ATWT Transcript Thursday 7/11/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/11/02

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Katie: This is it! This is the proof we've been looking for. The reason Simon hasn't been acting like Simon is because he isn't.

Henry: Okay, whoa! Whoa, whoa, hey -- Katie, now, look, I admit Simon's not a bad looking guy, but the idea that someone would go through all the pain of plastic surgery just to look like your husband -- I don't know, c'mon.

Katie: All right. Give me some other explanation for these pictures.

Henry: Fine. Simon was obviously just -- um, then again he might be -- I'll have to get back to you on that one. But there's an explanation out there somewhere, all right?

Katie: This is real, Henry. And to think I might -- I might've -- oh, God, is it cheating if you sleep with somebody who got plastic surgery to look just like your husband?

Henry: That's a good question. Let's talk about that on the way down to the police station.

Katie: Police? No, no, no, no! This is Avanya, Henry.

Henry: I know, no kidding! I heard the monkeys screeching on the way in, but I know there are cops here. I saw them drinking in the town square.

Katie: No, I'm sorry. It is way too risky. The cops have been known to trade money for information here. And if that fake Simon finds out that we're onto him, he could be gone by morning.

Henry: And? So?!

Katie: And I may never see my husband again!

Henry: Is there a plan "b" here, Katie?

Katie: I don't know! I'm thinking of it. Oh, my God, that's him.

Henry: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa -- he's gonna kill us. Oh, my God! I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die right here in the birthplace of humidity.

Molly: Is this seat taken?

Mike: It is now. You know, I was starting to think maybe my luck run out, you know? Maybe she got sick of New York. Sick of me --

Molly: I called home, and I left a message for my daughter telling her I was all right. And I feel better now, knowing that nobody's worrying about me.

Mike: Does that mean you're gonna stay in town for awhile?

Molly: It could.

Mike: Bartender -- little service, please.

Bartender: Hey, look who's here! Archie and Veronica.

Molly: He hates it that we're not ordering booze any more.

Bartender: What are ya gonna have today? Root beer floats?

Mike: You read my mind.

Molly: Oh, he's good.

Bartender: I got news for ya -- this is not a soda fountain.

Molly: Okay, how 'bout just two more beers? Hold the floats. Do you think he's really mad at us?

Mike: It's New York, of course he's mad. But he'll get over it. You got something you'd like to toast to?

Molly: How about -- the future.

Mike: Can't go wrong with that. To -- the future in general or one of our futures in particular?

Molly: You choose.

Mike: Okay -- to Molly's future and my place in it.

Carly: So, are you excited?

Emily: Oh, I haven't -- you know, I'm so busy. I haven't had time to be excited.

Carly: Emily --


Emily: I'm marrying Hal Munson! Oh, I cannot tell you what that does to me!

Carly: I can see it. I can feel what it does to you.

Emily: I don't know -- I just wish that --

Carly: What?

Emily: Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing --

Carly: No, what?

Emily: No, it's just -- well, you know how it is. You know, there are so many distractions and --

Carly: Like what?

Emily: Oh, kids, work, Barbara's trial's right around the corner, and I know Hal's worried about that. I got my subpoena. Did you get yours?

Carly: Yeah, I did. Along with the rest of the town. Seems like everybody who's not testifying in her defense is gonna testify against her.

Emily: So are you nervous?

Carly: Oh, I guess so. A little bit.

Emily: You know, Carly, she deserves to be punished. What Barbara did to us was unforgivable.

Carly: No, I know. I don't have any problem testifying against her. It's just that her lawyer is gonna cross-examine me, and that's when things could get a little sticky.

Emily: Why?

Carly: 'Cause he's gonna attack my character, Emily. He's gonna bring in my involvement with Craig and how I kissed him on the day of his wedding to Barbara.

Emily: Oh, come on. Nobody cares about that. It's all in the past.

Carly: Jack cares. And that is gonna make Craig so happy.

Lucy: I know why you're doing this.

Craig: Because I love you.

Lucy: Because you want someone to spy on me while you're in Montega. You think Rosanna will be good at it.

Craig: Lullaby, was that really necessary?

Lucy: No.

Craig: The only reason I am asking Rosanna to stay with you, is to give you a little companionship. Someone to call on when you need something.

Lucy: That's not necessary. I can entertain myself.

Craig: Well, it's just a little female companionship. You know, someone to talk to and share some feelings, that kind of --

Lucy: If you think I'm gonna talk to her over facials and manicures --

Craig: Rosanna is not a spy, okay? I'm not gonna ask her about all your activities, and I doubt she'd tell me if I did.

Lucy: So I could tell her anything and it wouldn't get back to you?

Craig: Yeah, feel free. Open up. There shouldn't be any limits.

Lucy: What about Aaron?

Craig: Well, that's strictly between the two of you.

Lucy: What about -- that I'm planning to elope with him?

Barbara: Rosanna, please. Be reasonable. There's no way I can guarantee that Craig Montgomery won't be called to testify at my trial.

Rosanna: I don't see why not.

Barbara: I'm not an attorney. I'm not a judge.

Rosanna: Well, you can order your attorney to keep Craig off the stand. So what's it going to be? Am I gonna write the check that will save B.R.O. or are you gonna spend the rest of your career as the best designer in cell Block C?

Barbara: Craig's really got his hooks into you, doesn't he?

Rosanna: I'm waiting for my answer.

Barbara: You're a powerful woman, Rosanna Cabot. You're smart and beautiful. And he's turned you into his errand girl? Is that really what you want for yourself?

Rosanna: My relationship with Craig is not at issue here.

Barbara: I can understand why you would be skeptical of anything that I have to say. But please listen very carefully. He will destroy you and take whatever he wants and walk away without ever looking back. It happened to me. And it will happen to you.

Rosanna: I didn't come down here for advice about Craig. I came down here to --

Barbara: To issue me an ultimatum. I know.

Rosanna: Call it what you like. Just make sure that Craig doesn't testify at your trial.

Barbara: My attorney does not like to lose. If he thinks I'm doing anything to hurt my case, he will refuse to represent me.

Rosanna: There are other lawyers. There's no play in this, Barbara. If Craig is called, our deal with B.R.O. is off.

Barbara: Marshall? Barbara Ryan. I need to see you right away.

Katie: Okay, just follow whatever I do.

Henry: Wait, can you --

[Katie grunting] Katie! Stop, knock it off!

"Simon": Hey, hey, good work, Katie. I'll take it from here.

[Talking over each other] did you do this to our room?

Henry: Wait, wait, wait, wait, could I talk to Katie for just a moment in a private place?

Katie: It was him. I walked in and he had just wrecked this place!

Henry: That is not true. That's not true.

"Simon": Mouth shut. You understand?

Henry: Sure, sure.

"Simon": Now, did you find it?

Henry: What? What is he talking about?

"Simon": The provenance for the Rose of Sharon diamond. That's what you were looking for, wasn't it?

Katie: Obviously, that is exactly what he was looking for. Isn't it obvious?

"Simon": All right. All right, cough it up or I rearrange your face.

Henry: You'll rearrange my face? That's very interesting. Funny that you mention that. That's very amusing, don't you think, Katie?

Katie: Simon? Sweetheart? Wait, hold on. You're not going to hurt him, are you?

"Simon": Yeah, probably.

Katie: But that's so unlike you.

"Simon": It is?

Katie: Yes. You're always the first person to say, "the man who resorts to violence is a man who's run out of ideas."

"Simon": Oh, I said that?

Henry: Yes.

"Simon": Yeah, I said that.

Henry: Yes, yes.

"Simon": All right. You're very lucky she's here.

Henry: Yes, yes, that's debatable but we'll talk about that later. I gotta go, they're doing a wonderful production of Waiting for Lefty down at the Avanya playhouse. I'll talk to you later.

"Simon": Hold it. Hold it. I find you back in this room, I drop my dandy-like facade and I resort to violence, you got that?

Henry: I got it. I will remember that. Count on it.

Katie: Simon, my sweet. I'm so proud of you. Violence would've just been the easy way out.

"Simon": I know. I know. I was very Zen. Look what that weasel has done to this room, huh?

Katie: I know. I'm so sorry. You know, we'll clean it up together.

"Simon": Don't touch a thing.

Katie: Why not?

"Simon": Because I don't want my woman doing that kind of work. That's why?

Katie: Aw -- that is very sweet of you, but really, I don't mind.

"Simon": No, no -- okay, here's what you're gonna do -- you're gonna go downstairs, and you're gonna wait for me there.

Katie: Okay.

"Simon": Mm-hmm.

Katie: Why?

"Simon": Why? Because I have been ignoring you too much lately. So tonight, we're gonna eat, we're gonna drink -- and maybe even make merry, if you know what I mean. So why don't you go downstairs and get us a table.

Katie: I'll do that.

"Simon": Yeah. The one by the window, you know I like that one.

Katie: See you soon.

"Simon": No more games, Katie. One way or the other, you're gonna tell me where that diamond is.

Craig: It's not nice to tease your parents, you know. From little jokes, giant coronaries are made.

Lucy: How do you know I was joking?

Craig: Because you're too smart to get married, too young to elope. And you already told me Aaron was no longer your cup of motor oil.

Lucy: All right. It was a joke. But that's not the point. The whole reason you want Rosanna here is so that I'll open up to her while you're away.

Craig: Come here.

Lucy: Why?

Craig: Because there's a reason you're being difficult about this. And I'm afraid I'm going to have to squeeze it out of you.

Lucy: No, no, no, no -- put me down, put me down. Put me down.

Craig: All right, okay.

Lucy: I'll tell you.

Craig: All right.

Lucy: I -- I know how tough Mom can be once she's made up her mind. And I am just afraid that you'll not be able to convince her to let me stay here.

Craig: You don't have to worry about me handling your mother. When it comes to your mother, I am still Mr. Montega.

[Knock on door] all right.

Rosanna: Hello.

Craig: Ah. No longer was I saying that she was not only smart, but her timing is impeccable. Come on in, we were just talking about you.

Lucy: Actually, I was just telling my dad how much fun it'll be having you as my roommate while he's in Montega.

Emily: Craig cannot hurt you and Jack, Carly. You guys are solid. You'll get through this together.

Carly: Yeah, in theory, I know that you're right. But I also know Jack. And he'll pretend that nothing is bothering him. And inside he'll be tearing himself up.

Emily: Over what?

Carly: Over my unfortunate history with Craig. Jack tries to rise above it. But he's human. So when it bubbles to the surface, he gets hurt, refuses to admit it. And that's where the resentment sets in. That's what happened last year during Craig's trial. It almost destroyed us for good.

Emily: You know, I think it would help if Jack heard you say that, maybe not in so many words --

Carly: Oh, well, I have. I've talked to Jack. And he listens. But somehow, I feel like he thinks I'm just -- hiding my true feelings, that I am just saying whatever he wants to hear.

Emily: Are you?

Carly: What? What does that mean?

Emily: Is Jack right? Are your feelings for Craig gone, or are you afraid that this trial is gonna remind you just how much you care about Craig?

Mike: What's the matter? You decide you're not thirsty?

Molly: No. No, I am.

Mike: It was the toast, wasn't it? It wasn't a come-on, Molly. I wouldn't do that to you.

Molly: Look, you just really took me by surprise, okay? I mean, we haven't known each other but a couple days, and already you're talking about being part of my future.

Mike: I'm a pretty realistic guy. You know, I don't believe that love conquers all, or that my soul mate is out there waiting to change my life. But I do know when I feel a connection with a woman. Not necessarily sexual, but kind of um -- a comfort level that's there from the start. Am I making any sense or should I just shut up?

Molly: No, I get it. You feel that I'm comfortable, like old shoes.

Mike: Never mind. I'm gonna quit while you're still talking to me.

Molly: No, please. Don't.

Mike: What I'm saying is I like that feeling. And I've missed it.

Molly: When was the last time?

Mike: A long time ago. She was young and beautiful, smart, rich. We didn't have a lot in common. But when we were together, none of that mattered. We trusted each other. And we accepted each other.

Molly: Sounds great. What happened?

Mike: I made mistakes. Got involved with her sister. It didn't turn out well.

Molly: I'm sorry.

Mike: I get those same feelings when I'm with you, kind of the sense that I could tell you anything, that I could depend on you no matter what.

Molly: You know, I feel that, too. I mean, something keeps pulling me back. I mean, I should've left New York days ago -- and yet, I'm here.

Mike: You are here. And when I think that you could leave this city tomorrow and I'd have no way of ever finding you again -- it scares the hell out of me.

Rosanna: That is such a lovely thing to say, Lucy. Thank you. I'm sure we're gonna have a great time together while your father is in Montega.

Lucy: Me, too.

Craig: Now I ask you, does it get any better than this, my two favorite women bonding before my very eyes?

Rosanna: He's so easy to please.

Lucy: Not really.

Craig: Well, since you're already talking about me like I'm not here, maybe I should take my leave. All right, lullaby. I love you. Good luck. Wish me luck, and don't worry.

Lucy: Good luck.

Craig: Thank you. Are you sure you're gonna be okay with this?

Rosanna: Oh, stop worrying. Lucy and I are gonna be fine.

Craig: I meant about missing me.

Rosanna: It'll be agony. But I'll survive.

Craig: All right. Call me.

Rosanna: Call you? Why don't you call me in the mornings? Early, please. Bye.

Craig: Bye.

Lucy: I'll be in my room.

Rosanna: Right. Your dad says that you joined the Country club.

Lucy: That's right.

Rosanna: Yes, yes, that's right. You having fun?

Lucy: It's okay -- if you like college guys.

Rosanna: Oh. Do you?

Lucy: Sure, the better-looking ones.

Rosanna: Well, I heard that the best families in Oakdale belong there.

Lucy: Don't you mean the wealthiest?

Rosanna: I guess. Do you have a problem with that?

Lucy: No. And -- but personally, I don't really judge people based on how much money they have.

Rosanna: Well, neither do I, certainly. But, you know, you do belong to a certain privileged group. And that's hard to get away from.

Lucy: I'm not trying to get away from anything. I know that between my parents and my grandmother, I'm well off. But if I fell in love with someone who was poor, then I'd have no problem supporting us.

Rosanna: Wow, that's -- that's a wonderful attitude, I think. You know, that's very, very generous and loving. But, you know, once reality sets in, it's hard to sustain.

Lucy: I don't see why.

Rosanna: Well when -- when you're young, it's easy to be attracted to someone from another part of town, someone a little more working-class. But as you get older, your needs change. You know, you want somebody who can hold his own, you know, someone who knows how to take care of himself in the world. Do you know what I'm saying?

Lucy: Wait. Are we making conversation? Or are you trying to send me some message about Aaron Snyder?

Katie: Lucinda, come here. I have something to tell you. I found proof that Simon is not Simon.

Lucinda: You found proof?

Katie: Yes. A picture, a photograph of him with markings all over it, like a plastic surgeon would make. That disgusting man, got plastic surgery to look like Simon so he could steal Rose's diamond himself.

Lucinda: Honey, of course, nobody likes being rejected. And you -- you love Simon --

Katie: Wait. What are you saying?

Lucinda: Well, all I'm saying is dear, that perhaps you've made up this idea of the "evil twin" because your husband doesn't want you anymore.

Katie: Oh, no, no, no. This man wants me. He definitely wants me. He invited me for dinner and drinks tonight. He possibly thinks that I know where the diamond is or I have it or something. But I thought of a plan. You're gonna somehow join us for dinner, we're gonna get him really drunk, and then we're gonna ask him questions that only Simon would know. And when he doesn't know the answers, it'll prove he's a fake.

Lucinda: Your plan sends shivers down my spine.

Katie: I don't possibly know. What's wrong with it?

Lucinda: Dear, if -- if he gets drunk and he's drinking with us, we're gonna get drunk, too. We'll be wasted.

Katie: Oh, yeah. Oh, I didn't think of that.

Lucinda: I have a solution. Excuse me. Desi.

Desi: Consider it done.

Katie: What did you tell him?

Lucinda: He's my friend, Desi. I've been cultivating him. He's gonna water our drinks and make sure that Simon's are as strong as they can be.

Katie: Nice. That's -- that is brilliant.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, I can be as devious as you.

Katie: Oh, I am so glad you are going along with this plan because I have to find my --

"Simon": C'mon, sweetheart, let's eat. Let's eat.

Katie: Simon. Actually, I have a nice little surprise for you. Ms. Walsh would like to buy us some drinks. Yeah.

"Simon": Well, well, well, I can't say no to that at all. Desi, Desi, Desi.

Desi: Yes, Mr. Frasier?

"Simon": Double bourbon neat for me.

Lucinda: I'll have -- I'll have vodka with tonic.

Katie: A shot of tequila. Lime and salt.

"Simon": It's about time you loosened up.

Desi: Right away.

"Simon": So, tell me, what's the special occasion?

Lucinda: Darling, isn't it obvious? I mean, Simon, I want to thank you formally for all the work you've been doing for my family down here.

"Simon": Don't mention it. My pleasure.

Desi: Here you are.

Katie: All right.

Desi: That's for you.

"Simon": Just the way I like it, Desi.

Desi: For you.

Katie: Thank you.

Lucinda: Thank you.

Desi: Salud.

"Simon": Yeah. Cheers, big ears.

Katie: Whoo!

"Simon": So you good for another?

Lucinda: Just keep them coming, as many as you like.

"Simon": Ah, that's what I like to hear. Desmond. Desmond.

Desi: Si, seņor.

"Simon": Another round.

Carly: The only feeling that I have left for Craig Montgomery is contempt. He makes things too easy. All I would have to do is hint that I was still interested, and he would rearrange his entire life.

Emily: I wouldn't be so sure about that. I mean, the little I've seen, it looks like he and Rosanna are getting pretty cozy.

Carly: He's just passing time, waiting for something better to come along. You know, actually -- no, never mind, forget it.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm not going to let you get away with that. What were you gonna say?

Carly: Will you -- do you promise me that you won't tell anybody?

Emily: I promise.

Carly: Do you promise me that you won't even tell Hal?

Emily: I promise I won't tell Hal. What? What?

Carly: I had this fantasy. Where I -- I go to bed with Craig and give him the best night of sex he's ever had in his whole life. And then I just happen to let it slip to Rosanna and watch them disintegrate in front of me.

Emily: Interesting, interesting. Only, when I don't have feelings for someone, rarely do I find myself having fantasies about having sex with them.

[Knock at the door]

Carly: I'm gonna get that.

Emily: Sure.

Craig: No, just -- just give me 30 seconds.

Carly: No.

Craig: Come on, Carly. I wouldn't be here if I really didn't have

to be.

Katie: Did you know that Simon and I once went running stark naked through the woods? Remember that, honey?

"Simon": Yeah. Yeah, sure, sure.

Katie: Yeah. Well, why don't you tell Lucinda what happened next?

Lucinda: Yeah, tell me.

"Simon": Oh, go on. You tell her. Your story. Go on. You brought it up.

Katie: No, no. It's your secret, too. Why don't you tell her what happened?

"Simon": All right. Don't get testy. All right. So Katie's sister Margo dragged us down the Police station the next day. It seemed that we had run stark naked past a group of young boys on a camp-out. She even had one of the boys there to identify us, didn't she? Didn't she?

[Lucinda laughs] what's the matter, love? That's right, isn't it? Did I leave something out?

Katie: No. Uh, no, that was everything.

["Simon" laughs]

"Simon": Well, this is fun, isn't it? This game, telling secrets. Who wants to go next?

Mike: If we're feeling as comfortable with each other as we say, why not take it to the next step?

Molly: That sounds really nice, and it also seems like it would explain a lot. Like in all of Manhattan, why did I end up here? And why did you save me when you did? And why am I having visions of my dead husband telling me that I'm here for a reason? I can't do it, because I -- I'm just --

Mike: Afraid?

Molly: Cautious. Because there's a really big hole in my life right now, and part of me wants to fill it any way I can -- with booze, self-pity, the company of an obliging man, whatever. But it's just -- it can be dangerous, and I can't do that.

Mike: Okay, I don't mind you saying no. It's just that when you lump me in there with the booze and the self-pity, that kinda bothers me.

Molly: If I was picking, I would choose you. I mean that, because I have loved spending time with you. But I have to protect myself -- and you. And the only way to do that is to just leave things the way they are.

Mike: I understand, and I respect you for it.

Molly: And I'll respect you, too, if you have to stop seeing me.

Mike: I'm gonna answer that with another toast. All right, come on. Bottles up. To two people with no last names and as many days together as they can get.

[Bottles clink]

Rosanna: You know, Lucy, um, I am speaking from personal experience here. When I was just a little older than you, I was in love with a boy. Mike Kasnoff was his name, and he drove race cars. I was mad about him.

Lucy: So what happened?

Rosanna: A guy like that can get distracted too easily, you know? They don't have enough, you know? They're always wanting more.

Lucy: Did he leave you for another woman?

Rosanna: It was a long time ago. It took me a long time to get over, and um -- in some ways, I never did, which is why you need someone who has enough in his life so that he's not always hungry, someone who won't get distracted so easily.

Lucy: Kind of like my dad does?

Emily: Well, would you look at the time? I had no idea it was so late. I'll just --

Carly: I'll get back to you about those -- designs. Just give me a few days.

Emily: No rush. No rush. I'll -- talk to you later.

Carly: Well, you still know how to clear a room. What do you want?

Craig: You've been subpoenaed for Barbara's trial?

Carly: Along with many other people. Why?

Craig: Well, most likely they'll be reviving our recent past. That'll be destructive for my daughter. She'll read about it, she'll hear about it, and any trust she has in me and any respect I've gained recently will be in jeopardy.

Carly: Well, that would really stink if that happened. I hope it doesn't. But I've been called to be a witness for the prosecution, and when Barbara's lawyer cross-examines me, he's obviously gonna try to do anything he can to discredit me.

Craig: Well, we could take steps to make sure that doesn't happen.

Carly: How?

Craig: You were exposed to treatments designed to age your body, your skin. It had to have affected your mind. Your memory's probably hazy. You can't be considered a reliable witness.

Carly: That's not true.

Craig: Well, who's to say? The court will have to dismiss you. No testimony. We'll all be spared this cheap and tawdry sensationalism. Hmm? Yeah, I thought you'd like that idea. Maybe next time I come to your door, you'll be more eager to let me in.

Marshall: Hello, Barbara. You're looking well.

Barbara: You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago.

Marshall: I ran late.

Barbara: That's not an apology.

Marshall: I know. Will this take long? I have to appear in Circuit court tomorrow and I need to prepare my opening statement.

Barbara: I don't want you putting Craig Montgomery on the stand. You can put anyone else on that you want, but you leave Craig out of this, all right?

Marshall: And would this be the same Craig Montgomery who single-handedly nearly destroyed your life?

Barbara: This would be strictly business. If you force Craig to testify, it will destroy B.R.O.

Marshall: So you're being blackmailed? Give me the name of the person and I'll see that they back off.

Barbara: I can't do that. You just keep Craig off the stand. Everything will be fine.

Marshall: I thought I made this clear when you hired me. I run the case my way, and I say Montgomery takes the stand.

Barbara: Sit down, Marshall.

Marshall: What?

Barbara: I've had just about as much as I can take. From now on, you start showing me some respect.

Rosanna: Congratulations, my dear. You've obviously inherited your father's skill for using words as weapons.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Rosanna: Well, that question about your father getting easily distracted, that was meant to hurt me.

Lucy: You're right. It was. But everything you were saying sounded like it was coming straight from him, and I don't want you guys ganging up on me.

Rosanna: Your father did not ask me to speak to you about Aaron Snyder. You have my word on that. That was my idea.

Lucy: Why?

Rosanna: Because I -- well, I want to help you. I want to share my experience with you.

Lucy: Okay, I can -- I can accept that. But I'm sure my father told you, I'm not seeing Aaron anymore.

Rosanna: Oh, really? No, he didn't mention that. I mean, are you sure there's no chance that -- that you might get back together again?

Lucy: None. I'm hanging out at the Country club a lot more now, remember? And maybe some college guy will, you know, make his move.

Rosanna: Good luck. Well, you know, I'd really like us to be on the same side. And even if we disagree, let's try to do it as friends, hmm?

Lucy: Deal.

Rosanna: Okay, good.

Lucy: You know, I really wish I could be as secure as you.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: In what way?

Lucy: Well, I mean, when you came to Oakdale, my dad was so in love with your sister. Now he's with you, and you don't seem to mind at all. I really do admire that so much, Rosanna. Honest.

Desi: And have this one for you.

Lucinda: Thank you, Desi. Thank you. I mean, you have a delicate touch. Delicate touch.

"Simon": Yeah? Let me try. Let me try.

Lucinda: No, no. You drink your own drink. This is mine.

"Simon": Give me a try!

Lucinda: Come on.

Katie: What?!

Lucinda: What?

"Simon": There's nothing but water in there. What's going on here?

Katie: No.

Lucinda: No. It can't be!

"Simon": That's the same thing! There's no booze in here at all!

Katie: Well, there's no reason to get upset. I'm sure there's an explanation.

"Simon": Yeah, there's an explanation, all right!

[Talking over each other] this man is trying to cheat us!

Lucinda: Come on. No, he's not. We're having a good time. Come on, forget it.

"Simon": We are not -- I'll tell you what. It does matter to me, all right? Tell you what, in exchange for not tearing this place apart, you get behind there and bring us two your best bottles of whiskey. And don't you dare -- don't you dare try giving us a bill. All right? You got that?

Desi: Right away, Mr. Frasier.

"Simon": Go on, get out of here!

Lucinda: Thank you, Desi. Thank you, Desi.

"Simon": The nerve of that guy! But I showed him, didn't I? I showed him. I showed that guy.

Katie: You most certainly did, sweetheart. But you know what? I -- gosh, I don't even feel like drinking anymore tonight.

"Simon": What do you mean? You haven't even had anything yet and neither has she.

Lucinda: No, no, no, you're mistaken. It was just that one.

Katie: Yeah, these were --

"Simon": I'll tell you how this is gonna go down. The three of us are gonna get nice and drunk, like we planned, and I'm not gonna take no for an answer.

Carly: You know, there was a time I would have gone for this. That is in the past. I am gonna testify, Craig, and if Barbara's lawyer wants to discredit me, then I'll just have to deal with it.

Craig: It's gonna hurt Lucy. That doesn't bother you?

Carly: Yes, it does. Any other questions?

Craig: No. We can talk about this when I get back.

Carly: Where are you going?

Craig: To Montega. I have to talk Sierra into letting Lucy stay. I was hoping I could count on your help, but I think she'll understand your reasons.

[Cell phone rings] excuse me. Yes?

Rosanna: Hello, it's me. I just wanted to hear your voice again before you got on the plane.

Craig: You and Lucy getting along?

Rosanna: Oh, yes. We haven't stopped talking since you left. Um, are you at the airport?

Craig: Actually, I'm at Carly's.

Rosanna: Why?

Craig: Well, I was hoping to enlist her help in getting Sierra to let Lucy stay in Oakdale, but I don't think she thinks it's important enough to require her help.

Rosanna: Well, that's typical. Well, I won't keep you. Have a good trip -- again.

Craig: Thanks, Rosanna. I'll miss you, too.

"Simon": All right. I'm gonna take this one up to bed. You gonna be all right?

Lucinda: I can hold my whiskey.

"Simon": Yeah, yeah? I know you can. Thanks for the drinks, Walshie. It's been a grand night.

Lucinda: Wonderful party. Wonderful time.

"Simon": Hey, you know what? Let's do this again tomorrow night? Come on, sweetie. It's nighty-night. Time for bed.

Lucinda: He looks like Simon, and he talks like Simon.

[Lucinda sighs]

Molly: It's pretty. Bet you like to slow dance, don't you?

Mike: Every chance I get.

Molly: So do I.

With you I finally got it right in this life

Mike: You all right?

Molly: I'm good.

I never saw the sun or felt the rain fall on my face and this life

Barbara: From the moment you waltzed into my life, you have pushed me around, you have given me orders, you've treated me like some dog who has chewed up your sofa, and I'm not gonna take it anymore. You work for me, not the other way around.

Marshall: It's critical that I be captain of this ship. It will pay off in court. My record confirms that.

Barbara: I have done everything you've asked me to do. You wanted to subpoena my friends so you can sandbag them on the witness stand? Fine, do it. But I am telling you, you will not be calling Craig Montgomery to the stand. That's the way I want it, and that's how it's going to be.

Marshall: I'll work around Montgomery, but no more favors. Is that clear? Next time you want to see me, call for an appointment.

Rosanna: Hello. Is Craig still here? I noticed he left his shaving kit behind, so I thought I'd bring it to him.

Carly: No, you didn't. But why should you start telling the truth at this late date?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Why should I lie?

Carly: You don't need a reason. It's a reflex with you, Rosanna, like breathing. But it doesn't matter what you tell me. I do know why you're here.

Rosanna: Oh, really? Well, why don't you enlighten me?

Carly: You came because you heard that Craig and I were in the same room together, and you were afraid he might try and kiss me again. And don't try to deny it. I can see it in those shifty little eyes.

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