ATWT Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02

As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02

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Lisa: Oh. What a mess this is. It's like a river front dive.

Vivian: Here's an inventory of the damage.

Lisa: Oh, Lord. The insurance is gonna go right through the roof on this. But I tell you, Isaac's gonna be fit to be tied.

Ben: Hey, Vivian. Hey, Lisa.

Lisa: Yeah, hi.

Ben: What happened? It looks like a cyclone hit.

Lisa: Well, yeah, practically. Jack Snyder and Craig Montgomery hit each other.

Ben: Really? Who won? I hope J -- I mean, I hope nobody was hurt. Anybody hurt?

Lisa: I don't know. No. I wasn't here. The staff -- I understood they handled it pretty well. Oh, honestly, Ben, I am so -- so tired of trying to manage this place by myself. I had just -- I --

Ben: Well, then you will be glad to hear that Isaac called.

Lisa: Oh, he did?

Ben: Yes.

Lisa: Oh, how long is he gonna be gone? I need him here right now! I could just scream.

Brandy: Dr. Harris? Ms. Grimaldi, it's so good to see you again.

Lisa: Oh, well, well, well. So, you must have a pretty good reason to darken my door again, missy.

Brandy: I'm shadowing Vivian on the late shift.

Lisa: Shadowing? You mean as in working here?

Brandy: Learning the ropes, waiting tables.

Lisa: Oh, in your dreams, honey. Look, I haven't forgotten how you hustled my grandson. I'm not about to let you come back in this place and hustle some unsuspecting person.

Brandy: Well, I guess you'd better take that up with Isaac then, 'cause he's the one who hired me. I start full-time tonight.

Katie: This is nuts. What am I doing here? Oh, Molly. Hi.

Molly: Hello, Katie.

Katie: Molly, actually, um -- I'm sorry. Things have been really crazy and I haven't really had a chance to tell you how sorry I am about Jake.

Molly: Thank you. So, are you here with Simon?

Katie: No. Actually Simon's out of town on business. So I was sitting at home alone, listening to the crickets or frogs, or whatever makes that -- actually, did you know that we have a house in the woods now?

Molly: No, I didn't. Didn't at all. But that's -- that's sweet.

Katie: Mm-hmm. Well, yeah, it's sweet when Simon's there. Alone with the walls closing in on you -- you know, I thought about coming here, but --

Molly: But the thought of sitting alone at a bar didn't seem much better?

Katie: Exactly. I guess it's probably the same for you, huh?

Molly: Exactly. No air. Katie -- dare I say we share a table?

Katie: Really? You wouldn't mind sitting with me? Are you sure?

Molly: I'm really not sure about anything these days. Yeah.

Katie: Me, either.

Molly: Okay. Shall we?

Katie: Let's.

Hal: You're proposing to me?

Emily: Yes, I'm proposing, you sweet, adorable thick-headed man. I want to be your wife, Hal Munson. Will you marry me?

Hal: Emily --

Emily: Can we just move along a little, my knees are getting numb, Hal.

Hal: I'm speechless.

Emily: I'm just asking to hear one little word, Hal.

Hal: Um -- you are so unimaginably and incredibly amazing.

Emily: Oh, whatever that means, so are you. That's why I want to hear the word.

Hal: I mean, this -- [exhales] -- is like finding out I'm the new power hitter for the Yankees.

Emily: That good, huh?

Hal: I mean, it is like a gift so unexpected, and you are so absolutely wonderful. Which is why I have to say -- I have to say no.

Carly: Hi. Jack, I will say it as many times as you need to hear it. I kissed Craig, but I'm sorry. I am truly sorry. You're obviously really mad, so let's just fight it out then and get it over with.

Jack: You think I wanna fight? About what, Carly? I mean, you admitted that you kissed Craig and you said you were sorry. So what is there left to talk about?

Carly: You could start with what you're thinking right now and are too mad to say. You could tell me why you didn't blow up at me down at the station but just took off instead. You could tell me where you went.

Jack: I went to see Craig.

Carly: What did he say?

Jack: He didn't say all that much. He was too busy falling down.

Carly: Why? What happened?

Jack: I beat the living daylights out of him.

Rosanna: What happened to you? You look like you were attacked.

Craig: Jack Snyder.

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig: Don't laugh.

Rosanna: Well, why not? You're not gonna get any sympathy from me. That was pretty shameless, kissing my sister in the middle of Java underground.

Craig: Are you saying I deserved to be beaten?

Rosanna: Yeah.

Craig: I'm sorry, Rosanna.

Rosanna: No. Oh, why are...why are you sorry? For standing me up? For kissing Carly after you told me that you were gonna come over here and make love to me? For timing it so badly that I had to walk in and see the whole sorry event?

Craig: For all of that. For dragging myself to your doorstep. But -- please help me.

Rosanna: I can't think of one reason why I should.

Craig: I can't let Lucy see me like this.

Rosanna: I'll get some antiseptic for your cuts.

Craig: Are you going somewhere?

Rosanna: Yeah. As far away from you as I can get.

Lisa: So I guess you know you've just exposed yourself for the devious little she-devil that you are, because Isaac could not have hired you. No way. Because Isaac hasn't been here. He hasn't been here for weeks. What's the matter with you?

Ben: Lisa --

Lisa: What? No, don't tell -- you did not hire her.

Ben: Technically, I didn't.

Lisa: Ben, why is it that you're acting like you know what's happened here?

Ben: Well, Brandy came in for an interview and Isaac had just gone to Scotland, so we were very short-handed.

Brandy: And Dr. Harris told me to talk to Vivian, who spoke to Isaac by phone and he told her to hire me.

Lisa: I see. So we're just passing the buck here?

Brandy: Yes. But it's very lucky for me, because now I have this great job. Thank you. I promise you won't regret it. I'm gonna be great.

Lisa: Ben, this is getting like a three-ring circus here. I cannot stand it. One more fight, one more unexpected employee, and I am going to blow my stack.

Ben: Well, how 'bout some good news?

Lisa: I could use it. I don't know. How good is it, though?

Ben: "Isaac coming home" good.

Lisa: Oh, thank goodness. That means somebody up there is still looking out for us.

[Lisa sighs]

Emily: Do you hear yourself, Hal Munson? You say possibly the most romantic thing I've ever heard come out of anyone's mouth -- your mouth, anyone's mouth -- and then you turn me down?

Hal: Yeah.

Emily: Because I'm so wonderful?

Hal: That about covers it.

Emily: I thought you loved me.

Hal: I do love you, Emily. And don't think it doesn't surprise the hell out of me. I mean, you've been around the block as much as I have, and you expect, you know, some companionship, a little romance, and if you're lucky, some passion. But you certainly don't expect bells to go off.

Emily: That's what happened for you -- bells?

Hal: Bells -- like a cathedral. I mean, I'm talking kid stuff. I'm talking full-tilt, boogie puppy love. I mean, I haven't had these feelings since I asked Debby Fitch to go to the grand funk concert with me. And I was worried about whether or not she was going to like my bell bottoms and my beads.

Emily: All right, stop it. Stop it. I know you. And you are just making me laugh here. You're getting me off track. So just -- stop with your flowery talk, and tell me why you don't want to marry me.

Hal: Two things -- your stuff and my stuff.

Emily: So what's my stuff? My emotional baggage?

Hal: Emily, I have been married a bunch of times, and it's never worked out.

Emily: That's your stuff. What's my stuff?

Hal: I'm just afraid, hon, when you got down on that beautiful knee of yours and you asked me that beautiful question, you asked me that question for all the wrong reasons.

Carly: You just waltzed into Craig's apartment and you pummeled him?

Jack: No, no. He was still at Java underground.

Carly: You fought him in public?

Jack: I wouldn't really call it a fight. I hit him a couple times, he went down. He tried to get up and I kept hitting him until he stayed down.

Carly: My God, Jack. Is he hurt?

Jack: I certainly hope so.

Carly: Where does this come from? Where does this violence come from?

Jack: Where -- where does it come from? Where does it come from, Carly?! The man kisses you, you slap him. He kisses you again, you slap him again. He kissed you again, and then you kiss him back. Is that how it happened?

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: Okay, well, what am I missing here? You live here with me, and you say you love me, right?

Carly: I do love you. You know I do.

Jack: Yeah. Then how many times -- how many times does Craig get to mess with that? How many times does he get to run into you and tell you that you're the woman of his dreams? How many times does he get to look at you and undress you with his eyes before I get to say anything, huh?! Do I have to catch him in my bed before I really get to explode?!

Carly: That would never happen, Jack, and you know it!

Jack: Yeah, well, then what -- kissing him should have never happened, Carly, but it did.

Carly: Then why do you go and beat on him, Jack? Why don't you lay into me? Just how furious with me are you?

Craig: You're leaving because of me? Ow! What are you trying to do?

Rosanna: Sorry, I guess the sound of your gloating annoyed me.

Craig: No, no, hey, hey, if Carly hadn't walked in, I would have come straight here.

Rosanna: Oh, really?

Craig: Because I wanted you.

Rosanna: Why are you here?

Craig: Because I want you.

Rosanna: To tend to your wounds.

Craig: All of them.

Rosanna: I will not be the thing that you settle for when you can't have Carly.

Craig: Until a few hours ago, I felt better than I had in a long time, because I had moved past Carly -- to be with you. Then -- I let her distract me.

Rosanna: You kissed her.

Craig: She knows I know that kiss was our last. It's over between Carly and I.

Rosanna: You -- I want you to leave. I want you to go right now. I have to finish packing. Let's go. Please.

Craig: Okay. Uh -- well -- thank you.

[Craig groans]

Molly: So, you said that Simon's away on business?

Katie: Yeah, he's working freelance sort of. He tracks down people, helps out where the Police can't, that sort of thing. Anyway, Henry Coleman showed up recently.

Molly: Well, that's a problem right there.

Katie: No kidding. But he took off, of course, not before causing problems.

Molly: Katie, I don't mean to rehash the past or anything, but the minute you let that man into your life --

Katie: I know, I know. You don't have to say anything to me. Luckily, he didn't cause problems for me. He ended up getting a hold of a diamond that belongs to Rose D'Angelo.

Molly: Whoa, whoa. Got a hold of?

Katie: Exactly. Anyway, he needed to prove that it's worth a lot of money, and Rose has some sort of paper or something. Obviously, she's not just gonna hand it over to him. So his partner got a hold of her father and took him out of the country.

Molly: Where?

Katie: Avanya. So Rose went after them, and Simon went after her.

Molly: So Henry and some other guy have Rose's dad until she coughs up some paper on the diamond in Avanya? Avanya? That's a volatile place. They're under a dictatorship. I know, I remember. I did a couple stories on them about two guys that died last year -- Americans died last year because they were caught in the middle of a -- oh, I'm sorry. That's the last thing you need to hear right now.

Katie: No, no. It's okay. Pick the most dangerous place in the world, and that's probably where you'll find my husband.

Emily: What wrong reasons are you referring to, Hal? I love you. You got a better reason to propose?

Hal: Nope.

Emily: I mean, I thought we were past the "don't you believe me when I tell you that I love you" stage.

Hal: I do believe that you love me, Emily. That's not it. But I saw you tonight. I saw you watch Alison and Daniel and Will. Emily, you have been thinking nonstop about family.

Emily: So what's wrong with that?

Hal: Nothing. Hey, I adore my kids, and I think Daniel is the best thing since sliced bread.

Emily: Oh, but you don't want us all living together.

Hal: But we can't just get married and declare ourselves a family and, poof, that's it. You may be fine with it, but how can you expect an angry 16-year-old to embrace us as a family?

Emily: You think I proposed to you because of Alison?

Hal: I think that you're concerned about Alison, and I think you want what's best for her. And you think that, that may mean taking her away from Susan. So you think if we're married and you make it legitimate --

Emily: No, that's not what this is about! That's not what this is --

Alison: What's going on?

Emily: Nothing.

Alison: Look, I heard my name, okay? I know you were talking about me.

Emily: No, we weren't talking about you. It wasn't about you.

Alison: You're the one who's all into being honest, Emily. Why don't you just say to my face whatever it is you've been saying behind my back?

Rosanna: Wow, you're really hurt, aren't you?

Craig: Yeah, I think I bruised a rib or something.

Rosanna: Let me see.

Craig: Ah-ah!

Rosanna: Oh. Wow. Well, that might be more than a bruise. You might have broken one of your ribs.

Craig: No, no, no. I think it's just a bruise. Maybe you'd better check for discoloration or something. Hmm?

Rosanna: All right. Don't move.

Craig: All right.

Rosanna: How's that?

[Craig winces]

Craig: That's okay.

Rosanna: How's that?

Craig: That one's a little tender.

Rosanna: Well, maybe I should get an ice pack or something. You know, they say ice for the first 24 hours, right?

Craig: I know -- I know something that'd help me a little more than an ice pack.

Jack: I'm sorry I blew up like that. Maybe I should take a walk and cool off.

Carly: So what happens the next time Craig looks at me cross-eyed? Do you put your fist through a wall or knock down a couple of beams, Jack?

[Door slams]

Jack: He didn't just look at you, Carly.

Carly: I know. I also know that I shouldn't have told you that he kissed me.

Jack: Oh, come on. Own up. The only reason you came clean was because Holden and Rosanna walked in on you, otherwise, I still wouldn't know.

Carly: Why did they have to do that? Why couldn't they have just stayed wherever the heck they were, and then I could have kept this whole embarrassing nonevent to myself?

Jack: Oh, so you can start filling another list of what you keep from me?

Carly: No. Because the last thing in the world I want you to do is risk your career because of me.

Jack: Oh, that's what you're so worried about? My job?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: And my job is what's keeping you wondering about whether or not Craig is hurt? Help me out with that one, Carly, 'cause, try as I might, I just can't wrap my mind around it.

Carly: If Craig is hurt, Jack, he could press charges. And if he does that, they could take your badge. You could lose everything. I should go and talk to him.

Jack: No, you are not going to plead my case to Craig Montgomery. He wants to ruin me with the department, fine. Let him!

Carly: Don't think I don't know why you pounded that man to a pulp tonight, because I do. Your ego told you that you couldn't possibly let him get away with it anymore. You had something to prove to him, just like I did -- I didn't mean that.

Jack: It's out there, isn't it? And since you're just so gung ho about getting everything out in the open, tell me, Carly -- tell me -- what were you trying to prove by kissing Craig tonight?

Carly: I mis-spoke.

Jack: No, I don't think so. I mean, it's one thing for me to go after Craig and try to prove that I can kick his butt. But what about you? What were you trying to prove?

Carly: Nothing!

Jack: No.

[Jack laughs] let's break it down, shall we? Let's see -- what does a kiss prove? Affection, attraction, love, right?

Carly: Oh, come on, Jack! I do not love Craig Montgomery!

Jack: Oh, so you just want the man then?

Carly: No.

Jack: No, but you proved it, didn't you, when you kissed him? You proved it to him and to me. What's it gonna take to convince you?

Emily: Hal and I were just talking out some problems.

Alison: I'm the problem, right?

Emily: No. We weren't talking about you. Look, I haven't said anything to Hal that I haven't said directly to your face. I am worried about you. You are doing terrible in school.

Alison: You're a better liar than that, Emily. How 'bout you, Lieutenant Munson? Are you gonna be straight with me?

Hal: Alison, your name came up in conversation, that's all. There's nothing for you to worry about.

Alison: You remember this moment next time you bust my chops for not telling the truth.

Emily: No, Alison -- Alison, get back here! I was just beginning to get her to trust me.

Hal: Emily, this is the kind of stuff that I was talking about, the kind of stuff that takes time.

Emily: Is that your answer for everything tonight, Hal -- it takes time? Alison is my daughter! I am sick and tired of waiting for the right time to tell that girl the truth!

Hal: That is not quite accurate, Emily, which is why you need time to think this through. First of all, you are not Alison's mother. Susan is. True, you donated the egg, but Susan carried her, she gave birth to her and she raised her. In my book, that makes her her mother.

Emily: I have never said my mother didn't do all those things.

Hal: Then why are you so bent on claiming Alison as your own?

[Emily sobs]

Emily: Because she's my one chance to get it right, Hal.

Carly: You make it sound like I thought this through. But I didn't, Jack. I was just reacting. Craig was talking trash, like he always does, telling me how boring and mundane my life is now. And I hate it when he does that because it's simply not true.

Jack: Still, he made you wonder, didn't he? And because you wondered, you just had to have one last taste, just to see, just to know for sure. Well, tell me, was it as good as he promised?

Carly: I don't want Craig, Jack.

Jack: You're avoiding the question, Carly. Was Craig's kiss as good as he promised?

Carly: I love you. Jack, I love you. One kiss doesn't change that.

Jack: You know why that kiss was so important to you? You know why you had to have it? It's like the apple that you're forbidden to taste, like the door you're not supposed to unlock.

Carly: Stop it!

Jack: You know what I mean? You know why I know this, Carly? I've been there before with you. We've both been married to other people, met for secret kisses. And weren't they amazing?

Carly: You and I are what's amazing, Jack.

Jack: But if we get married and are committed and legal, that passion that we feel that makes us us, it's not going to be as taboo anymore, is it? It's not gonna be so intense every time we get together. I mean, sure, there are gonna be times when it's as hot as the first time we made love, but, I mean, there are gonna be times, Carly, when we're tired or the phone rings or the kids are screaming. And it's times like that that the Craig Montgomery's of the world can slip in.

Carly: Don't you think I know that?

Jack: No, no. I can't tell you what to feel. All I know for sure is that, on my part, the love will last. Only you can decide if you feel the same way.

I will love you forever. But if that means I have to constantly be worried about whether you're bored or curious or want to test the waters with another man --

Carly: You don't have to worry about that, Jack. What happened with Craig was a fluke.

Jack: An accident?

Carly: Yeah, if that means something that wouldn't ordinarily happen, then yes -- an accident.

Jack: Then tell me, my love, why does that keep happening over and over?

Craig: What's this?

Rosanna: If your rib's broken, I think I should go get a -- something, you know, wrap it --

Craig: No, no, no. I've never seen you like this.

Rosanna: Like what? Weak and pathetic?

Craig: Vulnerable. It's not bad, you know, if it's real. Are you afraid I'll break your heart? What's going on?

Rosanna: Why should I tell you anything? You're just gonna use it against me.

Craig: So I can understand. Something else happen besides the rotten thing I did tonight?

Rosanna: Barbara Ryan came to see me.

Craig: And?

Rosanna: And I felt like I have so much less than she does.

Craig: That's what you think? That's what you think?

Rosanna: Well, yeah. She's -- she's been loved. You know, you say what you want about her, she's been loved.

Craig: And you haven't?

Rosanna: I used to think I was. But I'm not so sure about that anymore.

Craig: And being with me?

Rosanna: Sometimes there's a way that you look at me -- when I see you look at me like that, sometimes I can talk myself into thinking that there could be something more.

Craig: You do see something.

Rosanna: Something more than sexual attraction?

Craig: Something you need?

Rosanna: Something I think I need too much sometimes. Sometimes I -- I just think I really miss being close.

Craig: Are you wondering if -- if I could love you?

Rosanna: Could you?

Craig: At this moment, yes, I believe I could. I believe I could.

Lisa: Oh, Ben -- Ben, quick, before another crisis hits -- did Isaac tell you when he's coming home?

Ben: Yes, first thing in the morning. Caught the late flight out of Scotland.

Lisa: Scotland? Oh, you were saving the best news for last.

Ben: Look at you. Lisa, nobody lights up like you light up.

Lisa: Oh, that means he went to Scotland, he went to see Bonnie. Oh, tell me -- did he rush into the castle? Did he sweep her off her feet?

Ben: I don't know. I didn't get any details.

Lisa: Oh, honestly, you men, you just care about the bottom line.

Ben: Isaac's message didn't say anything about Bonnie.

Lisa: Oh. Well, I was so looking forward to his coming home.

Ben: What, now you're not?

Lisa: Oh, it's just that I hate for him to be even more depressed than he was when he left.

Ben: Yeah. Hey, you know what I'm thinking? Why don't we hook up a little something to cheer Isaac up?

Bonnie: You rescued me, Isaac. I would have been miserable if I'd stayed in that castle.

Isaac: There's plenty of leg room.

Bonnie: Yeah, but no one to share it with. No, it's other parts of my life that I'm starting to dread. Like my mother telling me I made a big mistake.

Isaac: By coming home with me? No. No, your mom loves me.

Bonnie: No, silly. She's gonna hit the roof when she finds out I'm turning this castle into a museum.

Isaac: Paddington will make the perfect caretaker and an even better guide. Lord knows he's got the wardrobe for it. I mean, he knows every nook and cranny of the place. He can recite the history backwards and forwards. It is a brilliant idea.

Bonnie: Says you. But you don't know my mother. She, like, jumps at any chance to second-guess me.

Isaac: I think it's you that don't know your mother. Jessica loves you. She loves your ideas. She loves having you around, being part of her life.

Bonnie: Who said that?

Isaac: She did. And she told you the same thing.

Bonnie: I guess I didn't believe her.

Isaac: Why not?

Bonnie: Well, because I thought she was just saying those things because -- well, you know, because she's my mother.

Isaac: But if she said it to someone else, then she must really mean it.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Isaac: Well, then I guess I'm gonna have to wake up all the people on this plane!

Bonnie: Shh. Why?

Isaac: So I can tell them how much I love you, so you'll know I really mean it.

Bonnie: You don't have to tell everyone. Just tell me. I never get tired of hearing it.

Isaac: I love you, Bonnie Mckechnie, with all my heart.

Carly: What would you like me to do? Would you like me to go to Craig and force him to pack his things and move back to Montage? Would you like me to scurry off in the other direction whenever I see him coming?

Jack: No, I was thinking more along the lines of you not allowing yourself to drift back into his orbit.

Carly: It's a small town, Jack. Craig thinks he's the center of it. There are times when it's bound to happen that I will enter his orbit. But I can be more careful. I can handle it.

Jack: Well, how are you going to do that, Carly? Same way you did tonight?

Carly: Maybe you're right. Maybe I can't. Maybe I cannot handle Craig Montgomery anymore.

Jack: What changed?

Carly: Me. I keep waiting for things to feel normal again -- to put the spa and Weston and all the time that you and I lost, to put it in a box somewhere, someplace where it can't hurt me. I just want to move on with my life.

Jack: You say you want to move on with your life. Why do you keep letting Craig lure you into his?

Carly: Because it's familiar. When Craig started in with me, it was like I thought, "Craig never changes, you know? And if I could just feel something old and recognizable, maybe I could start being myself again."

Jack: Well, did it work?

Carly: Yep. A little too well. Because when Holden and Rosanna walked in, and I had found myself in a very familiar place. Carly Tenney, town tramp. And although I hadn't been there for quite some time, it was very familiar. And I knew that drill, you know? Does any of that make sense at all?

Jack: It was something that you knew. Mm-hmm. But is it something that you want?

Carly: No. I don't want that, and I don't want Craig.

Jack: Why can't it be me, Carly? Why can't I be the guy that you find that familiar place with?

Carly: 'Cause you've changed, too. But before you try to deny it, look at your hand. Look at the phone that you smashed, the temper you can barely control. Jack, you are not the man who kissed me good-bye in December. Admit it.

Molly: Another round?

Katie: Absolutely. We'll share a cab later.

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Oh. Hello? Simon? Simon, is that you? I'm sorry. I have to take this. It's Simon, and he just got in.

Molly: It's okay.

Katie: Hey! Oh, I know. I miss you so much already. Yeah? Are you gonna tell me how much? Oh, really? Okay, bye. Oh, honey, I have been so lonely for you tonight.

Hal: I think it's wrong for you to try to live your life through Alison.

Emily: I agree, in theory. But how can I not when I look at her and she's like watching my own life in instant replay? She lies. She manipulates. She -- she makes constant bids for attention.

Hal: Are you saying all her problems are genetic?

Emily: Partly. But don't you think my mom has a little influence over her, too?

Hal: Or maybe she picked up all her moves because she spent so many years watching you.

Emily: You're probably right. But if that's true, then don't I have to take responsibility to help her? Don't I have to take the responsibility to try to change it?

Hal: You may want to help Alison --

Emily: How can I do that? How can I do that if my mom continues to stand around with her head buried in the sand?

Hal: You are doing a lot to help Alison right now. You're spending time with her, you're talking to her. But that's just it, Emily. You've gotta do those things a day at a time. Instead, hon, you've got it all laid out. First -- invite Alison over, make her feel part of the family. Two -- propose to Hal. Three -- marry Hal, then have a ready-made family all set up and ready to go. Honey, it does not work like that.

Emily: I'm sorry, but you missed a step or two.

Hal: Yeah? Which ones?

Emily: The one where I fell in love with the guy in spite of myself and figured I wanted to spend my life with him. Oh -- oh, yeah. The part where I laid everything out on the line when I asked him to be my husband. Did you hear what I said? I said "husband." Not the father to my sister/daughter, not some name place in the Emily Stewart happy family doll house -- husband.

Hal: Can we do this over? I really didn't want to hurt your feelings.

Emily: I was hoping that you could promise that you would love me forever. Either you're not capable or I'm just not lovable. But any way you look at it, it's just not gonna work.

Rosanna: You know, if you're gonna wake up in the morning and realize that you -- you want to be with Carly, I think you should just -- you know, we should just stop and you should go now.

Craig: I don't want to leave. This is you and me.

Rosanna: Oh. I don't -- why should I believe you?

Craig: I don't know.

Carly: And it's not just your temper. You won't talk to me.

Jack: What has this evening been?

Carly: A litany of mistakes. Me talking about what's bothering me. What about you?

Jack: Well, it's not my past that's rearing its ugly head.

Carly: Oh, no? Why don't you talk to me about what happened with Julia?

Jack: What is the point in going there, Carly?

Carly: I'm not going to press you. I know you're gonna deal with it however you have to. But we both have to deal with the fact that we have changed in the last few months. We are different people.

Jack: Okay. Okay, we have both been through hell and back. But one thing hasn't changed. I still want to spend the rest of my life with you. And, okay, you say I don't talk? Well, here -- here, I'm gonna say something now, so you better listen up with everything you've got. What I feel for you is as fiery and as passionate as whatever Craig claims to feel. And you're right, I did have something to prove tonight. I wanted to prove that I love you as deeply and as passionately as Craig thinks he does. That's why I hit him.

Carly: You silly man -- if you wanted to prove that, all you had to do was kiss me.

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