ATWT Transcript Friday 7/5/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/5/02

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Alison: This country club is so cool. Did you see the waiter I was talking to?

Lucy: You mean the one that you were falling all over?

Alison: Whatever. He can bench press 350. I wonder what Aaron can press?

Lucy: I don't know, and I don't care. Did you see him today?

Alison: I thought you didn't care.

Lucy: I'm only asking because you brought up the Snyder family picnic.

Alison: Please! "Did you see Aaron today?" You're obsessed, admit it.

Lucy: You did, didn't you?

Alison: I would have told you before --

Lucy: How is he?

Alison: I don't know. It's not like I went over there to hang out with him. I had to pick up my backpack, and he just happened to be there.

Lucy: He was there when I called?

Alison: Well, lucky for you, I didn't know he was back into play.

Lucy: Did you tell him where I was?

Alison: What's up with you? Yesterday, you were all about him. And today, it's like he slapped your dog. Make up your mind.

Lucy: I have.

Alison: You wanna clue me in?

Craig: You're the one who's going to see Emma. I'm just going to keep you company. But if you'd rather I didn't --

Rosanna: No, yes, yes, that's exactly what I'd rather. I'm not gonna give you an opportunity to insert yourself between Carly and Jack again.

Craig: Jack and Carly will be down by the pond throwing bread at ducks. I don't throw bread away.

Rosanna: So if I'm in the kitchen with Emma?

Craig: I will be right at your side making polite conversation.

Rosanna: When has your conversation ever verged on polite?

Craig: I constantly verge on the polite. But enough talk. My daughter has dumped her boyfriend, a gorgeous woman in a Cabot convertible are waiting for me, God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world.

Rosanna: I don't know, maybe not. Wasn't it you that said the weatherman was predicting rain?

Craig: Oh, not now. It wouldn't dare.

[Thunder roars]

Jessica: Is Ian sending you missives from "ye olde Scottish jailhouse"?

Bonnie: Mom! Uh, do you need something to drink?

Jessica: Bonnie, what's going on?

Bonnie: Isaac?

Ben: Hey. Care for a little roll in the hay?

Jessica: Ben?

Ben: Oh, no, not the Madame D.A. look.

Jessica: You know what's going on with my daughter.

Ben: I -- I think I hear some chicken calling my name. I'm gonna go have some.

Isaac: I like the way you say hello.

Bonnie: Good, 'cause you're not gonna like the follow-up. The Liquor Board sent that when you were in Scotland, saving me from a horrible marriage to horrible Ian, which means --

Isaac: That they might not renew my license?

Bonnie: And it is all my fault.

Carly: Jack? I still feel a little strange about our baby conversation.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Because I don't want to make it sound like I don't want to have a baby with you. Because I do.

[Rain rattling on roof] would you rather be alone?

Jack: What, when you're around? Never.

Carly: Then what's wrong?

Nancy: Oh, my gosh. Oh. Oh, you poor things. Oh, it's lucky you didn't get blown away by the winds.

Abigail: Especially since I'm carrying, um, Emma's desserts.

Nancy: That's a beautiful --

Holden: I'll take this.

Nancy: Just hold your horses.


Kim: Well now, you know mom. Every dessert has to be lined up one next to the other before anybody has a bite. And after all, what's a holiday without traditions? Honey, I'm sorry. I know this is a rough day for you.

Abigail: Oh, it's all right. I'm fine.

Kim: What -- what about Molly? Have you heard from her? Is she having fun on the Riviera?

Abigail: I don't know.

Holden: She hasn't called?

Abigail: Well, she boarded her flight. Jack checked for me, but I haven't heard from her. Have you?

Kim: Not a word.

Abigail: I know that she wants to be left alone, I just wish, you know --

Kim: Just wish you knew that she was all right.

Holden: Then that's what I'm gonna find out. Did she have a scheduled layover anywhere?

Abigail: Just one -- New York.

Ray: Mike Kasnoff?

Mike: Yeah. If the lady I left with last night comes in, call me, all right? What are you doing?

Molly: Hi, Ray. One martini, very dry, please. So where is everybody? It's fourth of July.

Mike: My guess is they're sleeping off the third of July.

Molly: Happy Independence Day.

Mike: You know, if you wanted to be free of me, you could have picked a different dive.

Molly: Yeah, I just came to ask the bartender to recommend a good hotel.

Mike: What's wrong with the yellow pages?

Molly: They don't serve booze.

Mike: I do.

Molly: Yeah, well, you know what? When I woke up, you were gone. So I figured that was intentional.

Mike: Lunch was intentional. I went to get us some.

Molly: You know what? I'm gonna pay you for that. And I'll also pay you for the night that I spent at your place.

Mike: I didn't take you home last night to get paid or anything else.

Molly: I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to insult you, Mr. --

Mike: I'm Mike, you're Molly. No last names, remember? You don't, do you?

Molly: I drank a little excessively last night. So if we - if anything happened --

Mike: Relax. All right, we didn't sleep together.

Molly: Oh, yeah? Then why did I wind up in your bed with no clothes on?

Holden: Jack's kind of busy right now, so why don't we make a quick run home, and we'll make a few phone calls?

Abigail: Thanks, Holden.

Lily: Oh, hey, what's going on?

Holden: We'll be right back.

Lily: You're not leaving? Don't even tell me the cutest guy is leaving the fourth of July party that gets rained out. No way. Stay.

Holden: We'll be right back, all right?

Lily: Okay. Oh, careful. It's just you and me and the food table.

Kim: Well --

Lily: Hey.

Isaac: This can't be right.

Lisa: I have been dealing with the Liquor board for years, and I know they don't just revoke a license because it's a little late in renewing. And you had a good excuse.

Bonnie: This is my fault, and I have to fix it.

Lisa: Oh, now, Bonnie -- Bonnie, believe me, the down and dirty world of restaurants have nothing to do with a duchess. But you will go first thing tomorrow morning and talk with them, won't you?

Isaac: I will. But they still have us caught in red tape. It could be weeks before we get a new license, Lisa. By that time, Java underground will be out of business.

Bonnie: Would somebody listen to me, please? I can help. Have we all forgotten that my mother is the D.A. of this town? Which means she could fix this.

Isaac: No way.

Bonnie: But this whole mess is my fault, Isaac.

Isaac: I do not -- I repeat, I do not want you to have your mother run interference on my behalf. Okay, I'll figure this out someway, somehow.

Carly: What is going on with you? Every time I say the word "baby," you act like -

Jack: Drop it, please.

Carly: Fine, I will, once I get a straight answer.

Jack: Look, this morning we had a maybe baby conversation, and it was great. It was. You made it more than clear that you weren't ready, and that's fine with me. It really is.

Carly: Really? Then why do you look like you're about ready to explode?

Jack: What do you want me to say?

Carly: I don't know, Jack. Maybe something like, "boy, Carly, it will be really great when we're both ready." Maybe something with a little enthusiasm, Jack.

Jack: Enthusiasm? You want enthusiasm? Well, how about I rip off your clothes and we go at it right now, huh? Make a baby in front of family and friends? Is that enough enthusiasm for you, huh? Let's do it. Come on.

Carly: What is with you?

Jack: I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that.

Carly: Well, I think I do. I think this is still about you and Julia and the baby.

Jack: Stop, okay? Just stop it.

Carly: No, it is not okay. I am sick of playing red light, green light with you, Jack. If you decided that you don't want to have a baby with me, why don't you just say it?

Rosanna: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Hello. Look at you. You're starting to remind me of Emma's old hunting dog again.

Craig: The one that gave you those big, sloppy kisses?

Lily: Hello. Craig? Craig? Hi.

Craig: Hi.

Lily: You are the last person that Holden is gonna want to see.

Craig: Well, I was waiting out in the car while Rosanna saw Emma, but it started to rain, and -

Rosanna: Yes.

Craig: - The roof of her 1929 Cabot deluxe got stuck halfway up. So the laws of nature -

Nancy: A Cabot deluxe -- that's the first convertible my father ever bought. I loved that car. But I can remember several drenchings. They seem to love the rain.

Rosanna: Yes, well, we're working on that.

Lily: Holden will be back soon. Emma's in the kitchen with some sugar-amped kids.

Rosanna: Oh, lovely. Well, I'm gonna go say a quick hello. Um, I'll be right back. Behave yourself.

Craig: Okay.

Jack: I wanna have children with you, Carly. I do. There's never been a question about that.

Carly: Then why all the mixed messages? I'm asking you a question, Jack.

Craig: Well, what do you know? Trouble in paradise?

Alison: You've made up your mind about Aaron. Do you want to tell me what the verdict is?

Lucy: No.

Alison: You don't trust me?

Lucy: That's right.

Alison: Why not?

Lucy: You're a sneak.

Waiter: Two virgin pina coladas with pink umbrellas.

Alison: Put it on her bill, and leave yourself a big tip. Well, if you think I'm so sneaky, and you can't stand me, why should you invite me to hang out with you? Don't you have any other friends?

Lucy: No.

Alison: You really think I'm sneaky, huh?

Lucy: I know you are, but you're also outrageous, and I like that about you. Which is why I invited you to the club.

Alison: Well, as long as you keep sharing your membership with me, I'll keep liking you, too.

[Whistle blows] oh, the storm must be coming close. They're making everyone get out. All right! Beauty contest. I give him a nine. A ten. An eight. Oh, a genuine, made in America 11.

Lucy: Who is it, your bench-pressing waiter?

Alison: Huh-uh, your boyfriend -- or not. Hi, Aaron.

Abigail: I'm so sorry to take you away from the party.

Holden: Don't you worry about it. It's too wet out there for me anyway.

Abigail: So how do we find Molly?

Holden: First, I'll give Hal a call, and we'll find out whether or not he can see if she got off a plane in New York.

Abigail: Oh, but even if she did, Holden - what I'm trying to say is, what if Molly doesn't want to be found?

Mike: You don't want to know what happened.

Molly: Yeah, I do.

Mike: All right. You volunteered.

Molly: No way. No way, because I know I don't just take off my clothes and jump into bed with some stranger. You -- you took off all my clothes when I was sleeping.

Mike: I did not touch you, all right? We were in the other room, and you started singing. I went into your room and made up the bed, okay? And then you started stripping. And you shimmied all the way down the hall into my bedroom.

Molly: Oh, that -- that is a lie! Did you watch?

Mike: Just a little TV. Once you were safely in the bedroom, I shut the door.

Molly: Before or after I was naked?

Mike: Define "naked."

Molly: Did I do anything else?

Mike: You stole my bed. Now, listen, when I woke up this morning, I -- I went for a run, picked us up some lunch. And I came back only to discover wheel ruts in my carpet.

Molly: And you came here to find me? No. That just seems like you went to way too much trouble for somebody that didn't get lucky. Oh, I get it. You came here because you want me to give you what you've decided I owe you.

Holden: Thanks, Hal. I appreciate it. Molly did get off the plane in New York. But I'm sorry, honey, she did not re-board.

Abigail: She doesn't know anyone in that town.

Holden: Well, that's not such a bad thing. At least this way, she doesn't have people wondering whether or not she's gonna break.

Abigail: No. No, this is wrong. We're gonna go find her. We're gonna find her now.

Holden: No, I don't think that's such a good idea. Your mother has made it very clear that she wants to be alone.

Abigail: Holden, I haven't told you everything that's been going on.

Holden: Well, maybe you better tell me now.

Abigail: Ever since Donna left with the twins, Molly - she sort of quit living.

Holden: "Quit living"? What do you mean?

Abigail: She barely eats, she barely sleeps. She drinks too much, and she doesn't care about anything.

Holden: Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?

Abigail: Well, it just felt like everything she was going through - through losing Jake and the twins - it was so personal. The idea of telling people felt kinda weird, like I was exposing her secrets. I'm sorry, Holden. I know I messed up. I should have told you.

Holden: Only because it's just too much for you to handle all by yourself.

Abigail: Well, I just figured I'd give her some space. You know, if she drank at Java underground, Isaac or somebody would make sure she got home safe. But in New York - Holden, if she drinks there, anything could happen.

Mike: If I wanted to sleep with you, I would have.

Molly: Why didn't you?

Mike: You were talking to ghosts and falling down a lot. I don't think you would have noticed.

Molly: You just insulted one of us, I'm just not sure which one.

Mike: Listen, when I take a woman to bed, I want her to be wide awake.

Molly: So she doesn't blink and miss it?

Mike: No, so she doesn't think she's dreaming.

Molly: Okay, you won this round. Speaking of rounds -- Ray, can we have some more of the same?

Mike: You wanna pay me back for stealing my bed last night?

Molly: Absolutely. I hate being in debt. So what do you want?

Mike: Fanfare and a deal.

Molly: Deal?

Mike: That, that is the last drink of the day.

Molly: Well, you're a boat load of fun. I can't wait to see what your idea of fanfare is.

Mike: Manhattan, Molly, on the fourth of July -- fireworks, hot dogs, flags waving, ships sailing, Statue of Liberty.

Molly: I'll pass. Ray, thanks.

Mike: What would your late husband say about you spending the day inside a bar?

Molly: Well, we'll never know, because he's dead, remember?

Mike: Stop hiding, Molly.

Molly: You don't know me. You don't know anything about me.

Mike: I've been you.

Molly: What? What happened?

Mike: Shh, listen. One last drink to the dearly departed, all right? And then we're gonna go out in the sunlight and find something to be happy about.

Molly: Deal.

[Thunder roars]

Jessica: Well, Isaac?

Isaac: What?

Jessica: When were you going to tell me about your problem with the Liquor board?

Isaac: Never.

Bonnie: I didn't say anything.

Lisa: Neither did I, but I certainly wanted to.

Isaac: That only leaves Benedict Arnold.

Ben: She forced it out of me. She - she put me in a headlock, and she started kissing this spot on the back of my neck -[laughter]

Jessica: You should have told me.

Isaac: I would have if you didn't also happen to be the D.A.

Lisa: He just didn't want to put you in an awkward spot.

Isaac: And I don't want my problems to become your headaches.

Lisa: I commend him for that, Jess.

Bonnie: Yeah, but let my mother decide if she wants to say no or not.

Jessica: Excuse me, can I just get a word in?

Ben: I don't think so.

Brandy: Oh. Hi. I finally found you.

Isaac: Who's minding Java underground?

Lisa: Yes, that's exactly what I'd like to know.

Jack: Carly and I are in the middle of something, Craig.

Craig: Well, Rosanna and I weren't planning -

Carly: Go away, Craig!

Craig: Just a touch of color. Ciao, bambinos.

Carly: We can't seem to get away from the word "baby."

Jack: Okay, all right, I - I owe you an explanation.

Carly: But it's -- it's difficult to explain? You obviously want to be alone. I'll go and make sure that -- that Parker isn't keeping Emma hostage. And you just think of an answer to my question, okay?

Jack: You know, you're gonna run into Rosanna.

Carly: Yeah. It will be a great day all the way around.

Jack: Carly, listen, this - this stuff that I'm going through, it isn't about us.

Carly: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Lily: What's - why do you do that? Why - why do you zero in on Carly and Jack?

Craig: I couldn't be with the ones doling out the coleslaw. Actually, it was Carly.

Lily: You know, you probably deserved it. What's the matter with you? You've got some sort of power trip or something?

Craig: I believe this is beginning to sound like a lecture.

Lily: You know what? It is. And I'm gonna give it.

Craig: Oh, come on, I just walked up to Jack and Carly -

Lily: No, no, no. I'm talking about demoralizing Aaron. What you did to my stepson is unforgivable.

Lucy: What are you doing here?

Alison: Are you a member?

Aaron: No. I'm interviewing for a job.

Lucy: Here?!

Aaron: That's right.

Lucy: Y -- you can't work here.

Alison: Why not? He's cute enough. What do you bench press?

Lucy: This is all your fault. You told him my dad got me a membership.

Alison: Like you said, I can't be trusted. This wind is messing up my hair. Let's go in. Coming? Okay, I'll miss you, too.

Lucy: If they do offer you a job here, please have enough respect for me not to take it.

Aaron: How about respect for me? I mean, you won't even listen to the truth.

Lucy: I don't want to hear about your affair with some old, married woman.

Aaron: The only reason I'm applying for a job here is because I care about you. And if you don't care about me, just tell me. I'll never bother you again.

[thunder roars]

Aaron: Lucy, hear me out. Please?

Lucy: Over there.

Aaron: Put this on.

Lucy: No, thanks.

Aaron: Well, then let's get somewhere where it's warm. We can talk about it some other time. You can think what you want, but first you have to hear what really happened.

Lucy: I do know. You slept with somebody else's wife, and now you want me to say it was okay.

Isaac: So what's up, Brandy?

Brandy: I found a leak in the basement. The plumber said he'll fix it just as soon as I get a manager's signature on the check.

Isaac: So you came all the way out here just so I could sign a check?

Brandy: Well, yeah. I couldn't stop the leak otherwise. Did I make a mistake?

Isaac: I'll go into Emma's house and get this thing moving, call the plumber. And no, you didn't make a mistake. You -- you did really well.

Brandy: Okay.

Lisa: You know something? You could have called one of us out here, and we would have driven back and taken care of this problem.

Brandy: I didn't want to take any of you away from your picnic.

Lisa: Oh, that's so thoughtful. I'm gonna be watching you.

Holden: I will go to New York. I will hire a private investigator, and I will find Molly.

Abigail: Okay, good. I'm going with you.

Holden: That's not a good idea.

Abigail: Why?

[Phone rings]

Holden: Hello? You gotta be kidding me. All right, I'll be right there. Craig showed up at the picnic. I gotta get out there before Aaron shows up.

Abigail: What about Molly?

Holden: Abigail, I told you, I will go to New York, and I will find Molly. But right now, I gotta deal with Craig Montgomery.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Oh, genius here thought it would be a great idea to go outside and play.

Mike: It's not supposed to rain on a parade in New York. It's against the law.

Molly: Tell it to the mayor.

Mike: All right, when this clears up, we're gonna find a good place to watch some fireworks, all right? In the meantime, what would you like to drink?

Molly: Ginger ale, please.

Mike: Two ginger ales.

Ray: Oh, joy. Now I can die rich.

Mike: All right, it's your call. What are we going to drink to?

Molly: Your sorry life.

Mike: You got me all wrong. Nothing sad ever happened to me. Thanks.

Molly: Whoa, wait a minute. I let you get away with calling me a - a broken-hearted loser because you said you were one, too.

Mike: Had been one. Past tense, past life. Now, I'm Mr. Happy.

Molly: Okay. Well, listen up, Mr. Happy. Only the broken-hearted hang out in dives like this, so either you come clean, or I start drinking to make up for lost time.

Mike: Would you believe it if I told you that I came in here because my cushy, Westside construction job just ended?

Molly: Ray?!

Mike: All right, all right. The truth -- uh, it's nothing exciting. It's happened to 100 million people before.

Molly: Except - what does that matter, right? It doesn't matter how many people have lost the loves of their life. When it happens to you, it's all you can do to get out of bed in the morning. Who was she?

Mike: A beautiful woman who went to Spain.

Molly: Did you follow her there? You must have really loved her.

Mike: Only when I breathe.

Molly: Did she love you back?

Mike: Once upon a time maybe.

Molly: Okay, you know, you are really starting to depress me.

[Laughter] can we do something else.

Ray: Cockroach races?

Molly: He did not just say that.

Mike: If you don't like bugs, there's always the Heimlich maneuver competition.

Molly: Oh, I'm warning you, I am really good at that.

Mike: All right, all right. All right, how about some music? That way you don't get grossed out, and I don't get hurt.

Molly: I can't sing, so don't ask me to.

Mike: But I bet you dance.

Molly: Not anymore.

Mike: All right. We'll just listen.

Molly: Why are you doing this? Why are you working so hard to keep me distracted?

Mike: Maybe because it keeps me distracted. I can't stand to spend holidays alone.

Molly: Okay. We'll listen, but I pick the song.

Mike: Make it something memorable.

Molly: Uh, we're not making any memories today. Okay?

Mike: Okay. Tomorrow I'll forget that I ever knew you.

Jessica: Isaac, after all you've done for Bonnie, the least I can do is help you.

Isaac: I don't wanna cause you any problems.

Jessica: I appreciate that. But I am allowed to ask questions, and that's what I intend to do. So first I'll find out why you're being singled out, if you are being singled out, and then I can work it from the inside, if anything can be done.

Isaac: Thanks, Jessica. If somebody had told me that a D.A. would come to my rescue -

Jessica: Amazing but true.

[Thunder roars]

[Brandy sneezes]

Jessica: Bless you.

Brandy: Excuse me.

Isaac: See, I knew you were gonna catch a cold. This is Brandy. She came all the way out here from Java underground in the rain to let me know that a pipe had burst.

Brandy: Do you think I could get home and change into some dry clothes before I go back?

Isaac: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. The last thing I need is my help out sick. You were on top today.

Brandy: Oh, gosh, I was glad to help.

Lisa: Oh, that girl is just too good to be true.

Nancy: You know what that usually means.

Kim: Watch out.

Lisa: Yes, I know, exactly. That's why I think I should go back to Java underground and just sort of check up on things.

Nancy: Would you mind dropping me out by Margo's? I'm beginning to be worried about her.

Lisa: Yeah, that'll be fine. Come on, let's go. Oh, you know what? Let me - let me get - let me drive the car right up to the door, okay? So you -

Nancy: Not on your life. I like a good rainstorm.

Lisa: Hey, you do. All right.

Rosanna: Let me hold the door for you. Careful. Ah, ah! Sorry, it's just me.

Carly: Haven't you left yet?

Rosanna: I was at the house.

Carly: Well, I guess I must have missed you there. I'll be grateful for that.

Rosanna: I saw Parker, you know? He kissed me.

Carly: I've seen him kiss his socks.

Rosanna: Still the biting wit, dear.

Holden: Listen, uh, Molly would want you to eat if she were here.

Abigail: I'm not hungry.

Holden: Did you eat breakfast?

Abigail: No.

Holden: Well, then go get yourself some lunch, okay?

Rosanna: I didn't mean to eavesdrop. You have a lovely way with her.

Holden: Thank you.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry about last night.

Holden: I know that it wasn't you. It was all Craig.

Rosanna: Yes, right. Well, we will be leaving soon. Um, if you can - if I can drag him away from your wife.

Craig: Lucy already rapped my knuckles about Aaron, but I'll tell you the same thing I told your husband. I have to protect her in any way I see fit.

Lily: I understand that. Believe me, I am the mother lioness here, and I understand your concerns about Aaron.

Craig: Ah, a sane voice in the wilderness.

Lily: Yes. But I also know you, and I know that you'll do anything to get what you want. Sometimes you try too hard to do that. And I love you, but you try too hard.

Craig: All right. I'll remember that. But Lucy is my primary concern.

Lily: Yeah, yours and Sierra's.

Craig: Well, Sierra's out of the country. She can't handle this.

Lily: I called her.

Craig: You what?

Lily: Yeah. Well, Sierra's my sister, she's Lucy's mother. She has the right to know what's going on, and she has the right to know from somebody that's objective.

Craig: "Objective"? Aaron is your stepson, Lily! You can't be any more objective than I am!

Holden: Don't ever talk to my wife like that again.

Lucy: Nothing you say is gonna make it okay that you slept with someone else's wife.

Aaron: Would you think of the degrees of guilt? I mean, I know you've made your mind up. Lucy, I'm sorry. I - I never meant to hurt you.

Lucy: Aaron, wait. I do want to hear your side.

Aaron: Okay. Okay. A group of us used to ride our bikes. Her husband was one of them.

Lucy: Did she ride?

Aaron: Yeah. She just hung out and watched.

Lucy: Was she pretty?

Aaron: I guess so. I don't know. But what you really noticed was that she was shy.

Lucy: A woman who sleeps with a guy half her age is not what most people would call shy, Aaron.

Aaron: She was 19, Lucy. Her husband was way older. He was a big guy, and I thought he was nice. But then, she started showing up with bruises and black eyes.

Lucy: He was beating her? What did you do?

Aaron: I told her to call me if she ever needed me. One day, she called me. I went over to her house, and I found her laying on the floor, cuts on her head and bruise marks all over.

Lucy: Did you take her to the hospital?

Aaron: She wouldn't let me. She wouldn't even let me call my dad. She just wanted me to clean her up. That's when I asked where her husband was.

Lucy: Why?

Aaron: 'Cause I wanted to kill him.

Lucy: Oh.

Aaron: If you would have seen her, you would have felt the same way.

Lucy: Did you go after him?

Aaron: No. She wouldn't let me. She was just crying. That's when I was holding her.

Lucy: Is that when the two of you - decided to have an affair?

Aaron: It wasn't an affair. It was just one night.

Lucy: Okay. Then what?

Aaron: Then her husband came home looking to kill me. But the neighbors called the cops before he got the job done. So you see, it wasn't like your father said. Do you understand me now?

Lucy: I understand a little bit more about what happened, but what I don't understand is why I had to hear it from my father. What other secrets are you keeping from me, Aaron?

Brandy: Bloody Mary or scotch?

Marshall: Scotch. You got a good memory.

Brandy: I can remember entire conversations word for word.

Marshall: Did you hear anything else I should know about?

Brandy: Mm-hmm. And I wrote it all down.

Marshall: Look what Madame D.A. gets up to when she thinks no one is listening. And how does she intend to help Isaac hang onto his liquor license?

Brandy: Well, I don't know - yet. All she said was she was going to "work from inside."

Marshall: That's good, but I need specifics. Try and get me some more information.

Brandy: Well, hey, hey, hey, hey. It's the fourth of July. Don't you want to celebrate by giving me some Ben Franklins? I know you already gave me some, but - hey, where's that holiday spirit?

Marshall: Of course. What about Jack Snyder?

Brandy: It's not easy. He's in love. But I'm working on it.

Marshall: You succeed, and there's a bonus in it for you.

Brandy: I remember.

Marshall: I'm sure you do.

Brandy: Not bad for a few hours work.

Lisa: I love making money, so I'm curious. How'd you get all that cash?

Mike: Song does something for you?

Molly: Yeah, I didn't mean to - I didn't mean to play this one. My finger just slipped.

Mike: Right. I hate it when that happens. It does bring back some memories though, doesn't it?

Molly: What, would that be the one - the ones about the woman that went to Spain?

Mike: Uh, no, this one was a little closer to home. We met out in the Midwest.

Molly: Wait. So which one was it, huh? Which one was the love of your life?

Mike: I don't know. Maybe both. It can happen more than once, you know?

Molly: Yeah. Somebody once told me that. So, um, this Miss Midwest, what happened?

Mike: Her name was Jane. She had bangs and braces and passed pink notes to my buddy, Fisk. I don't know. I thought she was crazy about him. I only ate two sandwiches after school for a whole week.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Your mother must have been worried about you.

Mike: Yeah, well, seventh grade Christmas party, she danced to Stairway to heaven with me.

Molly: That is a really long song.

Mike: And a long time ago.

Molly: That must have been one heck of a dance.

Mike: It was magnificent.

Molly: So you're telling me that it's possible to think about this - this love of your life without feeling like you want to die?

Mike: I don't know. We could think about it while we dance for awhile. What do you say?

Molly: No. No, I told you, I don't do that anymore.

Mike: All right. You're gonna make me ask the babe at the end of the bar then.

Molly: Ray?

[Molly laughs] nobody else is here.

Mike: Hey, hey. She might be a little shallow, she's not all there, but you're not gonna dance with me, so what am I gonna do, right? Hi, how you doing? My name's Mike. What's your sign? Really? That's one of the earth signs, isn't it? I'm a water. What do you say we go make some mud, huh? You're so light on your feet.

Aaron: Maybe your family had meetings and group hugs, but my family had secrets. I just did what came naturally.

Lucy: If you think I had a picture-perfect childhood, then you don't know me at all. I grew up with secrets and lies, and I hated it. My big mistake was thinking things would be different with you.

Aaron: It's not like I was in love with the girl.

Lucy: What happened between you and that poor woman isn't the problem. You didn't tell me, and that's what hurts.

Aaron: Lucy - are you saying it's over?

Lucy: I don't know. I have to figure some things out.

Aaron: I start working here tomorrow. So when you do figure things out, let me know. I'm not going anywhere.

Lily: It's okay. Don't worry. I just - don't worry. I just told Craig that I had spoken to Sierra about this little problem with Aaron, and he got a little hot under the goggles.

Craig: I don't like getting livid messages from Sierra. She goes on and uses up all of my answering machine.

Lily: Oh, that's okay. You don't have to worry. She's not gonna call, no. Because she's coming here to Oakdale.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hey. Where were you? I thought you'd gone.

Jack: As if I could ever leave you.

Carly: No charm, just the truth.

Jack: The truth is - you were right about wanting to have a baby. I - I should want one with you.

Carly: What is it, Jack? What's wrong?

Jack: Carly, there's something I gotta tell you. When Julia left, she was probably carrying my child.

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