ATWT Transcript Thursday 6/13/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/13/02

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Katie: Are you sure you're okay with not going to Avanya? Because I know it's not just about the adventure. You really do care about Rose.

Simon: Look, I love you. And if this is what you want, then we're gonna make it work. Starting with the roof.

[Cell phone rings]

Simon: Yeah.

Lucinda: Your mother never taught you how to answer the phone?

Simon: Look, Lucinda, I'm on my way out.

Lucinda: Oh, good. Well, meet me here at Java Underground.

Simon: If this is about Rose and Paul, I --

Lucinda: Great, you're up to speed, so this will only take a moment. And hurry up. I hate the place, and we haven't got a minute to waste.

Simon: Lucinda -- what -- what -- what?

Lucinda: Hello. Drinking alone?

Craig: It's a small glass.

Lucinda: Ah. May I ask you something? Where is my lovely granddaughter this afternoon while you're lubricating your sorrow in your sense of humor?

Craig: She's abandoned me to go play with her friends. Her mother and I thought that might be healthy -- friends her own age. But if you disagree, by all means, drag her off to play canasta. My best to Sierra.

Lucinda: Sierra -- doesn't give a flying falcon. She's seeing somebody. You didn't know that? Well, this afternoon is looking up.

Craig: If it's true, I hope she's happy.

Lucinda: I'm sure you do.

Rosanna: Hello, stranger.

Lucinda: What they see in him -- come on.

[Phone rings] come on, pick up the phone, Lucy.

Lucy: Grandmother?

Lucinda: Hi, honey. There you are. I was beginning to abandon all hope. You know I hate leaving messages.

Lucy: Sorry, my phone was at the bottom of my bag.

Lucinda: Sweetheart, you're not -- you're not driving while you're talking on the phone, are you? I -- I told you never to do that.

Lucy: No. No, of course not.

Lucinda: I know it's very exciting, all of this. You have a new license, and it's just wonderful. But, no. Music off, two hands on the wheel and eyes front.

Lucy: I'll be careful.

Lucinda: Good. I'm just calling to find out what you're doing this evening.

Lucy: Actually, I was planning to meet some friends from school. We thought we'd see a movie or get something to eat.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, and seat belts. You are the captain of the ship. You make sure.

Lucy: Oh, you know what? My friends just arrived, so I gotta go. I love you.

Lucinda: I've seen that movie.

Margo: Hi. I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

Lucy: No problem.

Margo: So, what's this about?

Lucy: Aaron Snyder. Look, I know he got into some trouble, and I know that he has a Police record. But I also know my dad is trying to find out what's in that record so that he can make me stop seeing him. But juvenile records are sealed, right?

Margo: Well, yeah --

Lucy: So there's no way that he could find out what's in Aaron's records unless he had a cop do him a favor.

Margo: And you've come to me because?

Lucy: I need your help. I need you to enforce the law and protect Aaron's privacy. I need you to make sure that my dad never sees what's in his files.

Holden: Now I know why Luke's spending so much time with his grandmother and his sister.

Aaron: I'm studying.

Holden: And the book is winning? How's it goin'? GED -- been tough on you, has it?

Aaron: It's fine.

Holden: How's Lucy?

Aaron: Well, dad, actually, things with Lucy aren't so great.

Holden: Really, son? Do you wanna tell me what happened?

Aaron: You're what happened.

Holden: Me? What'd I do?

Aaron: You mouthed off about my trouble in Seattle. And I know you did, 'cause nobody knew about it. Nobody knew I got arrested. Thanks.

Lily: Paul, Rose would never drug you.

Paul: Well, yeah, I'm sure it wasn't her idea. Henry had her convinced that if I came along something might happen to her father. His partner -- a man named Cooley -- kidnapped Joe. And he's holding him until Rose turns over the provenance to her diamond.

Lily: Cooley? You mean that maniac from the island?

Paul: Yep, that's the guy. Is he as dangerous as Henry makes him out to be?

Lily: All I know, when I was on that island with Simon, he tried to kill the both of us.

Did Rose leave a note or anything?

Paul: No, nothing. Lipstick on my forehead.

Lily, I need your help. This place -- Avanya -- it's not only dangerous, it's primitive. It took me 24 hours to get an outside line.

Lily: Whatever you need.

Paul: Money. I spent every cent I had getting information.

Lily: What did you find out?

Paul: Rose and Joe are still here somewhere. But who knows for how long.

Lily: Do you know where they're being held?

Paul: No. But I must be getting close, because I'm being followed. Lily, if I'm going to get Rose and Joe out of here, I'm gonna need a truckload of money and somebody I can trust to watch my back.

Lily: Don't worry, Paul. I will wire you the money right away.

Paul: No, no. That won't work. They'll just confiscate the money and tell me the wire never went through.

Lily: So what then? Overnight mail?

Paul: No, same story. And I can't cash a check or a money order. What I need is a warm body.

Somebody you'd trust to smuggle a large sum of money into a very unfriendly place -- and fast.

If we don't get Rose and Joe out of here soon, we may never find them. Lily, I'm losing the connection.

Hey, I'll call you back tomorrow at the same time.

Lily: Paul? Look, I'll send somebody right away. Paul?

[Dial tone]

Margo: Lucy, your father is a very determined, pushy guy. And if he wants to find out what Aaron has done --

Lucy: But Aaron didn't do anything.

Margo: Honey?

Lucy: Okay, he's done things. But they sound a lot worse than they are. And dad's gonna blow this whole thing out of proportion and turn it into some nightmare, which is what he wants. He doesn't care about Aaron or who he is. He's just looking for a reason to lock me up and prevent me from ever having a life.

Margo: Oh --

Lucy: And it isn't fair -- to me or to Aaron. Aaron's the one who's really gonna get hurt. I mean, me, I'll just be shipped off to some hideous school with tons of rich kids who hate their parents. But Aaron -- his whole life will be ruined. I mean, he came to Oakdale to get a new start, to live with his real dad and to get a second chance. And he's studying to take his GED. He's really smart. Would you want to ruin all that?

Margo: Well, no, of course not --

Lucy: Then you won't show these records to my father, please.

Margo: You know, did Aaron tell you what he did? All of it?

Lucy: He told me what he did.

Margo: Uh-huh.

Lucy: And what he was accused of. And they are not the same thing.

Margo: Well, how do you know?

Lucy: Well, because he always tells me the truth.

Margo: Listen, Lucy, I gotta be honest with you. I am concerned about Aaron's record. And if you want me to help you, then you gotta be honest with me, too. Is Aaron your boyfriend?

Lucy: Well, no -- not officially. But I'd like him to be.

Aaron: So you didn't tell Margo Hughes about my record?

Holden: Aaron, I swear to you, we never said anything to anyone about Seattle or the fact that you have a juvenile record.

Aaron: Whatever.

Holden: Hey, wait a minute. Just talk to me here, okay?

Aaron: Why? So you can spread the word around Oakdale?

Holden: No. I would never betray your confidence.

Aaron: Somebody talked. And the only person I told was you.

Holden: Are you sure that maybe you didn't mention something to Lucy?

Aaron: I told -- I had to tell her. Craig came in and I had to explain --

Holden: Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Craig knows about your Police record?

Aaron: Craig, her aunt, the whole Police department. "Oh, there's the kid with the record." He's probably got billboards of me now. Strung wires across the road where I ride.

Holden: Craig threatened you?

Aaron: Ah, he was a little smoother than that. He says it was a chat. Comes in telling me how he doesn't want Lucy riding on my bike anymore. I told him, like, he's gotta deal with it with Lucy. So I was still cool about it though. I said, "if Lucy decides to ride with me, we'll wear our helmets. We'll ride under 40 miles an hour. And we'll stay on the dirt road." It didn't really look like he cared.

Holden: Aaron -- I'm sorry, man.

Aaron: And when he left, he dropped a little bomb, telling me how his sister the cop was interested in my troubles back in Seattle -- real calm, like it was nothing.

Holden: Classic Craig. If he doesn't get what he wants, he pokes where it hurts most.

Aaron: Yeah, well, it hurt.

Holden: Leave this to me.

Aaron: What are you gonna do?

Holden: I am gonna shove my fist straight down Craig Montgomery's throat.

Rosanna: Well, this is a new and different Craig. Haven't seen him for a couple of days, and here I am at his tasty little elbow, and he buys me a drink, and he's very polite, and he doesn't even hit on me.

Craig: I thought you didn't want me to hit on you.

Rosanna: Never stopped you before. What's wrong? Did something happen?

Craig: Oh -- life.

Rosanna: Oh, life. Well, that's easy. Just find yourself a bus and jump in front of it. Come on, it'll either kill you or things will get so much worse that you'll wish for this particular set of problems again. Is it Carly?

Craig: No, my daughter.

Rosanna: Oh, is she okay?

Craig: She discovered boys. You laugh. Wait'll you have a child who decides to date a thug.

Rosanna: Oh, a thug, how romantic. Maybe he'll grow up to be a robber baron just like her daddy. And do I know this particular thug?

Craig: Aaron Snyder.

Rosanna: Emma's grandson? You know your daughter is lovely. Have you looked at her lately? She's a very lovely young lady.

Craig: Oh, I know. I know. And I don't blame the male population. We're vulnerable to beautiful women. The thing is, my daughter and I -- have always been able to talk to each other no matter what. Bryant was always the rebellious one. He could look through me, not like what he saw and move on. But Lucy always looked through me and -- she loved me anyway.

Rosanna: She still loves you.

Craig: She's hiding things. She's defying me.

Rosanna: She's 16.

Craig: Not much younger than Bryant was when he wrapped his car around that tree.

Rosanna: Well, I never lost a child, so I can't imagine what that must be like and how that colors the way that you look at things. But I do know that 16-year-old girls need a lot of space and a lot of privacy when they're beginning to discover boys.

Craig: He has a motorcycle.

Rosanna: And her father has a sports car with a license plate that reads, "I rule." Of course he has a motorcycle, who else would your daughter date.

Craig: That's one rule. And I don't want her hurt.

Rosanna: Of course you don't.

Craig: So what do I do?

Rosanna: You can move.

Lucinda: Ah, there you are.

Simon: I can't go to Avanya.

Lucinda: Yeah, let's have a drink.

Simon: I don't want a drink. And I can't get into this conversation.

Lucinda: But it's only me. I take that as a compliment. Tell me what you want me to order for you.

Simon: Lucinda, I don't want you to order me anything. I've gotta go. I've gotta go.

Lucinda: Hello? Forgive me? Excuse me? Hello? Aren't you the guy that came to me looking for work?

Simon: That was months ago.

Lucinda: All right, this is a job. And I'm offering good money.

Simon: Sorry, no.

Lucinda: Excuse me? You don't seem to realize that Rose's life is in danger.

Simon: I'm sorry, I appreciate that. But I cannot help you.

Lucinda: Okay, darling, I know what's wrong. I'm going about this the wrong way. Why don't you just tell me why the hell you won't go to Avanya.

Simon: Because I love my wife.

Lily: Hi, Katie. Look, I'm sorry, can I talk to Simon for a minute.

Katie: He's not going to Avanya. And don't say anything. Because I know that you're very desperate, and you'll pay him a fortune, which you never do.

Lily: I have -- I have money. I have a check in my purse right now.

Katie: It's not about that, Lily. And don't bother telling me who's been kidnapped or how badly they're being tortured or drugged or whatever, because I don't care. It's always the same with you people. Drama, drama, drama. And I'm over it. So just forget it, all right? There's nothing you can do to get me to let you in. Simon's not going, all right? So have a good afternoon and good-bye.

Lily: I -- you're right. It's not fair. It's just that I'm -- I'm pregnant, and my sister is in trouble. And I don't know what else to do.

Katie: Okay, come in.

Lily: Thank you.

Aaron: So Craig never talked to you about me? You didn't tell him anything?

Holden: He asked me about you. And I -- neglected to mention the situation in Seattle.

Aaron: Whoa, the dad lied.

Holden: I didn't lie.

Aaron: Why?

Holden: Why did I protect your privacy?

Aaron: If that's what you want to call it.

Holden: Because you asked me to, and you're my son. And although your situation has been kind of difficult lately, you're doing everything you can to improve it. And I respect that. And I take you seriously. And if you ask me to do something, I do it. I keep my word.

Aaron: Okay then.

Holden: And Craig Montgomery has no right to walk in here and threaten my son.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa. And I'm right there with you. But he's just gonna take it out on Lucy. And he's gonna send her back to her mom.

Holden: He told you that?

Aaron: She doesn't want to go. And I can't let her get sent back because of me.

Margo: You know, Lucy, I'm glad that you felt that you could come to me for help. And I know that you care about Aaron, and you're afraid that your dad is going to overreact.

Lucy: And he will. You know he will.

Margo: I know he will. I know. And I will do everything I can to run interference there. I promise you. But, still, it leaves me with a problem. I'm concerned about you being involved with this kid who, quite frankly, makes me nervous. 'Cause I'm a cop, and I've seen this kind of thing before. And you're my niece --

Lucy: What is so terrible about walking into somebody's house?

Margo: What is -- what's the matter with you? Come on. If you were home and some guy walked into your house, you'd be scared senseless. And that's before they start damaging your home and stealing your things and --

Lucy: But he didn't do any of that.

Margo: Lucy?

Lucy: He just walked into the house and looked around because -- look, juvenile's records are sealed for a reason, right? It's because everybody -- judges, lawyers, officers -- they all agree, juveniles are allowed to make mistakes and get a second chance without being treated like a criminal.

Margo: Ladies and gentlemen, Lucy Montgomery for the defense.

Lucy: I'm serious.

Margo: I know. I know. I don't disagree with you. And I don't think that your father should see what's in Aaron's records.

Lucy: So you won't tell him?

Margo: No, I won't tell him.

Lucy: Thank you, aunt Margo.

Margo: But, you know, I do want to sit down and talk with Aaron. Okay?

Lucy: He won't go for it. I know he won't. He hates police stations.

Margo: Well, then, I don't know how I can help you out.

Lucy: What if the two of you met someplace else? So he doesn't feel like he's being dragged in for questioning.

Margo: Sure, invite him over for dinner tonight.

Lucy: You'd do that? You'd have him over for dinner? You're the best, aunt Margo.

Margo: All right. But I'm not --

Lucy: I have to tell Aaron.

Margo: -- Your father won't nix the relationship --

Lucy: He can try. I'll see you tonight.

Margo: Wow, she's her father's daughter.

Craig: I've made a wonderful home for my daughter. She has her own room. She has room service. She's got maid service.

Rosanna: Yes, I'm very well acquainted with the staff at the Lakeview. It's a hotel, Craig, not a home.

Craig: So this is why she's hanging out with James Dean?

Rosanna: And where is she hanging out with him? Emma's farm. You know, I was a teenage girl once -- don't you dare make a comment.

[Craig laughs] and Emma's farm was lovely. It was my refuge. It had acres of space and privacy and -- and, you know, whenever I needed a hug and maybe a nice piece of apple pie, there was -- there was Emma in kitchen.

Craig: So you think it's the farm, not the boy?

Rosanna: No. Dream on, daddy. She likes the boy -- and the farm.

Craig: So I should buy a farm?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Yes, well, maybe you should think about buying a home for yourself and your daughter -- someplace where she can entertain her friends so she doesn't have to go running off to somebody else's barn.

Craig: You may be right.

Rosanna: It's happened before -- once or twice.

Craig: Thank you.

Rosanna: So you realize that we've just had an entire conversation and we didn't even mention Carly? What?

Craig: Well, you're not going to hear about Carly.

Rosanna: No? Why's that?

Craig: Well, let's just say that Carly's no longer an issue. She's a -- thing of my past.

Lucinda: Look, Katie isn't heartless, for heaven's sake. She can empathize with a person in danger or several people in danger.

Simon: Remember Malta? Katie and I almost got killed bailing your family out. Now I don't think it's too heartless of her to want me to spend some time with her and focus on us for a change.

Lucinda: I can -- I can certainly understand that that's what she wants. But -- is that what you want?

Simon: Yes. Yes.

Lucinda: And you've changed?

Simon: Yeah. Look, you've got resources, connections. I'm sure you can find yourself another guy.

Lucinda: I can't find a guy. I can't find a guy who will do what I need to have done. I'm just gonna come -- I'm gonna come clean with you, all right? There are certain things that even my own family don't know about some of the dealings that I've had in Avanya.

Simon: Dealings? Certain dealings?

Lucinda: Well, I'm -- I mean, just suffice it to say, I'm not liked there. So if word got out about Rose being connected to me, I'm afraid -- and I believe -- that they would kill her.

Katie: There.

Lily: Thanks.

Katie: Are you sure you don't want honey with that?

Lily: Oh, thank you. No, I'm -- I haven't had a chance to sit down all day. Thanks. This place is going to look great when you fix it up.

Katie: Yeah, I think so.

Lily: Look, I'm sorry. I really am. I don't know when all this started -- me depending on Simon, me laying every catastrophe of my life at your door.

Katie: Yeah, well, no offense, but it's getting kind of old.

Lily: I know that. And you're right. We do tend to get ourselves involved in some very difficult situations. But Holden -- he would go for me. He would. But it's --

Katie: But you're pregnant. I know.

Lily: Yes, I'm pregnant. And I need him, of course. But his other kids -- our children -- need him. Abigail just lost Jake. And Aaron came all the way from Seattle to be with his father. There's a lot of us who need him right now.

Katie: Yeah, and I need Simon.

Lily: I know that. I do.

Katie: I traveled all over the world. I risked everything. I practically starved myself on that island, and it was all for him. And now we're finally together, and we're making a home for ourselves. Who's going to fix this place up if Simon's off on some adventure? Which he could get killed doing, thank you very much. I'm sorry, Lily. I'm really sorry. But you're gonna have to think of something else this time, 'cause Simon's not going. There's plenty of private eyes out there. Can't you find someone else?

Lily: I'm sorry.

Katie: No, that's okay.

Lily: Thanks. It's just that there's this thing that keeps -- I keep thinking about, you know? Rose -- we look exactly alike. We were conceived together, we were born together. And I am so fortunate. You know, I have so much. And I feel this huge responsibility for her. It's never enough, you know? There's like nothing that I can do to ever make it up to her, no matter how hard I try. I'm sorry.

Holden: Is that what Craig said? That he was gonna send Lucy home to her mother? That's a lie.

Aaron: Then we have nothing to worry about. I'll just ignore the guy.

Holden: Yeah, well, that might not be enough. That's why I'm gonna handle this on my own.

Aaron: Look, this is my fight.

Holden: If he wants to threaten somebody, let him come to me. I know who he is, and I know his game. And I will kick his sorry butt back to Tuscaloosa if he wants to bring it on to me. You watch.

Aaron: I am watching. And you're the man. But let me try to fix this on my own.

Holden: What if Luke came to you? What if there was somebody, an older kid, who was threatening him? Somebody was threatening him to hand over his bike, what would you do?

Aaron: That's different. Luke's a kid.

Holden: And you're my kid. And, okay, Lucy is Craig's kid. But he has no right to do what he did to you. Don't you worry about a thing.

Margo: Hey, little sister. What's going --

Katie: I need to talk to you now.

Margo: Okay.

Katie: In here.

Margo: What?

Katie: I will not feel guilty.

Margo: Good for you.

Katie: Just because you and Lily Snyder and Lucinda Walsh and every other damsel in distress in this town thinks that she can take my husband who knows where just because her life is in danger, does not mean that I'm okay with it. All right? He's my husband. He's mine. Got it?

Margo: Got it.

Katie: Okay. Good. And why Lily thinks that's her responsibility to bail Rose out every time she's in trouble -- you would never do that for me, would you?

Margo: Well, I -- I -- I don't know, Katie. Would you want me to bail you out? It seems to be a privilege you reserve for Simon.

Katie: Well, he is my husband.

Margo: Yes, you're -- yes, he is. What is it? I thought we were talking about sisters.

Katie: Speaking of, what does that mean to you, that I'm your sister?

Margo: Oh, well, in the case of scampering through the forest naked, it meant embarrassment. Oh, then there's the -- the stolen plane. But I gotta be honest with you here. I would have given just about anything if I could have locked you up and thrown away the key.

Katie: Well, believe me, I wish you'd sold real estate.

Margo: I don't know, Katie, having me here to run interference for you from the D.A., it seems to be working, huh?

Katie: I'm not talking about the D.A. or my glorious past or anything like that. I just -- okay, I can't believe I even have to ask this. If I were in trouble, would you bail me out the way Lily does for Rose?

Margo: You don't know?

Katie: If I did, I wouldn't have to ask.

Margo: Of course I would. I love you. And I have bailed you out endlessly. You know, of course, I prefer that you avoid trouble.

Katie: Avoiding trouble -- see, I thought that was a good idea, too. But I think I've made a really big mistake with Simon.

Simon: So have you received any proof that Rose has been kidnapped, huh? Ransom demands, threat?

Lucinda: Darling, it's not a question of money here. It's a question of satisfaction. Now if they find out --

Simon: Who are they? Who are they? Who have you ticked off this time?

Lucinda: Well, you know -- the local guys, you know? The old guard or the new guard. Darling, people involved in the land transfer, the last coup, okay? Now, Worldwide is -- that's what it is. And my former company was the same. And I have my interests. You know, I have properties, and I have to protect them. Well, given Rose's connection to me today -- I mean, she's vice president of God knows what at Worldwide. I mean, I'm just -- darling, she's vulnerable. She's vulnerable because of me. And she needs your help -- help. See? You see, I can't do it without your help.

Aaron: Damn it.

Lucy: Okay, I've got it all worked out. Everything's going to be fine.

Aaron: You talk to your dad?

Lucy: There's no point. But I talked to my aunt.

Aaron: The cop?

Lucy: It's okay.

Aaron: She's gonna be all over my Police report.

Lucy: No, she isn't. She knows you. You helped her out with the Nick Scudder investigation. You saved Abigail.

Aaron: Listen, I appreciate you trying to fix things, but that's just it. My dad's involved, your dad's involved, your aunt's involved. I mean, this thing is totally getting outta control.

Lucy: No, I'm telling you. It ends tonight. My aunt Margo's invited us to dinner.

Aaron: What?

Lucy: At her house.

Aaron: With her husband that's a lawyer and her cop badge on the kitchen counter? I don't think so.

Lucy: Aaron.

Aaron: Forget it. I'm not going.

Holden: Are you okay?

Lily: I'm sorry. I should've called you as soon as Paul called me, but I panicked. I shouldn't have called you from the car. After Katie, I just --

Holden: No, no, no. It's okay. I got the gist of it. I'm sorry that things didn't go better with Katie.

Lily: Where are the kids?

Holden: Mama took them out. Listen, I don't want you to worry, all right? This is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go down to Avanya, and I'm gonna take the cash to Paul.

Lily: No, absolutely not. No. Abigail needs you here right now. Jake just passed away. And Aaron needs you. No, I will call my mother. I'll leave her a message. And she'll find somebody on the payroll to be the courier. That's it.

Holden: Someone that you can trust as much as Simon?

Lily: Yes. Paul -- he'll have money, and he'll be okay. And someone will be watching his back. He just sounded so discouraged. I'm sorry. I just -- if I start -- I just -- I'm not gonna stop. Thank you. You said the kids are okay, right? And Emma has them and -- my mind is a sieve. I'm sorry. Aaron -- did you talk to Aaron?

Holden: Yeah. We talked.

Lily: Oh. Did you fight?

Holden: No, no. We didn't fight. Everything's fine.

Lily: Well, then what? What happened?

Holden: You know, you've got enough on your plate to deal with right now.

Lily: No, I need the distractions. Please.

Holden: You know that Aaron and Lucy have been spending some time together.

Lily: Yes.

Holden: Well this is a problem for Craig, seeing's as my son's a delinquent.

Lily: What?

Holden: Craig found out that Aaron has a record, and he's pressuring him. And it's a good thing that you called when you did, or I'd be calling you from the Police station, because I was about to tear Craig Montgomery's head off.

Katie: I made Simon promise to say no if Lily or Lucinda asked him to go to Avanya.

Margo: Oh, Katie --

Katie: What?! He's my husband.

Margo: Exactly. He's your husband. He's not a lap dog. And, you -- you can't keep a man like Simon tied down and keep him.

Katie: So what? I'm just supposed to sit here while he runs around the globe, rescuing women who should've known how to get out of trouble by now?

Margo: Well, that's the guy you married. I mean, you didn't marry a school superintendent or a pediatrician, did you? No, no. You -- you married a mercenary. Have gun, will travel. That's who he is.

Katie: So how am I supposed to build a life with someone who's never around?

[Margo sighs]

Margo: I don't -- I don't know. But, Katie, you know what to do. You don't need me to tell you what to do.

Katie: So it's hopeless.

Margo: No, it's not, honey. No. You just -- Katie, if you want to keep him, just accept him. Otherwise you're both gonna be miserable. Come on. I'll walk you to your car, okay? Come on.

Katie: Just so you know, if you're ever in trouble, I'd bail you out.

Simon: I'm trying to change my life. I mean, so far, what have I accomplished? I've been a thief, a con man, a drifter. And despite all that, a really terrific girl has fallen in love with me. With me, not the man I tried to convince her that I was -- with me. She even wanted to marry me. She even married me. Now, I think I owe her a little more than a postcard and an "I've been to Avanya" t-shirt. Look, I owe her time and effort. And we're building this house --

Lucinda: Simon -- I'll buy you a house.

Simon: She doesn't want that. She wants me there, beside her, building it together. And that's what I'm gonna do.

Lucinda: Well, that's just fine. I understand. But couldn't you put it off for a little bit? I mean, I'll don a smock, and I'll help you paint your house. You know, I'm just asking. I'm wanting to borrow you for a couple of weeks. You know, if they find out Rose's connection to me, they might execute her. The situation is critical.

Simon: And I'm sorry about that. I am really sorry. And if I could do anything --

Lucinda: Hmm.

Rosanna: What did Carly do?

Craig: Nothing. I saw her with Jack and it was clear to me that I should fold up my tent, toss in my cards.

Rosanna: Details, darling, or I'm not gonna believe a word of it.

Craig: Leave a man a little dignity.

Rosanna: Really? Why should I?

Craig: It's the decent thing to do.

Rosanna: Seems to me that if you and I are ever going to be more than unwilling accomplices to each other, we should start trusting one another.

Craig: Well, I happened to stumble upon Carly after she had been intimate with Jack. Okay, it broke my heart.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. You know, she still has feelings for you.

Craig: Yes, I know. I know she does, and I could maneuver it so we could get back together for a week or two, but she'll always have Jack, you know? She'll always have Jack in the wings. So I would never have all of her. See what I'm saying? So, I'm moving on.

All I need is you in my life. All I need is you in my life

'cause I never felt this way about loving no, never felt this way about loving

it feels so right

Lucy: You have to come to dinner with me. It's the only way we can convince everybody that --

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Convince everybody of what? That I'm not a felon?

Lucy: No, that you're a good person.

Aaron: Listen, there is no good person. I grew up with a cop. Okay, there is no good person. There's the cops and there's everybody else.

Lucy: No, my aunt isn't like that. She's a mom, which is why she suggested that we all talk at her place instead of the station.

Aaron: She was gonna pull me into the station?

Lucy: No. Look, I told her what my dad was doing. And she wants to help us. But she can't stick up for you unless she knows you, so -- she needs to get to know you.

Aaron: What if I say the wrong thing? She gonna lock me up?

Lucy: You won't say the wrong thing.

Aaron: Oh, depend on it. It'll be wrong, and I'm not putting my neck in a noose for nobody. Lucy --

Lucy: I don't blame you. My dad's made your life miserable.

Aaron: Let me just see if I can handle this on my own.

Lucy: How? We sneak around? I lie to my dad and my friends? We hide from everybody? I gotta go.

Aaron: Can we just talk about this, please?

Lucy: I promised my aunt we'd be there. If I don't show up, she'll worry.

Aaron: Lucy, I didn't want this to happen. I just wanted to spend time with you.

Lucy: We can do that if you just -- look, Aaron, all I can tell you is that my aunt is a really good person. She won't interrogate you or embarrass you. She just wants to get to know you. And okay, maybe she'll ask you about the charges, but at least she's willing to hear you out, unlike my father, who's already convicted you. She's willing to stick up for you. And she wants to help us. I promise, it'll be okay. Come with me?

Lucinda: Well, Rosanna. Lippy, leggy and loaded. Craig, you sure got a knack.

Craig: I'd invite you to join us, Lucinda, but why?

Lucinda: A word to the wise, Rosanna dear. His last lady love was burned and bitter and broke.

Rosanna: I suppose I should have waited to kiss you until after your ex-mother-in-law had left.

Craig: What? And spoil her fun? I live to entertain her. But about that kiss --

Rosanna: Very nice.

Craig: Very. Why now?

Rosanna: You showed me something.

Craig: My broken heart?

Rosanna: Your heart, period -- the fact that you have one.

Craig: You're a smart girl, you didn't figure that out?

Rosanna: There was a lot of barbed wire around it. I wasn't sure I'd ever get in.

Craig: You want in?

Rosanna: That's entirely possible. It might require a little more data, however. Maybe some extensive testing in a controlled environment.

Craig: Something a little more private?

Rosanna: Where I can take off your clothes and you can take off mine and I can get to know you a little better.

Craig: Check, please.

Simon: Hey.

Katie: Hey. You were gone a long time.

Simon: Yeah, Lucinda called. I met her at Java underground on the way to the hardware store.

Katie: She asked you to go to Avanya?

Simon: I turned her down. I promised you, Katie.

Katie: About that promise --

Simon: Look, it's okay. It's okay. I -- I'm glad to have the time off, get this place in order, spend some time together. It'll be great.

Katie: And you'll hate it. And then you'll hate me.

Simon: No, never.

Katie: It was never right for me to force you to make that promise. You are who you are, and I'll be here -- me and snickers and the can of paint. So if you want to go help Rose, go for it.

Ross: Happy anniversary,

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