That's correct.

Marshall: Is he in custody?

Margo: No.

Marshall: Out on bail? Awaiting trial?

Margo: No.

Marshall: Where is he?

Margo: I don't know.

Marshall: You don't know. These are very serious charges, detective. Three women were kidnapped and abused. And you're trying to tell me the Police department has no idea where to find the man you've identified as my client's accomplice?

Jessica: Asked and answered, your honor.

Marshall: Forgive me, your honor. Sometimes it takes a moment or two for things to sink in. Detective Hughes -- you mentioned that James Steinbeck did give a statement to the Police. So -- you did, in fact, have him in custody at one time.

Margo: Yes.

Marshall: So you fully intended to prosecute him for the kidnapping and torture of these three women?

Margo: We were in the process of building a case, yes.

Marshall: What happened? Did Mr. Steinbeck escape?

Margo: We had to let him go.

Marshall: But you had him in custody again, didn't you?

Margo: Yes, he was in the hospital under guard. He had been injured.

Marshall: In a coma, if I'm not mistaken.

Margo: He was unconscious.

Marshall: Right. And this unconscious man, who you fully intended to prosecute -- what happened to him?

Margo: He was abducted.

Marshall: Abducted? By whom, detective?

Margo: Lieutenant Harold Munson.

Marshall: Mm.

[Crowd murmuring]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Order!

Marshall: Lieutenant Harold Munson, your commanding officer, the chief of detectives -- abducted a suspect from the hospital? Why?

Margo: I don't know.

Marshall: I'm assuming you asked him. You followed up. You said, "Lieutenant Munson, why did you screw up my case against James Steinbeck?"

Jessica: Your honor, counsel is leading the witness.

Judge: Overruled.

Marshall: Was Mr. Steinbeck returned to custody?

Margo: Yes.

Marshall: What happened? Don't tell me you lost him again?

Jessica: Your honor?

Marshall: I'll rephrase. What happened to James Steinbeck?

Margo: He escaped.

Marshall: Wait. How does an unconscious man escape from the hospital?

Margo: Craig Montgomery helped him to escape.

Marshall: Craig Montgomery. I know that name. Isn't that your brother, detective?

Margo: Yes.

Marshall: How many cases have you prepared for prosecution? 30? 50? 150?

Margo: About.

Marshall: 150 cases. 150 times you've asked the D.A. to proceed to trial. Putting career and reputation on the line.

Jessica: Is there a question coming?

Marshall: Right now, Ms. Griffin. Right now. How do you think the D.A. would react if you brought her such a case?

Jessica: Your honor, objection. Counsel is asking the witness to speculate on matters which are not in her purview.

Marshall: Would she object, like she's objecting right now, because she knew she couldn't win? Because she knew she'd have to prosecute someone else. She knew she'd have to go after an innocent woman, my client, Barbara Ryan!

[Crowd murmurs]

[Judge pounding gavel]

Judge: Order! Order!

Hal: This is a disaster.

Chris: I love my dad. And I know how much this place means to him.

Ben: But you wanted to do your internship in a big city hospital. I know.

Chris: This was my third choice. My safety school.

Ben: Look, Chris, you do well here, you'll be able to go anywhere you want. Besides, being here does have its advantages.

Chris: Please. My father keeps this up, I'll be universally hated by the end of the week.

Ben: No, I doubt that. And that's not what I was thinking. I was talking about being able to spend real time with your patients. Being able to see a condition develop and a treatment evolve. Being able to really think and to learn. And that's gonna make the difference between being a good doctor and a great one. Okay? Look, we'll talk.

Chris: You won't have this conversation with my father?

Ben: Absolutely not. You see, knowing your secrets, it gives me power!

[Ben laughs] hey, go be nice to the board.

[Chris sighs]

Chris: Abigail? What are you doing here?

Abigail: Uh -- I had an appointment. Did you start working?

Chris: Not yet. What's going on? Are you sick?

Abigail: No. I was seeing my shrink.

Chris: Because of me?

Abigail: What?! No! How egotistical is that?

Isaac: So when did you decide to go over to the courthouse?

Bonnie: This morning. It's no big deal. I talked to my mom. She was a little nervous about the trial. And I told her I'd stop by, you know? Give her some moral support. Anyway, there's -- there's really nothing much to do here. No one would ever know that there was an armed robbery here last night.

Isaac: I should've been here.

Bonnie: No. You shouldn't have. Because you would have mouthed off something fierce. And he might have shot you. And then what would I have done? Besides, you were off battling the forces of the Liquor Control Board.

Isaac: That's me, super barkeep. Must be how I got myself a duchess.

Bonnie: Or maybe it's the fact you saved me from something much worse than armed robbery -- marrying Ian.

Isaac: Oh, yeah.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Isaac: That.

Bonnie: You are my hero. And don't you forget it.

Judge: Any further disruptions, and I will ask the bailiff to clear the courtroom. As for Ms. Griffin's objection, it's sustained. Mr. Travers, do you have any further questions of this witness?

Marshall: Oh, we've just begun, your honor. Detective Hughes, I apologize if I've asked you this already, but I just want us to stay on track. James Steinbeck -- is he still at large?

Margo: Yes.

Marshall: And you don't expect to be arresting him anytime soon, barring any unforeseen circumstances -- luck. Or, say, he turns himself in.

Margo: He's in no danger of imminent arrest.

Marshall: And you don't expect that he'll be available for questioning?

Margo: It's always possible.

Marshall: Yes or no, detective?

Margo: No.

Marshall: In which case, I have no choice but to request that all of James Steinbeck's statements be ruled inadmissible.

Jessica: Your honor, Mr. Steinbeck gave his statements voluntarily, and they were witnessed by two Police officers.

Marshall: I have no problem with the Police department, your honor. I'm sure they've done their level best. But given the fact that the Police consider Steinbeck to be an accomplice to these crimes, his statements must be considered suspect. And without the opportunity to probe his statements, examine his motives, my client is left at a disadvantage.

Judge: I agree with Mr. Travers. Statement's out.

Marshall: Detective, you mentioned that you focused on Barbara Ryan as a possible suspect after her son, Paul Ryan, came to you with his suspicions?

Margo: Yes, that's correct.

Marshall: And where is Paul Ryan?

Margo: To the best of my knowledge, he is out of the country with Rose D'Angelo.

Marshall: Mm. His mother's on trial as a result of his allegations, and he and his fiancee are on a trip?

Jessica: Objection, your honor. Counsel is characterizing testimony.

Marshall: I'm just seeking the truth, counselor. And without Paul Ryan's presence, here we are with the same problem. With all due respect, your honor, I'd like to request that all of Paul Ryan's statements be excluded from consideration.

Judge: Can you produce Mr. Ryan, Ms. Griffin?

Jessica: No. Not at this time, your honor, but --

Judge: Well, then I have no choice but to exclude his statement.

Marshall: Where's your case, Ms. Griffin? Again, with all due respect, your honor, I'd like to ask that you dismiss the charges against my client for lack of evidence.

Jessica: Nice try, counselor, but the state has plenty of evidence against Barbara Ryan.

Marshall: Your honor, the D.A. has introduced statements and unsubstantiated allegations. Where's the witness? Has anybody ever seen my client do any of the things she's alleging?

Margo: Well, we had Barbara's confession till you got that thrown out.

Marshall: Oh, detective. You know better. Your honor, I'd like to have the witness admonished and her unsolicited statements stricken from the record.

Judge: The statement will be stricken. The witness will control herself. The charges against your client will stand, Mr. Travers. Please proceed.

Marshall: Detective -- when was Carly Tenney abducted?

Margo: Carly Tenney -- at first, we didn't consider it an abduction at first. We simply thought that she had flown to Paris of her own volition.

Marshall: On what date?

Margo: I would have to check my notes.

Marshall: How about Emily Stewart? When was she abducted?

Margo: Again, we -- we didn't know that right away.

Marshall: Weren't you there, detective?

Margo: Sorry?

Marshall: With Emily Stewart, earlier that day. When you accused her of trying to kidnap her own son?

Margo: Which we later found was a setup, a setup by James Steinbeck and Barbara Ryan.

Marshall: Hmm. James Steinbeck again.

Margo: Yes, it was -- it was all part of the cover-up to make it appear as if Ms. Stewart had also left of her own volition.

Marshall: On what date was this? Oh, let me give you a hint.

Hark the herald angels sing

Jessica: Your honor!

Marshall: Christmas eve. That wasn't that hard, was it, detective?

Margo: The point is that --

Marshall: Mr. Steinbeck made it look like Ms. Tenney, Ms. Stewart and Ms. D'angelo left on their own accord. We've established that. When did Ms. D'angelo leave?

Margo: We thought that she had left with an ex-boyfriend.

Marshall: And Ms. D'angelo identified her abductor, didn't she?

Margo: Yes.

Marshall: And his name?

Margo: James Steinbeck.

Marshall: Who drugged her and kidnapped her, according to Ms. D'angelo. And what date was this? The same day my client, Barbara Ryan, was the guest of honor at a fund-raiser at the hospital.

Margo: That was New Year's eve.

Marshall: Good job, detective. And when was it you decided to arrest Barbara Ryan, instead?

Margo: Jack Snyder arrested Barbara Ryan on January 30th.

Marshall: But she didn't stay in jail very long, did she?

Margo: No, she was -- released on bail.

Marshall: But not for long. Your lieutenant, Hal Munson, the same one who abducted James Steinbeck -- you told him to bring Barbara in for questioning, didn't you? But he didn't.

Margo: These statements conflict --

Marshall: And two months later, Lieutenant Munson was supposed to bring Barbara in for questioning again. But he didn't. What happened then?

Margo: Um, two months later was -- was April 22nd.

Marshall: The same day the Police department allowed James Steinbeck to kidnap my client, Barbara Ryan.

Margo: No, that was not our intention.

Marshall: So you lost control of that operation, too? So you couldn't hang onto James Steinbeck, so you arrested Barbara Ryan. And now we all know why.

Jessica: Objection!

Marshall: Withdrawn. I'm through with this witness.

Judge: You may step down, detective. We'll take a short recess.

Margo: I don't know what happened. I had my notes. I had everything in the notes, all the dates in the notes, and I looked down at the notes, and I couldn't read them. I couldn't read my own notes. What's happening to me?

Jack: I have never seen Margo blow testimony like that before.

Carly: Now, what is she doing here? As if I didn't know.

Jack: Hey, play nice.

Carly: Or what? Rosanna won't like me? Hey. If you came to hold Craig's hand, you're a little bit early. He's testifying for the defense.

Rosanna: Well, no, he isn't.

Carly: Actually, he is. He got a subpoena.

Rosanna: Well, somebody reconsidered. He's not testifying.

Carly: Now, how did you get rid of that subpoena, Rosanna? You went -- you went to Barbara, didn't you? Your new best friend. You asked her to take Craig off the witness list.

Rosanna: Well, I should think you would be grateful. I mean, one less witness for the defense helps your case, doesn't it?

Carly: You don't give a hoot about my case. You just want me to know how powerful you are, how you can invade everything that touches me. Well, fine. You win. You're a snake. Now get the hell out of my life.

Jack: You girls are getting loud.

Carly: She got Barbara to take Craig off the witness list.

Jack: So I've heard. This is a bad thing?

Carly: Barbara can't stand Craig. What did it cost you? You bankrolled B.R.O. didn't you? You put Barbara back in business to compete with me.

Rosanna: I thought nobody could compete with you, Carly. Excuse me, Jack.

Carly: Do you have any idea what this means?

Emily: What just happened?

Carly: Rosanna is backing Barbara. She's bankrolling B.R.O., which means she will do whatever she has to do to get Barbara off. She has to, or she will lose her investment.

Lily: She told you that?

Jack: Not in so many words.

Emily: Well, you can't let her get to you. You've got to testify next.

Lily: Now they've thrown out Paul's testimony and Rose is out of the country, and we got to do something.

Emily: Yeah, it's up to you. You -- you got to get in there and nail her.

Carly: Oh, I'll nail her -- right between the eyes.

Bailiff: Order.

Judge: Ms. Griffin, you may call your next witness.

Jessica: The State calls Ms. Carly Tenney.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Carly: I do.

Jessica: Ms. Tenney, we've heard Detective Hughes testify earlier that you were lured out of the country and abducted in Paris. Is that correct?

Carly: Yeah -- yes, I thought that I was going to Paris to work for a designer, Jean-Claude Rimbaud. But instead, a limo met me at the airport and brought to me a spa in Switzerland.

Jessica: And what happened after you reached this so-called "spa"?

Marshall: Your honor, the defense is willing to stipulate as to the horrendous treatment Ms. Tenney and her friends received. But what's yet to be determined is whether or not my client had any part in their suffering. Can the state prove that my client is directly responsible for the harm suffered by Carly Tenney, Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo?

Judge: He's right, Ms. Griffin. Please cut to the chase.

Jessica: Certainly, your honor. Ms. Tenney, had Barbara Ryan ever threatened you prior to your abduction?

Carly: Yes. In New York. I was having a showing of some clothes that I'd designed, and Barbara went backstage and slashed several of my dresses with a pair of scissors. She would have used the scissors on me --

Marshall: Objection. Speculation.

Judge: Sustained.

Jessica: Ms. Tenney, had Ms. Ryan ever admitted to you that she ordered your abduction?

Carly: Yes, she did. When I finally got back to Oakdale, after she'd been arrested, she asked to see me. And she told me that she was very sorry for all the suffering she'd caused -- and those were her exact words -- "suffering she'd caused." And then she tried to buy me off with a job at her company.

Jessica: Thank you, Ms. Tenney. Your witness, counselor.

Marshall: Ms. Tenney, this apology of Barbara's -- you mentioned she'd torn some clothes of yours.

Carly: She slashed them with a pair of scissors.

Marshall: Then I can understand why she felt the need to apologize.

Carly: But she wasn't apologizing for that.

Marshall: And you know this because she told you so? She said, "Carly, I'm sorry I had you kidnapped"?

Carly: No, she didn't say that. But I knew --

Marshall: Did she drive the limo that took you to the spa?

Carly: No, sir, of course she didn't.

Marshall: Was she present when you were treated? Was she there when you were taken from the spa and brought back to the United States?

Carly: No, that was James Steinbeck. But --

Marshall: James Steinbeck who left you in a coffin, at a carnival funhouse?

Carly: Yes, he did.

Marshall: That must have been awful. Are you aware that on the same day that James left you in that coffin, he abducted Barbara, on April 22nd?

Carly: She offered to go with him.

Marshall: Knowing what you suffered, knowing that she could possibly suffer the same fate --

Carly: Knowing that she had to cover her tracks --

Jessica: Objection, your honor. Counsel is speculating.

Judge: Sustained.

Marshall: Ms. Tenney, why do you think Ms. Ryan wants to hurt you?

Carly: Because her son hired me to be the chief designer for her company, B.R.O. She's jealous.

Marshall: So jealous that she asked you to be chief designer at B.R.O.?

Carly: That was just because --

Marshall: Yes or no, Ms. Tenney. Did she ask you to join B.R.O.?

Carly: Yes.

Marshall: Well, it seems to me that the only thing you can prove is that Barbara Ryan wanted to make you rich and famous.

Jessica: Objection.

Marshall: Withdrawn. I have no further questions.

Judge: You may step down, Ms. Tenney. Call your next witness, Ms. Griffin.

Jack: Hey, you did good.

Carly: He crucified me.

Jessica: The State calls Emily Stewart.

Chris: You are so different.

Abigail: And you aren't?

Chris: No, I am. And it's fine. It's just --

Abigail: Different?

Chris: I'm really happy to see you. This whole thing with my dad trotting me around the hospital like I just won the Nobel prize in medicine -- it's so not what I'd hoped for, and you're a nice reality check.

Bob: Hey, Abigail! Hi, how are you? How's Molly?

Abigail: We're both fine, thank you.

Bob: Good, good. Well, you ready to meet the board?

Abigail: Oh, I -- I must have gotten the time mixed up. Chris and I were supposed to have coffee.

Bob: Well, you should have told me you had plans with Abigail.

Chris: This whole meeting with the board thing was so last-minute, and I -- I didn't have a chance to speak to her.

Bob: Well, listen, that can wait. And most of them have known you since you were a kid. So why don't you just catch up with Abigail?

Chris: Saved.

Abigail: Well, you're welcome.

Chris: I don't know how I'm going to survive this. And you, lying to a grown-up?

Abigail: I am a grown-up.

Chris: I've noticed. But I can't let you lie for me, Abigail. You're gonna have to let me buy you that cup of coffee.

Abigail: I've got things to do.

Chris: Then tomorrow. Come on. It's just hot water and beans.

Abigail: Okay.

Chris: When?

Abigail: I'll call you.

Chris: We can't pin it down?

Abigail: I'll pin it down. When I call you.

Marshall: Ms. Stewart, you testified that Barbara resented you because of your relationship with her ex-husband, Hal Munson.

Emily: That's right.

Marshall: Did Barbara ever threaten you directly?

Emily: No, that's not her style.

Marshall: So she never threatened you, she didn't drive the limo that took you away, you never saw her at the spa, heard anyone mention her name --

Emily: She didn't want to get her hands dirty, I guess.

Marshall: While you were being held captive, you had the opportunity to telephone Lieutenant Munson? Is that correct?

Emily: We talked for a few moments.

Marshall: And when you called back?

Emily: James Steinbeck answered the phone.

Marshall: Could you please describe for the court how you eventually escaped from James Steinbeck?

Emily: I ended up at a hotel room in Singapore. Barbara was there.

Marshall: This was after Ms. Tenney was released and Barbara was kidnapped?

Emily: No, I didn't know that Carly had been released.

Marshall: And how did you escape?

Emily: Barbara stabbed him.

Marshall: And brought you back here to be reunited with Lieutenant Munson?

Emily: Yes.

Marshall: Well, it looks like she worked through her resentment.

Jessica: Objection.

Judge: Sustained. The jury will disregard that last comment.

Marshall: Withdrawn. I'm through with this witness, your honor.

Judge: You may step down. We'll take another recess.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Emily: Two for two.

Carly: You handled him a lot better than I did.

Emily: Yeah. It's only because I saw what he did to you.

Lily: Barbara admitted everything to Rose. I wish she was here.

Tom: Hey, how you feeling?

Margo: Lousy. I wanna -- I wanna go home. You know, I think we can finally put a name to whatever I've got. This feels just like the flu.

John: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Margo: Can it wait, John?

Tom: You know what? She's not feeling all right.

John: Yeah, I'm not surprised. Is there someplace we could go and talk?

Margo: John, just come out with it. I don't have time for this.

John: Your test results came back. You've got Hepatitis C antibodies in your blood.

Tom: Well, antibodies - what - that's - that's good. That means she fought it off, right?

John: No, it means she's got the disease. I'm sorry.

Margo: It's - it's just not possible, John. I have never used needles. I have never had a transfusion. It's just - it's got to be a mistake.

Tom: What do we do, John?

John: We get her into treatment as quickly as possible.

Margo: Wait a minute! Hold on. Back up. I don't have this. It's a mistake. I don't have it. No way! End of story.

Tom: Margo!

John: Wait a minute!

Bonnie: I thought you said you had a good case.

Jessica: I did. Until your knight in shining armor got his hands on it.

Bonnie: He's not a knight of any kind, mother.

Jessica: Honey, anybody who comes between an armed robber and my baby girl, I owe a debt of gratitude. Even if it kills me.

Marshall: Now, we don't wanna have that. Not while we're having so much fun. You don't owe me anything, Jessica. I was glad to help.

Jessica: I'll be inside.

Marshall: How you doing?

Bonnie: Better.

Marshall: Good.

Bonnie: I better go see about my mother. Excuse me.

Lily: Could Barbara actually get away with this?

Jack: I sure hope not.

Carly: I need a win. Does anybody else --

Emily: You know what?

Carly: - Need a win?

Emily: I say you go for it.

Jack: Don't encourage her. Carly -

Carly: Oh, Rosanna, wait.

Rosanna: Why?

Carly: Well, I just think you want to hear what I have to say.

Rosanna: I doubt it.

Carly: It concerns an old friend, who happened to meet up with Molly in New York. She went there to clear her head, grieve for her husband. And she met this really special guy.

Rosanna: While she was grieving for her husband? That is special.

Carly: It wasn't anything like that. This was like -- sent from heaven. You know, the real thing.

Rosanna: What is your point?

Carly: Well, I just -- I just thought you'd wanna know. Seeing as how this guy who's fallen for her? None other than Mike Kasnoff.

Jack: Time -- time out. Back to your corners, ladies.

Carly: Why?

Jack: Come on.

Carly: Why?

Rosanna: You're lying! (Telephone ringing )


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