ATWT Transcript Monday 7/1/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/1/02

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Lisa: I have one more question for you. Recently, Barbara asked me to dissolve the partnership, the business partnership that we have.

Marshall: She doesn't want you to suffer any fallout from her legal situation.

Lisa: Well, I know, but I told her that I really didn't feel comfortable about that. However, I am thinking about maybe going into business with another designer. I just need to keep my options open.

Marshall: That's a very wise move, Ms. Grimaldi. Now if you'll excuse me --

Lisa: Oh, wait. The designer -- the other designer's name is Carly Tenney.

Marshall: I see.

Lisa: You see, I am just so concerned about how this might look in front of a jury. I mean, here I am, Barbara's -- well, her former partner -- in cahoots with this -- one of the victims, one of her alleged victims. And I just think it might be awfully messy.

Marshall: Especially since you're Barbara's best friend.

Lisa: Yeah.

Marshall: I sense some guilt on your part. But don't assume your actions will reflect on Barbara one way or the other. I can spin it any way I choose. Live your life. A business associate of mine just came in.

Lisa: Oh, by all means, go. And again, I do thank you for your time.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: Hello?

Lisa: Carly, this is Lisa.

Carly: Finally! Are we gonna nail down this design deal or what?

Lisa: Look, I have some concerns about that.

Carly: I thought we were on the same page!

Lisa: I'm trying to extend to you the courtesy of talking in person, but if you'd rather hear it over the phone --

Carly: No, no! No. Stay where you are. Where are you?

Lisa: Lakeview lounge.

Carly: Okay, well, don't -- don't move, okay? Please, don't make any decisions right now. Don't even breathe.

Jack: What's going on? What was that about?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: About Lisa giving me the shaft. I think she's getting ready to dump .

Craig: Exquisite. Too bad the effort will be wasted.

Rosanna: What do you mean? Is dinner off?

Craig: Well, I don't think anybody will be hungry once I've --

Rosanna: Detonated whatever that messenger dropped off.

Craig: Yeah, something like that.

Rosanna: Ooh, I don't like that gleam in your eye. Being this happy about blowing your daughter's love life out of the water isn't good.

Craig: Mm, she has a crush on the boy. Crushes pass. And once she finds out what I've got on him, she'll drop him like a bad habit.

Holden: I hope you don't drive that bike of yours like you drove my car. You practically broke the sound barrier to get here.

Aaron: I wanted to be here early.

Lucy: You're early. Ooh, look at you!

Holden: Cleans up pretty good, doesn't he?

Lucy: Very nice. Are you nervous? I know my dad can get really pushy.

Aaron: I've seen that side of him before. I'll be all right.

Lucy: I'm sorry, Holden. Did I say hi?

Holden: Hi. Listen, I think if we want this night to go off without a hitch that you need to make yourself scarce. Your father doesn't want you talking to Aaron, right?

Lucy: It's dumb, but, yeah.

Holden: Well, dumb or not, I think that we need to respect his wishes, and you two need to show how trustworthy you are. Starting -- now.

Lucy: I'll go back upstairs. I just wanted to see you when you came in.

Holden: Better hold onto that feeling, buddy. Once Craig starts in, you're gonna need it.

Hal: Are you okay up there?

Margo: Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fine, fine. See? See? This is almost what they never, ever show you in commercials. I am not pregnant, so that's -- life goes on.

Hal: Margo --

Margo: But I'm fine. Really, I'm fine. Let's just not push it. I don't know what I was thinking, anyway.

Hal: You didn't have to show me the results, you know? I would've believed you.

Margo: Well, I didn't wanna just throw this away in your trash can up in the bathroom and have Emily find it and then, you know -- what would she be thinking? Where is my purse? Did I take my purse upstairs? You know what? It's time -- I gotta get back to the station. Do you have some coffee?

Hal: I'll make you some.

Margo: God, it's just like -- I don't know where my head was. To think that I can have another baby is -- I mean, my body can't take something like that. I'm stressed as it is.

[Margo's voice breaking] and -- I didn't even bring a purse. Okay, you're right. I really wanted it to be true.

Hal: I know.

Margo: You did? Wow, you're brighter than I am, Munson, because I didn't even know how much I wanted it.

Lucinda: It's filtered.

Rose: They just took him. Paul tried to reason with them, and they grabbed him.

Lucinda: Who is "they"? Start at the beginning.

Rose: I came down here with Henry. Right? I had the provenance from my grandmother saying the Rose of Sharon was the real deal. I was supposed to give the provenance to Henry, who would give it to Cooley, his partner. That's the guy who has pop.

Lucinda: Who's got pop? Cooley or Henry?

Rose: Cooley. Cooley, it was supposed to be an even exchange. My pop for the provenance.

Lucinda: And what about the diamond?

Rose: I don't give a -- I don't care about the diamond. I just wanted my pop!

Lucinda: Well, of course, darling.

Rose: So we're hitchhiking, right? Me and Henry, a real nice picture. We're hitchhiking to the hotel where supposedly my pop is. And Paul pops up, out of nowhere.

Lucinda: Thank God!

Rose: No, not -- no "thank God." 'Cause -- no, no. 'Cause Henry got spooked, and he took off. So I don't know where Henry is. I don't know where my pop is. And then I'm yelling at Paul for screwing things up.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, that's perfectly understandable.

Rose: I'm fighting with him. Fighting with him, through the jungle, huh? Trying to get to civilization.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Oh, darling.

Rose: We get to the water. We're walking along the shoreline. And get this -- some yahoo starts throwing harpoons at us.

Lucinda: Harpoons?!

Rose: From a boat. No, that's not even the best part. The guy who was throwing them -- dead ringer for Simon Frasier.

Katie: I don't know why you're standing there, looking at me like that. I told you I was leaving.

"Simon": And I told you no.

Katie: I don't like this caveman schtick of yours, Simon. But you know what? You don't like being told what to do? Right back at ya.

["Simon" clears his throat]

Katie: If you don't get out of my way, I'm gonna kick you so hard that you will sound like Alvin and the chipmunks. Simon --

"Simon": Tell me what you know about the diamond.

Katie: Have you gone completely nuts? Simon Frasier, tell me you did not just manhandle me!

"Simon": I'll kill you -- I'll kill you if you don't tell me where the diamond is.

Katie: You'll kill me?

"Simon": Uh-huh.

Katie: Oh, that's great. After everything we've been through, you're just gonna kill me? Fine. Go ahead. But you better make sure I'm dead, 'cause if I'm not, you're gonna see a side of me you've never seen before.

Carly: Jack, will you do me a favor and watch Parker while I go and talk to Lisa? Please?

Jack: I'm sorry. I can't help you. There's something I gotta do.

Carly: What? Right now?

Jack: Right now.

Carly: Oh, no, you're not. You are not gonna go and see Lisa --

Jack: We're gonna play a little game. Are you up for a little game?

Carly: Jack --

Jack: Called cause and effect.

Carly: This was not your fault. It was a long shot, anyway. Lisa is Barbara's best friend.

Jack: Okay, wait. Last time you and Lisa spoke, you two weren't buddy-buddy, but you were willing to be businesswomen and cut a deal, right?

Carly: Well, obviously she changed her mind.

Jack: The question is, Carly, why?

Carly: Not because of you. Not because of you and Craig and the fight at Java underground.

Jack: Look, you mean my trashing of Java underground. That was the cause, and now you're suffering the effect. Listen - I owe Lisa one, regardless of the two of you working together. Now, I can't let that stand. You are not losing this shot because of me.

Carly: No, don't -- Jack!

Jack: I'll be back.

Carly: Don't you dare, Jack. At least let me come with you. I don't have a sitter!

Rosanna: You promised to give Aaron a chance. What do you gain by breaking that promise?

Lucy: Are you ready? It's time to go downstairs. Hi, Rosanna!

Rosanna: Hi.

Lucy: Aaron's already here.

Craig: You been scoping out the dining room?

Lucy: Okay, before you get mad -- don't get mad. I know I wasn't supposed to see him till you've talked, but - I couldn't wait. He looked so handsome. He's even got on a new suit to impress you.

Craig: I wish a suit was all it took.

Lucy: You're gonna give him a chance, right? You said you would.

Craig: That's what I said.

Lucy: Thank you for doing this. I love you, daddy. So - how do I look?

Rosanna: You look beautiful.

Lucy: I'm gonna go check my make-up one more time. You're being so cool.

Rosanna: So I guess the dinner's still on.

Craig: Well, I'll give him a chance to defend himself. If he comes through, he comes through.

Rosanna: Just behave. How hard is that?

Lucinda: Simon Frasier was hurling harpoons at you, trying to kill you and Paul?

Rose: Yeah! I know! It's nuts. But I'm telling you, I could see - I think - it was him. I think - looked like him. Sun was in my eyes, he was far away. But ooh! It's Simon.

Lucinda: Now, how did the soldiers - how did they get there?

Rose: Well, you saw them, right? They're going on the beach. They got their things. They got the guns and everything.

Lucinda: Oh, yes.

Rose: So they tried to grab us, me and Paul. But Paul - you know Paul. Tries to reason with them, and then they hit him over the head with a gun!

Lucinda: Okay. So that's who the "they" is. It's the soldiers. Don't worry about that. We've got that. Okay, we've taken care of Paul.

[Lucinda sighs] we've got a problem. We've got a little problem with Simon.

Rose: You've seen Simon?

Lucinda: Oh, yes, dear, I have. Now, something's haywire. He's not to be trusted anymore.

Rose: Wait. Isn't that guy supposed to be here to help us?

Lucinda: I thought so, dear, but I think he's gone into business for himself.

Rose: That sounds like the old Simon. Not the new Simon Frasier, sweetheart.

Lucinda: Well, either something has baked his brain, or he's just plain turned traitor.

"Simon": All right, let me bring you up to speed here. This is usually the point where people beg for their lives or tell me what I want to know.

Katie: So this is how you're gonna end this nightmare? You're just gonna kill the only woman who's ever loved you?

"Simon": Katie. Katie, Katie, I don't wanna hurt you. I just wanna know where the diamond is.

Katie: Yeah, you and everybody else who's ever looked at it. I don't know. How am I supposed to know? And by the way -- I never thought you would break my heart. But this morning, you proved me wrong. I have never been so hurt, so ashamed, so disappointed in anyone in my entire life. So if you want to look for that stupid diamond, fine! Do it yourself! I'm going back to Oakdale.

"Simon": Hey. Whoa. Well, well, well, what a woman. I underestimated you, Katie. I think I need a little help from an old friend.

Rose: Katie! Katie!

Katie: Rose? Oh, my God! Are you okay?

Rose: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I made it through this time, thank God.

Katie: Where's Paul?

Rose: These guys in the militia -- whatever the heck they are down here -- they took him and --

Katie: What?

Rose: They sold me to highest bidder which, thank God, was Ms. Walsh.

Katie: And your dad? Where's your dad?

Rose: Nothing.

Lucinda: He's gonna be all right, dear. He's a resourceful man.

Rose: He's still no match for these people down here. You know that. You're not leaving, are you?

Katie: Oh, yes. I am getting out of this hell-hole as fast as humanly possible.

Lucinda: No, you're not doing that. Because you are needed here. We need you. If Simon has the provenance, we need you to work on him for us.

Katie: Oh, please. Believe me, that ship has sailed.

Rose: That piece of paper could be the only way that I get pop and Paul back!

Katie: I'm sorry. I can deal with the cigars and the morning cocktails and a bad mood for a couple days. But I will not deal with my husband trying to kill me.

Rose: You, too?

Katie: What do you mean?

Rose: A man that looked very much like your husband was using Paul and me for target practice.

Katie: Look, I'm sorry. I - I can't chance him trying again. I am sorry about Paul and Joe. But I gotta get outta here. I gotta get back to Oakdale. I'm sorry.

Desi: Excuse me. I've arranged a room for the senora if you'd like to get some rest.

Lucinda: Oh, thank you very much, Desi. Why don't you go and get cleaned up? I'll talk to Katie.

Rose: All right, all right.

Katie: You're not gonna change my mind.

Rose: Look, I just crawled my way through the jungle. And I know - I don't know what's going on with Simon. I really don't. But could you please just stick around a little longer? Please, until we figure something out? Please?

Lucinda: That girl, poor girl, is desperate to see her father again. And to see her fiancÚ alive and well again. Now surely, dear, that is worth some small effort on your part. Surely.

[Man groaning]

Katie: Sir? Sir, are you okay? Are you okay? Cooley? Oh, my God. My God. Somebody call an ambulance! Do you have 911? Call 911! Cooley? Do you have Joe? Do you have Mr. D'Angelo?

Cooley: The diamond --

Katie: Yes, the diamond, diamond. Do you have it? Do you have it?

Cooley: Simon --

Katie: Simon?

Cooley: Simon.

[Cooley groaning]

Katie: Cooley? Cooley -- oh, my God.

Hal: You gonna go see a doctor?

Margo: Oh -- what -- no. Why would I go see a doctor? I mean --

Hal: Because you should.

Margo: You know, I don't know why. The test was negative, so I don't see any reason to go and be poked and prodded and bent and folded and spindled and mutilated. And all they're gonna tell me is that I'm stressed. And I already know that I'm stressed. I mean, I'm a cop. It's a stressful life. So I'll just -- I'll stop and get some more vitamins on the way home.

Hal: Before or after you tell Tom how you're feeling?

Margo: Why would I tell Tom? I don't wanna -- I don't wanna worry him.

Hal: You know, he'd be offended by that remark. A perfectly loving and devoted husband deserves full disclosure, Margo.

[A car approaches] well, what do you know? He just pulled up. Now, do you want to be in the room when I tell him, or should I just take him out for a beer?

Margo: I just want you to drop it.

Hal: Hey! Whoa. Where'd you get all that energy? Day camp, huh?

Tom: Hey, look who's here. Yeah, he's been hiking and swimming and arts-and-crafting till his heart's content.

Hal: Well, why don't I take you upstairs and get you cleaned up? Okay?

Tom: Hey, thanks, Hal. Well, how nice is it to run into you.

Margo: Real nice.

Tom: Hi.

Margo: Hi. Hal and I were just consulting on a case.

Tom: You okay? I mean, are you tired or -- ?

Margo: Yeah, I'm tried and stressed.

Tom: Really? Well, stress is nothing new.

Margo: No. It's old. You want some coffee? Hal made some coffee.

Tom: Sure, I'll have a cup. Oh. Somebody's expecting.

Emily: Hey! Hi, I thought I saw some familiar cars out there. You guys wanna stay for dinner? I'm cooking. Steak, shiitake mushrooms, champagne.

Tom: Uh-huh, nice ring.

Emily: Oh, you noticed? Thanks.

Tom: You know, maybe we -- maybe we should stay. It looks like you have lots of good news to celebrate.

[Emily laughs]

Marshall: I want everything and anything on these people.

Stryker: Hughes, Grimaldi, Dixon? Aren't these her friends?

Marshall: That's why I want them to take the stand. I trust the jury will see who's really guilty in the State versus Barbara Ryan, with a little help from me.

Jack: Lisa, five minutes? That's all I ask. I'm here to apologize for the other night and pay for whatever damages I might have caused.

Lisa: Oh, well, then we have nothing else to discuss. Jack, I think you're a sweet man. So I'm leaving.

Jack: No, wait, wait. Wait a second.

Lisa: Can't you see? I really wanna get out of here before you've tried to plead Carly's case.

Jack: Lisa, Lisa -- if you're pulling out of this deal because of the fight I had with Craig --

Lisa: Yeah, well, partly, yes.

Jack: Carly wasn't even there! So I don't understand what the problem is.

Lisa: The problem is -- everything that comes with a package. Carly is like -- she's like a gorgeous man who makes a lousy husband. It's not worth the hassle.

Jack: Before my little mix-up at Java underground, you were at least willing to give Carly a chance. That fight -- that was my doing. For what it's worth, Carly was appalled when she heard what I had done. She doesn't deserve to have the chance of a lifetime snatched away from her because of it.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: You found a sitter.

Carly: Yes, wasn't easy. I -- Lisa, I didn't want him to come here. So are you starting to change your mind about you and me?

Craig: Howdy, all! Confab. Jack, how's tricks?

Jack: Can't complain, Craig.

Lucy: Daddy, come on.

Craig: Oh, prior engagement. Otherwise, I'd -- I would stay and chat.

Rosanna: Yes. A family dinner.

Carly: Enjoy.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Lisa: Not a harsh word -- I am so impressed with you, my dear! Dare I just hope that perhaps you've changed?

Carly: Well, yes, I have. So much so, in fact, that if you were thinking about attaching any conditions onto our business deal about how I live my life or how I deal with my sister or my man or my son, you can take your deal, and you can stick it.

Marshall: Looking for me?

Brandy: Yeah, I'm playing errand girl for Lisa Grimaldi, who'd rather be bit by a rabid dog than employ me.

Marshall: You need that job if you're gonna gather information on Jessica Griffin for me.

Brandy: I know. I'm doing what I can. But, you know, it's not like her daughter's gonna suddenly be my best friend just 'cause we work together.

Marshall: Then I guess you don't want that watch.

Jack: All I'm saying is you two need each other.

Brandy: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Lisa: You are.

Brandy: You're welcome.

Lisa: This is Brandy. She works at Java underground, for now. Look, I'm gonna need you to run these back after I've had a chance to sign them. Wait at the bar.

Brandy: Yes, ma'am.

[Lisa sighs]

Carly: I think we've said all we need to say.

Lisa: Carly, now don't go packing off your pride and leaving here like you think you've had the last word. Jack, do you mind if I have a talk with her?

Jack: No, no, no.

Lisa: Okay, Carly. Cards on the table.

Carly: That's the only way to play.

Lisa: Look, I do have a problem with you. It's not because of all the things you've done and who you are. It's because of Barbara.

Jack: I'm wondering if Lisa knows your relationship with the Oakdale PD.

Brandy: She knows I'm no angel.

Jack: Well, she and Isaac are understanding people. Did you tell her that you teamed up with Craig Montgomery to help James Steinbeck escape from custody?

Brandy: You want to lose me my job? Tell her whatever you want. But I deserve a second chance, just like everybody else. If Lisa needs me, I'll be in the head, okay?

Jack: Charming.

Tom: So, you guys have more to celebrate, right? I mean, other than the engagement?

Margo: Yeah, you know, that little package you saw on the table -- that's -- that has to do with a case that Hal and I are working on.

Emily: So have you guys decided? Are you gonna stay or what?

Tom: Probably another time. You need to give your dad a hug -- and make it a big one! 'Cause I've gotta get on my way.

Hal: You sure? I'd fire up the barbecue. It's a beautiful night.

Tom: You go grab that video game. No, I have a brief to write. But you know what? We should carve out some time to toast you guys.

Emily: Yeah, right.

Hal: Emily, I think Tom is taking the high road.

Emily: I don't think Tom knows where that road is.

Tom: Ooh. You know, I -- I deserve that. I've treated you very harshly. And I've held you accountable for things that we both should have been answering to. But since I have been so generously forgiven, I think I owe you the exact same kindness. So here is to the new and future bride and groom. May you experience nothing but joy and happiness.

Emily: Wow. That was the nicest thing I've heard you say. Ever.

[Keys jangling]

[Jailer speaking in Spanish]

Jailer: Hey, wake up. You have a visitor.

Simon: Yeah? Oh, it better be someone from the Australian Embassy.

"Simon": No. So -- what do you think?

Simon: What? What, are you wearing a mask?

"Simon": No. I'm as real as I can get. Better, actually. Well, well, well. We're pretty good-looking guys.

Simon: So what? What are you, my long-lost twin?

"Simon": No, don't be stupid. Do you know how long I've been following you? Tracking down your every move, your habits? The way you dazzle women and fill your pockets and move on? Years, I tell you. So it's nice to finally meet you in the flesh.

Simon: So you -- you have a name?

"Simon": Donovan. Donovan Curry. You remember Monte Carlo, a few years back?

Simon: Yeah, I might.

"Simon": I saw you across the casino. Across that room. And I couldn't believe it. You were me. Actually, you were a whole lot better off than me. And I wondered what it would be like to be you. Big, high roller, beautiful woman on my arm. So a nip here, a tuck there. And then I found out about the diamond.

Simon: All right. So now we're getting to it.

"Simon": You lost that rock, but I knew that you wouldn't give it away. No. No, it's been a long time waiting for you to pick up the scent. And here we are. The diamond's here in Avanya somewhere, and Simon's on the case.

Simon: Well, it sounds like you've got it all worked out, mate. I'm not gonna even bother lying to you. I have no idea where the diamond is.

"Simon": Yeah. Maybe not. But you know that beautiful little wifey you're saddled with?

Simon: What, Katie's here?

"Simon": Yeah. I gotta tell ya, she doesn't scare too easily. Trust me. I've tried. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What have they been feeding you, raw meat?

Simon: Don't you dare try and touch her!

"Simon": She knows where the diamond is. Well, at least, according to Cooley.

Simon: You know Cooley? You know Cooley? Cooley's here? He's the one you want to muscle! All right? What about Joe? Does Cooley have Joe?

"Simon": Who is this Joe everyone's so worried about?

Simon: Rose D'Angelo's father. They've traded Joe for the provenance.

"Simon": Well, I've got to tell you, I just got the provenance. Now all I need is the diamond. And Katie knows where it is. Now, you either help me with that or I gut your pretty wife and feed her to the gulls.

Rosanna: Oh.

Craig: Yeah? Holden.

Holden: Craig.

Rosanna: Hello.

Lucy: Hi.

Craig: Let me get this for you, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Craig: There you go.

Rosanna: Very good. Holden, how are you?

Holden: Good, thank you.

Lucy: Thank you.

Craig: Yeah, the world loves a gentleman.

Rosanna: So, it's so nice that we can all share a meal together.

Holden: Lily's very sorry that she was unable to make it tonight.

Rosanna: How's she feeling?

Holden: She's tired. She's gonna take it easy for the rest of her pregnancy.

Craig: Give her our best. So, why don't we get right down to the reason we're all here?

Lucy: Dad!

Rosanna: Can we all just take a moment to catch our breath?

Waiter: Yes, Ms. Cabot.

Rosanna: I think we'd like to order a drink. Aaron, what will you be having?

Aaron: Whatever Lucy is having, that's all right with me.

Lisa: You see, Carly, if I go into business with you, I will feel like a traitor to my dearest friend. Now, Barbara is going to go on trial for her life. If she gets off -- and I certainly hope she does -- she will go into business with Rosanna. And then that will make me Barbara's main competition.

Carly: Listen, Lisa, when was the last time you were in the limelight? When was the last time you had your name and picture all over the trades? People clamoring to find out, "what is Lisa Grimaldi wearing? She looks incredible." Rich and powerful men lined up around the block. I'm telling you, if you go into business with me, you will have something you never had with Barbara -- the kind of success that changes your life.

Lisa: I've heard you sing this little tune before, and this time, I'm not buying.

Hal: Do not stop at the station. Do not pass, go. Take some time off.

Margo: I -- you know what? I don't have a problem with work. And I promised Lily that I was gonna check up on this Avanya thing for her. And -- I'll -- I'll check into a short break.

Hal: You think very seriously about it, please.

Margo: Yeah.

Hal: Thank you. See ya.

Margo: See ya. So I guess I'll just meet you at home. I have no idea what's in the refrigerator -

Tom: Just take a minute, huh?

Hal: Not that I'm complaining, but you just grabbed me and just about took my breath away. What was that about?

Emily: Oh, it's you. It's always you.

Hal: Yeah. Well, that goes both ways, you know?

Emily: Did you catch what Tom said to me?

Hal: Mm-hmm.

Emily: You know, I'd completely given up on him saying anything nice to me ever again, but -- it's because of you, you know? People treat me differently. Oh, the fringe benefits of being with Hal Munson.

Hal: Mm. Few laughs, few nice fights, too.

Emily: Respectability, acceptance. Friends.

Hal: And the love thing. Don't forget the love thing. 'Cause you are my love.

Emily: Oh, and you're mine. Lucky, lucky me.

Desi: Senora Frasier, I can't tell you how sorry I am that you had to see such a thing, a man dying right here in the bar. I tell you, this hasn't happened -- for months.

Katie: That's comforting

Desi: I'll get you something, okay?

Lucinda: Honey, who is in -- in the body bag?

Katie: I can't believe he just died. I was just talking to him, and he didn't even look that bad. And he's just -- I was actually starting to like Cooley on the island.

Lucinda: You knew him?

Katie: Yeah. Cooley. Weird, poor Cooley.

Lucinda: Cooley. Honey, um -- darling, did he happen to say anything? You know, some last words?

Katie: Yes, I was trying to get him to say something, and all he said was "Simon."

Lucinda: "Simon"? Oh. If Simon has the provenance and the diamond, he's halfway to the Caymans by now.

Katie: No, no, he's not. He doesn't have it. He asked if I had it. There's no way he has it.

Lucinda: Simon did? Ooh. This is not the moment to be sensitive. This is not the moment to be scared. You have to go upstairs, take your bag and unpack your bag and play wife -- lovely, beautiful wife -- to mean Simon and get us some answers. Because, honey, we're all in this together. We gotta pull together. Is that understood?

Simon: You're gonna kill Katie, and she's the one with the answers?

"Simon": I'm out of patience, Simon.

Simon: Well, Katie's innocent. If she knew anything, she'd tell you. She's got nothing to prove!

"Simon": All right. All right, then. Then you tell me how to win her over, and everything's gonna be just fine.

Simon: All right. I'll give it to you straight. But I want a deal.

"Simon": Oh, right? Well, we'll see.

Simon: First thing is you don't go to bed with her.

["Simon" laughs]

"Simon": Hey, look, I'm not trying to play milkman while the hubby's away at work, you twit! That diamond's worth sultan money. That's what I want.

Simon: Just don't touch her. Because she'll know you're not me.

"Simon": Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. All right, so tell me -- what do I do?

Simon: All right. Once you get the information, you give me your word that you're not gonna hurt her.

"Simon": All right. Right, and what if I don't agree?

Simon: Then we all lose.

"Simon": Right. I get the stone, she lives.

Simon: Okay. All right. Let me tell you how to make her stay.

Rosanna: So, Aaron, Lucy tells me you aced the GED?

Lucy: He didn't need my help. He was gonna nail it, anyway.

Rosanna: So what are your plans for the future?

Aaron: Well, back in Seattle, I just about figured out everything there is to know about fixing bikes.

Craig: So, Aaron, speaking of Seattle, you had some trouble there?

Lucy: Aaron has nothing to hide. I know exactly what he was going through.

Aaron: There was this house I went into without asking. And I didn't take anything, but the owner said I did.

Craig: Why did you go into the house?

Aaron: I don't know. I just wanted to see what it felt like to pretend to be somebody else. I won't lie to you, Mr. Montgomery. It was a big mistake. And I'm still sorry about it.

Craig: But now you have a Police record?

Aaron: Juvenile record. That's sealed till I'm 21.

Craig: You on probation?

Lucy: It's over. And he did his community service.

Holden: He's a good kid, Craig. Trouble doesn't follow him around. So can we just drop it and move on?

Rosanna: So, do you like Oakdale, Aaron? I understand you have a lot of family here. Emma can't stop talking about you.

Aaron: Grandma's the best.

Rosanna: You know what we should do, after dinner? Perhaps take a ride around the pond? Hmm?

Holden: That sounds like a good idea.

Craig: So, Aaron, is there anything else about why you left Seattle?

Lucy: Daddy, it's over. Why do you have to keep bringing this up?

Craig: If you're gonna date this guy, I want you to know everything about his past. Dangerous liaisons, et cetera, et cetera.

Holden: What do you want, a list of all the girls he dated in high school?

Rosanna: Of course not. Aaron is a handsome young man. I'm sure he's had his share of attention, as has Lucy. Who happens to be one of the sweetest and prettiest young ladies I've ever had the honor to meet.

Craig: And everything to me. Which is why I'll ask you again, Aaron -- is there another reason you left Seattle?

Carly: I don't know what else to say, Lisa. Except, "let us be brave." Try something new and see if it works. I know I'm sure as hell worth it. I think you are, too.

Lisa: Carly, I have always said that you are a fine designer. I've never denied that. You're also a high-powered salesperson. But, look, I have spent a lot of my life just jumping out of a frying pan right into hellfire. And -- well, why not take another leap, hmm? Okay, honey. I want finished sketches by the end of next week. And a little unsolicited advice to you -- Jack Snyder is a gem. Hard to find. Be good to him.

Brandy: Can I tell you something about what I said before?

Jack: Sure.

Brandy: I need to keep working at Java underground. It's a good job, and I can't find --

Lisa: Uh, what are you two hanging out here for?

Jack: I just remembered seeing Brandy around town.

Lisa: Ah. Well, look, I do need you to run these things over for me, but I have to have a little more time before I sign them.

Brandy: No problem.

Lisa: Good. I'll call you. And you --

Jack: Mm.

Lisa: I'm gonna send you a bill.

Jack: That's more than fair.


Brandy: You didn't say anything. Should I thank you?

Jack: Don't mess with me, my family or my friends, and you get no problem from me.

Marshall: Friendly with Detective Snyder? He seemed interested in you.

[Brandy laughs]

Brandy: About the only thing he's interested in is maybe seeing me behind bars.

Marshall: Good, we can use that. Get close to him.

Brandy: How is this guy gonna clue you in on Jessica Griffin?

Marshall: Humor me.

Katie: You know, if you could talk, I'd probably just run away with you and forget the real Simon.

"Simon": Katie?

Katie: Hey. I wasn't so sure you'd be back. Missed quite a night. I saw Cooley downstairs. Just before he died. Or was murdered, actually. Things are getting way out of hand here. I don't know if I wanna stick around and be part of it.

"Simon": Well, you're still here. So I guess that means something. Right?

Katie: Where were you?

"Simon": Uh -- I went out for a long walk. I was thinking about you. I'm sorry.

Katie: You're sorry?

"Simon": Yeah. I also went and saw a doctor. I wasn't gonna say anything, but I've got -- kinda got this viral condition.

Katie: What?!

"Simon": Yeah, it's called Malta Fever. It's a tropical disease.

Katie: Oh, my God.

"Simon": Yeah, they say I probably got it last summer, but it's remained dormant up until now. I get these migraines and these weird delusions! I'm sorry I've been so horrible to you.

Katie: Well, that totally makes sense. It explains --

"Simon": I also got you this. Yeah. I figured you probably missed snicker. Snickerdoodle.

Katie: Thank you. That's -- oh, that's very sweet.

"Simon": And there's another thing I gotta tell you about. This -- this disease -- we probably shouldn't touch or anything like that at all until I'm cured. But I just wanted to make it up to you.

Katie: Honey, I don't care what you have.

["Simon" groans]

"Simon": That was dumb! I told you I didn't wanna get you sick! Oh, I'm gonna wash up!

Katie: God. That's not Simon.

Aaron: Whatever you're trying to say, Mr. Montgomery, why don't you just come out and say it?

Holden: Aaron left Seattle because he wanted to reconnect with me and the rest of his family in Oakdale. That's all there is to it, Craig.

Lucy: Daddy, don't do this. We were having a good time.

Craig: I just wanna know if he thinks that there's anything else that drove him out of Seattle.

Holden: Nothing forced him to leave Seattle.

Aaron: Why don't you just tell them?

Holden: Tell us what?

Rosanna: Aaron, you don't have to say anything. This was supposed to be a nice meal together, not an inquisition.

Aaron: No. Let's settle this. That's what you want, isn't it?

Lucy: What's going on?

Craig: Is this you?

Aaron: Yeah, it's me.

Holden: When was this taken? Were you in an accident?

Lucy: Daddy, where did you get that picture?

Aaron: Say what you know.

Craig: The photograph comes from a Police report filed in Seattle when Aaron was assaulted.

Holden: Assaulted for what?

Craig: Your son was beat up for sleeping with another man's wife.


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