ATWT Transcript Wednesday 7/10/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/10/02

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Aaron: I can't believe you lied to your dad.

Lucy: Well, it's my life and my dad was wrong about you. That means I get to decide who I want to see and when.

Aaron: So, where do we go from here?

Lucy: We have to be careful. We'll see each other here.

Aaron: How about after work?

Lucy: No. No, it's -- it's way too risky. Any time we have together will have to be here and if you can't live with that --

Aaron: No, no, I can live with that. I can live with that.

Lucy: Don't just say the words, Aaron.

Aaron: Lucy, I'll take five minutes -- even seconds, if that's what it takes. What I can't face is, is not being able to see you at all. I mean, when you said we were through, I was going crazy. So, if that's all we have, then that's everything to me.

Craig: Rosanna Cabot -- Cabot Motors -- Cabot is offering to play nanny for my daughter?

Rosanna: Well, for crying out loud, when you put it that way --

Craig: And your experience in this is --

Rosanna: I was Lucy.

[Craig laughing]

Craig: And that's supposed to comfort me?

Rosanna: I was a daughter of privilege, with a powerful father, I understand.

Craig: And a penchant for bad boys?

Rosanna: Oh, one or two.

Craig: Was there an Aaron Snyder in your past?

Rosanna: I liked pushing my father's buttons, so, you know, I know what to look for.

Craig: Yeah. Well, hopefully, there's nothing here. Lucy said she's not gonna spend any more time --

Rosanna: Really?

Craig: So, no dewy-eyed reminisces on the peel of the rebel. All right?

Rosanna: I'm on your side, remember?

Craig: Usually, that's a party of one.

Rosanna: Well, not anymore, lovely.

Craig: You sure you want to do this?

Rosanna: How hard can it be -- keep track of that girl, watch her like a hawk, secretly chart her every move?

Craig: I like the way you think.

Rosanna: Oh, it's just my mind you're after?

Craig: Well, I'd hate to waste it.

[Knock on door] that's probably the dry cleaner. Leave it outside, will ya?!

[Knock on door]

Rosanna: Your dry cleaner is nothing but determined.

Craig: There goes his Christmas bonus. Hold that.

Huck: Good afternoon, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Hi.

Huck: Huck -- Huck Stover. I met you at the Snyder party yesterday, but you left early.

Craig: Well, there's only so much down home fun a guy can take.

Huck: Well, I saved something for you.

Craig: Oh.

Huck: You've been summoned to appear for the defense in the conspiracy trial of Barbara Ryan. Have a nice day.

Craig: This is a joke.

Huck: I usually laugh at jokes.

Craig: Well, you tell Bar-Bar not to save a seat for me in court, 'cause I'm not gonna be there!

Lisa: Barbara, please tell us what's wrong, so we can help you.

Bob: Is it the subpoenas?

Lisa: Honey, we did not need a written invitation to show up for you.

Kim: I'll say we didn't. We're very happy to get in there and tell that jury the kind of pressure that you were under.

Bob: There's medical documentation if that's needed.

Lisa: Believe me, the prosecution won't know what hit 'em.

Barbara: You don't understand.

Kim: Honey, we know you better than anybody in the world. We can certainly tell the jury that you are a loving, caring wife.

Lisa: Yes, and -- and you're the first person to show up whenever there's a crisis, no matter how big or how small.

[Barbara remembering]

Marshall: These so-called "friends" of yours contributed to your diminished capacity.

You want to protect people who knew you were in trouble, knew you were in pain, and looked

the other way?

Do you even know what you want anymore, Barbara?

Lisa: Barbara, darling, we can't help you, if you don't let us know what's wrong.

Barbara: You can't help me. None of you can! Not anymore!

Rose: What's the word?

Lucinda: Oh. Rose, what are you -- you should be resting.

Rose: What, rest?

Lucinda: Go back upstairs to the room and rest.

Rose: I'm fine.

Lucinda: You are not fine. Take a look in the mirror and have a conversation with the circles under your eyes.

Rose: Hey, you know what? I'm gonna rest when I find my -- my Pauly and my pop. Period.

Lucinda: Dear, Paul is with the Police.

Rose: Why?!

Lucinda: Because --

Rose: What do you mean "with the Police"? What happened?

Lucinda: He's being questioned.

Rose: Is that Avanya for torture?

Lucinda: That's all that Desi could find out for us.

Rose: What?! Desi can't -- tell him to go down there and -- to go down there and find Paul.

Lucinda: Shh, sweetheart! Come on, Avanya -- the Police have their own rules down here. Civil liberties is not at the top of the list of the priorities.

Rose: What is -- bamboo shoots under the fingernails, the rubber hose, beating him over the head?

Lucinda: Look, dear, Desi will find out. He is our surrogate. We will know what we have to do.

Rose: My Pauly is very -- he's so sweet, you know. He's just naive. And I got him down here, and now he's stuck in some prison in this God-forsaken place.

Lucinda: Darling, his naivete may be a plus. Because they will release him eventually.

Rose: When? God knows, who knows. People from the disco age could be still stuck down in this dump.

Lucinda: As I said, Desi is our surrogate. He will help us.

Rose: Forget it.

Lucinda: We will know what to do.

Rose: No. You know what? Forget it. I'm gonna start wringing some necks, I'm gonna start with that little Simon Frasier. He's my first one.

Katie: Oh, thank god I finally caught up with you guys. I'm freaking out.

Rose: Where's that lying, cheating husband of yours? Huh? He threatens you. God knows what he did to Cooley.

Lucinda: I brought Rose up to speed.

Rose: Heaven only knows what happened to my pop.

Katie: Okay, listen -- that's not Simon. He is not Simon.

Rose: Well, who is he -- the crocodile hunter?

Katie: He's an impostor, Rose. That man is no more my Simon than you are.

"Simon": Hello, love. G'day, Kate. Katie! Katie! It's always Katie! It's got to be Katie! You get underfoot one more time, and you're stew. You got that? Yeah. All right, all right. Just take it easy. Take it easy. Relax. Think about the stone. Focus on the stone. So why don't we hit the road, love? We'll cruise this island and you and me do what we do best.

Rose: Have you been out in the sun too long? What do you mean Simon is a fake?

Katie: It's true.

Lucinda: Please, you're not suggesting that he has an evil twin?

Rose: Ooh, no. No more twins.

Katie: All I know is that the horrible man in this hotel, in my hotel room is not Simon Frasier.

Rose: Hey, maybe he got hit in the head. That makes people act a little funky.

Lucinda: Yeah, or drugs.

Rose: Drugs?

Lucinda: That's not so far-fetched.

Katie: You know what's far-fetched? That the man that I love would be acting like that. My Simon came down here and risked his life.

Rose: For us, or for the stone? He risked his life in the past for that rock. You know, he still probably wants to strike it rich.

Lucinda: Look, you gotta face something, my dear. The Simon that you married, he's gone.

Katie: That is what I'm telling you.

Lucinda: No. Gone, dear, in the sense that he's changed. He's rewired.

Rose: And please get that through your head now. It will be the best thing for all of us.

Katie: Come on, Rose, I'm not stupid. I know what I know, and I know a fake Simon Frasier when I kiss one!

Aaron: This whole mess is my fault. I should have told you what happened a long time ago.

Lucy: Then why didn't you?

Aaron: 'Cause it didn't matter. Lucy, when I rode out of Seattle, I was angry. My parents were on my case. I was ticked at the world. I hated everything that happened in Seattle, but I was also excited. Maybe just being on the road made me believe that there was something else out there for me. Something that would change everything.

Lucy: Me?

Aaron: And when you find that, you don't let something in the past ruin it.

Lucy: Kind of like this dream I had on Valentine's day. Sort of like the feeling you had on your motorcycle, that if I just waited, something incredible would happen.

Aaron: Me?

Alison: Whoa! What's going on? Are you two back together or what?

Huck: Slice it anyway you want, pal. You're gonna be front and center come trial time. It's been a pleasure.

Rosanna: You can't rip up a subpoena.

Craig: Why not? It's America. They don't make them the way they used to, anyway.

Rosanna: This is serious. What are you gonna do?

Craig: I will once more rise above the muck that is Barbara Ryan's life and tell the world that what lies beneath those deer-in-a-headlight eyes and constant stream of tears. There exists no soul, nothing but a vacuum.

Rosanna: Well, however she keeps her soul clean, she's not gonna let it rot in prison.

Craig: Yeah, who would notice anyway?

Rosanna: You know Marshall Travers is a cutthroat.

Craig: He's a glory hound.

Rosanna: He's subpoenaed half the town.

Craig: Including you?

Rosanna: No, not me. But I know what his game is.

Craig: You bug his room?

Rosanna: No, I didn't have to. Barbara came to see me.

Craig: Oh, torture in and of itself.

Rosanna: Yes. Well, I -- she mentioned what his defense strategy was going to be.

Craig: Did my name come up?

Rosanna: No. She says she's gonna call her friends as character witnesses and turn against them. Marshall Travers plans to say that she suffered from a kind of temporary insanity because the people she loved weren't there for her in her time of need.

Craig: And Barbara didn't say anything about my name coming up on trial?

Rosanna: No. She didn't say anything. She didn't say anything at all. If I had known that you were gonna be mentioned --

Craig: If you'd known what? What? What aren't you telling me?

Rosanna: Well, I told her that she should just cooperate with Travers, and if she did, that I would back B.R.O. and pay all of her legal bills. I did not know that you were going to be involved in any way, I swear.

Craig: Where's Travers staying?

Rosanna: I believe it's here at the Lakeview.

Craig: Neighbors.

Rosanna: I don't like the sound of this.

Craig: Mr. Travers's room, please.

Rosanna: What are you gonna do?

Craig: I'm going to have the last word.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry, really.

Craig: Not now. Yes. Yes, I see. No, no messages. Thank you. It seems Mr. Travers is relaxing in the lounge.

Rosanna: Maybe I should go with you.

Craig: No. I think you've done enough here. I'm gonna handle this myself.

Rosanna: Handle it how?

Craig: Diplomatically, and if that fails, I will show him where to stuff the rest of his subpoena.

Lisa: Oh, Barbara, the last time you shut us out, you let James Steinbeck in.

Barbara: You couldn't help me then, and you can't help me now.

Kim: Well, I'm sorry. You don't have a choice on it.

Lisa: We love you, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm not worthy of your love.

Bob: Oh, come on, Barbara.

Barbara: You have to face up to who I am now, not who I once was. I don't need your love, and I don't need your support. What I need from you is to just leave me alone.

Barbara: All right, you win. We do it your way.

Marshall: Then lunch was a success?

Barbara: You ambush them in court. You smear everyone that's ever meant anything to me.

Marshall: And preserve your freedom in the process.

Barbara: And at what cost?

Marshall: It sounds as though you're having second thoughts, Barbara. Go ahead. Give into them. Go back into that dining room, tell your friends what I'm up to.

Barbara: I can't. I'm broke. I'm desperate. And I have children. And I refuse to see them through a glass partition for the rest of my life.

Marshall: You can't have it all, Barbara. Freedom or friends? The way I see it, you can always make new friends.

Barbara: And who will trust me after this?

Marshall: They'll get past it. What does it matter? You'll be free. It's all about attitude, how you look at it.

Craig: 'Cause I see guilty on all charges. You put me on that stand, Mr. Travers, and I'll turn Barbara's name into a number so fast you won't have time to say good-bye before they pack her off to prison.

Lucy: I thought you went to get something to drink.

Alison: And I thought you were joining me.

Lucy: I'll be right there.

Alison: So what did I miss?

Aaron: Nothing.

Alison: Why are you guys acting so weird?

Harvey: Aaron, I've got a huge order out by the tennis courts.

Aaron: Yeah, I'm coming.

Harvey: You know the rules. No socializing with the members. Let's go.

Lucy: So you want to hit the snack bar?

Alison: Not so fast.

Lucy: I thought you were thirsty. I am. It's really hot out here.

Alison: Yeah, no kidding.

Lucy: Don't start, Alison.

Alison: So what's the big secret?

Lucy: There's no secret.

Alison: I know what I saw.

Lucy: You didn't see anything. Aaron works here, I'm a member. If I happen to run into him, I'm not going to be rude.

Alison: Right, right.

Lucy: Aaron and I are over.

Alison: I guess those girls in the locker room will be thrilled to hear it. They're practically drooling over him.

Lucy: Let them. Now I'm going to go get an iced tea. Are you coming?

Alison: Yeah, I'll be there in a sec. And Lucy, I really am sorry about you and Aaron.

Lucy: Right.

Emily: Hey, Ali, Aaron told me I could find you here.

Alison: Not for long. I have to catch up with Lucy.

Emily: After we talk, okay?

Alison: I'm not on your turf, Emily. Or on your dime, or taking up your space, or eating your food --

Emily: I just want to say I'm sorry.

Alison: Yeah, me, too. Bye.

Emily: Look. Look, look, look. I had no right interfering with Mom's decision. If she thinks you taking an SAT prep course is the right thing, then --

Alison: I get chained to a tutor for the next two months. Thanks for your support, Emily. Now, bye.

Emily: Can we -- do we have to do this?

Alison: Isn't it what we do best?

Emily: Well, I want it to stop.

Alison: Yeah, and I want a Ferrari. Is that gonna happen?

Emily: Will you just -- Mom is just trying to do what's best for you.

Alison: Are you morphing into her? Listen to yourself. I'm not even sure which one of you is which.

Emily: Well, that's what I'm trying to say. I think we need to -- we need to define our roles. All of us.

Alison: And what's Hal's role? Boyfriend/bouncer? He wanted me gone, and I was out the door.

Emily: I'm sorry -- for the way that happened.

Alison: Sorry that I was gone, or sorry he did it?

Emily: Both. Actually, things have been kind of frosty between us ever since.

Alison: Do you want to know what I think?

Emily: Of course I do.

Alison: I think Hal's the latest mistake in your long list of disasters. He's a total control freak, Emily. Dump him. Dump him like five minutes ago.

Rose: So your whole theory about this guy being a fraud is based on one kiss?

Katie: Yeah. Like there's a better way?

Lucinda: Maybe you and Simon have been apart too long.

Katie: Mrs. Walsh, I'm serious. The man I kissed is not my husband, Simon Frasier. Okay? Rose, wouldn't you know Paul's kiss from someone else's?

Rose: Yeah. I mean, I would. I would. But if he looked like Paul, acted like Paul, it would be very difficult. Think about Holden. I mean, Holden never knew that I wasn't Lily even though I did a perfect job.

Katie: Exactly! You were a hoax.

Rose: Are you calling me a hoax?

Katie: You know what I mean. The difference here is, I can tell the difference. And I'm not the only one. Simon kissed you, too. I bet you haven't forgotten that. Remember? The day I caught him in your library with ruby and -- I'm sure you haven't forgotten.

Lucinda: Of course not.

Katie: So, see, this guy was a complete hoax. Lizard lips, disgusting, so not Simon. No tenderness, no lingering hint of passion, no electricity when it hits your toes.

Lucinda: No chills up and down that spine?

Katie: Exactly. Not even a quiver.

Rose: Are you buying?

Katie: Oh, there he is!

Rose: Looking exactly like the Simon Frasier I know and despise.

Katie: But he is not. Simon's gone. If you don't believe me, why don't you go over and kiss that no-good schemer yourself?

Marshall: Barbara, why don't you excuse us for a moment, I'd like to have a conversation with Mr. Montgomery, privately.

Barbara: So he can slander me?

Marshall: Let me do my job. You'll have to forgive my client --

Craig: You forgive her. I'll look forward to her conviction.

Marshall: Please, have a seat.

Craig: Mr. Travers, you know that woman is as guilty as --

Marshall: You are?

Craig: Whatever happened between Barbara and I has nothing to do with her alliance with James Steinbeck. And you are not going to drag me through the mud in service to Barbara Ryan.

Marshall: From what I've heard, the mud, pardon the pun, is familiar ground to you.

Craig: Is that a sense of humor? How irrelevant.

Marshall: Do I detect a hostile witness?

[Craig sighs]

Craig: So how do we make this go away?

Marshall: Very simple. Cooperate. Answer a few questions, and you'll be on your way. I'll even provide a preview. I assume you're familiar with the words "yes" and "no." Use them, and I'll make this as painless as possible. For example -- did you seduce and wed Barbara Ryan for her money? "Yes." And did you lie to her? "Yes." And did you manipulate her and engage in questionable security transactions involving B.R.O. stock for your own gain? "Yes." And did she find herself burned, nearly dead, terrorized both physically and emotionally after discovering the man she married out of love, married her out of greed? A most definite "yes."

Craig: No judge will allow that line of questioning.

Marshall: Unless you've passed the bar in your spare time, I don't think you're the best judge of what will be admissible at trial.

Craig: Mr. Travers, your tap dancing doesn't change the fact that Barbara Ryan kidnapped three innocent women.

Marshall: And it doesn't change the fact that she was driven to desperation by a manipulating liar, whom she happened to call husband. Think about it, Craig. There are thousands of women out there who'll identify with Barbara Ryan in some form or another. I only need one to be on that jury.

[Cell phone rings] will you excuse me?

Craig: All right, Mr. Travers.

Marshall: You don't want to forget this. Marshall Travers.

Rosanna: Oh, you're both alive. That's encouraging.

Craig: Yeah, well, no thanks to you -- Barbara has a lawyer. I have a written invitation to publicly embarrass my daughter. So next time you want to do me a favor, don't.

Katie: Go ahead. Here's your chance. Go kiss him.

Lucinda: I'm not gonna make a fool of myself with my employee just to prove your stupid, absurd theory.

"Simon": Hello, sweetheart. Rose, so glad to see you're okay. Where's Paul?

Rose: With the cops.

Katie: They're holding him for questioning.

"Simon": Yeah? Where? Where?

Lucinda: We're not exactly sure. And Joe -- Joe is still among the missing.

"Simon": Ah. So your father hasn't turned up yet?

Rose: No. But I'm going crazy.

"Simon": Rose, Rose, we're gonna find him. Don't worry.

Rose: As long as we don't find him like that Cooley guy.

Katie: Yeah, poor Cooley. Dead from a knife wound.

"Simon": Yeah, well, you gotta watch your back every second in this place.

Katie: Tell me about it.

"Simon": Rose, listen to me, please? Excuse me, love. We are gonna find him. Don't worry.

Lucinda: Um -- Simon, tell us, have you learned anything?

"Simon": Yeah, I've learned that trying to get anyone to talk down here is murder.

Katie: Hmm, literally.

Rose: Hey, did you get that letter?

"Simon": Hmm?

Rose: Katie said you had the provenance, the letter that proves the diamond is the real thing?

[Simon clears his throat]

"Simon": Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course I have. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Henry Coleman coughed it up.

Rose: Oh. Good. Can I have it?

"Simon": The provenance?

Rose: Yeah. It's mine. I should have it.

"Simon": It's not that simple.

Rose: It is. You find it. I keep it. Simple.

"Simon": It's not here.

Rose: What do you mean?

"Simon": It's not at the hotel. I mean, it's not safe. You know what happened to Cooley, okay? I -- I couldn't risk anyone getting their hands on it.

Lucinda: Simon, why don't you get it and bring it here and give it to me for safekeeping?

"Simon": I don't want to put you in any danger.

Rose: We're already in danger!

"Simon": All right, all right! Give me a couple of days. I want to make sure no one follows me.

Lucinda: Oh. All right. All right.

Rose: What's the plan for my pop?

"Simon": Oh, I'll put the feelers out, see what turns up, all right? Look, Joe can't be too far, all right? I'll see you later on, sweetheart, okay?

Katie: Can't wait.

"Simon": Maybe we can go and get a little convertible, just like the old days. Go for a little drive, you know what I mean?

Katie: If that man is Simon Frasier, I'm Oprah Winfrey.

Rose: Well, Ms. Winfrey, please.

Katie: I am gonna go and search that hotel room and search every piece of this island till I find my husband. And when I do, you guys can say "sorry," because it'll be my turn not to listen.

Emily: Ali, Hal was upset. Look, we're used to starring in a three-ring circus we call a family. He's not.

Alison: So he's the one?

Emily: And only.

Alison: Mr. Right?

Emily: As right as it gets.

Alison: Then why'd he go all Neanderthal? What was up with that?

Emily: He was just trying to stop the insanity, Ali. He doesn't want you using me every time you wanna get your way with Mom.

Alison: Oh, so if I need help, then --

Emily: No, no. Help -- help is something different. But I'm not gonna take sides every time you have a fight with Mom.

Alison: Okay, sure, fine, whatever. Now can I go?

Emily: Ali -- Ali! I am there for you, okay? So is Hal.

Alison: Yeah. Right, as long as it's cool with Mom.

Emily: No, as long as it's not about divide and conquer. Can we just -- shoot for the impossible, okay? Let's go for friendship and take what we can get.

Alison: Oh, so we're friends, huh? Are they the kind of friends who let their boyfriends tell them what to do?

Emily: No, the kind of friends who are up front with each other.

Alison: Maybe you should've dished out a few more eggs, Emily. Then maybe you could have got a "sister" that you actually liked.

Emily: I like you. Ali, I love you.

Alison: Why?

Emily: Why -- does there have to be a why?

Alison: There's always a why. Why do you love Hal? I mean, don't even go there, because I bet you could rattle off a million reasons why you love him. And same with Daniel, maybe even Mom. But with me, I get, "does there have to be a why?" Funny, yet you can't come out with --

Emily: Enough of the pity party, Alison.

Alison: You wanna be pals? You wanna be sisters? You had your chance, Emily, and you blew it. So drop this act. You don't want me a part of your life. You just don't want me to screw it up.

Lucy: "Meet me by the archway"?

Rosanna: Just stop for a second.

Craig: Without your cash, Barbara would be in the hands of a public defender named Irv who would plea bargain her straight to jail.

Rosanna: Are you through?

Craig: No! Well, yes, I am through, because how can I say Aaron Snyder is bad for Lucy once she gets a fresh spin of my disaster with Barbara?

Rosanna: But everybody knows that --

Craig: No, no, no, not Lucy. She was in Montega. And once she -- she's gonna follow this trial like a soap opera. Every second'll be in the Press. God. And you know how cruel her friends are gonna be. Huh? Next fall, she walks through the halls at Oakdale Latin, the whispers. And that's when Sierra's gonna step in, because she's not gonna let Lucy go through this kind of humiliation.

Rosanna: She -- she would take her home?

Craig: No. How is Lucy gonna want to stay around here when this hits the fan?

Rosanna: Well, she would, because she loves you.

Craig: Oh, Rosanna, I've just barely earned her trust again.

Rosanna: Well, don't worry about it, because no one has ever had the last word with you. I know that for sure, and -- and I will take care of things. This won't be a problem.

Craig: How are you gonna make this disappear?

Rosanna: Watch me.

Craig: Nice trick. How?

Rosanna: A great magician once said, "never reveal your secrets."

Rosanna: Why don't you finish your packing and -- and I'll catch up with you later, hmm?

Craig: I don't know what you're up to, but maybe I should thank you first and ask questions later.

Rosanna: I'll let you make it up to me.

Craig: Any requests?

[Rosanna whispering]

Craig: Oh.

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig: I can do that.

Rosanna: One day you're gonna wake up and wonder what you ever did without me.

[Craig chuckles]

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: Barbara, it's Rosanna. Hello. Are you still in the hotel?

Barbara: I'm in the lounge.

Rosanna: Lovely. Well -- wait there, would you, please? I have a business issue I'd like to discuss with you.

Barbara: Can't we do this on the phone?

Rosanna: No, no, no. I'd much rather do it in person. I'll be down in a few minutes.

Marshall: I hope you're feeling better.

Barbara: I have a business meeting here in a few minutes. And I will have the next installment on your retainer for you very soon.

Marshall: Good. I've earned it today.

Barbara: How did it go with Craig?

Marshall: Suffice it to say, your ex-husband will be our star witness, whether he likes it or not.

Lucy: This is your idea of being careful?

Aaron: I had to see you again.

Lucy: If Alison finds out, she'll tell my dad before I can even get back to the pool.

Aaron: Alison is not gonna find out. Stop talking about it. I have to give you something.

Lucy: What?

Aaron: This.

Emily: Don't you know how much you mean to me?

Alison: Yeah. I got a box full of pictures and ticket stubs to prove it. Oh, lots of good times, Emily. The circus, the movies, all those trips to the beach.

Emily: All right, look, I know I wasn't exactly hands-on, but -- I'm telling you now -- I am ready to be there for you. I mean, to be the kind of sister that you need.

Alison: So I'm your experiment?

Emily: Yes. You are my own personal lab rat. And part one of my experiment is to get you to break through this stone wall you've built up around yourself.

Alison: Well, it was cheaper than the glass house.

Emily: Why don't we start with something simple, okay? Like maybe you'll consider being a part of our wedding.

Alison: Oh, sure. I'll pass out the programs.

Emily: That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Alison: Sweep the church?

Emily: No, sorry. I already hired Cinderella.

Alison: A bouncer?

Emily: Oh, no, but thanks. Thanks for offering. No. Half the Police force will be there. I was thinking more along the lines of maid of honor.

Alison: Yeah, right.

Emily: No, I'm -- I'm serious.

Alison: Have you run this by Hal?

Emily: I'm sure he'll be fine with it.

Alison: 'Cause I don't wanna get tossed out of the church.

Emily: He will love the idea just as much as I do.

Alison: Do you mean it? Do I get to pick out a dress?

Emily: The prettiest one you can find. In fact, we'll have Carly design it.

Alison: Just for me?

Emily: Just for you. No puffy sleeves, no ribbons.

Alison: Oh, and I don't do lace.

Emily: Who does? Just tell Carly what you like, and she'll make whatever you want. Because you know what? You're a young woman with your own sense of taste and style.

Alison: You're not just saying that?

Emily: Ali, since when do the Stewart women "just say" anything?

[Both laugh]

Alison: Thanks, Emily. I won't mess this up.

Emily: So does that mean "yes"?

Alison: This is gonna be awesome! Me, a maid of honor in a hot dress. And you gotta have a cool reception. There's this band, burnt toast. And I really thought they were gonna be kind of lame, but they really --

Emily: Well, you know what? We'll worry about the music part later. But thanks for the tip.

Alison: Sure. Can I bring a date?

Emily: Yeah! Sure. Why not? If you're seeing someone special.

Alison: We'll be the hottest couple there. I mean, next to you and Hal, of course.

Katie: Simon? Oh, sweetheart? Are you here? Ah, my faux snickers from my faux Simon. Oh, babe, I gotta find out what that creep did with my husband.

[Knock at the door] oh! Who is it?

Henry: Housekeeping, seņora.

Katie: Look, I don't need --

Henry: More towels?

Katie: Henry.

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: What, are you here to ransack the place?

Henry: Oh, I don't know, Katie. Looks -- looks like you've already started that.

Katie: All I want is to find my husband.

Henry: Yeah, well, that clown left just a little while ago.

Katie: That wasn't my clown. That wasn't Simon.

Henry: Oh, then who's been sleeping in Katie's bed?

Katie: A fraud. You said it yourself, Henry. Simon hasn't been acting like himself. Well, you were right. I should have listened to you. That creep did something to my husband, and Rose and Lucinda don't believe me. So I have to come find proof. I need to find proof that I'm right, and you need to help me.

Henry: Oh, no, no, I'm sorry. I'm late for a meeting. A local chapter of the young republicans, Katie.

Katie: Uh-uh. Help me. Or I'll call hotel security and report a break-in. You wouldn't wanna spend the night in the Avanya jail, would you?

[Henry whistles]

Henry: I'll check the bathroom. You check this room. Hmm? Chop, chop, peretti. We don't have all day.

Henry: Please tell me the provenance is in there.

Katie: Wait a minute. What is this?

Henry: Huh? Oh, let it -- God, let it be payday.

Katie: What are all these markings?

Henry: I don't know. Let me see this. Whoa! Uh -- I'm not an expert on this sort of thing, but this looks like something a plastic surgeon might draw. Looks like somebody wanted a brand-new face.

Katie: I knew it! I knew that jerk was a fake.

"Simon": Come on, come on.

Simon: Hey, what the hell have you done to him? Joe! Joe!

"Simon": Oh, relax, relax. He's not dead yet.

Simon: What's wrong with him?

"Simon": I don't know. Maybe malaria.

Simon: Get him -- get him a doctor. Get him a doctor.

"Simon": Don't give me orders, punk. That fool Cooley left him out on the boat too long. I don't know. Maybe he got too much sun.

Simon: Joe -- easy, easy. Easy. Joe, it's me -- Simon. You made it. It's gonna be okay. All right? We'll get you help.

"Simon": Hey -- hey, you run again, and we finish him off, okay? Try anything, and the old man dies. Enjoy each other's company, boys.

Joe: Rose. Get Rose.

Simon: We're gonna find her. We're gonna find her, I swear. We're gonna find Rose. We'll find Katie. We'll get out of here. I promise. Promise.

Emily: You know, Ali, I don't care if you bring one of the backstreet boys.

Alison: Hello. I'm not 12.

Emily: Okay, well, I'm just happy that you're gonna be by my side on the most important day of my life.

Alison: So I really get to pick out the dress?

Emily: You really get to pick out the dress. So I'm gonna go talk to the manager about catering.

Alison: Okay.

Emily: Are we okay here?

Alison: Sure. We're a family, just -- like the Osbornes. I'll see you later.

Emily: Count on it.

Alison: Guess what? I'm gonna be the maid of honor at my sister's wedding.

Aaron: That's great.

Alison: Yeah, if you're into that sort of thing. I'll probably just do it to get my mom off my case. So -- are you okay?

Aaron: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Alison: Duh. Lucy dumped you.

Aaron: I'll be fine.

Alison: I mean, you were so off, anyway. She practically grew up in a convent. Face it -- she's not like us.

Aaron: "Us"?

Alison: Yeah. You know what I mean. She's just young, in major ways.

Aaron: I don't want to talk about Lucy.

Alison: Okay. Oh, do you wanna know what I heard in the locker room?

Aaron: You're gonna tell me, anyway.

Alison: Well, a certain girl, she -- her brother buses at the Lakeview. And he got wind of a certain waiter here having a fling with some married chick.

Aaron: Knock it off, Alison.

Alison: Touchy!

Aaron: That's none of your business!

Alison: Relax! I'm just saying, it's a shame that girls like Lucy can't understand things like that.

[Alison sighs] I'm sorry you were hurt, Aaron. But if you ever want to talk, I'm here, okay? Anytime, anywhere.

Emily: Ready to go?

Alison: No, thanks. I'm fine.

Emily: It's getting kind of late.

Alison: Yeah. Fine, I give up. I'll meet you in the car. Okay?

Emily: Okay.

Alison: Yeah.

Emily: Hi, Aaron.

Alison: I mean it. Maybe later?

Craig: Hey!

Lucy: Hey, dad. When's your flight?

Craig: In a few hours. How was the club?

Lucy: Great.

Craig: Yeah?

Lucy: Yeah, it was good.

Craig: Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Lucy: So, do you think Mom's gonna be okay with me staying with you?

Craig: Once she hears that Aaron is out of the picture, she'll be fine with it.

Lucy: I hope you're right, dad.

Craig: Now, lullaby -- listen, I talked with Rosanna about keeping an eye on you while I'm gone.

Lucy: No way, dad. I am way too old for a babysitter.

Craig: Well, no, no, it's not like that. It's just that your grandmother and Katie are out of town, and if something comes up --

Lucy: What about aunt Margo?

Craig: Well, she's always on call at the station. Hey, Rosanna is a very good lady, you know. She does like you.

Lucy: Fine. Whatever. I'll just be at the club most of the time, anyway.

Craig: Yeah. Who knows -- by the time I get back, you two might be friends.

Rosanna: Hello. I'm so glad we could meet on such short notice.

Barbara: Yes, I am, too. I'm hoping that we can work out all the details on your investment in B.R.O.

Rosanna: Yes, well, I did speak to my lawyers, and things are on the fast track.

Barbara: Good. When can I expect my first installment on our agreement?

Rosanna: I think we just need to iron out a few issues first.

Barbara: I thought we already did iron out all the issues.

Rosanna: Well -- I'm adding a little addendum to our agreement. I will honor my financial commitment to BRO and cover all your legal costs, as long as you make sure that Craig Montgomery doesn't have to testify at your trial.

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