ATWT Transcript Wednesday 6/12/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/12/02

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[Missing beginning few lines]

and I don't have much time left to cram.

Lucy: I'll help you.

Aaron: I don't need your help.

Lucy: Did I miss something?

Aaron: I guess it's not about you.

Lucy: Okay, then why are you so angry?

Aaron: Don't make this a bigger deal than it is

Lucy: Fine. Sorry I bothered you.

Holden: Hey there. Whatcha got?

Lily: Oh, some pictures from Rose's engagement party. Look at this, Rose and Paul dancing. Isn't that nice?

Holden: Hey, who's that handsome dude on your arm?

Lily: You mean John?

Holden: Ooh, you keep me humble.

Lily: Where are the kids?

Holden: They're out at the pond with mama.

Lily: Oh. I'm gonna go to the pond. Your mom might need some help.

Holden: I don't think that's a good idea. Why don't you just stay put? Just try and relax.

Lily: Relax? Is that what you do when your twin sister's missing, being chased by greedy crooks who are trying to steal her birthright?

Holden: Yeah, something like that.

Lily: I need to keep busy.

Holden: So you don't worry?

Lily: I'm going to worry. But at least I have the kids. I can focus on the kids, and I'll --

Holden: Lily, Paul is with Rose. Paul will take care of her.

Lily: Paul Ryan worked in the fashion industry. We're talking about stolen diamonds, underground crooks. I mean, that's my department. Rose is in a country where Americans are welcome like a plague of locusts.

Holden: Rose survived Steinbeck. Rose survived the spa. Henry Coleman is hardly in the same league.

Lily: Henry Coleman can do a lot of damage.

Holden: Oh, come on. Rose used to steal lunch money from guys like him.

Lily: You're right.

Holden: Lily, Rose is gonna call you very soon, and she's gonna let you know that she's okay.

Lily: It's just not right. We were born minutes apart, but from then on, it's -- it's like we were meant to be apart. We cannot be together.

Holden: You know, I don't believe in that kind of fate. You know, you're right. You guys, you grew up in worlds apart. Half a country apart.

Lily: Yes, exactly.

Holden: But -- after everything you've been through, you always seem to make it back to each other and stare into each other's beautiful eyes. Just trust me on this one, please. You two are gonna make it back to each other. All right? I know it.

Margo: No, no, can you make it four orders of ribs and a quart of potato salad. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, okay. No, I lied.

Lucinda: We need to talk.

Margo: That's not it. I need the Cole slaw thing, too. Coupons? Yeah, I have plenty of coupons. I just don't know where they are. Okay, great. Thanks. You know what? I thought we agreed on a 48-hour window for me to put together some leads. By my clock, you are 10 1/2 hours early.

Lucinda: Would it have made a difference, Margo?

Margo: Well, we'll never know by now, will we?

Lucinda: What have you got so far?

Margo: So far? Lucinda, we're dealing with a military dictatorship, a place that is out of our jurisdiction, a place that is sealed off from the rest of the world.

Lucinda: Oh, come on, Margo. Now where does that fall on your list of excuses?

Margo: All right, I'll tell you what I know. All I know is that Rose and Henry and Paul took flights from Mexico City to Avanya. And that Paul's flight left a few hours later than Rose and Henry's did.

Lucinda: But are they together now?

Margo: I don't know.

Lucinda: Well, you should know. That's your job. Call the FBI. I mean, if you don't wanna make the phone calls, I'm happy to make them for you.

Margo: Lucinda, for God's sake, I have called everyone from the Justice department on down. What more can I do?

Lucinda: If you spent half as much time on Rose's plight as you do on ordering ribs and slaw, I think that girl might be home right now.

Margo: Well then, Lucinda, I think you better go look for help outside the Oakdale PD.

Lucinda: Maybe I agree with you now.

Margo: Mm-hmm. And I'll do you one better.

Lucinda: Hmm?

Margo: I say you get yourself a mole. I say you get somebody who can slide into that island unseen, a man who isn't intimidated or afraid to risk his life.

Lucinda: Hmm. Now where would I find a superhero like that? In some comic book?

Margo: Well, Lucinda, in your own backyard. Simon Frazier.

Katie: Yes. And of course, we'll want a pergola over the patio, with exotic vines and plantings. And definitely a view of the rose garden from the new addition.

Mac: You know, a balcony would be perfect off the master bedroom suite.

Katie: Mac, you are a genius.

Simon: Master bedroom suite, huh?

Katie: Hey, babe! You're just in time. Whoa. This is Mac Callaway, aia. Mac, this is my husband, Simon Frazier.

Simon: Mac, nice to meet you.

Katie: Mac just designed that gorgeous place on Lakeshore drive.

Simon: Oh, ritzy, ritzy. Although, I have to tell you, all we really need is a roof and maybe -- and it's a big maybe -- a little indoor plumbing.

Katie: He's kidding.

Simon: So where's the punch line?

Mac: Katie, you have my card? I'll -- get back to me whenever.

Katie: Okay, great. I'll be in touch, definitely. Thank you so much.

Simon: Thanks, Mac. I pretended to be an architect too once. Sweet job.

Katie: I'm sorry. I should've told you that I was meeting with an architect. It was just kind of one of those spur of the moment things. Anyway, Mac has the freshest ideas for this place.

Simon: Fresh ideas, or getting fresh?

Katie: Hmm, really? Don't you want our house to be beautiful?

Simon: Of course, I do. But I want it to be our home and not someone else's idea of what a home should or shouldn't be.

Katie: Okay, I'm open to compromise.

Simon: Good. Good, so you'll settle for a three-car garage?

Katie: I'd settle for a two-car garage if we could have a Jacuzzi in the master bath.

Simon: All right, okay. We'll talk about it.

Katie: When?

Simon: When Mac comes up with some of these "fresh" ideas.

Katie: Hey, what's in that bag --

Simon: Nothing, it's just books.

Katie: -- That you're trying to hide from me?

Simon: It's just nothing. It's books.

Katie: Books? What kind of books.

Simon: Mysteries, thrillers.

Katie: Mysteries?

Simon: Things like that, yeah.

Katie: Romance? Let me see. Avanya: City of Mystery. Beware of the dangers of Avanya. So that's why it's "no" to fixing up this place. You're going on another adventure, aren't you?

Bonnie: Paddington, when was the last time the staff was given a raise?

Paddington: Oh, it's been quite some time.

Bonnie: What? Like, eight, nine years? 40% increase on all wages, effective immediately.

Paddington: That's very generous of you, Miss Bonnie.

Bonnie: This isn't the middle ages anymore. People deserve to earn a living.

Paddington: Time seems to go slowly in these parts.

Bonnie: Well, not anymore. If there's one thing I learned in America, Paddington, it's that common people are not as common as you think.

Paddington: Miss Bonnie, if you don't mind me saying so, you seem a little out of sorts these days.

Bonnie: Me? Out of sorts? Come on, Paddington. Why would I be out of sorts? I have a castle and a title --

Paddington: Well, it does get lonely in these parts sometimes.

Bonnie: Well, maybe that's it. Maybe it just hasn't sunk in. You know, one minute this place was Ian's, and now -- now I feel like I stepped into somebody else's life.

Paddington: Maybe we could have a party here, invite all your friends.

Bonnie: No, not yet. Thank you, but it's too soon.

Paddington: Or perhaps we could -- we could invite -- have an intimate gathering and Mr. Jenkins would probably make a return appearance and -- he's such a nice man.

Bonnie: Just ask any of the women who have spent an evening in his night club.

Paddington: I like his spirit.

Bonnie: Well, Mr. Jenkins and his spirit have moved on to bigger and better things. He's probably juggling martini glasses right now with a half dozen beautiful ladies, even as we speak.

Paddington: I'm sorry, Miss Bonnie. I didn't mean to upset you.

Bonnie: I am not upset! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I -- I shouldn't have snapped at you.

Paddington: That's okay. It's quite understandable.

Bonnie: No. No, it's not. But thank you for your patience. Good night, Paddington.

Paddington: Good night, Miss Bonnie.

Bonnie: What is wrong with you, Bonnie? You finally have it all. Damn it. Why isn't it enough?

Margo: All right, Lucinda. I realize that this is about family for you and you love Rose, but really, she's a grown woman. She decided to go off on her own.

Lucinda: To save the father!

Margo: I know, and now they're all missing again! We are a small town in the Midwest. What can we possibly do? I mean, we can't go into Avanya without going through a million channels.

Lucinda: Oh. That brings us back to the subject of the mole, Simon Frazier, hmm?

Margo: That's my advice. Go with Simon. Take it or leave it.

Lucinda: Mm-hmm. Are you dismissing me?

Margo: Yes, Lucinda. It's either go with Simon or go to the yellow pages and look up that superhero.

Lucinda: You'd be wise to remember it's pushy capitalists, like me, who pay your meager salary.

Margo: Oh, oh, oh. Then, please, by all means, let me get back to work so I can earn all your hard-earned tax dollars. Oh, you bought those policemen, too, right? Would you like one to escort you out of here, please?

Lucinda: No, it's not necessary. Enjoy the spareribs.

[Phone ringing]

Simon: It's just a little background information, that's all, to give Margo a hand.

Katie: Yeah, from the sidelines, right?

Simon: Yeah, well -- yeah, sure. Do you see my bags packed?

Katie: No. So you think you're up for some domestication?

Simon: Domestication? As in -- as in ordering blueprints and chintz curtains?

Katie: What's wrong with wanting our home to be nice?

Simon: Ah, nothing. Nothing, as long as that's not all we're about.

Katie: Well, I know what I'm about. I'm about belonging -- to our home, to our place with four walls and a nice fire during the winter -- a cozy kitchen with the smell of dinner. And if that makes me shallow, then fine, I guess I'm shallow, because you know what? I also want the master bedroom with a chandelier and pale yellow paint and a view of our rose garden.

Simon: They're weeds, not roses.

Katie: Yeah, well, whatever. You know what I'm talking about. I want a nursery right next to us so we can take turns getting up for the baby. And someday, then that room will be an office.

Simon: An off --

Katie: Or we can buy a bunch of gym equipment and we'll have a gym to fight off old age.

Simon: Wow, it really sounds like you've got it all figured out, don't you?

Katie: This place is not just floorboards and plaster. This is the place where we're gonna raise our children. All of our best memories are gonna be in this cottage, right here. Look around. Can't you imagine the pictures of our children all over this place, toys piling up in the corner? Can you do that?

Simon: Sure. Yeah, sure.

Katie: No, you can't. All you see are four walls, closing in on you more and more every day.

Holden: Rose always said that there's no crisis a good water balloon fight can't fix.

Lily: Is that what she said, Holden?

Holden: She wouldn't sit around the house, worrying herself sick, if she were in your shoes.

Lily: No, she'd be on an island, hunting me down like the pit bull that she is.

Holden: Yeah, but she also doesn't have two kids and she's not pregnant and she doesn't have two teenagers who are trying to find their place in the world.

Lily: I just wish she'd come to me. She doesn't trust me.

Holden: She does trust you. She just doesn't -- she doesn't want you to get hurt. Lily, do you remember last time you went after that diamond? We didn't know if we were gonna see each other again. Rose is gonna be okay.

Lily: Can I get that in writing?

Holden: I'll talk to my lawyers. Listen, I'm not just saying this because I'm trying to cheer you up. I'm saying it because I really believe that Rose is gonna be okay -- just like I believe our kids are gonna be okay. They're gonna make it through all their crazy shenanigans. Blind faith -- you gotta believe.

Lily: So stop worrying and start believing, right?

Holden: Mm-hmm. And when in doubt, toss a few water balloons.

Lily: You know, I hope that our kids are close when they grow up.

Holden: Me, too.

Lily: Maybe if Rose and I had shared a childhood --

Holden: Well, then you would have missed out on who she is today. Listen. I want you to just think about Rose coming back home. I want you to think about this wedding that they're gonna have -- a whole cast of characters that are gonna come from Jersey, all the Elvis impersonators, the show girls. And you just think about Lucinda's face when Rose tells her it's gonna be an all-Sinatra reception.

Lily: That's funny. Yeah. Yeah, in the meantime -- oh!

Holden: All right, this is war!

Simon: Oh, damn!

Katie: What happened? Oh, my God! What happened?

Simon: This chimney's a fire hazard!

Katie: Well, add it to the list.

Simon: Meaning what?

Katie: Meaning that we are not on the same page. We're not even reading the same book.

Simon: Look, just because I don't want an architect drafting us into the poorhouse, doesn't mean I don't want a future with you, okay?

Katie: What kind of future?

Simon: The kind that just happens.

Katie: Oh, no. No, I've been there. The kind that "just happens" is not all it's cracked up to be, all right? My mom's agent calls and I end up spending the second grade in Las Vegas. Ring-ring. "Hey, Lila. It's Boris."

Simon: Boris?

Katie: Hand to God, that's his name. "Yeah, they want you at the Mohawk Lodge for the season." So guess what? It's summer camp in the Adirondacks for Katie. Why? Because it just happened.

Simon: Look, Katie -- you're not a child anymore, okay? We can make our own choices.

Katie: No, you're making choices and I'm having to smile and pretend that they're mine, too.

Simon: No, no. No, no, no. That's not what I'm doing.

Katie: I mean, don't get me wrong. We're great in a dog fight together. Maltese madmen, a crazy ex-sister-in-law. Piece of cake. But what about the big stuff?

Simon: What's bigger than cold-blooded killers?

Katie: Try six months cooped up during a long Oakdale winter. Six months of deciding what to fix for dinner and whose turn is it to take down the Christmas tree or clean out the spare bedroom. Was it you who got up for the 2:00 feeding, or was it me?

Simon: Baby, come on. We are gonna have those moments. We are.

Katie: When? Between running for our lives and dodging bullets? What happened to our resolution to have a different kind of adventure after all this Dahlia madness?

Simon: I'm not talking about adventure for its own sake. Can't we look at it like a way of helping people, like what I used to do for Margo?

Katie: Yes, but I'm sorry -- living with my heart in my throat is not a way to live, living on adrenalin because I'm waiting for you to walk through that door, wondering if you will.

Simon: I'm always gonna walk through that door.

Katie: You don't know that! I'm sick of solving other people's problems. You want to be Batman, solving problems in a cave and I want to be sitting on the couch and cuddling and holding hands.

Simon: So do I. Baby, come on. Let's do it now. So do I.

Katie: Then why the books?

Simon: Forget the books! Okay? The books, forget them. All right? Forget -- I'll get rid of the books.

Katie: You can't get rid of the way you're wired. You can't just forget about what's running through your blood.

Simon: All right, so what are you saying? That there's no solution that's gonna work for the both of us?

Katie: I'm just saying, to me, there's no place like home. But all my wishing can't make you want that as much as I do.

[Knock on door]

Bonnie: Come in, Paddington. I'm sorry to bother you, but I need for you to drive me to the airport.

Paddington: You're going back to America?

Bonnie: London.

Paddington: Forgive me, but I don't think this is an opportune time.

Bonnie: This is the perfect time. I mean, come on. Poor little rich girl -- sulking because she can't decide which continent suits her best. Please -- I mean, I am so sick and tired of myself whining, Paddington. I need to get off my throne and start living again. Look at me. I am the Duchess of Glasgow and I have everything a girl could possibly want.

Isaac: Almost everything.

Aaron: I thought you left.

Lucy: Don't worry. I'm not here to help you study. What you really need is a crash course in manners.

Aaron: I'll add that to my list.

Lucy: I thought we were friends.

Aaron: Can you just go?

Lucy: My dad saw a picture of me on your bike. Alison was here, just like we thought. She took a picture and slid it under my dad's door.

Aaron: Oh, man.

Lucy: It's okay. It's cool now. I told my dad that I didn't think he had the right to tell me I couldn't ride with you. And I also told him that he can't pick my friends.

Aaron: But he can send you back to your mom.

Lucy: He won't do that.

Aaron: Parents do weird stuff if you don't obey their rules, Lucy.

Lucy: Hey, my dad's a jerk sometimes. But who isn't? Take you, for example. You weren't exactly Prince Charming a few minutes ago.

Aaron: Look, the thing is, is, he showed up here.

Lucy: My father? When?

Aaron: Must have been after you guys had a talk.

Lucy: I don't believe this. He doesn't think he's getting anywhere with me, so he comes to you.

Aaron: I guess so.

Lucy: You know, ever since Bryant died, he's put me in this plastic bubble, guaranteed to protect me from all natural disasters.

Aaron: And all guys riding hogs.

Lucy: Especially guys riding hogs.

Aaron: It doesn't even matter.

Lucy: So, did he talk in that soft voice, dropping subtle hints the size of a-bomb?

Aaron: Something like that.

Lucy: Come on, Aaron, what did he say?

Aaron: Enough to let me know he can fix it so you'll never want to see me again.

Lucy: That's impossible.

Aaron: He can do it, Lucy. Damn it, he already did!

Lucy: This is crazy. What could my father possibly do to make me not want to see you anymore?

Aaron: Forget it.

Lucy: So you're back to ignoring me again?

Aaron: There's other stuff -- old stuff.

Lucy: You mean stuff that happened in Seattle? Tell me.

Aaron: I was arrested.

Lucy: For what?

Aaron: For breaking into a house. They called it burglary.

Lucy: What'd you take?

Aaron: Nothing, I swear. I've never stolen a thing in my life.

Lucy: But the Police charged you anyway?

Aaron: Look, the records are sealed. They said if I can stay straight, then they'll throw them all out when I'm 21. But your dad found out.

Lucy: How did he find out?

Aaron: His sister's a cop, and so is my dad back in Seattle. That's why I only got probation.

Lucy: But if you didn't take anything, then why --

Aaron: I didn't take stuff. I had stuff. My parents were going at it ever since I was a little kid. I mean, they would fight about everything and anything. They would just leave me aside.

Lucy: I know what that's like.

Aaron: There was this house in this neighborhood -- the Turners -- old couple. They used to smile at you every time you went to get your mail and -- their kids grew up, lived nearby, had kids. They used to always come by and visit seven days a week.

Lucy: They sound nice.

Aaron: Yeah. But I didn't really know them that much. But the Turners were doing well for themselves. I used to see them through the window when I used to ride my bike at night. Fire in the fireplace, both of them sitting down on the couch, holding hands. Then one day, they weren't there, and I decided I wanted to go through the back door.

Lucy: What was it like?

Aaron: Like time was frozen. There was pictures of their kids and their grandchildren everywhere. And a silver frame with an invitation in it.

Lucy: A wedding invitation?

Aaron: No. No, 50th anniversary party invitation.

Lucy: Wow.

Aaron: But what got me the most is -- they had stuff of their kids that belonged to them and -- old dolls, rocking horses, stuff that they can come back to so that now their kids can play with.

Lucy: So you just looked around?

Aaron: Yeah. The old man had a '57 t-bird in his garage, covered up. So I -- I pull off the cover to see what a sweet machine it was. That's when I got busted. I just wanted to see the engine. And -- I wasn't gonna take the thing.

Lucy: I know.

Aaron: How do you know?

Lucy: 'Cause you told me.

Aaron: Look, even -- even though I shouldn't have been there, I -- it was stupid.

Lucy: Hey, people make mistakes. I'm not afraid of what happened in Seattle.

Aaron: Yeah, I know you're not, but your dad is.

Lucy: My dad isn't living my life. I am.

Aaron: Lucy, he's not gonna let this pass very easy. If you're smart, you'll just walk through that door and just keep on going.

Bonnie: Paddington, would you mind giving us a moment, please?

Paddington: Yes, of course, your grace -- I mean, Miss Bonnie.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Paddington: Nice to see you again, Mr. Jenkins.

Isaac: You too, Paddington. Am I keeping you from something?

Bonnie: I'm getting ready for a trip.

Isaac: I see.

Bonnie: What are you doing here, Isaac? I thought you were already back in Oakdale.

Isaac: Yeah, I was. And then, before I knew it, I was back on a plane and --

Bonnie: Isaac?

Isaac: Jake McKinnon is dead.

Bonnie: What?

Isaac: Shot at point blank range trying to save Molly's life.

Bonnie: I don't believe it. Oh, Isaac, I am so sorry. How's Molly? How could she be? She just lost her husband. And they still have those babies, those twins.

Isaac: Jake's twins are with his former mother-in-law.

Bonnie: She lost her husband and her little girls?

Isaac: Life just doesn't play fair.

Bonnie: Well, did you see her?

Isaac: First thing when I got back. She had Jake's ashes with her in this thing. And we scattered his ashes. And we took his smile and his voice and energy, and we just sent it out into the world. And now all we can do is hope that God somehow brings it back to us.

Bonnie: I don't even know what to say.

Isaac: I was his best man, and I never saw anyone run down the aisle as quick as that man did. It's like he knew he couldn't waste one second of his time with Molly. I thought, these two should write the book so the rest of us have a shot at getting there. And now it's over. But it made me realize some tough facts.

Bonnie: Like what?

Isaac: Like I'm as guilty as you are at pretending.

Bonnie: What do you mean, Isaac?

Isaac: You think I left here because I don't want you in my life? You're not only crazy, you're wrong. If you want to be a duchess, that's cool. But do it because you want to, not because you think that's the only life you have available to you.

Bonnie: I should've listened to you about Ian.

Isaac: Ian is so far from anything that matters right now. Don't you see what I'm trying to tell you?

Bonnie: You're trying to tell me that being a duchess is not the only life for me. Do you have any idea what my life should be?

Isaac: Your life is in here, where it counts. If you can't see that by now, then nothing I say matters. I -- this is not what I'm trying to say. It's -- I'm not trying to tell you what to want or what you want to do with your life or any of that. It's just that you --

Bonnie: Shh. Maybe you should ask yourself right now, what would Jake say at this very moment?

Isaac: Shut up and kiss me.

Bonnie: Then shut up -- and kiss me.

Lily: I'll tell you, our son Luke has quite an arm. You see him throw that curve ball?

Holden: Taught that boy everything I know.

Lily: When Faith picked up that balloon, she couldn't handle it. It dropped right on her feet and got her new shoes all wet.

Holden: Mama's gonna get them pizza for dinner. Should we go join them?

Lily: You know what? Why don't you and I go upstairs?

Holden: All of a sudden, I'm not really in the mood for pizza.

Lily: Me neither.

Holden: What are you in the mood for?

Lily: You're going to be so very, very glad that you asked that question.

[Doorbell rings]

Holden: Oh, company. I'm not in the mood for company.

Lily: No, me neither. You know what? Come on, I'll get rid of them, okay? Oh, you're cold.

[Doorbell rings] that is a very familiar ring.

Holden: Yeah, "answer or I'll blow the door down" ring.

Lily: Mother. Hey.

Lucinda: Oh, gosh, what happened to you?

Lily: Oh, it's good to see you, too.

Lucinda: We need to confer.

Lily: Have you heard from Rose?

Lucinda: No. The Oakdale Police have washed their hands off the entire situation.

Lily: Why?

Lucinda: Mumbo jumbo, I don't know. Mumbo jumbo.

Holden: Avanya doesn't exactly welcome American visitors.

Lucinda: All right. Margo thinks that we should engage a private investigator, and she thinks the man for the job is Simon Frazier.

Lily: No. No, absolutely not. There is no way that I would send Simon Frazier to rescue Rose.

Simon: I feel like I've ruined your day.

Katie: I'm fine.

Simon: No, you're not!

Katie: I just want to find some common ground on what our future should be. I mean, there's got to be something between streaking through the forest naked and ticking down a 30-year mortgage.

Simon: We will find it. But when we do, do we have to label ourselves?

Katie: So we just live?

Simon: Yeah. And go wherever life takes us.

Katie: To Avanya?

Simon: Forget Avanya, okay?

Katie: Avanya this week, then where is it next week?

Simon: Who knows? I don't need answers.

Katie: You don't even ask the questions, though.

Simon: Because -- do you know why I don't? Because it sets you up, Katie. You either get the answer you want or you don't. I just know what is. It's -- it's like fixing these floors. Do you know why I'm fixing this floor? Because I want to do it. Because I don't want to trip over on the way to the kitchen. Because I like working with wood. I'm not out to create a showplace, just a beautiful, comfortable home where I can live with my beautiful wife.

Katie: Between adventures?

Simon: Maybe. Maybe.

Katie: Life changes people, Simon.

Simon: Only if you let it.

Katie: Look at me. I was this glamorous anchorwoman. And then I went running off for the likes of you. Who knew I'd do that?

Simon: Well, I never asked you to do that.

Katie: I did it because I love you.

Simon: Yeah, and I'm bloody glad you did it. But when I set off to find you on that island, I didn't have a plan. I did it because I just knew I needed you in my life.

Katie: So we are just living like the kind of people who do what they want when they want.

Simon: If that's the way you want to label it.

Katie: Marriage is a label, Simon.

Simon: Not ours. It isn't, no.

Katie: Oh, okay, so I just let you breeze on in and out of here, follow you or don't follow you, sit here and sew curtains and play the loyal sidekick. But it doesn't matter, 'cause you're always gonna have one eye on that door waiting for a break from life's next adventure.

Simon: Yeah, whatever life is.

Katie: I know what life is. It's give and take. It's not take and take. And I'm not just gonna give away all of my dreams since I was 4 years old to hold onto you. And you would hate Avanya!

Lucy: So we can't be friends because of a crime you didn't commit?

Aaron: I admitted to breaking and entering.

Lucy: Yeah, but how do you break into a house that's unlocked?

Aaron: Beats me.

Lucy: Did I ever tell you about Gloria Perez? She was this girl I went to school with back in Montega. She was on scholarship, lived on the other side of the island. Anyway, I used to go to her house two, three times a week after school. My mom would always ask me why I never had Gloria over to our place. I mean, we had a pool, stables, tennis courts.

Aaron: So why didn't you?

Lucy: Every day after work, Gloria's dad would bring her mom home flowers. And her mom would laugh at all his stupid jokes. They'd check Gloria's homework together. They'd even take us to school events themselves, not send us off with a driver. I know why you went into that house, Aaron. For the same reason I liked going to Gloria's.

Aaron: Yeah, but I don't think that's gonna make a good enough impression to your father, though.

Lucy: Let me handle my dad.

Aaron: Where are you going?

Lucy: To fix this. My dad has no right judging you, not after some of the stuff he's pulled.

Bonnie: Remind me to call my friends in London and explain why I can't make it.

Isaac: Call your friends in London --

Bonnie: Isaac, I wasn't going to go through with it.

Isaac: What London?

Bonnie: Marrying Ian. I knew he was a skunk, but -- I was just too stupid to admit that --

Isaac: That you were wrong.

Bonnie: No, that I was in love with another man.

Isaac: Someone a couple rungs below a duke, huh?

Bonnie: Someone who knew me better than I knew myself.

Isaac: You wanna repeat that?

Bonnie: No.

Isaac: I want what Jake and Molly had, and I want it with you.

Lily: If someone had asked Holden to put himself in danger like that, I know how I would feel.

Lucinda: Holden has responsibilities.

Lily: So does Simon.

Holden: And if Katie follows, she may blow this whole thing wide open.

Lucinda: Possibly. That's something that Margo can take care of -- reign Katie in.

Lily: No, never happen.

Lucinda: Darling, Lily, I don't see too many options here.

Lily: You have an army of private investigators that can do exactly the same job.

Lucinda: Yes, and they do it for the money. But when Simon goes to find her, he'll do it 'cause he thinks it's the right thing to do. And that's the difference.

Lily: And you'd take advantage of that?

Lucinda: Absolutely. Rose's life is on the line.

Lily: I know that! Don't you think I'd go to that island myself if I could?

Holden: Don't get any ideas.

Lucinda: Honey, put that thought out of your noggin!

Lily: Why? Because you don't want someone you love put in jeopardy. Well, that is the same way Katie feels about Simon. And we cannot turn their lives upside down again -- not even for Rose.

Isaac: What do you think?

Bonnie: It's definitely you.

Isaac: How many bedrooms are in this place?

Bonnie: 24 -- no, 5.

Isaac: Man, do we have our work cut out for us.

Bonnie: Somehow, I think you and my old ancestor, Emmanuel, would have been great friends.

Isaac: We were. We were dungeon buddies.

Bonnie: I can't believe Ian had you locked in that dungeon. He had you chained to a wall.

Isaac: It's okay. No chains have been built that can hold me. Besides, if you had crashed the party too early, I never would have gotten the dirt on old Ian.

Bonnie: Do you think you can handle this?

Isaac: Well, this isn't mine to handle.

Bonnie: Us -- do you think you can handle us? Who I am and what I have?

Isaac: My woman is rich, beautiful and lives in a castle. Man, how do I cope?

Bonnie: No, I'm serious.

Isaac: You've always been a duchess to me. So what's changed?

Bonnie: Well, now it is official. And Oakdale and all of our friends back home.

Isaac: What about Prue and Muffy and Buffy and --

Bonnie: Don't make fun. They're not so bad.

Isaac: They wouldn't last five minutes in my neighborhood.

Bonnie: Do you think we have a prayer?

Isaac: Better -- we have each other. We'll make it work. Your coronet, Miss Bonnie.

Lucy: Aunt Margo, I am so glad you are still here.

Margo: Well, I'm not, I'm out of here. Gotta go. Bye.

Lucy: But I really need to talk to you.

Margo: Whatever it is that Oakdale Latin is sponsoring, sign me up. I'll take it all -- wrapping paper --

Lucy: No, no, no, this is personal.

Margo: Oh, personal? How personal?

Lucy: It's my dad. He's trying to ruin my life. Please, aunt Margo, you have to stop him.

Katie: You're ripping up your books?

Simon: Yeah. Avanya's not all it's cracked up to be. Katie, if you want to nest, we nest.

Katie: That is what I want, but not if I have to change you to get it.

Simon: Ah, come on -- change is good. Besides, even going down to the store and picking out china can be an adventure with you.

Katie: Oh, I love you so much.

Lily: So we agree, no Simon?

Lucinda: No, we don't agree. But I will contact some detective agencies.

Lily: Yes, it's much better this way.

Lucinda: I still think that Simon would be better, but I'm not gonna push.

Lily: Since when?

Lucinda: Sweetheart, why don't you go dry yourself off.

Holden: I'll walk you out. I'll wet you up a little bit.

Lucinda: Oh, the second place I'm being tossed out of today.

Lily: Going for a record, mother?

Lucinda: Honey, make sure you get some sleep.

Holden: Oh, I'll make sure she's off her feet in no time.

Lily: I'm taking care of myself. Taking my vitamins, getting my rest. Don't worry.

Lucinda: Okay. And you let me know when she changes her mind.

Holden: She -- she won't.

[Phone rings]

Lily: I'll get it. Bye, mother. Hello?

Paul: Lily, it's Paul.

Lily: Paul, are you all right. How's Rose?

Paul: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't hear you. This connection really isn't all that good. I've been trying to get an outside line since yesterday. This place is no paradise.

Lily: Well, tell me where you are and I will send help.

Paul: Well, it's not that simple.

Lily: Where's Rose? I want to talk to her.

Paul: Well, Lily, Rose isn't with me. And I don't know where she is.

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