ATWT Transcript Friday 6/28/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/28/02

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Margo: Hal? Hal, are you here?

Hal: Hey, lady, what do you think this is, a bus stop? How you been?

Margo: Fine, fine. Fine weather we're having, is it?

Hal: Magnificent weather we're having. I've been staking the tomatoes. Why, I don't know.

Margo: Because if you don't, they'll fall over.

Hal: True.

Margo: Why aren't you at the station?

Hal: Because my shift doesn't start till 4:00. What's your excuse?

Margo: I found that criminals sleep in the morning, so I'm taking a break. Oh. Did you get a chance to look at my report on the Henry Coleman case?

Hal: Yeah. Rose bailed him out. The two of them went to Avanya. Paul followed.

Margo: Well, it gets better, because Lucinda hired Simon to go down there and bring them back. And then she decided that she was gonna go down there as well, because she had had dealings there, prior. What they are, nobody knows. But dealings. Then Katie found out about it, and then Katie convinced her that she should go along.

Hal: Well, no surprise there.

Margo: It's just -- it's a dangerous place, Hal. And I know that Katie is gonna say the wrong thing to the wrong person and -- you don't care about this. You got your pesky tomatoes to deal with. Can we go inside and get a glass of water or something?

Hal: Yeah, sure. Hey! Hey, hey, hey.

Margo: Sorry, sorry.

Hal: Hey, hey.

Katie: Excuse me, sir? Could I reserve this table for breakfast? It's so nice in the sun.

Waiter: Of course. Anything for señora Frasier.

Katie: Great. And the food I ordered?

Waiter: It will be out momentarily.

Katie: Thank you very much. Good morning, sweetie. I reserved a great table for us. Are you ready for breakfast?

'Simon': Yeah, yeah. Well, a man's gotta eat, right? Just don't give me any grief, okay?

Katie: Okay, you've made yourself very clear on that point. Oh, I love this humidity. It's so --

'Simon': Rueben?! Rueben? Rueben? Yeah, can you bring me a double bloody Mary with a raw quail's egg? Rapido, rapido! Geez.

Katie: Simon, honey, since when do you drink in the morning?

'Simon': Hey, I told you to get off my back. Now, you want to have some breakfast. I just ordered it.

Katie: Oh, yes, look. Thank you so much. Mmm, fresh fruit. Oatmeal. Yummy carbs and toast, burnt, the way you like it.

'Simon': Who ordered all this?

Katie: Me. I had a funny feeling that you hadn't been eating very well, so I thought we might build up that strength and get your good mood back.

'Simon': Hey, listen to me. There's nothing wrong with my strength. Okay? You know, on this island they want to take me on, I'll crack their bloody heads open.

Molly: Good morning.

Newswoman: Hi.

Molly: I just want to say, I appreciate so much you covering for me while I was away.

Newswoman: Well, thank you.

Molly: But I'm back now. So I'm gonna do the broadcast this morning, okay?

Newswoman: But I --

Molly: I really need a lot of time to prepare with this, so no interruptions, please. Okay? Thanks.

Newswoman: Molly McKinnon showed up.

Kim: Yeah, yeah, I see. I know.

Newswoman: She's acting very strange.

Kim: Okay, do me a favor. Have my assistant call her family, let them know she's here.

Newswoman: Well, will I be doing the broadcast? Because according to Molly --

Kim: It's all right. Just be patient. You'll do the broadcast, okay? Golly, molly! Are you a sight for sore eyes? I had no idea that you were gonna come in today.

Molly: Yeah, well, it's -- I just thought of it actually. But you know me, spur of the moment Molly.

Kim: Well, listen, anyway we can get you here is just fine with me. Why don't you come and have a cup of coffee with me? I think the crew needs to do a lighting check.

Molly: Oh, no. Actually, I'm fine right here. But if you -- oh, if you don't mind, could you find somebody just to give me some paper? 'Cause I really need to jot something down.

Kim: Sure, sure. What size paper? What are you writing down?

Molly: Well, it's for my broadcast. Kim, I really need to go on the air today.

Kim: Oh, oh, I see. Well, I'm thrilled that you feel up to it. However --

Molly: You know all those people out there, Kim? The people that tune in every day to see me? Well, when Jake died, they sent me cards and flowers and needlepoints and poetry. And they were so wonderful to me, so unbelievably wonderful. And I wanna thank each and every one of them individually, take them out to lunch and face-to-face, but I can't do that. So I wanna thank them on the air.

Kim: Oh, okay, that is a terrific idea. But you know what? You really need to give me a chance to promote it.

Molly: I'm sorry. But it really needs to happen today.

Kim: Why's that?

Molly: Well, because after I say thanks, I'm gonna say good-bye.

[Wedding music plays]

Minister: If there is anyone here who knows any reason why these people should not be joined in matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace. Then by the power vested in me --

Craig: Wait! I have a reason.

Minister: But you're the groom.

Craig: You said anyone.

Minister: Oh, well.

Craig: I don't wanna marry her.

Rosanna: What?!

Jack: What are you trying to pull, Montgomery?

Craig: There's only one woman in this room I want. Her.

Jack: Carly? Hey. Hey. Hey, you all right?

Carly: Yeah. I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Jack: You were making funny noises in your sleep.

Carly: Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Like what?

Jack: Groaning. Like you're being suffocated.

Carly: I was having a nightmare, Jack. That's all. A really bad one.

Craig: About time.

[Knock on the door] it's about time. I told you I -- oh, Rosanna, beautiful as ever. Come in.

Rosanna: I'll come back later.

Craig: No, no, no, wait. What's your hurry?

Rosanna: Well, it's obvious that you're expecting someone. I don't wanna intrude.

Craig: No, it's a delivery, that's all. Come in. Come in. I have something for you.

Rosanna: Really? How shameless.

Craig: True, but it's a good shameless.

Rosanna: What is it you have for me?

Craig: Breath of fire.

Rosanna: Huh-uh, no. I don't -- no. Huh-huh, I don't wanna do this now, no.

Craig: "Now"? But "now" is all we have. "Now" is all we ever --

Rosanna: No, the answer is no. I'm not going to be busywork for you while you wait for your day to kick in.

Craig: I think I'm busywork for you. All right, but anyway, interest you in a hand of gin rummy or something?

Rosanna: Actually, I'm kind of interested in this delivery you were expecting. Care to share what's got you so worked up?

Craig: You're the only thing that has me worked up these days. You and the horrifying thought of my daughter being mauled by a felon.

Rosanna: Aaron.

Craig: Yeah, I don't think he's good for her. And I believe it as my duty to convince her of that.

Rosanna: Ooh, she's gonna hate you for that. I know that for a fact.

Craig: You have a better way to get rid of him?

Rosanna: Yes. You're looking at her.

Craig: I appreciate the offer, but I don't need any help booting little Fabio out of my daughter's life.

Rosanna: Really? Well, before I prove you wrong about that, just let me ask you one little question. Are you acting out of jealousy? Or is this legitimate concern for Lucy's safety?

Craig: I'm afraid for her. I think he's trouble.

Rosanna: Did something happen that I don't know about?

Craig: Well, Lucy was out all night with him. In Chicago, in a car, and nobody called to tell me where they were.

Rosanna: Hmm. Did she offer you an explanation?

Craig: Well, lost keys, you know. But he invited her to go to a concert, and I told her no.

Rosanna: So she lied, and she got caught. You know, that happens. They are still kids.

Craig: Yes, well, fine. But this attitude, this defiance, this comes from Aaron, not from Lucy.

Rosanna: How can you be so sure of that?

Craig: Well, because Lucy is a sweetheart. She's honest. She's cooperative. She's sweet. These things don't just disappear overnight.

Rosanna: My dear, you are so wrong. I know exactly what Lucy's going through, because I've been through the exact thing myself.

Jack: Here.

Carly: No one's heard from Molly since she left her apartment yesterday morning. I'm sure she's been drinking. She could be anywhere.

Jack: I knew you'd be worried, so I called the station when I woke up. She's not in a hospital, and she hasn't been arrested.

Carly: Is that good? I don't even know anymore.

Jack: She hasn't hurt herself or anybody else. And right now, that's the best we can expect.

Carly: I got so mad at her.

Jack: You're entitled.

Carly: I know that she's grieving. And okay, so it's sloppy and frustrating and on the verge of self-destructive.

Jack: She's driving?

Carly: No. And she's checking in. She came home, and I drove her right back out the door.

Jack: Listen -- she's not expected to be perfect. Neither are you, right?

Carly: If I were in her shoes, and if I lost the man I love -- but that's never going to happen, right?

Jack: No, never.

Carly: Never.

Jack: Never.

[Doorbell rings] hold that thought. Just stay right there for a second.

Abigail: Hi.

Jack: Hey, Abby.

Carly: Abigail.

Abigail: Sorry, I should've called.

Carly: Have you heard from Molly?

Abigail: Well, I heard from Kim's assistant. She showed up at WOAK.

Carly: Really? That's great. Is she all right?

Abigail: I don't know. I'm gonna go over there now and find out. Do you wanna come with me?

Carly: Yes. Did you hear that?

Jack: Yes.

Carly: Molly showed up, and she's okay, Jack.

Jack: I know. Do you want me to go with you?

Carly: Yes, please.

Jack: Okay, all right.

Carly: This is great. So this is really good you know, maybe if Molly showed up at work, then maybe the worst of this is over.

Molly: So once I thank the audience for their support, I would just like to simply say, "thank you for listening and good-bye." And then that's it. Cut to commercial.

Kim: My opinion? Say your thank yous. Forget the farewell speech.

Molly: Why?

Kim: Well, you're not retiring, so why burn bridges?

Molly: Kim, I'm leaving Oakdale, and I don't know when I'm gonna be back.

Kim: Really? Well, where are you gonna go?

Molly: Away. I'm gonna go away. Someplace -- someplace where I can learn to live without Jake.

Kim: Well, I'm afraid I don't have any easy answers for that one. I know when your spouse passes on, it's a major victory just to get out of bed in the morning.

Molly: Oh, no, I can roll right of bed. It's the rest of the day that seems to be the big problem.

Kim: I suppose you've thought of talking to somebody. I mean, like a therapist or a grief counselor, something like that?

Molly: If I wanna wallow, I can do that all by myself.

Kim: Actually, wallowing was not exactly what I had in mind. I guess I'm just old-fashioned enough to think that having a shoulder to cry on is comforting.

Molly: Crying doesn't work anymore, Kim. Neither does being with people or being alone, or taking walks in the woods or downing pints of ice cream. Nothing or nobody seems to make my life any easier since Jake died.

Kim: Is that -- is that why you're drinking?

Molly: That doesn't work. It's not -- no, it doesn't work. I mean, if it did, then I would sell all my blue chip stock, and I would buy a distillery. Nothing helps.

Kim: Well, in that case, kiddo, I've got some bad news for you. Running away isn't gonna help anything either.

Hal: Now, you just about fainted out there a minute ago. I'd kind of like to know why.

Margo: I told you -- thank you -- I am obsessing about this Avanya thing.

Hal: To the point of fainting about it? I'm calling your father.

Margo: "I'm calling your dad."

Hal: All right, well then, we'll call somebody else.

Margo: Look, all I really need is about 48 hours of sleep. And that's not gonna happen, so let's just forget about it.

Hal: Well, who says? Take the rest of the day off. No, wait.

Margo: See.

Hal: Make that the rest of the week.

Margo: How am I gonna do that? I've got so many cases on my desk. Who's gonna cover for me?

Hal: I will, unless you don't think I can handle it.

Margo: I don't.

Hal: Margo, I'm back to work full-time. My brain is as good as it gets.

Margo: My point exactly.

Hal: Thank you.

Margo: I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Hal, you just started getting your life back together, and you've got Will to deal with and Parker and those tomatoes and Emily.

Hal: Tell you what -- I'll make you a deal. I'll cover for you for a week if you'll cover for me for a week when I get married.

Margo: What?

Hal: You heard me. Emily and I made it official with a ring and everything.

Margo: You -- Hal --

[Margo sobbing] you --

Hal: Hey.

[Margo sobbing] hey.

"Simon": Ah! Rueben, Rueben, come on. Well, it's about time.

Katie: Oh, no. Please tell me you're not going to drink that.

['Simon' burps]

"Simon": Yeah, well that's better. Yeah, feels good.

Katie: All right, Simon. What is going on with you? Are you -- are you being this character, acting this out to keep us protected or what? Just give me a sign. Tell me what's going on.

"Simon": Look, I don't know what you're talking about and neither do you.

Katie: Everybody's noticed it. Lucinda, Henry, the guy that works here. Everybody says you've been acting strangely. What's going on?

"Simon": I could care less what anyone thinks. Now, if you want, why don't you take them a message from me. Yeah.

Katie: Okay, what is it?

"Simon": All right, why don't you tell them from me, if anyone gets in my way, I'll bounce a coconut off their skulls.

Katie: Is this a practical joke? Where are the cameras? Do I have anything in my teeth?

"Simon": Look, the only joke around here is you trying to tell me what to eat.

Katie: All right, Simon. If you don't tell me what's going on right now, I'm going to go back to Oakdale.

"Simon": Ah, well, finally you're starting to sing my song, sweetheart. Bon voyage.

Katie: Hold on a minute. I am warning you, if you leave, you will never see me again.

"Simon": Aw. Wha, wha!

Margo: Geez, I'm sorry. I just -- I don't know -- I don't know what that was. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I don't know what that was.

Hal: Well, I don't think they were tears of joy about me and Emily getting married.

Margo: No, they're not. I'm kidding, I'm sorry. Actually, my feelings about Emily have really changed drastically. I don't think we're ever really gonna be great friends, because there's too much history. Oh, Hal, look, if you love her and that's what you want, I support you all the way.

Hal: Do you really mean that?

Margo: Yeah.

Hal: Oh, Margo, this is -- this is so great. My life just got so much easier.

[Laughter] you know what we're gonna do?

Margo: Huh?

Hal: We're gonna feed you. We're gonna eat.

Margo: No, no food. No food, no food.

Hal: Hey, wait till you see what I'm cooking. Scrambled eggs with sautéed onions and spicy sausage.

Margo: That's it. Stop talking about sausage and onions. I'm sorry, I'm just queasy from head to toe. If you value your furniture, just --

Hal: Hold it a second. You're tired, you're queasy. You almost fainted out there a minute ago. Now, gee, what could that possibly mean?

Margo: I just got a little bug or something.

Hal: Or maybe you're a little bit pregnant.

Margo: No, I am not pregnant, no.

Hal: But, Margo, if it's true, then --

Margo: It's not true. I am not pregnant. No way, no how, no baby.

Rosanna: I grew up, as you know, in a mansion. I had an English governess from the day I was born. Anything I wanted, I just had to ask for. I grew up pampered, rather overprotected. And one day, I just couldn't take it anymore, and I ran away. I left everything behind, including my last name, and took off for Emma's farm. Are you noticing any parallels so far?

Craig: Well, Lucy came from Montago to live with me in Oakdale. But I don't think it's quite the same.

Rosanna: Well, you just keep telling yourself that. For me, life on the farm was an adventure every day. And then I met a boy -- Mike Kasnoff. He was bright, and he had a good heart. And, of course, he had no money. And, naturally, my father tried to keep us apart. And that day he became my enemy.

Craig: And -- you think that's going to happen with Lucy and me?

Rosanna: My father never budged in his disapproval of Mike. And I hated him until the day he died --

Craig: I know there's a danger in keeping them apart. But Aaron Snyder is not -- not Mike Kasnoff.

Rosanna: He's young, he's handsome, he works with his hands. The similarities are a little difficult to ignore.

Craig: Aaron has a Police record. He's dangerous.

Rosanna: Your closed-mindedness is exactly why Lucy is lying to you.

Craig: Well, you know, I'm not quite the ogre about this that you think I am. I'm gonna have dinner tonight with Lucy and Aaron and his family.

Rosanna: Really? Why?

Craig: It's a negotiation with Lucy. She's good, maybe too good.

Rosanna: I think you have an agenda, Mr. Cat. What is it?

Craig: To enjoy the meal and let Lucy know I'm trying.

Rosanna: And create a situation that will break Lucy and Aaron apart, is that it?

Craig: If it happens -- it happens.

Rosanna: You are making such a mistake. What you need is a neutral party that will protect the interests of both sides.

Craig: And what party would that be?

Rosanna: Well, me, of course.

Molly: Kim, I know you care about me. But I'm not running away. I'm not. I'm just -- I'm moving. And I'm never gonna be a real drinker either. I can't. I don't have the stomach or the stamina for it. So -- so, can I -- can I please say good-bye and thank you to my audience?

Kim: Of course. Of course. Except that you have to be sober before I'll let you on the air.

Molly: I am. I am, see? I'm -- I am.

Kim: Honey, I want you to go into my office. I want you to take a nap, pull yourself together, okay? I'll give you five minutes on the evening news.

Molly: I can't wait.

Kim: Why not?

Molly: Because my flight leaves in two hours.

Kim: Sorry, Molly, those are the conditions. You can always take a later flight.

Molly: You know what? You're right. You're right. I can get on a different plane, a later plane. Because I really need to do this.

Kim: Okay. It's a deal. I'll get some things out of my office, then it's all yours.

Molly: Okay. Oh, no -- actually, I'm okay here. I'm fine here. I am so exhausted, I'm going to be sleeping in 30 seconds.

Kim: Well, whatever makes you comfortable. You know something -- this will get better. Just hang in.

[Door closes]

Abigail: Kim?

Kim: Oh, I'm so glad you came. Molly's here.

Abigail: Well, did she say where she's been this whole time?

Kim: I didn't even get into that with her.

Carly: Could you tell if she'd been drinking?

Kim: Well, I guess she'd been drinking during the night. But she also says that she's booked herself out of here on a plane.

Jack: To where?

Kim: She wouldn't say.

Carly: I'd really like to see her.

Kim: Honey, I know you would. But I think you need to just give her a little breather here. She said she was gonna take a rest. Why don't you let her do that? Talk to her later then.

Abigail: Well, is it okay if we just look in on her? It would make me feel a lot better if I can see her.

Kim: Be my guest.

Bob: Hey! You want some good news?

Kim: Oh, do I ever.

Bob: Christopher called. He's coming home for a visit before he starts his medical internship.

Kim: Oh, honey! Oh, you're kidding! How wonderful! Chris is finally coming home!

Abigail: Did you guys say that Chris was coming back in town?

Kim: Yes.

Abigail: Wow, you must be really happy.

Kim: Oh, you can say that again. I feel like I'm floating ten feet off the ground.

Bob: Listen, can you get out of here? We'll go down by the river, take a walk, and I'll give you the details.

Jack: Go, Kim. We'll look after Molly.

Kim: Let's do it.

Jack: Okay.

Bob: Okay, bye-bye.

Kim: Be back soon.

Carly: I really hate Molly sleeping in there. She shouldn't be there.

Abigail: Yeah, right, she should be home.

Jack: Okay. What do you want to do?

Carly: I want to wake her up, Jack, and take her out of here.

Abigail: Yes. And then we can ask her questions about those plans she has to leave town.

Carly: All right, let's do it. Okay, Mol -- I don't believe this. She did it again.

Jack: Okay. You two wait for me at my house. I think it's time we got the Police involved.

Margo: Look, Lily and Holden wanted another child. And now they're pregnant. They're gonna have their beautiful little baby. But that would never happen for me.

Hal: Margo, everybody's pregnancy is different. You of all people should understand that.

Margo: I do understand that. But, Hal, I haven't even thought about being pregnant for years.

Hal: But, Margo, if it's true, don't you wanna --

Margo: I'm not pregnant!

Hal: Okay. Here are the crackers. The milk is in the fridge. You know where the couch is if you want to lie down.

Margo: Where are you going?

Hal: Don't you dare think about leaving. I'll be back in a couple of minutes.

Lucinda: Ah. Lovely, steamy morning, isn't it? Oh, hello, darling. Oh, dear, what's happened?

Katie: My husband.

Lucinda: Has he changed again?

Katie: Oh, yeah. He's gotten worse. I don't know if I can handle this anymore.

Lucinda: Oh, yes, you can. You have a purpose. And if Simon is in trouble --

Katie: I used to -- I never said our marriage was perfect. But I used to know that he loved me. Now --

[Katie sighs]

Lucinda: Where are you going, honey?

Katie: To pack.

"Simon": It's about time you got here, Cooley. I've been waiting here for days.

Cooley: I got held up. The old man came down with a fever and was too weak to travel.

"Simon": All right, all right, what old man?

Cooley: Joe from New Jersey. I've got him stashed on a boat a couple of miles from here. Give me the provenance for the diamond, and I'll take you to him right away.

"Simon": Oh, now why would I wanna do that?

Cooley: Because that was our deal. The old man in exchange for proof that the diamond's real.

"Simon": Yeah? Yeah, well, the deal's off. I wanna renegotiate.

Cooley: Are you playing games with me, Aussie?

"Simon": Nah. Nah, I don't do games. Oh, except maybe a little poker.

Cooley: All right. I'll give you 24 hours to change your mind.

"Simon": Oh, come on. Come on. Don't be a crybaby, huh? Sit down. Sit down.

Cooley: All right, all right. I figured you'd back down. Does this mean you're ready to do business?

"Simon": Absolutely. Now, you tell me where the diamond is or I kill you where you sit.

"Simon": Come on.

Cooley: I don't have the diamond on me.

"Simon": Where is it?

Cooley: Someplace very safe.

"Simon": All right, all right. Tell me how to get there.

Cooley: Huh-uh.

"Simon": Huh?

[Cooley moans]

Cooley: God, you stabbed me. I'm bleeding.

"Simon": All right, look what you've gone and done, huh? You want me to call you a doctor?

Cooley: Yes.

"Simon": You want me to get you a doctor?

Cooley: Yes.

"Simon": Then tell me where the diamond is stashed.

Cooley: Katie --

"Simon": Katie what? Katie's got the diamond?

Cooley: Katie --

"Simon": Katie what? Spit it out. Spit it out. Oh -- enjoy your siesta.

Lucinda: I need a word with you, Simon.

"Simon": It's a bad time.

Lucinda: Because Katie is upstairs, and she's packing. And you have not told me what the hell's been going on here these --

"Simon": Katie's going?

Lucinda: Yes.

"Simon": Katie's packing? Well, we've got to stop her, don't we?

Lucinda: Oh, thank you.

Rose: Let me go! Come on, please, just let me go! Oh, oh, Ms. Walsh! Ms. Walsh, please, I need your help right now! Right now!

Carly: So try not to worry about her too much. Okay?

Abigail: I've been doing that a lot lately. And I was actually taking a break from it.

Carly: Good. You deserve it.

Abigail: You know, hearing that Chris Hughes was coming back in town brought a lot of mixed emotions flooding back to me.

Carly: That's okay. He was your first love. Nobody forgets what that's like.

Abigail: But it also got me thinking about Chris and Molly and how upset I was when I found out about their affair and how that mess somehow brought Jake into Molly's life.

Carly: What is it they say? Everything happens for a reason.

Abigail: Yeah. That's what I used to think until Jake died.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: So, did you find Molly? Please, Jack, tell me that she's all right.

Jack: I wish I could.

Abigail: Jack, what's going on?

Jack: We've got men looking for her at the airport. We've got a computer search going for which airline and a couple of guys staked out on her car, but no Molly.

Carly: Do you think that she already left?

Jack: No.

Abigail: Well, then, maybe she went home.

Jack: Knowing we're looking for her? It's highly doubtful.

Abigail: It could be possible.

Jack: Well, yes, anything's possible.

Abigail: You know, I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna wait for her. Will you call me if you hear anything?

Carly: Yes, of course.

Abigail: Okay.

Carly: Right away.

Abigail: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: No problem.

Carly: So -- what do you think, g-man? You think we're gonna find her?

Jack: Listen, finding her is only half the problem. Even if we do, there's -- there's no keeping her from leaving town.

Carly: You could bring her in for questioning.

Jack: For what?

Carly: I don't know. Be creative.

Jack: Honey, that's cute. But the constitution frowns on that sort of thing.

Carly: You know, part of me thinks, what's the big deal? You know, so Molly wants to get away. That's fine. She should. She should have a great time. She's just been so fragile lately.

Jack: Listen -- Molly is gonna find her way out of this at her own pace and in her own way. All we can do is stand on the sidelines and root for her.

Carly: You're right. You're right. Thanks for saying that. And thanks for bringing the Police in when you did. It was time.

Jack: You don't have to thank me. Anything that makes you feel better is tops on my list.

Carly: I have the same list.

Craig: Encouraging, Rosanna. Very encouraging.

Rosanna: What? What?

Craig: You're asking to be included at dinner with the Snyders and myself. Obviously, you can't contemplate a night without me.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, Craig. Well, that must be it. So, may I come?

Craig: To dinner? Not a chance.

Rosanna: Why not?

Craig: Because it's not a party. This is a meeting to set guidelines for Aaron and Lucy.

Rosanna: Without me, you will push too hard and you will offend everyone. Is that what you want? Do you honestly believe that that will improve your relationship with Lucy?

Craig: Do you have a better way of doing this?

Rosanna: Well, yes. I know exactly what to say. I can help you reach a compromise. Which, as far as I can tell, is your best shot.

[Knock at the door]

Craig: Yes?

Messenger: Delivery for Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Geez. What took you so long? Fell off your bike?

Messenger: Yeah, how'd you know?

Craig: Thank you.

Rosanna: What is it?

Craig: A better shot.

Margo: Where have you been? Hal, I gotta go. I've got about a million things to do.

Hal: A million and one.

Margo: What's this?

Hal: Pregnancy test.

Margo: I'm leaving.

Hal: Margo, if you're pregnant, you need to find out today. You're welcome.

[Craig laughs]

Rosanna: Hey. Hold it, cupcake. You can't do that.

Craig: What?

Rosanna: Put those pages away without showing them to me.

Craig: You wanna bet?

Rosanna: Am I gonna have to take your clothes off to get them?

Craig: Yes. But you have to eat first. So if you're still interested, I'd love to have you join us for dinner.

Rosanna: You wanna impress me, don't you?

Craig: I thought I already had.

Rosanna: I mean with what's in the envelope.

Craig: I'll tell you what -- I'll let you try to get rid of Aaron your way. Then I'll do it mine.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Carly, I gotta get that.

Carly: No, it's not important.

Jack: It could be about Molly.

Carly: Then answer it. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Jack: Snyder. Hey, great work. Thank you. Molly has been ticketed on a plane out of Oakdale. She checked in, and she's on her way.

Carly: To where?

Jack: The French Riviera.

Molly: Oh, thank you. Do you know when we're gonna be landing in New York?

Flight attendant: About an hour and 15 minutes. We'll have a short layover, then continue onto Nice.

Molly: Excellent.

Flight attendant: Be sure to bring your boarding pass when you deplane.

Molly: Actually, I'm not gonna be needing it, because I'm staying in New York.

Flight attendant: But weren't you ticketed all the way through to France?

Molly: Just covering my tracks. Shh.

Lucinda: Rose, what did you do? What happened? What happened?

Rose: They want money! Or else they're gonna put me in jail.

Lucinda: Oh. Oh, how much do they want, dear?

Rose: 50 bucks.

Lucinda: Okay, here you go.

Soldier #1: 500.

Lucinda: Oh, well --

Soldier #2: Each.

Lucinda: All right, there we go, darling.

Rose: You know what? No, no, don't give it to them! Because they're cowards, both of them. They're terrible.

Lucinda: Don't be silly. For heaven's sake, there's no point. We're not here to negotiate at this point anyway. There, you got it. All right.

[Lucinda yelling Spanish]

Soldier #1: Adios.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, are you all right?

Rose: I'm fine! It's my Paul!

Lucinda: Paul?

Rose: They took him.

Lucinda: What?

Rose: I don't know where they have him.

"Simon": Well, what do you think you're doing?

Katie: Leaving. Don't pretend you care now.

"Simon": I do. I do care.

Katie: Really?

"Simon": Yeah.

Katie: I'm sorry. Simon, this is not working. I'm going home.

"Simon": I'm sorry, too.

Katie: You are?

"Simon": Yeah. I can't let you leave.

Jailer: Come here. You're very smart and clever, senor. But, this time, you have outsmarted yourself. Get down. 'Cause tomorrow we fix the window. And tonight you sleep on the floor -- like the dog that you are.


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