ATWT Transcript Monday 6/17/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/17/02

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Lucy: I should get going.

Aaron: Already?

Lucy: It's getting pretty late.

Aaron: I wouldn't want your dad to freak, now.

Lucy: I'm really glad you decided to come to dinner.

Aaron: I'm glad you followed me home.

Lucy: Me, too.

Aaron: It turned out to be a pretty decent night after all, huh?

Lucy: Yeah, well, I'm full of surprises. Oh. Ow.

Aaron: Was that one of your surprises?

Lucy: With any luck, that was all of them. Thanks.

Aaron: My pleasure.

Lucy: I -- I really have to go.

Aaron: One more thing -- your gift from Alison. Don't wanna forget this.

Lucy: Right. Thanks again.

Hal: Four little words that could change the course of your life. "I'll take the money." You say them to Rosanna, and you save yourself.

Barbara: I can't do that.

Hal: Let me tell you something about Barbara Ryan. There is no way that she would let something that she created, nurtured and lived with for an entire lifetime go under.

Barbara: But Marshall said --

Hal: Let Marshall deal with the court case. He doesn't understand anything about B.R.O. or you. Barbara, do what you have to do to survive.

Barbara: And what if I make the wrong choice?

Hal: What, you don't trust yourself anymore?

Barbara: After what I've done to myself and everyone around me, I don't think I have a reason to, Hal.

Hal: You know, faith is a funny thing. It's like the flu. You start believing in yourself, and people can catch it. And if you don't have enough of it to spread it around, maybe I'm contagious enough to start an epidemic of my own.

Barbara: You're saying that you still trust me? After everything that we've been through, after everything that I've done?

Hal: I guess some things just never change.

Holden: Somebody wanna tell us what the hell is going on here?

[Rosanna laughing]

Carly: There is an explanation for this.

[Rosanna laughing]

Carly: But you know what? I'm not even gonna try.

Craig: I think it would be a waste of time.

Rosanna: Well, well. This must be quite a moment for you. Chase finally at an end, Montgomery. Standing over your prey, victorious. All hail the conquering hero.

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: How did he do it? Did he tell you that I was back in my hotel room, waiting to make love to him? He became off-limits, didn't he? And therefore irresistible. The idea that he could find another woman interesting just really brought out the trash in you, didn't it?

Carly: Don't! Don't you get me started with you!

Craig: Let's try to remain rational.

Holden: It's a little late for that, isn't it, Craig?

Rosanna: What was I thinking? You two are obviously incredibly compatible. You belong together. You deserve each other. And after everybody hears about this nauseating display --

Carly: Do you want him, Rosanna? Is that what all the hysterics are about? You want him? Here. Take him, honey! Be my guest.

Rosanna: No, no, no, no. I have too much self-respect for this, really. I am the one who knows how to control myself. Remember?

Carly: Yes. And I'm the one with the life. Remember?

Rosanna: Oh, what life are we talking about? Your clueless boyfriend who has no idea what you're doing behind his back, or your oft-neglected, illegitimate child? Or the fact you're unemployed and unemployable? Oh, what a life.

Carly: Shut up. Just shut up and take him, all right?!

Craig: Ladies, ladies, fighting over me --

Rosanna: You're the one that enjoys meeting him in secret, in private, and keeping him on a string. Well, good luck. I wouldn't want to deny you your guilty pleasure. Please, enjoy yourself. Have a wonderful time.

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: Don't you touch me!

Craig: I wish she hadn't seen that.

Carly: I wish I'd never met you.

Holden: Hey. Hey, you wanna tell me what the hell you were thinking?!

Carly: I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Holden: For him to kiss you, or for you to get caught?

Craig: I'm kind of anxious to hear the answer to that myself.

Carly: Hey! Zip it! Holden, please --

Holden: "Please"? Please, please, what? Please forget I saw what I saw? Please don't tell Jack? Am I getting close here? What?

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Carly: I never wanted Craig to kiss me! He's drunk! And he's stupid! And he doesn't know when to take "no" for an answer. I did try and stop him. Will you tell him, Craig, please?

Craig: Oh, yes. Those two open-handed slaps to my face.

Carly: Right. I came here to meet with Lisa.

Holden: I don't care how or why. Whatever you did with Craig -- that's your affair, Carly.

Craig: Exactly.

Carly: There is nothing going on between us!

Holden: Good. For your sake, I hope it stays that way. And for your sake, I'm not gonna tell Jack what I saw here today. I know how you operate. Which is why I'm not blaming you for what I saw. Because I know that you would never turn on Jack, especially after everything he suffered through to bring you home.

Craig: Oh, so I'm the big, bad wolf, and Carly's little red riding hood? Did I coerce you, Carly? Did I force you to give in to those basic instincts you don't want anyone to know about?

Carly: Here's a basic instinct. I hate you. Is that basic enough for you?

Holden: Go home, Carly. Craig and I have a few things we need to discuss.

Carly: With pleasure.

Craig: Discuss? Is this you sticking up for Jack, or are you gonna offer me advice on how to conduct my private life?

Holden: It stops being a "private" life when you start leading it in public. But that's beside the point.

Craig: Which is?

Holden: You've got one heck of a lot of nerve taking the moral high ground where my son is concerned when you can't go ten minutes without proving to the world what a sleaze you really are.

Craig: I should've known this was about the prodigal boy.

Holden: I've got a piece of advice for you. Think twice before you ever threaten my son.

Aaron: You oughta get outta here. Before your father comes gunning for me.

Lucy: My father's not gonna come "gunning" for you. Aunt Margo's gonna fix everything. If anyone can talk some sense into my father, it's her.

Aaron: Well, I'd listen to a woman with a gun, too. Before you go -- if I sounded like a jerk before, refusing to go and refusing for your help and everything, I'm real sorry.

Lucy: No harm done. She really liked you.

Aaron: She's not too bad, for a cop.

Lucy: Believe it or not, my father can be quite forgiving. Maybe it's because he's done some things that he needed to be forgiven for himself.

Aaron: That's a relief. 'Cause I wasn't too sure how he would take it when he heard about my murder rap. But this is great.

Lucy: You're awful!

Aaron: Couldn't help myself.

Lucy: Oh, really?

Aaron: You're beautiful. You're brilliant. And you're the most gullible person on the face of the planet.

Hal: Hey, there.

Jack: Hi, there.

Barbara: Ho, there. I was just thanking Hal -- for reminding me what's really important.

Hal: And you think about what I said, okay?

Barbara: I will. Thank you. He's all yours.

Jack: Reynolds! Why don't you get our littlest deputy an orange juice or something like that?

Cop: Sure. Sky's the limit, big guy. Let's fly.

Jack: It's good to have our top cop back at the helm again, Hal.

Hal: Yeah, well, it's good to be here. Good to be here. Okay, come on. Let me have it. I'm ready. Especially in a room full of armed men who are here to defend me.

Emily: Can I tell you that Daniel and I had the best time at the movies? We had the entire theater to ourselves. Look it -- pigged out on popcorn, slushies. And brought a little present for you.

Hal: Ah. We can talk about it now, or we can talk about it at home, but we're gonna talk about it.

Emily: About what, you and Barbara? You were hugging your ex-wife. What's to talk about?

Hal: Yeah, but --

Emily: Really, I mean, you were married, like, a million times. You know, and she's the mother of your children. And she's in a massive amount of legal trouble. She's scared. She's alone. And according to my sources, she's flat broke. So who's she gonna turn to for friendship and support, Hal?

Hal: You mean that's it? No ultimatums? No putting your foot down? Emily, I can't believe that you're not really ticked off.

Emily: No, I'm -- I'm not. I'm a little jealous. A little jealous. Not of Barbara or the hug.

Hal: Then of what?

Emily: The closeness. I want that intimacy that you get with someone that you want to share a life with. I want history.

Hal: Isn't that what we're working on? Hmm?

Emily: Are we? 'Cause I wanna look across the room at you and know exactly what you're thinking.

Hal: Read my mind.

Alison: Oh, please! Go ahead and gross me out, why don't you? Isn't there a law against doing that in a police station? 'Cause if there isn't, there ought to be.

Hal: Alison. Nice to see you.

Emily: What brings you here?

Alison: Not a squad car. I swear. I came here on my own free will.

Emily: Really? Really? Nothing's wrong, and you're voluntarily seeking me out? You're a very funny girl. Want to tell me something else?

Alison: Hey, you're the one who's always harping about "being there" for me. And now I really, really need your help.

Hal: I'll go see if I can't find Daniel. See what he's up to.

Emily: Okay, okay. Honey, I'm so glad you came to me. What do you need? You just tell me.

Alison: Cash. And plenty of it.

Alison: Before you say no, it's for a good reason, Em. I need summer clothes desperately.

Emily: Didn't mom just give you a huge chunk of change this morning?

Alison: It wasn't huge. And how do you know? It's none of your business what I do with my money.

Emily: Ooh, really? You just asked me for money. My money is my business.

Alison: Okay. All right. I bought a gift for Lucy to apologize for ratting her out to her dad about going on the motorcycle when she wasn't supposed to.

Emily: You did that?

Alison: Do you need to see the receipt? I buy gifts for people. I do have a heart.

Emily: Did Lucy like the gift?

Alison: I don't know yet. I left it with Aaron.

Cop: Looks like somebody's batteries just ran out.

Emily: Oh, sweetie, are you tired? My little man's sleepy. You need to go home.

Hal: Hey, why don't we get this guy home for a nap, huh?

Emily: Okay. All right. Right straight to bed. I'll be over in a minute.

[Alison clears her throat]

Alison: I also accept credit cards.

Emily: Why don't you come home with us, and I'll see what I can scrape up?

Alison: Call it a gift. Make it a couple hundred, and we're on.

Emily: Answer me one question, and I'll think about it.

Alison: Oh, boy. Here we go.

Emily: Okay, when you asked Aaron to hold onto Lucy's little gift, exactly whose good graces were you trying to get back into? Lucy's? Or Aaron's?

Alison: You're not singing this song again? Please.

Emily: You're really over this guy, just like that?

Alison: It's the beauty of youth. We bounce back overnight. Now can we please get out of this pit? It's giving me the creeps.

Lucy: Okay, I really gotta go. I'm gonna be in so much trouble.

Aaron: Well, you don't have to worry about your dad asking too many questions.

Lucy: Why not?

Aaron: He'll take one look at you, and he'll know exactly where you've been.

Lucy: Oh! I am covered in straw. What am I gonna do?

Aaron: Wear your helmet all the way home.

Lucy: Not an option.

Aaron: Or I could take care of it. Let's open up Alison's gift.

Lucy: I wonder what it is. Ooh, "The little bitty book of friendship."

Aaron: For people who think very little itty-bitty of friends.

Lucy: Be nice. Oh, there's something else.

Aaron: That looks expensive.

Lucy: It is.

Aaron: She says she doesn't want to lose your friendship. But she's trying to buy it back.

Lucy: I don't care if she is sorry for spying on us. It's gonna take a lot more than a present for me to start trusting her again.

Aaron: Ah, but you will.

Lucy: Well -- I have to try.

Aaron: Most people wouldn't give her the time of day after what she pulled.

Lucy: Haven't you learned yet? I'm not "most people."

Aaron: And I saw that when I first met you.

Craig: I threatened him? Is that what he told you?

Holden: He didn't have to.

Craig: Did he tell you I asked Lucy not to ride on his motorcycle, and he ignored that?

Holden: No, they chose to ignore it.

Craig: When I reminded Lucy of the rules, I reminded Aaron.

Holden: Yeah. And you also told him that if he didn't toe your line, you were gonna find out what happened back in Seattle.

Craig: What did happen, Holden?

Holden: His past is none of your damn business, Craig.

Craig: What if it was your daughter? Hmm? What if she was going out with somebody you didn't know? What if you heard he had a rap sheet? Would you worry? Were you worried with Abigail?

Holden: What are you saying? Are you saying my son is like Nick Scudder?

Craig: My daughter is my number one priority. If anything were to happen to her, I --

Holden: Yeah, I understand. I want to protect my kids, too. Especially from men who bully and blackmail and invade people's privacy.

Craig: You lied when I asked you about Aaron.

Holden: Aaron is a good kid!

Craig: Dropped out of high school, has a rap sheet.

Holden: We all make mistakes.

Craig: Well, my daughter won't become one of his.

Holden: Aaron made a mistake, and he paid for it. And I'll tell you something. At 17, he is a better person than you could ever hope to be.

Rosanna: Thank you. And, also, I would very much like it if you could wait to send the bellman. I'll call when I need him. Thank you.

[Rosanna sobbing]

[Knock at door]

Barbara: Rosanna? It's Barbara.

[Rosanna sobbing]

Rosanna: Now's not a good time for me, Barbara.

[Knock at door]

Barbara: Rosanna, I wanted to talk to you about your offer to back B.R.O, It's been a long time since anyone's offered to help me. And I just declined your offer in haste. Please, Rosanna? Let me come in and talk to you.

Rosanna: Why? You were right. You thought I was motivated by something beyond professional interest, and I was. It was a game. I lost. It's over. Know when to cut your losses.

Barbara: I thought the big rule in business was always having the guts to back out of a deal face-to-face.

Rosanna: Would you leave me alone, Barbara! I have nothing left to give!

Barbara: Rosanna Cabot leaving town with tears in her eyes? I'm not going anywhere until I find out why.

Carly: Hi, Jack.

Jack: I was just thinking about you. And that is a very bad thing, because I was just going over the same sentence over and over for the last 20 minutes. Hey! How'd your meeting with Lisa go? Tell me everything. I wanna know when the new Carly Tenney sportswear line's coming out?

Carly: Never, if Lisa has anything to do with it. She was a no-show.

Jack: Ah, honey, I'm sorry. Hey, listen, you know what? I can call her. Why don't I take a break? I'll track her down for you. Or -- I could take a break for something more special. Hey.

Carly: I love you. I love you so much, Jack.

Jack: I love you, too.

Carly: And you know that there's nobody else in the world for me, right? You know that. Do you believe it? No matter what?

Jack: Hey. Carly. Honey, you're scaring me. What's going -- what could've happened that would ever make you question -- yes, yes. No matter what. Tell me.

Carly: Craig kissed me.

Jack: Ah, that's -- is that it?

Carly: No. Jack -- I kissed him back.

Carly: I wanted to tell you myself, before you heard a warped, third-party version of what happened.

Jack: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let's back up. Did you go to meet Lisa or not?

Carly: Yes. I went to Java underground to meet Lisa, but she wasn't there. Craig was and -- somehow, we got to talking. And all of a sudden, he comes out with the fact that Rosanna was back at the Lakeview, waiting for him, to have some kind of night of torrid sex.

Jack: Oh, I see. You kissed him because you knew your sister was waiting in bed for him?

Carly: How could you even say that, Jack?

Jack: No, I'm just trying to figure out how you could do something like this!

Carly: I don't know! I was angry. And he was baiting me. I don't know what I was thinking or even if I was thinking at all. The next thing I knew, he was kissing me. And I slapped him.

Jack: You slapped him?

Carly: I did.

Jack: Go on.

Carly: Well, he kissed me again. And I slapped him again, even harder. And somewhere in there, Rosanna and Holden showed up.

Jack: When you stopped slapping and started doing whatever it was that Holden and Rosanna saw when they did show up.

Carly: I never meant for it to happen, Jack. I swear to you. All I know is that it was -- it was happening.

Jack: Well, how did it stop, Carly? Did you slap him again? He slapped you? How? What happened?

Carly: Holden said something, so I knew we were being watched.

Jack: And what if he didn't? What if he didn't walk in? What if he didn't say something? Would you and Craig still be there?

Carly: Of course not!

Jack: How do you know that? You don't even know how it started! So how, all of a sudden, do you know that you would've stopped it?

Carly: Jack, I'm sorry. I love you. I love you.

Jack: I know that. You stay here. I'll be right back.

Carly: Jack! Jack, where are you going?

Jack: A little something I need to take care of.

Bartender: There you go.

Craig: Thank you. Martini on the rocks. In a tall glass, plenty of rum. You know, I heard this is what Sinatra drank in Vegas. After a few rounds with Ava Gardner, it took away the sting.

Bartender: That blonde packed a mean punch tonight, huh?

Craig: That's what I'm saying.

Rosanna: Look, thank you for dropping by, Barbara. But I have plenty of packing to do, as you can see. So --

Barbara: What happened to you, Rosanna? Was it Carly? Did Carly hurt you?

Rosanna: You know, this is none of your business. I really don't see why I should tell any of this to you.

Barbara: I don't know. I'm here. There doesn't seem to be anyone else in your life for you to talk to.

Rosanna: You're just full of helpful little reminders today, aren't you?

Barbara: Doesn't help to hold it in. It will only make you sick. Take it from me. I know. It's not worth the energy.

Rosanna: Yeah. Maybe you're right.

Barbara: You said you were playing a game and you lost. What did you lose?

Rosanna: Oh, this just all started so long ago. When I first came to Oakdale, I was young. I was naive. Life was full of possibility. I was in love with a lovely man named Mike Kasnoff. And Carly came along and ruined everything. And part of me just died. So I left, and life was never the same again. And I went to work for Cabot Motors, and I just dedicated myself to that, because, you know, it was mine. Nobody could take it away from me.

Barbara: I felt that way about my company, too.

Rosanna: Thanks to Carly, I felt like I was just afraid to fall in love again. I meet men. You know, nice, powerful men. And there was always this doubt in the back of my head. Just waiting for the -- for the other shoe to drop. You know? I mean, how can you love somebody if you don't trust them? So I -- so I just told myself I just didn't need love anymore.

Barbara: But everybody needs that. And so you came back to where you were happy.

Rosanna: But I didn't come here to get happiness. I came here to take back what Carly took from me. I wanted to make her suffer. I wanted to make her hurt the way she made me hurt. But, you know, I just was playing the game like Carly was, you know? You and her were right about me. I'm just trying to be like Carly. You know, I just tried to back B.R.O, you know, so I could get back at her. Everything I've done has been about my stupid sister. Or at least I thought, until tonight.

Barbara: What happened tonight?

Rosanna: I saw them kissing.

Barbara: You saw who kissing?

[Phone ringing] Rosanna?

Rosanna: It doesn't matter anymore.

Barbara: Aren't you at least going to answer the phone?

Answering machine: Please leave your message at the beep. [Machine beeps]

Craig: Rosanna? Are you there? Please pick up. I have to speak with you. You can't imagine how sorry I am about tonight. You're the last woman -- the last woman in the world I'd want to hurt. [Machine beeps]

Barbara: Rosanna. Say it isn't so. You're in love with Montgomery?

Will: Danny, that's a king, not a Jack. Let's try again.


Hal: Way to go!

Alison: Cards are so boring. Do you have any games from this century?

Will: My dad got me some new video games.

Alison: You mean the bribes they offered you because they felt guilty for dumping you on relatives?

Will: No. My dad got them because he loves me, and he missed me. And, well, he did feel a little guilty.

Alison: Let's go check 'em out.

Will: Come on Danny. Game time! All right.

Hal: Please tell me my motives aren't that transparent.

Emily: Well, Alison knows a bribe when she sees one. She is the little mistress of manipulation, that one. She knew I wanted to spend time with her, so she figured she'd squeeze a little money out of me while she was at it.

Hal: Hey, that's what kid sisters do.

Emily: I don't mind. I know. I mean, I can always earn more money. But, you know, time to bond with Alison, there's no substitute for that. In fact, you know what? She can have all the money I make, if it'll help bring us closer together.

Hal: Uh-huh.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Hal: You be careful. If she hears you say those words, she's gonna wind up with a new wardrobe, a new set of wheels, and you're gonna wind up in the poorhouse.

Emily: Oh, you would never let me end up in a poorhouse, would you?

Hal: Well --

Emily: Uh, excuse me. You are not getting rid of me that easily. I mean, not without a fight.

Hal: Hey, we're pretty good when we fight.

Emily: Yeah.

Hal: Yeah.

Emily: Even better when we're making up.

Alison: Cheat!

Will: Loser! Watch what I do next time. You might learn something.

Hal: Well, so much for Daniel getting to bed anytime soon.

[Alison and Will laughing]

Emily: You know what those sounds are?

Hal: What?

Emily: Those are sounds I always wanted to hear.

Hal: Total mutiny and chaos upstairs?

Emily: Yep. Happy parents downstairs. Those are sounds I dreamed of when I was locked up in that hellish spa. We're becoming a real family almost, right?

Hal: Hey. We are a real family. I mean, unconventional? Sure. A little weird and wacky? You can bet on that. But we're a real family, all right. We're as real as real as it gets.

Emily: Yeah. But don't you ever want to make it, you know, more -- I mean, sometimes -- don't you ever wanna make it more -- official?

Holden: Thought I might find you down here.

Lucy: I was just leaving. I'll talk to you soon. It was nice seeing you again. Night.

Aaron: Lucy and I were just --

Holden: Yeah, I think I got that part figured out. Listen -- there's something I want to talk to you about.

Aaron: You chewed out Mr. Montgomery?

Holden: Let's just say that Mr. Montgomery won't be bothering you again anytime soon.

Aaron: Well, you really didn't have to do that 'cause Lucy got Margo on the case. And she said she's gonna get him to back off.

Holden: Really? Well, if Margo wants to make Craig her own pet project, it doesn't get any better than that.

Aaron: Yeah. Pretty great having a couple chicks running interference for me.

Holden: Hey, I agree. Couple of chicks wanna go to bat for you and your old man, we take it, right?

Aaron: Yeah. Thanks.

Holden: Believe me, it was my pleasure. But a word of advice -- we may have won this round. But Craig is always ready for more.

Rosanna: Tell me that I'm a fool. Tell me that I'm just gonna get what I deserve, please.

Barbara: Nobody deserves Craig Montgomery. And if you think that you're a fool, I was an even greater one. When Craig and I got involved, I thought I was this intelligent, smart, mature woman. And he was everything that I thought I wanted and needed. Boyish, reckless, rakish, sexy. And he made me smile. And he made me remember what it was like to be completely desired. And I had known him for years. And I thought I could save him, tame him. And I got burned. Literally.

Rosanna: But didn't you ever see the real Craig?

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Oh, Rosanna, there is no "real" Craig. No real Craig. If he wants you, it's because you're loaded and you're Carly's sister.

Rosanna: I know that. I know that. I know what a dirt-bag he can be.

Barbara: Then cut him out of your life. Make him pay for treating you so shabbily. Help me take B.R.O. back to the top. Make him understand that he messed with the wrong sister.

Rosanna: I'll think about it.

Barbara: Good. I hope it's the right decision. Take care of yourself.

[Jack clears his throat]

Craig: Jack! I knew -- I knew I was gonna see you. I must be psychic or -- was your cousin talking, hmm?

Jack: No. No, no, no. Carly told me. So -- is that where she slapped you?

Craig: Ah, yeah. Yeah. She sure packs a wallop. Yeah.

Jack: Well, let me take your mind off the pain.

Craig: Huh?

[Jack grunting]

Jack: There's the commissioner's card. Save you the time of looking up his number when you wanna report me. And let me tell you something, Craig -- you touch Carly again, it'll be the last thing you ever do.

Emily: All right, yeah. Maybe I haven't thought this all the way through, but, I mean, that might be a good thing, since I tend to over think a thing to death, you know? But I figure if I felt it, I've thought it, you must have thought of a billion times, right?

Hal: I'm sure I have. But what are we talking about?

Emily: Life. Change and life. Things have to move forward, right, or they'll stagnate and rot or -- they'll die, Hal. They'll die.

Hal: Yes. I guess. But let me get this straight, Emily. Are you saying that -- that you want to break up?

Emily: No! No! I want more! I want it all! And I want it with you. I want to fill this house with children, Hal. I want fried chicken Fridays for the rest of our lives. I want to crawl up at night and know that it's forever. I want this to be going somewhere. I don't know where. I don't know where it should be going, but I want to be going with you. I want every bump and curve and bend with you.

Hal: Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Emily: Uh -- Hal Munson, will you marry me?

Holden: I think it's high time we had a little talk about the facts of life.

Aaron: No, thanks. I already had this conversation.

Holden: I know. I'm talking about Craig. Just because Margo and I got him to stop snooping through your records, that doesn't mean that Craig is gonna stop being Craig. He will always be watching Lucy. And I don't know that he'll ever trust anyone with his little girl, in spite of everything that I said to him. H means that you may have to earn this one on your own.

Aaron: Look, I'm not a moron.

Holden: I know that. But I'm just saying that -- you know, I've been there, I was your age. And just -- just be careful and be smart. Okay?

Aaron: Got it.

Holden: All right. Well --

Aaron: I'll see you in the a.m., Huh?

Holden: See you in the a.m.

Aaron: Good night.

Holden: Good night.

Lucy: Dad? Are you home? Dad, I .... so you can call off the hounds.

A love so real a love touching me ooh ooh ooh it's so easy holding you near I could melt in your arms

Lucy: Oh, have you met my boyfriend, Aaron? Oh, I'll have my boyfriend, Aaron, take us. He's a terrific driver.

It's so easy but is it love

Carly: Jack? Where did you go?

Jack: I settled things. Let's go.

Carly: What did you do?

Jack: I want to get the hell out of here, Carly, and go home.

Carly: Whatever you say.

Craig: Rosanna?

Rosanna: You're too late, Craig!

Craig: Help. Please, Rosanna, I need you.

Rosanna: I'm not doing this anymore.

Craig: Please. Please.

Rosanna: If this is your idea of a bad joke --

Craig: No. I can't open the door. Please -- help me. Please.

[Craig gasping]

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