ATWT Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

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[Door shuts]

Molly: Honey, I'm home.

Abigail: Molly?

Molly: Hey, I thought you were at Holden's.

Abigail: I thought you were in New York. I just came by to get some clothes. For the first time, I had good timing.

Molly: Yeah, me, too. Listen, I am sorry that I skipped out of town the way I did. It was just, I was so confused, I really didn't know what else to do.

Abigail: Molly, you've already apologized on the message. You don't even have to talk about it anymore.

Molly: Thank you. Listen, I want you to know that going to New York turned out to be a good thing. Better than I could've ever imagined. And from now on, things are going to be different.

Abigail: In what way?

Molly: Well, you know, honey, it used be whenever I came in the apartment I had to brace myself against -- so many awful memories. Seeing Jake shot, hearing that he had died, the helplessness I felt waking up that first time and he wasn't there. But today was different. It just -- you know, the taxi dropped me off, and I stood there on the sidewalk, and I realized that I am now in a place where I can remember Jake, love Jake, miss Jake every minute of every day, but I don't have to sacrifice everything. Honey, I'm gonna be okay. For the first time since Jake died, I am ready to start living again.

Marshall: Thanks for your hospitality.

Bonnie: It was an effort.

Gunman: Nobody moves!

[Screaming] this is a holdup! Hands behind your head! Get over here. Now! Do it! Did you hear me, lady? Put your hands behind your head!

Bonnie: I most certainly will not. What do you think you're doing?

Gunman: You wanna die today? Because if you do, I'm the guy who can make it happen.

Marshall: Listen to him, Bonnie. Without comment.

Gunman: Thank you. You! Down on the ground! Hands behind your head. Do it! All right. Everyone remains calm, this will all be over soon. Let's go, come on. Over to the register. Open it up and fill this bag! Do it!

Rosanna: You know, if you hadn't stopped me, I would've been gone before this happened.

Carly: Are you making this my fault?

Rosanna: Events like this seem to follow you around. I was supposed to be going to pick up Craig's daughter. She's going to be wondering where I am.

Carly: Well, I think we have worse problems than that right now, don't you, Rosanna? We have to figure out a way to stop that guy.

Rosanna: "We"?

Carly: Yeah, "we," Rosanna -- you and me.

Chase: Here's my philosophy about having fun -- first thing you gotta do is loosen up.

Lucy: I don't drink, remember?

Chase: That's a big mistake. Big mistake. You know, I'm really glad you showed up.

Lucy: Really? How come?

Chase: 'Cause this party was going nowhere. Hey, Jeb, go change the music. How come you keep looking over there?

Lucy: I told you, I was supposed to meet someone.

Chase: That little blonde friend of yours? She and Jeb seemed to really hit it off great.

Lucy: No, actually, my boyfriend, Aaron.

Chase: Your boyfriend?

Lucy: That's right.

Chase: Your first?

Lucy: So?

Chase: So let me tell you something about boyfriends, honey. If he cared about you, he would've been here on time. Oh, finally. You want to dance?

Lucy: Not really.

Chase: What's your problem, little girl?

Lucy: Nothing. I just -- I'm just not very good at it.

Chase: Come on, I'll teach you. C'mon -- it'll be fun.

Alison: Take your shirt off, Aaron. The water feels great on your skin.

Aaron: I'm getting out.

Alison: Come on, I took off mine.

Aaron: I don't care if you take off the rest of your clothes, and I'm not gonna care. Alison, cut it out.

Alison: I -- I don't get it. You're off work. Can't you have a little fun?

Aaron: I told you, I have to be somewhere. I don't want to be late.

Alison: Aaron -- can you help me out?

Aaron: Yeah, right.

Alison: Here, let me get your back. I don't get it. Why are you so mad at me?

Aaron: You're right, Alison. You don't get it.

Alison: Aaron? Aaron, where are you going? Aaron?

Lucy: Thanks. Um you're a really good dancer. Good night.

Chase: Wait, where are you going?

Lucy: Home. And don't bother offering me a ride.

Chase: Whoa, wait a second. You said you were going to meet your -- "boyfriend."

Lucy: Oh, something must have happened to him. I better make sure he's okay.

Chase: I'll tell you what happened to him. He's with someone else, and he's with them right now.

Lucy: Look, I know you mean well, but --

Chase: Of course I do. I'm a nice guy. Come on, let's get a beer.

Lucy: Would you just listen to me for a minute? This is not my kind of party.

Chase: Okay. Tell me what kind of party you like, and we'll shoot right out there and find one.

Lucy: I don't want to go to a party, and I never did.

Chase: Then why are you here?

Lucy: Because -- look, my dad doesn't want me to date anyone. My boyfriend and I thought that if we met here, then we could spend some time together without getting in trouble.

Chase: Bet your daddy would like me. The ivy league thing is always a hit with the parents.

Lucy: Look, I gotta go. Good night, and get a ride home.

Chase: Wait. All right, fine. You can go, but first, you have to give me a kiss.

Lucy: No!

Chase: One kiss, and then you can go chase after what's his face for the rest of the night.

Lucy: I don't think so! Look, you need to get out of my way.

Jeb: Big mistake, brother. Now you're gonna pay for it.

Gunman: Did you hear what I said?! Open it!

Bonnie: No! I'm not gonna let you just come in here and take --

Marshall: Easy now, Bonnie. Don't bother walking me to the door.

Gunman: Hey! Hey, where are you going?!

Marshall: A few minutes ago, the lady told me to vacate the premises, so I'm just trying to comply with the wishes of the management.

Gunman: Nice try, hotshot. Now get over here! Get over here and put your hands on the bar. Do it! I'm tired of waiting, doll. Now do it!

Carly: Give me your phone.

Rosanna: I didn't bring it with me today.

Carly: What do you mean you didn't bring it with you? You're Rosanna Cabot. You don't have your phone? Aren't you supposed to be big and important?

Rosanna: I didn't intend on being stuck under a table today.

Carly: Oh, this is great. That's just great.

Rosanna: Well, where's yours?

Carly: It -- it's that one. It's over there.

Rosanna: Great. Wonderful. Now what are we supposed to do?

Carly: Get it.

Gunman: What are you doing?!

Bonnie: You can have the money. I don't care about that. Just please let my employees and my customers go.

Gunman: Are you out of your mind? No!

Bonnie: Those are my terms. Either you accept them --

Gunman: Shut up! Now you open that up or I'll blow it up.

Rosanna: Go, go, he's looking the other way.

Gunman: This is all the cash you got? Where's the rest of it, huh? You got a safe here, right?

Rosanna: What? He was going to see you.

Carly: Thanks.

Bonnie: There is a safe in the back, but I don't know the combination.

Gunman: Then you'd better find it fast. Now let's move.

Marshall: You'll never get away with this, you know. You don't have a chance in hell.

Gunman: What the hell are you talking about?

Marshall: Everyone here has seen your face. You've got at least a dozen witnesses who can identify you.

Gunman: Well, then I guess I'll have to kill all of you.

Carly: There is an armed robbery in progress at Java underground. Would you please notify Detective Jack Snyder and tell him that Carly is there.

Nancy: Thank you.

Maitre d': Would you care for a cocktail, Ms. Hughes?

Nancy: Oh, no, thank you. I'll wait till the rest of my family arrives. We're celebrating my grandson's graduation from medical school. And his parents are picking him up -- here they are!

Maitre d': Enjoy your evening.

Nancy: Thank you.

Kim: Hello.

Chris: Hi, gram! It's so nice to see you.

Nancy: And I to see you. Stand back, let me look at you. Oh, dear. Bob, do you remember how thin you got when you came home from medical school?

Chris: I remember you were the only one that thought that.


Nancy: Well, Christopher has done the same thing. But I think I'll have enough time to fatten you up.

Chris: I'm not sure how much time there'll be. I'm only be in Oakdale till I find out where I'm interning.

Kim: Oh, as a matter of fact, you do remember I said that we have a surprise for you?

Chris: Mom, you shouldn't have. The sports car parked outside?

Bob: I'm afraid it's not that kind of surprise. We know where you'll be interning.

Chris: How?

Bob: Well, think about it.

Chris: The only way you could know before me is if I wound up at Oakdale Memorial.

Kim: That's it! You got it!

Bob: You're coming back to your old home town.

Chris: Yeah -- wow. Incredible.

Abigail: You seem different.

Molly: Well, I am.

Abigail: Well, what happened? I mean, it's just before, you know, you were sort of --

Molly: Out of control? Yes, you're right. I was. And you know what's funny about that? I used to be so uncomfortable around people that seemed to drink heavily. And then, before you knew it, without even realizing, I was becoming one of those people myself.

Abigail: And it didn't last.

Molly: Nope. It's over. One glass of champagne on New Year's eve and I am set for the year.

Abigail: That makes me really happy. You have no idea. But I guess it's just I'm not quite sure what happened that brought on this change.

Molly: You don't want to hear this. Do you want to hear this? Because it's a really, long --

Abigail: No, yes, of course.

Molly: Okay. When Jake was alive, honey, I depended on him for everything. You know, and then after he died, I don't know -- I just did not know how I was going to keep on living without him. I guess I was just waiting for him to help me.

Abigail: You mean, give you a sign?

Molly: Exactly. And finally, that's what he did.

Abigail: In New York? What was the sign?

Molly: Another man.

Abigail: Molly --

Molly: No, a friend, honey. He was just a really nice guy that seemed to understand what I was going through.

Abigail: Well, how did you meet him?

Molly: In a bar. Ah! Obviously, I know, not the best place to meet somebody. But you know what? Once I told him -- I told him that I just lost my husband. And he -- he gave me space. Automatically, gave me space. And then -- well, he knew that I didn't want any romance, so we just agreed to be anonymous with each other. No last names. No history.

Abigail: Sounds a little romantic to me.

Molly: It wasn't. Not at all. But then, the most amazing thing happened. I slipped up and I said that I was from Oakdale. And then one thing led to another, and it turns out that he's one of Carly's ex-boyfriends.

Abigail: What? That's amazing.

Molly: Yeah, I know. His name is Mike Kasnoff. And actually, he dated Rosanna -- Carly's sister first, but things ended very badly. And, well, he left town before I moved back to Oakdale.

Abigail: Okay. Now how is that a sign from Jake?

Molly: Well, I think that Mike was like a lesson for me, you know? I mean, he was hurt really badly in the whole Carly/Rosanna thing, but he survived. He took back control of his life, and he made himself happy again, and I -- I can do that, too. I know it. I know I can, because it's already started.

Abigail: You know, it's weird how someone from the past can give you a whole new take on something.

Molly: Yeah? Honey, what do you mean by that exactly?

Abigail: I found out that Chris Hughes is coming back in town for a visit.

Molly: Are you happy about that?

Abigail: Um -- I don't know.

Bob: And you know, if you didn't want to live in the hospital residence, you could pick up a two-bedroom apartment, maybe share it with another intern.

Chris: Maybe. I'll see what's going on.

Kim: Honey, you know, maybe we should let Chris make up his own mind about this.

Bob: Well, I'm just making suggestions. I mean -- I mean, I went through this. I know how it works.

Kim: I know, but maybe he has his own ideas about it. As far as that's concerned, if you want to come back home, it's there for you.

Bob: Oh, he's not gonna want to do that.

Kim: Well, how do you know?

Chris: This is a lot to take in. I'm gonna need some time to sort it all out.

Kim: Of course, of course. You take your time. We want you to do exactly what will make you happy. If you want your old room, it's there for you.

Bob: Listen, we're not gonna bug you. I mean, and don't worry. I've turned over most of the intern program over to the heads of the department. You'll be working with John and Ben and -- you know the rest.

Chris: Yes, I do. Being at that hospital will be like one of our old Sunday barbecues.

Kim: Well actually, that's not so bad, right?

Nancy: I don't know, Kim. Something tells me that Christopher isn't as happy about this as the rest of us are.

Bob: Oh, come on. That's not true, is it, son? I mean, I know you applied to other hospitals, but since Memorial was your first choice --

Chris: It wasn't. In fact, it was my last.

All: Hit him! Hit him!

Lucy: Stop. I'm calling the Police.

Aaron: No Lucy, don't.

Chase: What's the matter, waiter? You already got a record?

Lucy: You want me to call the Police? Is that what you want? Is that what you all want?

Jeb: Forget it, man. He ain't worth it. Come on. Let's get out of here.

Chase: This isn't over.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Aaron: You carry a handkerchief?

Lucy: My mom got me in the habit. How bad is it?

Aaron: Not too bad. Did that jerk hurt you?

Lucy: He was pretty obnoxious, but I'm all right.

Aaron: Good, or I'd have to go after him.

Lucy: Aaron? Aaron, why are you all wet?

Aaron: This is why I was late. Alison was becoming an idiot, and we both wound up in the pool.

Lucy: Alison was at the club? She was supposed to meet me at this party.

Aaron: Yeah, and Alison always does what she says.

Lucy: I don't understand this. Any time we plan to do anything together, something terrible happens.

Aaron: We're here now.

Lucy: Yeah, but --

Aaron: Together, alone.

Lucy: Yeah, and you're hurt, and I probably look awful.

Aaron: Are you kidding me? You look beautiful. You don't even try, and you look beautiful.

Marshall: You're not a junkie, and it's obvious you're not a pro, either. Maybe you don't even have a record, so you've still got a shot at a decent life. All you've got to do is put the gun down now.

Gunman: Don't talk to me about a "decent life." I had one once, but no more.

Marshall: You can recover. People do it all the time. But if you do something foolish today, the world will quickly turn its back.

Gunman: Did I ask you?! Did I?!

Rosanna: Where is Jack?! That guy could start shooting people any minute.

Carly: Jack will be here.

Marshall: The way I see it, your choice is simple. Take all the money you can stuff into that bag and try to make a run for it or end this now, and I can explain to the jury that there were mitigating circumstances behind your behavior.

Gunman: Who the hell are you?!

Marshall: I'm an attorney, and I can make an armed robbery look like a cry for help.

Gunman: I don't have money for a lawyer.

Marshall: I'll defend you for free, and I won't give up until you're acquitted.

Gunman: Why am I supposed to believe you?

Marshall: Because I'm giving you my word that I can keep you out of jail. It's what I do.

Jack: Everybody freeze! Where is he?

Marshall: He's right here. It's all over, detective. This man here has already surrendered.

Jack: Carly?

Carly: Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey, are you all right?

Carly: Yeah, I'm okay.

Jack: Has anyone been hurt?

Marshall: There was never any intention to do violence, detective. My client is not a criminal.

Jack: Your client? That was quick.

Marshall: Well, it was fortunate I was here.

Jack: Yeah. Listen up, everybody. I need names and statements from everyone here, so it's gonna take some time. I'm gonna ask for your patient.

Marshall: May I have a moment to talk to my client?

Jack: Put this guy in the unit. You can speak to your client in the car.

Marshall: Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you for coming, g-man.

Jack: It's a good thing I was close by. Would you mind telling me what the two of you were doing under that table?

Rosanna: Well, I was here for a meeting with Lisa Grimaldi, and then she showed up and stopped me from leaving, and then that man there pulled out a gun and asked her to empty the register.

Jack: Is that how you saw it?

Carly: Pretty much, yeah.

Rosanna: Listen, can I go now, please? I am supposed to be picking up Craig's daughter --

Jack: Give your statement to that uniform over there.

Rosanna: Well, thank you very much. This was different.

Jack: You and Rosanna were hanging out with each other? Why?

Carly: Uh, well, Parker mentioned Rosanna's name this morning, and I thought it would be a nice idea if they got together. That's all.

Jack: That's funny, because all the time I've spent with Parker, he's never mentioned Rosanna's name once.

Carly: Oh, believe me, I was surprised, too. But he really wanted to see her, so --

Jack: So you wanted to make that happen?

Carly: Well, yeah. I mean, she is his aunt, Jack. And shouldn't you be questioning the man who was waving around a gun, not me?

Bonnie: Once he pointed that gun at my face, my mind went blank. I had no idea what I was doing.

Cop: We'll be in touch.

Bonnie: Wait. One thing I do remember very clearly was Marshall Travers. He was the hero for the day. I feel as if I owe him my life.

Cop: I'll make sure that goes in my report.

Rosanna: Hello, hello. Rosanna Cabot. How do you do? Uh, my sister and I were under that table. The gunman couldn't see us. Uh, my sister lost her phone. I helped her get it. Uh, she dialed 911 while I kept a lookout.

Cop: Sounds like you and your sister make a pretty good team.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: That would be a first.

Jack: I'm gonna go back to the station. Give your statement to that uniform over there.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: I'll call you later.

Carly: What's wrong?

Jack: Nothing.

Carly: Oh, come on. Something is bothering you. I'd rather know now than later.

Jack: Your story, Carly. It doesn't track for me.

Carly: Which part?

Jack: Making plans for Rosanna to see Parker.

Carly: You're -- you're right. There is more to it than that, Jack. Rosanna is watching Lucy while Craig is out of town, and Lucy isn't allowed to see Aaron anymore, but those kids are so sweet, and they're crazy about each other, so I was helping them out.

Jack: By distracting Rosanna with that story about Parker?

Carly: Slick, huh?

Jack: Not bad. Except the way I see it, this isn't about Lucy. It's about Craig.

Chris: Dad, please don't take this personally.

Bob: I'm trying not to.

Chris: I wanted to work with inner city kids. All my other choices were urban hospitals on the east coast, kids who don't always have access to the best care.

Nancy: But there are lots of those children around here, too, darling.

Bob: If you want to focus on pediatrics, I can just tell John to kind of make your program go in that direction.

Chris: No, calling in favors is exactly what I don't want. And there's another reason, too, and I hope you can hear this without being offended, 'cause I love you all so much, and I would never do anything that would hurt you or --

Bob: Okay, okay. Say what you have to say.

Chris: If I wasn't interning, I would never even think of living here again.

Kim: Oh, honey, why not?

Chris: Being away from Oakdale gave me the chance to kind of reinvent myself. Nobody knew about the mistakes I'd made. Nobody was judging me on my past. I liked it, mom. It gave me the freedom to be who I really was.

Nancy: But darling, making mistakes is all part of growing up. Everybody does it, even your father.

Bob: Nonsense. I've always been perfect. Ask anybody.


Kim: You know, actually, son, there is another way of approaching this. Instead of being ashamed of your past, you have every right in the world to be proud of the fact that you've been able to overcome it.

Chris: I am. It's just that every doctor I'll be training under has probably changed my diapers at least once. [Laughter] and there's an attitude that comes with that, and I'm not sure it helps me.

Bob: They'd just be looking out for you. There's nothing wrong with that.

Chris: On the one hand, I agree, but they'll always be watching and wondering if I've changed really. I don't need that, dad. Interning will be hard enough without it.

Maitre 'd: A gift from the management.

Kim: Oh, how nice.

Bob: Isn't that nice? Thank you.

Nancy: Please go ahead, sir.

Bob: Well, listen, I'd like to say something. Um, a few years ago -- you were about 6 years old, I think. I took you to the hospital to spend the morning with me. Of course as usual, it was hectic -- thank you -- and I hardly had a chance to talk to you. And then when I finally did get a break, I said, "come on, Chris. I'll take you to the cafeteria, and we'll have a snack." And you said "no, I want to watch what doctors do, because that's what I want to be someday." Well, a lot of things have changed, but the kid was onto something. So listen, with -- with great pleasure, with love, I'd like to drink to you, my son the doctor.

[Nancy laughs]

Kim: Dr. Christopher Hughes.

Nancy: Welcome home.

Aaron: Does my lip look bad? 'Cause I don't want my father to know that I got into a fight.

Lucy: It'll be okay.

Aaron: Good. I can kiss you?

Lucy: Look, I need to apologize to you, Aaron.

Aaron: For what?

Lucy: I didn't know those guys were gonna be so obnoxious. If I had, I never would have asked you to meet me here.

Aaron: I know that.

Lucy: It just goes to show you how messed up Rosanna is. She acts like boys from the Country Club could never have done what these guys did tonight, like it's in their DNA to always be polite.

Aaron: Lucy, it wasn't all their fault. I mean, I threw the first punch.

Lucy: Nobody will blame you. You were just protecting me.

Aaron: Oh, I almost forgot.

Lucy: What?

Aaron: I bought it with my first paycheck.

Lucy: Aaron, you didn't have to do that.

Aaron: Open it.

Lucy: It's beautiful. I love it.

Aaron: The lady at the store said it's genuine freshwater pearls.

Lucy: Thank you so much. Will you help me put it on?

Aaron: I'll try.

Lucy: Just twist these two ends together. How's it look?

Aaron: Nice.

Lucy: It's the best present I ever got.

Aaron: You know, Lucy, being with you, I've never felt like this before.

Lucy: Is it a good feeling?

Aaron: Yeah.

Alison: Hello? You know, for two people who have just broken up, that was one major kiss.

Chris: I got that article you sent me about Jake. Molly must've been devastated.

Kim: Actually, we all were. He was a wonderful man.

Nancy: I was wondering if you've heard from Abigail? I suppose she knows you're coming home.

Chris: I sent her an e-mail, but I haven't heard back. I'll probably run into her sooner or later.

Kim: You know, Abigail has had a really rough year this year, but fortunately, she's a very strong young woman.

Chris: I guess she'd have to be -- to survive what I put her through?

Bob: Hey, wait a minute. That was the past. Tonight is about the future.

Chris: You're right. Sorry I brought it up.

Kim: Actually, speaking of the future, did anybody see the peach cobbler on the dessert tray when they came in?

Bob: Oh, boy. Peach cobbler, huh? Anybody else?

Nancy: No, thank you.

Bob: Paul, peach cobbler. One and four forks.

Chris: Would anybody mind if I passed on dessert? I've got a couple of things in my head I need to process.

Kim: Of course, honey.

Nancy: Here are my car keys, dear. And you know the car -- the convertible Cadillac out in the back. Bob and Kim will drive me home.

Chris: This was great. I don't think I realized how much I missed everybody. Are the keys to the house still under the flowerpot?

Kim: You bet they are.

Nancy: Lovely to have you home.

Chris: I'll see you later.

Kim: Good night, son.

Bob: I'll see you later, son.

Kim: So what do you think?

Bob: What do I think? Well, I understand some of the things he said. I'm disappointed that Memorial wasn't his first choice. But still, he did say that he missed home more than he realized, didn't he?

Abigail: Let's just say everything was different, and you -- well, let's just say you never married Jake.

Molly: Abigail, please --

Abigail: It's hypothetical. Give it a try.

[Molly sighs]

Molly: Okay.

Abigail: All right? So you were on vacation in New York and you met this Mike guy and you had the same connection. Would you be interested in seeing him again?

Molly: No.

Abigail: And why?

Molly: Because. Abigail, he was very important in Carly's life, and I would never do that to her.

Abigail: And that's the only reason?

Molly: It doesn't matter. Because most likely, I'm never gonna see him again, and I think that's best for everybody.

Abigail: Are you sure? No regrets?

Molly: Only that you're pushing me about this.

Abigail: Oh. I'm sorry. Forget it. I just -- I need to ask these questions.

Molly: Yeah. Are we talking about Mike or Chris?

Abigail: Let's, you know -- what if I met Chris first? Everything would have been completely different. You know?

Molly: Maybe. Honey, does it bother you thinking that I might've cost you a closer relationship with Chris?

Abigail: I'm way past being angry about it. But, you know, having him back here -- life is so complicated, isn't it?

Molly: Hey, you know what? If the world made sense, then good, innocent people wouldn't die before their time.

Abigail: I am so happy to have you home.

Molly: I'm glad to be home.

Jack: We made an agreement, Carly, to keep Julia and Craig out of our lives. And then, here you are, just a couple of hours later --

Carly: I haven't seen Craig and I don't care if I ever do again.

Jack: Craig, sooner or later, will find out that you are helping Lucy. And he will retaliate. That has been the pattern, Carly -- the one I've been trying to break.

Carly: Your timing really stinks, you know that? I could've been killed here tonight, Jack. And instead of appreciating the fact that I'm alive, you're hassling me about something that I didn't even do!

Jack: Of course. I am grateful that you are not hurt -- of course I am! There will come a time when the name Craig Montgomery doesn't drive me up a wall. I can only hope that that time comes very, very soon.

Carly: It will. This is not how I intended to have my evening. But something good did come out of it. Rosanna and I -- connected in a way that we never have before. And for a minute there, when we were both scared to death, I -- I think I felt what it's really like to have a sister.

Lucy: Alison -- what are you doing here?

Alison: Meeting you. Don't you remember?

Lucy: Sure. Only, guess what? The party's over.

Alison: How come?

Aaron: It was my fault. One of those college jackasses was all over Lucy and I lost it.

Alison: You got in a fight? That's cool. So -- but, why were you here?

Lucy: He came to meet me. We were going to leave together.

Alison: Right. So you guys totally didn't break up. You just lied to everyone, including me.

Lucy: Alison, I'm sorry, but Rosanna was all over me. I couldn't take any chances.

Alison: I thought we were friends. Didn't you think you could trust me?

Aaron: Would you, if you were Lucy?

Lucy: What's going on?

Alison: Nothing, nothing. Is that new?

Lucy: It's a gift from Aaron.

Alison: You gave her jewelry?

Aaron: Why not?

Alison: No reason. I think it's great. You and Aaron are back together and you've got the hardware to prove it.

Lucy: So you're not mad at me that I lied to you?

Alison: Nah, you just did what you had to do.

Lucy: All right. Well, I hope that we can keep tonight a secret.

Alison: Sure. I promise.

Lucy: All right, well -- I better get going. Rosanna wasn't there when I left, so it'll probably be better if I got back there before she got home.

Aaron: Are you parked in the lot?

Alison: Yeah.

Aaron: Okay. Let's go.

Lucy: Alison, aren't you coming?

Alison: Just a minute. You know, I'll just catch up with you guys another time.

Lucy: Okay. Bye.

Aaron: Bye.

Abigail: I loaded the dishwasher. Do you want to go for a walk?

Molly: Actually, you know what? I'm really tired. But don't let that stop you, okay? It's a gorgeous evening outside.

Abigail: Are you gonna be here when I get back?

Molly: You have every right to ask me that and the answer is yes. I'm not gonna run away again, okay?

Abigail: Okay. Then I'll see you later.

Molly: You will. I love you.

Abigail: Love you, too.

Carly: Hi, this is Carly. Please leave a message for Parker, me or Jack.

Molly: Hey, it's molly. I'm back in Oakdale. And boy, do we have to talk.

Jack: Well, we've taken everybody's statement. I'm gonna have my guys clear out. If you want to reopen, I see no problem with that.

Bonnie: I don't. I don't think I can deal with any more customers today.

Carly: Does Isaac know what happened?

Bonnie: Lisa and Isaac are down at the Liquor Board. I don't think now is a good time to call them.

Jack: Liquor Board? Is there a problem with the bar? What's going on?

Bonnie: Just some bureaucratic nonsense. Anyway -- I think I'll stay here until Isaac gets back to talk to him.

Jack: All right, listen -- I'm gonna leave a guy posted at the door.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Jack: Bonnie, an experience like this, it stays with you for awhile. And the best way to deal with it is to avoid stress and try not to be alone.

Bonnie: Thank you -- for everything.

Carly: You take care.

Bonnie: Thanks.

[Bonnie sighs]

[Bonnie remembering]

Gunman: I'm tired of waiting now, doll! Now do it! Do it!



Lucy: Rosanna. Hi, you weren't here when I got back, so I --

Rosanna: Please, don't bother to explain. I know exactly what happened.

Lucy: You do?

Rosanna: Yes. And you are in big trouble.

Abigail: Hi. Could I have a decaf coffee to go, please?

Waitress: Uh-huh.

Abigail: Better be decaf or you're not gonna sleep a wink tonight.

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