ATWT Transcript Monday 7/15/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/15/02

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Lucinda: Darling, we can't come on too strong until we're sure that the man is an imposter.

Rose: I don't care who the bum is, okay? I want my pop back, I want my Paul back, I want my letter back, and I don't care if I have to rip this guy's face off to get it!

Lucinda: If you confront him rashly, this Simon look-alike, you could be signing your own dad's death warrant, dear.

Rose: If that Aussie upstairs isn't the real McCoy, my dad's in worse trouble than I thought. We all are.

Lucinda: I just don't want you rushing off half-cocked with no plan.

Rose: Oh, I've got a fistful of plans.

Lucinda: Well, he's dangerous. What are you gonna do?

Rose: I'm gonna lay some jersey on him.

Katie: Cooley is obviously playing with us. He told you that I had the diamond. He told me that you have it. And obviously, somebody else has it, like Desi at the front desk or the woman who cleans the sheets or Rose or Lucinda or some other Simon.

"Simon": What did you just say?

Katie: Hmm?

"Simon": What other Simon could there possibly be?

Katie: What other Simon? The nice one.

"Simon": No, no, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere until you tell me what you just meant.

Katie: Why are you so nervous, hubby, if you are my hubby?

"Simon": See, that's it. That's it. It's little comments like that. I -- I just want to know what you're getting at.

Katie: Okay, why not? You -- ain't him.

"Simon": Him who?

Katie: Simon. You're not him. You look like him, you kind of talk like him, but you definitely don't kiss like him. My Simon has clean teeth.

"Simon": Whoa. So what are you saying? You think I'm not your husband, huh?

Katie: No.

"Simon": You know what? It's, um -- it's talk like that that can get a person killed.

[Knock at door] don't you move. All right, whatever you're selling, I ain't buying!

Rose: Oh! Hey!

"Simon": Now look, this is a really bad time.

Rose: This will only take a minute. And that is how they do it back in Hoboken.

Hal: Hi, gorgeous. What you got there?

Emily: Sketches.

Hal: Oh, Carly Tenney. Oh, must be clothes.

Emily: For Alison.

Hal: Cease-fire? Look, I'm sorry I laid down the law without talking to you first. I'm sorry that I shut you out. I'm sorry I made the decision on my own.

Emily: Sorry that you made Alison feel like she's not welcome here, that she can't turn to me when she needs help?

Hal: I'll talk to her. I'll --

Emily: Don't you dare. She's already set herself up for one major rejection. She's chasing some boy who's clearly in love with somebody else.

Hal: And this is my fault?

Emily: Yes.

Alison: Hey!

Aaron: I thought you went home.

Alison: Oh, that was just making my sister happy. She dropped me off, and I grabbed a ride back. So when do you go on break?

Aaron: Not for awhile. Listen, I've got to get back to work.

Alison: I'll be at the juice bar. Come find me.

Aaron: I was hoping you'd show up.

Lucy: I've got some good news. Can we go somewhere and talk?

Aaron: Not for a few. Here. Take the menu, act like you're ordering something.

Lucy: My dad may not want me to see you, but we have a secret weapon.

Aaron: Yeah?

Lucy: Carly Tenney. I talked to her. She's totally on our side. She thinks you're great. Don't look now, but your supervisor's looking at you.

Aaron: Let him look. The squid you said?

Lucy: Yeah, with a side of jellyfish.

Aaron: Oh, you're not interested in the jellyfish. What you want is right here.

Rosanna: I just wanna know -- am I baby-sitting your daughter so you can fly off to Montega and seduce your ex-wife?

Craig: Is that a problem? I'm joking. I'm joking. I'm joking.

Rosanna: Well, I'm not sure, given your reputation.

Craig: Yeah, my reputation, you know -- if you're looking for a guy who knows his way around a pyramid scheme, stock takeover, hostile bids, then I'm your man. But leaving my child with a lover so that I can go seduce my ex-wife -- and why would I want to seduce my ex-wife?

Rosanna: Because she's -- because she's fun. I understand that she's a beautiful and fascinating woman.

Craig: Well, yes, she has all that and more.

Rosanna: Because it's a conquest. Because it proves you've still got what it takes.

Craig: To do what?

Rosanna: Because it's reassuring she's still yours.

Craig: I can see you've never been married. Who put this idea in your head, anyway?

Rosanna: How about you answer my question?

Craig: How about you restate it for the jury?

Rosanna: When you go to Montega and you see Sierra, will things get physical? I don't want details. I just want a yes or no.

Craig: No.

Rosanna: No? No what?

Craig: I thought you said no details.

Rosanna: You're enjoying this.

Craig: Yes. Oh, come on! You've got to admit it's flattering. You come all the way out here to stop me from going to Montega to ravish my ex-wife, which I am not going to do. Anyway, Lucinda says she's already seeing somebody else.

Rosanna: And if she weren't?

Craig: I'm seeing somebody else.

Rosanna: Okay.

Craig: Okay? No more questions?

Rosanna: No more questions.

Craig: Not even about my stop at Carly's?

Rosanna: You told me why you stopped at Carly's. You were there to talk about Barbara's trial. And I'm sure Carly was less than helpful.

Craig: Well, Carly's on a mission to crucify Barbara, so she doesn't care. She's named as my love interest while Barbara and I were married, and Marshall Travers calls her to the stand, and my daughter never listens to another word I say. She doesn't care. She has Jack.

[Rosanna remembering]

Rosanna: Just make sure that Craig doesn't testify at your trial.

Barbara: My attorney does not like to lose. If he thinks I'm doing

anything to hurt my case, he will refuse to represent me.

Rosanna: Well, there are other lawyers. There's no play in this, Barbara.

If Craig is called, our deal with B.R.O. is off.

Craig: And she doesn't care if Lucy's heart is broken or her life is destroyed.

Rosanna: Oh, well, it might not come to that. I pulled a string.

Craig: And?

Rosanna: And you might not have to testify. We'll see.

Craig: Well, anything you can do. You have my number in Montega. I left it.

Rosanna: Sierra's number, yes.

Craig: Well, yes. So if anything happens, call me, and I'll extend my stay.

Rosanna: What?

Craig: Well, I have to gauge on Sierra's mood. If Lucy's got her all stirred up, then I may have to work on her a little longer. But if you can quash that subpoena, I can stay in Montega a little longer.

Lucy: I think he's gone. I wish we didn't have to be so careful. But I told you, Rosanna will do anything to make points with my dad.

Aaron: Does she know that you're here?

Lucy: Yeah. She thinks I bought into this lecture she gave me, something about rich boys turning into rich men and why look at anything else.

Aaron: I thought she was rich.

Lucy: She is. She's disgustingly rich. Why do you think my dad's dating her? And they wonder why I don't listen to them. They're so --

Aaron: Twisted.

Lucy: You're supposed to be with a person because you care about them, and you feel good when you're together, not because of how much money they have or who their parents are. Whatever. I don't wanna talk about my dad.

Aaron: Lucy, I miss you. I see your helmet at the barn all the time. We've gotta figure this out. I mean, I'm walking around like a zombie. Yesterday, I caught myself staring at the wall for an hour. I need to be with you.

Lucy: Me, too. I mean, I can't even sleep, and when I do, I have these dreams.

Aaron: Really. About what?

Lucy: You know exactly what about, so let's just not go there.

Aaron: Well, I'm having the same dreams. We have to find a place.

Lucy: I know, but where and when? That's Alison.

Alison: Swimming? Please. I only do water in a glass. I'll be right back.

Lucy: I'll have the iced tea.

Aaron: Okay.

Alison: What was that about?

Lucy: What?

Alison: Aaron?

Lucy: Can I help it if he's the only waiter in sight?

Alison: Oh, so you weren't talking to him?

Lucy: He said, "can I help you?" I said, "iced tea." It's not a major conversation.

Alison: Okay. It's -- it's just I don't want him bothering you. I know how you feel.

Lucy: So what's with the bookends?

Alison: Chase! Jeb! They're pre-law at Yale -- ski houses, trust funds. Hey, guys. Meet your new best friend -- Lucy Montgomery.

Rose: Oh! Ah! That plastic surgeon must have put a metal plate in his jaw.

Katie: That was amazing. Where did you learn how to do that?

Lucinda: Oh, come on, darling! Don't encourage her.

Rose: Oh, we can't all be like Ms. Walsh, now. Kill 'em with an evil look.

Lucinda: Oh, come off it. If we want to see some evil, we could just stand around here chatting --

Rose: Yeah, I know, I know. You're the brains. I'm the muscle.

Lucinda: Okay, I love you, too. Go through his pockets, everybody.

Rose: Okay.

Lucinda: Come on, search.

Katie: Gosh, it looks so much like him. It's weird. Wait. What is that? My Simon doesn't have a scar like that.

Lucinda: Where?

Rose: That's because your Simon isn't Donovan Curry.

Katie: Oh, my God, he looks like his cousin or something, like kind of the same, but --

Lucinda: Good heaven! Is that military?! I'll bet you there are some outstanding warrants down under. We should check.

Rose: Yes! Look into that.

Katie: Hello? This guy has my husband and your dad. We need him.

Rose: No, we need leverage. We gotta have something to trade.

Lucinda: Well, I'll tell you something. This guy doesn't want his real identity known.

Katie: He wants the diamond. That's what he wants. That's what all this is all about.

Rose: Well, we don't got the diamond, girl.

Lucinda: Well, he don't got it, either.

Katie: Yes, but he does have something -- the provenance.

Rose: And the letter from the Carpenters, yes.

Katie: Okay. We gotta find it. Obviously, he wouldn't keep it in his pockets, would he? Okay, he's gotta have it. He hid it around here somewhere.

Lucinda: All right, all right. It's time to ransack this room.

Katie: Henry and I already tried that.

Lucinda: Well, honey, you didn't have me to help you. Let's start right here. Okay!

Lucinda: This guy never cleaned out his pockets. They're disgusting.

Katie: That's because he never cleans his clothes.

Lucinda: Well, I'm gonna wash my hands because that's ridiculous. Maybe he -- maybe he hid it in the commode.

Katie: Well, he definitely didn't hide it in his mattress. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he didn't hide it here. Maybe he hid it up at the top of a coconut palm or swallowed it.

Rose: Hey, what's behind the armoire?

Katie: The wall?

Lucinda: The armoire?

Rose: Katie, help me.

Katie: Hold on.

Rose: You got it?

Katie: I got it.

Rose: Careful. There you go. There's plenty of room. Okay, thank you.

Katie: Oh, gosh, that is disgusting.

"Simon": What the hell is going on in here, huh? What the hell is going on?

Rose: Good job, Ms. Walsh.

Katie: How come everybody else gets to hit him? I wanna hit him. He's my fake husband.

Lucinda: Honey, you've got my permission. You hit him next. All right? How are we doing? What did you find?

Rose: I got something here. Hold on.

Katie: What is it?

Rose: It's a letter! It's a letter or something! It's the provenance! This is it, right here!

Katie: What do we do? What do we do? Wake him up?

Rose: No. No, no, no. First thing we gotta do is we gotta stash this someplace.

Katie: Where are we gonna stash it?

Lucinda: I don't care about that. Let's get the hell out of here before prince charming wakes up again. Get your stuff. Come on. Let's get out. Come on, honey.

Emily: Alison is looking for someone to love her. And since that's never happened, she's picking a boy who clearly never will.

Hal: And this is my fault because I asked her to call before she comes over here?

Emily: No, because you told her to get her bags and get out.

Hal: I wish it were that simple, Emily, but Alison's problems went a lot deeper than me setting a few ground rules.

Emily: Which is exactly why I've been trying to get through to her. She was just starting to respond to me, Hal, when you slammed the door in her face.

Hal: All right, so what's the answer? We let a teenage girl set the rules?

Emily: Why does it always have to be about rules with you? Can it just for once be a troubled kid who's trying to reach out any way she can, and we'll clean up the mess once we know we've gotten through to her?

Hal: Fine. If that's the way you want to play it, fine.

Emily: Fine?! It's not fine, Hal, if you think I'm wrong.

Hal: We're not always gonna agree, Emily. And anyway, who's to say I'm right? She's your daughter. It's your call. You know, we're not gonna solve this tonight.

Emily: We're not gonna solve it period, if you won't talk about it.

Hal: What's to talk about? I know what you think. You know what I think, Emily. What's to talk about?

Emily: Then everything must be fine.

Hal: Well, let's talk about the wedding.

Emily: I don't want to talk about the wedding with you. I'm too angry at you to talk about anything.

Hal: Now you see, this is what I was trying to avoid, you and I fighting over something that is not our problem.

Emily: She is my daughter.

Hal: And she's driving a wedge between us, just like she drove a wedge between you and your mother.

Emily: Oh, so now you're on my mother's side?

Hal: I'm trying to be on your side, Emily, but you won't let me.

Emily: Oh, of course, so now it's my fault.

Hal: It's Alison's fault, Emily, but you can't see that.

Emily: Will you listen to yourself? You are blaming a 17-year-old girl.

Hal: Yes! And I don't care how old she is, and I don't care how tough she's had it. Lots of kids have it tough. It's no excuse. But if you coddle her, or if you give into this, it's just gonna make it worse in the end.

Emily: You know what? You're right. It's her fault. It's my fault. And you are perfect!

Hal: First sensible thing you said all day.

Barbara: I heard voices.

Hal: I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard voices.

Barbara: Got a minute?

Hal: Sure. Why not? Come in. Make yourself at home.

Barbara: Everything all right around here? Kids okay?

Hal: Oh, the kids are just fine.

Barbara: You look like you wanna strangle somebody.

Hal: I do. The kids are just fine. Everybody's fine. It's -- it's Alison, AKA Ms. Malice aforethought.

Barbara: Worse than Jennifer?

Hal: Well, Jen had her moments, but Alison's pretty constant and deliberate. She's a manipulative, deceiving, conniving --

Barbara: Teenager.

Hal: Teenager, right. She's playing me and Emily like a poker hand.

Alison: So I'm at the juice bar ordering a mango lassi and who appears? Jeb and Chase. They were totally into mango lassis, too. I mean, it's fate, right? Who would have guessed all of us would wind up here in Boonieville for the summer?

Chase: Beats New Haven.

Alison: I guess it does, doesn't it?

Jeb: So, Ali says you're at Yale, too?

Alison: Um -- her parents don't want anyone to know it. Security reasons. She's from Montenegro.

Lucy: Montega. And Alison and I are both at Oakdale Latin.

Alison: Teaching summer school. It's important to give back, at least that's what Mommy says.

Chase: Does Mommy let you come out and play?

Jeb: Yeah, there's a kegger at the old mill tomorrow night.

Lucy: You mean beer?

Chase: All you can drink.

Jeb: And a band. And some cool people for a change. You guys should come.

Lucy: No, I -- thank you, but I can't.

Jeb: Pity.

Alison: I'll work on her.

Chase: Do that. See you later, ladies.

Lucy: Are you out of your mind? A beer party?

Alison: You don't have to drink if you don't want to.

Lucy: Alison, they're in college.

Alison: Oh, what, do you have a problem with education? I mean, I realize Aaron's a dropout, but I thought you were ready to move up.

Lucy: Aaron has nothing to do with this. He's -- he's not an issue.

Alison: Then what's the problem? I mean, you're available. You're rich. So are they.

Lucy: They're too old for me, Alison. I'm not interested.

Alison: Well, I am. I mean, they're fun, and that's exactly what I need. And I'm not about to give that up just because you're too scared to go to a party. Come on, Lucy. I need you. I need you if I ever am gonna get out of my house.

Lucy: Your mother is not my problem.

Alison: Excuse me? I kept your father from seeing you and Aaron here at the club. You owe me, and tomorrow night's payback.

Craig: Boarding's been delayed. You have time for a drink?

Rosanna: With a hundred other irritated passengers? How fun.

Craig: No, with me. You came all the way out here.

Rosanna: Not for a vodka tonic.

Craig: You are so good for my ego.

Rosanna: Your ego doesn't need my help.

Craig: All right, if not my ego, how about my -- my soul?

Rosanna: You have one?

Craig: Are you mad at me?

Rosanna: I'll miss you. It makes me grumpy.

Craig: I'll be home soon.

Rosanna: No, that's not what I meant. You know, what makes this "friendship" interesting is that we're both honest with each other. I asked you about Sierra because I wanted to know, and you told me. And if that situation changes and you and Sierra find yourselves in an intimate situation, I expect you to tell me that, too, just like I'll tell you.

Craig: You'll tell me what?

Rosanna: If -- if I find myself being intimate with somebody else. You don't think that's a possibility?

Craig: Oh, no, no, I think there are legions of men eager to drink from the cup of your beauty. No, I don't think you're interested in anyone else.

Rosanna: Oh, really? Why not?

Craig: Because I think you're in love with me.

Rosanna: I'm in love with you?

Craig: Why, we did say good-bye at the Lakeview. I called you from Carly's, and you practically beat me out here. You must have done 90 in a rental car. Pretty passionate response, wouldn't you say?

Rosanna: Passionate, yes, but in love? Come on. I don't think so. I'm involved with you. I'm in the airport with you. But in love? No.

Craig: Why not? I'm a fun guy. I'm rich. Maybe not as rich as you, but I can pick up a check. I'm smart. Maybe not as smart as you.

Rosanna: Oh, please. You're one of the smartest men I've met in a long time.

Craig: Well, I make you laugh once a day.

Rosanna: Yes, you certainly do.

Craig: Well, there's my vat of pain. Women like pain, don't they? I've got lots of pain. My beautiful daughter, which shows I'm human, warm and caring. And I'm almost always cheerful, and if I'm not, I'm entertaining, at least in bed.

Rosanna: Oh, which -- which are all very good reasons for legions of women to throw themselves at your feet, but, you know, I'm -- I'm a hard case.

Craig: Which appeals to my sense of challenge and my determination and patience and my taste for the obscure and difficult.

Rosanna: Those sound like good reasons for you to love me.

Craig: I thought you wanted to be honest.

Rosanna: I do.

Craig: Then why did you follow me here?

Rosanna: Why did I follow you here?

Craig: At 90 miles an hour in a rental car after we already said good-bye?

Rosanna: Because I wanted you. Does that sound shocking? You know, I -- I didn't get to kiss you good-bye with your daughter standing right there. I just wanted to sort of, you know, touch you one more time.

Lucy: Aaron and I are over, and I would have told my father that myself if you hadn't butted in, so stop making threats, okay?

Alison: I'm not threatening you, Lucy. I'm just saying that maybe since I helped you, you could help me. Is that so much to ask?

Lucy: Yes, and the answer is no. I'm not gonna lie and sneak out so that you can get past your mom and go to some college party when neither of us is old enough to drink. I mean, do you know what would happen if we got caught? And for what, for Jab and Chase?

Alison: No, no, I happen to like Jab and Chase. And they like me, and they want me to be at that party.

Lucy: Well, gee, I wonder why.

Alison: That's -- that's real nice, Lucy. I'm really glad to know what you think of me.

Lucy: Not you, them. Look, they don't care about us. They just want girls around while they drink.

Alison: I just wanna do something fun, something exciting. Can you understand that? Don't you get sick and tired of sitting around Oakdale being perfect? It's death.

Lucy: Look, I just don't feel like getting in trouble.

Alison: You won't. We won't have to stay long. You can even stay in the car. Just -- please just be there in case my mother calls.

Lucy: I'm not gonna lie to your mother.

Alison: Then she won't let me out of the house.

Lucy: At the risk of repeating myself, your mother is not my problem.

Alison: You are so mean.

Hal: Now, Alison -- Alison, she makes me grateful I only have to deal with criminals.

Barbara: She done anything illegal?

Hal: No, but I might if she keeps it up. I've never met a kid who's such a bold-faced liar. She's got Emily and Susan at each other's throats.

Barbara: Hal, that's nothing new.

Hal: Yeah, but she's exploiting it, and so far, it's working for her.

Barbara: And you're coming home to this every night?

Hal: No, she's still living with Susan, although once Emily and I, if she ever speaks to me again, once we -- there's something I haven't told you. Emily and I are getting married.

Barbara: Oh. Well, I'm -- I'm not surprised. I know how you two feel about each other. And you both deserve all the happiness, Hal. I have to admit, it will take a little getting used to, but I've always wanted what's best for you.

Hal: How's the trial prep going?

Barbara: Actually, that's why I -- I stopped by. My attorney has adopted a rather unorthodox strategy, and I wanted to warn you.

Hal: I can't imagine he'd appreciate you giving the chief of detectives a heads-up.

Barbara: No, he'd kill me, but that's just too bad. You're the father of my children, and I won't have him blindside you. I'm going to plead not guilty, and his strategy is to blame everyone around me. You'll be getting a subpoena.

Hal: I already have, along with half the town.

Barbara: Well, be prepared. He's going to make you all out to seem like uncaring monsters, and there's nothing I can do about it short of firing him.

Hal: Well, you can't do that.

Barbara: No, I can't.

Hal: Well, thanks for the warning. Have you warned the rest of the crew?

Barbara: No, but I want to find Paul. As James' son, his head will be first on the chopping block. Have you heard from him, Hal?

Hal: Me?

Barbara: I know he's out of the country with Rose. I think he needs to stay there until after the trial. Can you get word to him?

Lucinda: Desi? Desi? My dear friend, Desi, can you do something for me?

Desi: Anything for you, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: Desi, can you take this packet, and you put it in a safe place where Mr. Simon Frasier can't get hold of it?

Katie: Not my Simon. The Simon upstairs.

Lucinda: Let's not confuse the issue. Can you do that?

Desi: But of course.

Rose: Look, not that I don't trust you. What are you thinking about?

Desi: The hotel safe. I'm the only one with the combination.

Lucinda: How civilized.

Rose: It's bolted down so some crazy Australian can't ride off in the sunset with it?

Lucinda: If Desi says the safe is safe, it's safe. Thank you, Desi. Thank you, Rose. Okay, it's taken care of.

Katie: Thank you.

Lucinda: Now what?

Rose: Now we sit back, and we wait for your fake husband to wake up and start begging.

Rose: Paul, Paul!

Paul: Rose D'Angelo. Hey! Hey, hey, get your hands off her!

Rose: Don't you hurt him! Don't you dare hurt him!

Paul: Babe -- babe, that's fine. All they want is money.

Rose: Money? You've got money. Money, money, money!

Paul: All right.

Lucinda: What's the matter with you guys? You're all the same, all corrupt. This guy is an American citizen. Oh, you were here before.

Paul: Lucinda, just give them some cash!

Lucinda: Oh, all right. I just resent the whole thing. For heaven's sake, what kind of a world is this coming to? There, go. Go.

Rose: Oh! Oh, no! Paul! Oh, I thought they'd killed you! Oh! What, did they take your money?

Paul: I was worth more to them alive. Just get these things off me.

Rose: Oh, they beat you. They beat you.

Paul: Yeah, well, they -- they got a few lucky shots, but I'm fine.

Rose: Oh!

Paul: Thanks, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Yeah, this is costing more than a week in the Riviera.

Rose: We've got to get you to a doctor, like, now.

Paul: I'm fine. I am fine. I don't need a doctor. Have you found Joe? Simon, did he make it? Henry, Cooley, did they show up?

Katie: Uh, no -- yes and no. Yes, and he's dead.

Paul: Katie, you okay?

[Paul groans]

Rose: Oh, take it easy.

Paul: I'm fine.

Katie: I'm fine. You look awful, Paul.

Rose: Oh, he's okay. He just needs to clean up those cuts.

Paul: All I need is a hot bath, a bed and a door that locks.

Rose: Oh, let's give you a bath. And then a steak, and then --

Paul: Show me the way, gorgeous.

Lucinda: We'll call you if we need you.

Paul: All right. The phone's gonna be off the hook, Lucinda. Thanks.

Lucinda: Okay. Now, Paul is found. Rose is found. There's hope for Joe.

Katie: And Simon. I'm not leaving here until I find Simon.

"Simon": Well, well, well. Simon's here, sweetheart, and he's not happy.

Hal: Avanya is off the map as far as law enforcement is concerned. They don't extradite, which is why the place is crawling with expatriate crooks.

Barbara: Well, I'd appreciate anything you can do. Well, I -- I guess I'd better go. I don't want Will finding me here.

Hal: Hey, Will's just fine. You don't have to worry about him.

Barbara: But I do worry about him. I'm his mother, and I miss him. And when this trial is over and God willing I get a win, I'm gonna be back in his life full-time, Hal. I promise you.

Hal: What are your plans when you win?

Barbara: Well, actually, I'm expecting one phone call to find out whether I can move ahead and salvage B.R.O.

Hal: If it's not B.R.O., you'll just go ahead and create something else.

Barbara: Thank you for your faith in me.

Hal: That will never change.

Barbara: Good luck with your future sister-in-law.

Hal: Oh, with Alison, it's gonna take more than luck. It will take a lot more than that.

Barbara: Well, anyway, thank you very much. If you talk to Paul, tell him to stay put.

Hal: I will.

Barbara: Bye-bye.

Emily: You were discussing Alison with Barbara?

Hal: A little bit.

Emily: So we can't talk about it, but you can discuss it with your ex-wife, because what, she's objective, and I'm not?

Hal: Yeah.

Emily: Do you have any idea how insulting that is?

Hal: Emily, I love you, and I want to marry you, but I do not want to fight with you, so if it's a fight you're looking for, you'd better go somewhere else.

Emily: Oh, oh, I see. I see. You can kick my family out of the kitchen, but when your old ex-wife shows up -- that's great. I'm the one who gets booted out.

Hal: Oh, come on, Emily.

Emily: That's really nice, Hal.

Hal: Emily, get back here.

Emily: I'm out of here.

Aaron: Past, Lucy. I was waiting for that all day.

Lucy: All week.

Aaron: It's okay.

Lucy: What if your Supervisor sees you?

Aaron: Then he fires me, and then I can kiss you all day.

Lucy: Where? At least at the club, I had an excuse.

Aaron: Okay. You have six weeks left here anyway, and then what are you gonna do? You gonna go back to school?

Lucy: What, you'll get a job at Oakdale Latin?

Aaron: Okay, and then you flunk, and then your father's gonna have me deported or something.

Lucy: To Montega.

Aaron: Oh, that's good. And then your mom's gonna have me shot.

Lucy: No, my mom would like you.

Aaron: So let's move there.

Lucy: No, my dad would never allow it. He wants me here.

Aaron: With Jab?

Lucy: What?

Aaron: He's worthwhile.

Lucy: Did you hear him? He's such a pompous jerk. I mean, Alison -- she's so deluded. She wanted me to go to some kegger with her, as if.

Aaron: You should go.

Lucy: Please.

Aaron: Have you ever been to the Old mill? There are woods everywhere. I mean, you can go with Alison, ditch her, meet me by the river, and we get some time together.

Lucy: And if she saw us?

Aaron: She's not gonna see us. She's too busy with biff.

Lucy: You mean Chase.

Aaron: Well, think about it. We'll have a couple hours together.

Rosanna: Maybe I shouldn't have come.

Craig: But you did. I am going to miss you.

Rosanna: I hope so.

Craig: But you aren't in love with me?

Rosanna: Not a bit.

Craig: Liar.

Rosanna: Thief.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rosanna: My phone --

Craig: Yes, I can tell.

Rosanna: Hello?

Barbara: Rosanna, it's Barbara. I was able to pull off that little miracle that you requested. My attorney is withdrawing Craig's subpoena. He doesn't have to testify.

Rosanna: Good.

Barbara: So I've done my part. You'll back B.R.O.?

Rosanna: Yeah, first thing in the morning. Thank you. You'll be happy to know --

Airport announcer: Now boarding all passengers on flight 412 to Europe, with connection to Montega.

Craig: That's me. Who was on the phone?

Airport announcer: Final call.

Rosanna: My dry cleaning.

Craig: You can't keep anything from me, you know. You did this on purpose. I won't be able to think straight till I get home and get you alone.

Rosanna: Tough. What a shame.

Craig: You are gonna pay for this.

Rosanna: I can't wait. Go.

Craig: All right. Take care of Lucy. And call me if that string you pulled works, will you?

Rosanna: I will. Sorry, Sierra. I'm not gonna let him spend more than a few days alone with you.

"Simon": Where's the letter?

Katie: What letter?

"Simon": The letter -- the letter for the provenance. I taped it behind the dresser, and one of you took it. Now, I want it right now.

Lucinda: Oh, he's mad.

Katie: Definitely angry.

"Simon": So are you gonna give me that letter?

Katie: No.

"Simon": No?

Katie: No, I don't think so. What do you think?

Lucinda: No, I don't think so. We're gonna keep it.

Katie: Sorry.

"Simon": I will cut your throat and not bat an eye.

Katie: I wouldn't be so sure about that. You wouldn't want to cut my throat because then you'll never get the letter, so stop making so many threats, Mr. Donovan Curry.

Lucinda: Mr. Curry, you might get the letter if we get Simon and poor ol' Mr. D'Angelo.

"Simon": Oh, bravo, ladies. Bravo. Well-done. What, you think you've outfoxed me? Huh?

Katie: Yeah, pretty much. Don't you think?

Lucinda: Absolutely.

"Simon": Well, let me tell you something. I will find that letter, and when I do, I'll make you both a copy, in your blood.

Katie: That was unpleasant.

Lucinda: But ultimately satisfying.

Katie: Yeah, well, it will be as soon as he finds out that he can't find the letter, and he's gonna have to come crawling back. But I'm worried about Simon. I'm scared, Lucinda. Did you see what they did to Paul?

Lucinda: Oh, darling, Paul's gonna be fine and so is Simon. The person I'm worried about, really, is poor ol' Joe D'Angelo. Ah, here is Desi, the man of the hour.

Desi: Just to let you know, your letter is tucked away in the hotel safe. No one will ever know.

Lucinda: Thank you. Thank you, Desi.

Hal: Lakeview, Lakeview. Hi. Hi, this is Hal Munson. Do you -- ? Do you have the honeymoon suite available for tomorrow night by any chance? Great, great. Yeah, the whole -- everything. I want champagne, flowers, the whole works. The whole works. I know a lady who could use a little break.

Barbara: Emily. I was just at the house.

Emily: Yes, I know, Barbara. I wanted to have a word with you, but you left in such a hurry.

Barbara: I had a couple of phone calls I needed to make. Hal told me that you're getting married, and I just wanted you to know that I wish you all the best. I know it might be a little difficult to believe, but it's true.

Emily: And I wish you a lifetime in prison, Barbara. And to make sure that happens, I'm going to testify against you in court. Just so we're clear.

Aaron: So what do you think?

Lucy: About you, me, the kegger and the old mill?

Aaron: Will Alison go for it?

Lucy: Are you kidding? She'll kill herself to spend time with biff and the boys.

Aaron: And you can get out of the house?

Lucy: Yeah, I'll have to be creative of what I tell Rosanna, but it shouldn't be too hard. We're best friends, after all.

Aaron: Okay, good. I'll meet you by the river. We'll spend some time together. I gotta get back to work.

Lucy: Let me go first.

Rosanna: Oh, there you are.

Lucy: Oh, Rosanna, hi.

Rosanna: Hi.

Lucy: Oh, look, I just wanted to thank you. You know, I gave you such a hard time, and you were so right. I'm sorry.

Rosanna: Well, that's lovely. No apology necessary.

Lucy: Oh, but there is because, you know, I've met some people, and you're right, they're so worthwhile. And I just have to thank you.

Rosanna: Well, I'm so glad, my dear. Lovely.icon

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