ATWT Transcript Thursday 7/4/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/4/02

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Ben: Ho! Woo -- and it's two points for Griffin with yet another assist from the very versatile Ben "swish" Harris.

Jessica: And I thought racquetball was your sport.

Ben: Oh, like I said, the man is versatile.

Jessica: Oh, I do like that.

Ben: Mmm.

Bonnie: Hey, should I get some chips to go with this?

Jessica: Um, no, I think there should be more than enough. It's the Snyder family picnic. Knowing Emma, there'll be no shortage of food. Oh, what time is it? I think -- I've got to run.

Ben: Uh, yeah, the meeting with Evelyn, right?

Jessica: Yeah.

Bonnie: You're meeting with the Assistant D.A. on the Fourth of July? Mom?

Jessica: Sweetheart, justice knows no holidays. It shouldn't take long. I'll meet you guys back at the farm.

Bonnie: Okay.

Brandy: A farm? What are you guys doing? Like some Amish thing for the fourth?

Bonnie: We were invited to the Snyder's for a picnic. You know, Snyder's, huge family, comprises half the population of Oakdale. Maybe you've heard of them?

Brandy: So everybody's off to have a good time except me.

Bonnie: Well, the last one hired has to work holidays. But you have me to thank for the extra compensation. I negotiated the waitresses' contract myself.

Brandy: I'm not complaining.

Bonnie: Okay, are you all ready? Do we need to pick up Curtis?

Ben: No, Curtis is celebrating the holiday with some friends in the windy city. So, I'm ready to roll when you are.

Brandy: Before you do, I found this letter last night when I was closing up. It must have fallen behind the counter.

Bonnie: Can it wait? We're running late.

Brandy: Yeah, I don't know, it looks pretty official. It's from the liquor control board.

Ben: Well, maybe you should see what it is in case we need to take it to Isaac.

Bonnie: You don't think he'd mind?

Ben: Well, not if it's important.

[Bonnie sighs] what is it?

Bonnie: I don't believe this. Isaac's liquor license is about to be revoked.

Holden: Are you ready yet?

Lily: Yes, I'm just about ready. Just a few more minutes. Is anybody at your mom's house yet?

Holden: Kim is there. Bob, he's still stuck at the hospital though.

Lily: Oh, that's too bad. Why are you staring at me like that?

Holden: I'm just checking to make sure that you're following doctor's orders and that you're not gonna tire yourself out.

Lily: I think I can manage packing a picnic basket by myself. I'm fine.

Holden: Good.

Lily: On the other hand, if you're talking about the elephant that's in the room that we're not talking about, that's different story.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: Aaron.

Lily: We thought we were beginning to understand this boy. I find out that he had an affair with a married woman, and I realize I don't know anything about him.

Aaron: "Repair technicians, engines, automobiles, automobiles -- motorcycles. Must have mechanic license."

Alison: Hey, stranger. Busy?

Aaron: Kind of. What do you want?

Alison: That's polite.

Aaron: Well, if you're looking for a getaway driver so you can take off again, forget it. It's not the kind of job I'm looking for.

Alison: You doing the job search thing, huh? That's always depressing. I just came by to pick up the backpack I left, by the way.

Aaron: Then get it. It's over there.

Alison: Man, are you in a mood. It must be the job thing. What are you looking for?

Aaron: Anyone who needs a bike mechanic. Trouble is I don't have a license yet.

Alison: You could always be a messenger or a waiter or something.

Aaron: Thanks for coming by. See ya.

Alison: What are you doing lurking in here anyway? Shouldn't you be at some park somewhere tossing around water balloons with Lucy?

Aaron: I don't think I'm gonna be seeing Lucy any time soon.

Alison: Oh, finally, we're getting to something. Trouble in Lucyville? Do tell.

Craig: Oh, these are for you. There's a card. Can we talk?

Lucy: I called Montega. Mom's on some diplomatic mission to Puerto Rico.

Craig: Well, that's good for me.

Lucy: But I did leave her a message -- to come pick me up.

Craig: Oh.

Lucy: Then I called back and told her secretary to ignore my previous message.

Craig: Then you're not going home?

Lucy: This is my home, too.

Craig: I want it to be.

Lucy: So I'm not going back to live with mom -- for now.

Craig: I'm sorry about last night.

Lucy: You must be happy you were right after all.

Craig: The only thing I'm happy about is that I discovered enough about Aaron's past before he could harm you.

Lucy: And you were only thinking of me, I know. But I'm not gonna thank you for it. And I'm not gonna trust you either. Not for a very long time.

Carly: Who're you talking to?

Jack: Just checking messages at home.

Carly: Anything urgent? Or did the bad guys take the holiday off?

Jack: Oh, Emma just calling to remind me that there's this big family picnic. And it's been something that I've been going to for years. But for some reason, this year, it just completely slipped my mind.

Carly: But it's a tradition. Don't you want to go and see Holden and Lily and everybody?

Jack: It's not like we never get to see them. Besides, it's nice to spend some alone time with you.

Carly: Yeah, but still, I think we should go. I have a present for Lily. It's a Carly Tenney original from the maternity line I'm dreaming up.

Jack: How far along is she?

Carly: About five months.

Jack: I seriously doubt Julia has anymore bombs to drop.

Barbara: It looks like one of those home pregnancy testers.

Jack: No, that's impossible.

Barbara: Well, Jack, that's exactly what it is. That's what it is. And look -- see?

It has a positive --

Jack: No, it's a lie, Barbara. So what happens in five months? Does the baby start looking like a little person yet?

Carly: Oh, yeah. It really starts to move a lot, too. It's the first time you really feel like you're nurturing a little life. Hey, Jack, your enthusiasm for this picnic is really obvious. I think we should go, Jack, make an appearance.

Jack: Well, you know, I'd rather just stay here and order ribs and beer from room service, you know? Watch -- watch pay-per-view or something.

Carly: I thought this was your favorite holiday. Family, friends, fireworks.

Jack: Well, why don't we stay here and make some of our own fireworks, huh, baby?

Carly: It has been nice to have this time.

Jack: Let's not waste it. I mean, what would you rather do? Get sunburn and bug bites with the rest of Snyder clan or stay here and make babies?

Carly: What?

Jack: What, what?

Carly: Make babies? Where did that come from?

Bonnie: Do you think this can be appealed or something?

Ben: I don't know.

Bonnie: I don't think we have to worry -- "justice knows no holidays."

Ben: Wait, wait, wait, wait -- that isn't a reference to your lovely mother, is it?

Bonnie: Well, this is a legal thing, right? All lawyers know each other. Everyone's scratching somebody's back.

Ben: Bonnie, I think you should leave Jessica out of this.

Bonnie: Ben, she would not mind helping Isaac. And maybe, just maybe, she can make all of this just disappear.

Ben: By doing what? Your mother is the D.A. It's her job to uphold the law, no matter who breaks it.

Bonnie: Isaac didn't break the law, Ben. This is a minor infraction, a glitch. Java is an important establishment in this town. And maybe mom knows someone. Or maybe there's an ex-con who can't say no to a little friendly persuasion.


Ben: Now you're talking crazy.

Bonnie: Well, it works on TV.

Ben: This is not some crime drama. Listen, Isaac and Lisa are just gonna have to go downtown, straighten things out.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay! Forget I even mentioned mom. Let's just enjoy the day. All right, Brandy, I will check in with you later. And happy fourth!

Brandy: Yeah, same to you.

[Ben grunting]

Bonnie: Got it?

Ben: Got it.

Brandy: Later!

Bonnie: Bye!

Brandy: Marshall, it's Brandy. Yes, so what would the District Attorney bribing an official of the Liquor Control Board be worth to you?

Holden: I knew you'd be upset.

Lily: I think I have the right to be. Aren't you curious what happened, what went on between this married woman and Aaron?

Holden: Sure. Just let me handle it, okay? Aaron thinks that you're disgusted with him and that you're gonna send him packing.

Lily: Did he say that to you?

Holden: Not in so many words. But he doesn't want to disappoint you. Disappointment -- it's a very big thing for him. It's one of the reasons why he didn't call me when he lost the keys in Chicago. He was afraid of what I might think of him.

Lily: All right, you know what? You handle it anyway that you want to handle it. It's fine with me. I'm just -- you know, this is the second time that we've been ambushed by something from Aaron's past. And to be honest with you, I'm getting a little tired of defending Aaron to Craig, and then something else comes out of his closet, some other skeleton.

Holden: I don't care about the circumstances. Craig had no right to do what he did last night. He should have come to me if he had a problem with Aaron. Not go to some P.I. and have him digging through the trash.

Lily: I am not defending Craig's tactics. But I'm telling you, even if you had spoken to Craig, the outcome would still be the same.

Holden: And what's that supposed to mean?

Lily: Well, Craig is not gonna let Lucy anywhere near Aaron ever again. And if she were my daughter, I'd feel the same way.

Aaron: Whatever's going on between me and Lucy is none of your business.

Alison: So something did happen? My bad. Didn't mean to be nosey. It's just, when you have a best friend, you want everything to be okay for her.

Aaron: If you're her best friend, then why aren't you hanging out with her?

Alison: We're still working things out. I don't want to be a cling-on.

Aaron: Oh, so you decide to cling on to me instead?

Alison: Is that why you're looking for a job? To impress Lucy's dad so he'll like you better?

Aaron: I don't care if Lucy's dad likes me or not.

Alison: Okay, okay. I guess whatever went down must have been major.

Aaron: Just drop it, all right?

Craig: One day, Lucy, I hope -- I hope you see things differently.

Lucy: You can't hold your breath that long. I will forgive you, eventually. But I'll never forget. I mean, I forgave you for cheating on mom. But did you think I forgot?

Craig: No.

Lucy: You know what's really sad? I wanted to trust you with my whole life. Now, I can't imagine doing that.

Craig: Well, don't -- rule out the future.

Lucy: Everything's different now. I think we need some new ground rules. Like, from now on, if you want to know where I'm going or who I'm hanging out, call up your investigator and have him tail me.

Carly: Come on, Jack, we haven't talked seriously about having children.

Jack: Oh, I was using a turn of a phrase, Carly. Okay, so it wasn't my best pick-up line. I've got others.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: Okay, how 'bout this one? "If I come back to live another life, I want your body." No? All right. How's this? "You must be Jamaican because Jamaican me crazy."


Carly: Jamaican me crazy, too. Because you're avoiding, Jack. I want you to stop it.

Jack: Oh, Carly! "Let's make babies" is a term that people have been using for centuries!

Carly: When they want to make a baby.

Jack: Okay, I am failing to see the crime here.

Carly: You were just talking about Lily and her stage of pregnancy. And then you were saying how you didn't want to go to the picnic because there's screaming children.

Jack: What's your point?

Carly: That maybe you're thinking about Julia.

Holden: This is what I see -- I see a kid who's trying to become a part of a family. And he's making progress, too. He's opening up. He took his G.E.D. He was about to have a very nice girlfriend, too.

Lily: Okay, I am -- I know. And I think we should support him. I'm not saying we should stop doing that, but we can not dismiss his past because we're afraid to rock the boat. He's got some issues, obviously.

Holden: Issues? Issues? We all have issues. That's just a blanket term for --

Lily: Okay, okay, shh. Look -- let's look. He's a good kid, yes. He's a sensitive boy and -- he's troubled. I mean, maybe Aaron has some deeper problems than we originally thought.

Alison: Why are you being so cold? We're both in the same boat -- suffering from Lucy withdrawal. We should take a ride or go for a swim.

Aaron: I've got stuff to do.

Alison: Like what? Sit around and sulk all day? Listen, the only thing keeping you and Lucy away from each other today is her dad. I bet they have some lame father/daughter trip planned.

Aaron: We're not talking about this, okay?

Alison: Why not? I could help.

Aaron: By doing what?

Alison: I've dealt with Mr. Montgomery before. I can work him for you.

Craig: I am not going to hire a detective to tail my own daughter.

Lucy: Well, you're the one changing all the rules.

Craig: Then I will earn back your trust. You say it takes a long time? I will do it. I will do whatever it takes. I will be a better father. I will be more sensitive to your feelings, to your life. All right? Gonna look at the card? If you won't accept the flowers --

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: Look at the card.

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: It's a membership to the Grove Country Club -- a lot of kids your age. I thought you might want to hang out by the pool.

Lucy: Is this a bribe?

Craig: An apology.

Lucy: You think you can buy me off this easily?

Craig: No, well, I wouldn't dream of that. Lucy -- I do love you more than anything, you know?

Lucy: I know.

Rosanna: Oh, hello, Lucy. How are you?

Lucy: I survived last night. I must be fine.

Craig: Lullaby, it is the fourth of July. You want to do something?

Lucy: Not with you. I'll be back by curfew.

Rosanna: Hmm. You look like you just lost your best friend.

Craig: I did. You did warn me.

Rosanna: If you like, I will find a chance to speak to Lucy about Aaron and you, try to smooth out some of the rough edges.

Craig: I'd like that.

Rosanna: Well, it would be my pleasure. Anyone can see how much Lucy means to you. Anything I can do to help ease things, I'd -- I'd be happy to do.

Craig: You know what you are? You are very nice.

You know, I have to keep reminding myself you're on my side.

Rosanna: You're not used to that, are you?

Craig: That's true. Still, you tried to get through to Lucy, and I appreciate that more than you know.

Rosanna: Well, you helped me with Parker, so just consider it payback.

Craig: No. It's more than that. Being a single parent is -- is tough. And it's nice to have a grown-up to bounce things off of sometimes. Sierra and I had that going pretty well. I miss that sometimes. But that's not what I'm asking of you.

Rosanna: You could.

Jack: I do not want to talk about Julia.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: I feel like I'm under the microscope. I mean, everything I say or don't say is suddenly fraught with meaning.

Carly: Jack, you can't expect me to forget what Julia did to you when you were kidnapped. And you didn't say much about it, but I do remember the part about her wanting a baby. Now, if that's on your mind, if something made you think of that --

Jack: Okay, would you stop it? Please stop it. I do not want to be analyzed.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Jack: You know, we had a fantastic night together. I mean, the first time we've been alone in God knows how long. And I'm sorry -- I wanted it to last a little longer. I'm sorry that I used the dreaded words "let's make babies." In fact, it is just a stupid idea to even be thinking about. Conversation over?

Carly: I don't know.

Jack: You're pushing me like there's some deep, dark secret that I'm keeping from you. There isn't. Okay, all right. You wanna talk about making babies -- oops, I said it again -- we'll talk about making babies. You first.

Carly: Do you want them?

Jack: Of course I do. Carly, I love kids. I mean, come on, I love hanging out with Parker. I like who I am when I'm around kids. Next?

Carly: No, go ahead. You're doing a good job.

Jack: What about you? You're just about to launch a brand-new company. Are you ready to have another kid yet?

Carly: No. This is definitely not a good time.

Jack: Okay. Well, I'm not ready to start handing out cigars, either. So, we're agreed? No babies?

Carly: Are you sure? I know you love me.

Jack: That's the truth.

Carly: And I know that you'd love to see a little combo plate of Jack and Carly running around.

[Jacks laughs] and I don't want you to think that you can't talk about it. And I don't want you to doubt any of the reasons that you may have for wanting me to carry your baby. You can even be ready before I am.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Carly: Well, I'm your gal -- what do you want from me?

Jack: Hmm? How about marrying you first? Okay, that just popped into my head. Don't start dissecting that.

Carly: You do have a way with words today, don't you?

Jack: Right.

Carly: So, then, we are on the same page.

Jack: We are.

Carly: No babies for now.

Jack: No babies for now. Come on, let's go. We're going to hit that blasted family party after all. Are you happy?

Carly: With you? Forever.

Jack: I gotta throw on a clean shirt.

Aaron: Do you mind staying out of my business? I don't need or want your help with Lucy's dad.

Alison: It's dropped. What's with all the cars around here today?

Aaron: They have a big party -- a picnic -- here every year.

Alison: Can we go?

Aaron: We?

Alison: I've got nothing else to do today.

[Phone ringing] hold on a sec. Hello?

Lucy: Hey, it's Lucy. What are you doing?

Alison: Hey, Lucy girl! A little of this, a little of that. What's going on with you?

Lucy: Guess where I am?

Alison: I hate guessing. Do I hear splashing? Okay, I'll guess. The hotel pool?

Lucy: Better. The Groves Country Club.

Alison: Get out! That's like the best place during the summer.

Lucy: Care to join me?

Alison: For real?

Lucy: I know you must own a bikini, but just make sure it covers something.

Alison: Ha, ha. I'm burning rubber, chica. I'll get there as fast as I can.

Aaron: What'd she say?

Alison: Lucy Montgomery, of the Oakdale Montgomery's, requests my presence at the Groves Country Club. Should I give her a message?

Aaron: No. She knows where to find me.

Alison: Not to be mean, but it doesn't seem like she's looking. Ta-ta!

Aaron: Country Club.

Holden: Hey, where are you headed? Are you gonna come down to the picnic?

Aaron: I wanted to catch you before you left. Do you mind if I skip the picnic?

Holden: Well, why don't you come and join the festivities and have something to eat.

Aaron: I thought I should go look for a job instead.

Holden: I'm impressed. But do you really think anybody's hiring on a national holiday?

Aaron: No, it's perfect. I mean, everybody's off blowing off work and, you know, hanging out with their friends. All I gotta do is find some understaffed boss and be like, "dude, I'm ready to work."

Holden: Well, that seems strange enough to almost be a good idea. I'd leave out the dude part, though. I'll save you some food, all right?

Lily: Hi. Oh. How're you doing today?

Holden: He's off trying to find a job.

Lily: Oh. Fourth of July?

Holden: Trust me when I say the logic of it makes sense.

Lily: Okay.

Holden: Okay. Are you ready yet?

Lily: No. Pie. Got pie in the oven. Remember? It's fine. I'll be fine. I don't need a chaperon to drive me. I'll be fine.

Holden: All right. Well, it looks like rain, so bring an umbrella.

Lily: Okay. Thank you, honey.

Holden: Good luck. And I'll see you soon.

Lily: Okay. I hope you find something.

Aaron: Hey.

Lily: Do you need something?

Aaron: I can help you with this.

Lily: Oh. You sound like your father. I'm not an invalid. I can fold a blanket.

Aaron: Can I talk to you about something?

Lily: Sure.

Aaron: That stuff last night? I didn't hurt her.

Lily: I see.

Aaron: I mean, like, emotionally. I knew the guy she was with.

Lily: You mean married to? Her husband, Aaron?

Aaron: Yeah, I knew her husband.

Lily: Does 'her' have a name?

Aaron: It's not important.

Lily: Okay.

Aaron: Her husband, if you want to call him that, was a jerk. I mean, Caleb even busted him once. He was violent.

Lily: With her?

Aaron: He hit her. She was this cashier at this record store. A real nice girl. I don't even know why she was with him. I don't even think she knows why she was with him. But she just couldn't leave him. She was only, like, 19 or 20 years old, something like that. He was a lot older. I wanted to help. The rest of it -- I didn't want it to happen. That's not -- that's not why I was there.

Lily: But it did happen.

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, it did. It just happened.

Kim: Okay. Emma said we should just set up wherever we wanted to.

Lisa: Oh, I feel like Dorothy that was caught in a tornado. Did you see the lawn chair? It came flying at my head. Ben, you saved my life!

Bonnie: Oh, come on, it's not exactly a funnel cloud out there, you guys.

Ben: Bonnie's not fooling anybody. She practically ran me down to get in here.

Lisa: Yeah.

Nancy: I'm just glad we beat the rain.

Jessica: Hello, somebody said there's a party in here! Good to see you. Happy fourth.

Lisa: Happy fourth to you.

Kim: Hi, honey.

Nancy: I'm so glad to see you.

Jessica: Thank you.

Marshall: Hello? Hello?

Brandy: Come in.

Marshall: So you've added plumbing to your many skills?

Brandy: A water pipe busted. There's so much water back there, I could start an aquarium.

Marshall: Much damage?

Brandy: I found the main shutoff valve, but the plumber's just gonna have to come in later. Yeah, so I better go find Bonnie and let her know what happened.

Marshall: Very enterprising. I'm impressed.

Brandy: Yeah, I get that a lot. Just how impressed?

Marshall: Well --

Brandy: Don't bother counting. I'll just take the whole wad.

Marshall: Are you positive you heard Bonnie say she'd get her mother to pay off the Liquor Control Board?

Brandy: Bonnie will do whatever it takes to make sure that this little situation disappears. And she's positive Jessica can help, being the District Attorney and all.

Marshall: Then go and make sure you're around for that conversation.

Brandy: Ta-ta.

Holden: I bring you all tidings of fried chicken and potato salad.

Has anyone seen Luke? I have a drumstick for Luke.

Kim: Oh, I think you're a little late. Emma took the children up to the house. There was a rumor that she was going to feed their faces with pie and ice cream.

Holden: You know, without Bob, we're stuck for a toastmaster.

Kim: Oh, I know he worried about that.

Bonnie: Ben always has something to say. Ben, why don't you make the toast?

Jessica: Excellent idea.

Ben: No, no, I am not the one.

Jessica: Oh, come on. You are as patriotic as they come.

Jack: Hey, everybody! Jack Snyder is finally here!

Carly: We didn't miss anything, did we?

Holden: No, no. Not all. In fact, Ben was just about to make a toast.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: Oh, really? Thanks, Holden. No pressure.


Jack: Oh, Bob couldn't make it?

Holden: Ben will just have to live up to his legacy. Does everybody have something to drink?

Bonnie: Oh, here we go. Come on.

Ben: Nice move, Bonnie, keeping me busy so you can have a private word with your mom.

Bonnie: Is that what I did?

Ben: Almost. But it's not going to work. You're staying with me.

Bonnie: Ben --

Lisa: So when was the last time Tom and Margo missed a big bash like this?

Kim: Oh, well, except Margo's not feeling well, you know? So they decided to take it easy today.

Nancy: Nothing serious, I hope?

Kim: No, she's just had one major case after another. It's easy to understand why she'd need a little breather.

Holden: Today is the day that Bob likes to offer a word of wisdom -- or two or three.

Kim: Or four.


Holden: But he couldn't be here, so Ben has agreed.

Ben: Submitted to the will of the mob.


Holden: We are very proud to be in the company of your great, extemporaneous mind. The floor is yours, Dr. Ben.

Ben: Oh -- holidays and traditions -- funny things. When I was a kid, they were all about being dragged over to somebody else's house and being ready to be back home before you even got there.

[Laughter] but, over time, I have come to appreciate the importance of traditions, especially now. As a nation, we're trying to comprehend all that we've been through this past year -- all that we've lost. And it's kind of hard to imagine that there's a lesson to be learned from our tragedy. Wait, no, no. No, wait, wait, wait. "Lesson" is not the right word. I believe that who we are as a community of individuals is what gives America her solid ground. We have this faith -- this faith in God, this faith in who we are, whether or not we can all agree on the definitions. What we share deep inside is this desire to understand and experience what it means to truly be free. And that's not just a tradition, it's a conviction. When we struggle to respect each other, when we help our neighbors, when we give out of ourselves and create and learn and get a little passionate over a fourth of July speech.

[Laughter] I just hope that we can all realize that what this last year has given us is an opportunity to feel connected again -- to each other, to the idea of a republic that's so miraculous, the rest of the world doesn't know whether they want to love us or hate us. So with a prayer to God for all of the young men and women serving overseas protecting this grand experiment, let's stay strong and united as friends, as family, as Americans. So happy birthday to the United States of America.

All: Happy birthday!

Ben: How old are we today, Holden?

Holden: I believe we are 226 years young, Dr. Ben.

Ben: Whoo-hoo! God bless America. Salud!

Jessica: You are the most wonderful man I have ever met.

Lily: You didn't have to tell me all of that.

Aaron: I thought I should.

Lily: Thank you. I can tell that was hard for you.

Aaron: I just didn't want you thinking I was one of those, like, dudes that run around and do, like, whatever.

Lily: Yeah. No. No, I don't. No. But, Holden, you really should open up to him. Have you spoken to Lucy since this happened?

Aaron: Lucy won't talk to me. You should have seen her face when her dad busted out that picture of me. She's gone, Lily. I don't think I'll ever get to see her again.

Lily: Give it a little time.

[Thunder rumbles] you know what? Do me a favor. Would you -- could you bring those blankets into the car and drive me over to the farm? Yeah, we'll go together. If it's gonna rain like that, I'd rather have you on four wheels than two.

Aaron: Okay.

Lily: Okay?

Aaron: Thanks.

Lily: Sierra, hi, it's me.

Aaron: Hi. Yeah, I saw your ad in the paper today about a waiter for the country club? Yeah, I was wondering if you guys were seeing people today, if I could come in and fill out an application?

Alison: Can I tell you how used to this I could get? Your whole life's been like this, huh?

Lucy: Not really.

Alison: Yeah, right. Your dad may be tough on you, but he sure knows how to make it up to you. But whatever's going on, I'd work the sympathy card as long as you can. You could probably get a car out of him.

Lucy: You're a total mercenary.

[Thunder rumbles] oh, summer storm.

Alison: Are you breaking out into a poem? That's so wistful and sad. I wonder if the Snyder party's getting rained on.

Lily: Excuse me?

Alison: What?

Lucy: How do you know about the Snyder picnic?

Alison: Who doesn't? They're only, like, the biggest family in town. What are you getting all territorial for? I thought you just told me you and Aaron are broken up?

Lucy: So?

Alison: So why do you care about the picnic?

Lucy: I don't.


Hunky guy: Hi.

Lucy: Hi.

Hunky guy: Sorry about that.

Lucy: Don't worry about it.

Alison: Ooh, ooh, fetch that ball. Good boy.

Lucy: Alison!

Alison: What? Like you're not loving what's on today's menu. Did you know that a guy just saying hi works as a pick-up line 70% of the time?

Lucy: Have you always been this boy crazy?

Alison: Right now, I could get struck by lightning, and I wouldn't care. Look at those pecs. Who needs Aaron?

Lucy: Aaron who?

Rosanna: Even thought I'm not a parent, you're welcome to use me as a sounding board anytime you like.

Craig: I'll keep that in mind.

Rosanna: And don't worry about Lucy. It's just gonna -- she's just gonna need a little time.

Craig: Yeah. I hope that's all it is.

Rosanna: You're alone today, aren't you? Do you have any plans?

Craig: Well, usually I just dress festive, light sparklers and play John Philip Sousa real loud.

Rosanna: Annual event? Well, how about you skip it this year and join me for a ride in a vintage Cabot Grande Deluxe? If you're good, I'll let you drive.

Craig: Good, good or bad good?

Rosanna: Oh, shoot! I have to make a stop first, though.

Craig: We're already in a hotel.

Rosanna: No, stop, don't be a cad. Emma -- Emma called me.

Craig: Oh, yeesh, home cooking and motherly advice.

Rosanna: Oh, it's charming. It's the Snyder family. They have a big picnic every year, and I said that I would go. And, well, I love Emma, so -- oh, don't look at me like a chill in the air.

Craig: Oh, me and the Snyders? I don't think Jack and Holden will be exactly thrilled to see me.

Rosanna: Well, you can stay in the car, and I'll just run in and say hello. I promised I would go. It's not like I would choose to go. I mean, Carly's gonna be there with Jack. And I can always do without seeing her.

Craig: Well, if it is an extended family obligation, I could be flexible, I guess. Country air and all.

Rosanna: Country air?

Craig: What?

Rosanna: Well, isn't it -- isn't it interesting? I just mention Carly's name and suddenly, you're willing to get beat up by the Snyder men folk. Perhaps I should just punch you in the face myself.

[Craig laughs]

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