ATWT Transcript Thursday 7/18/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/18/02

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Chris: Abigail Williams!

Abigail: Chris -- ah, what a surprise to see you here.

Chris: How in the world are you?

Abigail: I'm good. I'm good. I was just out taking a walk outside, thought I'd come get some coffee.

Chris: Come over here! You look fantastic!

Abigail: Thanks. Yeah, you, too. Uh, we should get together sometime.

Chris: We're together now. Come on, sit down, have a decaf. We'll laugh about old times and you can catch me on -- you know, up on what's new in Oakdale.

Abigail: Maybe some other time. Uh, just e-mail or --

Chris: Wait, wait. Hold on a second. E-mail? You trying to avoid me or what?

Molly: Hey!

Carly: Just the face I needed to see.

Molly: Come on in, girlie-girl!

Carly: I missed you so much. Don't you ever run away like that again. You hear me?

Molly: Yeah, well, I missed you, too.

Carly: I got your message, and I just came flying right over.

Molly: Yeah, I know, I can tell. Your heart's beating a mile a minute. What's going on?

Carly: Is it?

Molly: Yes, it is. Here sit. Have this, drink this.

Carly; what is it?

Molly: It's tea. Tell me what's happening. What is wrong? Is it Jack? Craig?

Carly: I was at Java underground tonight. And some gun-wielding psycho came in and tried to rob the place.

Molly: Oh, my God! Honey, are you okay?

Carly: Yeah.

Molly: Did anybody get hurt?

Carly: No, thank God. But it was terrifying. You see things like that all the time on TV, but it's always somebody else, it's happening somewhere else. But this time, I was the one in the wrong place at the wrong time. All I could think about was Jack and Parker and you and Abigail.

Molly: It's gonna be fine, sweetie. Did they find the guy? Okay. See? Everything's gonna be fine.

Carly: I know, you're right. Look at you -- I came over here to make sure that you're all right and you're the one holding my hand. So, are you okay?

Molly: Me? I'm -- yeah, mm-hmm, I'm gonna be fine.

Carly: Well, it looks like New York City may have worked its weird magic on you.

Molly: You could say that.

Carly: Well, are you gonna tell me what you were doing there?

Molly: Cousin, it's just a little hard to tell you this. That -- the reason that I stayed in New York so long was because I met a guy.

Carly: A guy? Really?

Molly: Yeah, but this guy, he isn't just any guy.

Carly: Oh, they never are. Do tell.

Marshall: Look, you could've been killed tonight. You did the right thing while he had that gun on you. You were perfectly cool and detached throughout the whole ordeal. But even a duchess is allowed to cry under these circumstances, isn't she?

Bonnie: I just keep thinking, what would have happened if you weren't here? If you weren't so calm and collected? The way you talked that guy down, you were -- you were amazing.

Marshall: Well, I'm no miracle worker, Bonnie. We got a break tonight, nothing more.

Bonnie: If I promise not to tell anyone that you're really not the pompous, arrogant attorney that they all think you are, can I swear you to secrecy?

Marshall: About what?

Bonnie: See, everybody thinks that I am the kind of person who has seen it all and done it all and whose feathers really can't be ruffled by anything. But the truth is, tonight, my -- I am more ruffled than I've ever been. And I don't like it. I don't like it one bit.

Marshall: I'll file tonight under attorney-client privilege. All your secrets are safe with me.

[Bonnie sighs]

Bonnie: Don't remind me of why I don't like you.

[Marshall laughs]

Marshall: I'll do my best, at least for tonight.

Isaac: Bonnie?

Bonnie: Oh, Isaac!

Isaac: Oh, I had to cross a Police barricade and answer a million questions. What in the world happened tonight? Are you okay?

Bonnie: I'm fine.

Isaac: Are you sure?

Bonnie: Yeah, just hold me as tight as you can.

Isaac: I'm sorry I wasn't here. What happened?

Bonnie: This crazy, crazy guy came in here. And he had a gun, Isaac.

Isaac: A gun? Are you okay? Was anybody hurt or anything?

Bonnie: No, everything and everyone is fine. We're all safe and no harm -- thanks to Mr. Travers.

Rosanna: I know exactly what happened tonight. And you are in big trouble, young lady. I made a few phone calls to track down these Sinclair's whose son was supposedly hosting the party that you and your friend Alison were attending tonight.

Lucy: I can explain.

Rosanna: No need. I heard the whole story from an acquaintance of mine who has a son just a few years older than you. The boy's name is Chase.

Lucy: Does this story have a point?

Rosanna: Apparently, Chase's mother didn't know about any party being thrown at the Sinclair's' tonight. In fact, she didn't know any Sinclair's, period. But she did know about a party being held at the Old mill with a lot of college boys and underage drinking. In fact, Chase came home from that party with a split lip. It's a fascinating story, really. Apparently, Chase took quite a beating from some long-haired easy rider boy who was upset because Chase was hitting on his girlfriend. A girl whose description sounded remarkably like you.

Lucy: I just wanted a few hours without anyone trying to control my life.

Rosanna: You could have gotten hurt.

Lucy: I almost did -- by Chase -- one of your socially-upstanding Country Club types you seem to be so wild about. If Aaron hadn't have saved me --

Rosanna: Chase hurt you?

Lucy: He was all over me, even after I asked him to leave me alone. He was out of control.

Rosanna: I had no idea. Are you all right?

[Lucy scoffs]

Lucy: What, now I'm supposed to think that you care about me? You only care about how this will make you look to my father.

Rosanna: I was concerned.

Lucy: Yeah, concerned about how you'd explain your way out of this. All you're interested in is proving how irreplaceable you are. So why don't you just drop the act?

Lucy: You got between my father and Carly, and now you're trying to get between my father and me. Was I not supposed to notice?

Rosanna: Do you really think I'm really interested in your adolescent analysis of my motives? You're way out of your depth here, sweetheart, so don't even try.

Lucy: Are you finished yet?

Rosanna: No! We have a few more days left here. And while you are in my charge, you will follow my rules. You will not try anything like that little stunt you pulled tonight. I want an accurate account of your whereabouts at all times. I want to know who you're with and what you're doing --

Lucy: Why don't you just lock me in my room?

Rosanna: You will not seek out Carly's assistance or intervention. And under no circumstances will you have any contact with Aaron Snyder.

Lucy: Unbelievable. Who do you think you are, my mother?

Rosanna: No, carrier ring connect 1200, your dad is chief of staff at the hospital and your mother owns a television station.

Chris: It broke my heart to hear what you were going through.

Abigail: Oh, so you knew? You cared?

Chris: Of course, I cared. We're friends.

Abigail: Well, then where were you, Chris? Where were you when I really needed you?

Molly: See, I thought if I got as far away from Jake's memory as possible that I would find some peace and that I'd figure things out. And then, well, wouldn't you know it, there he was.

Carly: He who?

Molly: Jake. Jake! He was sitting right there, Carly, in this bar -- this seedy bar in the middle of Manhattan. And then this brain donor came up and tried to hit on me, and then he wouldn't let me go.

Carly: Oh, no.

Molly: And then -- I'm not really sure exactly how it happened -- Jake disappeared. And then I just looked up and there was this guy.

Carly: Wait, another guy?

Molly: Yeah, yeah -- right beside me actually. His arm was around me and this sweet smile, and he saved me from the biggest jerk in Manhattan. And then he proceeded to pour coffee down my throat all night. And then we talked until the wee hours of the morning and -- he made me laugh. And he also made me think about Jake in a way that didn't hurt. Actually, in a strange way, he kind of reminded me of Jake, you know? I needed a friend and there he was.

Carly: He sounds great. Was he -- great?

Molly: Carly! God, get a grip!

Carly: I'm just asking.

Molly: No, of course not!

Carly: I'm sorry.

Molly: Get your mind out of the gutter!

Carly: All right. I just hear it can be very comforting to engage in certain physical activities after someone's died. Just to sort of reconfirm your own existence or to hold on, cling on to another warm body. Well, it couldn't hurt.

Molly: Well, it couldn't help, okay? I'm not ready for that. And this guy -- he knew I was fragile.

Carly: Well, that's never stopped a guy from trying.

Molly: Well, it stopped him, okay, because he wasn't like that at all.

Carly: So you guys -- you did nothing?

Molly: We danced, we talked, we drank a lot of root beer. I talked to him a lot about Jake. And you know what? He didn't want anything from me except for my miserable company.

Carly: Wow. Molly met a man. Well, I guess New York did work its Mojo on you. So, tell me, does this saint of yours have a name?

Chris: I was going to call. I know, typical male response, but I was. I just didn't know what to say.

Abigail: I thought maybe you were disappointed.

Chris: Disappointed? In you? Abigail, never. I mean, are you forgetting you're talking to the crown prince of screw-ups? People make mistakes. You taught me that. You said, "Chris, people make mistakes. That's why pencils have erasers."

Abigail: 'Cause I was so wise and original, too.

Chris: It was what I needed to hear. And before I went off to Columbia, I thought we'd patched things up.

Abigail: I know. We did.

Chris: But I blew it all by not being here for you?

Abigail: No, it isn't you, Chris. I shouldn't have gotten into it. I'm gonna take off.

Chris: No, you're gonna sit down and tell me exactly what's going on.

Abigail: There's a lot of stuff. There's stuff with Molly, especially after Jake died. And it seems like practically every friend I had sort of disappeared on me.

Chris: But this old friend's right here, right now, with all the time in the world.

Abigail: I can't.

Chris: And I can't let you walk out of here thinking you can't trust me. At least tell me why.

Abigail: It's not you I don't trust, Chris. It's me.

Bonnie: And if Marshall hadn't been there, I don't even want to think about what could have happened.

Isaac: Looks like you're quite the hero. I'm glad you're around. From now on, your drinks are on the house.

Lisa: Oh, yes, yes! I certainly agree to that.

[Marshall laughs]

Marshall: Well, this is certainly a far cry from the way my evening started.

Isaac: How do you mean?

Marshall: Well, let's just say I'm not used to being so popular with the management.

Bonnie: I almost 86ed Mr. Travers tonight.

Lisa: You don't mean you almost tossed him out?

Bonnie: Well, I thought he came here to make trouble for my mother the night before the big trial and -- by the way, have I apologized to you for that?

Marshall: It's all water under the bridge now. I'll save rattling the D.A. for the courtroom.

Bonnie: Good idea.

Isaac: Thanks again, man. I won't forget this.

Marshall: Um, Bonnie? Friends?

Bonnie: Friends.

Brandy: Oh, well, I finally finished giving my statement to the cops. Anything interesting going on here?

Bonnie: No, no, not at all. I was just thanking Mr. Travers for all of his help.

Isaac: Yeah, I owe you, man.

Marshall: My pleasure. Glad you showed up. I forgot to tip you.

Brandy: Oh, you didn't need to do that, Mr. Travers. But I'm so glad you did.

Marshall: I want to know everything Isaac has to report about that meeting with the Liquor Board. I'll be waiting.

Molly: I don't know if you can be considered a full-fledged saint if you hang out in a Times Square bar. But, yes, okay, he had a name.

Carly: What is it?

Molly: His name's Mike.

Carly: Mike? That's a good, strong name. So when do I get to meet this Mike?

Molly: You don't. Carly, I said good-bye to him. I didn't leave a phone number.

Carly: Why not?

Molly: Because! Because sooner or later, he's gonna want more from our relation -- you know what? You can't even call it that, okay? And I didn't want to deal with it, so I left New York.

Carly: You mean, you ran away from New York. Are you gonna be okay with that? Not talking to this guy? Not seeing this guy? You may have just lost your newest, bestest friend.

Molly: Carly, don't do it. Don't say that, okay? Because I've been trying to convince myself that I did the right thing. And I did, I know it. But Jake was convinced that this -- forget it.

Carly: No, I'm not gonna forget it. Jake was convinced what?

Molly: That -- that Mike was like my destiny. Is that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard or what?

Carly: No. I've got one piece of advice for you. Find your St. Mike.

Molly: No.

Carly: Just to tell him that you're okay, that you're thinking about him.

Molly: I can't do that.

Carly: Yes, you can. It doesn't mean you're in love. It doesn't mean you've forgotten about Jake and that you're ready to move on. But when you meet a friend in this world, Molly --

Molly: Carly, there's something about this new friend that I haven't told you, that's gonna explain exactly why I left New York.

Carly: Go on.

Molly: I told you his name's Mike. But what I didn't tell you is his last name. Okay? It's Kasnoff.

Isaac: Sorry, buddy, we're closed.

Mike: I heard you had some trouble tonight, I'm not gonna stick around.

Isaac: What do you need?

Mike: I'm looking for someone, and I was hoping somebody here might be able to help me find them.

Isaac: What's the name of your friend?

Mike: Molly. Molly McKinnon.

Lucy: You'd call my father?

Rosanna: If you force me to.

Lucy: Well, go ahead, call him. I dare you.

Rosanna: What makes you think I won't?

Lucy: You want him to know that I was still seeing Aaron right under your nose? He'll think you're a pretty incompetent babysitter, now wouldn't he? And if this little slip-up of yours means that I have to go back to Montega, he'd really despise you. Could you imagine him telling Carly about it? I mean, they'd be tighter than ever. So you just go ahead, Rosanna. You just dial that number.

Rosanna: Look who's bluffing. You are your father's daughter.

Lucy: Yeah, I am. Thanks. But I'm not bluffing.

Rosanna: You don't want to go back to Montega? You want to stay here, where daddy dearest spoils you rotten, where you can sneak behind his back to meet up with your nasty little boyfriend. You're so keen on dropping all pretense? Well, let me share my unvarnished truth with you, little one. I can't wait for you to go back to Montega. Oh, yes, nothing would make me happier. In fact, I dream of the day when you pack your pink little suitcases and climb aboard that big jet plane that takes you far, far away, because it would make my life so much easier.

Lucy: Because, with me gone, you'd have my father's undivided attention?

Rosanna: You don't know what I think about anything.

Lucy: Have you already forgotten that my father's still in love with your sister? You know, the one with the heart?

[Rosanna laughs] the one with a life?

Rosanna: You think Carly has a heart? She's only on your side so that she can get back at me. She doesn't really care about you.

Lucy: My mother cares about me. And my mother cares about my father, too, and vice versa. I mean, you should see the way they used to look at each other. They could be getting back together right this very moment.

Rosanna: I don't think so.

Lucy: Face it, Rosanna -- you're fourth in a line for my father's affection, and that's on a good day.

Rosanna: Well, it's obvious you're trying to provoke me, Lucy. But we are stuck with each other -- and not just until your father gets home. 'Cause I plan on playing a major role in your father's life, whether you like it or not. So, here's the deal. I won't tell your father about tonight and neither will you. You promise not to do anything stupid with that boy, I'll give you some breathing room. You be sensible, I can be reasonable. Agreed?

Lucy: Whatever. May I be excused?

Rosanna: Of course.

[Cell phone ringing]

Aaron: Hello?

Lucy: Aaron, it's me.

Aaron: How did things go at home?

Lucy: Busted.

Aaron: Oh, man.

Lucy: It's okay. I've got everything under control.

Chris: You're the last person I'd picture doubting yourself. Why? What's going on?

Abigail: I never should have brought it up. I don't talk about it with a lot of people.

Chris: So? Talk about it with me.

Abigail: Well, I met a guy awhile ago, and he changed my life. And I'm just not the same person that I used to be.

Chris: Nick Scudder? From everything I hear, this guy was big-time bad news. He was a criminal, Abigail. He made his living off of preying on other people. I mean, it wasn't just his job, that's who he was. You can't blame yourself for that.

Abigail: Well, I need to know what made him think he could do that to me. I mean, was it something about my face or my smile or my words or the way I acted? What made him choose me? I just see guys smiling at me sometimes, it just makes me feel weird inside. I just wanna die.

Chris: You don't mean that.

Abigail: Yes, I do! You don't know what it's like to lose your sense of what people want from you.

Chris: When a man smiles at you, it's because you're pretty, because maybe he wants to see you smile.

Abigail: Well, maybe I'm giving mixed signals, you know? Maybe I am doing something wrong or I need to change something about myself.

Chris: Okay. You don't trust strangers. You don't trust yourself. Can you even trust yourself to be with me?

Abigail: The truth? I don't know, Chris. I honestly don't know.

Carly: Mike Kasnoff? My Mike Kasnoff?

Molly: Carly, I'm sorry, okay? I had no idea. When we met, we had a deal, okay? No personal information, no past, no future, no nothing. We didn't even use last names, okay? He was just a guy in a bar. And then I slipped, and I said I was from Oakdale. And he said he used to live there, too. And then I figured out who he was.

Carly: Mike Kasnoff. Wow. Well, how the hell is he? It's been a long, long time. Did he happen to mention me?

Molly: I didn't tell him that we were related. The second I found out who he was, I got the hell out of that bar.

Carly: Mike Kasnoff -- after all these years.

Molly: Honey, I'm sorry. I swear, if I had any idea --

Carly: Why? No. You don't have anything to apologize for.

Molly: But I want you to know something -- from me, okay? It was just a couple of days in a New York bar 1,000 miles away. And it will never happen again.

Carly: Wait a second. Molly -- no. Listen to me. If you're cutting him out of your life for my benefit, don't. If Mike means something to you, don't let him get away.

Isaac: You're looking for Molly McKinnon?

Mike: Yeah, you know her?

Isaac: Do you?

Mike: She's a friend.

Isaac: She can't be that good of a friend if you don't know how to track her down.

Mike: We kind of lost touch. It's a long story.

Isaac: I got time.

[Lisa laughs]

Lisa: I would recognize that voice and those shoulders anywhere.

Mike: Lisa Grimaldi.

Lisa: Yes.

Mike: What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?

Lisa: I just happen to own the joint, along with Isaac Jenkins.

Mike: Mike Kasnoff. Nice to meet you.

Lisa: Well, what brings you back to Oakdale?

Mike: I just finished a construction job in New York, came here looking for a friend.

Lisa: Oh, and who might that be?

Isaac: Molly McKinnon.

Mike: You know her?

Isaac: He says they're friends.

Lisa: Oh.

Mike: Yeah, is that a crime around here or something?

Isaac: Is that how you track down your old friends? You just stop by the nearest club and question the bartender?

Lisa: How long have you known Molly?

Mike: It's a pretty recent development. Look, did I offend somebody here or say something wrong?

Lisa: Oh, no. No, nothing like that. It's just -- do you know that Molly is recently widowed?

Mike: As a matter of fact, I knew that before I even knew her name. Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa: You're welcome.

Mike: You're still the best, and beautiful as ever.

Lisa: Yes.

[Lisa laughs] and you're still the handsomest, smartest man I know.

Mike: Nice to meet you, Mr. Jenkins.

Isaac: Isaac.

Lisa: Well, will you be staying long?

Mike: Anything's possible.

Chris: If you're not sure you can trust yourself around me, then maybe you should go. I won't keep you any longer.

Abigail: Is that what you want?

Chris: The last thing I want is to make you feel uncomfortable.

Abigail: I'm sorry, Chris. I -- I don't mean to make it sound like I'm not happy to see you. It's just, after Nick, everything changed. Jake was murdered. Molly lost her daughters.

Chris: That wasn't your fault.

Abigail: Well -- but I still think I could have done something diff -- just if I hadn't been so nice to him, if I had just listened to Jake and Molly. But I didn't. I listened to Nick. I trusted him.

Chris: But you know that wasn't wrong in itself, don't you?

Abigail: You don't know.

Chris: But I know you. And I know the greatest sin you've committed was falling in love with this guy. Am I right? I mean, if the worst thing you can do in your life is falling in love with someone, you're doing something right. I know -- I know love stinks. But it's a chemical reaction. It's part of the programming. Fall in love, get burnt, feel like the biggest jerk on the face of the earth.

Abigail: You're right about that -- love stinks.

Chris: When it comes to love, we're all filled with self-doubt and insecurities. It's just the way it is.

Abigail: The young Dr. Hughes is filled with self-doubt?

Chris: I'm gonna be spending the next two years of my life working like a convict, slaving for peanuts. I'm gonna be screamed at, slapped down, written up, second-guessed and analyzed. I'm gonna be eating, sleeping and breathing self-doubt.

Abigail: Yeah. But by the end of it, you'll be a real doctor.

Chris: That's the plan.

Abigail: So what's in store for me?

Chris: Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see. But I know it's gonna be great.

Abigail: It was great running into you. And we'll have to run into each other again before you leave.

Chris: I'm not going anywhere.

Abigail: But your internship?

Chris: The powers-that-be decided I'm best suited to Oakdale, Illinois. I'm gonna be doing my internship at Memorial. Two years of hard labor right here at home.

Lucy: It was like negotiating with a robot.

Aaron: Is she gonna rat us out?

Lucy: Only if she wants me to ruin her pathetic relationship with my father.

Aaron: That's a relief.

Lucy: Yeah? Why?

Aaron: We're a part of each other's lives now. You can go a million miles away and you're not gonna get rid of me.

Lucy: I can't wait to see you at the club tomorrow.

Aaron: I'm thinking the same thing. But I better run.

Lucy: Okay, I'll call you tomorrow.

Aaron: Not unless I call you first.

Lucy: Good night, Aaron. I just wanted to tell you -- I miss you already.

Aaron: I miss you, too. Good night, Lucy.

Rosanna: I know you think that the entire universe revolves around this boy and that he can do no wrong and that he understands you in a way that no one else could. But trust me, in a few years from now, you'll probably not even remember his name.

Lucy: I'll never be that shallow.

Rosanna: Do you really think that this one relationship is worth risking your entire relationship with your father or perhaps even your future?

Lucy: I'm not you, Rosanna. And Aaron isn't that guy, Mike, you were telling me about. It's my life, and I'm not gonna stop living it because you got burned, got scared and gave up. If you ask me, that's a really sad way to live.

Molly: You want me to get in touch with Mike Kasnoff, Carly? The man that you used to love?

Carly: 100 years and a half dozen guys ago. Call him!

Molly: You're crazy!

Carly: No. Molly, I have moved on with my life.

Molly: He means nothing to you?

Carly: Well, I -- I didn't say that exactly. I mean, I think about him from time to time -- quite fondly, as a matter of fact. But I'm with Jack now. And despite the fact that the man can be a total and complete bonehead on occasion, I am madly in love with him. So if you have found a guy that you feel comfortable with, that makes you smile, that you like spending time with --

Molly: I have, but --

Carly: No, please, no buts! Call him!

Molly: Carly, I -- I can't.

Carly: Molly -- you pushed him out of your life on my account, yay or nay?

Molly: Yay, I guess.

Carly: Okay, well, then call him on my account. Tell him I said hi. Besides, it would really make my year to see the look on Rosanna's face when I tell her that the love of her life is now hooking up with my trashy little cousin.

Molly: She still thinks I'm trashy?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Trashy with a bottomless bank account. So she pities you, and she's envious of you. Wait till she hears about this.

Molly: Carly, there is no "this."

Carly: Well, there could be. Just give it some time. Call him.

Molly: I am so glad that you came by. So we're okay?

Carly: Yeah. We'll always be okay.

Molly: Okay.

Carly: I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

Molly: All right. Listen -- safe home, okay?

Carly: Yeah.

Molly: Night.

Carly: Mike Kasnoff -- what do you know.

[Rosanna laughing]

Rosanna: Stop!

Mike: Stop laughing! You're gonna ruin it!

Rosanna: I can't help it! Nobody's ever made a popcorn-and-peanut pile on

me before.

Mike: Shh!

[Rosanna laughing] this is about the sweetest stuff I've ever tasted.

Rosanna: Stop! You're making me --

Mike: Okay, you are wrecking my pile!

[Rosanna laughing]

Rosanna: I can't help it! You're making me laugh.

Mike: You wanna laugh, hmm? You think this is funny?

[Rosanna laughing]

Rosanna: Stop!

Mike: I got it.

Rosanna: You got the prize?

Mike: I got the prize.

Rosanna: I want it. Give it to me.

Mike: Give me one good reason.

Rosanna: Because you're wild about me.

Mike: She's right again.

[Rosanna giggles]

Rosanna: I'm always right.

Mike: Let's see what we have here.

Rosanna: Oh.

Mike: What a beauty.

Rosanna: Me or the ring? I love it.

Mike: Me or the ring?

Rosanna: Will you put it on me, Mike?

Mike: Are you happy?

Isaac: I wish I would have been here.

Brandy: Yeah, what a night for you to be away.

Bonnie: Oh, that's right. I almost forgot, with everything that's going on, how did it go down at the Liquor Board?

Isaac: Well, good news. We got our Liquor license renewed. Java underground is officially back in business.

Brandy: Oh, great!

Bonnie: That is so wonderful.

Brandy: Congratulations! How'd you manage that?

Isaac: I guess it helps to have friends in high places. Jessica really came through for us.

Brandy: Well, now that everyone is safe and sound and all in one piece, I'm gonna go home for a little peace and quiet.

Isaac: All right. Good night, Brandy.

Brandy: Night.

Bonnie: Night, Brandy. Thanks again.

Marshall: You have news for me?

Brandy: Oh. It's official. Straight from the horse's mouth -- Isaac said the D.A. used special favors to help him keep his Liquor license.

Marshall: Good.

Brandy: So, what's up with you and Bonnie? I thought this was strictly business. But tonight things looked like they were getting a little personal.

Marshall: You're being paid to gather information from them, not to ask questions of me. Understood?

Brandy: Perfectly.

Chris: Sad but true. I went all the way to New York to become a doctor, and they stuck me at Memorial.

Abigail: Stuck? That's an interesting choice of words.

Chris: It's the nicest one I could think of at the moment.

Abigail: Why?

Chris: I love my dad, but his hospital is the last place on earth that I'd want to be under a microscope. If I'm gonna have to work for days on end for next to nothing, being physically and emotionally drained, I'd rather be someplace where not everybody thinks they know all there is to know about me. At least I'll have you here to make it more bearable.

Abigail: Well, it was great seeing you, and I should probably get home, because Molly's probably wondering where I am.

Chris: Give me a call. We should do something.

Abigail: Yeah. We'll talk soon.

Chris: Oh, all right. It's good to see you, Abigail.

Abigail: Yeah, you, too.

Lucy: I'll be getting up early for my morning run. With your permission, that is.

Rosanna: You know, you have the wrong idea about me. I know what it's like to fall in love. I know what it's like to have your heart broken. I simply put up barriers in order to keep from getting hurt.

Lucy: That doesn't sound like a fun way to live. In fact, it doesn't sound like living at all.

Rosanna: I'm just trying to keep you from making the same mistakes I did.

Lucy: Well, it's my heart, Rosanna, my life. And I'm gonna keep living it. I'm gonna live every minute of it.

Molly: It's all your fault, you know? You dropped me at the guy's feet, Jake.

[Phone ringing] I just have one question for you. Sweetie, if you thought that I needed saving that badly, why Mike Kasnoff?

[Phone ringing] answering machine: Hey, no one's home. Leave a message after the beep.

[Machine beeps]

Mike: Molly, it's Mike. If you're there, will you pick up? I have this image of you in my head, and you're hovering next to that answering machine, listening to me babble on and on. So, if you're there, please pick up. Pick up, pick up, pick up! All right. I got the message. Look, I know it's late. And I know that this is unexpected. And my voice is probably the last thing you want to hear, but I couldn't go to sleep without telling you something. I just want to tell you - sweet dreams.

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